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.^cj:isb 2 ^ 

"^ -^i 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VJiOOQ IC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

JJ . 

; s — , --W, _ 

An Univerfal Etymological 




The Derivations of the Generality of Words in the 
Englljl) Toiigue, either Ancient or Modern, fron> the Ancient 
BritiJh^Saxon^^ Danijhy Norman^ and Modern French ^Teutwicj 
Duubf Stanijby Italian ; as alio from the Latin^ Greek^ and 
&^r««; Languages, each in their proper Chara£lers. ^ 


A brief and clear Explication of all 'difficult Words, 
dcnvcd ftom any of the aforefaid Languages, and Terms of Art, re- 


Chymistry, Philosophy, Divinity, Mathbmaticks, 
Gi AM MAR, Loci CKf Rhetor iCK, Musi CK, He RAX. DRYyM A - 


Hlsting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing, GARDENiiSc, 
H"!iiAKDRY, Handicrafts, Confectionary, Carving, 

UiJlC£RY, ^C. 


A large Colledlion and Explication of Words and 

PHraiw ufed in our Ancient Statutes, Cm arters,Writ5,0ld 
Keco* Ds,andPROCEssEsmLaw; andtheEtymologyjandlmcrpre- 
tarion of the Proper Names of Mr m , W om k n , and remarkableP/tfr#j 
b Grtat'Britain : Alfo theDiALECTsof our different Countries. 
Coiiiining many Thoufand Words more than eicher Harris^ Fhilips^ 
Kirjty^ or any Englijh Di^onary before extant. 
To whkh it idded, 

A CoUeftion of our moft common Proverbs, with 

their Explication and lUuflration. 
The whole WoRK compird and methodiaflly digefted, as weU 
for die Entertainment of the Curious, as the Information of the Igno- 
nnr ; and for the Benefit of youne Students, Artificers, Tr^efmen', 
^A Foreigners, who are defirotts thoroughly to anderfland whkt thejf 
"^pcak. Read, or Write. 

y^^ Jf tftfent^ gpitt ow, toitft conB^erable JmfV^'^tmmta^ 
> i[y N, B A I L E Y, ^i>^Myo^.. 

Pri&red for R. Wars, W.Iuhy* and J.JR.icHAaosoN, J. and p. 
£icAPTOif, T. Longman, S.Birt, C. Hitch and L.Hawes, 


J Warp, W. Johmstom. and M. Cooper. M DCC LIU, 



i I 

.-u;- ii,*-^-\. *.^:v::..vNr^ -u.;- 

.. • I .' > ; f 

•-. v: ■-. „.., 

-vTvI--: I : e I M i. .: :.; ^ '.- j :;. • •• ,: , 

, - .-n 


'*•••» f >•. J7' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



fP'ALhlM Prliicipl; 

'a n n a 

BLtZAnEfUM cAtL6ttk£i. 

Klaghde ^fitahnias, ^c. Regis et Reginasi 

BritahnSaf fem|>« foit Adj«triX, Patfl 
auguftifiimd veftM, R^ ObqUOio, 

Britanhici ire|imiois babeiias bcnevolS 

t jmmiletit manu, fub cujus mitifflmo ac juftiffitrii^ 
imperio Patria, Libcrtate, Legibus, RcHgionc Iklvis 
^dhuc foelices frurmur i non poffumus non nobis 
A 2 ipfi« 

Digitized by V3OOQ IC 

D E D I C AT I O. i; 

- ipfis gfawl^ii, non «^6,^^^iiem Vos Stirpi?, 

ipfiim Gos jam iia^fimtrs^T^ Pattern; k. 

rctiam quod Vo^ tan^cba?s^:pj|n^ oboculoshv 

J* beamu^ ut k^c ta iit$ ])o4a a ^}jf^^ Patris vt ftr i^j» 

ferenifJjmi Wallia^ Pfihcipis man us, ad itim *^ 

pofteritatim tandcni tranfmittantur. Permittati 

igitur & me quoque^ciAik dfnnibus bonis promiffi 

' patrioiblobeneficia ex Progenie tarn Aueuila^fcelid 

wixmii^rAficinA^Qt^ qni ihtTit ivtipite. m€fyl ^ 
que hoc meum Opufculum illuftrifiimo Nomia 

hood fatw dignum fbpfen videatuf, aliquid lai^ 
adminiculi Iludiis yeftris Anglicania allaturumi 
lar^sp. QgaprQpter oota, ^ ibkBoi rcgia^ Su 
benetoknda^ fr^as, qukrqoid fit, ea, qua par 
?fiibmiflk mentis devotione Vobls offer r6 aufus fu^*^«fcJ'J 
QiV)d ^iipi-niwis foi?ian.audaGit^iJ&cia>. «t gwi*^ J 
rofe Qiihi condon^is, & pro afliieta bonitate ^ra^^ 
pitio vultu intucntes, propenfo erga Vos ftti4itf^fif^«Jb 
cultui tribuatis^ quam nupaiHiiijic Vogoac dq)je 
MaiSi eftote^ OmaitiflWii Pai^cj^bs^ ingMikau^^ 
tttte, bonrf Lherisi '<miffibiif^&c rc^feOftiariifenfeffi^ 

CMidi (Je Vobis^C(Miqeperinl^'«Ofl}ttfl^^ in0diHS& 

biliffimc, lit blim, cn,ni Tfeo'O. M/ ompiiurh ic%^i 

foQlkiitl»ciB iatufliaij .Bntattaicuin' cUni' cteleft^biBii, JJ 
commutarc foliis yifum focrit, Patefnum tepentciii^ . 

*."'•! •.-.Ill-*' :,'..' " ..■.•.ij:^r. v..'.i -1 .-7. .T ,'-.A -c^. P 

N. Bailey.-* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

.0 f I A :> i i I 1 «1 


r y.l' 

* rfiu:';' 

[H£ Eaciitar of^fBecb/tdiiidliTiiiftkc&^cddfifftf** 
able ^ DifferMcc^Ui^Q Hr Mari aiw) a Bhitey^ 
of excellent Ufq, as i; renders Mank^odconyerrible 
' otic With another,' and as t^e Various halurat En- 
dowment^, Obfel*vatiot^,';EitMHefice8, ittf Ae- 
. tatnmcnte of everjr indwiiimi Mctn^ afcii9rcbfi« 
rithai^nderful Facility^ mutual|y conunuoicatfid* xA^ivBic 
tviy Hd co'thU the Invention of Letters', by means of whuill 
^«e ildt confined wfthm ch^ narrovr Limits of onr Acqin^ 
IQCe fn4 Cpatemp^nv^ett but ono-Mflo Oiajr kez^cqaatiitd 

E' i) the Auaimneots of Multiplies of the wifiA Men 4a Pr^ 
t and Ancient Tiroes, euHer in bis own of remote Opuntrict. 
^?irthi>e*djof6 Channeb, bjf^^drtiich the Knowfed^ of Thiog? 
ictfiwtyVtiQ.QarrUnildri)iddltfgic::^Aial^erdfor^^^ upoif a 
^ y^p^tepfiOR of U^fi^ flftfetM^Uie Re^KtWe iff our ift«^ 
^lis ; and in order to forpi oiir Jfudgnienj^ righ^ |^ey laifft be 
Wtftootf in tKeif proper Mtarfingr ufied id Ihev true Scnfel 
wit WtWtfgJai'Jpttartn^i Fofi if tli^Wori^ of th^Speaktrt 
iVfrigsriyihm^^er/fri^Kite^ In4 

^^^i&^^' ,^e)p ^rp^e/rg«o^Xdfasip.f^^inU^lH^^ 
fg tTCThlrtgTpol^ri or Wrutei^pt; arid if we ufe Woiids jn ^ 
BfeahfiiiiprdtW Sed(-»'rhim6fi^CoirriHit)h'in the tJn4er:T 
Imimsiftf cbf.Ebamw jnBt:ctrafirs tkciDiftdfirftMIiMBr^ 

rBr*! 'i ^' "I ' ''•'«•'{ * ' K,l ii\'.' I''" ':' ^ ; ^ •'•."'• ri'; J 
It ought, tberefofe^to H^ the (pccial Caw ai^ $tudy Q£cr«f 
^, 'wBd* WDil(P«ivW' hii' Mmd luVnifKid wtfli^thrurefa^ 
W9^lg|f|rf ^Bhitfgfttif .any iio^;: tagel^t^criii^a^ ^ftm^ 
<^ of the proper Senfe and Meaning of Words, and Tp9l»^ 
^ Art, in which they arc exprcls'd, without which no goo3 
rogrels can be made. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

itert«> W thT^t'M'Stvcif df Lettertlbfeiirit Biifiikft c^ Lffe i 
And b^ufe this Accompliihment is necefTary to all ^erfoiis^ 
ftli**iit 1te«>^ cOmp^HAitilf i^^kUi, R^^fcf the A<l<^htage of a 
l«afflWf'Edi/c«tibh tb afty <ohfid«:alblc,ipn5fieitnldy; TflOt&ihifut 
' bavii in in Lartgliig^* B^h ctttftpila^ .w WhicI), as fo Stofc 
lM>u{es^ ftwih I^rfonsTiiay liaveTccourfe,* jt$ often is^'atiytfiing 
Qcscurs in Cori^retfiiibtr ot Rc5fdfng,,witHSp^icfi ihej^'ife imacr^ 
quainlied; or VhtH they' thcniftlvcs wouldTpcaK oi^frAti ]^tb^ 
pcrijr aiia hiWHgibly* ..'-'. ..• -: 

• And ayfuch Hdi» iiave been thotigirt tifctel fit^H tf vtffe^ 
Nations, they apjpcar more eminently ntfccffary in Jthe E^ifh 
TongUe, fiof 6ft^b«ialfe it R, p8rHaps,' the ihoft co^ioUs'TQin-^ 
^ngie of iliy in'£2^r^, but is likewife made iJip tX^ gtfeat i 
Vaciety of otfaeif Languages, both Ancieirt and Modttn,*^^Sf 
jplainly appear to any one'.who (hall, perirfc the foTlowir;g\Z>?r* 
itaoity^ U( ihefSeafoh of Which Mixture, and bV what Atrf-*" 
deofsir was brdyght about, I fliall givetThe foliojK^irig'AceouWfi 
Th^ Lang^gesare fiaUe fd.Changes and Aiti^r^tidnis (be- 
iiijwthaf 'ancient- CdhfUfion of Tongues at the BuiWirfg of the' 
Tower of Babel) tlierc have h^ttx too many Iiiftances to^eijuire 
any Proof. TheOiiifes'of^tiarige Fo Latrguages are^ in geW 
£21^ Tlike:.- "» • " • - ' '• ^ ' '•"; 

. fir/fy Cfe«««»i^tff/^f or (?»»j«/</f/ of Nations, ^B in 

Trtft of Tirte, there fuccdeds a Coalitlph of th^ tatigujig^ 
of the Gonqaerors With the Coftquered. 86 the Raliafi tian^' 
giagc fprani from'tlfe Latixfy being «ii^ed With (jrerrti&n-Goihi^i ^ 
The SpaH^ftt^Z^tini Gtrrnany and,drtcient Giii//(^ qr Jf^t! 
rffed;/Th<<Pr€ncb,{roak x\ii LaiinyGeman^ ind anti?nt;G<itt5^ 

N^mes of waris, abdTcrms.<>fXrafl8fik^' are int'rt^ucedfjwhl^rtf > 
we aMnm'6iil^ taJ5e"\^ith 4^ Waj-es jji^diii;t)ic R 
weh^ve t\kmi and'iiew form thcmacpordiipgwith^^ 

our dwp'Tbngue,' '' ; .',,'..-, / ■..••-J ..i^ -•. j- •/:.'{/..•.- \ 

Tongues, :aji''tb*e-T*cei%ic$ ^•aJl^Scle^e.) . OhJrUjffaV DvvJne<t» 
reyerehce the HebreuT^d Greei ; the 'Fm'ks and Afahometanf 
wt jfrabicky as the MiRrcfs of Religion j the Dutch, Germans 
' . and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f N T R O D U C TI.O.^Nl 

i tncfe^ and Snaoothnrft xsf 
- c^ 

cd, isom cheiKfi 
fdf, 01 Wuf iid of 
>f^ I and otUr% 

^ ;! n 

,; ' r . ... I 1 i-fO*^ 

^agc cf /' 

L have veer 

fore the Birth of i our Sav^iouc^. ' 

maijc a Dcfccnt upon England^ 

iJc sConauL'O (if It : hutabouc 


■V •, 

;/», in the TtOXf ' 






'rew the 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 

I N t R O D tJ !• I O N.- 

ThxB the Brkifli Tonguecmttinucd for fbme time inixM wi th 
PrDvinctal L^ju ttH the A^man Legions being callM home, upon 
account pf iiiteftifie Troubles, «bout the Y/ear 433, thc&»/> aod • 
i^/^^, taking the Advantage of du^ir Abfence^ Karra (s'd the Nor^ 
tbern Parts of £r//tfiV; agafi n ft whom King ^rff^yrTTj abodt the 
Year 440,call'y in the Afliilance of the SaxMtT, a Great and Po- 
tent Nation among the drmansy . in the Duked6m of Holjhifiy 
but greater ^ the Agp;regfttion of mftny People under their Name 
jukT Service, as the Jutu from Jutland^ and the AngUs from 
Shjwiek J who coming hither under the Condqd of Hengfft and 
Jhrfny having overcome the PiSfs and Scots in a pitched J^attTe» ' 
itear Suimford in Linccinjhir€i were afterwards rewarded for this 
Viflory with the Ifleof Tbarnt^ and after tha.t with the whole 
<5ounty oiKtnty where they governed for about 350 Years, uti» 
dfcr the Titles of Earls of Kent ; but they growing powerful, be- 
gan afterwards toi^uarrel with their Landlords, whom by De- 
gjrees they difpofiefsM of all the Country on this Side the Severn^ 
parcelttng It out into feven Kingdoms, calfed t\it Saxon Hfptar- 
/fy, dcfiroying the J?r/Vi^ Tongue, then mix'd with the Pro- 
Tinci^l LattTty together M^th the Inhabitants, by a long and de- 
ftrufiiveWar, the. Reooains of them being again obUg*tf;to re- ' 
the with the Sritijh Tongue over the Mountains otWaUs^ 

So the Britifh I^anguage being in a manner quite .exWnd in all 
©thcr Parts cf Britahy thcSaxon Language became the Language 
oFtheCountry,and focoatinuedtitl near the Year Soo, when the 
Jfcmrf infefted En^tand^ and made Settlements in the Norfh-iJid 
Rajl Parts tf Br'itain^ and at length, in about 200 Years, ar^ 
nV*d at the fofe Governrncnt of it; but their Governiiient lift- 
ing only about 26 Years, made not fo confideraUe a Change in 
tbcEogliJh Saxon^ as the next Revolution. Then about the x^ear. 
1067, WtUiam Duke titNormandji, commonly called. ffiUiam 
tBt Conqueror^ came bver to Britain \ and^ having vanquilhed ' 
Ifarotd the Danijh King, made an entire Conqueft of Britain : 
Ahdas a Monument of their Conqueft, the i\/(7rmii»/ endeavoured 
to yoke the Englijh under their Tongue, as they had them under ' 
dseir Command, by compelling them to teach their Children in 
their Schoob nothing but the French:, by publifliing their Laws • . 
in Pruicby and by enforcing them moft rigoroofly to plead and - 
be impleaded in that Tongue, for the Space of about 350 
Years : By which means, the Language of Britain i>ecame ^ 
DfaleA of the Englijb Saxony and Norman FrHtchy which now 
are the Ground- work or Fundarhentals of the prefent Language 
M)S Great' Britain, 

tiavtng thus fhewn how the ancient Britijb Language was lo '.. 
• iii^n^ier extirpated by the Romans^ Dana^ and Saxons^ and : 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


I hftbe Sssftm^ znd nftcT that, tht Saxen blended wi ill 

I fnnh. Btxmt I pioceed to account for the Akcn* 

I of Uie BtfGf^ SmM9n^ by the two ociser Caufes, I fiiall men* 

> reUCf n^ ' Saitm Tongue, of i great Ftrt of 

rdt u% giving a worfe for a better* 

y ttrdr {(^f^C^mdtn) wa5 the Glory of our Tongue 

} Ifce y^t-msn Con^ueft, \n thi9> that the Old EngUjh 

^ umM r. ?hc Conceptions of the Mind in 

_•* »j^,. r.^„ , ^-,.^.i^, ^..:,<.u[ borrowiAg from any:** And of 

the followuig Kxamptcf. 

hey cjIJd Oia^^r^^n ** t*** <">'J Af-- 

.^1 i^iuch tht^trreli c4t £o«>iTJU«ri tlie; called 

, /-- r^ of Sjk^ter, La. they c^llci Al-htel^ f, i. MU 

-*-*, ' - !?>*--;fnui Met), wUich h»«i fvii)dr«i3 and fe- 



the N&me» they gave to their Ahnth$ were Ggnificant \ ^^ 

^u!^ CD«cj£^iS;tf,T. t r, WoirMonth ] bfnxrfr ini that Mtmth tlJC 


4 ^ ** ' the Le8gtlic«{ji( Month] becauie tbeii did 

my r 

^afe theif J^«i/fff geocnlly fcU in ^nZ 
MUAdnfi] bcour* they then roillt'd chdr 


TvM ^ eP^«*<Die: . VCttiow-Mooth J b«ci»|» then their Citlle wwe 

.:*^ -. tr. J « tf,- .,;_ ,.^ 

ISmjif Sjf,uu tUpMmh] Uietafe tbc9 they fnieiAlly tut 
ATT^TT f ilpm»t&«ii«t,£i#« f,«, Sini^Itmtii J Urtafeihcy ibeo illrf thfftr 



Wioe.&foDtii] hecaufe then Gnpft woe 

iVv. W0iijr<Mamh] hetnifc of the higli 

.i. lloIy-MoiMh 1 OTiC- 


. i;K ft t^iOjyv:x:r: i o k.: 

rPfllWlonly »W^i*rtP^^ of a«w« Anti<|uityunore, J^n* fo 
p*eccc<r, !J«rliich is ihriarJ'i i?/i{>y«r in the 5dwil,Langu^g^>. 

»\'J' Ottrfratlit^/whrdfArt* m'Hwvc««* fee 'hallcmfcri thit^NgAld'' . * ^ 
C" V^ iymJiT'ftr'irf frtk fw* W jift* ;rwf if tt ^toopj^; ««i n . - •" 

J iin-Earcii. OuV £caf fiiperfW^ttantial ^c. u» to Etay and. for- ^ ^ , 

.'give ua. Debit .'quf. .ibi we .• fci^ivc Peltfs pnrs,-^an4 

no inlea'b vpilS in cuprnurj, Al X«Fn>S ^n«J> FJ^" *F^» 

- ' ''cJ<)'ftotI<a(^'4r? Jato^'cmpntion, but daliver everyone from EvU. ^ 

-•■•W-!-:-. •.■■•-;•■. •...' . .....■.■.. .. .V,"..'.'. ; 


By thcfc Inftarice^ it ^o<^ appear, that the Ur^gllfi) Sa;efit%» 
Language, ©/which the iS/iiraw*»# iiifpoilcd- bs iti^rcat Part, 
had its Beaut iesv w^s.figniiicanc ^nd emphatica]^ apd pfefe- 
rablc to what iJiey inipof^^d upon .u?. .. ;. ..,'...-, 

This may fuffice fer>the Muuttoaof our Languagje vppn the 
firft Caofc oflt,' which was Conqueft : I now.procM tq.the- 
q^cf Two; ..;;;. /• . ;. ' «') 

• Stc^ndfyy As. to Commiruy the, Britaiiis having been of a long^ 
15nie a Trading Nation^ as it generally happens, we h^^ve h^d^ 
wny Words, jqtrodyced by that Means ; a^d bolides, J?riiff/«' 
Having been a.cdnfiderabkTi'mc under Subje£Uon to thcSocof ; 
JZomr in ^^cdtefiaftic^ Affi^rS) . the Italiani comiDg, over hither 
to qiaiiagfi the Pope's Concerns, and others for QpircJ) Digiji-" 
ties^ and many SnWw going hence to Jfe^w on «ouht,Qf Ec- 
cJeluftical Suits, Pricfthoods, Abbacies; '^tldBijhq^nipkSj^^muft, 
unavoidably introduce fbfne//^/ra» Words. aix\png,^s«; , < . 

' Thirdly^ Ai^ to the particuhr P/opcrdes of a Z^g^tage^ our 
To/igue faas undergone no fmall Mutation, or ra&r Wdp« 
eeived noTmall Irnprovement upon tha Account ; for^ui to.tbe. 
Gntk and Latin^ the Learned bav^ p^ge^gf ,yvith rbeArts wi 
Sciencea (now rendered very famiUar among us) introdtieed 
abundance^ naf alnioft all tite'TernQs of Arts in the\^ir&r«. 
Tnatich%. Philofophyy Phj(fick^ and An(itoh^y With many pthers 
from them ; and many more hav^ we enteirtAtned from the' 
Latin^ Frenchi iic^ for the f^9 pf N^Mi^'siUKl Elegancy; 

So thatat (jbis Day our L^ngm^c^w^icb 1800 Yearaagp was 
the ancient Britijb or ffii/h^ is jqqw a Mi^^tureof SaMh ^nt-l 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

IN T R O D U.C^:rXi> N. 

Y^% f*ot tlriss I think,: -ali]^ J^i^Tf^SitA^^X^W^WE^fi^^ 
ToDguc as Qow rpoke (for this Change h fimhingbutiW^C^l 
Lanf.iia5« have been liable tOyand have lii^etgoiid^' and do 
interribiigrably participate each' u^itb-dthcf, having iikemfeT 
cnibncikfirti fiuay W^rdii fmn the /i^W/i ,a,ri4 Cr^^^^ tho' ptrt* 
haps cor fo many as we) but it rather ^ makes. to the /Advaiicage ' 
ofitsChaeratler*; fer tranfplaiiting Foreign Wcrtti «iiuo .our 4 
Nxtire Soil, and new foffiifii^ them, we have (o enirjch^d ir> ' 
Alt now it is become the iti^ Copkm^'tfnd SJg^ificBntXah- 
gDBgc in Eurspfy if not in the WoUd; * j . > 

ThB Cmnden faid of it in bis Ttme,« Th;£t thotigli he wouldl 
** net &y the EngUjb Tongue WA as facred as thic f7a^r>fcs br^ 
^ as leaned as the Gruk^ yet that it was a3ybr«Ji/.astfae Lat'hi^-r 
^ m cMiFUms as the Spantfii^ Us cnntHke as the Prmcby and as * 
** ^ciPKrno as Ac Italfan ; fo that being beautified and enrjcbttd: 
*< tKitcfmhei' Tongues, pardtby enfranchirmg stnd'indeni^ 
•* w»ine Foreign Words, partly by innptaming'new oses wieft 
*'• artWI Coii^{)mtion,' oUr Tbngue is as copious; pithy addifig*- - 
•* niScadvfcasiuiy other in £8r#|»r/' ...... w^ 

Aad Dr. Htylin fays of it, *'That whereas the ^gJi^ 
•^Tongue b' a Coriipoiind'of Laim, PrenAy Dutthy &c. it ra- ^ 
** ther adds to its Perfeftion, than detrads anyi thing from its ' 
^^ Wibrtb^ finceoiit of every Language^we- have- culled the*' 
^ ffiofr fignifitant Words, and equally participate of irhat W. 
*' creellcnt in thdn, their Ioiperfe6hons being rejeded : ^Pb^I 
^ it ir iitllL t ifc fo boiftefous as the Dutchy nor Co effeminatO' 
*^ as the Frmeby yet as fignificant as the Latitiy ai^, \ti th6 . 
^' lofipy Cotijtifiion of tvro -or more' Words in 6iie, little in- 
•« fcrior t6 the &Vri»." - 

. tf tfaM'the &^/^ Tdngue, in the Opinion of thefe learne4 ; 
Aiftkaik, iMerv^ this CtaraAer in their Time, Jiow muqh 
flMe- ]»#*« havipg fince received fo confi(]erabIe Improve* * 

iMMi^iMK^fb tnady Mgbrated Writers f 

'lfailDg'f;iveii fMtf fliort Account, by what Steps* and Gra* 
AAwyihrJgjy/Bfe TohgM b aftfved to^fae what it now is, I 
flallpiQpard tx^give t brief Acpount bf the Method I have 
litt»i»te ^idlowing Wiork. 

- Jt mwma^ Defimiiodepreciate the Labours of tkofe wor** 
tfcfrt H^iiins, wbofe Writings of this kind have faved me much 
Mas: 4ibaU oqly %> as, ftnli ifi iimmU adJkrti in per^^lng^ 
ti» bcft Books of this kind extant, I have found in them both 4 . 

a a Redun* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Rdhtnaaiicyattd Dc&kncy; t)^<icM«E|^i-of wkfCtrllMvitoiiiii 
fed, to make room for the latter, having cniiebed tfab wit 
ffvcral tbovftad BftgBfi^ Words and> VtnC^ i» tt» £1^/^ 
Didionary before cxcaot. ' ' 

' AsfortheEtyiiKilDgicalPai:t«orilio6'WosdsfiromForeig 
T^^t^yj idicnce tbq iS»f i^ Worife were derived^ I tfanrit 
Ml the £ift wbo has attempted it ia BngUJb^ excwgt whs 
Mr. JUnf haa done in hi^ Gbffografhy^j which ia a very foa 
Fiurt, and thofe of a JUr/n Derivatioa chiefly* befidee a^fis^ 

'*' Howerer ; I fliaU m€ enlarge at pr^fiyit upon. tbeUfefuIoe 
of that Part, fuppofing that fuch Pe^fons ^ho underftand th 
Languages need no fuch Information ; and as to than wMc 
db not, the Etymological Put ie (eparatedib diAin^ faom tt 
reft, being indofed within Crotchrts^ that tfaejF mvf ^hmn 
ivithout mtj manner of Txsubleor loeonveiMenee. 

In order to the more eafy appre)iending the Method I imtf 
Ukeo, liludi RivetbefoUmriDg'AocQuiia: ' r - ., 

^ I. InthofirWordfofal^rtb^nDertvatitMi^Ihaire^tterall 
^rai the ^xm Word' firftv f i»^ whean the Em^Jk Woi^ 
JB all Probabiii^, was derived* ; and afiberwarda'tbe ^mOHiit 
Dani/b^ and Low-Dtkebi ^tiufi^itlmA iModlboBaitt.t&e faa^c 
or a cognate Significationv^ ^'^ •>, -. i • 

^« ' Iir 4tany Wokls, f6r whiOh -no "Mms* Werdft^are ttk h 
found, Ihave given the Tkfintry Lonv'thtub^ Donijkj or others 
where they artf to be foimd.of the fiune or a IiJoe SisnMicaKion 
tbottgh it i»yery probable they eamo to lUitnunediaidyijracntb 
Amvji Tongue; butdieBewneftofitbeBookawehnvieimrlei 
in the SaxiH Lioguagedoes witfiirniibuitiiiitkthcm^ andinaf 
Ancb ai itja cenain, ' that the J?iif4^ 5iMMfiaqp>oti« tilan i 
DialcA of th^ ancient Tiutmi^ Itappeanabemofepidbabh* 
-' ^ til V((erds derived from the Southern . fcanguapwr^ lj«nr< 
fet down the Frgnch^ and afterwards fre^veini^ the Ji»iSMr an^ 
Spantjby ttthef have them in the fame or a like Significatioiv 
itntytmfi d)e Lutiny from which probably they weieattrfaftvad 
'Jf. InTermsof Art, uAnaumf^ Ghfmj/hyi tv^iy Mufbt 
ftmiuisy Pbibfipby^ Phj/fick^ ^J'^g^t andothen, I haveigno 
tally given tKe Frnich^ if tbeyibave them% th^the Lam^ am 
lUtermrds the Grhk^ ft^m whence they generally i>rpeeeded- 

5v In mkny W<)rdt of a tttin orO^iOrigiQal, hotproperh 
9^riftsbfAnf I hwrelibcwife in the;firftPlaoB ftttheAme^l^af 
^efwards th'e£«9^';f andpr/^if, fo far eomjdylne witb'thoie whi 
li^iorOpilHon, that we have themiiaimediately, oe in thrfirfi 
tklfO^i Atan^fRe P^e^Sy though (^Gannot eiititely give into tfaa 
netien, fdrSK»f4n«YJ«kjiifAU«^^ 
airticles. - ' ' . -fc 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

f N: OMI Q |> \^ <vS T^ ijO^. 

are a veil Frtmei a* £i^J|j|^.Iitvaiiy^ v^tMcfa cchm of tbf Aff 

iMBltt:X«M DiAiaiiarks, though rfaey mights dnuogicalljr 
faml, »wtll w^4l(.Alilvep|^m/)6J^^I have omitted toftt 

la k d^^HvMSMinttrtuiptu^ I have omitted to fetdowv 
iicfnacby becaufe it appean plain to me, they were rather dCi^ ' 
iMof die iMim than .the frmcbf as Defikae^ of Difiktus^ 
L Mhcr thao DgJ^U^ F* This may fufice for the relb « 

II. Aa CO Vltrts^ I have for the mm part fet dowa (he XoImi 
l^» a^ Ike \y t iM rds frqpi which cho £ngli/h are imm^ii|td)i 
fcjfwri^aiihimihin x^^it^mtkte Moods, efpecially thbfe of tli^ 
ikU C^jogstioo io Latin^ becaufe oearef .^io the Spell jngy as U 
flifl^ ft nm Qtffmlwftp Siq^infi, rather than CclUgsr^, Inflnitiye, 
fe^KaJUaibfiJbciore^mcnttoned* ' 

Itinrr^Qt^gpofined myielf totierive from^hofeZiisirnAVordf 
Mlf.^jilni artty to b^Xii in Authors called OaJUJtf 9^ of thfe 
^Rft Agip.ef t)be Z4r/i» T«aBgti») ,6nce it is evident we bavf 
MfdftM^vmjri^flpi.Woi^whiiJiJ^ve been handeddo^jl 
ti«iby,W«ftr^Ca Iftt^rl^^ Philififim^ Ply- 

, I'wfofsthoio.Woiip^ ^5iwe|»^atjtt|pi£/jr«a« of thf^En^lifi 
^eriiftoold he'tbottgli|^pon9qM|p<^«f|i&nreofSpdling,iunaj 
^fafiQcat taobyiikle fueh anOtya<Stion, that nothing U njore 
^*>iai1n thelranrplanttng Wprds from one Language W ain* 
<Acr,4ftn to niake^on&derable .Variations ; as in the Wocd 
^^vwjfrDsi^tl^e (ovfiftCnapa^ whichdiffers literally and in-Senffi 
ttf^it i^gnified*ia S^tttA Times nomc.e than $irvU9Uf\ 
^mr. gtociaUf Ji u^ tx\ figoify a Ji/ktfujl Psrfon. And i» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

-IKTI^ o D u'C T lo 3sr; 

lo'the Spelling, the different Orthbgraphy 6f Nations has Va 3i C- 
guffed many WoikIs of the fame Pronunciation and Sign rficat^ 
that they appear founUt:e^ that Alphas are not acquainted with 
c^cfi Language^ Tior accuflonied to Etymological Obfervations, 
can hardly difcetn their AiSntty : And befid^s, very few of the 
Etymological Words are my own, but I have generally the Suf- 
frage of S9inff^r,Ctfi^i£fi2, Verfltgan^ Spelman^ Ca/aubofiy Dr* 7%« 
J^^bamj8%bmnrt,yttniuSyiMenagius-j Mmfiew^ and other great 
Name^ and approved Etymologilb, to bear me out* • 

• Toconckdei Hiate omitted nothing to render this Work as 
compleat as all the Helps I could come at, ai\d other Circum* 
fiances worid admit of. . And I hope, that, confidbKn^ the vaft 
Variety both of Words and Things, as few Errors 6aveefcii|>ed'- 
my Notice as could reafonably be exped:ed. If ^ny diflknt ftcfta • 
me m any Pkttieuhrj it ought to fecureiheifrom<Denri^ei thdC-^' 
I pretend only to propoieto, and not iropofe upon, their Jud^ 

ment \ and mall conclude with thrace^ - - 

' *- • . ■ ' . , , . . "i 

- ' ^ : « quid'nmfii reatutiftlu ' *^ * ^ 

Candidus impirti :fi norty his utere rhetufh. 

♦ ./' I- 

N. Bailey. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Abbheviations made ufe of in thit- 
".' fol!fmtng Work, 

Jt Afiibkk* 

B» fininb* 

C Coiotaj Word. 

CmL GattmgWonL 

CBr. WdOu 

Ok Oddee. 

CtL Gril Law. 

C^T. ChjrmiGBl Tenn« 

J>n. Dauflu 

Dm. Dutch. 

£.a Eaft Country. 


IL ForcftLaw, 


Gr.. Greek. . 

•". Hd)rcw. 

a.?, HaadDgPhnie. 

ii'T, HuBdng Tenn. 

H Italbiu . 

^ * Lain; « - 

^A lawFhnfc. 

^ S. Prtfent Lower Saxon. 

i.r. Law Term. 

M.P. MaitaryPhrafe. • 

Af. ST Military Tcmu 

N. C. , North Country. 

O. Old Word. 

O. a Old Charaacr. 

O. F. Old French. 

O. £. Old Latin. • 

O.P. OldPhrafe. 

O. R. Old Rw)rds. 

O. S. Old Statute. 

P. T. Pbyjiical Tprm; 

P.fT. Poetical Worf 

Sax, iSaxon. 

Sc» Scotch/ 

5. C. South' Country, 

5. £• ' Statute Law* 

5^^iif. Spanifh. , 

S. P. Sea Phrafe. 

5.r. Sea Term. 

S. fV. Scripture Word. 

Syr. ^n^* 

Tmu Teutonic, cr Andcnf 


W.C. WeftCountry, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

W Hebrew X^bflr0^€rSy fardlitd fir the Ufe 
igf ^i^ w&t; :72v/i/E:/ at^uaini themfehes with 

Ji^^Gapifcds; A B t t E f ti n t t L U 

fmxmCzfit^^ a B e p,e F t f T t. L A 

^miCapicak^ A B i^£>H r I K A M 

JEfl^/Ji^ fmal^ ab^defgiti^lm 

o. Ef^ii/kiMih mbcttfSliiklm 

Saxoti fmall, Jirb 6. be f j hfji Iiit 

IcR^rapiwk^ NOP RSTV.9X Y K. 

Grrf i Capitals, W O H P S T 4f T ^ 

^ji^/i& faiaK^ II o f q r f # t' t iir x y '* 

&x0ir 'ftotill^ A o p ^ A r * V I* 'x jr ar 

^ffifmaD, r.ofr far. ^ f t * 

jBr#Jrj«v, Ch n Gnjf Pha SliVr ThnTxSaiuia 

Sa^9v, Th D, % p. That * 

Mflmo Vowels, ar*e«-t«o«<Q«' 

■• I 

Digitized by VjOOQIC j 

An Universal ETYMaLoorcAL 

Englifh Dictionary : 


An Interpreter of Hard PTordf* 


A B 

KSt AbVrerhture of Amu and Ar^ 
tiam, as A. D, Anno Domiai^ Jo 
.4 dkc Year of our Loud ; A, B, Ar^ 
riam Baccalaurems, Bachelor of 
hu^ jL Al ^rtuam Magijl-r, Maarrof Arts ; 
A dbm AigwJi, in the Year of the World. L, 
k »ad fl, are ufed hterogljrphKially as a 
eof Goa and Chkist, ai A and Q, the 
j and the End, the Firll and the Laft ; 
tgf haag the fril and Jaft Letters of th& 
Cr^ Alphabet. 

"T ' "l [f^r Arts in Pbyficians Bills] fig- 
jj l^^y eqn«l Quantities of ihe logre- 
^* I ^ftnr* *n the fame Receipt. 
A*kOS (mnW M. /. r. » Mountaineer, 
. *%^f& «t Sueogth, ot *in a Mountain] 
ttr Wrttlgh Piieft of f fie Jtxvt, 
AlAClSTA, »n Arithmetician. 0. L, ^ 
ABACK 7 hack, hackwards, behind, 
AlAK£ S a^Kr. 
Al^ACOT, a Cap of State, made like i 
^on^ CrcwB, worn anciently by the Kings 

AiACTED [Miaaug, lA dUsvn iv^^y by 
Wiia<» Violence. ^ "' '/' ' 

ABaCODRS, they that Acal o« drivft 
**f Cattle ia great Numbo-w'or ^holc 

AITACUS [In OJ^if i(rrori/i] a 
B^cU for Calcalatioof and Schen^di^ 

AVACUS [in Arcbireffure] a Four* Tquare 
TiMe ar the Top of a Pillar, the Crown iog. 

Al-ADOIRES [Great Fathers] certain 
Cc6 ^ the CsrthMriwfsnt. Pun, 

ABANDON r 'aC^XJ^f, Gr. of pi3« 
It 1./. the Dciboycr] one of the Names 
p»n toS«on. 

AlAFT oc AFT [Abiptan and JE^. 
mk ZsK. hduadj ihit ?ui of a Ship whiwh 


It between the Main-*Maft and the Stero* 


AdAI'SANCE [ of Maiffment, an 
humbliog one^i 'felf, 1^.] a Refpe^l paid to 
a Perfon by a Congee or low bowing of the . 

ABAUENA'TION, aa Alieoatioa or £. 
ftrangcmcnt from, 

ToABAN'DON [ahanionfier,y» abandon . 
Iter, Sp.] to forfake utter ly>'taiaft off; to gire 
up one's felf wholly to any {Prevailing PaHion 
or Vice. 

An ABAN'DONED tf^rttcb, one who has 
given himfclf over to Come Vice. 

ABAN'DUM [OldLtno'] any thiog that it 
fequeftcred, forfeited, or confifcated, 

AB'ANET 7 [^DOK /^.] a fort of Girdle 

AB'NET 5 worn by the Priefts of th« 

^ ABANNA'tlON 7 BanifhoSent for a 


ABAPn-ISTON 7['AW»-7irof, Gr.J . 

ANABAP'TISTONja Surgcon> Inftru- 
mfpt, or Trepan, to l.iy open the Scull. 

ABARNA'RE [Abapian, 5.] todete£lor. 
^lilcovcr to a Magiflratc any fccret Crime. L, T« 

ABARTICULA'TION, a good Conftruc- 
tion of the Booes, whereby they are apt to 
move eafiiy and ftrongly ; fuch as is in the 
Arms, Hands, Thighs, Feet, &c. L. 

To A3A^SE [ahaijir, F.] to lower, bring 
down, or humble. 

To ABA'SE a Flag [Sw Termi to ftrike, 
Ipwer, 6r take it in, as a Token ofSubmiflion. 

ABA'SED [in Heraldry] is when the Top 
of the Vol or Wings of an Eajile are turned 
dowuwarc^s towards ihe Point of the Shieid. 

ABASR'MENT lAbbaiJJcmnt, F.] a being , 
brought low. 

A B 

To ABASH' [efiahir, F. .to aSrigfaten ] 
to make afhamed, or confound. 
• ABaSH'M£NT, Aftontflimettt^ a being 
^ut ihto ConfufioD. 

ABAS'SI, a Com \nPerfj, and eUewhere, 
in Value about I x. 2 ^» Sterling, 

To ABA'TE [In Latif] tf> come to nought, 
be aboliihedy quaihed, or rendered of no efte£t. 

To ABA'TE [aUatrty F.l to make or 
pow lefs, to dimiaiib, dUable^* to defeat or 

To ABA'TE [in mfftmanfiip] a Norfe if 
fai4 to abate, when ■ working upon Curvets^ 
he puts hie two hind Legs to the Grovnd both 
at once, and obfervts the fame Exadtneft at 
all times. 

ABAT^'MENT [j&attemci^^ F.] a lef- 
fening ; that which is abated : In a Law Senfe, 
the A^ af Abating, Utfabh'ng or Defeating; 
as the 'Abatement of s^ Writ, ifc^ 

AfiAtE'MtNT of htmur [in 'Heraldry] 
is an 'accidental Mark annexed to a Coat of 
iirmty whereby iu Dignity is 4cbaiad, by- 
rcafon of fome diihonourable Quality or Stain 
in the Bearer. 

An ABA'TER, one thatabateth, i^e. in. 
trudeth, into Houfes or Lands void by tlie Death 
of the former Poflblbr, and not yet taken up 
byhifi^Icir. L.T. - 

ABATU'DE, diminished. L,% 

A'BATURES [among Hunters'] Foiling 
the Sprigs or Gtafs that a Stag throws down 
in paifing by. 

ABA W'ED, abaAcd , daunted . Cbaue, 

To ABA'y or ABEY, to foffer great Pain, 
to pav dear for. ' L.T. 

AM A [tnit, .S>r.] a Saiptore Word, 
figntfying Father. 

AB'BACY- 1[j^hatia^L. orACCirtut, 

AffBATHy J Gr.] an Abby ; or the fame 
to an Abbot as a Biflioprick to a Biihop. L. T. 
■ ABBA'TIS [Old Records] an Avcncr, a 
Steward of the Stables, an HoAler. 

AB'BESS [Jhfje, F.] a Governcfs of Nuns, 
CT of a Nunnery . 

ABfBEV Ij^bhaTe,.?.] a Monaftery, or 
Convent, a Houfe of religious Pcrfonss 

AB'BAT 7 [AbiA, AbK8b. Sax. abt, 

.AB'BOT J Teut, of N3H Father] the 
chief Ruler of an Abby. 

To ABBRE'VIATE [al^eviatimt L.] to 
abridge or make Aort. 

' ABBREVIA'TION, an abbreviating or ex- 
pfeiTing a thing in fewei' Terms. F, of L, 

ABB:1£V1A'T0R [AbhreviateMr, F.] one 
vho abridges, or makes a brie/ Draught of a 
Thing, r. 

ABBRE'VIATURE, a ftortening, as a 
Letter put for a Woxxi. F. of JU 

ABBREUVO'IR, a Watcring-Placc. F, 

ABBREUVCIRS [in Mafonry] the Spaces 
between the Stones to put the Mprtar m as 
they are laving. F. 

To ABBRroCE' [ahregrr^ F.] to Curuil 

' tnake flicticr. See Abridgi» 

A & 

' ABBROCH'MENT, the boymg up or^enu 
gfoiiing any Wares before they are brought ' 
to a Fair or Market, in ocdei to icll them by 
Retail. Z,.r. 

ABBUT'TALS, Buttings and Bounding^ of 
Lands, Higb.ways, &e, Ihewing bow they lie 
in refpe^ to other Places. L, T. 

AB'D4LS, religious Perfoni among the 
Peyfians, who make a PxolvBion of Poverty^ 
and lodge in Churches. ' 

AB'DERITE, Demoeritusy a Pbiioibpher 
who lived at Ahdera in Hwat*, 

ABDFRIAN jLmtgbter, a fooUfli and ip- 
cefTant Laughter, fo called from Democritus the 
AMeritef a great Langher. 

ABDE'VENAM [among jf/hoiogers] the 
HeatI <4 the twelfth Houfe in a Scheme of the* 

AB'DI rn39; H r, e. iSy ServMt, of 
^39, a Servant, and T. my] the Father of n 
J^Jh, King Stfii/*s Grandfather. 

To AB'DICATE [abdiquer, ¥, abdicatum^ 
Lr] to ranouiiee, to fefign, or^iva m^. ^ 

ABDICA'TrON, the vokntary A& of 
Abdicating, Difowniog, Renouncing, &c, and 
in the Civil and Common Ltw it is ufed where 
there is only, an implicit Renunciation f^aa 
when a Perfon does A£^ions that are altogether' 
Inc6AfifteBt with his Truft. 0. L* 

AB/DIEL r yn:y9l H. /. e. Jhe Semnt 
of God, of ^3I^> a Servant, and TfiC, God J . 
a Man*s Name. 

ABDITO'RIUM, a Cheft in which Re- ' 
li^ues were kept, or a Place to hide and keep 
Goods, Plate, and Money. 0. L. 
. ABDCVMEN \\nAnat<my] the lower Ca- 
vity of an Animal Bod^, fituated between the 
Diaphragm or Midrin aod the Privities. Of 
abdo and tmentuntf L, 

ABDOMINOUS [of Mdtmen] paundi- 
faellied, unweildy. 

ABDU'CENTJIf«/f/a. ^t AhduBores. - 

ABDUCTION, leading, drawing, or car* 
ryiog away. L. 

ABDUCTION [in Logick]^ fignifics aa 
Argnment that leads from theCoodufion to 
the Demonftration of a Propofition. 

ABDUCTOR Indieis [in j^natomy'] the 
Mufclc. that ferves to draw the Fore-finger 
from the others. L, . , 

ABDUCTOR mnlmi Snti [in Anat(niy\ 
a Muide which draws the Littb-finger frona 
the reft. L, 

ABDUCTOR PolUcis, a Mufcle of the 
Thumb, which draws it finm the Fingers. JL. 

ABDUCTOR OcuU, a Muide that draws* 
the Eye from the Nofe, L. 
, ABDUCTOR minimi digiti fftdis,- a Mufde 
of the little Toc,which draws it from the reft. L, 

ABDUCTOR PoJ7iV« Pedis, a Mufde of the 
great Toe, which draws it from the refl^. L, 

ABDUCTO'RES Fin Anatom] Abdueent 
Mufctes, are univerfally thofe that fcrve to 
open or pull back diverfcJParts of the Body^ 
as Arms, Legs, Eyes, (^4jOOQ I 



iJliMNG, BelMviow I ttts^ be iMWfd 
toa |Dd A-bdriag, h to be bouod to i gpod 

AIKPDA&Y, beloiviiK to the Letters 

AIEODAIUAK, oae who teaches or 
)mmri»J,B,C, or Alphabet. 

ASEOnDUd lecher, to f^, O.F.l 

iSSDQft 7 to abide;, to fttfier. Cbau-' 

iilEL pA ff, /. r. Vanity] the Name 

AITLE.TR£E^ finekind of white Poplar. 

AfKUNS^ a fiart of Chriftian Hereticks in 
JftvMt «hp adopted Sona and Daughters to in* 
MthdrEAses, pafltog by their Childreo by 
ikrWiwi, as if tbey weft illesitimate. 

iSSSX, a Aecp Place. « 

.ABQicoirwEy [of abfr, C. Br. a 

>i*xb, a^ tfantBtf > ' • •- the Mouth of the 
LvrCMBrjfJ a City mXaernar'vtpfiire in 
Fjfa, caee aaiscd Caeriatn \ rebuilt by King 
£fcmf OL out of the Ruios of CaeriatM. 

ifiM)£'HE ( of abec. C. Br« and 
XHk &<. the Mooth of the River D«n or 
^1 I Bibop*s See, and an Univcrfity in 

MUFtAW [ofUber. C. Br. a Month, 
^ Jfntfc f« ^* the Mooth of the River 
Trnj a PUce in the Ifle of AnMty, 

AB£RGAVEN'NY7[of ab»> C. Br. 

AIERCEN'NY 6 > Mouth, and 4&e' 
taD> ^ L the Mouth of the Rhrer Gt^ 
aanirs Gtf in 'Matmoutbpnn, 

AKRE.UURDER, phun downright Mur- 
^ %Bt Ehtrt. murder, 

ABERllANCY' 7 a wandering or gpiog 

Afl£RRRAa*ICN5outoffheWay. L. 

AR9SE0, hamblod gr caft down. 0. 

ToAteT [oTBetM, &rx. T^otttl^ to 
wi or blow op, as Fire, t. S. ] to ea* 
■"♦, aeite^ egg or let on ; to maintain, 
. AITTMENT [in /.«»] the Aa of aUt. 
%ainaragmL or fecting OB to commit 

ABtTTER 7 cos that adTtfet, eggs on, 

AlEFrOR 5 or affifts another in doing 

«isu«fd Aa^ except Musder, Trealbo, 

^ a vfhich Cal9 the Law deems every Per* 


AftPTORS [in Um\ are foch as with. 
*t afr nocatc otfcen to fue out falfe A^- 
^tf Morder or fVlony a^inil Perfom, is 

^ to tender them infamous. 
AUY'ANCE 7 [of B4^er, f. to gajie 
AttVANCE J after] iignifies a thing 
]"Wia ^oniy, and not in aau. Lands, 
II^MRts, Goods, &c, act faid to be in 
**!««, f^n they at« only in Eapeaa. 
^■rUndcrftandaig, in the Intendment or 
yyjsat'— of ike LaWj ud not in a^uU 


To AB^REGATE [ahp'tg^m, L.] tt 
fend out from tl*e Flock, to feparate. 

To ABHOR' iahborrer, F. of ahbprrire, 
L.] to loath or hate, to deteft, to abominate. 

ABHOR'RENCE 7 [ahhorreni, L.] aver- 

ABHOR'RENCY J Son from, abhorring 
or loathing. 

ABl'AH rm!tte F. Le. the Will of the 
Lord, of TT!1M he willed, and TT the Lord] 
the Son of i>atnuei\he Prophet. 

ABIA'THAR iyV3itH. i.K excellent 
Father, of 3B^ a Father, and 1JT Excellent, 
or the Father of the R.emnaot or Contempla- 
tion, of 2iH a leather, and *^n a Remnant] 
the Name of a sion ofAHme/ech, 
' A'BIB [a^aK H. /. e. i ripe Ear of Corn! 
the firft Month in the Jevaijh Ecclcfiafticil 
Year, which anfwers commonly to Part of 
our March, and Part af^pn'L 

To ABPDE [ abibao. Sax, ] to contimi^ 
tarry or day ; to dwell or live in a Pjace 3 tff 
fuffer or endure. 

To ABIDE, to forbear, to refrain. Cbaue, 

ABIDE, to' abide, to fuflfer for. Chaut^ 

AWJECT.[aijef}us,L.2 caftaway, m^a^^ 
hafe, vile, wretched. L. 

An AB'JECT [a Caft-away] • Perfon of 
no Repute or EAeem. L. 

ABJECTION 7 ab)ca Condition, low 
• AB7ECTNESS S Eftate, Wretchcdncfs, 
Meannefs, Vilenc^. F. of L. 

ABIE'ZER [H^ntf h. i i. the Father's 
Help, of "aw a Father, and ^t)f Help] 01^ 
of KingD^Tf/VTs thirtvChimpions. ' 

AB'IGAIL rbWlN //. /. e. the Father's 
Joy, of aw a Fatiicrr, and T^A J«y] Nahfil'f 
Wife, and afterwards King Va'vid'z, 

ABIGE'VUS [or Jbigeut] a Thief whf 
has ftoleo Cattle. L. T* The fame aa 

ABIL'ITy [of bahiUtat, L.J Capacity, 
Ablenefs, Power of doing a Thing: Skill^ 
alio Wealth. * , . 

ABIM'ELECH [•p!3'»ai^ H. /. *. nw 
F^ither the King, of SaH my Father, ao« 
^\yQ a King! a King ot Greece, 

AiJ'INGDON [q.d, Abby-Town] aTou-n 
in Berkfifire, formerly called Shtovtjhomt af» 
terwards Abanbui|& by the EngUjb Saxons^ 
probably from an Abby built there by Ctffi 
King^of the PP^. Saxons, 

'ABJNTES'TAf E, an Heir to one wh^* 
died without a Will. t. T, 

ABr&HAG [J^BTpKif. i '■ the Father'* 
Error, of aX a Failwr, and^^^^lB^ an Error J 
a beautiful young VirginT^who U^erifhed King 
. Z>tfVfV/ in his old Aer 

AB1'3HAI £»lttnaN H. /. *. my Fa- 
ther'* Reward, of ^aK mv Father's, and 
Vl^ a Reward J one oi King Daviiti Cham« 

ABISH'ERISTNG, a Forfeit, Amerclai 
ment, or being free from Amercianients, 
Forfeitutes,.or Fines, for any TjumlgrcfCon. 

I^itj|edby VjOOQli A'BHf 



amrr 7 

ABITTSs'^^^^^' durelleth. Chaueer, - 
/ ABI'TION, a going away, a dying. L. 

ABJURA'TION, a forfwearing, or re- 
flouncing by Oath, ft fworn Baoiihmenty or 
ibrfwcaring the Realm, a Privilege anciently 
allowed to one who had eommittcd Felony, 
and betook bimfelf to a Sanfluary, and tb^re 
confeifed bis' Crime to tbe Juftice or tbe Coro- 
ner. 0. L, 

ABJURA'TIONi an abjuring or denying a 
Thing by Oath. T, of L. 

To ABJU'RE [ahjunry F. o(a&jmrare, L.] 
to quit an Opinion, (^e. to forfwear the 
Kealm for ever, nther than come to a Ipga] 
Trial. O.L. 

ABLA'DIUM, Com mow'd and rcapM. 0. 

ABLaCTA'TION, the weaning of a Child 
tfiat has fuijced fome time. L, 

* ABLACTA'TION [in Gardening] a kind 
of Grafting, when the Cyon is not cut off, 
but weaned, as it were by degrees, till it be 
firmly united to the Stook. L, 

To ABLA'QJJEATE [ablajuestvm, L.] to 
Uncover the Roots of Trees, &c, ' 

ABLAQUEA'TION, a laying open or 
bare the Bottom of the TnuUcs and Roots 
cf Trees, that fo being expofed to the Sun 
and Air, &e, cbey may 'bear Fruit the better. 

ABLATION, a taking away, X. 

AB'LATIVEC^i/i [mGrammaf'] theljftof 
the fix Cafes in Nouns and Pafrticiples. 

A'BLE [bahilisl capable to perform. 

ABLEGATION, a fending forth, or out 
of tbe way. L. 

ABLEWSy [Ahiepfia, L. of "ACX^ia, Or.] 
want of Sight, Blindncfs, Unad vl fedncTs. 

ABLIGURI'TION, a prodigal /pending in 
BcUy-Chccr. U «- * . 

• To AB^LOCATE [ahlocatum^ L.] to fet or 
let out to Hire. ^ ' 

AB'LUENT Medicine^y the fame with ^- 
fiergentt^ which (ee. 

' ABLU'TION, a Purgation or Wafljing, in 
9ife among Popiih Pricfts. F. of L, 

ABLU'TION [in Cbymijiryl the Prcpara^ 
tion of a Medicine in any Liquor, to clcanfe it 
from its Dregs and Impurities. 
' AB'LYNG, enabling. Cbauc. 
■ ABNEGA'TION [in Divinity] is the re- 
jiouncing one's Intercft, Pleafures, Paffions : 
Sclf-deniil. L. ^ - 

AB'NER r tl33« H. I. e, the Father's 
Lamp, of 3M a Father, and ^J a Lamp ] 
an Uncle of King Saul, and Captain- General 
of his Army. 

To ABNO'DATE [ ahnodatam, L. ] to 
prune Trees, 6fc. 

AiSNODAfTION, the Pruning of Trees, 
and cutting off their Knobs and Knots. J^. 

ABNOR'METH [of ahnormis, \.,} dif- 
figureth, difguifeth. Chaue, 
' ABNOR'MITY [ahirmkas, LA MiihApe- 
mfsj Hu|€aefs, 

A B 

*[ ABNORNfftUS [ahnorms, of a3, ffe 
tive, and norma, a Rule, L.] miAapcOj v. 

ABOARD^, within the Ship. S, T. 

ABODE, Delay, aifo a Dwelling-FIa 

ABOGEN [^eteam. Tent.] bovired. 

To ABOL'ISH [aboIiryV. of abo/fn:, 1 
to deface, to dcllroy utterly, to reduce to x 
thing, to repeal. 

abolifiiing or difannulling. 

ABOLI'TION [in Law] the deftroying 
abfolute repealing of a Law or Cuftom, fo th 
it ihall be of no Force : Alfo Leave given 
the King or Judges to a criminal Accofer 
forbear farther Pr«fecution. F. of jL. 

ABOLI'TION [in Metapbyjiclks] is an « 
tei* Peftrp£tion of an^ Being, fo that no Foo 
fteps of it do remain. 

ABOM'INABLB [abominabilit, U] th 
is to be abominated, abhorred or hated | haC 
ful. F. 

ABOM'INANTS, thpfe who abhor « 
dread anv bad Omqn or I^efage, and pn 
to the Gods to prevent its falling on the 
Heads. ' 

To ABOMWATE labomrnatum, L.l t 
tarn from as ominous, to abhor, loath or faati 

ABOMINA'TION, a deteftable Thing, 
Thing to be abhorred or loathed. t» 

ABORPGINES, tbe Italians, or fuchothe 
Nations, who pretend to hb without Origina 
from any other People j whence the Word i 
made i|f{p of to fignify any People born whetK 
they live j the firfl Inhabitants or Natives of t 
Country, as the Indians in jimerica, the Brr 
tains in England, 6fr. L, 

ABORSE'MENT [of Aharfus, x^Abortiri^ 
L.] aii Abortion, an untimely Birth. 

ABOR'TION, Mifcafriape m Women; 
the bringing forth a iClhild or Fetus before iti 
due Time, fe that 'tis in no Capacity to livci 
L. Aioftus. 

ABORTIVE [aborti/,T. abortivus, L.] 
belonging to fuch a Birth ; flill-born, untime- 
ly ; that mif<f-rrles, or comes to nought j alfo 
fine Vellum made of the Skin of a caf^ Lamii 
or Calf. 

ABO'TE, caft down, daunted. Cbaue, 

ABOVE' [Bupan, .T./*.' bipUf , Belg. tarnUj^ 

L, $,] aloft, high,' over-head. 
BOUGHT 7boug* ' 
ABOUGHTINjfor. Cbaae. 

ABaUGHT 7 bought,fof&red, paid dear 

ABOUT [Abutan, ^ax.] as round about, 
alfo near in Time and Place. 

ABOUT, ut» doing, or about to do, as 1 
aw about, 

ABRACADA'BRA. a Word ufed as ^ 
Charm ajainil Agues. 

ToABRA'DE [airadire, L.] tofhsveor 
pare off. 

A'BRAHAM [Om^J* HI ^ ^ Father 
of a ercAt Multituac, ct "3Jf a Father. *1 
fer 0^3"^ manyj and QTt for TfWTO a 


emmt, n tutt odW Jh'gm^, High Fi. 
Affjik pttt PitrnRh of the Natioa of the 

AAAHAITf Ptf£v, the Hemp-tree, a 
briafWi!bv& called. 

AttAB) [of Abpe&iaiiy or AhjidoeM, 

S«cl tnU, nitrd VD. C^irf. 

A'tfUM [CrOK H. /. e. High Fa- 
te; </3K > Father, anA fan High] 
IkspBl Kame of the Patriarch .^hr4- 
AKAtf Gpvt, oaJccd or poor Man^ Cant, 
AfilA'SiOIV, a fluTing off, a nfing or 
ASIICT)!, abroad. CKtfvr. 
TpABIE'DGE 7 to abridge, to fhorten. 
To ABflEGGE C jSkln-rger, F. Qhayc. 
ToABUFfDE 7 to ftartop, to awake^ 
ToABaiYD $ arife. Oumc, 
AR^DiNG, trpbraidifig. C^mt. 
A&lNCNCf ATION, a rcflooncing or 
fa£4iB| a Tking entirely. L, 

^gj^ ([aiDQDg CSymfts] Sulphur. 

TaAiBUDCE r^^c^tf-, F.] to make 
ioKrk Wocdt, ftiU ictaioing the Senfe and 
fahixaae) alio to reftraan a Person from fome 
LaVtVi fgtm before cnjojod. 

TaASUDGE [m Common L^w] to make 
% HrrWattBB, or count flrarter, by leaTiog 
lat hr: of the Plamt or Demand, and pray- 
m ife Dtfcodaat may anfwcr to the other 

Jk AEMDCTEMENT [jMregemnt, F.] 
m Cptaane, a &art Acomnt of a Book, Writ- 

Ta ABROGATE lalnger, F. ahrogatum, 
L] toArfmmi, to abolilb, to uke away \ to 
*|a! or Bake void a Law whkh was bdbre 

• MS. 

AKOGATION, the AA of Rep^iog, 

Hi. r,tiu 

OKSW [sihv^Mt^ L.] broken off on 
ikMea,kafty, irut-H, unfcafonaUe. 

ABSALOM laiWnti H. i. r . tbf Fa. 
^1 Pace, of 3K a Father, and GZHTtt^ 
ns] Kflg Daiiti's rebeUicos Son. 

Atl^LONISM, the PraAke of Rebellion 
V«i a Father. 

il'SCESS 7[^jti^,F.^/c£^*,L.] an 
, ttSCESSE j Ukeratico arifiog in any Fart 
^^i»^, and tending to Sup^tation j the 
•^**21 isspoftbume . 

ABCIS'SION, a going away. L, 
^^ISC&*1/E [in Co«jV SeShru'] are the 
fagjr Axb cut off ^y the Otdnntes. • 

dnclSrSIOK, a cutting off. L. • 

DISCISSION [in ^Trc/b^] ia when 
^fharti bring within the Bounds of their 
^ tad ia difiextnt Degrees of the Sign, 
^ ^>d COOKS to a ConlunAion with the 
*^ Pkaet. and cats otf the Light of the 

Ta ABSCOViy Taiffitgdtrft L.] lo conceal 


ABSCON'SION, an hiding. £• 

AB'SENT laBJens, L.] not prcfeof, cat«f 
the Way, miBing. F. 

ABSENTA'NEOUS [ahffntanettt,h.liQm 
in Abfenoe, pertaining to Abfence. 

AB'SIS7 [ofji, B, C,] Alphabets of LeU 

AP'SiSSters to be kuptd; Hom-Boob^ 
Primers, ^c, 

AB'SIS7 ['A4ir, Gr.l the bowed or arehed 

AE^ISyRoofof anOven, Room, Hookw 
&e. the Rmg or Compafs of a Wheel : AMb 
a Term ufed by j^ronemers, when the Pianeta 
moving to their Apognim or Perigmm afc tt 
a flay. 

ABSQLV, abibWed. ehanc. F. 

ABSOUVATORY [abfohaarty F. oF^sl- 
folutoriut, L.] belonging to a Pardon or Ac* 

To ABSOLVE [ahfiherey L.] to acqi^ 
or difcharge of an Accufation or 'Crime laid 
againft one. L. 

ABSOLUTE [tAJoIu, F. fX Mlutut^ L.| 
free from the Power of another ; that las Per- 
fedion in it felf, arbitrary, unlimited* 

ABSOLUTE Equations [in j^ronowyl tm 
the Sum of the Eccentrick and Optick Equa- 

ABSOLUTE Eftete [Law Teml is one 
free of all manner pf Incnmbranoes ana CoodU 


ABSOLUTE Gravity [among PbihfophenJ 
is that Property in Bodies by which they are 
faid to weigh (6 much, without any regard 
to any Circumftances of Modification, and ia 
always as the Quantit]|of Matter therein con- 

An ABSOLUTE NtaiAir [in an Algetraidt 
Eptathn] is that which poffelTeth one intixe 
Part or Side of thfrE^uatbn^ and is always A 
known Quantity. 

ABSOLUTE Space, isthatwh'tdi ccsifidered 
in its own Nature, without regard to any oot« 
ward Thing, always continues the lame, and it 

AB'SOLUTELY [ahrolumenu F. of tf^i- 
/«rr, L.] after an ^Dfolute Manner, as the 
Terms of a Propofition are iaid to be taken 
abfolutely, i*e. without relation ^o any thing 
elfe. Sometimes it is ufed in opp^fitioo to 
Terms and Conditions 3 as, Gcd dves not far-* 
gi^/e Men abfclutehfy but upon Condt'tioM cf IU-» 
pent ante and AmtndiKnt, 

ABSOLU'TION, a Pardoning, Remiffioa 
or Forgivenefs of Sins pronounced by a Prieft. 

AB^SONANT [ahfonanSf L.] properly, 
founding harib, difagreeing from the Porpoie, 

ABfSONOUS [a^/»wi, L.] the fame as .^ 

ABSONIA'RE [O/d Records] to ihon, 
avoid, deteil. 

To ABSORB^ [abfcrber, F. ahforhert, L.] 
to fwallow up> to vfA^ (it conTume. 

I ^^ Digitized by Go ^gjpj^^,^ 

A 9 

ARSORVENTS [ahfirBimra, L,^ fiKh 
^khAkmM as temper wA qualifj the acid 
jtnces i& the Bodv, by imhibiiig or drinking 

ABSORPT [ahf9rptM, UJ Topped, or 
' ^aurilowed up \ devoured. 

To ABSTA'iy [abjiimr, F. of #*/?iW«,L.] 
te keep from, or forbear. 

ABST£'MIOUS [aifiemhi, L.} properly 
jibftaking from Wine ) fobcr> moderate, tcm- 
Iferate in IMet. 

ABST£N'SION [In Qmrncn Lawl ii a 
wkholding the Heir hem takiog PoOewoa of 
lus.£ftate. L» 

ToA9ST£R'OB [atfier^ite^ L.] to wipe 
tflfifV or eleaofe* 

ABST£R'C£NT {Mh/hriem, L.] oft 
•deanfing or Icouring Quality. 

ABSTERGENTS [«i/rr£/«rf>, L.] deafi. 
#Bg M«diciQes« • 

ABST£R'SiOr<f, wiping away or clean- 
Ci%2 m4 ki particular, thcS^ produced 

ABST£R'SIVE [ahfitrfif, F. of ^>r- 
^•wl* L.} cJeanfifig or fcouring. 

AV^mt^Qt laifiinemia, L-J Tern- 
f etance, Forbearance, refraining one^s {t\{, F* 

ABSTINENT {ahJiiMm,L,\ temperate in 
Meat, Drink, ^c. K. 

ABSTOaT'ED [of ^ and tortus^ L. J 
•refted frtxm by Fofce. 

AB'ST&ACT [4ihpaaum^h.'\ a (maU 
I^aught or EpftoiBC of any greater Work; 
« Aort Draught of 9in Original Writing ; 
«• AhffidgpDeiit ^ ^ Writings Dted, Book^ 

ABSTRACT fin I'O^V;^] figni/ies any 
<2gality, as it is confidered apart without any 
icgtrd to its Concrete or Subje^ 

ABSTRACT Numbers [in Aritbmetick'] zrt 
Ml a« aroconfKkred as pure NuoBbera, witb- 
flMt beiug applied to aay Sub^. 
- To ABS TRACn' {obftrMrt, F.] to draw 
away from, to feparate, b) take from or out of. 
. ABSTRACTION, a Power peculiar' to 
the Mind of Man, in Contradiftindion to the 
Sou^ of Beafts ; by which he ^an make bis 
' Coneepfioniy arifiag from particular Things, 
Wcome general* Tbua if the Eye rq>rercnt 
to a Mao the Whitenela in a Wall, he can 
ab#raAedIy confider the Quality of Wi>ite- 
Defe, and find it may be attributed to many 
^her Tirings, at to Milk, Soow, Chalk, &r. 
^nd H|q» eeniidered in the Qooaetc or SubjeA 
to which it.adheres, it ia iaid to be taken n 
the AbAraft. 

ABSTRACTI'TIOUS [in Fharm^l a 
Term ufed to diftinguifli that Spirit which ia 
'd^awo from Plantt naturally abounding with 

^^o ABSTRU'DE [ahfirudert, L.] to thruft 
away from. 

ABSTRU'SE . [mbfirut, F. of ahfiryfus, L.] 
lecrrt, obfcure> dark, lying hid^ not eafy to be 


ABS11nrSE'KE$S 7 DtrkBcff, Obftiw 
ABSTRU'SITy i rity, Uninteiligi- 

ABSURD^ [Mrde, F. iA iA[urdiu, Uf 
not agreeable to Reafon or commoK Seofe^ 
miy, foolifli, impertinent. 
' A&^\J1^{yYVY[abfurdia,T.6imtr^'t4u^ 
U] FoolUhneft, imfiitioedcei Diipeeable- 
nels to |leafoD, ^c. 

ABUN'DANCE [Aht^damt, F. of ^^m1 
dantitty L.] great Plenty, 

ABUN'DANT ItUxmdant^?. ^ iihmndans, 
L.} abounding with, plentiful, 

ABUN'DANT Numhtn [ in jtrithmetUk 1 
are thofe whofe Parts added together make 
more than the whole Number) u, r.^. is, 
whofe Parta are z, 2,' 3, 4, and 6 ; whicli, 
added together, . make 16 1 So the ai^oot 
Parts of oo make 22 j as i-ioth is i, i-lotia 
2, i-5th 4, ?.4th 5, and i-half 10 j which 
I, 2» 4, 5, and JO, make 22. 

ABU'SE lAbus^ F. of Ahujus, LJ an Ut 
Ufage, bad Ufage, an Affront. 

To ABU'SE [abufer, F. oi ahnfum^ L.J to 
make an ill ufe of, to mifufe, to treat ill^ t# 
aifront, to do one an Injury. ' ^ 

ABU'SION, an Abule. Cbaue. 
ABU'SIVE [abujif, F. of abujttm, LJ apt 
to abufe, rnjoriooe, a^ontive, oftenfive. 
To ABUT' [ab^uury F,] to border upoo, 
ABUTALS. ScuMuttah, 
AByDO'CO'MISTS [ yJhyd^ccntr, L- 6f 
'aCi^gxo/un^ of u^fjiiac to elate oiic*3 lelf, aotf 
Aiydci, the Inhabitants of which w^re noted 
for invcntins Slander&J .Sycophants who boaft 
of theitfFalihood, 

A'BYSS ["ACuAjl^^Cr. >^,v/«r, F. J « 
bottomlcfs Pit, a great unf^thon.ablc Depth g 
the u imeafurabic pcpth of Waters fuppofcd t« 
be inclofcd in the Bowelf! of ih« Earth. 

AB^rSSWES, a People of Ethnifna, Chri- 
ftisns of thr Gr.-ek Church, whofe Emperor^ 
&iled the Orand Neguf/U falfly take& by fome 
ioiPreficrJohn. ' 

ABYS'MALt'of'^M F.] deep, bot.\ 

A. C. fignifies Axmq Chrifii^ /. r. the Vear 

ACADEMICAL [academijue, F. of ara^ 
dimicuSf L. of 'AkaaiifiLttos, Gr.] belonging 
to an Academy. 

ACADEMaCKS [Acadmid,h, of "Ak*- 
^a/uiaoi, Cr.7 the Followers of Flato were an- 
ciently fo called, becaiife rKey ftudied in the 
Poblick School called Academia^ a Place near 
Atbenif built and planted with Trees by Oidm 
mut the Pbarnidan | or, as fome fay, hy Aca^ 
demut. Afterwards a Se^ of S(;cptical Phi. 
lofophers were fo called, who held, that aU 
Things were unceruio, and Reafon and Truth 
changeable j and therefore, that a Man ough^ 
to doubt of every thing, and beliere nxhing. 
ACAIVEMIST l[AcadcmiJie, F. ] oiM 
ACADE'MIAN % th t ftodtes, or has IKi. 
died ioj or keeps an Academy. 


A C 

U tf '4iA/imj Gr.] n hifher School or 
Vv«^, m Place where yoang Men are m^ 
tradBin ihtf Libcnl Arts and Sciences : Alfo 
1 prioiln Soaety of iosraious Peribns eib- 
MM (or xht la|Aovement of Learning* 

ACAUl'NJ^ a Fountain in $ici!y^ where- 
B ifi iUic Obttks writ oo Tabks ufad to 

ACAPD, a WoKd ofcd by fome Chymifts 

ACALE, coldL Clunrc, Klt^U. ^'W'* 
ACA'MATOS [iwMfuvt^, Gr. of « 
ri ncr/ifw to be wearied ] vnwea- 

ACAVAICEOUS [of 'A««)«i, a Thorn, 
flf tti^v, Gr« to Aarpen] all Plants that are 
if tbe TUUe Kind, and are prickly: Alfo 
tik ftiip aad pRMUncnt Paro of Animals are 

ACAHTHA90LDS [ 'A>?id:C9K^, of 

*AMAas Tbora, and ^a^>Xm to throw away, 

Gr.j s Sgifean*s Inftramcnt, like a Pair of 

HfBV ttoke ovt any thing that fticks in the 

Crfyti^u, crCnlict. 

• ACAKTHA fAicard«» Cr. a Them] the 

L Hft MnvBd Protuberance of the Vertebres 

\ atk BkIe, caUed the Spine. 

ACAirZU, Turhp Light. Horfe, the 
ibifli-CoMd of the Grand Signoi*k Army. 
ACAltWAR 7 a bnght fixM Star of 
l£8ZJl'NE& 5 the £rft Magnitude in 

r AtURO!?. %etAccann, 

ACAKI7S. a Httle Worn that breeds in 
W^ illiK, the Hand«Worai \ alfo a Mii&- 

ACATALfCTCW, or jScntaUBiek Verfe, 
^^di cndly psMt^ where not fo mcich 
■ «ie liUtAit n too mnch or too little. 

MCkTAUfSY ^AufM^M^ti, of «' pri- 
Wt, ai Mt^Ur^f Comprehennon, Cr,1 
fciMfilmiffliliUifi^ Jmpoffibility of being 

AtATERT, a i4»t of Cheque between 
iheQebflf the ]Cing*s Kitchen and the Pur- 

AOCAPTTA'RE. topay lUlief to the chief 
lui L 
r AOeiFrnUM, HcUef to the chief Lord« 

^^MOS, a City in Psi^ine, in Hehrtm 
<>^2hi,«befeJradkr^4iA the God of Flies 

AOCEDAS 0i CvnAfv a Writ made out 
^Qacgy, vequtring the Sheriff to go to 
■eCwtcfigBie Lord or Franchifc, where a 

■^MwK is foppofed to hare been made 
* «^ Sue ia a Court which is not a Court 

m^* " *^ ^ "*■** * Record of the 

«$n tbo^ and ta certify ic into the King's 

Ca» L_ 
ACCVDAS «tf P7f< Cmtttm, a Writ com- 

"'"fag thcCotawr to Atlivcr a Writ u the 


^HerifFi who having a Fmr ^imed him fvp. 
prefles it. 

To ACCB'DE l^Kcedtrtt L.] to come «r^ 
draw near to. 

To ACCEL'BRATB [aceda-tr^ F. «m«/#« 
rufuffi, L.] to faaflea, or ^uickooi or put «i^ 
or forward. 

ACCEL£RA'TION» the AA of hdkaing^ 
or qnickening. F. of L. 

ACCELER ATCRES e//»>^ [in >«r«f»«^] 
are a Pair of hfufcles belonging to die Ptrm^ 
whofe Ufe is to expodfte the Paflage cf the. 
Urine and Genitura. 

ACCENEKED [of ucceniere, L.] ligbttd^ 
kindled, or fet wi fire, L, 

ACCEN'SION, the inkkidlag or teiqg' 
any Body on fire. L. 

ACCENT lAccentta^ L.]. T^ne, Tobv 
or Tenor \ the rifing and falling of che Voice* 

ACCENT [in CrammarJ u a Maiic or 
a particular Syllable of any Word, to Aew ic 
to be pronounced with a ftronger or weaker 

ACCENT [in Mujui] is a Modidatktt «r 
Warbling of the Voice, to esprefs the Paffi0ai> 
cither naturally or artificially. 

To ACCENT' laccentucr. P.] U tBaii& 
with an Aceenr. 

AOCENT'OR, lie that fing? the hjgheft 
Part, or Treble, in a Choify &f. L. 

To ACCEPn [aecefter, E. of Mceptum^ 
L. J^ to receive favourably or kindly» 

ACCEPT' ABLE [accepubilh, L.] lfii« 
may be received kindly, agreeable. 

ACCEPT'ANCE f a taking in goo* 

ACCEPT A'TIOK' 5 part, an aoceptic^ 
or receiving kindly : In a Laiv Scr.fe, a tacic 
agreeing to fome former A(\ done by anotlicr, 
which without foch Accrptiincc or Agree* 
menr, might have been undone or avoided. 
F. of L. 

ACCEPT A'TION [with GratKnariant J 
the received Meaning of a Word, or the Sente- 
in which it is ufually taken. F. of /^« 

ACCEPTILA'TION [in Owl Law} m 
the fame with an Acquittance in Common LaiVp 
i, e, the verbal Diicharge-from the Creditor jt« 
the I>cbtor. 

ACCESS [A(ia, F. cf Accefia, L.J Ad- 
mittancc, Approach, or Pafliige to a Place or 

ACCES'S [among PbyJkiarsJ the Fit or. 
Return of a periodical Dileafe. 

ACCEysiBLB [anejjiblt, F,] thatiseafir 
tooomeat, approacbable. 
• ACCES'SIBLE Harbt, is either thac 
which may be mechanically mcafured by the 
Application of a Meafare to it, or elfe an 
Height whofe Baie and Foot can be approached^ 
to, and from thence a Length roeafured on the 
Ground. ' 

AGCES'SION, coming to ; as the Acce/CoA 
of a King to the Crown ;. aUo Addition or la- 

Crealc* Xr, Digitized by VjC 



ilCCSS'SOIly a CooKt to. L, 

ACCESSO'RINESS, the being accefibry. 

ACCBS^SORY TaccefoirefF,] additional. 

ACCESSC/RIUS ff^/Zifii [ in Anatomy J ^ 
Vcne that ari&t from the MeduUa Spinalis ; 
ii called fitm Dr. WiliUf the Difcoverer of it. 

ACCES'SORY? [in Common Law] a Per- 

ACCES'SARYStoQ guilt j of Felony, not 
Principally, but by Participation i as Com« 
waad. Advice, or<Concealment. 

ACCES'SORY7[m the Civil Lawl any 

ACC£ySARY5thiog that of Right be- 
hn^ to or depends on another, tbo* feparate 

ACCIDENCE IjfcdJenjfa, L.] a little 
Book cootainiog tho> firil Principles of the 
Muttin Tongue, fo called either itsm aceedoy 
^ aectience^ an approaching to the Grammar ; 
ut from auidoy q. aecideius, as containing the 
VJexion of Nouns and Verbs, which are Acci- 
dents or Appurtenances to the/jrammar. 

ACCIDENT [jlccidens, L. ] Cafuahy, 
Chance, &r. F. * 

ACCIDENT, is ufed by Logicians in a 
«liree*fold Senfe* i. Whatfoever does not 
cOentially belong to a Thing, tho* it be a Sub- 
Ihnce in itfeJf, but caCually, as the Cloaths 
a Man has on, the Money in his Pocket, 
&c, 2. In Contradiftin^ion m eflential 
y^operties of any Subjed, many Qualities 
are called Accidents, becaufe they are there 
not Efleotiaily, but Accidentally ; as a par. 
ticular Colour, as a Whitenefs in a Wall, &c. 
^ In Oppofition to Subftance, when it is 
an its Efl'ence o'r Niiture to adhere or fubfift 
is (bme Subftance, and cannot be alone ; 
and thua it is with all Qualities whatfo- 

ACCIDENTS [in Heraidty] are the Points 
md. Abatements in an Efcutcheon. 

ACCIDENTS [ in 4?ro% ] the moft 
icmarkabte Chances that have happened to a 
ManJA (he Coorfe of his Life ; as a remark- 
able Fortune at fuch a time, a fignal Deliver, 
ance at another, a great Sicknefs at another, 

ACCIDEN'TAL [ accidental, F. of acd- 
deatalis, L."^ belonging to Accidents^ happen- 
iog by Chance, &c, 

ACCIDENTAL Dignitiet and Dehilities 
fin ^rology] are certain cafual DifpoBtions 
and AfFedlioos of the Planets, whereby they 
are either ftrengthened or weakened by their 
being in fuch a Houfe of the Figure, &c. 

ACCIDENTAL Point [in Ferfp^ive] is 
a Point on the Horisontal-Line, where Lines 
parallel among thcmfelvet, tho* not perpendi- 
cular to the Pifhire, do meet. 

AfXXXyVZ [Acedia, L. of *AmIU, Gr. ] 
Sloth, Laaineb, an IndifpofitMM to Devotion. 

ACCLAMATION, a crying out of the 
Ftople ; a Shouting for Joy ; the Applaufe 
given to Perfona and Thii^ ^P* fevcral Qc- 
<afioas, F. of L. 


ACCLIVITY lAecUwtas, L.] the rifi| 
Steepoefs of an Hill, pioperly the Steepn^ 
reckoned opwards on a Siope-ilpe, as Declivi 
is a Steepne£i downward* 

ACCLOY'ED 7 ^. J. acchu/, from the I 

CLOTTED ' I Clou, a Nail [of a Horjt 
/. 9, nailed or pricked in Shoeing. 

To ACCOAST', to land from on board 
Ship, Boat, &c, to go a-ihore, 

ACCOLA'DE, clipping and colling, -en 
bracing about the Neck 5 a Ceremony formetj 
ufed in Knighthood by the King, putting U 
Hand about the Knight's Neck. F. 

To ACCOM'^IODATE [acecnmoder, 
accommodatum, L.j to adjuft, to apply, to 
to provide for, to futnift with ; to agree 
make up a Difference. 

To ACCOM'MODATE [among Gamm 
triciavs'] fignifies to fit a Line or Figure mtol 
Circle, &c, as the Condition of the Propofiticil 
requires. • 

ACCOM'MODATION, the Adofaccomii? 
modating, adjufting, fitting. L, • 

ACCOM'MODaBLE, that may be com* 
pofed or brought to an Agreement. F. ' 

ToACCOM'PANY [accompagner, F.] t* 
keep Company with, or wait on a Perfon i l» 
go or come along with. 

ACCOM'PLICE [ Complice, F. 1 one that 
has a Hand in a Bufinefs, or that is privy t» 
the fame Dcfign or Crime with another. 

To ACCOM'PLISH [accompUr, F. of tff- 
complere, L.J to perform, finifli or fulfil, to 
execute or bring to Perfection. 

ACCOM'PLISHED [accompli, F.] as a Per- 
fon well accompli Aed, r. **. a Perfon of extra- 
ordinary Parts or Endowments. 

ACCOM'PUSHMENTS [accmpHjhaenr^ 
F.I Acquirements m Learning. 

ACCOMPT. SKt Account, 

ACCO.Iiy [Accord, F.] Agreement, Con- 
fent t In Common Law, an Agreement or Con. 
traft from one Man to another, to make Satis- 
faction for an Offence or Trefpafs committed^ 
or fome Damage done. 

ACCORiyANCE, Agreement. 

ACCORIVANT, agreeable. - F. 

To ACCORiy [accorder, F.] to agree, to 
hang together, to unite. 

To ACCOST' [accofter, F.] to approach, to 
draw near to, to make, come up to, or fet upon 
a Perfon. 

ACCOUNT' [of Accomptcr, O. F. of acr 
computare, L.I Reckoning, Efleem, Repute, 
Relation or Keamefs. 

' ACCOUNT [ in Law] Account or Ac- 
compt, in a Writ or A£tion whicb lies againft 
a Bailiff or Receiver, who ought to render an 
Account to his Lord or Mafter, and rcfufea 

An ACCOUNTo/"Stf/« fin Trajpci] an Ac* 
count in which the Sale of Goods is Ut dowa 
in Particulars. 

ACCOUNTABLE, liable to give an Ac- 
count lofwcrahk for or to. 




MXXXSfrrAST fm Lafo} one who is 
ci^Pb4 to ifsdo' snAiLuuMi to aiiothcr* 

AOQOUPID, [f .^ ..^k/^} u bis Con* 
fiwBsctsBKdhiBi^ I.C. repnrhcjxied. biained« 

TaiCCIQETltJI {msomirwr^ F.] to attiK^ 

KSSdHEtCENT, Attire, Dte&, Garb, 
Anksfc r. 

T«A0COir, CD^vase. 0« 

ACOtrnON [with Naturaliib] aa Ad^ 
itioB 4Utpm 19 aay3pdy exteroaUy • 

Ti ACCftlWl fMrrirrr^F. cSaetrdttre^ 

TfACCftUE 5L.]tobeiiicnaMoradI 
M ») i» riic iion ; ' CO fall tiH 

iCCROAOnfENTy an Enaoachment^ 
rf«»«iw, «> hook is* F. 

Ts AOCOMy tmet Mm^t , U] to ]k down 

T« attCillULATE [^ronwi^, F. ^coi. 
•i^Uolteavp, to gather in fkaps. 
iCroiflJLATION, an 

_-, — J — ^ apy o» 

|As«|ta9Bher. C. 

AC1X1LAIXN£SS 5 a^ndf » CardbiDdi» 

ACCCIUTE (Worrtftef , L.1 «ia» oi- 

ttOJR'SED (of^id; dthtn^ laiocfot 
<^iifetfIayfaaBj/anaC«pffr, StfxJ ti^t 
^olbcaCwie, orntider a SentoctofEx. 
'"'^■ninrioi. SceTvCar^. 
^COSATJOK, an Acoifiag, Charte^n- 
■>■■■» trlomcacfancnt. F*oiL, 

AOa^TI^E G.> t AsAin/, P. of ^- 
<^^»<«,L] th^^Mrtb CaftofaKooo, aU 
^fmaad by a Vc4> AAire^ or4>i«pofi- 

][MaV^ [Wo'* ^* ^accMffre, L.] 

^«>p«ith.aC»inic» to ioferra apinft opc^ 

*"'*»tti«p«ich, tocenfare. 

ACCCWilEin', Accoiation. Clwir/ 

A^SER t«»^«fiBr, LO one who char. 

^ ^^ or iLiMBcbca another of a Crime, 

TaiCCUSrrOM bi'mfil/[aecntitmr, F,J 
^■KittoJehiAWtoathing. SccCt^Jkm, 

AQ [ir or i<s, F.j that Side of the Dico 
"«j(H^ Mnnha Doe it cxntfled. 

JttTftAU ['AA(^)i»i» of A priratiTe, 
'■'^iltod, Cr, that have no Head } 
2^UirifcBhiiheTiiaeof Kiaiir«wy f. 
;*«fa airitig^ no Church, King, Head, or 
^5^ AlTo certain Herctkkf , ji. C coo, 
"'••ralbiftMSabAaiiceinChrtft, and 

ACM^ {^^ y . of ««rJ«, U] a Tafte 
|°*«« font lad bitter^ facb tt noft Frakf 
**jjf^ they aft ripe. 


ACETABtfLUM [in Anatcny^ tlicCdwity 
in the HucUe-bone, which receives the Heat 
of the Thigh-boM within it. 

ACSTARS [AeetsriayL,} Sal'.ctaaod Vine« 

ACETOSTTY [Actufit^,, U\ Somnefs^ 
Sharpneff, Tartoefft 

ACETUM, Yinegar I in general, anjacid 
Liquor, as Spirit of Salt, Nitre, Vitriol, &e, *. 

ACETUM j^caJijMumj or AkalttUtm 
[zTtyoioi%ClymJh] Vinegar diftilied, inwhidi 
ictai^ aUca^ifate Salt is infbfedi 

ACETUM PMcfefrbvumi a font Llqiwn 
made by diflblving Butter or Icy Oil of Anti# 
tooby in 'Water. : L. ' 

ACETUM R^dicatm, the ftarpeft Part of 
Vinegar, which hath its Phlegm drawn off. I* 

A'CHAMECH, tbcDrols of Silvtt, ibcaUed 
by Cbymifit. 

A'CHAN [py n. i.e. troubling] an i> 
raetite whojuras ^ooed to Death* i 

A'CHAT [ ytihtt, F. ] a Bargain or Pur* 
cbaie { [in liw] a Bargain or Contra^ 

ACHA'TORS, Purtcyors. 0, U 

AfCHE [Ace* SaxA a Pain in any Part of 
the Body : aUb a Dtfeaie in Horfes, proceeding 
from- Cold, that caufes a Numboe& in tlie 

A'CHEKED, choaked. a»aut. \ 

A'CHEROrJ \ ["AyiAtft, Gr.] a River of 


ACHERON'liCk, of or belonging toy^ 
cheron, Gt* 

ACHERU'SIA, a River taken for the £n« 
trance of Hell. :. 

X T6 ACHE'VE 7 [of tffi»««rjF.] to at- 

To ACHiE'VE 5 chieve, acooiE^iih, to 
finifli, to ad. Cbamt, « 

ACHIULES, the chief Champion of the 
Creekt in the Troian War. ' 

A'CHISH [ttn:AI H. t.f. SuK it ishel 
a King pf Goth, . 

ACHLY'S ['A^X^V, Gr.] a certain dark 
Diilemperof the Eye which is reckoned among 
the jfjnh/fcAia, or DimneTs of Sights 

ACHOIC'EK, tochoak, orfarfcii. Ctauc, 

ACHQ'R [ 'Kx»h Or. ] a fort of Crufted ' 
Scab, which makes an Itching and Stink oka 
the Surface of the Head. Madic. 

ANCHOR, a Cod of Flies^ to whom the 
Gteeh and Cjrenians Sacrificed, to drive theffk 

ACHROP [*Ax»«l, Gr. of A Negative, and 
X^i^y Colour j Perlbns who have left their na* 
toral Colour. 

A'CID [firidc, F. of acidus, L.] tart, four,- 
&arp, biting:. 

An ACID or Fixid Spirit [in Clymfl/yJ ig. 
a Spirit mixed with acid Salts, to check its vo" 
latilc Quality j as Spirit of Salt, Allom, Vi^ 
trioL Sulphur, &e» 

A'CIOS^ Bodto whofe fmall Particles ar^ 
fuppofed to be fomewhjit longiAi and fleaiblc^. 
penetrating and attenuating^ having their Pointa 
i iharp and piercing.. ■^■,^;-,,,^ "^^SSSl^' 


ACID'ITY lMiite\ F. otjttrTtUs, L.] 
S^iaYpaefSft Tartnefs ; the Tafle which acid 
Bodies affeft the Mouth with. 

ACIDOJU/B, any Medicinal WaCert that 
tre not hot, like thofe at Bstb. L, 

ACINA'CES, a kind of Cuitfelafv or Sci- 
inetar, ofed among the Perjiam, 

ACINE'SIA [ 'ktM^^t of it neftt. and 
ftimr/f- Motion^ Gr,^ thfe Immobility of the 
whole Body, or any Part tharedf, ai in a PaUy, 
Apoplexy, Swooning, fifr. L. 

ACTNIFOR'MU rwmca [in Antttiry] the 
ihme with the Uvea Tunica of the Eye, L. 
which fee. 

A'CINUSy a Gnpe.fteiie [among Sotaai/U] 
the Fruit of all fuch Plants as bear it in Clu£ 
ters. L. 

ToACK'ELE,tocool. Cbaye. See^M/^ 

To ACKNOWLEDGE f from the Pi«. 
pofitioa aJ, or ae, and Cnap^ contracted of 
Cnapan, to kmv, md^mn, to^t. Sax. 
i. e, to put inC6 Knowledge] to own or con- 
fefs, to be thankfiU or giatetul fior, to rewavd 
er reqnite. 

AOCN&W'LEDCMENT, Confoilon , 
Owning ; Gratitude, Tbankfolnefs. 

paid by fome Tenants at the Death of their 
landlord, aa their Acknowlcdgpcnt of and to 
their new one. 

ACKNOWN^, known, acknowledged, tf c. 

To ACLOYE, overcharge. CbaiK. 

ACMAS'TICA Febrif^ a continued Fercr ; 
the fame with Syifocbus^ Gr, 

ACMV rd«/«ir, Gr.j the Height or Top of 
noy thing, nt Point of a Weapon, the Prime 
«f artv thine, the Flower of Age.' 

ACME [among Piyficiaiu] the Height of 
» Difeafe. 

ACOEME'TI, an Order of Monks at Cm. 
Jtantimpk^ that never llept altogether^ but by 
turns. Gr. 

. To ACOlty to quiet, eft(e, relieve. Cbau€^ 
probably of fcaUlIt to cool. Torf . 

ACO'LYTE ('Am\«9er, Or.] an inferior 
Church-Servant, m the Prtmicive Times, who 
waited on the PrieA, dfc lighted the Candles, 
carried the Bread, Wine, &c. Now, among 
this RmaitCatUlkksy the Chief of the Minor 
Orders^ ov^the Prieft*s Attendant while he favs 

ACOM^BER, to encombet, to lie down, 
to wallow. Chant, 

ACOM'BEROUS, cumberfome, trouble- 
ibme. Cbauc. 

of 'Anovfl-w, probably ofJbufn, a Whetftonc, 
<7r.l a poifooous Herb sailed Wolf* or Lib- 
kard'a Banc. 

ACO'PfCA PAjtoTixs, of «: pritative and 
jtfforV Labour, ur.] tngredicou put into Me- 
dicines againft WeaWnefs. 

A'COPUM ["AMjrs?, Or.] a Fomentation 
•f wwjn add emollient IjigrcdicDU^ to a|lay 

AC(^AINT'ANCE [ Aceoiataaee, 
Cancfpoodence» Gonveriation-, f " 


tlieSehfeofWcartMla; aUb a BtMicinr' : 
thefiune Purpole. 

A'COR [witK Pi^dan] n Soeneft 
the Stomachv contnaed Imt Xiidjgtftion» irt 
vpikenie Flatulencia fad tour Bdchiasa ari 

'a'CORN [ilcco|VH of Aac aa Oak, a 

€epQ Grain, Hax. CCkft* 7m,] the Fn 
of the Oakr 

ACQ^MY [^MjS«#»L.of'Aatr/Ml«» ol 
privative, and ajr^usr Omameot, Or,] ma 
State of Health, joined with the Loft of nait 
lal Colour in the Face. 

To ACOUP' to reprtkend <or ftpiove. 
q.d. Acu^. 
ACOU'STIC A I [ AuH'mJit of «Ji^ 
ACOUS'TICKS5hear,c;r.} Mcttiriact 
Xaftfuiaeats which help the Horaig. 

To ACQUAINT' OVE, or maJk me m 
qumnttd witE, [.Aroia/tovF.]; to aaake kaow 
to one, to give Notice oi intelligaoc^ to ii 
Senm one of. 

, FeUow&ip 
alfo tbiie Perfo» witk whoflk one convcrfta < 

To ACQUIESt^E Taefnrfcir,W. of iseyn 

tfnre, £.} to left fatitry*d, tocomply with^ I 

oamSuHtf to yield, to fobinit Co. 

ACQUIES'CENCE -XiJcpaefctmeat^T, 


ACQyiES'CEMENTJefeiiig, Conioit 

Compliance, Condeicenfioa. 

a Surety agaiaft the Creditor, that wdmn C 
acquit him after the Debt is paid. X*« T. 

ACQUIETANDJ6 m Stint & BundrtJii 
a being free from Suit and 6ervac»m Sliiics ao 
Muidieda. L.T* 

AC^IETAIIB, topay the Debts of aPcf 
fon decealed, as the Heir of thofe of hia Fa 
ther" &c, L^T, 

To ACQUFR? [oefMerir, f . tfacpurm 
L.] to get, to attain, to puichafe«- 

ACQUISI'TION,. an^aoquiiingi obtaiau^ 

(Dr purcbafing., f.ofL. . 

ACWIS'TS 7 r^fM^r F* ^ Jk^faA 

AC^ES'TS 5 L.1 properly Vidories gaii 

ed, or Conque/b wotioy the Swofd, Goods iif 

quired by Purchafe or DQiiation» 

To ACQUIT' EiWfi»>«r, F.] todjichacf 
or free from. 
ACCgJFrnrAL XXAmt^ F.l a P 
ACQ^T'MENT flivrraace, DiTchaig 
or iettiog free* from the Sufpidon and Gu 
of ^ Offence : aad is twofold, in Law ai 

ACOyiTTAL [in i>s»] is when tt 
PeffoAs are indicted of Felony^ one as Praot 
pal, the other as Acceflbry ; the Hnncipal bi 
ing difchafged, tbe AcceSbrp is by Cool 
quencc acquitted. 

ACQUIT'TAL [in Faff] is when a 
fon is not found guiJly of the Ofience wil 


|0ffn*TAMCE [iMtantt, f .1 a Re- 
laft«wcbi|e ia WhtiB;, of a Debf, or 
mfftim Dity fanncriy diw. 

ACIUSY [vfth P^2/&xjm] the Ezeefs or 
Mouowf tf one Qdatity above another, 
■ IfisiMe, « ia Uie Conftioitioo of a Hu- 

AWfAccfH^ 5k». probably of aclter, 
tat, I Pimdf irable LaadJ a MealWe of 
Lof coaaiBif ibity Perches in Leng;thj and 

Avnfcadtk A ffVch Acre containeth 

ACmiE.i)BiAcretofLaiia« L,T. 
SammJL SKAanJ^in. 
ACXD, acriflMBioas, llivp. 
ACtBKyiBOUS [atrkmomofuty L.1 f^arp, 


Mdodsot, fret, dcftroy and didbWewhac 
COB ■ their vay ^ -or vhidi have a fvtat 

KUMOinr [Atfhmme^'V. tX Acrm»- 
, L] Shvfoejs, Eaf emefib Tartneft, a 


^^VSn by wkkk they oairode, de 

AtUSr \Acr\f4t, L. or"iU^«ri«, of a 
■P ■'apiio to make a Judgmei^t of, Gr.] 
tttc tf vbidi ao Judsmcac ia pafled, or Choice 
aiit} t Mattt ia DUaate { aUb Wbit of 
jwfri i'i fcirj, « Ra&ac6 infadginK. 

teflf iDttEife that oo right Jttd^ent can 
hairaric, araf the Patient, whether he 
«innvcr, or ao. ^r. 

^CtlTODI [Aritud^ L.1 9hai|H)ers. 
jmXTY [Acrtt/, F. of .Ar/Vdi, L. ] 
fcH»«Tale, Tartocfs. 
^OtOATEKS, jtnfi9ik*t UBmei in 
AtaottOUt aad nice Parts of PhiloTophy, 
*vhidi aoae bat Scfaohrs aad Friends were 

ACROCHOR'DOM r«'«^;^(^, Gr. ] 
«^ 'J^B^om, a parrkiAr Species of Waru, 
y vrp «d fnMBiacnt4han the common 

ACKODRiTA [^Aa^ia^, of ttpfy, 
^ tatnity, aad V»r •» Oak or Tree, 
*^ iO Fruits harmg hard Rindt or Shells, i 
■" « AcQEBS, AlflMode, Nats, OheTouts, 

ACKOKE, ciadkcd, airry ; wrong. a>a, 
, ACtOMiON J'Aa^ist* of Ai^, the 
™««ri tt* •/««, the Shoulder, 'Gr, 1 
^ «na IVacdt of the Shoolder-filade. 

*™^, and tfiaakK the Navd, Cr.j 
w ttifle of *he Navel, /inat. ' 

jnWght^-Cr.iaSjfcwMayJ ktheri&ig 
••Sttrwhea the Sua fcts, or tlie fettinf! of 
f«» when the ^ .riiat j whieh when 
*JA», they ire fiiid to fiet aad rife Achroni- 
22^«K •f tkltoe po^d^l $ectii^ ^a^ 


r A'CROS [*Aa««(, t7r.] the tttmoft End of 
I aay Member : kiia a iittJa Stem or Stock, 
^ A'CROS [in jinatimy] the Promiaeacai^ 
Knobs and Tops of Bones. 

A'CROS [in 6otafrj\ Topsof Pkntv 

A'CROS [in Piyfi(k\ the Height and Vf-^ 
gour ofDifeaf'es. 

ACROSPrRE, or Acrefpirt, [with MiU^ 
fttri] a fprouting at tlie Biade-eod. 

ACROS'TICK. ['AafH-Mac, of ;iir^ the 
Top or Extramity, and^-jvcf a Verte, GrA « 
Poem or certain Nnmber of Verfes, whofe io.« 
tial Lettets make .np idme Herfeii's Nane, 
Title, or fome particalar Motto. 

ACROTE'RIA \ ['Aafie«fi«, Gr. m Ar^ 

ACRO^TERES \ebitTaurf\ Aarp Pinnae 
ctes aad fpiry Battlements, which fiaad in 
Ranges about flat Buildings, with Rails and 
BaluHen $ alfo Pedeftais on the Corner and 
Middle of Pediments, to fuppoit Sutues. 

ACT \AEit^ F. K^ARum^ L.I a Deed or 
Decree of Pasliaaicat, or any other Court of 
Jadicatare-: Alfo the Time when degrees are 
taken at Oxford^ the fame with Commnee^ 
mmt at Cambrii^e. 

CUrk 9/ the ACTS, an Officer who rt^ 
ceivaa and eotars the Losd Admtrars Com« 
miflioBS and Warrams., and regifters tht 
A^ and Orders of the CooMniffiaoos ^ tha 

ACTIFS, an Older of Friars, that a^v 
Uwney. coloured Habits, and feed on Roots. 

ACTPLIA. MilluryUtcnfils. L.T. 

ACTINOB'OUSM ["Ak7i>iC«Xi(r/4«f, of 
*mltf a Sun-beam, and /SoXir a Plumb-line, of 
liiKKm to caft, C7r.] Diffufioa or Diradiatioa 
of Light or Sound, by which it is carried or 
flows eveiy way Arom its Center. 

ACTION, an Aa, Dced^ or Feat j a par- 
ticular Way of Delivery in a Speech 4X Ser- 
mon. F.o(L, 

ACTION PiyJScMl and PbiUfiphical, m 
an Operation «r Function which Men per- 
form either by the Body alone, or iy both 
Body and Mind ; and it is either .vo(uBUiy or 

Voluntary ACTION depends on the Will ; 
as Seeing, Walking, Running, &c, 

€ponuuuom ACTION depends not on the 
Will, as the CircalaxioB of the Blood, the 
Beating of the Heart, Arteri^, ^t. 

ACTION [in ^X^i^o Stnfi] is the Proceii 
«ar Form of a Suit giaen by the Law in order 
to vecoser a Right, 

ACTION trpon tbt G^ is a Writ broaghc 
agaioll .«ny one for an Oflvnoe done without 
Forte^ and ty Law not fpecially frovided 

ACTION Chfih tends only to the Recoveiy 
of that which by ContraA, &€. is due* 
Money lent, &<, 

ACTION mixtdy is when it is part Real 
and part Perfoaat ; and alfo is a Suit given faw 
the Lav to recover the Thing depftaoded, vA 

DaMages for the Wrons done* Q 

C A 


A C 

\ AOfTIOK Pffiafi «m» at foflte Penalty ©r ' 
Puniiluneot in.the'Fcnba fued, either Corpo* 
tjU Of PocufiUry« 

ACTION Perfanalf ii whereby a Man chums 
PebtSy or otbhr Goods and Chattels, or Damage 
lor Jthem, or for Wrong done to his Perfon. 

ACTION Popular, it upon Breach of fooie 
Bcnal Statute,, which any Man that will, may 
fue for himfelf aad the Iwing. 
; ACTiOK PrijudidMl pr Prepmvftry, h 
^t which Ariica from fome Cinibt in the 

, ACTION Rt^ti, is whereby the Plainttft' 
claims Title to Lands, Ttnemeats, Rents^ or 
CommoDSi in Fee Simple, Ffl«Tail» or for 
Tom of Life. 

. ACTION of JTrit, is when the Defendant 
^eads fome Matter, by which he fliews the 
FUJntiff had no Caufe to havt the Writ which 
be brought* 

• ACTION Mpon tbt SteHutt, it an A^Ion 
Vrought agaioft a Man upon an QflEencc ^gaioft 

• ScatotOt tirbereby a Penalty is laid for fo doing. 
. ACTION AuMCtftrtl, is that which we have 
Vy fine Right ddccnding from oitr Ancef. 

. ACTION [ rpoken of a Horfe ] is tho A- 
of the Tongue and Mandible, by 

champing on the Bridle, which is a Sign of 


. ACTIONABLE, that will bear an Aaion, 

or afford Caute on which ad A^on may be 

grounded. F. 

ACTION [of a Cmfany} a Share or Pait 

of the Stock of a Company, as that of India, ' 

£outh'Sia, &c. F. 

ACTION ARY 7 a Perfon who owns, or 
ACTIONIST i is p«eefled of Adions, 

$hares» or Stock in a Company. 

- ACTIQNA'RE, to proiecute one at Law. 

ACTIT A'TJON debating of Law fuit». L. 
. ACTIVE [o^/f/jF. of ^c9iwi,L] ready 
or fit to a£V, quick, nimble, lively. 
. ACTIVE Principles [with Ckymijis] are 
Spirit, Oil, and Salt ; becaufe their Parts being 
^rilkly in Motion^ do caufe Action in other 

ACTIVE ycice of a yerh, which fignifica 
. A^ton or Doing. Greun, 

ACTl'VITY [ Ach^tu% F. of Aaiwtai, 
L,J Brifknefs, ?5jmWenei">, Vigour. 
. SpbiTi ^ACii'Viry, all the Place or 
■ £pace wherein any thing extends its Power, 
-Virtue o^ILfficacv. 

ACTO, ACTON, I a Coat of Mail. 
AKETQN. % 0,R. . 

ACTON [of Ai^c,Sax. an Oa k, and Co^tt, 
^; d. Oak'Town ] a Town in the Coaaty oj' 
MidSifex, and ctlcivhei^. 

ACTON-BURNEL, a Calllc in Shrt^fiin, 

fsoous for a Pirli^j^nc there held in the Time 

of Edward J, in vu^iich wis ordained the Sta- 

• tute- Merchant, iljeccc caJieo ths 5taiwc si' 


AC^TORj froporly the Doer of ny tbins S 
ai\ A^or<^ ^^ Stage. L, 

ACTOR [in the Civil Lavf] an Advocate 
or Prodor^. 

. ACTRESS [ /iilricf, F. j«?n>, I*. 3 ■ 
Woman Player, fiie that a£ts on the Stag^* 

ACTUAL [ aSuel, F. of a3uaiii, L. J 
rpallydone : In Mtfaphjifickt, th*( i^adtuad.or 
in Ad, which has a real Being or Exiftcuce^ 
and is oppoAte to Pottmiai. 
ACTUAL^ITY I Perfe^B of Beiag^ 
ACTUARY [4aumu$, L.} aCIericthac 
regifters the A^ uA ConftitaciMa of ft Coo* 
location, dTc. 

T0 ACTUATE, $o brin^ into Afti to Air 
up, to move, to quicken. In 

ACU'LEATE [AadtMus, L.] bnrii^ « 

To ACU'MINATB {acwmns^rt, L, ] ta 
iharpen, or bring to a Point. 

ACU'MINOyS [4M»Vi9iit, L.] Osftrp* 
edged, poipte^, fobtle. 

ACU'TE [inC^w^] is wbcn a ]L.i^uor 
is heightened^ and made snore piesciAg by a 

ACU'TE [acvtuiy L.] (harp.jpointed, keen § 
(harp-witted, ingehkms, fubtle. 

ACUTE'ANGLE [in e?^Wry] any Aftgl^ 
that is lefs than a Right one, or which con* 
tains Icfs than ninety Degreesf 

An ACUl E-ANCLED "l^fingle^ U thmt 

which hath'jill its Angles acvte, ^ 

ACUTE.ANGULAR StSlm of a Otrnt, w«» 

a Term ufipd by the ancitDt 0«MMtrki«i» for 

th^ EUipfs. 

An ACUTE pifiafe, is that which i« ovcy 
in a little Time, but not wittmut immixienc 
Uajiger to tike Patient. > . ^ , 

'An AC^TE Accent [in (^raumufr'] ihcw« 
when tka Voice is to be raifed^ and is exprc0:«l 

ACU'TO [in Mujlck Bc-:hll a Voice or 
Sound is fo called, when high or ftrill. . 

ADACT'ED lad(Uiui, L.] beat in, drivcA 
in by Force* 

A'D'AGE [AdagiiM, L.] a Proverb, an o|4 

ADA'.OJAL, Proverbial. 
ADA'GIO ) \\^MttfickBo^'] ficnifies the 
AO A'G^ > howcft Movement in Mu fi ck» 
AD« ) crpjscially if the Word be «e^ 

peated twice, as ildagio, Ad^mio, 

ADAM [OINi/. '.e. Rod Earth] the 
ill ft Man created, 

AiyAMANT {^«totfr, L. of 'A^«cw 
Or,] a Diamond, tlie moft glifteriog, hardcA^ 
and roo(> valuable of all ot;ber Atones* 

ADAMAN'TINE [ adamaMtims, L. 1 •f 
or beloTigin^ to Adaimant j bard, ionmu* 

ADAM'ICAL* of or beloogiog toAdam^ 
A'DA MITES, « fort of Hercticlts in it*. 
hfvie, Yfho pretending ^o be,i[eftored to A<itrmg*^ 
icaoczsice, went Oiks4 to their AiraDbltc% ^ 

3 zed by Google »i;i 

A B 

iwtUi m rorii um MattigMwyi «nd fare 




TWAIUFT M^<r, F.of A^^ 
^ nkt fa» IB wi^ to Apply ono thiag ti 

ArDAiltlK JiC. K r. Mighty] theKatpe 
rf«e TvdRk Mooih mnu^ tht Jiws, 
wimta%eatmmif i» P«t of f0hnurj aad 

. AOaCOM* a7^w> GoU Coin, wortli 
#ba Sfaffiap Sttrliag^ 

AlUUDGt* £tf / >ihMv/W. C. T. 

40UUff£D» aAumed. O.. 

Tt ilI>AW£^ t» ftwakai, C^mc, To 
ImmL Spacer m 

To AiXXA'POR ATE {oAorforgre^h.l^Xo 
ida lo^ tB Bed* • 

AOQlSXILITA'RE, (o porge himietf of 
■ (Heflce by Oath. L.T. . 

Tb add [^ddersj L.] to join or ptt( tp. 

T« ADDfi^IMATb [^i^fmrr, 1,.] to 

AfiOfiLE, ad<led, annexed. Ciavr. 

AOPDLE-^M fiUy,.ftupid$ dnuiken. 

A2)0in»HACY [A92tf«^«, of SiXUp 
Md, and ^^y^^uM, to ear, Gr,\ noiiuuble 

0atft^ tmiA a Seipent, wbofe FuiioD if 

AMmBOuaN [of holier an^ boiirti> 

iIiBvii>caUBd from ita oookod Windings, 
K i^rfor] «To«i^ in dx Cottdty of ff^i/tt. 

4&aERV-T«varr, a« Herb having a fingle 
1^ iiifcB nidS 0^ wbkh ii a little JStalk 
hu Ik T«av>e ot' an Adder. OpbughJ- 

AQOE&.&Mf» laid of Cattle when Anng 
*:i fooDHaa Reptiki^ as Adders, Scorpkoi, 
vbckyaHeir-boforShrew* . 

4DDICE7 rA«er»» ^«* 4f^i'» ^ 

ADZE 5 A^ifa, Cf .] aa lAftnunent 
pwdr Tf** afa o^ by Coopen • 

ToADDKrr {sddiHtmh 1^] t» ^ve op 
ak^Uf vMlytbaThinf^ to app^ one's 
Kai Aofetbcr t» it^ to follow it ciofe. 

AOWrriO [ui tbe/Saaua tawl atranf- 
^liBf « pffiag oTcr Goods toanother. or to 
UattttwUpYie moA. 

ififiCTfO f« /Id'caf, aa adjodging a 
Tli^ ■ tete lor a ootaia Pncr, aokrs^ 
%fc(baOI^ cba Owper^ or fene other Per- 
K pc amafsr it ; It isalfo nfcd for taking 
« kmki/ka^m^ aad payinc the Pebti of 

iktaMU. i:.r. # 

ilOrPAMWT lAdditrnteMMm, L.] a 
l^aMal I aa lacrcsfe or Advantage. 
ASDtTAMEin'S [in fhyfick and C^y- 

■M «B Uliaia adM «•«« co t|tt ordi. 
If faVndicata of any GaflDfofitioe, 
AHWTIDS [m CewersQ tfi adding, p»t- 

t« * jMn^i Jaosafr^ Alkpaatag^ or 

tHmct* F. of ^ 
ACDITIOM [ia.iM^faaf«»rA1 a Role by 

vHft fcMal Slwp^ m #M to|f ^i 

A D 

^ the Bad that their Tolal or Sam fB^b* 

Simf/i ADDITION, is tlie gathering tofe^ 
titer of feveral Nvusbm, that cipreis Things 
of the £i^e kiiid, into one Suio. 

Omfmsd APDITIOt^ is ih^ abiding oi 
fvauningup of Thiags of difibrent Names 09 

ADbi'TldN [In Xgehal is the conjoin^ 
ing the Quantities pivfvfed, AM prdeiTiag 
their proper Signs. 

ADDl'TION [in Law} it that which ^ 
giveq t9 a Man, befides his proper Kaaie and 
Sirname, io ihew of whal dilate, begree, 9$ 
Myftery he is, the Plaea of iiis Birth at Ha* 

ADDITIONAL [tf<2i//firona//j, L.] thit 
whidi is added, over aad above. 

ADDniONA'mSy additional Tenns, or 
PropOfitions, to bdaddej to the former Agree* 
neat. L. C. 7. 

AD'DLE [ Abel, A Difeafe, of Abli;ui, ea 
be fic^, ^ax. f, </. a tick or rotted Egg j rot- 
ten, emptyj alfo when derivol pf ^blaa^ 
Sax. a Reward, to earn or gaiai Lint. I\!9tu 

ADDRESS' [At^tffe, F.] aioe or dex- 
trous Carriage in the Maf|agen)eat of aa Af- 
fair, a fine, lenttel Behaviour; aUb Appti* 
catioa or Dedicatioo to a Pcrfon \ a ftort iit» 
laonftrance or Petitioa aiade by a PariiaaieAt 
to their Soveneigin. . 

To ADDRESS' [addrtf-r^ F. 1 to miice 
Applicatiba to, to pracat a Pctitio% to dir^ 
a Letter to. 

ADDUBD^^ dub*d, ocetrd ; iMuh'd a 
Kmghff &e. 

APPU'CENT MufcJes. See AdduBt/rti. 

ADDUCTOR t?rtr/i [in^iMW«j»] a Muf* 
elc of the Eye ia called, beeaorc it draws the 
Apple of it towards the Ko(e. /;. , 

ADDUCTOR FoHUii {ia4natmA aMuf- 
cW that briog) the Therob nearer the Fore*- 

ADDUCTOR Potlicis Pedis [in Aaatomy\ 
a Mttfde of the Creat-Toe, wbi^h brings $ 
ocareft the reft, 

APDUCTO'RES[ia./irir^9/^}thore Mufw 
des that bring forward, dofe, or draw toge- . 
ther the Parts of the Body to which they arc 
jeiae^. L, 

ADE'CATIST, onf agaiaA Tithes. 

A'DELARD (of Ct^, rent, nobJe, a^ 
MItXUi ^«« Nature, /, «. oqe of a georrcgi 
SpiritJ the ChriAian Name of a Map* 

ADELANTA'CO, the Deputy of a Prji- 
yioow for a King or General. Sipjn, 

A'PELYnC 1 [ef '/C be) excellent, ai|4 

ArrH^LlNG > Lias, S^x^ ling at the 

E'THEUKG J Enu of a Word denote 
Yfpth„ as Stripling, Foundling, t^^.] % 
Title of Honour anH)ng the r.nglijh Saxiu^ 
properly beloaging iv tbr Heir apparent to the 


jraELM [6f ea*& Felicity, and l^elm an 
Helmet, 5tfjf. /. f. a Protcftor of Happinefi] 
the Name of a Bifliop of Sternum, 

A'U£LMAN [CDrlmans TWf/.] a Oen- 

A'DELRAD 7 fof i«'»cl excellent, and 

E'THELRAD JUa^ CouHfeJ, &tjr. f . </. 
M able Counfellorl. the ChriiUan Name of a 

A'DELWARD [of A^l, Felidty^; and 

^eal^an. Sax, to goTern, f. J. one that can 

govern hirofeir-m IHofpcrity] a proper Name. 

ADEMPTION, a taking away, a Hevo- 

cation. L. 

ADE'N VAUf, Gr.] a Clandde or Ker. 
nel in any Animal Bo4y i alfo a Swelling ih 
<he Grohi, the fame a« a fitibo. ^inat, 

ADENOGRAPHY [of 'A^if, a GlanduJe, 
and >f^f » to write, GrJ] a Trrattfe of the 
' Chiitdf. 

ADEN'OSUS j^fiejpn [among Pbx/Main] 
is a hard nnripe Tumour, proceeding from 
obftru£tcd Vifcidtties, that appesrt like a ns* 
fural Gland, although in Parts free ffpm 

To ADENT* to^ftaii. 0. 

ADEP'TISTS? [Aiefti, (f Mpifei, to 

' ADEPTS 5 obtain, Z..! the obcaiiting 
Sons of Art, AlchymtAt, who have gained the 
"Secret of Tranfmuuttop of Metals, arc faid to 
liave found out the Grand Efixir, cdmmonly 
called the Pbilofcfheri Stone | of which there 
■are fiiid to be twelve always in beiogi another 
telng taken in when one diet* 

ADEP'TION, getting. L. 

AD'EQUATE [Ji^^^wrtvi, L.] etpialjeven, 

AD'EQU ATENESS, E^uahicfs, Agreeable* 
Bcfs with. 

AD'EQpATE Ueas (Hi TiiUfipby} an 
thofe Conceptions ihat pme^ly reprefost the 
Atehetvpes and -Images which the Mind iop* 
'fsofes them to he tajcea from. 

ADeQUITA'TION, riding towards, L. 
* ALVECTED ffuatiffns. See Efuatiotu, 


ADHATCDA, the Malabar Nut-tree. 

AjDHERANfm: UJhcram^T ."] adhering^ 
cleaving together. Ctauc, 

To AOHE'RE [aMftrer, F^ of adinerere, 
!«.] to ftjdt f^ft or cleave to, to he joined to, 
or take part iwtth. 

ADHE'RENCE? the Ad of adhering or 

ADHE'RENCY S Kicking clofe to cht In 
i(erefts or Opinions of others. F. 

ADHEfRENT [ Adharmt, t*.] one that 
adheres to « Party j a Stickler, Favoorer, or 
Follower. F. 

ADHB'SION [aJhttfot U] t ftlcMng, or 
lalesving to. F. 

To ADHlB'fT [ai6f^r,L.] to admit, to 
take or spplv to. 

ADH|BI»TION, a taking or sppWing tb. L. 

ADJA'CEN r [a^^iitts^ L.] lying near to, 
J^erdermg upon. F. 

A D 

ADJA'CENT .<«^. See^«^«f. 

ADIAPHOROUS [of 'A)i^r, of ^ 
peg. and ZU^^ft different, Gr, ] neutral « 
indifferent; a N^me giren by- Mr. Bcy/e to 
a Kind of Spirit which he diftiUed from Tmr^ 
tar^ &^. 

ADIA'PKORY [i4AVf^£mVr,L.of'A2M- 
fefi*^ Gr.l indifferencr. 

ADIAPNEUSTIA [of « and iitmtm, Gr« 
tn perfph^] a Dimiaution or OhftitiAioaa oi 
Natural Perfpiration. 

AD«JECTIVE [MJea^, F. of Adj00i^ 
vum, L.] a Word added to a. Nona SffbAu^. 
tive, to denote iiome Property of it. Crmm. 

ADIE'U, [f. i. Ad Dtum it txmmewdo, \ 
commend you to God] God have yoo in hit 
ProteAien; farewel. F. 

To AD'INE, to diae, Co enmtaio one at 
Dinner. Chauc, 

AD INQUIRENDUM, a Writ ia Law, 
commanding Enquiry to be made about the 
Merits of a Caufe depeadiog ia the Kiaig^a 

To ADJOIN' ladjt'ndte,?, of adj$itiggre^ 
L.] to jon to. 

ADJOIN'ING, lying near to, acigbboar. 
■ing, bordering upon. 

ADJOiN'ING Mgfes, in Gemttpy. Sea 
^nglet, * 

To ADJOURN' [adpurner, F. of ad aa4 
joarj a Day] to 'iput oif to aaother Day or 

an adjourning [in Cemrnon Law] is the patting 
offany Court or Mdetiog, and appointing it 
to be kept again it another Tiooe or .Place. 

A'DIPAL [Mlpalis, L.] fat,' grofs. 

ADlPO'SA Mtn.brana \w Aiaitmy\ « 
Membiiane or Skin ihat incloibl the CtUuLe 
AJif'OfA. U 

ADllkySA yena Tm ^ffotmyl a V'etia 
DcKcnding I'roak of the 

arifing. from the 

Cava, which fpreads itfclf on the Coat 

Fat that covers the Kidneys, t. 

ADIPO'SI Duefus [in Anatomy] are VeiTda 
which convey the Adieptt or Fat into the la- 
terflices of the Mufcles or Parts between th« 
lf\tlh and the Skin. 

ADrPOUS.|:<i<//^/av, L.] foU of Ftt» 

AOlRAnrUS [tavtrem] a Pike or Va. 
lue fet upon Things lofl, as a Cooipcalatiosi 
to the Owner. 

A'DIT [Adim. L. ] the Shd^ or. En. 
^tiance into a Mine. 

To ADJUD'GE ^adjugtr, F. t^f a^mdicare, 
L.] ta give Judgment, or the Sentence of the 
Conrt, to award or decree. 

ADJUDICA'TION, a judging, a giving, 
a fettling, by SeiHeace, Judgment, or Decree. 

AD'JUMENT [Adjnmentum, L.] Help« 
Aid, Affiftance. 

AD'JUNCT [Adjnnffks, L.] that which it 
jovscd .10 iijOothiBt Ihiaj^ a Circv^nAance. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

A D 

isf ■ tof fkmg as its Subje^. 

ifiJJUIiCr [ki Fk'Ufcphy] wintevcr comes 
M m; Soic fM without. 

AD yiBJk. Btps^ » Writ that lies for the 
KiB('» Ckrit, aeuoft him chat fought to get 
laacaitatf PbfScffion. 

ADjntAOlON, thcAaofAdjunobor 

7« AOIO'ilfi [«49Jffff«r^ F. of "aiOitrare, 
X.J 91 cfaige IB God^s Name, AdcXly or 
flwif $ to pM ooe to hk Oath ; alfo to 
' aa Evil Spirit hj tkie Force of sin 

ToADjCVT [^itr,V,l to make fit, or 
bt iaOidcri co liettU or Ibte an Acco«uit ; 
• iaamim or onkc up a Difference. 

ADftFTABiS [mJ^tsAilis, U} that maj 
kdy; h^^ag. 

AIXjCrrASrr [of^tfcMrr, Ul anAf. 
fita m Helper ) m Ol&cer in a Kcgiaent 
^tetifti a foaerior Officer. 

AJyjUTAKT^cacrtfi; an Officer chat af. 
jfafcariiiil of an Armyy in carrying Or- 

ADJOTCKBIM [m Amatmy} aBooefo 
ofisiy beoofie it is very ufcful in lifting up 
ibAnn. L. 

ADJUTOIUCM [in Pfyfick'] a Means 
tf Cae Ufisvicat to others of more Impor- 

AOJCnXMlY [sJ^Ktanut, L.] aiding or 
^i«l^ the jU^mvy Btaet ate two Bones 
ilKRidi fi«B the SbouUcrs to the £U>ows. 

ADJUVANT l^littmnt, L.] helping, aid. 

ToAOJDVATS [t4}mmre,U1 toaffift^ 

AoinBTUM [in Afujlek Seeks] fignifies 
aifoa wtl^ or if yoo pleale. 

AayCA'SUREMENT [£.«» 7<ml a 
'Vet for the kiogisg tboCe to Rcafon who 
ticp anc than ther Put or Share. 

AOMEA'SUREMENT [of Dowrr] is a 

Vrii thtt Ca where the Widow of a de. 

•ifai ftxin hfltdi Iraa the Heir, or his 

GxiibB, moR, as her Dowcr» than ihe has 

.« AliATitfeto. 

ADtfEASUREMENT [ of Pajfure ] is a 

^^tbt ha agunft fuch as having Common 

• ^Am Wbogmg to their Free-hold s» do over- 

<^« it vich more Catcic than they ought to 

AniZtrsuRATTOK, a Mearuting, or 
^^laAeeoontof Diiiwnfioos. L, 

ft^DUlNaCLE [jUmimaUym, L.] an 
Moor, or Sopport : Impcrre^ Proof. 

^^9^ Saceooring. 
TeADMlNTISTER [aM»ifitr,r,Qf4id- 
' *^w r, U.1 to do Service to, to aid ; to 
r>f sr 4iipailot»i to gcvcnv fMn*ge> or dif- 


ADMINISTR ACTION, the Aft of adRn- 
niArijig ; the managing or doing fome Affair. 

ADMINISTRATION [in Uno] the dif- 
poling of the Eftate or Goods of a Perfoo that 
died without making a Wiil. 

ADMINISTRATOR [MmniJirateur,T ,y 
one that has the doing or man;^iog of any AU 
fair. L, 

ADMINISTRATOR [in tawl be that 
has the Goods, (^c, of a Pcrfon dying without 
a Will, committed to his Care. L, 

ADMINISTRATRIX, ihe that has fuc(» 
Goods and Power committed to her Care. L, ' 

AD'MIRABLE [admiraBilhy L.] that de. 
ferves to be admired, wooderfcl, rare, excel- 
lent. F. 

AIVMIRAL [fuppoM-to ,be deriTed of 
Amir^ a Governor \n Arab, and itXicr, Or* 
belonging to.the Sea] a Chief Commander of » 
Squadron of Ships. Amiral, F. 

Urd High ADMIRAL of Gr^ai'Sntats^ ' 
he that has the chief Government of the 
Royal Navy, and the determining of all Ma- 
ritime Caufi^, Civil and Criminal. 

AD'MIRALTY [Amiraut/, P.] the 
Office orConrt for adj^iling Maritime Af- 

ADMIRATION, the A& of admiring, 
wondering, &c, F, of Ir, 

To ADMFRB { tf</iff/r«r, F. ^ admrari, 
Iw ] to lool^ upon with Wonder, to be fur- 
pazed at.' 

ADMISSION .7 receiving mto, En« 

ADMITTANCES trance upon. Xofi^ 

ADMISSION [in a Lavf Sei^<\ i when a 
Prelentation to a void Benefice being made b| 
the Patron, the Biifhop, ugon Examination^ 
allows the CWk to be able. 

To ADMIT'? [ admittre^ F. ci admittere, 

ADMIT of $ L.] to receive,, to allow oi^ 
td permit. 

ADM1TTENT>0 C/r««; a Wi it granted 
to him that has recovered the Right of Pre* 
fentation again$ the Bifhnp. 

ADMiri'EN'bO in Soa'um, is a Writ for ' 
the Affociation of certain Per^as to JuHices 
of AiTiae, being appointed. 

ADMONESTE [admoKc/Ier, a F.J to adi- 
monilh. Clktuc, 

To ADMON'ISH [ad^toneflrr, F. of ^iiM* 
nere, L.] to warn, advife, hint, or put in min^ 
of; alfo toreprdvfi, 

ADMONITION 7 a giving Warnings 

ADMONISHMENT i Advice, Inftrucy 
tion. F* of L, 

ADNATA TamVfl [In Anatotiy] the com- 
mon Membrane of the Eye, otberwife calle^ 
CortjunBiva and jiJbugijua, L. 

ADNICH'ILED \ annulled, brought \sf 

ADNrrCHULED I nothing, made void. 


ADNU'L, to dtfanntil, or make void, 

Digitized by G0f)gte AD 


AD OGTD [ I. r. to the eigkdi Kuinber ] 
m. Term ufed by fame ascieitf Philofophen; 
fisnifyins the bigh^ cr foperlative Dq^nrc j 

heank, in their Way of (MinguiAtng Qoa. 
IfticSy they re ck o ned 
Xi^th. i. 

no Vtpte above the 

ADO, ADOE, an Aflatr: to do. Ctauc, 
ADQL^CENCy 5 Flower ofYouths the 
State from Fourteen to Twenty-five orl^hirty 
in Men | and from Twelve m Twenty, ode 
Years of Age m Women. F. 
' A'DOLra [Gitoulpbyofeato) Happfineft, 
an^ Ulph, Help, 8ax. happy HelpJ the Namit 

A'DONAI [yytt^H,] I. tf. Lord, and fisme- 
^mes Lord God. 

ADONl' AK [mTW H. I. e. mitng Lord] 
itac of King JE)tf 111^$ Sons. 

ADONi-BE'ZEic I rpa'^mi H. r. I-. 

Lord ^ Bezek. or of" Lightning, at 13^ 
Lord, and *]TI1 Lightning ] a Kifi^ of C^- 


ADOmCK fV^ a Aort fort of Verfe, 
firft made for bewajling the Death of AJo- 

ADCVNIS, tbB^ir.Son of Ofwarssi King 
ef Qr^.rt(s, wl^ being killed by a wild Boar, 
«ras changed into a purple Flower by ytnus, 
which bears its Name. Port. 

ADONk.ZE'DEK [ rt'lJ^'^rW H. /. f . 
the Lord*8 Jnftice] an anucnc Kwg of ^enr- 

• ^o AD(yPT [adoftir, F. adtftare^ L.] to 
Biatce one that is not ol' Kin capable to inherit. 
To take a Stranger into the Family, choofing 
lilm for a Son and Heir. 

ADOP'TION, the Aa of adopting, a free 
Choice of one for a Son* F. of £.. 

ADOPtlVt l#^//, F. adcftms, L.] 
Monging to, or admtttoi by Adoption. 

ADO'K A^E [ adorMis, L. 1 that is fit 
to be adored or i4orihip^. Afjiked to Men 
Urorthy of aH Honour and Refpeu. F. 

A'PQRAT, a Chymical Weighs of four 

AaORA^TlON, the Aa of Adoriog, 
RcvereiK^, Wor/hip, Ohftnrance, RcQicS, 
^. ofZi. 

To ADQ'RE [adoreri F, of adorarc, L.J to 
fay divine WorAip to, to reverence, to Aew 
profound Svbmiflion and Relj^e^l ; to dote ex* 
travagahtly up9n. 

To ADORN' [tuiornart^ L.] to beautify, 
4eck, trim, or fet off, 

ADQRNA'TION, a decking, a trimming. 

AD PONDtTS OMNIUM [among Pf^jfi- 
ttsm] ^gniiies that the laft prefcribed Medi- 
cine ought to weigh as much as all the Medi- 
cines mentioned before. /.• 

AD QUOD DAMNUM, a Writ thit lies 
to en^Ue what Damage it may be for the 
Ring CO grant a Fair, Market, ^c\ or if any 
one will turn a Common High-way, and lay 
^aMthw M bencllcial \ or for a priTatc Ftr- j 

A D 

fta tD giTC tfftdt ia Martnaiii to my RligloQS 
Ufe. - . 

ADRADD, afraid ; mnch concerned. C^ 

Gitatneft, or Tm» aCloak, and ^Vb a 
King, If. I. «. the Kjng*« Gitatneft or Cksafc] 
an Idol of the Affyiam, 

ADRAMING, chbrliOi. 0. 

ADHRAMFRE7 to oblige hinfelf befeit 

ADRaMFRE fa Kfeagianit^ to 4lo a 
Thing. L.r. 

ADSCITi'TK>US 7 [adfdtuiut, L.] added* 

ASCITI'TiOUS SiMriiNVcd,fa|i^oouu 
terfeit, foreign. 

AD TERMINUM ftd prMtirik, a Wilt of 
Entry, where a Manhavii^ leafed Lands, &ei 
for Life, or Vears. is kept from them by the 
Tenant or'PoOcOor, ^Uf the Es^nttko of 
the Term. 

ADREGTA'TE 7 to.fatisfy, to makt a. 

ADRIETA'KE S mends. I.. 7. 

To ADVAN'CE Im/nctr^ F.] to tfep or 
go fiurward | to piofer or rai(e one ^ to pro* 
mote or fisrther | m give befom^nnd. > 

ADVANCE Ditch [ in FmifcatMu ] is « 
Ditch dieged all akmg the Gtaai^ beyond the 

ADVANCE GUARD 7 the firftDiviiioa 

VAN C^UARD {or Line of. an 

Army» ranged or marching in Bactle*Amy ) 
Sometimes a fmall Party of Horfe, as fiftet« 
or twenty commanded' by aUentenant, be- 
yond and in fight of the Main Gaaid. Avatk 
G«rde, F. 

ADVANCE'MENT [ w#wwc«intf , F. J 
P^^erm<nt, promotion, 6?/. 

ADVAN'CER [among HutitertK is one of 
the Start! or Bnnches ^f a Back^a Auiie, be* 
twccn the Back-antler and Palm. 

AQVAN'TACE \A6cntait, F.] Benefit, 
Good, Qain, Profit, Qver Mcafov. ' 

ADVANTA'CBOUS [nantttgmx, F. ] 
tending to one's Profit or Uood ; conTentent* 

ADVECTITIOUS [m^Siiiu, L. ] 
brought from aiiother Place, foreign* 

AD' VENT [Adwmut, L. /.«. a coming] 
a Time appointed by the Church, as i Preoil 
ration fortbe approaching Fcftival of the Na* 
ttvity of onrBfdTed' Saviour. . * 

AD'VENT SufuUva are four ; the (lift, if 
it. fall not on St. AnirelBifi Day, tfhv^ 30] *tit 
tbc ne^tt ^undSy ilkix It. 

ADVKKT AIL'E 7 a Sorcoat worn otcr the 

ADVrN'rAL y Armour. 'CW*''. 

ADVENTI'TIOUS [adifevifths, L.] Aat' 
come: unrxpeAedly; and by chan^ ' ' 

ADVENTITIOUS ACwr^r; fnch ai 
does not nroperly belong to any natural of 
Qiixed Body, bat conges to it frooi Ibme other 

ApVEN'TUAli, cotifrtg by Chanc*. L. 

ADVENnrUR* [/fvcnmre, F.] Chanee^ 
tfasafd, Luck ^ arrcidenc^l £jico«»iitcr^ Enter-' 

• ^ Digit zed by LiOOgle ^^ 

tw, or-ptf le tlw reaaut i ^ bizard or run 
ADVIN' rUROOS -1 [attfSBMfrnr*, F.] 

ADHFEtl { Ad^tMai, 1. 1 a Pirt of 
Sfccdb KMjJjy joined With a vci^, to cx- 
f«efr(k|<aiB9j Tub*,. &c^ oC u A^on* 

AOVERIKIAL, o^aoAdmlH ^Tr. L. 

iUnr£RSVKi£» coaoary* Chauc, 

A^ViftSAlVY [-w^li^aw;^*^, F. oT AJ- 
vrj^:m, L.] aa Oppoter, one Uut is agaiaft 
aaacWs «r is.«t Law with iUsB ; f n adverfc 

AOVtRSAnnVE [as an AJverfative Par^ 
ecir] a tsail Part of Speech fignifyios Come 
Gaenriety aal Oppoiitioa thercia. 

MTfMCSfE [Mpeffms^'hil contrary, op. 

ABVBISE [n £«pV<] is when two Con- 
feaa fan wa abiofaite and perpetual Oppofi- 
Miae to dK oilier. 

jinrERyify lAdvafa*', F. xJ^m^r- 

im, k] Afii^eB^ Cabaityy Miiery> Miti^ 

To ADVERT {advp-ttrtj L. to turn to^' 
tosvk, to miod, to take heed. 

ADVeRTENCY, Aetcntioo» Heedfttbe^i 


[ddvMir, F. of ^« 

y^ERTISE'UEKT {Akfirtifeimu;^.} 
•A«iee^ latriligeocea lofoiantioa s alTo a put. 

klBvtiinidB Night. 

^AOVIMCE [ilHi^ F.] eomfel, Kotwe, or 
^OB^t^f ufomiatioa* 

ToADVl'GlLATE ladvipiare, U] to 
*nh ddigendy. 

AOVISE'ABLB, tti« 9Sffhc9iti&d opon, 

.T« AmFSE {i«or/<f » F.} to cow^el i to 
•R ■ k^rancioo ot Aecouot of { to con- 


ADUlAmON, Fawning, Flattery. £. 

iDOLA'TOR [.Jh^iftpr^ Fj a fawning 
**•, a Flatterer^ ^ full ^ Flattery. 
^ADUUCE [of «^ and ^k^m, L.] to 
•"•••i to maJtc fwcf t. 

Aft^LTH f of ealD^ Ancignt^ andUiph 
"^ ^. r. #. Old Heip] the Name of ain 
U^ «/ Lir cii/a6/, AtM 700. 

ADULP [«/i^«^ i^. otmUJtMi, L.] that 
^Pi<^«r CO0K 10 ftiU R^eneit of Ago, ^ 

' AOCLTEjRATB [iMbfrer<tfia, t.] adol- 
to«Bd, annei, Ipoiied. coontofeit., 

To A0CtTtRATO {aJuhtrartf L.] to 
««fe, cowtcrleit, mart or ipoil. 
. AOULTEJtAaiON^thftAdofadnlterar. 
^ c9Vto£«MBf.*%vlin$. ' 


Aa ADUI/TERER [Mthere, V. Atulitr^ 
L'l a Man who commits Adultery. 

ADVUTLROUS, of, or.givcn to AdMlrerv/ 
An ADtJUTERESS [Multera, L.] a Wi- 
fasan who commits Adulceryh' 

ADUL'TERY \_Muitere,?, AiuUeritim, 
L. 3 is the Sin of loconrinency in a married 
Perfott, who drfiiiog the Mariiage-Bed» com* 
mittcth Adultery. 

ADl/LTERl'NE [JduIt&in,V. ^ AduU 
terimuy L.l forged, counUiiiieitndyr iophiiiicat-' 
cd; Alfobaftar%.. .' ' ^. ' 

AbdM'BRATED'|^<6flw3riz/i^r, L.] Aa- 
dowed, likened, rcfetfibJed. ' 

ADUMBRATION, a Sh*a<!owing. Xa 
Painting, a Sketch or' rough Draught of A 
Piaurc. h, * • 

ADUMBRATION [in Reratjr/^ an abfo- 

lute caking away of the Charge or Thin^ 

borne, fo that nothing of it reoiains but tH6 

bare Troportion of the Out-Uhes. 

ADtlNATlON,. an uniting, Jmftiug, of 

gathering together*. L'. 

AD UN'GUEMy ^cthe Finger*t End. JL. 
ADUN'CITY lMf»€tias,L.^ Hookedneft, 

ADUN'C^ 7 [aJumi^, L, ] hooked^ 
ADUN'CbUSj crooked, 
ADVOCACIES, Uw.Sdits. Ch^ne. 
ADVOCA*s, Advocates, Patrons. Chatte, 
AD'YOCATE [A've^at, F. ofAdvomus, 
L.] one that la^s to Heart, takes care of, and 
fecurei the Interefl of another : Thus Clm^ 
is faid to be our Advocate* 

ADVOCATE, a M^n v^ell vcrfed in the 
Civil Law, who cither by Word df Mouth or 
Writing maintains the Right of fuch Puibn* 
who nee'd his A/TiAance. 

ADVOCATE Ecckfiafieal^ the Patron ot* 
t)ie Prefenution and AdvoWfon, or the Advo« 
cate of the Oiufes and IntereHs of the Chaftb; 
retained as a Connicllor to maintain her Rights 
'an^ Properties. 

ADVOCATESmP [Advoeatus, L.] \kt 
Office pf an AdvocMe. 

ADVOCATIO'P^Ei)^r/«tf.'ffw; a Writ for 
thcClaimof the fcurth Part, or ttpwards, of 
the Tithes that bdlong to 1 Church. L, 
ADVOU'TRIE . See AdnKivtry. 
To ADVOW \ [ff^ouir, F.] to iuflify or 
To AVOW 5 maintain an A€t ioTfattlf 
done. ' 

ADVOWEE' ?[-4wtti, PJ onewhoha* 
AVOWEE' 5 a Right to prcfcnt to a Bs- 
nefice. *• 

ADVOWEE' Paramoant, the highcft Pa* 
tron -y that i* to (ay ihe King. 

ADVOW'SON 7 a Richt that a Blfhrp, 
ADVOWZEN 5 Dcm and Chapter, cr 
any Lay^Patron, has to prcfcnt a Clerk to a 
Benefice when it becomes void. C, L» 

ApVOW^SON Afferdant,' iUl which de- 
pends open a Manour as an Appurtrrarce. 

ApVOW'SON in Qnjs, that Rght^of 
Prefcntatl^ t.h-ch is principal," {^fip^ h* 

t; *. . (wiuM, 


fbVite, tnd doet not belong to tnrf t/itsnoiAt ai ' 
•art of its Rkht. 

ADVOWTRY, AdtiJtery, Cbaut. 

ADUST' 7 Xadujle, F. of fl<&/irj, 

ADUST'ED J L.] burnt, parched, over- 

ADUST'IBLC, burnable, or tbat'is capably 
of being parched, fcorcfaed, burned. X. 

ADUSaiON^ burning, fcotching, parcH- 
log* Xj 

AT^YTITW fA)»rftr, of ir privatrve, ind 
Z{^ to go under or tntp, (?r.l a feofet Fl^ce 
«r Retirement in the ^agan IVmt^les, where 
OncJet were given, into which none but the 
l^icfta were adiaaitted ^ the Sandhiary. 

iSGAGRCVPILI [among '^atwaJiJh } 
Ballt generated in theStamicbsof Animals, 
containing Matter like Hair, ind hard on the 

St. ACnLNOTH [of e^ba to grieve, and 
«Dbi^ Sax* not, f. e, void ot GrieQ the Name 
of one, commodly dUied the Good AtChbiil^op 
of CtfffferAvry* 

ANGYLO'PS Y ^<»^ «n<l «^> «" %e, 

ANCHYLOPS 1 C3r.ili58rf«g]aSwe]. 
flag about the Glandules of the Eye, called 
CanmcttU Majort alfo F{/?a(Z> LaebrymaHs^ 
aifo Darnel and Wild Oats. . . 

iCGIPA'NES [Akjaroate,of*7|. aGoat, 
jnd 4rfiK, Feet, Crr.J Beaih, partly like Men, 
Aaving their Feet and lower Parts like Goats : 
Satyrs, Devils. . ' 

iCG'LOGA [ofAf>^x2)4!i^,'the$p^h 
of Goat-herds, (?r.]' a Paftoral Song. See 

i£G YPrr ACUM ^Vtiputnuml ' a kmd of 
^leteltive Ointment for Ulcers. 

iBiPA'THY Vltuir±^U, ofatl, alwiys, 
and««d^,Af&aionQrPamon^t?r.] ^Paf- 
fton of long Continuance. 

St. iELFE'GUS [of JEl, all; and pgytn. 
Sax, toerry, ^.^..ail^irth] an Archbti(liup 
tf Canterbury. ' ' ' 

MVFKhD [of M), alL an^ pitebe, ^ail. 
Peace, d, d, all Peace] 'a pious and invinciblp 
King of the EKgiiJb 'Saxonr, who, by his Pru- 
dence and Fortitude, compoTcd many delbui^- 
iivc Soditions in his Titne. ^ 

^L'GIVE ( pf M), all, and Cipn, Sax. 
hy give] th€ Nimi of the Wife 6f K^-r, 
King of the Eftgfijh Saxons, 

ELMTEOH 7Pete/.pefJce,aTtnmt«/ofa 

. ELRiS'FEOH J Penny a HouTc fi'ii to'the 
PbpQ every Year. 

^EbLIPY'Lfe JfA^Kk 4H*KMh tit. the 

ifiOLOPY'LE 5 Gates of JEcfu^] an an- 
.tienc Device to help ^moakrnf Chiirjney,*! j alfo, 
in Hydraulicks, a round hoTlo\» Ball made ot 
■Rfctal, with a Neck and fmall Hole, which 
being about tvyo third Pjfts liJlcd \*ilh WaCrr, 
tnd fet pn the Fire, the vanorous Air will 
>rca<^ forth with a great Noifc and '^jokrxct : 
An Infirument. called the Hitmetic^ B^/o^vs, 
to try if there h^tl^ahum 41^ N*turc, 

A S 

intricate Scntencei^ 

full of MmgmP i^ nor ^hl f t Rid^ 

quality of 'W€%ht. •*•'• 

iCRA, li piffMnMiP^AflitflMmi 
ing of TiHM »A Ymttw,' firbm V& 
E^ent^ It fromUl^ClMliitai 1 
the Deftroftipn of Tr«f » tJi« O 


BoiMiiigof JlMMr/«M? 
Flight of JHhlM*^>€i^« Iw 

AE'RIAL [.^IMil^ L* df 'IJI 
befon^ng-iot£fAsr, sAry« 

AE'ROMANCr f of Ul^ 
Di¥iaatiotty Gr.} • wVidiaf or 
Things by ceitai* 9%tos Ai the Ai 

tien by the Ahf. 

cankered, mildew*d* 

ABRf^'NOuS {Mrmm^/ 
A rooble, wretchtd* 

ifES, Braff or CoMor. £• 

^^HYmyMI^OUS Fhn 
Bttinnfiij ftnotsvo Flint Sj^ ^ivMai 
the Hand, ftr^nk ill their Leitrer. 
^ /BSTIM AnrORY (Ji^riiftf^ 
or belonging to pritiBg or tnfeli 
Pfic£ or EftimatkNi* ' 

/ESTFVAL r^'«vf%t«]*^ 
Ing to Summer,'* * 

To ABS^miVE [ve^K^i^, 1 
joutn or lodge l|k » Place m Smamd 

ASSnrtTART IJEflwahMt, U 
ov e i fe wed with <0ea» watet^ UA wf 
aH Marilret in Linttthj^^ an Anifi^ 
tnnning up a good way into land. 
Bl^^o/ Cfaanoel. ^ ' '^ « 

iCS^TUART [14 a JfMSnai^ 
ceivjngof Vanours of Steams « %bii 
in tSkcSody tttviUgk a Hols oiade id 

like the Sea. 

qtiiry, whether the Heir of a l>!nMt I 
of the kinc ifi Ciii^f, by CSMkf. h 
Age. L;t. * ' ' ■ '^. 

: AETHELfN'OBTt fof't* Wbl 

ATHEL'NEy ^ iBfeJNflbJi 
f. ^. aa Hfeof UMIJ fen HhiMl fA>« 
j^iVf, where the Rifen PeJrfd ind 
meety n wfiKn' KM^ JmHd^ wfli^ 'c 
fftedbythfcDjvw, hidiiMlf. ' ' 

iK'THER [ A/Mfi Gr. ] tlie Fimi 
the Sky, that' Part of tiw HftfcHtf l 
abevf the three RegioBiefilfr Air. £. 
is rather thatveij (iikilcindinliftinfll 
whteh not only ttm vf the Spicie Mw^ 
Atmofphcre and tbeSteUar i^nim, but 
traterthroogh aH kinmvii l^tet, «tid 
nifbes the InterfHcek of N^TMlei. 

iETHEI^-fimofn NwJ W\ 
by fome ior that^Bble Np 1 



«ri wbitfQcvcr it fii(pcaM in 

• — * j^^^. 

fmm^tfmUtmH wIMMfil^iRt all dungs 

J MHei^of <Ai»^>, with 
9bdk, khhiA, UOtamsm^ fwnttly vfed to 

^MKVHB t|^M6Bfpa|atiQg C^lpflJ PiMtl of lUll- 

«*l MoBWr Wi^ Fkvr^of BriafloM^and 
«ri(ia| dKm ia a Cmdblc 
/amJOQY I Mimm^^^i f>i Arrk a 

£nOU>Cy [iai'ibB^il] UieReafoaor 
*iM>rl i n lai^wittqf nacual'or pteCcfuA- 
4mI Anioei is hTiaan Boditi* 
^injOUCyCICA CAi'N«3U}^,Cr.3 that 
te«flMk«lMcbeiipUaii fheCaofeiafid 
ttdmd Difieaie^ sod tlifiir «ttiopt;Sy«iipu 
^■■^ ^ aniv Ip their Qmt» 

«rms ^'iUTl«*r> Gr»;r tbe £#cle*i 
tOHK Ob^ Ifid fo be taiiwi out ef an £ag}e*s 
Id*) bat Cnuid by tke Sides of Rivtn, in 
rtMiMiiiaiinfwmJ whieb, when fliaJica, 
B^ » if anndbcr waa » it. 

iElVA. • VokaM or bngnnig Movb- 
^ ji &AJp» wUcb oontioually Tcmita out 
i« «i Sa»«fc, wi^ Qe«4a c^ A/haa and; 
Mi«jvbidi am ^aW Ptatt<»^r#iMf ) aad 
"■ana pent Sfwieij into ili« nai^iibottriMr,! 

ATARE, aaAfiai^ ButeTn Ci«M. 

,j|Jg*^Ja«aid, a«r; 

AFEU, i»Fcv(a]foaMd« ChtiK. . 

AiV4MLC (4#Utf ^ U] ai^y to bo ipokea 
AffAflt' (d^^^F.JBofioefis Concern, 


f ^ar <rt mrTi Mini nf^^ to bvre aa; 
fa iiaiikaf a^MTg to loT^ tojeV' 

^ AmptATIOif, as eafer De&si jcUo 
f^^ Fo«i|titj« NiMai^Paaci£iieia. 

^«ir InciioeAtO'i o«er.«i»ooi4Iy doiie, 
'"^^•^•■■i4 flift aife, freciie. 

^mcrrRO f ii»a i'^iiiiqr/'SW'tfl tronblod 
'^'"^^^'tow^^alKaad, : 
JffKTWMk X3o94^iU, KindicT?, In* 

AfFCOXXIK {aaionsP^/riWxrr] u often 
^»%Rtl|ft.{fM|K«rt)ieAiMkuNi a&po( 

A F 

'a^cfihely, at Hjpocimulnae jffiBhft, and the 
like, and then tyneaas ^ffliatotr^ 

AFFECTION faqaoDg NMuraUpt\ is often 
tfed in the fame Senie as Properties j as th^ 
Afie£Uon8 of Matter are tho(^ Fxtoperties with 
4vhich it is naturaJIy endued. 

AFFECnriONATiE [i/«?77#*»/, F.] wed 
^feaed to, .kind, Joviog, full of Affect joo. 

AFFEC^TIViE, inovi^ the AftOioA. 

AfhCtV, Afieak>ns. SMefp. 

AFFECnrUS, the Aflbaien, Diipofitloiy 
or any Motion oiF the Mind. ^. 

AFPECTUS [withPitje/Sci^jw] 9icknefsof 
DiforderoftheBodn L, 

AFFEE'RERS S Perfom appointed iq 

AFFE'RERS > Court. Lcets, ^c. to 

AFFEOIORS J fct Fines on Oficndci^ 
puniihable arbitratily, for which no cxpre^ 
Pemlty is prefaibed by Statute. £.7. 

To AFFE'RE an Anerciawunt, is properly 
to ieflen and mitigate the Rifour of a Fine. 

AFFET'TO fin Mufok B^oh^ fignifie^ 
that the Mvlicb muft be perfonncd in i 
very moving, tender or aflfe^ling Manner^ 
and for that Reafon not too faft^' but ratb^ 
flow. '' 

ArfSTTUCVSO [In Mujlck ^k^ £^U 
ilea the fame as jfffitto, laL 

AFFI'ANCE (j^ifct, F.J Confidence 
Hope, X*^^* 

AFFIANCE [in Lawl the Plighting of 
Troth between a Man and Woinao upon A* 
g r een icnt of Marriage. 

To A-FFF ANC£ [qf fijgU^e, L. ] to be. 

-AFFIDA'RE, to plight one's Faith, or giv^ 
Fealty by Oath. 0. LVT*. 

AFFIDATIO Dominorum^ an Oath tj^keo 
by the Lords in Parliament. 

AFFIDA'TUS, a Tenant by Fealty. 

AFFlDA'VTTy a DepoAtlon o^ witnefling a 
Thing by Oath before a Magiftrite. U t, 

tp makd AFFIDAVIT, to ^car to the 
Truth of a Thing. L. 7. 

AFFIDXA'RE? .^^rwtf, to be qirolled 

AFFIDIA'RI yand muftered for Soldicra 
Fidelity. 0. L, 

•Oath of 

AFFraACE [RafiMge^ F.] a refining of 

AFFlN'rrV [^^mV, F. jtfnitas, L. J 
Kindred or Alliance by Marriage $ Relation^ 
or Ag^reeableneft between ieveral Things. 

To AFFIRM' Utfirmer, F, affirman, L,] 
to afltise, to avoucn the Truth of a Thing. 

To AFFIRM [in LmpJ Co ratify or con* 
firan a former ^w. Decree, qr Sentence. 

AFFIRM' ABLE» fit to be ^iffirmed. 

AFFIRM'ANCE, the A^ qf affirming or 
ratifying after fuch a Manner. 

AFHRMA'XION, an affirmhig, atTariiig 
4r rpeal^lng point-blaak. 

AFFJR'MATIVE [affirwa'if, F. o* ajir» 
mativMi, L.] which iaves toafllrm, pCKxrp* 
wy,pofitiYe. Dg^^edbyGoOgl 




* ToATVW'leJtgrt r. fiffixvm,^,'] to 
^U^n to» or Vet up, to poll «p a Bill, &e, 

Co caft down. tOEri^ye. trouble, difquict, . 

* AFFLtGnJWN, ^dvcrrity. Calamity, Di- 
Hrefs^ Crieff Miff t^, Misfonupe, Tiouble, 
Sorrow,' Vexation.' F. oft, 

, AFFLICTIVE [fffiQif, F.] affliaXog, 
that^btirigs Afftiiftion.' 

>lFFLyBN(^£ Ifdfflftmct, F. jfjheMta, 
1.. ] ' Abundance ^ Plenty', great Store , 

AFFLUfX' Ijfffft^us^ 1,]' a flowing, a^ of 
Humours to««ny Part of the Body. 

AFFOR' ARfi, to f^t a V^luc or Price upon 
tny thing. d..L,'f.. 

' AFFOR'CiAMiNT, a Fort, Fortreft, or 
^tfotig-IfoU, O.t. • 

AFFOlUriAAlEK'TOM Curia, a eallmg 
pf a Court upon any octracrdinary Occa£[on. 

AFFORCI a1^^ to aild, increafc, or make 
ilrongf r. L, T. 

* ATEORCIA'TUS, a tWn Gotb ufed for 
Caps. p.X. 

* To AFFORT) [peAa^s of mJihA twfio, 
Sax.] aTahle^ f. d, toallovir Visuals for the 
Tabic, to ^itc, yi«!d, produce, ^e. 

To AFFOR'EST, to lay a Piece of Ground 
waf^c, and wrn it into Forcft. L, T. 

To AFFRAN'CHrZE. Set Enfrancbixc. 

AFFRAI'D tSctjfffai'J, oiafrayr, F;-t<^ 
(carel to be in Fear; ■ • 

.AFfRjU'D[a.d.;V/'''6f*i F. lanici>li\ 
my dlood IS chjucd through Apprehcofidn ot 
ijpaie impending EriU 

AFFRAY', a fray." Fight, or SUrmi/h/ F. 
. .AJ^FRAV [ina LAtuScnJA Terror caT^fcd 
Ih the SubJe^St, by ;naking cniy an unlawful 
^hevv of Violence. 


. AFTRt 7 0ull(Sckso^BeartsofthjsTIoiigh, 
ArFRAjO.X:, . • 

* AFF^ICaTXOJ;^ nibbioe spon 6r a- 
g9in(l. X. * ' ' 

. AltPilGHT' f of A and l-joiraq, ^ax. ] 
to put mto a Frtghvi*t'Tcar, to Jcare. 
. AFir.RO;ST» Aljufc.Jnjury, Wiong. F. 

/To^ArrROVT' lipontir.r.h, d. ^^jr. 

frcnttjre, Lp ] to Tet Front agAinit.Trrnt, or' 
ypofc one to o»e'$ T*<^f to offLf f n J^fTroqt, 
tb HbuJe, to brave, or V\vicgcr ovifr. ^ 
.A1-FRQNT'|V^5?ES,^ ImTpuiJcncc^Abv- 

iiy-r^Ts, /.,. . ./;;^ ..* ^ V 

.*\l-KU'SlONr, a pnunnj* in or upon^ ^, 
,^F';:iOl>U5S, U;)goJ)iner.. ,.W'. 

To AFIE or A^r [ cf^.^^f ,.>\1 .io pro, 
jnire» ergjgc i to allurt^. ij tru,l"or pu;* Oon- 
/i.-'triCc 117. CiiK.^. , . , . . \, 

itbe Freight 
uf 1 Ship, 

or g vc a GIcij 


AFORCCD;fbrced;Tiiriflied. &j»p, - 

AFOREfUNB, afarc, over-agiliiftt C/>«»f, 

AFCRNE rjFoiH,7«r.] beioK. Cbcu^. 

AFRETB,* f«U feghted, fet full. Cbtnie. 

AFRICA, one Quttfter of the Earth. ' 

AF'Rf CVSj the Wind SoMh-iv^ and 
by Weft, 'lb. etiled ft^tai its bldWihg -ftonf 
Africa, '•.••— — 

AFT ^r^insta, tehind. AhajstaiV 

ABA'FT t W. ] anv Aaioa or Motiodr 
from the Stem aTtfac Ship to theSeem. S, T. 

AFTER [from Ayajt^ Sax, MiltHtlft 
L. y.] lat er in Time, behind in Place. 

ArrEa-klNDRED; remote Kiiidf«<^ 

AFTER.MATH, the After-QraTc, «r fet* 
cond Mawinp of Ofaft, Or Graft <it SbMU 
cat after Corn. 

AFTER S^ikf thi Saflt whkh hdmi^ to 
the MAin.aji^ Miflett'-MaAs^ wM ll£ep the' 
Ship to the Wind. 

A'GA, «iiQffieerofthe7trrlf, ntheyfga 
or Chief Captaifi^ of -the yamariet, 

A'GABUS ["hytC^, Gr. a Graft-hrp- 
per 3 the Name (^ a Prophet, and ether Men. 

AGfLfQ [JlJ^ £f. f. e. a Garret or ttpp«P 
Room] a Kiog of the Amakkites, 

AG AT, is the D10ereQce io BMmtor F^ 
fiiee of the Vskie of Current Moniy <k Banl^ 
Notes, which in Bhffand h ol^en 3 W4 ^ 
Cent, in fav6ar of the Notes. • 

AOAPN f Asm, Sax.'] anothar tknt^ 

AGAINST [Ajen, Onjean, Sax, eitt|f^ 
gtn» T«wf .1 oppofite to, isHtad of. Chatrf, 

A'GALMA [*M^«tX/u«, Of.] the f taagc* 
or Impreifio* of a Sfedl, llHb a Toy. 0\ 

AGA'PiE [ *^^<iitiU, Gr.J LoVr .Feafis, 
F/eaftt among the Primttive Chriftians^ fitft 
before, then for the fake of CatecfauiBefia,' 
after recei^g the Cdii1*i Su^r, inititiitrd 
for Works of Charityy * 

A'GARICK*, a whitifh MoAitem, ^ n^ 
Excrefcen^e groWWig'irt thi Form of a ^foil- 
nxim on the Tronk* and gr#it Br^nch«« of 
; oM Treat, ifpee iaHy the Larch-tree 5 aWb 01^ 

• Oaks. ^ It is diftinguiihfd into" Male fcjid Fc- 
' msle ;:*thc Jafrer only it ufed in Phyf)tk,^an4 

the Mile by Dyers. 

AGAS'T K A and Bif», f^dx, ^rfff. 

AGHAST J Teut, a Soirit or Sp^ir, f, J^ 
frig^tcH with ^he fight of a Ghoft] )Ait in a 
Frighti difmtted with' Fear, ' ' 

ACATBf^f^rf, L. of' A;^tfri»^Or.J « 
prpciotts Stone of feveral Sorts and'Cdobrs. 

AGATH'RTD.featTjercd^. Cbaitc, 

AGE [rnm jfgey'TPi orprfibjbly Of Apt, 
Sax, always] the whole Continuance of Msirr 

• Life : Alfo a ISpare of Time of 'an hun^d 
Year* compleat.' ' * 

AGE fin La^J the fpttia) Thne, vhfch 
enables Men or Mfbrtwn todo^liW wtheh be- 
fore, for wAht of-Y*ats aftd Jm^gm'ent, thry 
miphr rnt do 5 t», at Twdve Yrtra of Age a" 
Man m.r/ fke sn Orth of Alh»rwnfe in a 
Lrct ; ar F-mTf jnhc J* at Agr of DifCretwn, 
.-r.dai T\vcnr'y«(irjC'tt*«ll Age. «► 

• ACS 


A G 

. ACl RIER {Lmm Tm] m « »Moq 

■B^i»Co«t fcv one m hcs MiDoricy (luKrtog 
aajAaabnihrnjMuft him kit Uodscooi- 
^•^iab^Pdcat) that the ^ Action 

AQV, iJGOfSK . . ;»agaiiift» again. 

AGEUSrtyCSi lofdU^j^eQ', of « pijU 

i^^ «K vjkd aew ImicW, n>oi^. icVer«. 
ACDift>CLAKS . i r/. e. onti ' 

aOUMjOCLaKS J TjirhyQbii 

CLltCf vkd bosg feizc4 OKwiiile xovog 

<i^-w Pfiap^es, and roaite VMiJMnW. • 
iaC^EKT iJk^sf, U] a S&r» aFaabr ot 

Snltt for aoAha ; a I'rrfident who maoages 

db ASua $i Scans iara favein Couiitry.. 
^GpIT (» a J^^r;i7 Sinf] that which 

ads apw Aodiea, and caofea aii Qaoeottioii 

m CaHB|ci9> •- . , 
AGES^RPBA^ the true Uxi or Ow^ei 

aCajifa^l. O^X.. 

vkaoaeii both the Doar «f th« T%ig «xi 
cfat hny ts uhom «t is done j as where a 
Ihua ari«rf heticlf vrith the faircft PoC- 

ACeiUSY. r'A>lMBC^,..or « privative^ 
a^>tM^ «ia A^ dr«J avigQitnitold Affc, 

M a^ H vb4 «p a BottoiD., 
2aAGCU^»fAT£ l^lutingre, L.] 

A&cLimNAnnoK [» p^>s^i(] the 

Aiiaat of new Snbftaace^ flr tCe living a 
pKr CosABtive to the Aiuour FluKby 
ida^ ttiqr Jfe ittar fur NboriibiiMiit. . 

XaACGRANiDlZE [yj^«eifr>» F.] to 
whafm, eabife { ;o rarfe,. prefier* advance. 

4CCIUKDrL$jEM£NT [^^g^MuIiJ/imMtt 



i VtATE [<?gr<i3wr, F. it^«- 
^n, L] to JDoake heavy ur ^ievoos ; ip en- 
%iaaihr Hvmtneis of a Crime. 

MXiSUYA*T10Sj an ag^ravatiof. t. 

"KiACfCJlXGAtE [iSigngtr^ F. i«^/. 
fv^C] la jaia togiechct^ to lUHtc to the lame 
Mf ] itadviJvor rocaive into a S«cicry 

«Msl.]theiiMe5«norMarc ckac 
^ Ac gitboiH; cogtchcff orx^mpou 

AO^EGAT^ fin Aritbrnetick} the To- 
Of 'SnefdiTcn Nmnhers ad4cd together. 

iCCUOA'^nQN. the Aa of aggicgatiDg 
*jiiBiq|(Qged)cr, F^giL. 

ACCaE&'SES (hi lUrafJrf] the fame as 
MrtivBaflb &BcOgreJii. 

AGCRES^SIO^', ieuiog upon. F. of r. 

AGCAESfSOR f-^f'^'iSar, FJ an Af- 
^i^i lie that £rA icta o^ or aO^Mlti. Ir. 


ACCMS'TEIN [ in Falarnn 1 a ctritift 
Dileafe in Hawks. "^^ ^: 

AGGRIEVE [of ad and rr«vtfr«, L.! 
affiiaed, troubled, wronged. '^ 

AGIL/D f AsiTft, of tf nega^vc^ and 2tlta% 
Sajt. to pay) il-ee from Penalty, not ibb. 
Jtdr to the cnfionary Fine or Impoficmw 

A'bltE [a|(i^ t.] laim, ^oick, jwahku 
fwift. JT. 

A^Q ILER [A m^ ]gd»» 5«r.] and Obiert 
vCS-a xfliofsiwr* 

. AGIUITY f^iffx/, F. of w%iVi/«, L. J 
Auivitf, NhiiUeneiir*' ' 

AGIUTE, offended^ Ctstn, 

AGILA'RiUS, a Haywaid, or Keeper of 
Cattle in a ConoMUi Field, ^c, 0. U 

To AOiyr [Oiflt, s Bed, &e. otGi/ler^ 
F.] iignifies to M« in and feed the Cattle of 
Atnuigen in the King's Foref^, and to take 
Money for the £uik. 0, L. 

.AGISTA'TOR") the Ofiker that takca 

ACISTER \ Cattle into the Foreft, 

^Gjy TOa, J fi?^^ called in £aW/A 
l7ijl or Guilft^nker. O.L, 

AGIST'MENT? the Fuoftion of taking 

ACIST^AGE y Cattk into the Kift^*s 
Foreft, &e, tbe Herbage or feeding of Cattle 
in a Foreily Coonnxm, &f . 

A'GITABl-E lAgbaHlh^h,^ that may be 
agitatfifl or moved. 

. To A'OITATE [aprer^ F. (tptare^ L. ) 
to tnmble and tofs, to ^r op» to bandy ; to 
debate a Qoeftion. 

ACIT ACTION, violent Motion, joltJQg. 
tnnbling and tofliog j Difquiet and Difiurb- 
ance of Mind j alfo the Management of a Bu-' 
finefs in liand. F.ofL, 

AGITA'TION [in a Fhthfopbkal SenfeJ 
the briik intcftine Motion of the Corpofdes o^ 

AOITA't(»,.Qnc thAt cvrics on any Ba^ 
iinefs or Defigib Z, 

A&LET, the Tag of a Point; a little Plato 
of Metal: Alfo a Subllance growing ogt of 
fome Trees b^ore the Leaves. L, 

AG'LEtS \ [anuiDg TicriJIs], ire the 

AGLEEDS \ Pendants which hang oi< 
the Tfp»endr of Chitei and Threads } as in 
Tulips, RoA:t, Spike- grafs, &c, 

AG'NAIL [from Aa^e, i»ained, and tfa- 
Sie Nail, f • d. a Kail] a (qxc Slip of Skin at 
me Root of a Nail. 

AGNAtl (avif Uv, h. e. U wtfij 
Male^Dekeiidants of the iiime Father in dju 
ferent Lineages. 

AGNAmON, Kindled by Blood, beV. 
tween Males descended from the fame Fa^ 
thir. D, 

AOKIS [A>i^^ Chaile, Gr.^ » proper 
Name of a Woipan. 

AGNl'TION, an Acknowledgment or Re- 
cognigance of feme Per^ or Thing by fome 
f^ark^rTok^* ^« ; 

Digitized by GoOgli "1^0 

A G 

icdgiP, or contefsy to avow* 

AGK01'X£S« tertain Hcretidci ki the 
/oorchAge, thatqucftioaM the Omniiciencc 
. ^ Go4| anil aflertcd tiut C|tfm knew not 
wben the Day of judgment fliould be. 
. AONO'M£N[y«Mi« the Ami0iu]4 Name 
iBddcd to the Sirname of a Perfon upon aooooat 
!f£ ioam fertiqilac Aftipn^ as one of the ^/. 
*iVi was called /ifricanus., from his brave £»» 

To AGNOM'JNATE [of iuiMMJunr, L,] 
|Q«ld XD a :tUptn, to Aick^oame* 

AGNOMINA^TJON, a Nidunamc. L. 

AC'NUSGiAtf» the chafte Tree, a Tiee 
fi> OiMed by the Aooiettt^ heca^ie tli 
«mcd the Leaves of it waw,edie£Ual te 
ycnexeal Defires. L, 
. ACNUS i)M [i, t, the Lamb of God] the 
figora of the Holy Lamb holding a Cso6 
jftainpM vpon a Piece of white Wax> nujied 
wlUi the Powder of Saio|» Boees, and blefsM 
ibj the Pope aa a predoua Reli^ue. L. 

AGCy [from Ajai^ ^or, by, j^ft] »^ lopg 

AGO, A^ntt cone, pafL C^tfe^. 

AGON A'UA [from 4r»r«^«/M«u, Gr^} ces. 
tain annual Fcaaa celebrated by the ancient 
Jtfiwutns, Jan, 9. with Game^ Priss-fighting, 
&c» in iionoiw afyaun* 

A'OONIST [^gonifia, L. «?>^irw, Gr.] 
« Champion, doe that iirives for the Mal^ery. 

A<;:QNIST1C 7 [agamfiicus, L. oHyr- 

AC0NISriCAL5ie«s-<jM>, <>r.] belong. 
&g to Championt, or Feats of Chivalry, War- 

AG'ONISM t^<»ff/7«««y L« of'A|«»M>itty 
Gr.] a Combat or Trial of Skill. 

AGO<NIZANTS» certain Friars in htJjit 
Wbo affiled tbe(e who were in Agonies. 

AG'ONV J^ra/>, F. Agonia^h. of'A>«* 
W«y Gr.] Extremity oT AnyiiA, the Pains of 
Deatb, an Hprrer or trembling Pafiion. 

AGONYCLVTES, Hereticks in the fe. 
#eni^ Century^ who condemned kneeling at 
jpraycri, 6V. 

AGOU'ry, a little AmcrieuiiykiA like a 

: AGKAMED [of e>ani# Gticf, r«f/.] 
ftieved. difpleafccU C^iw. 
. ACRA'illAN L4«r, an old Amre Law 
lor ftflring the Lends gotten by Conqucft a* 
eioiigft the common Soldisxs, L, 
. AGREAT', by the Great or Lumn. Sax. 

AGItE \ [of asretr. P.] to plcafe, to 

AGREIN y content, to be pleaded : alfo 
\ti good partj. kiniily. Cbtute. 

ToAGREGE J «> »gB^^f ' »«^- 
> To AGREE' [^igreir, FJ to yield or con- 
^nt^ to ilxike up a Bargain $> to flft^ke up a 

AGREE'ABLE fnfi-ZSitf/^, F.] that efrces 
or ruitsJwilKj alio clui»iiigi gifcefui, plea- 


AOHEFABUNEfifii, 3nil4Uaiids» Ffe 

ACREE/MENT [i^gy^noir^F.] AcMctU 
nefi> Raponciiement, Uniais^ Aitidcs.agra 
upon. Bargain, Contra^ 

AGRSSTA, the Juice of nacljpe Grapa 
alfo the Oil from uan{te Ohvei. L. 

AGRE^TICAL [a^JU,F. c$air^t,L 

AGREVE toffl£fr«iPw,F.3 togri^e. i 
piovoke» to exafperate. Chattc, 

AGRICOLA'TION [^^um^kre] theX 
of HiiAettdry> Improrenieot of Land. JU 

AORiCUL'TURE (j^ieubMrMt L.] d 
fame aa jIgricolaMn, 

A'GBjMOl^ [A^^siuJni, Gr.1 an Hcrl 

AGRIP'PA [of ^pr Fania, L. n diaku 
BirtbJ t Man*s Name. 

To AGRI'SE [of Aq^ihttf ^^O to«l 
fright ) to fear, to be teyriified. G6Mfc. 

AGROFE, griefed | frighted. CUge^ 

AGRi>T£I^ forfeited. Ckeme. 

AGROUND'^ uncapahle of moffitt|({ . mt 
plas*^ J^«^ of a Shi^ Shipwrecked^ «s m 

AGRXJTCHE, to grodge. Chaue. 

AGRYPNl'A fA>f4(»M,Gr.] awatdi 
ing or.d*eaming Slumber. 

A'G^E [^ifw* F. ibarp, an Agn^ atka 
in the Paroxyfm* being fo] a Difintfe. 

A'GUILER lofjfiiMiUe^ ji ]^eedk» Fl] 
Needle- cafe. Chauc, 

A'GUISH, tronbled with as Ago^ or tcn^ 
ing to an Ague. 

AGU'RAH [mrtjL»i?.] an UeinwCoit 
See Cerah, 

AG Y'NJJ, a fort of Hereticks^ who^a 
up w^eiM i94« and laid that God forbad Jklu 
liage and eating of Flelh. Gr» 

AGYRTiS^ [Aj^Jfrar, Gr.] fennerl 
was appiied to Stroiiers, who pretended t 
fupeinatural A/Hftances ; .but now to a 
Quacks and illiterate Pretenders to PhyGsk 

AHA'B raNPlM //. /. •. tl»€ Brother' 
Father, of HM a Brother^ aad^N s Father 
a wicked Rnw of IfratU 

AHA'2 [ mtt //. /. f. a raking or pol 
feflmgj an idolatrous Kin«of J«^!^ 

/. KAZrAH {7y>Tm ti, *. r. the Ap 
prchenfion or Sight ot the Loffi, oi fflK b 
apprehended, and tT^ the. Lord] a King c 

AHIE'ZER [IflrrirW U.,u,e. a Brother' 
Help] a Prinee»fiA«ii, .... » 

AHrMELECH ^^^^3T!M^li *..«. 
K^*s firoth<:r» 01 ^HK the 4$r«ther»,aiw 
^713 of the Kh^g) . a Pricft, whoiecciw* 

AHl'tOPHEL r^^QWWtf''.*'' 
^t4ier forfak(n« of M|l!K o B'r^ither) an^ 
pan fallen, 6?f.^ a, Coua(;^r |o Kioi 

AHOL'I4H ITPTTIN 4/- .»♦ *. ri« 

j^aleancle o< Brijh^ufii^ar Ifie W'J'^ 

A I 

Vtf aTerf, lai ^ lie L«4} id ctcefltnC 

ABOUBA'MAB [n&Sl^inilH. r. r. 

■f To:, «r %noafl ManlMia { of VSIH nj 

Te«, adHD^ Mfk] tbe Mum ot iC>k*> 

AID r AA, r J Afiftoce, Hdp, Swconw 
AID ]i«L«r] A SobfidlF or TaiL 
ADi)£ CAMP, »a Oficer M the Aimy 
i|^ dbi^«aBHli op each </ the Qcan»U ia 

IkrOa^ onctnc and cany their Ordem F. 
To AB> [«^^ F.J te UMt, tobalp, to 

AE»tfA90R,«r 7 m hC&aiy Offioer, 
ADJUTANT 5 whoaffiflitheMa. 

ja4Smal'mha»Dittj, aod, n^hitAUeMe^ 

h|fbi kif Pbot. 
ATOOa [^Ma$ C, Br. the Wily of aa 

Any] a Gi^ic m NtrthamUrituidf where 

CfldnliffrfBih waamScaciDoof tfaeXaMis 

An, ad ATE [^ v» TtmiA an Sgg. CAmt. 
AIDi^iVeeu CAwbc. 

AlXn« [r.c Ewsieen] the Hvh 
IkA-hik. Swmprr vi^nm majus» L» 
All, envptJy tor ^r/, q. v. 
TiAB>{AflteB»SM;.] tobeikkordir- 

li|^ FmI] aXowa la ICrirr, noted for a grcA 
INitev gifCB to Haiiifi and hia £«x6ii 
Am. W ^a^iMT the ^nV/jfr iUa^ 

UJmsn [ AJble, ^4x. ] a light Dif- 
Mhr, • iafifeofirioa of Bodj. 

AU^Batdaer^mMau .^^< 

Ta AM {EJmm. F.] Qa^diiea to e ll«k| 
iB ad^i, to porpofe* 

ABf [Ejm^ F.J AeMat wbUe one looks 
•AitfaiaidaA; Defitn, Fvrpofie. 

AR [ifir, U 'Aif, Or.] one of .the fevr 
■■■Bi whutia ia« breathe ; a Taaaln Mo- 
ld; Cnagfy OouflRfiance, Lookt. F. 

AdL [ttan^ FlvA/^^A^] Agnifiea the 
IhU ■ which #e breathe, thatb com* 
fiAie» fitatrabh', and covering the Earth 
*»l laTWilii ; aid differ* horn ^SkAir in 
>etiaiB| the Eaya of i^ OM&Mi Lomtot^ 
aau ■ ' 

^■L'Aii^^ as uilraNKat' contvifw to 
4b» At Aw aac ef faaper Teflei^.. 

T* AIR \afhtr^ F. 1 to dry before the Fire 5 
'htotsfrJet&.tha Air« • 
WINESS, lyma ooeo to the Air : allb 

*mU«^^^«7l » NeA of Hawhi, 

Afltr {to othfr Bir<i* of Prey. 

itT Uk^i, L.] beloDginff to the Air, 
r^ IMa^^'v^i^y ) bfiAt, tail of Hit ^ 
^IfriiKaofM^SaMlaace, thin, h«ht; - 

Amir [Trf^fioy, a«oaf yWrf/tf^/Tj] the 
%ii Crt tfyVirfi iri and Apitrtut. 

AfSlAlieirrAy' Eament or Goaveni- 

AJmiSlS' [ Jii^fri^, Cr J the Senfe ^ 
•ShtVeAdgf Ftetinf. 

A L 

AJSTHETFRION 7rAi;»ir»M; Cr. 1 
y^ISTTHETE'RIUM 5 the commoo Senfory 
of the Brain, the Or^an or Ittftrolneat of 
Senfe ; the Faculty of Scnfatton. 

AIT, or 7 [eihsr> Sax,} a little Ifland in 
EYGHT5 a KiTerwhete Ofiers grow. 
AlUS Locutiiu, a fpeaking Voice, tp whidb 
the Jtmtfdi ereaed aa Altar. JUv, 

AyUTAGE, tbeSpootferaytfd^awah 
any Foontainkr F* 

AKER [Acepfl^ Ssx. Of ||t, Tm.] aia 
Acre. ' 

AKER.STAFF [!itfm%tZ%TMMi.ym 
laflruoieat to clein£B the Mough-Coeker. 
AK'NOWE, knowe, conftfM. .Ct^it. 
AL,. an Aralick Piitf ticle, prefixed to- Worda 
to giTC them a. more emphatical Sigftificatton a 
u jUrhtmyt Alftebra, Ac. ' 

AL 7 ieth>,.^^.Qld,att,!7»r. indent] 
ALD $ which pot to the NoBk of Phiaig 
fignifiet Antiquity ; as Aidhnmitgh^ Aid^mt.' * 
A'LA [in 'Botany} the Angle which Leaves,^ 
Of Foot-Aalks of Leaves, make with the Stalky 
ec with aajr Bnaches of it. 

ALABASTER [AinlCar^t, Gr.} a iMt 
of ibft white Marble, 

ALABAS^RA [b^m] ahrthdh Btda 
greea Leavea of a Fhutt whi» connpafs'm tfalt 
Bottom of the Ffewcr. • .. «> 

ALABAN'DICAL, Vatherrai, ib'ttdb* 
ALABUN'DXB, ^ kind of Rofe. 
A'LiEy the Wmgs of an Afmy» X. '. 
A'Li£ [in Aaatuay} the Side* of theKoTe^ 
the upper Part of the har ; alfe the Artn'.^ta^ 
alfothe Lipsof theiW«»^AnnilfiBE/iV&rc;-aadthc 
C^rtila|es of the Nofe from the Mofitilt* '- 
ALACRITY [Aiacntat.L.} Cheailbl* 
ocfa, 6riiknefs, Livefineiav Courage. * 

AUAHAB, the 2$corpioii's Heart, jfrair' 

AL-A-MI.RE', the loweft Note bat one fiv 

the three Septtnarin of the Gamut ^ ^'5<^ of 

Mufick. *« I '- • . 

A.LAMOiyB [^ h mitde, f^ aftet tfir 

Faihioa] /aihionable. - 

ALAMOI^E, a fine, even afid gloflfV Slll^' 
moftly of a black Colour, nfed Xf> hiajc^ Wo" 
mens Hoods of. . . • . ^ , - •■ -- 

A'LAN [a Wolf Dog, Sglaytm.} a pfopct 
Name of Men. » « * • * . 

ALAND,ES,.W6lf.Do|f, Chauc. ProK 2150** 
ALASERA'RIOS [of yf/dnw, L. apu4 Dtf 
Frcfiu 5 in ^fonijb Ahifia, Engl, a SpanjelJ m - 
Keeper or Maaaf^ of- Spanielr or Setftng:.'. 
Doga^ for the Spdtft df HaWkiqg ) attu a.Fai* 
coner. 0*L. ' " <• / ' 

ALANTOM; ataDifHnee.' iV:C ' " 
ALARG'ID, hrftoU'cd; Chaut. ' - r 
• AkAJtMT^ ^Alamci Fi] a Sig^haf ^xWw 
ALAR'UM 5 Ko take Arms upon th^fuddeo 
Arri vaf of ad Eoawiy. fin %'Fi^ratrve Stwje} 
all mamar^^f rWdeaf^earatPriphtf ald&'a; 
Chime fet in a Ckock, to pay Pcrfon^flf at » 
1 flttd'Tim^*; V . '• . ' ' .'*■*'; 

•I ALARUM ^fi, the Oroaad tppi^mrtd 
I t« each Reoimeat ' by the ><4«arier.M?Kcr* 


tkoKnl, for tbem to inarch to lA cafe of an 

To ALAMX' [4^v«|«^ T.} t« nve an 
AiariDy to fiifhCy to put ij| a Fright, &c, . - 

Ital. q. d. Ome JaJmJ-^ O cire4 P&e ! 
iDiedramofOrllf. t- , > . 

ALA/Y [a«Mg K«Mif9} is when freOi 
Dogs atf feut iato the Cry, 

ALB L lh« tMli or Aut(t f MFhity Surijice 
. AUBAj:fe04M AJlftVa^Vit jM by Ui« 
Prieft at Divtfie^«ric)^*' i^.i^ . . * H 
. AUA #'119111^' or jpptH^^ ^•m V^U 
payaUa^-llie-ffhM l^'^a Hnodredf lb 
calk4» b cca w fr fai4 in «muib 14pofy^4>i:Si}fer, 
«KlMttbeCo«c»MM>a.«M<Z i».r«« . 

ALBAOACaiA^ ihf )m9sStf Bane pf .the 
Creat.Toe, at the Tt^^jUmMet^utrfitu 
' ALBANOI'S* Heieticks abaiit the Year 
996, who keU two MlfMfaof lims the 
meOooi, and t|K otliif M. > . 
. Se, ALBAITS, ft Town k the Coaoty of 
ffirtfiedf matai^iot tho Murder of St. jiikawt 
called by the Swgt^ S^tmu We|)luncey:te|if 
aa Camden iayf | whence in L0ii», yerultauim j 

in BnrliA^ VtnUm* 

. aiMr 

BERT CamiCtCp TW. orof ai and 
tarelt} f* -«. Aiwaya ready, T«ar.] a proper 
Name oTMcni 

AiUFlCAinriOli [aflMt i^>2>] white. 
iiiiigofLifaar.of Metal, tmChaac, 

AUBION lftiJiMj9iMis,Rafihus] the 
|4tetea. Nana tiCrm^Bnima^ fo called from 
it! whits Rodct. 

; ALBRICIA'S, a Words ufed by Spamjb 
MerohMMiy fifoifyiog ft fUwaid of good 

ALBUGI'NEA Octji\iik jMMivmf] a very 
thJB Taoicla of iht By^lo caikd mm its 

ALBudottA T^4{i»wl^aiQi] the 
white Membraae Jniisedi«iely iavolviog .he 
TeAides. Z^ 

ALBUOIN'EOUS [alk^i^t, (.] ^oog- 
iftgtotMWhiMof tJbsiByek , 1 
. ALBU'GQ» the Pitt and Web, a white 
Speck ift tha baniy THfikle.«f ih« Eye , a]JE» 
the White of the Ey% ca that l^art where the 
jiihmgintsj or Tunica Mmtat ftidu to thf 
Schtttit X alfo the While ^f an Eo^ 
. ALBUM, White, VYHtepc£;£. Affo, 
avhitc Rent, Rent faid»tn SiWf^^ l"^* .^ 

AUOUM Ctmt, whita Oogs-TttrA: U 

Ai/BVM JU^f* aiidO^»tB«tikt.l« oOW 
ftom <X^4^ the Inventor. 

ALBUMA'ZAR, . a £iflEiaiilw4r^>i»niTo- 
ibphcr, Phyficiaft and Aftrologer. 
i AI-'BUNA, tte JMMh jSi^.wMlilH 

ALCAIXE 7 an Inferior MiniAar of }i4iciB 

AL^AHy 5 ainofig iht S^«ani^« , 

AtCAHESr. S^Atial^.. 

ALCA'IC ^2A»r Verietia t«rra«&c. c^^ 
iiftmf of rwo Oaftyis, ^and two Troches, ia 
cailei from .Htm^ chept £f ft IftTcatcr, 

. ALCALI. Seewlttaff. 

ALCHAE'ST. ^ztAHahe/l. 

.ALCHAMlSltER, • Chytoift, anAIchy^ 
iniii^> or^tudier of^<^>Mf. C&tfiM-, 
. 4L'CHYMIST,aStuier;6fJ«fc*«w. 

At'CHtMy f from Al ^r^A. and x**^ • 
^i&e.of«x4^ '^ n)al^> Cr. 1 the fablimrr 
Part' ot Ch^faifiry,' Which teaches the 
Tiaof09ittatif« .of Matah, and the naking ' 
the' FhilDrophe>s 1S:obe> aeeording to thUt 

ALClipT^CyDEN [the Giver of Life, 
Arf^,yi¥Uuti that Sears Role in the Prin^ 
cipal Places of ia( Afbologicil Fi^re at a Per-i 
fon*s li^ativity* 

. , ^klCHO'RAD \\^.^fHbg]f] a Contrariety 
in the Light of the PlaoeU. . 

ALCO'HOLl [anibng Oyki/ls} the puia 

ALCA'HOLf dubftanoe of any thing fepa^ 
rated from the more grofs, a very fine and im- 
oalpable Powder^ or a vety ^ore wdl leftifiad 

ALCOHOLtZA'TIOM [among dpff/hl 
i redudng Bodies to a 6ne and impalpable Pow- 
der I alfo a freeing of Spirits ftom Piblegm aoA 
waterifli Parts. 

Tor ALCOLI'Z^ tofobtilise, to redncein- 
to the Alcobol, 

A l/C Q L A» the tattaroiis Sediment of 

AyCHORAN 7 the^<»n<ta, frooiwf^.Sob*. 

AL'CORAN SDan God, and Koran ta 
read, Arah.} the Tiirks Bible^ ot Bbok'of . their 
Law, written by Mabomtt* 

ALCORA'NES, hilh'Oendbr Tnrrets, ge- 
ptell V bitUt by Mahmetant near their Mofquee 
and Churches. 

ALCCIQE, a pifticolaf Plaee in a Cbnn« 
ber, ieparatcd by the Partition made with PiU 
lars. Rails, &e» within whicli'iafet a^ed of 
Srate> and fometlnxs S^ats, lieqMent inKd* 
bJemens Houfes in Spatn» Fi 

ALCYO/NIA« Hakyon-StPQcv Stofiet bred 
by the {"{Pth of .the Sea; vrherewith the iCing«> 
f iihers make tbdr Neib. 

AUI'BURGH ('. r. Old Bol^vKh] t Towi| 
in thcLCquQty of TskK. Sm,, 

ALD£BA^ll AN Ho ^r»/MyJ*the Na4»e 1/ 
xrwl^xed Starof O^ie (frilM^ito4e» ptectd 
in the Hfftd of the CqnaUlatioo of the Bott. 
Arak. ' :., • 

ALDfER [^]bo|i,v^jr.] Elder, i . r. the 

wksAi^itf o^tbe three Degre^ ci NoMlity 
among tbeSa^rtfai^ V^irtAr iraf "the irl^. 

Earl among XhtSUtms bot«0w AUfnnaft 
are Aijinlsras ^ ^he chief CivU^agiflnufe of 
a City or TowniQ^rtiPOiw. ^ , 

A'LiyaAtlLlthe B;.ftOtte oTtheCi^tf 
. 4L(QATE.iWp, f«C^UodlfOmA.'»^ 
^y. 0:4 liid Cite; * ^ . 

Digitized by VjOO*Q|**' 

A L 

imnSGATf; cm «f tlie Vnrikm 
Cm^ 1^ Ckfct LmJmi as QmJin 
tkahfboHtAktmjm^itk^SMam, who 

M», kOile a «u cidier m fininded, or 
« M, ilMKdb fOMnd by die SMCM or 

AyDar6ftMu^J^.eihff*7Mr.] t 

AlffiM»AM [of 4U»i^ a pv^uig 

^.ObB^jA. 10 detain or iuad«r]»yii. 

k^mlmtAn, lb called tan ill cs^nj 

«i|k Wi9% vkKh binder TtavflUcn. 

ALUBEO [flf ail »4 9»t3m» I. #. F«r, 

iUn&PH [ctQeto^ S«x. Aadenv end 

AUXD&TU [of Alb Ob, aod WofiiS, 
iai. ft Walk, i. c oa WilkJ a Towa m 

AUiftikfr, SmmA a drmk wdl known; 

MJUMmiOL likktiy of ftetlllC^Tar/. 

AU.T4ST£R5aPef<batlutkAOWi] u 
Ofea^fsicred iaetcry Court Leety to look to 

InikwiU, bsaoie it fexvcs CD clear Ak or 

iH£4iOOS£ reaMMT, Stf.l aHoafe 

AlXCftAPER [a iRUMfOM Nfoe ] a 
^ K llik-Li)«acs I aft Alehoufe. keeper 

i mr*{i^ yg,3yt;>b»iflc,wpoathe 

AU^SaOT, aRfldMbi* or Part to he 

ilMILVEft, a UjcM or Daty annually 
Nutk Loii Mayor of XiMi<»a faiy tl)ore 

TeAl.Ql)[ofA|KC9^J^.] laid, or 

AU3VDRT [of JMerlNV«;(i &ur. '. «. 

^^■n] a Tom aa Mwcktmgbmmfkrt^ 
AimA&E, a May^pok* O. 
^UCflO, eareftlie7otiei« Mir, 
AUaoii ta«BiBiA,aUay»«ife> txcoie. 
AU^rCWar. JUepm.H, 
^UGIAMcI-I Baie, Relief^ Releafe, 
4UCIMINTT y^fi(V* A^«»»cat. 

JtnCASi ff^drjk^Mitr\ ftior Ale or 

'•'i^lii** Riht,Cr.taCock.fa;ht»iij. 
4UCTRY(XMAKC7 tof 'AXM»f and , 
J2% 1 P»|hocy> Cr*J a Dlvinatioa by 

f^v.Tim] a iWa k OtrMkrt, ti 

ALLER fimsyinir [i. «* to Jo wfthooc Day) 
to he finally dilmjfled the Courti no farther 
Day being appointed. F.LtT, 
' ALET', the true Falcon of F«rw, that dever 
kt» her Prey efcape, ~ '. % 

ALETHEl'A ['A^tf M«, GrM. e. Tn»tft] 4 
proper Name of a Woman, 

ALEU'ROMANCY [orA\4f«^ Meat, and 
UittUdaf Gr. Prophecy] a Jfind of Divkiatica 

ALEXAN'DER [of 'Mjf^ t^ help^ and 
mtU a Man» i. c. die Helper orMehi or ib^ng 
Help] a proper Name of Men.' • 


ALISSAN'DfiRS tCaites. Smht^hnnXi 

ALEXAN'DERSs /Mr» » dMaia Pkat 
iir^de Root reiembloi a Foot. 

AUXICA'COK [AAifiiuMwvafii^tt 
to drive away» and aaa^ Etui; fir. J a Retacdy 
ag^oftailEviU .' 

ALEXIPHAR'MICiC*? [ *4X(^f«/i/a«e 

ALEXIPHAR'MICAL S a^, of ^<^4 
to drive out, and faf^gixw, l^>ifon^ Irr.] en- 
dued with a Qiiality toexp«^4^oifoiv j aMu that 
is good againft Fevers of a oa^gnaflc Kind, ^y 
pnMBocing Sweats ' 

AJ^BXIPY'RETUM 7- FMjft^^ffH^ 

ALEXIPYRETOCUM $ of. a>J(ik %nd 
^rufPrQ' a Fever, Gr,] a Remedy tha^ drif?e| 
away Fevers. ** « 

ALEXITER'ICAL 7 [drhUiiikfk»^.o( 

ALEXITER'ICK $ «Ai(» and iax^iit 
f tor, PoTon, Gr/] that which .preterves itom 
or drives out Pftiloa^ dMe that iagaafl againft 
Fevers of a osaUgniint l^ia^ by psomotiog 

A|.'FET l4i'M\A tof b«xa, and Fjiira 
ye0bl, Sax^l io. the ancient Angh-Hrnxm 
Law, fignified a Caldron 6r Kettle of boiling 
Water, ia whkh'aBcffoaafcciifedof a Crime 
thrift his Arm up to the Elbow, and held-i^ 
then toetitoev^'aa a ITviU «a» Aetottent of 
his laaocency f fb thaCif hue was hart hr was 
held guilty, and if i^ot, acquitted*. 

AliiTUMta Caldfoa dr Korliaot; . C. 

ALffRED [of ^iaU,^aad fpime Pespe^ 
I. f, all Peace] the Name of a. wife,- pioaa^ 
and k^rrted'kW^of £mf^ ^tthDcm^i^ g 
Law that all Freemen poiieffiogtwo.HMes-o^ 
Land, AooM briag^ theii Sov ij| Relieiao 
aad Ltemiag* 

AVFRIQARr [among ^^-^^irii^fti^lo. 
ftnl a tempoMry Vowir the Flaaocs:|un(e 
ove/ the Life of a Pesfsa^ ;\ 

AUOilTE, if "ib-hei ao|withft4iidbig,ial. 
together.. 0. * * 

ALtSATES) em, eveftnow, fotM that, 
0. ..... . . . . • • 

AL'OARBT [mtrnMymifi*] a ««png 
emet^ aad cathattick Powder, mads oM^ 
BtiltBlr oF Afltiniony, » . . ,'. 

hoai Al exoelkMi and Giahr^ Ara^\\x% 
Name of 7ts ftfpp^ Inventor). a peculiar 
Scifiicr, •vthich tikes the Quantity.. ft»i^ 

D i g i^zed by Vj O O vTc^ 


wf)«ther i^ be i ^joqU)* §r tbtf^jOiitwere 
known xy: , granted j ^j.-^hcf l)y thHliltlp of 
one or more Quantity ^x<IO/1^«d«iy un- 
ieniablc pvph;fiuences,tii|'4tlOi^the Qtian- 
t^jy^ jjfir(i: cvply (^ppo^x%^^ !|illONn» is toniid' 
to be^'etjual to fome Quantity or Quantities 
nchlch arc,^t?iply k^tfA^ 'JUrt^tbcrrfotc it 
likewifeJ^cfwai,^ ic f^. twof«U^ vr«. tfu« 
meral or LkcFfi^/. , . i . , ^ . uu. 

•f th« Ai^i«iitSy^a(\(^ r«s^ only tot the Refo* 
lution'of Arit^evcaJjQu^ftiofUi fniif^irhsir 
the Qoajiiiiy .|ang|it if rf pr^fcntd i»y fime 
Letter or (^harai^i, but /^II the given Qttfio*' 
titiesare exprefi'd h^^mh^rs. > 

AUGEBRAy Littr^iL ift, Sfeeiout^ or. the 
f^cv) Algebrut » t]jn Method by.%viucli, vitt 
«>eJI th^ jtive^ or &no%v>^Q^3iiutic% a» tkoie 
that are uoki^w4)|, aiC'^V^^iy exptefs*d or 
reprefeoted by AJpt)abecical ietter&l'and is 
generally iifed for aU MAtiiwiuicaLKruhleakSy 
both Arithmetical and Gcmsetrical* • 

ALGEBRAICAL, ^ttti^m^ix>jezihtra^ 

ALGEBRA'IST [,«k'^*{/?oF*]oneikiU*d 
in the Art of .^^»^r<i|, 

ALGEBRA'aC Curve [ in MaihmHtieh} 
■ Figure whoff iQtcr^^dt (>iB<peCcrs bear^l- 
ways this >ii^ froporuettJMi tbeif^xefpeaive 

AL'G^MA'P4ftif?A««,GfcJ aPaiiv lAd 
troublcibme ^n6tt>^p,'[ iMpreiTed upoA^e 
Braii^from a^i^,v4»ati0)ia Irritation of the 
Jlerves., :..... • -^ ♦, .- • 

AL'GENEB [in jfflrommy] a Ftsttd Sttr W 
Che recpQd.|4agriictt^^ io^^rtithtiSiJa' of 
Perfeui, ^rafUik.: ;..ti/ ,/ - 

AL'GID [AfzJtfHiiUlvtM, chill. 

ALqiiMq['y:jiif4<4r#s L-J.CDknfcft, 

Chilh^fif, ^f.n .' I ' . if> r * : to -- 


©rcold,' .iji-:) z\%* '.'■■' '- H' • •. • 

AL'GORtSNf«if^)[Vi|9^€y99[Pinx^0^e. ; 

ration in the rqwiJF«CJ?W^J>(^jf^4r#ft...^ • .. ' 

Rules of 'numeral ComDutftioi^i vim. Nvtoxo* 
ration,.: Add\^jp9,<:8t|j4l.iii(£ipo,:MO}t«plica. 
fion. anduivilion. '* • -■ 

ofWejrts-.i; o. orrar'^ T^- ' •'' ■ ' -^ V. 
• AL'Qy^ZiL^. a 6«4e«V <»t Offi«^ in 
Spam^ ^^i^ a|9^i)s, ^^pcketfl^' *»<* «K««Us dbt 
M*g'i*^^fct«»fi>*r%:r.-'«V^- ' • -' ' ' ' - 
AL'GUM 7 a fort of .«B#.MfM eco)vin« fllL 

i9^L«4Vfl4M<W?«''r'*-«o«»V.': .^.' 

AS^ft^t, a 5tar.«j.^.Great,i3log. 

' AUDA'DA *_ 

C«»j5p ©ton, A(IW>b^.t^wil^.ar4c:«d 
carries trie Sight. ./» •*•.... 

AT-HOVLA?^;:xpi^ -( citrw^tfri fori^/- 
bflJfotus-t,dt, f. d, all hojy Meni vV>AliK; 
$ainfs-tide] Ali^inw-^ay, ifcs^tdftlhjyiof 

A'L<AS,otliarwUe,U al(i4«XM«» -I 
cood or further Wm ilTued after a C^ 
whkhhadirotittjteeJEfiir^ I. • ..^^ 

AUlBLEi.noudlhaUe, niwriftingr .£, 

of i£M,'ia[)r.Nf»bkjthit Name fto Tsm 
aiieiDeiCi wh(€hi«(^ ayiUiMs theO^^en* 
«>«f i»f/i. ; Thura2lll]y«»t«8»ifies Nobid 
A^i46N.[7lttMM«}uiFtMigneB cr^c 
ger/ one bom ww fereigA Qraiii»yi » 

coBV^'thc Rropirty of ftThiMtoflitthcr.i 
tii' AUS/Hfirf> ifn, to rJi thgiTep^fc 

«f.aoyLaniS.'Teatb»fiiitfe^^.-i^;d^ «<^ 

T(> ALIENE XII Mortmain^ to makecnn 
Bfi«t« til a^Aeniious HooTe, ort>ikei B«fty 
liuck, never to be fepaiated from iu L^^, 
A'LIEN PrioriVs, thofeOelliofMoaks 
mer}y cftablified m Mt^lamJ* «vhiclv faeioi 
to foreign Miniftcffs. DugJaU, 

To AL^IEMATE [a/rVmr» P. sb'tmu-e, 

to transfer or make dror |fao ftm^ity «if 

thin^ Co ODOthcr ^ tafiell | alio to dbang 

draw away oiie*s AflTe^Hons. . . i. . 

AUBNA'TION^. a» AQitf'iificiM 

tnakiog over, (t!iHn%,Sfc,. F«of*Zw '■ • 

AI/IENAfiL&^'tlHtnoy ^«idfoaa«Mi 

ALl'ETY, othernefs. . i ' ... • J 

ALIFQR^MDSitt^/[t]kXikai«te^ ]y 

cles ariAng fiom the.lUe(yibii.KqMV«*^ 

froiQ the Ptocvic Oftlw A/X2iAB^sHW^ 

ending in the Neck of thf l^iraviMw <» 

ALIfOR/MES FrvMp^^tbefii^Skki 

ALl'GEiUHJS' [i^tper, Aod Isdkxi^^ 

yiiigcdf betfiny Wjnpyifa nii mi ^ ; cv.^ 

. Xa ALIGHfT« m^tfofriffcmri '^C&#ww^ 

AUIMBKT [JtmalMm^ I,.] ^oo^ SI 

ri(hm<A^( wJutemrifervrn'tofaottfiiuwi 

ply the Pepay»ofv'^d.tD iea&ift«iU^«ni 

a«Ayegct|ihleaodyi. A- * -.noi >n 

ALU4£N'XARY. r«iibmMni«^i>Jli« 

bclMfing tAiVooriiMc%piV^iiai2iflhii^ '. 

Al^IMONy [Aiimottia, L.J Foedi Jf: 

tenancey.Svftenaofilu i j. . tiU 1 i iv .li 

^ Ai.lMOJb^^^AXfW'l^thaiiAUoWiuipii 

I a married Woinaji mz^ltit ffr opoaiAE S4 

' ration .ftomttelddhvidv/lvftl^^ Ihi-lsi^ 

eh^g^. wiik, MA\iu^ •> Il6{Je^iisat; m 

ble. " • ^ x*iI:P^^i5 

^I [4s#*«f]itli«-a»Ior:or 
' 5 Lah«l> tnat moves (}ii«h( 

i a Jittk.^} 1 >.•-. ^ - ' ^aiiii i 3^ JO'^1'1, oj 
r ALaQyANTFtfr/i[ofajyi«iM*«foi*i 
P«tt» •a;^rr npt: cootainc^l&K&frUMiUbl 
miuiirttimeik fiu^thilt fofieiBifiDiaJiiixanl 
left. yfHtK I ..:: Dn v. -.fl ,■..', 
: AL'iQUOMwfiffwfifiiiM AiWridAi 

Poflt anisioattuhed aaJthc^«AbA^>'^eMfel! 
OMijr tJOKS^ijA-afifc .1 ^- .'• ■ -I. ^'oC .1 
AL'ITURE lAiiiurg,JL.Jl!kefdAmaib 

ncwiiutritioii»'ii4idfe^^--f "i^:* fc- -^ f 

Digitized bfCiOOg 1^ AI^ Aiit 

[nBoag dymi/ls] id Hdi- 
wliicfa h ciytblc to teftiWe 
r of Bodksinto a lifuor 
, MMaxxuj prepareli. 
• Wintcr-ClMny, the Fruit 
# w^Mt «f Ike Pbtt Night-tfude. 
•AVCAU ItmmgCtymi/h} t fixed Sdt, 

, % fBom «^ i bo<rd tr jntraH .• 
I MHh| llattBT tbift taottti or 

iiJUMZATB ^MdbVr [^Bbog C^H^] 
fcftrt ■ hiii ihui Piti flsiHtlly fo formed^ 
ttHlkifftl t»te fitrtcd aad puc into Mo- 
te by iht Pigifln 9i^hmj§a'd ppured updb 

lUUl/lZATE J^'< •fmm, 11 a piifd 
aiiixk8ftff% whkk will tan aliawaj { and 

Ai&AUZATiON [onaiig Ci>»/?i} a 
^■aiat *■!• » A/kmli, at when Spirit or Wine 
■ qgya * wiik tmmc AUsUf to hcighteii 

' iUUKI^aK Herb SfamAAMk. 

«Atttt«Cei|, a etafcftkm ttade of cer- 
iMHAarteki Qraasy caUed JtSnrnvr* 
. MAtMil^r. «a»pRhadi4B the fcvoal 
hmcf Ik Whole. 

MIJi4rinWS» AU^Saiott. 
lf.iiaABPOaATE [mHOmw, L.] to 

'4IA4ino»£Sl[in.<teria»>l one of 
<AliUnOKS .StheCoete dbat belong 
ilFacat ia the Wbiqb} cscept tb« 
b beu%^piicai. betweta the 
^ tlif Uriae xbat cooies out of 
athibJ<a«er.and iMitlmi. 

, JaeiAUerwT«ee.SeeXttiq' ' 

^ZnAUAnr. {«^b^^ cr^kr, F J to aU 
k«*,iiBMCisatc» aflVafroreaieftoleffiQ 
(^i 10 ait* Mrtdbwith i bafer'Soii^ 

T» AlMK« PMcai, t to <iit orcvTe It 
•eft|^^ ■ ,;../;/' ....:' 
ALLKB, akheoeh^ albeit. Cteirr. 
tf»ALL-^ al&High^ a]tb|B«ll<r;<|ak^. 

nUCtAraQH, aaaUmbga L. 
AiWann fef o^bA**, er n^cifr,i.] 
q^^^ Mrt aai l, l U wiiii Hfc , ttgiliiii, or 

^»f w iiB f a iiuasror Piaof^ to^oouj 

AUMUUneNp :aUal#fig or pifviag / 
^^^ iiihaiiip^ BNk^f^ 10 make 
fO^M^MatorAflertieo. F. of Xj 

^ttmU]IG& ifn^zMtMj, to Mad 
HI>J ■rtra%%iiir4 the Je»i SiO^flion 
Jf ««y.Vfid.t» ttaiAd 3 The aatanU MA 
■M ObelMacc that ia dat^m8«b)cdto-«o 

ALLtQOMCAlt^<p^;>«r^;F. aXXW 
>a/>iji^; Gr.J fcrtaiiimg to, or partaking oF 
the Nature of an Al^dr^.* 

T6 AiX'E<;OR:Fe'E| {o ufe Allegorin, to 
exp^io a ttdn^ ifteordiDg to the allecorictl 
Seofc. • ^- • i'J' ' 

ALLEGORY [Meimt^V. 2«ftw>nV, t.] 
of *A\M>o/)i«, Gr.] a F)|ure in I&etoiick^ 
confiftiog of one continued Metaphor 'hinniog 
throosfa the whole tXfcourf^. 

ALLEGRO ImmtHckB^tsiy Agnifies that 
thff -Meidt oo|At'td be p^rfbrSo^d ih a gaj, 
briik^ XtfAf, and pleafahl Maoher^ but yet 
wiK^at Hurry or Pr«{pitation. liah' 

When POOO p^eeedesJt. itdimintifces the 
Strength of its $igiyificaCfoA/and ijitimfttirr that 
the Mufick hraft t^t be performed qukd fo 
bridcaod gay sTf rhfc Word ALLE'GRO ftj^d. 
ng alone tequim; Wbeh the Word PIU pre- 
cedee ALLE'ORO) nt add» to the Strength of 
uaSiyiification, iad r^ukes that the Mufick 
be performed moregayandbriik than the Word 
AU£'GRO ihmdikig by 4cielf ro^ires. 

ALLE'GRO, ALLE'GRO, K t. thfc Wor4 
All^9 repeated, £ghifie3 much the faihe at 

. AJUUs/ORO Wmri iV^^in Mufici^^it 
fignifies gay, btUk; tilld liteiy^ yet not too faft 
or quick. Ital, ■ » ■ , 

ALLELU'JAH 78 11 ^/1^ of I^VTT 

HALLELU' J AH 5 praife ye, and ftr the 
Lord» H. r. ^ praife yo^tht^'Lord] ^Ifi/ilfie 
Name of an llerb, otherwife called Fremb^ or 
Wood Sorrel; * ' T J :• T 

AI/LfcM AND71I hW of gnre fdltd Mti. 

ALM AIN' 5 fick, whAe ^he MealW^ 

18 good, and theMdT^n^t'uciwl ' 

Name of a certain Air or X°^ii ^^X*. '^ 
comtBOil'tl0le^ altd M^tVlo Pa^et>Ot Straihs, 
each Part filayM twice over. 

AdliAWA'ftll^fOllIrr to leiy ^ pffy'aa 
accuftomtd'Fini or OtfM^bmon. £/ " 

r»«mJifi/^lffl^ {jii;i^^e,L.l toeafe^ 
toalbV^ t^vaOWdte. 4 '''^ -^ "• "^ 

ALLfiVl A(T]Sir/lta iIIcVbting,'aUiyf)«,' 
joreafiog. L. ■' " ' 

At'Lfi1»^M$F.]\|^ Wrdw lobe's a 
Walk in a Garden. Some fay that ata y^//^ 

19 diifer^iil m>m**lr p!tf/V in that an Alley 
ftoaia be >«flly'bru«l ehobgR ftr two Pcrroria 
tp walk abreaft: berthartllC breadth of« 

AtthtsAirala^rmftKa; •' ■ . ' .. .* 

ALLI'ANCE, VTi ufiitfeg br joinings Fami« 
lies by Mifrliige|'^3r* of* CMimonweal^i'bf 
Leagues j K inditd by Marriage,M«tth,Iieag^» 


' To ALLIlJEf [tflfc'^rrc, L] to da(h or hit 
agahiit. . W ? - 

ALLrCItNCY^[fr<jy'flAftr^, L.] BtflA 
clogoers, Alluringnefs. 

ALLFED [«//«; y.] matched, Joined, pf. 
;united by a Lcagoe. ' " ' ** 

T<yAU.X£, tomatry. Cbauc, 

ALUB'S, Prince* or Stalti wbp hate 

tnterrd intou AUUqcc m: htagac, for their 
mutoai Prer«TvaC¥M» and Def«BCc. 
ALUOMJlQti^ ^ ryiflf or bin^ 

AisLlQA'ViOt^lmA^tkmerick} if a Role 
by which fticb QsA^fiipot ac^ rP^olKcii ^ reiatc 
to the mixing '^iveqs Mp-cbjuidKes^ MeUls, 
Simples, Drugs, 6^c, of unequal Prices j fo ai 
to Aid how mvch^tf e9ch muft be taken^ ac« 
cocdjjiS %o ihe .Qjicftion, 
' Ai^LiGA'TION Medial, .if when baring 
the feveral Qi^ncities and Rates of divers 
fiimples propoled, iv« dlfeover the nean Rate 
•f a Mixture^ joooipounded out of thetie Sm- 

ALUGATION ji/fertuftt is when having , Fennjr-Weights of pare SH«er» which 

the Rates, of di^evs Simplea give»i we find 
out iu«h Qigantidts of tixm as are ncceflary 
to make a Mixture which xxi^y ^fiii ji certain 

ALLIGA/TQR, a JT^-Imdien or larger 
fort of Crocodile. 

AyLINGHAM7[pcrhaps of AUija, al- 
Al.'i.INGTO^ 5 together, and ^am, a 
Village, or «>n a Town, Sax, q, J,j a very 
tamoiis Towp io Ham^re. 
' ALLIOT'ICKS [in ^Fharmaiy] Medicines 
which by Fermenution and Cleaoliag alter and 
9Mii^ th« 9bwd» ,^ . ., 

ALLITERA'TION^a repeating and play- 
.i»g ujioAvthe fiime Utter. JL. 

AL'LIOTH [in Jprononyl a Star in the 
Tail of the Oreac Beat:* 
< AI«U'3I0N^ a-daA^agjfainftor topieces. 

ALLOCA'TION> an «idii« or placing to, 
or near to. £. 

ALLOCA'TIQN:(m Law] ^ Allowance 
9ude Qfti^n Account m the Bzcheqjier. 

ALLOCAmONE Facienda, a Writ for ^e. 
Accountant to i^oeive fuch SHipt /rom the \ 
"t^reaibcer^r^c* aa iie by Virtue of his Office^ 
lh4th4iMviuliy.afbdVeafoaat)^y expended* ' i 
(: AhiQ^Vf^^XVM^ a ttiking to j a Speech | 
of»a General to hia Soldien, aninutlng them J 
,0) fight» ^ ti avi>)d Scdftiof . £. ! 

ALLO'DJUH. 7 ULA WJUejE«),Stfx.] thati 
• -.AI«tO'DlA9rSTpt«fe>or<orw)itchnoReots> 
or SctvJfts ate due. , .. 

ALLOGIT^ iodged. ^ Ciw»r. 
, ADLONOE' On /rr**/^] a ThrufI or Pafs? 
it the Enemy? j 

AUidffiHyLUSX'AXXa^oiv©-, of «>,X^, 

another, and ft/\ji aTribe,0>.J o/oe of another 

Xri|>c, KatiOii, 'or Kindred j a Strarsgsr or 

.Aiiffli ' : . 

i -.cTo ALLOTf [fcora <^, V. ;»J}d^lot, S^.J 

f appoint or afiSgOy tp (et out, tu deliver or 

. iharecby.i»ot. ^^ ^. * { 

r ;ALliaX(lKO-e/*<>*^?> isi when the CargoJ 

.*^f n Sfa»pk^a.div4dcd.ia^/cy«ral Parcels to b< 

bought by divers Pcirfons, whofe Names betpg 

•iircitr«A<oft la.mioy'Pi^eiof Pqper, are api 

plied Iv atty indiiirrcatPafoato thr icfp^ivd 

Parcels or Ldts. ...... 


itlXOtn^Trr, an ASottSng, A|Hi 

eat^ Afltgnalion. ■ « - 

To ALLOW [«/7oifr^/F.] togkcerfNU 
to approve of, to permit. 

ALlJOW/ABLS, that nay-b^^HMrad^ 
approved of, 

ALLOW'ANCB, Poftien, MbJftttetft 
Salary: an atloufng^or peitoktiiig. 

ALlxyV 1 TAlo}, VA a cettaui Quanti 

AIXA^VJ ofabaierMet4lma*iwith 
finer, to make a d«e Temper. Sikftr-Smit 
hate fevcrai diffarent forts of AUoya, < 
ing to their diflEarmt Wotki ; httt 

ALLOY [in our Af/W] itdghtei 

Wcigl^ts or Cb9par to eleven OviMia t« 

twelve Oimcesy ot one Pound Tryy, of curta 

ALLUDES'CEICCY, aWHliognefa. £. 

To ALLUXyE [tJIudere, L.] to play u^ 
to fpeak in reference to fome other Thing < 

AL'LUM [A/umen, L. fUtm, L. S.} aM 

ALLU'MINOUS 7[jf/umtn, L.] hating 

AULUMY S <'r df the ooality o 


To AVLXPtAWATB (of ^Mimer, F-J t« 
enlighten, to give Grace^ Light, and Qrna< 
ment to the Letter painted* 

AIXUM'INOR, one whofe Trade It tt 
paiqt and gild upon Paper, Parchment^ ^r. 

To ALLUR'E [of «4 L. and Ur/] to de 
coy or entice, t<o draw tf the Lure or Bait. 

ALLU'RfiiGNESS,.£ntkingnefs, T^snpt 
inpieb, • drawing or decoying NTatme «r Qua 
Uty, a^ to work upon a Perfon, in order tt 
brin^ him over to foite Compliance or other 

ALLU'SIOK, a likenbig or ippiyiQg o» 
Thing to another. F.<ifL, 
; ALLU^lON^ifbwhigDearttDto^a^elf' 
ifig of Water), a Dehtfe. 

ALLWrON [CSnlXawl m Acceffioi 
ilohg the Shore made by IiMJidaik>nii 

ALLWiaMS, little Mctr thrown up bj 
the Violence of the Strdttrt. X. 

IK ALL Wise, by aUlVteans« T&tfx^ 

ALMACAN'TARS 'iH'irt A/fr^mm^r] •<* 

ALMACANnTERS Vtbed^fie, aief*. 

ALMAC ANTER A« J xaJW« of AhitndJ 
whofe common Zenith it the Pole or Ybtiei 
Point. i . ''. - j 

ALMACANTER SthJ^ an fii^niinefit 
take OMertations of the Son, to 'find its A| 
plitude, and the Variation Of the Cottpafs. 

ALMAGEST', the Title of an oetert 
Treatife of the Sphere, trtittcn" by B 
lemy* "• 

AtMAlN [Airman, F. j. i. all W«l 
but Qlinteriut derives it of /ffitmamfi, bccaii 
they were a Mhctui^ Of Men of «U Natid 
and Countries] t^trmar, 

AL'MAIN {in Mufick] a Cifftiki Kind) 
Al? that moves m common Time. ' 

ALMAIN Ri^fn^ Certain lig^ kind i 

itized by V3C ^ ^^^^^ 

A L 

( «r iPM fpr the Defence 



i-« Foasaee vie^ By 
Kefioen, and called 
ail |9Ets of Metals 

ifefrfnh, d^^ifeiAes of tfa) ^ooQ»:^r. 

^lir 4MB, aic called jibndJi^h ; thoogli 
1 km^ it Inn the Higb-JOutch^ SU.^ 
{)Bb '• <^ aS'-pbTemttioQ of a^ tfic 

MMA' JUA ImOU Recimb ] the Ar- 

itiWn 5 T««r.] Aims. 

AUKAIPTBAftSf in^n^] the 
ift'AwllMre of tbe CircJes,^ which arc ima- 
pHitiyifc ifaf9* cv^eiy Pep«e of the M^ri- 
d» jHiAd to tbe HoriaoB^ or to the 2^enith« 

'of Al and 0thte« Smt. 
Totf.) AU-powerfu]. 

AlfM-Mflney, F«#«r. 
AUOFEXHi S Peaces a Tiibuts 
mhIj iiiilty f«d in £iy W to the F^pe 

MMOKAHIUm a Cuoboanf or Sale to 
AUtOUrrUM' Wtfp.hf^cn Vi^. , 
iUiERFOLA Jaliv-tp Kdi^nbvtea 

AUfOND r^^bwud^/F.] a Tmrt "^^' \ 

Q? «r Cnye #f S^ J^haiiy a City To r*r*. 
A«, vhoe Pstiins tfiar Apo'ftle (/b callM < 

tc4«aogr of tbeaifron Hea- j 
ta Ctiikei^^ ajidTdedkated it 

a, the itft Snj^Jff Martyr, /^ 

Ai/UOMK «^ tU Tbroatl a ^aodotoiu 
Min, Skc t«« KeriKls, oq each Snfe' of 
ibVw«li, at the Root ofthe Toi^ue. 
Al/mH ARV. Se^ ^#%<'i»7. 
4UiOK£&l«ii?W*Vr, ^. ] a, Church 

XOflScar>hek«|u}g to a King 

, ^A vIqIo ita&peft It ia to (ee to 

^oaoo of the Alxnt* 

ALIfONAYl the Office or Lodpngi of 

AOniT 5the^^M<f:ia(fotbeplacQ 

ti^M Ac AliM art gifien. 

jMJ«)$T' £rt mta^ t:s., Alte/all 

%r%l^. ] ^ the Cfeatf:^ Part* . 

^LU^lMmef,^. 4 C^otraaion of 
^ ^''- SUBUffll* f"* Corruption ot i^i n^or 
vi*^ Ok. 1 whatfbeier ia/rfely^ii^ea to the 

AUa^HOUSfei^ .a Eottfr cpdowed with a 
f tar t^ Maiiitsoa&ce of a certain 

h nwfc uj^j g Mi, feed, or di£ib)ed People. 

AL^MUTBN nn4&i»iai7]^Lei4^a 
Figure, dr flroogdl Pbnet i» a Nativity* 

AlMUrCTUM, 'i 'G«iincor proper to Oi« 
flOM of GtthMrtf a '4r t^ollei^ato Chorehcs 
wjiich they throw over their Heads and ShoaU 
den behiOdy ntit iteHUe 'il tilMi^t Goul, 
which idfo n called Ahmtiim^' 0< Jt ». 

AvUaOS, 'tktal^iABi^tMi tt E9L Bll« 
keafure.- ■■••'••'■>-•-•-: ' ■ 

ALVAGEft ^'iftMav', ^1 aoOffibcv 

AL'NEC AR > wMto BvfiiMri it wai to 

At^L/m^OBRj kMk 'to thO'Amae of 
Woollen aoth;- but oo#-f» obI^ €eileaor of . 
the3o^fi^gmli^«>tfae'Kij||i < 

ALK'CESTER (of the Rim ilT*/ viudi 
mos by itl a Town m Qtmbtr/oMd, faunoos ias 
^ Synod cl Ettf^^djimt, 

AUUXJS, aritee where iA/aT|io«r. 

ALO&A'Ril/ Lordf oTftct Muoon^ 
IjOmh ParannDMHt* ' Li 7» 

AU>a>IUM, a free Kanow; 0; L, 7, 

At'OES [w^«r, U of 'AK.OV, On] the Juict 
ofaTrtetbathe^ntheiaaiieNaine. Fr. . 

Al^QES, Cabaflhuiy^i the groObr Sort of 
Aloes, fo called becaafeuffloAy nMhy Far« 
riers for Hoffea. 

ALO^PICK, ofarhelofi|uigto.Aloea. 

ALOET'iClCS, Mediciftdl chiefly confift* 

ALOFT Vof Allot, all^MI €|»jiiafaove« 

^^yLOGY [Ao^,'«iT^teftfooibleiieft» 
Gluttoif^. "- , ^•-«' 'V V , : 

A'LOGOTROPHY f ol^'VVKXO)^, on- 
feafiiMibk, and'o^ f^Ki4tioli,>^r.] adifu 
proportionate Nutrition^ when one Part of Cho 
Body 1r noiiraM-fr«pe os liik'riiail aootlMr^ 
as in the Rid^tt, &c, ^ 

AtX>f»0ey:QponblUid'.'*lflUM»; ' 

ALO^frf A^J^Ajk oidl Mn, Smx4 
%\Uin^ f^.! one iJy WiSMTtJ. 

ALONEEV; OBlt. €6me." 
' AL00F» ff. J:z\\ oflFJttt a>6fitace. 

ALOKQ' f I/lii Ai«p^ P< Mf 4«^ ibi^irai^ Lt 
forward ; alfo ftretched oiit aft full Lengthy ao 
r» /!r> 0l§ng, '^ . .. .' ^ - ' 

AtO'PECY fjUbpitie, F. of .<4^m'tf, U 
of >JurTf3a«t,^^^l(««$,Va Fob, Gr.l a Dif. 
eafe called the Fost-J^U <^ Scurf, when tho 
Hair &Ua off from the Head by tho Roots. 

Td A LOSE, to praMe* Chauc, ' 

ALt>y£'RlUJtf, aPuKe. 0. L. T. 

ALPj.aBulfinch, a Bird. C' 

AL'PtiA'f 'AX^, ^.] thefirftLttttrof 
the Grtek Aiphabec. 

ALPHABET [ 'ax?o b;?**. Or. ] tho ' 
whole Order of the Letoofsin ahv Laogua^,, 
focalkd froia ^b^ mtd.Seta^likZ two^fiHI 
Utters in the ' Ontk Toagoc» 

ALPHABET'ICAL> Al^b^kmhue, F* 

ALPHABBT'ICK 5 i^AlfbMtim^Ji 
belonging to. Of agre^abk. to tho Order of tho 

' Ay PHBti f fl#.Adle aM,' and Fosaa, Sax^ 
to conjoin^ f* o. o Mai^^|£BiaU Tiiiog94 . 

Digitized by VjOOQlt ^ 

fcic!. m ad e bv Alphiti^u^ KJ iV^ iifjirrn^tfi . '' ' 
ALPHO^US "J from Age ttc^fc ^ciT^ 

.tchigi, 'i^^k^-^s ifit K3^<r 0rW6r 

'--^^'-^ te(rtSlhii»/M^. '.' . ^^ 

FlE^;'a.'d»n^e^rurt litt/)^<*V one 
I%tfc41tft?(iia?haii^6ilcPd-fnt. yfr^^. ' 
■'^AlkAMFCA^" ifiKf'Nittic 6f thcStajf. 

pftUifffEMtiJe'M^ihScV ^ ^-^ 

» AWWbLD t<rf AM, an; ^ Pcil?)an; 
^tf*. to %owan, /.X" U) gi^cTD afi; or of 
AII^»^^11, andl Ofealb,- hii Terrftofies con- 
fiftingaioft of Woods aisdFo^eflsl a KfAftOf 

^ AUTAHEST P^n^f/Zif iClymiff^ a nilxed 
loirl^Sed to Ife^iii^ Prnfciblts?'- ^ " ;^ 

W anil- 'Wl ^(/^/'/W ,' ^. rf. tt ^ Place by 
God*8 Appoinunentl a Place,. y^hrteoo,Cod^ 
%i»i»^w6Ai|pped 'fcy Skt?Jfii if airf^tli'^rfefQVc. 
theCbrifiiao^ call their CppamAhilM t^hjij^ t^^^ 
jmy, W^fe^Aef %ifft^<ip'tfl'ereVKV^^yiftce 

AUTAftAqE itd^cTim] the nrtt?<jf- 

ISringf tnaaeWtrfe Attar bj^ tfcu^'Pi^nRjy^fou 
the Profits ttiit ifffc to tbt Pricfi l/Mlhf 

AU TA' n^bV^V ^J^Vbigh ti?f^T>r= Ift'^dftfcr,' 
chanter in mrn^ fa v.frj*'' * • -^ ^ * 

fliM^ie* ia i/c^rwit 'aTmfial mh^fomk' df th« 

temDeraKUK to a State of Health. . ,;' f] '^ ** 
chidc^hrawL contend, &c. f^' '^ ^'[Z? ''' 
WfaW?^ *'/^iHh«, iv -^ ''■"• '• r^2> '"^ 

tri/b %A;, ir Either theSuin o^the Sidies, iaA 
tlitti die-D(Aet%nce of the Sides is the AUtrm 

^^Ji^ ^'j*^(* ^*¥ ^^* 2*^ " >^*»« Piflfer^nc^ 
of tHe $Nb, an^ th^i th^^Sum o( the Sidei is 
called' the jlleehi g^;\. trUOi, 

ALTBRN'ATB 7 [aftcmatut, LA that 

ALJERfJ'ATjyBj which is. doi^e by 
Turn or CbMsCe, one alter another. Jf, ^ 

ALTERN'Atfe ^i»|/« [in GemctryJ aire 
tM^ cqiral Angles which, a Line cutting two 
Parallels, make thofe Parallels the one on one 
Sf4e of the cutting LincI, and the other on tfaa 

ALTERNATE Proppriitm [m Gam^try\ 
is when in any Set of Proportionals the Ante* 
cedents are compared together, and the C911- 
feqoents together. 

ALTERN ACTION T , A chai»glng by 

ALTER^ITY J Turns. L. 

ALTERNATIV'EMEN r[inAf«/r*J&#db] 
/jgnifies to pliry or fing two Airs byTurnSy on^ 
aftjcr anbthcr, feyeral tiroes o?er, ^ 

ACTHife'A f'AXddi*, Cr.l Marih-maW 
ld*^s^ or wild Wniows. ^^^ 

ALTIENj Mujcm Mdncy, ^u»\h %d. '> 

ALrSVQC^liT[aUiiofuui, L,] /peak- 
ing high. 

ALTIUOQtnr r^WWirtwlKiodfalk.; 

ALTl'METky, the Art <i taking unf 
lAeafuring Heights, 

ALTl'SOJfANT l'dkf/onfipi,U\ hb^ 

founding^ " ; ' ' ' 

ALTI'TONANT t%«WW,JU.l Jlntfl. 
derihgMmon'High. -^^^ •" ^ 
^AL'TITVDE r/i/r;>w&,L. J Height.' ,/ 

AL'TlTUpE o/rf ;>;g«rre [inC^roijirfwJ'the 
, nearift Diffirtcc between tfie v cttex or To^jbf , 
'tb^eFrgoTc^iditsBafe. ' - ''' 

^^AVrffUOE of thf S,in tr ^faf^;ihi. 
Height of the Sun gr Star above the.||oti^oB^ 
or the Arch, ofan AztfnutK, intercej>tea,M- 
•tw^tAPthi'Stfn o* SUr ahd the Horiaon'. 

^The Sun's .Mi rei/ian ALTlTVt>£j «, an 
A^^-of the fftFeridiafrt, cbnt^ned ^<ty«{^;p Ac 
Sfeh^d the Hor'rzon, at thjk. timfe Wheh ^n., 
Stjriis'^'Sts Merialaft. ' • " ■ - 

AVTITUDE ofikn^n,'h a Te^ifi pH 
hfVr. fPm's-ifbt the- Mcafuri q^ apV ;.Vft>- 
tion,,. counted according to theQ4t>^of Direc- 

AL^TUSj Upoer V Counter Tenor,; ^ 
ps commonlv met wt^rdMuGck of feyeral 

I ^AmX>^i«r-tinto/i*odby^gnlfief • 
Ifmall Tenor Viol, /jfj/.,^ j 

faSOTc^Vi^U.^ra/, ' . ^^^ ^ ^.. 
tuc.v' :'.: ,y ■ Vu ^- ■ - Al/t6' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC ' '''■ 

mmtmmhiti pn MuMmm fig- ^ 

I^AkIhP aid plays tfanrad^out/ jTirtf/. , 

Iklbv, ««e|itst Choros tlac $op ud 
tfliiiiv alifcflB, ip ionc foftkulas Bla<^. 

^|W«^ V » few, tii|aU..o|. ftcat^- to a 


^^ciArfeiator. X« T. 

iftDtt [«poos ^au»/^ 1 a»cl?o^/>r 
»*i*i±oot Bottom^ liet OD Ue Tof ome 
"jMtter, ^ the^ Matter |^a 

ALnA^RICM [ia .««aft»9] the !o«q||«» 
<»y of tke Ear, vbere'the Ear-W^ i» 
^^ L .....,, 

^KWUXY lAhearimm^ L] aBee- 
Kve, or Fljce where B^es are JcepU 
^ ALVIOTJ [ ia .A*^ 1 ihp^ OiTkiM, 
» at Jw whey the T^rth^fc placed. L. 
iiTFrVM, the Ci^ 'i? Mutom, an 

ALVnXTCA f of ^4fc«i tJie pauQch, $xA 
^^'*d,LA Weiiiog Medicinti. 

AMiOf luchartmtm f iii P^/^A 1 a 
«« oT Rotch-AUuqi,* ftofc-^ter,, aa<l 

pWNOUS {2jii,,Wta;* ^* of i^btn. 
««, U rfor bdongiog to Alluin. 

AJJUTION^ Tapningolleathfer. L. 

JJTO [amcB^ PlyJSc^n ia a Jajger 
^ SfDtfiei the Akhmenj m a ftrider 
%^*eCooa,tioopfthcBQW«U. L. 

^tt?iAYS[9apycja, w. aaetDCfff. 

[^. Z Aifipeantopo] i. #. 
with fluay Aaokt tt> keep 



J^ f #. one who ,wQD ail ac difputingl 

«*|^. rS^pic^"^ Oaf, asvc 

*5^X I the oW <iAw» w Pn* 
«v4BV»R J ^iji^ii .^a, to he paid to 

*"*</&€ Manor fgr the Virginity of a 
a^yaxed, fufffjicd, C^-. 

j^f^'^r/'wnA and CDiexea, ^aBj, 
^^ Wy hidi DcSancr to another, tod 

*jtta5ta£ 7[S0iiftnfi^W] to 

^AaUttnuEKSsHlcf. to ta )tii«4Kf|er 

,***'^ I'dWa I. A ia aficfc^. 
^^^t^,ti, or W a Ve^fc, and 21? 
?^>De|with^ToQ(aeJ tbeSoaol' 



to mix,§ilirir w^Ov Col^ .flrf 
very fine Powder. 

AMAWAMi^frWK, Tdw ^^ 

^% AfclAW'fwi^, Wr6)J§»f4ai 
way- to. rfirtov^^ , . , /-'"'fq.jA 

P*49m,to^ fade or w»tJ(j«r, Or,. ]^E?edal|)ii| 
aPW^tr ^bat;Iafti|^ w^t^it a«y ibiUli 

! A^R^TTODE', BittetLfi. L . ' V 
AM' AROVS I ; r^fvr^i >. 4i*fr»^ 
AMAll'ULEKTi &ia^l^fyum^fa^. 

ward, i' *• » 

AM'ASA tM^:^. i'.|. 4p9rlpgi^ 

People] the Son ot^^^/j^Wi^ / .- , t, 

AM AZI'AIY [tt)2Z&M, of aSJK ^^h» 

|iheLord]a|Li.Mof7*<iiA,* .,,,3 .», ^..^ 
I To AMAS'S X 'amajfr, 'j^ ] ' 19 beap pj^ 
{hoard, or txcalu^c lip. , ; y, ^ ^ ,* „ 

1V>' AMA'T£/td daont^.djfc^ri^jk af^' 
fright, Sfc. OnifiC. , . -^ 7V. „ • . ft 

AMATCRn .W;/)f^/ Jamo^jg jMM»m^t\ 
iMofcles irf ^le Eycf. whidKgiTe tbema <M 
fideways, sad affift that pvtTculw/l^lL.pll8A 
'Ogling. ^., ... ,■;,.. r. - "\' 

, A'MATORY { ^ietf #^<^ X. ]. helqpgiog 
ttotove Mattel!., ' * ', . . 

■ AMAURO'SI$.t;AAUMV«f«,,Gi.J.aDim, 
jneis or troTt o^ ^^W .v^t^out any. jcxtfifujl 
^aok to be fbunj £ theJEyf*, ; v.' , ' j 

I ARlA'Z0M3,cer'iai1»wafait^^i^i^^ii 
^o iiU^bit 9far ,t|le|^if^..^i^/a^«^ ta ^tf* 
jwho cut or borat ,off tj\ei^! ^iglk J?aw>>i(A, 

^he Romansy ia ^^fofoiyi ^^jff^'^ FPX^ 
lor Mr Fields apd'Conu ' ifVr . .t-^ r V^^ 

Vereigin Prince or State to another, to ix»9^^ 

\ 4wA$'sS^mS^fe^ 

to Ambaflador** Wife^ i^ . . • d • 1 ^L, 

kf Sir '^'^'^'^ ^.^^ ^«B 

^ttt or the Bopea.' ' K ^ . . 

\s ■■'-'-■"■ 



UgtQ<il9|n«rs,^« <* it ii a BHioulloas 
^oUhnce of a.flifinMii Tailt» aoi a Smdl 
Jike Taf p«Dd(K# - v . ^; . 

AMBIDEX'OWi^ 0M^k» ttfe« b^-Kb 

AMBD^X/TSR [fft lU?«r] t Jmar who 
f akks If oftcf Of both Pwtiea At ^tim. his 

Verdia. - . * 

^hopk^B « Jack on bo'Ji Sidts, freUM>ng 
to bd fBTj « in the iiteroft af» twodfpo^e 

vAMPIDEXTRpOS, of or b(tetiii| to 
iiKh^MlVr*£HI«s, JHg)iln9» 
•' AftriitNa^ [ mnhietu, L. ] ctKoinHlbig 
or encircling round about, and is particulate 
applied to die Air that (bnoandi. ali other 
-BoaittfriDthfs lowor W«rld. 

AMBlFA(RIOII6 [mkifafiitt, U.} toiflg 
a dooble Meaning. 

* AMBlfCRKAL' IfffuMiT, [hi ^dflhirr)^] 
bath one of its infinite Le|S iolciiibod In it. 
Mid thootfiei ckcvMftrib61 akMit it. 
' AMBIGU'ITY [ jMnffmJ, F. «r. iA»r 
iigyitM, L.] double Meaniag^ OUjiuritj in 

AMBIG'UOUS, do^btfo^ v^oertaitf.. L. 
' AiiBii/aQy&NT [•mbiloqwt, L.] Hoif. 

AM'flIT [ i^<»f, L. ] ivUbv Bounds, 
^tt\mM»fy 4r Cifcaorferaoceof i gioaMtrictl 
t^igor*. CmMry^ .. . 

AMBITION |[of «M^f about, a&d cff eo.(d] 
IT Thirft' aifco^, m an noinaAtiattf Cteflre of 
Honour and Promotion, Power and Cottmaad. 
Kofr. . • • 

. AMBITIOUS [ambUimti F. of W^r/e. 
fui, t.} full of Aflibition, gmdy of HoCMf, 

AM'BrrODt^ encompfiSni r<tetii. L. 

To AM'Bt4B f *9Mmr, F. } to pakf^ or 

AMBLEBiiyB, the ltaiD» of ait alideat 
Cityift thlrCMinty ^t Weftmonbndj failed b^ 
theJ^MMAi, ^^M/matf. 

AWVUSfHfi thtf moft cafy PM»' of a 
Hofie iM> IdMg, thmgiiit the Side* » etrh 
Step, of lle^vto, both the Le^ oto (Ae Side 
Seinf lif^ up together, •> 

AMBLQ'PldKS r.>4iaMf7Vtf, U 'hfnixm-. 
V«w,t3r.J M«li<am#that«ufe'Abortioh. J 

AM'BLYQON [l>f V^iei^r l3A»rit» an<f 
>tM2tf) G«>.* a Oomer} tr«ac« thtit has aa 
obtufe Ana^gt . ,^^ ,' . 

^ AMBLirO<yKl4L [' A^40ka>^»a*, jGr.] 
obtufe aoaular. 

AM'ftfilBimy [ t^i'A^krpft, KJ^ oi 
the Britainsy who was flain there,' ail4 0114 
Sir;ff{^ #ayy I a Town ta IKi^/>^. . 

AM'BROSE [ 'A/^CMrtA-, Gi, Ivmoi^ 

na proper Name of Men. 
MBnO^IA I 'AAtC^My Or,] the de* 
Uciooi ^ n4 jettits; wHkli, 1911% Poeti 

A M 

feigiii th»tleathen Gods caC; aUb» Ki 
cine prepared to be as plcafiing to the Palf 1 
poffibiei'liKewiie an Herb called the OaJ 

AMBlLCySlALY 4>H^fiwi»>t.l 

AMBRO^SIAN jl loogii^ to Amii 
B/fgtaph, Delicious. . 

AM^BRE -\. [.i^diWfVf, FO »C«p1] 

AM'MERY > %z the keepina of coU 

AU'MRY J broken Viauafa* C. 

aMBS-A'CE, two^^cfatDice. F: 

AMBULA'TION, a WaHcuig. I,. 

AMBULATION \}^kgjkk\ the/jpi 
iaa of a Cangreoe. L. 

AM'BULATORY [ambmktmrt^ P* of 
hulatoriusy L.} walking up and down* 

AM'BURy 1 a Diieafc uaHories, brea 

AN'fiURr {out in fpongy Svelliogs 

AMBUSCA^DE ") lEmbufiMde^ F. 

AM^U3H >Body of Men wi; 

AM/BUSHMENTJbidinaWood, i 
to niih out upon* or enclofe an Enemy 
awarps ; or the Plata where (he SoUiars 
themfelTcs} a laying in wait privily to 
prise, catch, or entrap one. 

AMBUST'IO.^, a Solution of tbe C 
nrntm, caufed by fome pcternal Buraiai 
Btrn or Scald. L, 

AMEL.CORN [not miTtkely of Aa^ 
Starch, X»* f . d. Amy/e-Com J French j 
a kind of Orain of wnich SurcK is made. 

AMEL, among, betwixt. C 

AMEN nm^'l ^^y» fobeit. 

AME'NABLE. [of ametur, F. ] cafy 1 
led or ruled : In Law it is applied to a W« 
being gpremed by her Hoihand, 

To AMEN0' [ amemier, p. of emrfi 
L.] corred, 10 repair, ca j 
or grow 'better. 

AMENIVMENT [jt^iuianent, F.J 
fomacioo^ Corrections 

AMEND'MENT [in Ijw] the Corr© 

?^ an Error committed and efpy*4 b 
udgment. ' 

AMENDS' «atisfiiaion or Recoiapoai 
. AME'NITY (oTfiitnitas, L.J Pleaiaat 

To AMBR'CB [jtma-do'. P.] to 3 
Fine or Foricitwre upon one. 

AMERCEMENT 1 [of Mfrci^ I 

AMER'CIAMENT J pecuniar V Pu 
mcpit impofed upon the Offenders at tbe A 
of the Court) It diflfcrs from a Fine, v 
it a Punifiiment ceruia, and deterttsixK 
iiMne Statute. L, tT. 

AMERCIAMENT Rty^l, la^hdi a 
jcift Coroner, ^c is amerced by ^thf Ju 
for the Abafe of his Office. 

AU^ntA, a fourth Part of the "V 
which was laft discovered, and (o called 

A34¥|CqVS [amurtux^ p.] 9tBA 
Cbauc. ' 

AM'ERSSAM. [ AiftooDbftrtam, 
Ac an Oak, CDun^ a Fence or Mound 
^ W.} . ■KlU^^^ a Village I 

A M 

CoK^TMfesce of the Wiftdswith a Row 
•fOAr; m ftom Apmaadusy the Wilder of 
k] iTwa m Buthmg^am/bh-f, 
AHOLY I reonica^ Som. »l«a^« 


rkh J « proper Kame o£ 

AfSiSi'\[Amamm, L.l an Ornameiit 

AMICI Wbkh Popiih Fneib wev on 

AMPCrJtinr Shdtaldcrt, tied i^ut 

tkor VtAs, under the A]^ bejog the firft 

Arr i^ dier 0refs, when tbqr rfce to Uy 

AMCTdOCyiCAL fof A atgttiWy and 
MaMs, U] that which it done without 
Mctfaodtorviowot any methodical or ratiODal 
Mcriptiait, at <>nckt do. 

AifflTHYS^rXAMSyJhyV, 6f j^netJiy^ 
fm, L. flf 'A^lf«ii^4 of « privative, and 
IdHnm tD tocfcriate ; becaviea as feme fajr. 
it Ji a Antsdooe aipijift Drunkeniiefs, Crr. J 
a fRGoa Stone of a porpTe Aotoor^ aad faint 

ArftlUVST [i& Btraliby] h a pdrple 
Cia« -9 NaUemcns Coats of Anna. 

AtflVH), moved. C&»f. • 

AUnUCrrOUS [amfraffwifMi,h.J full 
rfWiadiBis and Tnraings. 

Aunucmos^rry iamjraag$/hM, l.] 

I feo£a|, winlin^ or turning. 
41IU1LE, lovely, worthy to be Wved. 

AliUK£ Hkmh n^ foch as are mutu. 
1% c|b{ to the whole Smtt of ooe aoother't 
aapithm, as thefe two Numbers 284 and 

AIHaBLEIVESS [amaHlitat^ Li] Loveli- 
•^ FrKftaiine&. 

AmUPTUS f A/cfMO** Or.] a kind 
tf SfeoK like AUnsn^ tozy like Wool, which 
kom dfi iaio the Fire, will not burn or con. 
fc^i alU Earth-Aax, or Sakauiders.Mair. 

AMICABLE [mmM&i, U] ftieodly, 

«i|ttnrtcoss, loving. 

MCABtL<lTY[^€ivV^7rf <u,U] Ffieod- 

AMKIA, a Ca^ ma^ wRh Coats or 
U||SJ^ O.R. 

AMOaVT, a itafttf* €«Jd Cot% m valop 

A«I%-ADAB [ ynrrA, B. nhteot 
^•nl^g^elthe Father ot NaJ^, 

Tt AHFKftH, to dimiaiih, Cftsvr. 

^^M&SION, Lois. L. 

TjAjjrr 6it/f//rr, Li] to lofii 

AMTTTERfe LrriOB Tmar [in LattJ to 
**l fci U V of the Land^ f . e. to bfe the Li- 
*^rf Srariiq; in any Court ; to become 

. AMTTY [Amfti/, F. .A»«d*, U] Aflfec- 

M»Tncndlhip, Love. < 

AU'MA [«(th 5»;«Mi] a Girdle or Trofi 
y ■ Raptoret to hinder the InteAinerfrott 
Kmoi down too moch, 
.A14UAILA'K£,tocattid, O.JU ti 


AMAllSHAiyDAI [VTCmjy, H. /.r.. 
the People of the Almiihtyj a Fjrince of the 
Tribe of jDtf». .. . * 

AM'MON [hdy, H. 1. 1. tbt Son of my 
P^plel tbe Son of 

JMMOWACV^ Cummin Gum Ammo- 
ntac, a Gum brought from thtEaJl* Indies, fup. 
pofed to ooze fren acertaiixnadbi^eroos Plant. 

iyMM[S-AC£ iJmheJ^t, F.J when the t^Q 
Acts are thrown on the Dice. 

AMMUNI'TIQN [Munitm, F J all forti 
of Warlike Stoiei and Proviiion. 

AMMUNPTlOt^ Brjady Bread provide4 
for and given to the Soldicn. 

AM'NESTY [Amnefiv^ F. JtKfuftla, L. ' 
of 'A}ii^*rUt ^r*] the AGt of Oblivion, n 
general Pardon granted by a Prince to Sub- 
je^ for all (brmer Offences ; alfo is applied • 
to Treaties between two of more Princes or 
foreign Powers: importing, that all former 
Noftilities are at aa End, palled by, and to be 
buried in Oblivion. 

' AMNI'GENOUS [tomtiginus, L.] bred lA 
or near a River. 

AM'NIONI rAA»»w,Gr.] the inncmioft . 

AMNIOS {Membrane with which th^ 
Fflstus »o the Womb is immediately covered. 

AMNON [na^3^e, //. ie. True; alfo sa 
Artificer or Schodlmafterj the fiift bom Son 

AMOEBE'AN rtrfet^ Vcrics wkjch aafwer 
one another bv Courfe. X. 

AMO'MUM, certain brains^ of a purpla 
Colour, fpicy Smell, and biting Tafie ; the 
Fruit ^ a Tfee in the Eafi-Jwdia ; fome take, 
it for a Shrub in Aturica ^ the Herb Jeruja" 
itm, or Our Lady's Ro(c. 

AMONESTED, admoniihed. Cbauc; F, 

AMORETTES lAmourtttv, ^«] Love- 
Stories. Chauc. 

AMORO'SO, an amorous Man^ a Lover» 
a Gallant, Spam, 

AMORQSaTV^ Lovingnefs. 

A'MOROUS [amoiir<uki T. amorofus, L.J 
belonging to Love* ^r apt to fall in Love, 

A-MORROW, to Morrow. Cbauc, 

AMORT [Amorti, F.] extinguiflicJ, dead 5 
whence one tnat is in an EcOacy, or ^rnelan- 
c^ly Fity is laid to be aUsmort^ ), e. ^oite 

AMOR'T>' dull| heavy, fad^ melancholy^ 

AMORTn:A'TtON7theAaofAmorti. • 

AMOR'TIbEMENTJfyiflg. See Biort^ 
Mmin, L. 

To AMORTTZF, to kiU. Chauc. 
. A'MOS [pSiVt^ Jff' '• «* Burden, ot Bar- . 
dening] the Name of a Prophet. 

AW>'TION% rcmf ving away. I. 

To^AMOVr [amcvfrt, L.] to remore, to 
take away from« 

To AMOUNT' rwo<f*r, F.] to rifeVip ia 
Value, fiff . 

AMpUNT, the 9um Total, the fuU 
Ch«|% or Vahi« of A thiAg. 

•^ ^ DigitzeTb AMtUROSX 


AMOUR'IST [un Amoureitx, V^.} tsfilQo- 
tOttS Perfon, one apt to be in Love. 

AMOURS' [Amcrett V ] Love-Intrigues or 
Concerns. F» 

AMOCS'ES {m Gymijhy} couoterfeit 
Gems Or prerioas Stones. 

AMOS [!21W, H. I. e, StOQt or Stroi^] 
lEhe Father of the Prophet Ifaiab. 

AM'PER? [of Afflpri&;^4Kx.}a Swellinii 
AM'POR 5 alfo a Flaw in Cloth. 
AMPHEME'RINUS [of'AfAfi about and 
Ir^t/pA a Day, Gr.] a q[notJ&ian DUUmpef, a 
Fever or Atue that comes every Day. 

AMPHTBIOyS [AmpblbU, F. amphihiifs, 
L. of 'Aftf iCf(^r ^f^ 'a/<^ and >!i(6r» Lif<(, 
47r. ] that lives both upon Lynd and in the 
Water, as Fron, Otters, Stc 

iu, of 'A/AfiCXif p» a Net, Gr. ] a foft, 
Wfaite^ Oiiny Coat of the Eye, that refemhks 
a Net. 

V.oiAmpbihoUgiaa, L.]. bdonging to Anpbi- 

AMPHIBOL'OGY Jy^y^^i^V, F. Jm- 
fUnboIogia, L. of *A/ufiWfl\o^«,-of «(/ufi about, 
and fUKkm to caft or throw^ Or.'l in Cnun- 
snar, an- obfcnre Speech tut has a doable 
Meaning j or an ambiguous Way of writing or 
ipeaking, fo that the Meaning may be taken in 
two di/Teient and contrary Senfes. Some have 
remarked, that the BngUJh Tongue is not 'fo 
liable to this Abufe as tne French^ nor the 
Trench fo much as the Latin, 

AMPHIBRA'CHYS [ofA/^^and ifi/*- 
yvtf {hort, Gr. ] a Foot of Latin and Greek 
Verie, having one long Syllable in the Middle^ 
and a ihort one on each Side. 

certain Pkces about the Gtandutes or Kernels 
in the Taws, that ferve to o^oiften the Throat, 
Stomach, ^c, 

AMPHIDidJM [ 'h^^iUm, Gr. J the 
SMmmit or Top of the Month of. the Womb. 

, AMPHIMA'CER [ of 'i^fl and /uaexf;^?, 
Cr^ la Foot of Latin Verfe, that has a ihort 
Syllable in the Middle^ and a long one on each 
Sid^. Gram, 

AMPHISBiSTNA [ of 'A/if i^Caiwt, of 
mfipi, iuA/Uha, to go, Gr,\ a Serpent which 
itiemetb to have two Heads, and goes both 
vifays. L, ^ . 

AMPHIS'CII ['AiUt/^jJei, of i^^} on 
lloth Sides, and aiuat Shadows, Gr.] inhabi 
tants of the Torrid Zonf;, whofe Sha«iows, at 
difHn:ent Times of the Year, fail both ways. 

AMPHIS'MELA, an Anatomical Inftni- 
n^nty ufed in the Z>ine6tion of Bodies. 

AMPHfTHE'ATRE l/hrpbitbeatrum, L. 
cf 'KjApi^Urfot^ of «/.(fi ab6ur, and 3-100 
fduu to behold, GrA a Place built by the 
Ram^ns^of a round .or o.val Figure, con- 
taining a great Niuttito of Scits oae above 


anotb^i xfhere the People fair 4ivtib SheW#^ 
and Sports. 

. AM'PHORA I'AfifPf^t, Or,] aa ancient 
Meafure of li^ttid Things, containing 8 Cal<^ 
Ions of Oi^ ^2 Poaadsof Wintf, So Pounds 9f\ 
Honey, or f So Pounds^ 

AMPHYC'TJONS, a Name of the Meow 
bers of the Great Coancil Qf Greece, 

AM'PLJE [amPlus, L.] large, wide» fpact* 
oos, abundant, r, 

AMPUA'TION, an Enlargement. F. t. 
AMPUATION [ in Law} a deferring 
Judgment till thr Caok he better certified. 

AMPLlFICATlOtr, an enliiiging or di* 
iating upon an Argument, to work' upon the 
Hearers, and gain their Belief to what is fai4« 

To AM'PLIFY f anflifier, f, ofamffifi^ 
care, L.] to eialaige or dOatc ; alfo to efpo<u»f 
or illnftrate. 

AM'PLITUDE, LargeneftofSztent, Gnat- 
nefs. Lr 

AMPLITUDE 9f tbt Sum cr Stmt [ ta' 
J^onmy ] an Arch of the Horiam^ inter, 
cepted between the ^aft and Weft Points of 
•it, and the Center of the Son or Stars at thesr 
Riiing or Setting, and is cither Northern ag 

AMPUTA'TION^ a cuttinf or loppiog oflT^ 

AMPXJTATION [In Snrm] the cttttinii 
oflF any putrified Member of the Body. 

AM'R AM [OrW 0(09 a People, and 
CT^ high, H, i,e. an iiigh People] the Fa-' 
ther of Afo/tfs. _ 

AM'RAPHEL [!75nDBr of nan he hath- 
faid, and TOW Def^ru^ion, H. i, e, a fpeak-^ 
ing Dcftru£UDol a King fjiSbinar, 

AM'ULET {Anulette, F. Amikhmh LJ 
any kind of Charm worn about the Neck, 
or any Part of the Body, to prcfetve againfr 
Witchcraft or Difeafes. 

AMURCOS'lT Y [amare^Jtas, L.] DrtggU 

To AltfUS'E ^amnfir, f, q. d. mufS Jetii 
nere] to ftop or fby a Perfon with a triflings 
Story, to make him lofe hia Time, tb feed with 
vain Expectations, to hold in Play. 

AMUSE'MENT [jSmnfment,r,}iiaidle 
or trifling Employment to pafs away Tim« | i^ 
Toy, pr Pivertifejoent { alfo' the makiajg of 
vain Promifes to gain Time, 

A'MY f >jbrr>, F. a /he FtiendJ a proper 
Name of Women. 

AMY Procbfint the next Friend ¥^ Sato- 
be intruded for an Infafit or Orphan. F« 

AM YG'DALATE, aa artificial Milk:, or. 
Emulfion, made of blanched Almonds^ ^r. of 
jimfgJabtm an Almond. L^ 

AMYN'TICA £mf^afira (in Phmwa^J 
defenfativct ftrengthening Plaifters. 
. AMYR£D> taken oat of the Mire.' 

A'NA, a barbarous Word ofed in Ptiyfi-. 
Icians BiiiS| and figni^ that an 9q^ Quan* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^ t/aA Japt&ax U to be Ukeo ia o«b- 
fooaumtk Udiciae. 

Am A, n E^bdsMi Cob, worth 1 1. 

AXABAPTSTS (^tHohjft^, F. of «M 
mi #tf:i;j>,G. i^ r. to rebapcixe] a Sea 
mbokTcpaob Tfat PierioDs opsbt noc to be 
btfOBtt liJitlitjut thk. to give m Account 

AXABOAZOV [in .rflrMMy] ^ Dn. 

£*s fiead, or tbe Northern Node of the 
m, wboc 4k ptSiet the Ecliptick from 
ibe SsKb (Q tbe North latitude. 

*Way flfdiawiflgoac tbe pricking Hairs of 
tbc Eje.£d* tbac are tamed inwards. ^Vf« 

ASUHUXSIS [MC^<f^Gr.] an £ro. 
iaiH eonodim * eating away, a confttmine 
or ynimi of aaj Pkrt of the Body by-fiurp 

^XACAUKTiCK | Gr.] bowing, re. 

t'^^ m ntoraiag back v i>|aiB| a Word 

be^aoAfwIhiot Echoes. 
AXACAlin-lCKS 7 t Brioch of a 
a GATOPTRlCiCS | Science of Op- 

6A\ vbicb by the Rays of feae bright Obr 

jcft iCSefied on a plain Surface, coniGden iti 

f Ma, DimrBfioi^ and Diftance. 
AKMUTHARnriCK McdUina, are Inch 


if aispia, and atyXf/or, a fiunaakig up tbe 
Bb^ «f Things ur.] a brief Summary or 
lA^o^on of the Heads of any Matter 
i^crdebfczrd in Writing. L. 

Ta ASACEPH'AU^, to »cat the 

ANACHORETAL 7 of an Anttrhocite 

iHACHORrraCAL t or Monk. 

ANACHORETA. Utj^iwe:. 

AhACH'RONISM [tfwX^cNrfc^O of i^ 
»* i^a^wiir, of ;|f*i^. Time, Cr. ] an 
scv ■ Cbfoool^gy, or in the Gunputation 
•< Tme, an ondueConAexion of it ; ^1^ pla- 
cm&Faft or Evene much csdier or later 
tkoLticallypai. F. 

iXACK, « Soft of fine Bread m^ of 

4KACL&T1CKS, iFart of Optkks which 
tan tf all Sorts of Refraaiona, the £une. 

AXd&^SIS [in Rhathek\ a Figure 

•^wij we fcem to deUberaie, and argne the 

^4 otbcia. npea any Ma^er of Moment. 

OdOHJlEM'ATA, Modieinea tff9y*6 

fctbFmiwiil or KoArila to ftop bleeding; 

«K> MEdfiBfl that will breed ridk, Md coo. 

INtwsccbc Parts. L. 

AXAayLUTHON7[«WaK«a«r, of «f 

AKACO^UTTHUS {privative, and a^Xa- 

f<, c nnifi pic n t, Cr. /. e, m locoofe^ocnce in 

<><Kwrie] a Fipre in Khfdp^k, wbco a 

Vetd that ia to anfwer anothccjlnot espreffed* 

AI^ACMONTlCli r*r/r,^rt gf Veifc 


chat tdces its Name from AuKrtfg, a too«i 
(vfwjl Poet. 

At^ADES'MA {Qfiicl and ^r/<df, Gr.] « 
Swathe or Bandage to bind up Wounds* 

ANADlPLCysiS [ilmii9kMTis, Gr.] a re« 
doubling } a Figure u Rhetorick, when the 
laft Word in the End of a Verie or Senteoct 
begins the ncau. 

ANADIPUySlS {io Phxfici] a fre^uej^ 
Reduplication of Feven, &e, 

ANA'DQSIS CtaFhjtfick] the Diftributioa 
of Cby1e thro* its proper VelTels j alfo whaU 
£otfcr tends upwards, as a Vomit. Gr* 

AN/ESTHESl'A, a l>dc& of Sen&tion^ 
as in paralytick and blafted Peribns.' Gr. ' 

ANAGLY'PHICE, ojr 7 f «(KC>\»a-7i^. 

of carving, chafii^ en^vittg, or imbofiing 

^ ANAGO^GEri^ii^^^.ori^^agaio^ana 
tym to lead, GrA an Elevation of the Min4 
to fcarcb after the hid4en Meaning of a Paf. 
£ige, byt more efpecially the myftical Senfe of 
the Holy Scriptures. L, 

ANAGCGICAL [anagoMite, F. mugtm 
giemsj L. of i^t-yat^tiU, Gr. j myftdiou^ or 
which hath an elevated and uncommon Signi^ 

AN'AGRAM [Jaap'mmm^ F. Aa^wn^ 
ma, t, of c(r«>^iUM«> Or-] * 4^ Sentence 
made by tranfpofing tbe Lctten of ooe*sNam^ 
in order to make out the Honour 
of the IVrfon; thus Cairn by Tcai^^tion iSl 

^ht, Gr.l the Art of making Anagrams. 

ANAGRAM'MAllST yf^jgr^mmu^, 
F.l a Maker of Anagram^. 

ANAGRAPH'E [mHiyM9^, of M aiid 
>fflfip« to write, Cr.j a Defcription, a ieg|r 
ihiag or recording of A^ j an Inventory, « 

' ANAGRIF-GREF, Foraicatkof the lying 
with an unmarried Woman. Sfeim, 

AN AK IP39, H . I. e. a Collar] the Name 
pf a Giant. 

ANA(^ECTS' [«v«X<it74, Gr.l Fragmenci 
Mthefed Irom Tables ^ alio Collections q| 
fcraps out of Authors. 

ANALBC^ES [^i«2ijJw, Or.] a Serran'l 
that gathers op the Fragmeou after Dinner^ 
alfo a Scholar well read. L. 

ANALCM'MA [«'r4xi^^, Gr'.] an Oc^ 
thographick ProjeOioo of the Sphere upon tAl 
Plane <^ the Meridian* L, 

ANALEP'TICKS, Medicines which cht- 
riih the Nerves^ and renew the Spuota aa4 
Stt«sgth. Gr, 

ANALEpO-iCK [4M«/<^ri<», L.] RcAo^ 

ANALCOICAL [sasfopffie, F. msM^ 
orj, L. Qfm*\iyi9&^9 Gr. J proportional, bcr 
longing to Proportion. 

ANAL'OGISM [An^ifmu, L. ofVw 
Xo)4r/K^f| of M «nd xa>ic«> to ' 

f » 

reai(M>, C'rA 


AVALOOISM pn Lt^'ck] a forcible Arpi- 
IHent firoto thi* CatTfe to tbe Effta. 

ANALOGISM [in Phfck] a Compatifon 
Uf Caufrt thatlitlp thtir'tfkencft, or judging 
of Difeafts by fifriUjr Appearances. 
■'AN'AL'OGOUS [tf^w/fl^j, L.] prop6rti0ii, 
, M^, anfweriqg b rafhwrt, 'Proportion, Kc- 
fcmblancc, t>e3ryng Udation to, 

AtrAL'OGy [Anaiogie^ F. Analgia, L. of 
iw.\v^idL^ Gr.] like Reafon, Propbrtion, Re- 
lation which one thing bears tp another. . 

ANALOGY ^in xh^ ^afbmatickt^ the 
Comparifoh of fcvcral RatioVof QaajititieS or 
Kunwtfrs one to another. ' 

ANALYSIS [Andlyfe, f. MwfH, of hi 
•nd \tV^ a Solution, Crp ] Refoldtion, the 
An of dlfcovering th^ Troth or I^alAood, Pof- 
fibilit^f or Impoifcbility, oFa'Propofition ; The 
r^udng-of "an/ 8ubft«ice to Its firft Principles. 
^» • 

AT?At'ysW[iriy*rtffw5r] irn ctaft Diirifion 
^f all the Parts of a Human Fody. 

VtKALYTICAL^ftfM^f/fJfff, P. analytic 

ANALY'TICK J cw, L. of «^>*xdTiJc«f, 
Gr.'] of or belonging to an AnaljJiSf or Method 
tf mtving, C^<f. 

ANALYT'iCFC [in UgieJt] a Part of that 
Sdentt which teaches to dechne and conilnie 
Reafon, as Grammar docs Words, 

ANALYT'ICKS, orthe 7 f«»«Xi/T/««, 

geh-d, fo called, as be7f)g nothing elfe but a 
{enoral AnaIyt;sof pure Mathematicks. 

^-AN'ALrZE Bodies [among Chym/h] is 
to diflblte them by Fire, in order to fiiid out 
the feveraJ Parts of which they are ccmpofed. 

A^AM'NESIS [of AfsijuyncK, of rfWand 
fttjuna-x^fASLi to ren^ember, ^r.j a Remem- 
braiTCQ of that we f^.^em^'d to forgtt. Rbee. 

ANAMNET>ICKS [ofp^mrtc.Gu Re- 
tBcmbfanCe] Medicines which rellore the Me- 
mory, as aM"fif>iritoo«$ Things do. 

ANAN'l'AH? \7PXit of T3V a Clood or 

ANANPAS 5 Answer and n^ the Lord, 
II, /. e. the Cloud or Dh^mation of the Loitl] a 
prbper Name of a Man; 

ANAP-'ESV [«t>«V.tis^f, of «f 7i> agiin and 
•'21'w to ftrlkc,GV.l a Latin Vei^e, whofc Feet 
coriift of three Syllables^ the two firft flioit, 
and the f^(> long. 

AKAP:«;ST'ICK r^r/tfr. SeeAfiap^. 

ANAPfTORA [flfr*^', Gr.JaFigurein 
Rhctorick, when the fame Wor^ is repeated 
it the Beginning of every Veirfe or Member of 
"H SeiitcAce* 'L* 

AJfAPHRODISI'ACI [of i^fi? andrff^/T» 
^?kin, Gr.2 Pcrfons impotent Vener^ Inter- 

ANAPL^'ROSIS [mitTJkfv^ic, Gr,] a 
•fflllng up or fupplying't T!>at Part of Sarge. 
ry, whereby is rrftored by Art, what eith^ 
Katur^ has defied, or has by chance decayed. 

^ANAPLEROT'ICK Af«*ViW*. fUchapfill 
HP Ulcers wltli Fldh, 


AN'ARCHY lAmtmhie^ F. Anarchia^ \ 
\ of inttf^yU.; Gr;] Want bf GovefnmtBt in 
jNatioiior State ; bein^ without Rule,' eve 
I one aAing in tix Bffaaac^ moA" agiceable 
I himfelf, having no SapetioiP to coatroul \m 
\ Metapb, Conftifton, 

ANARETA [with Afirclcgers^ a Mas 
given to the fatal Planet in a Kativity, wfai 
threatens Death. 

AN^ARRHOE'AfamongPJbje/^r/iwa] a Sf 
cies of Fluxion oppoAte /to a Catarrh, vnh 
Humours regurgitate upward. Or, 

ANASAR'CA [Mdrdf^m, ofdfi and C4 
F>e(h, frr. J a white foft yielding Swelling 
the Body, which dents m when the Flelh 
preA*d } a kind of propfy. L. 

AN ASTOICHPASIS;^ a Chymicia Refo! 
tion of mix*d Bodies intortheir liril P^tncimk 
Gr, . . ^ 

ANASrOMAT'lCKS [iaPitfrnsa^] M 
dictnes which open the Pores and PafTagcs, 
Purgatives,' Sudorificks^ and Diurcticka. Or 

AI^ASTCyMOSIS [«»ar^aNr/^, of «? 
and f-o/^flt the M<Nith, <7r. ] ad o^ntn^ < 
loofenmg. ' 

ANASTOeMOSIS [ lA ^m/ow>] an B 
fluxion of Blood, Lvmpba, or Chyle, at d 
meeting of VdTels that ciofit not narrowly. 

AKAS'TROPHB [it^rft^k, of «>i mx 
r^9A» to turn, Gr. ] a Figure in Gramwut 
when that Word ia fet foremoft which ihou! 
naturally follow, tslraliamevntra, 

ANATH'EMA fmi^^f^iA, of tfncTl$9flL 
r.e, {'plac^on hi^h. Gr,! anyOfferiog « 
Gift fct apart or given to God, or~to h 
Church. L. 

ANATHEMA [Anetbnie, F. of dtMn 
/uec,' of cifA*ti$iffA4i tq i«nounce or give u 
-to, Gr,"] a folemn Curfe, or Sentente of Ea 
commmucatioB 3 aifo the Thing -accttrfifid, € 
Perfon cut oflTleom the Comaxiiiion of'th 

To ANATHEM'ATIZB [anathegmtfja 
F, anath'emarizi/rr, L. dfti*ri9»^ti Gr.7 |6 ca 
communicate, to put under a Curfe, &c, 

ANAaWXaSM. [A9att>nfaivt, U, of «Vae 
«rox/9-/u€c, of«>«aj)dcMtoc, Xlfiwy, Cr.J tli 
annual Increafeorjntsereft of Miney^ SiinpJ 
or Compound. 

ANATOM<ICAL [AfUifdinfpre, F, jftrutg 
mt'eus, L. of e^ntrc/u/icer, Or.l of or bdon^q 
to Afiatopiy. ** 

ANAT'OMIST [Anatomljlt, F. Amitcmi 
cut, L. of dmrtfiMif^ Gr.) a Peion fkiiTi 
in the Art. 

up, anafTmifer. F. 1 to didfed or' cut up theBo^ 
of Man or Beaft, m order to view its Parts, 

ANATK)MY [Anatomtc^ F. Anetmie^ L 
of ^rcToAti, of JLyttHfj^t* to dif!^, Cr« 1 i 
neat t^iflfe^lion or cutting up the body of M9 
or Beaft, whereby the Parts are feverally Ait* 
covered and explained, for tlie Ufe oTPbyficji 
and Naiwal Philofophy, 

Digitized by GOOglrA^NATRejj. 


ta of dl RiTer Nih \m Effft. 

AKiQASTEIt [of Ao and Cearie[l» Siuc. 
tCbfkJ « T««A ia Unmifiirr* 

ANCCSTJt£L» belongijii t» Anceflor^ « 
llMteifa|«M4 i« r, UaoiagK tlliC tn» been 
^mlftte*! isctfton. I*. 71 - 

KSKSf». [AMcrt, F. <tf <4iii^»rtf, I« of 
^aMi,Gr.} m loflbmn^ 4tf 2r«M thtx Mds 
«% ■ dK Vlacf Ac rldct. 

iXOIOit [m^^/9-/«9#rf] m aCwiflg 
iaei^* JCteabViif .«n Aichor,. 


T» A!i»CHQR [jifaMVF.l to^ Andtor. 

AlPCBOiUlOE? f^^rm^F.] Orottod 

AKXfKXaKC S « to M4 the Aocbor 
«(iSki^ fi» d»t J^ may ride it out fafelv. 

A2i>CHQRAGE'£m ^.mJIba Dvtypaid 
1>^Kaglbcc3ftiig Anchor ia thaPooiof 

AKQiORET {jiMaclonttr,^. jUatb: 
n^Lif*AMj|ri^«*rar» of «f«2«n4 X'^« to 
tCR,Gr,'\ a HerBiic or Monk that ktda a fo- 
£(■7 L^ IA a Defstf for the A^ of Devotion. 

AS^BpRBSS, a Kuo. 

AK^CBOVE [Amhois, F. of ^f^rm, 

AJHXYLOPS, a Swelling between the 
C«rofthe«7eaadHo(^ Gr. 
AS'CIENT [Akim, FJ 01d> that which 

AKENT 1 famooc Saitm\ a Flag or 

AXfSaSMT/SticaiBip; iet in the Stern of 
1% • -' 

AFCIENT I>mtfne [L. T.] a Tenure, 
f^s%«fi Muoan belonging to the Crown 
■ tte Qtji of King Bdward the ConfeiTor, 
njJI'iiiG^llieCftQqoKor, w^ehcld« 
. 4irci&KTS [in the A^iMe Ttm^U] a 
t^ ef foch as are paft their Reading, and 

iAjrOESry [AKciaiiiete,V.] Ancients 
*i Biexfup, Seniority. JL. T^ 

«UE { Aac]0op, V^' atlkUi ^*». ] 
«]ntt between the Leg and Foot. 

42^tfE, a Fekm, a Swelliog or Bump 
<^a]uTdaad hot. 

4K0(XN [ttyMa^, Gr.l the Top or Point i 
^ Ae Eihov i the backward and greater 
^«ag Pan of the Cobit, called Ww. 

AlieCr^7ES fifi AKhifiOure) are the Cot- 
»>^Coiaso<f WaUi Cfo&. beams of Raf- 

^OUHMI/US^ a Mofcle of the Elbow 

■■ttWps to extend it, 

ASPCatfY [at the //vff Miws^ a Bloom 
>»«{!it ioto the Figure of a flat Iron-Bar, of 
i^b: dmc Foot lobe, with two fquare rough 
*«*^<«>t each End. 

ANCV'LE fm yfjMf«vy} the Cootraaion 
tf the Ham, or other Joint?. Gr. 

ANCVLOELCPH ARON, \hc gnming of 


the Eye.]Idc to the Tunica Corma^ or tht 
Albuvinea, oc when both the Eye-iids grow 

ANCYLOGLOSWS [«>*vXii>X««r©-, 
«>KPA.», a Confbidipo, ami >^^M<VBa» the 
Toflvue, GfJ\ one that is Toqgve^tied, or haa 
an imped unent in his speech. . 

ANCYROVDES.. [i^att^otiJv, qr.] the 
ibooting forth, of .the. Shoulder-Bofie in the 
f Ofm of a fieak. , 


ANPAN'TE [in m/tQk /yei^i] chieEy re- 
i^Q,% the tKorougjb 3ars, and figniiies.that in 
pbying, the Time rouft be kept «ery juft and 
cxaft, and each Note made vety ciiual an<t 
diAin^ from ope -to tbq other. Jtai, 

Largo ANDAN^ XE, 7 [in Mufiok Booh^ 
•ANDANTE i.4r;(7 j^ figniBes, that tbo^ 
the Mufick muft be performed flow, ^ yet the 
Time muft be obferved very exa£bly, and the 
Soand«of each Note muft be rery dtAind, and 
feparated one from another. ItaU 

AN'PERNESS [Acmuot)^fitterr^,ofAc 
an Oak, CDunb, a Mound, and Naepe, a Pro- 
montory* f . d» a PromoDtory cncompaiTed 
with Oaks, to defend it f^m tihe Winds] a 
Place in Lancafoire* 

ANDO'UANS [in Cookery] a fort of Pud- 
ding made of tiogs Guts minced iinall and 
feafonM with Spices. AndtmiUesy F. 

AN'DOVER. [Aajjeapapm, Sax. j. f. the 
Ferry of the River Afitan\ a Towp In Bam^' 

ANDOVIL'LE [in Cookery] a fort of Chit- 
terlings, made either of Hogs or Calves Guts» 
ftuflfeo with minced Meat. F, 

ANDOVIL'LET [in C0o^] minced yeal» 
and other Ingredients, rolled into a Pellet. F. 

ANfURESWAU) [ from ^lllUtD* Fear, 
f . 4, a dreadful or terrible Wood f a Wood, 
PftC iQ S'jjj'ex^ and Part'in Ktnty 1 2 Miles long. 

AN'DREW [•A»5/)i«f,Gr. Manly or Cott- 
rageousj a Manis Name. 

St. AN'DREWS in ScTtlaeidy which in Old 
Times was called Regimuad^ q, d, St. Re^u^ 
/its's Mount, which Urtgus King of the Pieft 
having converted into an Archbi/hop^s See, 
gave much Church. Land to. 

ANDRO'gVnE i'Atifoyut^, of dfjipa. 
Man, and yun a Woman, Gr.] nn Hernoa- 
phrodite, or one that is both Male and Fe- 
male»'Or that is calhated and efteminate. 

ANDRO'MEDA [in A/ironcmy^] a N<r* 
them Codfteliation. 

ANDRp^TOMV [of dt^p and tijuyet to 
cut, Gr.] a Ui0e£bion of Human Bodies. 

To ANE'AL, to bake or harden Glaff^ 
Tiles, Sftf. in the Fire. 

ANE'MIUS Fumus [among jUcbymif.s] a 
Wind-Fumate ufed to make ftrong Fires for 
melting Metals, &c, 

ANE'MONY, Emony, Wind-flower. 

ANEMOS'COPE, a Machine invented to 
(hew the Changfl ot the Air or Shifting of the 
Wind, ^ 

Digitizec^byVjC ANENT' 


ANEKT'y coQcerAing dr fditifig td. 8e$t, 
lDver-agami^, in Old Englifi. 

A'NES 7 Spires or Beards of Birley^ and 

AWKSjodrarb«ardedGniiii. Chauc. 

AN£LACIUS» a ihort Kitife or Dagger. 0. 

^'NE T [oianetbuM, L.] the Herb DjJ!. 

ANEU'KISM [ of ifc^i^oW, Gr. ] a Dxla- 
htion or Biarftiog of the Arterkt^ lb that they 
continaally beat and fweJl. 

ANEWS'T, aljDoft^ nigh, near H hand, 
•hoot. Chaut, 

ANoTe } Un«^a«fsj Vexation. CAifw. 

ANFRACTUOUS [of ^/r«ff<«, L.1 f^U 
«f Tomi&fi and* Windings J intricate. 

ANFR ACTUOS'i T y, a Winding or Twiv- 
tng} Intricacy* X. 

ANGA/RIA [Angaire^ ^* 1 * prcfling of 
UoH^i Teams, Men, Sbipt^ ^c, for the pub- 
lick Ufe. 

ANGEIOT'OMY [iy^nS^^ of rf>Ji* 
VeiTels, and *re^« a cuttmg, Gr."^ a cutting 
•pen tht Vcfieb $ u in opiniing a Vein or 

AN' GEL tCfffrtI,«Wr#. ^^, F. ^«. 
^«»,L. of*A>/ii)v#',Gr.] a MatSenger or 
firinger of Tidings } and is generaJ] v applied 
to thofe iotelle^val and ioinuteriaf Beings, 
tvbich Cdd niafces ufe of aa htt Mtmfters^ to 
^execute the Ord^Krt of his Providence. 

ANG£L, a OoU Cairn worth about lOx. 

ANCEL Shet^ a Canon Ballet <ut iia two, 
and having the Halves linked together with a 

ANGEL Bid [en«rt fSmU T«'.]. tn 
«pen Bed without Bed-poits. 

ANGELICA, a fodorifick Herh. t. 

ANC£L'iC4 r^/x, a Monkifli Ganaent, 
which Laymen put on a little before their 
Death, that thipy might have the Baoeftt of 
the Prayers of the Monks j chiefly praOrifed 
hy the Order of St. francis, 

ANGEIVlCAIs of or belonging to, or par- 
taking of the Nature of AnE:«ls* 

ANGEflCJ, a Sort of Chriftian Heteticks, 
who TWDrfliipped AngeU in the firft Century. 

AKQEyiCUS Pulvis, a Diilindlion given 
hy i.cbroder to Mermtrius Vit^, L. 

AN'GI [among Pbx/kiam'] thofe Tumours 
in the Groin called Bubr>ei. 

AN'GILD [An and Dilt>, Sax.] a Valua- 
tion according to the Price of a Criminai. 
0. L. r. / 

AN'GINA, the Quinfey, a Difeafe. L. 

ANGIOUOCy Ux/«iWtf, Gr.J a Dif- 
cnur re or Trcatife of the Velfels of ii Human 
ISody ; as \he Veins, Arieries, (&<, 

AN'GLE [AflSe, Smx, auBfl, Trar. of 
AngulnSf L.] a Comer j aWo a Fifltiugrod. F, 

ANGLE [in Gfcmitpy] a Space compre- 
hended between the j^eecijig of two Lines. 

j4 Plain ANGLEj the Inclination or Aper- 
ture of two Lines meeting in a Point. 

ReSi !htfdl AK^iLE 7 k when the two 

J?/V^/~//ffrJ angle} Lines which fo'w 
the Angle aic Right Unc^, 

(^nnthnd ANCLE, is when the tw« 
Lines that form xht Angle arc cijrved and 

Mix'd ANGLE, fs when one of the Fomii. 
ing Lines is right, and the other curved. 

ANGLE ^Wxr/ 7 fuch as have ont 

CemtguoKS ANGLES J Leg common to both 
Angles, and both taken together, ^e always 
equal to two right ones. 

ANGLE ef Indde/tce [in Geomary] h the 
Angle which the Incident Line makes wid^ 
the Perpendicular. 

^ANOLE 6f Irddcfife [In Care^nchJ U aa 
Angle made fay a Ray of Light falling on the 
Body, with any tangent Line of that Body 
which is next to the luminous Body. 

External ANQLES, are the Angles of any 
nght-iin^d Figure without it, when all the 
Sides arc fevcrally produced or lengthened. 

An ^te ANGLE, ia that which ia Ic^ 
^ P*" • right one, or contains lefs than 90 

ANGLE of RrfieBion, is the Angle whidi 
the Re%a«l Line makes with the Perfteodi^ 

Jntemal ANGLES, all Angles psade tonclw 
ing the Sides of any right-lhied Figure within. 

A Right ANGLE, ia when one Right Line 
falls upon another perpendicnlarly, io aa i^ 
leave an equli "Space on each Side^ 

An Ohtnfe ANGLE,^ is greater than a 
Right-Angle, and confifts of more than 9* 

Oblige ANGLES, ake fqcfa which an 
either Acate or Ohtnfe, m Oppofitioa to 
Right Angles. 

Ofpofite or rerticai ANGLES, am thoJb 
that are made by two Right Libes csv^CQw 
each other, which only touch in the AnniW 

A ^ohd ANGLE, is tt^de hy the meet- 
ing of three or more Plain Angles joinimt to m 
Point. P V -^ . 

A Spherical Angle, an Angle made ^y th^ 
meeting of two Arches of g;eat Circles, which 
mutually cut one another on the Surface of 
the Globe or sphere. 

ANGLE of the Ciumferenei Fin Fenific^^ 
tisn] h the mhced Angle made by the Aich 
whiclj is drawn from ohe Gorge to another* 

An ANGLE at tbe Cirnmfirence^ ia ai| 
Angle made by any two Chords whidi meet 
there in a Point. 

ANGLE of Longitude fin j^^ogy] is the 
Angle which the Circle cfl a Star*$ Lon^tude 
makes with the Meridian, at the Pole of the 

AN G L E V" Farallax [in j^fmomy] 1, 
that Angle which is made by two Lines, 
im<iS>ped to be drawn from the Center of « 
Planet to the Surface and Ornter ckf the 
Earth. ' * • 

ANCLE of tbe Sep^tnt, is made by th^ 
Circumference Of a Circle^ and a Right Lin« 
cutting IS. r^ J 

Digit zed by LjOOgle AWGLR 

A N 

fiSCU tf tW SnV P#>n«s» is ID Aogk 

»ae V ^ iBBftiaK d «i Arch of a Mori- 
Am Lot vitk aay Arch of any other sreat 
CW^ «h4h f4(n thnofh the Body of the 

UtCLE if tifrsaiMi Ha O^Wcitl m 
it A^ «Wh ike Refnaed Rnr makes 
wi^ ^laeteK Ray, conuiMe^ without any 

AHGU t^^n^W r b CMofirich 1 h the 
4#Bi&kythcRdiaaedRay aai the 

4IICU yifelW«*M/«/ #«>fPZaai [in 
^nbl m m Aflf^ aiadeby ti^ Una di- 
«te iwihe Ey« to tbofii Places. 

tfGU ^fltf Ab/im (in F«rfi)SMr/M] 
• ii|b Brie bj the Facet of the Baftion. 

iWSU «r /^ Copter fia ftnifemUml 
■ i^ mi4e m the mkia of the Polysoo 
Iftva Aa|ki yrorfodiag at the Center, and 
«ia|it ie two Aailcs wareft to the Po* 

iMGU /Ik a^Umem ff fbe lim 0/ 
J^^l^FtrtiJuMimJ is aa Aogle pro- 
•ai^iiBB the IflterieaiGii of the two Com. 
|ieMs sae with the other. 

J^SCil rftig Cmniu 7 [ in Fcruficgtmn 1 
^ iSCU /r£r H»l $ Aie Alible which 
aarir ke, or u'wai i f J between the Gourtin 

iXGLE / /^ Ctmmtrfurp [in Forti£cM- 
■■] a Aa(k aain by two Sides of the 
^i«ifcjii» which meet bcfovt the middle 

M3X Umailbed [m TvtifcMlw^ an 
A^ aaie ^ the Face of the BafHon^ with 
tbafwiwi Sides of tha Polygon. 

l»CU/rfe£armr/fj«r#7 [in Tor> 
, 4SGL£/iir PoJtpn _ Ji tifoation] 

^ te wha^ is aaSc ia the Center of the 
■Am, H the aecOBs of the innaoft Siks 

iliCU rtmnked [tn Ferft/catian] is that 
aich a Bide by tJae aieetiog of the two 
Iwa sf tbe Baftion. 

ASCII fUukiv impard [in Frrtific^ien] 
mi^Ui^ made ia the FUnkii«^f^ 


AlCU FUkof pumard T'm Tortijka- 
^ aihat which is aaadc by tne meeting of 
^ aw lafiBt Liaes of Defence, <• t, the 
»• fim if the Ba&on prolonied. 

ABca /aratri^ r^ F^« [ia FortiJUa- 
^ s ihac whidi is compoM of one Flank 
^^ ttBim; fBiit, 

ABCU y* /Ar Mr« [in Fertijuation] is 
* 4i«h Bade U faa theConrtio, wiiew it 

^'iiCU Mi-mtrimg 1 [ia Fcrtijuattn) is 
AliCiJL JtmCKtfpr >anAqskthatpoi])ta 


ABCU <«iAar 1 [ia FarttjUaHm^ is aa 

A»GLB5d?a« r An^Ie that advances 

y^i * ^Bsac towwida the Country, as the 

^^ m the Csuattricarp befote the Poiat of 

«**«{ atficaikd&rr^araadA^. 


ANGLE tf ^i&e Shwlder^ #r £/>4«fr [ill 
Fortifoatiott] is an Angle made b; the Linat 
in the Face and Flaak of the Ba^on. 

ANGLE of the Teitatl/e 7 [in Fcrttfi^ 

ANGLE Flanhng wfofttrd 5 Mtion] that. 
which is made by the two lines Fitfaant, 
/. e, the Faces of the two fiaftioQS exteode^ 
till they meet ia aa Angle towards t|ie Coor^ 
tin. ' 

ANGLE of tte Triangle [in F9rtif(at4on'\ 
is half the Angle of the Polygon. '^ 

ANGLE of tbt tefi [in JV4fv;^4//H « 
that Point of the Compaifs which the Ship 
fails upon. 

ANGLES of a BmaUw [in hUnmy jffl 
fairt] are fuch as are made by the laft Mca at 
the Ends of the Ranks and Files* 

ANGLES [in j^roUgy] ar« certain.H^uib 
of a Figtire or Scheme ot the Heaytna, as tha 
Horoiicope of the firft Houies ut .termed the 
Angle of the Eaft. 

To ANGLE [of A|i5»|, S^ar. a Hook, 
4nffC»» ^«'.J to fifli with aq Angle of 

AN'GLESEY [Aoslerta, r. #. thelOe 
of the En^t/b] (0 calied when. the Fngfrjh 
took FoOemon of it ; an Ifland lying in tlia 
IrrfbSea, over^againft Caeradrven in. Nortif* 
fralei ; formerly called COoneg by the Saxotit, 
and H^rta by the Romans, 

AN'GUA» that Part of iht Ifland of 
Gnat-Britain that is now called Ekgiand. 

A N' G H C I S M [An£licifm, F.J is the 
Engiijb Idiom, or Manner of Speech pecaliaf 
to Etiglmd» 

A N'd L I C U S Sudor, the SweaUng^ick^ 
nefs, or an Epidemical Fever^ ia the TioK ol 
Kingl/rniyVlL L. 

ANGUEl/LESjwith FaicMen] UM 
Worms caft vp by iick Hawks. ^ 

AN'GUIFER X a Chrfter of Stars ia 

ANGUPTENENSJ the Heavens idembi'' 
ling a Man holding a berpent. L. 

ANGUPGENOUS \cx atiguiius gemtm^ 
iogtndred or begotten of Serpent*. 

AN'GUISH [jimroiffe, F, of Au^^ L. 

ilnBS,^«»». anrt9y^'41 oKeflRePaim 

and Grief 5 great 'Viooble ofBody dhd Min4* 

ANGISHOUS, fullof Anguifli. Cifaite. 

AN'GULAR [AnguJaireF. of Jingu^ 
larit, L.} belonging to, or having Angles of 

ANGULAR'ITY, an abouadii^ (n^ Nookft 
and Corners. L. 

ANGULOSITY [AnguUfut, L.J the Qua- 
il^ of that which has federal Angles. 

ANCUST' [^|r«/fe4,L.], narrow. 

ANHELA'TION^ a Dltficttlty ia feteh' 
log one*s Breath. L. 

ANH£L07^£7 fignttet, that cVery one 

AN'LOTE ' 5 ihould pay his refpeaifa 
Fait or Shaie, according to the Cuftotn of tha 
Coeotry. 0. L, T. 

ANHfLUS [amonft Pl^ioMs] breathing 
ihort» Aprt-bresohed, L. r^^^^L^„ 

Digitized by V^OOgJ^P.- 

made ▼&»;-••• • /.'^'n..'t^«Vi' . •..•'• ^■ 

•^WOMtellP'- &'.*'*^.J^ «e-^-.^.^: .^ AH ISC 
ANIMATOR withLtfc'kn#'*WflV, «itf1# 

ANIMA He^atitl'in Cimmft^Y fSzit'of 
Ste#k, ' e(Wein:41l« t» • SMil-of irt Llrcr/ for 

AN'IMABLE [animahilis, L.] which way 
Wb 4.ifin.'<c^aUe-or beihg «atmaf ej <-- '^ 
* AMtMAfVVBR'SlOK, reVkxif ConMieti. 
niMk-^ dMertkig ^ CMrtf€K€ii $ r Itemarfc or 
Obfervatton on a. Book* &Cx F. of £r*/ * •' 
v.'AK!Nl^l>VMRfSl%r*srt i«-^li«tnn£ 
«^d0ea»nr« •> ^* .^ /■•*>' '^ ' "^ '••' 

ta)J>eod or turn the Mind to a Thin^ tVtajK 
libticl^'tVtifVetiniffe, toobferVe. " *v . 

Mffita^'to Life, fhar hu tife m it: »t, the 

.ANIMAL J[aoion( Moraljftsl^ Ur>^6k6 to 

^^' ANIMAL^ Ak^/h m Mnf Cr^iRoTt, atay 
thiu that hat Life, Motioo; amd- Scnfe. 
iF..Vl:;'^ ' -: . - 7. ' ' • 

ANIMA!I;'-?>ji^Af, the Aft by whIA •« 
^S^atnettrfiifts -Motion,' SeMfe> ^artd -tfa» ^nin- 
c^lfiindAoindytfaeviiiAdy as Imagimtfttoiy, 
SteaftfsfiiK^A**''* *• ''■* 

> A N JM'A iMi m. Ay.-^ety fraill ^iiMls, 
Icarcely difcoverable by the naked Eye, Afeh 
n by the help of Mkro^»pe« bavc^heeh dif- 
tov^cd'tn flvcftf Aaid^ as ift fe{>per*W*ter, 

4ii| ot Qpjifityior'an AaimaJ.- • .- '• *'*- 

-^ A'HIM At &crTrt'eff,[ among Plj^<ffe«r] 
that . S^panitionrof ''Juicer.ftom- eae^otft* 
.kliit'-is*pcrfotiiiWf*y<hcX3ttnis. • .- '. 

to enliven or quicken 3 to he^tcn or cncon. 

««*.•.'■' : .' - - ' ■ 

.:AM'fMA7BO Mat«<^ [atnon^ Gji^s] 
.QoicUifvQr,^ vhJeK leing. imprfgnsted 4^|tb 


Jopbers] an imaginary Perfeftioft pf foAediilSg 
Mar btoriffSfitiW t htir f¥^efs. ' < ^ 
l^iMlltaDCDAR [mj^Mt^] ^MeOMSr 
fe^iifying Nativities. ''- 

J^ .^MftAjlfuhi^,' 9toatnef», ^Hfishieft ; 
•it^ Htiribii^rninf^ T^Rfi^B, *Gtnd^^ ^ / 
. ssAViKDS'i^ffl^f <;^n«lt,4'$ditce«lM#, 

AN'IMUS, the Mmd/iiBirwgy^4ltfiii 

ing; whereift ^/lAi is ^e Being w wilkli 

SCALPTO'RES f/.i^.tfieAr** 
icntdierv/..} a' Piirnr Mdfclefc lb caiAled 
iHim*thr AaMii-wmch h perfbhn^e hj^tbe 
help oT U^na-. * ' 

AN'KR£D-'[ifi AfrtfMjT « Cio^ <<i^ • 
OtelolArma; tkeEttdr^ whidi Mt ibap*d 
Itke the PIMk of in AtfOmr. 

AN'I/ACEV r ndcUNf «r S«v«d, Aa{r4 
* like a Scythe. Q. 

AN>|iA 7 •m*'> ^' »• "^^ 0»rf<»* ] « 

AKN 3 ' Obnffhut Nitae of Wondco. 

Aa^HAUar^.-lAa^tj.'T. « Writer of 
Annals. . ' •" ' 

AJUnfXCSr tAinuJai 9it cdftL;] yearly 
Cth-<iUclte^'a K^hrofiokii^.Aocoimt «f re4 
markable Paflages e^ Events. happening 'Ui'm 
Kjtogdom or 9ute from Tdu; io Year. -^ ' 

•AN'NAS fof nart, If.i.fc Grickmsl t 

AN'N ATS T ^cft.fhfilt patf oat of fpU 

.' " ANNATES 3 rit«al*6eaeficbf to the Pope^ 

being t he Value of -tone Yeir'a Profit. 

' AMNEAf^ a Cdmnodity Viovght from 

Barhary, to be ufed by Paioters and IKere- - 

ANREAL'INO [from* On^lan, 'SiCif.J « 
ffiMning and haking i>f.01i6,'£> th^^h* tjtft. 
lour may go quite through it } aJfo aMctbM 
of taking Tilfci. - • ' - . . . ^ .*. 

To AN!«X'i;<i/T««f^, P» MMMr,iU>]' 
to udte or jcHtt-OnethiJq^ to "another. • -*T 

ANN£XA'T10N> a faft knitting or biai&r 
ing ; aUb onitiBg of Landl okf^i(ieMn totk« 

^HNIEK«<naDr MJbMliM^ Z.r*- ' 

To ANNIHILATE f tfira/T^/Zar^, L. J Ul 

hriiig'oi^ ton io^nothiig, to AdSivy ut> 

terly, ....... . . ^ . 

• AVWtmtAmO^; rdeftroyiiig< 
tngrto'tiothing^anycitated Betfifj til 
]>efttuaidtos being tf6 trore thaa AltCMtioiil 
ori3faing«t df the Fonii> and not of the Mat* 
ter. L, ' " 

> '/aWlVbtii^, MAge inlrhkllVllfajd 
beooihesi*1k^^'f]T^Mkriria|e;* whidi it at «|fc 
Years. ^L.T. ' 

; ANTOVER'SilRV [ oMifoerfairt^ T* of 
annivfrjarhis, L.] that axaet a^wy "f«ar •«• m 
ter afinTftJiM^} • d«be featly at « Cb^uVa T^ne^' 
or celebrated every Tetr. 
' . KNmVBtt'SARYi^, 'Wfcmn'lHy*^- 
pOTiittdyMriy^ in vxthotnwutt of sipuBMnB| 
-or Martyrddmi of SMhtft' '•*''• .- . .^- 

'.yyAh ikfamViW^Mr; t yearly OMt/^iQife. 
Mafs^^faid b/ 1 ^fllr Piiefttor a^Prfffii^: 
SfcteaTedir '- *.'*«'-. *; 

•^AmfO^^MMmFfiir-ffib Tetar «f tfCit 
cotqi Vw incipJUHigOi ^iBMnmB anw ■■t*. ; 
.•<Wn^«rt«.i£« f ■^'^— • •>. ' . •! 
ANNOM/M<)(.Nr9> tlibytfvftt of tli^ 1 
ilmhMi^Hbnacftd jiMiwi#«» V'^'t^'^rtlr Ceia« i 
Ni^^bQttJk'ttiey hdS the BDMedl^the .S«tf 
efGodU)bei«»fc7ftaAlftlief'ttfa*«'*. ^ 

Digitized by GOOQir ANNOS'*. 

fi^idtie tevAtA \ ' . JnlNITCK'S/^y-Sra, liilann-D*)*' 


MXmnATKm U- 4. «r4fi»a^1 a no. 
fins « II him ) tlfo a lUflBtf ic, Nolpft oi^ 

AKHTA AV«i<^ A Wot Annerly fttwi 
4keK^|»wAkb«Ktr I^ior, deatandiog of 
hmmtmmi?m6tft, due «9 iUm for ooe of 


4IMJAUA, a ^e^ Mnt {Mid to a 
hidt fer imm: is naifwiaiy Nfifs. i»* 

il2fW?AL (4Mi<^ F. Okmth i^3 of or 
kiunim l» t Tear, tcci ly. 

illPKVALI^NMK fanpte Arjnrt;/fi] foch 
acfiaeof atbB %n*fr w periili ia the 

AUNUIKTES J&/2»A' [iB jfnai^niiy'l • 
KitCIWckaof ^le «nuir«cHe Root of the 
Tcnkiff tkalUdc, ibcalicd, l»«Hiletbc> 

Aswirr [«r.ita»f, b.} a ywriy lUnt 

n A»iUUrM&r> p.] t» fuke toid, 

ANVCLAlt CMtHJigi [in utefsii^l the 
' ^ '•«! ^ha I'^T^t «r To^ of the 

AN'MTLAR IV«tf/s [ia Air«»r] it a 
NklaaHi avdv ^ tfce ibeatio| of the 
Fmfcif te MiJmJJa OMmgaat utrier the 

4VWLAR FM(i^«*ro fio AtMmy} 
^ tf the Hmd^ Brais» lymg betwea 
«MMdhv Ml titt hadUrutf Ptdttiiiiea. 


AMCbAllY [Auadmu^ b.1 with 
B«; k Ike For* oT a Rirtv. 

tfnmUT ?m »MSdM m ISiUt Riog, 
«U the Ml Bratbca of ai^ Faolly ought 
1» Ws ■ Ml Cook ol AraMj it ii ilfo uftd 
aiCl»|B, aadiaaadcrftood tobealtijiaof 


XmaiTS [iB>4«riAvr«1ifa^«nfi]tiare 
fctttmiakont aaUifeiMirMii Gipnal, 
nte the l^nrter-ltowid. 

TeAHNUVMERATE Is^tHumirwt, W\ 
^^m MhoA y^ tile Kottber. 

• WWMiM ifTlON, % AcMuil te ac 
^myNOATIOM, ^lift ^Kfto^ of a 
m«l£. fcSifMBlM4yarplMloj;:tf<Sr- 
MilMihcaKCis wluch iifocaUadfrtim 
. ^^lltiil«n^ll»tlMVfa^M»7coA. 
•■^«%SOTioor> Binil. 

Ajwus cctMArK»», ^ rfttt It aaa 

•Nir«*ick^koifti»alM*0^lfeioii, ihu 
JM Van iMt as lofliHiMi Oil Maoi Uft. 
tk^eaattof aNMbHr ^1 «{ At 7 tttoif 

««. «*ai4 lA 1^] filch t«tae«n H 

Aoonialyy aa Irt^gulArity. Gramautr^ 

^<>MAjLX>U.S r^MPW', F. i.nfi«Waxi 
L. of MniyuKA^y of « privative, a))d.;^i(«7»#^ 
c^» C^r.J tUt whIcJl it o^t of JBLukj iira* 
fttlar, uBcqva]^ uneven. 

ANOM'AI.V r.rf«»M//c,'F. AMiaUa, U 
of AMAtA^ Or.] an iRtfgu)iiri^ in the Con* 
jun^^ion of Ycibt, or Dedoofioai of Notins^ 

ANOMAi-Y [ ia 4lr«%)iL] aidi Inenui^ 
lity Or UalJkeoaft itf tile M0G006 of Cho PJa* 

AN OMALt «/f£r P/4a«^, j(6^ iir i«iwl 
[in tbe iVkw <49/'«ii0«liy] it the jirnk conuined 
under a ^rguii tide dra^n fiom tHe Sun xk 
the Planet, 

7& Mini ANOMALY if the Suh ^ 
FAMcr'Tin /^Mnm] It ah Arch of (& 
Eciipdcl^ between iti laaia iplau aa4 it» 

. ?/>« 36m ANOMAtYV ^ Cbifne fta 
4|f f««MMl la an /yrch of the Tj^vftk. of t^ 
Prmum mMe, bounded |>y xht Linea^h/^ 
dnm, ttA bj xht Lide (tf the tbeln MaUoli«i 
the Centre. 

TlrTHke ANOMALY e/'i^rCm/h^ Utte 
iaipe^rchof theZodiacJi, bound by thoLini 
of the Centre. 

ANOMALY tf tbi Or^t, 11 the Arch o^' 
Diftaace of a Planet ia its jipbelim. 

ANOM'PHALOUS [of <£ and i^MXJi^ 
a Kavel, Gr. I without a Navel, as it ii fnp- 
pofed odr mft Fntnts were created, not 
waottai. Mgwiftwcny lil thd Wolhb that 

ANO'NYMAL K^Mmr^t. dnmmu^ 
ANO'NYMOUSiL. ^m,i^ Or.] 

tttfoelefs, o( without a Name. 

ANO'NYMOUS Spirit [ ih Ctymt/hyl 4 

fort of Spirit thit ifiay be Separated ftom Tar* 

tar, and iitveralibrta of Wood. 

AN'OktXY [Aiiirexid, t. of «* and 

tftfttg ^r.} Want of Appetite, t toathio^ 

of Meat. 
ANOIS'ANCET [Nuifance, F.J any Hurt 
HOIS' Al^CE W Damage done to a pub- 
NUBANCE J tick Place, ds a kigh way^ 

fife, or to any private, b)r Encroachrnentay of 

Uyiag any thmg xhAX cftay caule lal^^Uon, ^c^ 

AN'SA FTin ^•mmn] are the %aiioui 
AN^ES 5 Po0tiom of the Ring ^Saiurm^ 

whieh fbiaetimci appeal likg t4^]tttothd 

Body bf thtt PUnbt. 

AN'SELM f ftanftWm, f^ a 0«* 

A*ddr «( his Cofn6anioo3 1 a propcc Niaic ol 
Men. i! 

To ANSWER rlahf^jltJbii %k.] (d re* 
ply to a Qgeftioo adud i to loive a l^ofofiuod' 
or Quelkioa M Arhhsitdck ok Oeottelry, ^« 
by dSElsriiig what (lie Aihooat it ; alfo to OB(h<» 
ply w ^th, <jr fulfi l the gi4ii<lni<a of a Fttfaa ^ 

«%i |cii^irti«Mc. pigi^i^g^ (^y Google . 

An ANSWER [AatofPinrj;^4^^1*Re*> 
fpoofe or RepI; to a Queitioni tbe Solutioii 
6f a Mathcmadtal Queftion, an. .Ani^a^ 

AN'SWl^R ABLB^ 9bJi£C^, to abfwcr to a- 
fhing, accountable } propoitlozubk/ tiiat has 
the fame Rtl»«oh to. 

ANT [iEnnetu ^f*-JtW|rfi,Ti»/J «n 
Imct, « Pifmire, a^ initct, 
* ANTACIDA fq.d. ^nttatida,h*] tlwfc 
Things vi^biah defVroy Acidity^ 

ANTA'CKJKlST t«^«^.r*^^» .^« '-^»^- 
'g9mJla,'L', of «?rT«>*wo7Sf , of oftl againft, 
,and c(}^>/Y«Vu<tUo ^rive, ^r. ] <(ne that 
ilrtves fo^ the MaAety aj^ainft, or outvies an- 
other; anAdtrerfary; he that in Di'lpuution 
dppofes another. ' " 

ANTA'CONIST pn ^^wajjj • MufcJc 
.€f an oppofite Sitijation, or contrary Qaality. 
\ To ANTAG'ONJZE, to a^ the Part of 
in Opponent in arguing^ to oppofe, to ^op- 
trtdia. . . 

: A^rAL'GICUS[of*r'riand.^j4»r,Pauj, 
)7r.] a Medicine that afTwages Pain, 
r* ANXANA'QLASIS Iw«wjex«a«, Gr.] 
a[ Figure in Rhct'orick, when a Word fpoken 
in one Senle h ^dastly toned to another.' 
t. ' • . • • 

• ANTANAGO'<JB tafrtiHiy^, .GrJ a 
-Fig«re jn Rjtelorld^ tmeo, not being able to 
inJWer the Accufation of the Adverfary, we 
return the Charge, by loading him with the 
iame CHnies. L. 

the French Pox, , Qr, . , 

• ANTAPHKODIS'IACK tof'rfrTi and 
mfft^TH, Gr. yftim] a Term ^tente Medi- 
cines that cxt^ttjib yeneref 1 Deites j alfo 

• AnTAP&00$\S'ldvra.wS^is^ of A<rl« 
iMf and hi»fii9f Gr. ] ihe Counterpaft, or 
latier Ciaii^e tff a ^militode, anfWcrijig |X) t})c 
former. Rhtt. . , ^ ^ - . 

^fl'Xirxr/itifV iSr. j good agpiiiift an^Apo. 
plexy. " ' * 

A?4TARiCf'lCiC' [tmtar$if»t^V, anttrc^ 
ticus^ L. of iirmfufUnJ^t, of Am a^n^.[ Or 
oppofite to, und upx*ti%ht Norths rn^ CriJ as 
rte Antarftkk Pok, ly, the Soi^ih Pole, 
1/vhieh Is fo caHed, from its being diametric 
csrlly oppofite' to th^ Ar£lick or Nox^herQ 
Pole. ' . .. 

' ANtARCt'IClC C/rfZf [in ^flrmmy} a 
lefTer Circle 6F the. Earth or' Heavetas, defcribed 
ait 32 Degrees and half from (he Antardick 
Pole; . . 

_ ANTARTHRIT'ICKS. Sv.*//^r^-, 

AtiTASTH^AT'lClCS. ttt nnti^fihrna- 

this. » • 1 

ANTE ACTS, -pad Afbi. .' • 
ANT £AMBULAT10H»a svallciogbeftre. 


= ANTfettti.VKEOUS/ foiego^E. X^\ 

ANTKC^Et^CE [in 4«fMM9)U^ 

a Planet appears not (o remove ^vtraijt |at 
ufual Cburie pr Order of the Sjigoa in ihe Z 
ditck, as from Eaft to WpA. '. 

ANTECFDBNT [anttfedey^,} foRg 
Iflg, ^oing before in order of Tim«ii, ' " { 

AJJTECE'DENT [ in Cr0nm¥^ } i^th 
Word Khich l^e Relativje i^peaU.w HI 
to. ' ♦ . / 

ANTECFDfNt fin Ugick) is tlwlf 
mtr Pyrt of a catttorical SyiiogUin. 

ANTECJ'D"tNT Signs [in Pi^xfick] | 
fnch Signs and Caofes m »re ob/ierTed betoi 

ANTECEDEin- o/MHi^om [In M^ri 
maticks ] is that Term or Quantity which | 
Mind confiden iirft in comparing it vithj 
other ; or the BxSt Term ol CflWBvUiBn ia 
Proportion. " • *i 

ANTECES'SOJl, aCoerbefoi«. i. .., 

ANTECUR'SOR^ a Forf-miuKer, aSeeiil 

• *An ANTEDATE [Antidaft, F.] nnflUi 
Date than it onght to be. 

To ANTEDATE {tnuJ^ter, FJ todJMI 
a Letter, ^r. before t$e Time- 

* ANTEDILU'ViAN [Aufdibfvimu^ X> 
whatetrer was before JVm/>*s Flood* 

AMTEpiLU'VJANS, xhf^t OAKoaioa 
or Perfons from Mam that were WoKft.di 

ANTEL6PE, a kindi^ Dteg^ ham 
wreathed Horns. 

ANTEMERnyiAN [of jlstte and Mtra^ 
«nu»L.] bdoi«i«itathpTaaivbft(0fpNAOi 

AKTEMET'ICICS Iv^m F^lfifism 
Medicines which (bp vomiting. 

ANTBNDEPXIS . [ among Pbjfidmu 1 
contrary Indication^ ^yu^^^m^ V\ Sign^ ioj 
bidding t^t to be ufed whidi appeaiod to I 
proper for a former IndJcatioq. 

ANT^t*AST,[of'«/#.andj^/M, J.,.] 

third Syllable £rpsB the fight Hand tonvma tl 
left, which is formed to Aew |b:tf %hfi Sen 
ih Pronounclation lies 00 that S^rllabJcj na 
theiWotd Geatraricn, 

ANTEPILEPTICKS [ of, fifr^ amd Vi 
\»^lMHf Gr.] M cdiciA^. aigai«fl Coavt 

To ANTE?0'N£ {umepwn, JL.] io i 
before, to prefer. r ■ , / 

are Thiuigs neceflary- to be JcnoYD i^l^oi 
hand, for the better u«d«rilaDding j(i»e nr« 

ANTE'Rlb^ IfmiTHur, F.] tlmt is I 
fore, th'e former* L, 

of TW. 

AVTE^. [19 /irM^re] fiioare POa^c 
wh!ch the/Anc|^ts .p^ced atdMCorncxa 
tlicif^clrphs, i-> 

by V3' 

Digitized b 

oogV AfrfE^^j 

ftfffflPTATORE [in F&nifc^ttuji] a 
^rmik^ I {sbH latrenchxtinit nradc oi Pdli- 
'Maq^ vcTSidb filled widtCuth, h . 

!• AJCTETE'NE [AgUvtm^, U] to pre- ' 

^THPUA? [ ia AiaUmy ] the Prttn- 
IHIWUXl Wfoce of tbe £ar, or the 
iwwi*«k <fthe outwarj E^. 
«nBBJIfi!lTHIC&S. &!e^r;c«)0ii. 

^rajnr*[>fifiVi;(ir, F. of Anthema, 

^ L^'^^^ ' ^'' 3 * Dirlnc Song, 
faf litaHBelf by two oppofite Choin or 
C hyi. 

fflWtA [tmong Bcianifli] thofe lit- 
f^Ko^tfiat grow on the Tops of the Sta- 

iSTHOL'OGY [-AilaW*, of «9fr a 
Fwtr, aj j^ Speeich, Gr.) a Difeourfe 
•^oafe afPUwren j a choict CoUeOioa of 

OnmiAHS, an Iftftitutiofl of Hcr- 
■».%*. AtU^ cfEtjpt, \Atn9 taA. 

mmXf [of SFd^, C?r. a Flower] a 

.yny fAidO*, GrJ a flower; W 
ywf rfncdfcacy appropriated to K^femary 

^jjWH faiOtySg Oca£r' [ml^^/o«r]fj a 
** f^J«t »e Uktf ID the Fy e. L, 
^^WOUQCY lA>6fc»inK^x, of 
■^#*i Mn^ and lZ\U Speech, Cr. ] 
jJ^orDefcfiptkm of a Man, or Min*« 

^IWOWHEmtt A fof irS^^ji©- a 
JJVn'/wfrf*, Cr. to meafurcj the con- 
■™[^ Iftii anatttmlcaDy. 
. ^naOPOMORPHrriCAL, heToog. 

H^Afln fm^ rpin'tiT. 


•»J«a4^if^Form,<7r.] aSeftofHc- 

■y* i oiled from tbtor «;hicfTewt/;i;/«. 
^fcMfctW bodily Shape. 

•jfcw^tti^*^ Parilpa, t7r.] abetne 
2"* «ilh the Paffiooi .or AffedUoos of 

^'^^woipfe©-, of Srep**©* and t?>#, 
r^Cr.J Men-eaccK^Savagen^ that eat 

«»0ro90PHy fof -ArS^ir©? a 
5»«* We, Or, Vtifdoml t*he Know- 
■WfJhtnferfMaa, * . ' ' 

^nWFHOWCKS. S^e jUtilyfno- 


. WRmypHORA ['Ai«KWV«VCr.] 
•nP» i» Rhctarkk, in Whkih th6 Objec- 
^■i Umtm thai the AdVer&ry may 
**J»tJ^ infttcrrf. 
**5»mR1CKS [of ^Irrraoa Wi- 

dcrhs jfld'Kern^hy commoiUy xailod' tl)e Al- 
monds of the^Ean j. al/ojm inftMiunaUMi'in 
'tWcParii.'*" "" ' V. 

;'^ANTtAP]»ftW>n*ej& f Pf *VJ .iaa 
"AaM^iTtty^Gr. KtTfftfi] Medpoas iwhich ^lay 

' ANTIARTHRlT'JPC&.J:o(/6«a.and:$l 
i^/t/W, Gouty, C?r.]-Mirfchi'^'8yjnil*^hc 
Gout. ' ' '•^\ . '.','' i: \ 

ANTlAStHMAf'itiflSr.'titioTl and 
M^oiifrx^, ' Afthma^tjck: Ck. J/Kein($di<v 
agamft the -4^^/«tf . .*. " , . , 

^ ANXlA2nO'MAtlSi|bl*\;4,«'*;r| and ifii 
«(twt, an Axionj, C7r, ] that whicV. is agal^ 
any known Axiom. ' ' : ' • ^ 

ANTlBAC'CHraS [k <7i4w«ri«] a Fbit 
in Verfe that has the tw6 firft Spablev l<n 
aid thfc'thlrd /hort. I- . ' 

ANTlCACHEC'TteitS [of tfWfaad **- 
Xfitit., Gr. Difpofition} Medicine's whipk 
corredi the iU DifpofiriOh of the BloM. . 
■ ANTICAR'DIUM yiftiHafinx^^ of,flf>i 
apinft^ and xa^U thcilearr, Cr.J the Pit 
of the Stomach, or Heart-' pit. * 

outward Chamber %yhid> vs pc)^ or n?ar the 
Bcd-Chamher 3 an ApaKitent in* a Houf; ^^ 
fore the' principal' Chamber V at Wiiihdraw^ 
ing.Room: a Lobby, of outcc Room, of a 
laFge or noble ftbufc/ (^c, .wh^ 'Serva*4tS]^ 
Strangers or PetUloncrs wait tillTthe I*ord, or 
Mailer of the Houfe is at lei^re to be fpoJ^ea 

^•AWTlCilitlE^IS t^ii?»m, Gr. ] * «, 
Mortgage or Piiw» left fot the ufc of th«^ 
Creditor till the Debt is nai4« . ». " . ' .' , . 

- AN^icrfiiusi: [:JKthtnpus, t. of «Vt;. 

Xpnrl^, ofJrrl agalnA, an^ X/J^ Chrift,, 
(yr. ] an AdverAry'to Chrii!;. a Seducer^ 
who putt himlelf ia the Roop^. or ' Stead oF 
Chrift. • '. ' 

ANTICHRiyriAN lAkHch^tieif, tA of 
or heloa^i^xo A^cJ^qrift^ pi^at^Xfv^hAfti*' 

i&TlWftisrriA'NtSM f)**^^^*.* 
ifmt, F•Lt^e Kiiociple^ qr Pj^a^'oe^ of Anti-' 
dirlft ; Do^'rides; conUary to Chrift iaaky. < 
^ To 4M WC1PAT£ iaitttiur^, F» ^tUr* 
jfdre, )L.J tb do 1^ Thih^'^rfi^rfe tM profer 
Tlmetoma/.to preveni.\, .. ' *' ' 
"A!4tICIPA'TI6N; the Aft of'anticfpa* 
Jtin|. F.otL. . * ' * 
I A^1!^aJr [ aiUlfUi'; P, of 4«f**jtorjr, L. J. 
'ot(f,' artcftftt. • ^ . ,. 

^An AN'tlCK [e7«ci«j//J7«, F.'J aBifl^n,* 
TSS*riCKS$ ' X fcveriVodd Figyres 
ANTICS: WORK. J or;aVt>ei of Wen? 
jBiriL?Ki^j &e. rudely fofnicS one o\it. 
lof adbtkier,*' aec6rdlng to the Fancy of. the 
Artift, .,,-.. 

I *ri daiue tie ANTlClCS> to dance after an 
[odd aadtidfeulobs MioBtt, of In i ridiculoui^ 
fDiOh ttl » Jack-pudding. _^^ 





Mfell^ fo•eVrfe(^;'^eA'^if6 they' dghi<«\Se^r^- 

f'w havjj: f«yedf At fevefaf Qmc^B df thd Pg- 
ri /h« tl^ty live \n% and hy,cpinj)rvoa,Er?»^^ *fp 
fuitfipqijed-or ciilfej, VI!?^*S Jj^cult'Mattftrg 
Ctf pa^ti^ ()*ccar}6ns'toa<ivi{e with. ' " ' 

^ a^aioft 

i HQman'Hfad^'mi^d with an 

A>mFWiifcbWft»>«i^/i* 1 


gi'f with Salt--|>^rL. 

^NTIHYPNOT'ICI^ [of At/ W.T^; 

grw "^jsgiXit. c^o^], ^4"^^' ^^h^^^""^ 

of. 3 Itfciidijea'.yg^ilt thfe Pl^goc.' 

-7^6. vv*. See ZcrtfrrfMi. j . . 

4^rriMErrKlCAL.rori».T/ and>iiT#Ji*f .. 

pi" Metre. , 

ANTJlVf ER W f,ft^/^?Si„C*.J xKHilo^ • 

]^lS^ ^i^R.j« i?«^^^ ^^^ ^^.%' 

Qr^ MpnajchialJ that is a|aM KfpntAyl* 

; ''AN»TntfwtnFy*fei*i 

^bfhincV, ^ h:i>fhg^h^tlfe 'ftttain^ CRariiaai 
pf a real MptiJ cicept MoUe^cyj Yo tltttli 

wAfryl' a "Medicine -maAf otic "Ptat tf J^ 

wgtM'^'P'*?*^^^''^' -- 

inftWj/ foiir of SMf-(»ette, irtiT tjo* i^ Sak a 
TaTTar,'* " ■' ' •• ' ' *, ' 

ANTIMO'NIUM RMitatum [ amofti 
Chf^i/i] ^^c^r9X\oA Wt^uil Parts of'An. 
timdby a^d-Sdl-AiMpkiCji^biimeiltbftelime 
together, ■ ' • ' • 

^•/mriNlSPffRIT^tCfCS [of^m iud m>^. 
T/it^jr. ^0r.;J Medicbei ^\aft Diftcihpcxs «< 
,'thVKciiB. ''-•*' -*••-•".* 


: AN.TIN(yMlA|gS [•£ et'T/H-Oij; t)f^ 
,agahl(l; ihd'nyEMI^.the £?iw^ ^•] aG^»ta| 
ScCt in <^ femteehtl) Cis^tv^* wbv heft 
thelc'e^in^ of jlfi^S ijawttf Inr dJ)profiMl( 
under the Gbfpel, and that thildxtt «refa«il 
without .^th'/and >hat good Works do aol 
fuTthex; hor etH'hmdB#» MittSmtFaSth tH^ 
is mfficiiffit for SalvatJop. 

ANTINOMA'SJA.Wn<nAMe»|*/fef;J i 
Pigtia |h l^betorick, Whtrp«^ Ap^lsciTe r 
uled ftr a 'proper Name.' • * *.« «..- 

ANTINOMY PtfTm/^ Cr,2 a Coi^st'. 
rrtt:^' b^tivekh tv^x La#s. ■ '^ ''" • 

. :AI^TfPi€DDp.MP»ti8l^fofWJ?«rtrf8bi? 
^nd iSservYrKC, Of. 1 thofe. who are aeugi 
bapttzrn^Tiif^nft.'' ' J . '* ' 

;A'fn'lPA<J'HHOT'ST^4'*»f<«irr} t& 
garnii|^^ii|^ Of "Ptofti' Sffid ■ Pwn**'- "^ • - - 

• ANtrPARASI'ASI$3.[VWf/ftn>q a F?. 
gure whereby onej^ran^tfrgfonietiiing- tb lii 
A^eVfai^y-, ddesthcreby Mm k to deny mcdn 
ftrongly. *<?r.dfiE. • J ' '• '• •- ' '- - 

ANXIPAI^A3T'AS1S [^rriirttp^T^tc 
bf tfiJrr, •'tf^, pi6 fhifi^fi Cr?]' 8 Figure ii 
Rlietbiltc]r; wntfe'ttie ote grants What tli 
Adverfary iays, but imk9 bis Ini«tencc. JL,' 
I AWtPAIlALVnCK.f<tf W>»Uiid «^ 
pa^j^rrx^ ^Ifical| ^r, ] good agaii^ t)s 

.Paify. ' ;• '• '-' ■ "► '--•'■' ▼^- . . 

:: ANTIPA'SIS [among Thjkians] ^rixe faaj 
livithR<v<i^tibii. '•'•'•• .'^^ 1/ ->«* '.* 

AKTiPAfn^ l[of <^} agandh, and «^«ri 
a Father* Gr. i. ;. loftead of, oth^h^ a-'p« 
ther 1 a proper Kjrm« -oT^leii. " ^ ^ * ' '• ' 

AKTlPATHETriCALrofAotiptthy^ *. 

Digitized b * 'a'Wfi 



1 air arrid! ii^wii4»t ift^ckL oi. 

^ becgnet iiei(bt£acd, accQrdiA( to the 
t9^4ir M^ A ctltaii laVifDVadog of 
^ V^* bf iti ^eu^ cur iioooii aii4 kept 

SBsi VtoBC^ bj Ue Repallioa of extcrxul 

i^Onui/MiCCM {of «yTi v>J f^' 
$si^ ^H^ifxa€, Or A a Kerned jf ^y^sJi 
f^' •cfDiA-afc. £, 

1411 or AiiUKm b fu{i{ be-, 

E4l^, « Book of AAthmii. 

^Mi u: 1 A Pi^e whir re 2 Word bath a 
^WMi ^jrv V to (CI afigin^l Senrc^ 

^^lifUlluilCiJM [of #rrJ aod 
"t^CtJ iMc^liaoeaBiinittlicPko- 
l^^DA'GJUCA [of «Wi »E>a «- 
;j,i?r J Meiiictpcs AgftidfL the 

J)E$ [ of ifii and 'i^i'e^ Or. a 

'^ f ()rtipffirif?^'y oppoBcjC ont to 
R^n^f*<? cifOixuiitftnioaiKd dU 

"^^^ <»F0g(( ii chained for another, ii boik 

fkijit * C»f«^ <?r*l Mc^icmps 
itudi aiiay too much Beat in Jf'e- 

•^^ 'v ., , ,:; ; .-. ,.,. . 

[dxtlfusrit^ r. of yl^j;^ 
fct tUai II- wrjl jkiU'd ffi# or 

Isfcfipt^Pf^ ujpe;i'^?.aj4e^TE^^aJ^ 

put of Date or iJlci* * - t,xTT 

ANTtycn p 

jivciii;jw^w%cirfy^>d^w.6ftAr6 ^,-.^, 

t h c one ^on m<v]^€)ii ^ ^M th'e c4i)e( on j[)h^ 
South-fidfe ofthp J^9uator,Sb t^aV (^q^So^ 

rcftly bppofitp to the t)^b2r.' Csog*, \. ."\-< 

Ami5cJ6jtttut'ieiW [of -rrrOx; id. 

ihe Scurry. , » - ' - ^ . - ^ - - " -%- - — ^ 

AKTlSf C?M#, a-Wirk to ITdclerif lljf^f, 

inp, where die Ofder df th^ Veites is tp ^ 

phiHer.Cr.l i Cddttlcr,Sflphiftcr/afe thjw 
d.lpytts oa thf coopncy P^tt. ' ',..t ..rV^" 

L. ofjtrri againft, ahdd-7«t^/i«^tbe CrapiR)^ 


Cr.] ^oncfli^s a|jU^ pwfl^ Goi&n^ 

iA^f, Ct.] Remed&that^r^PjfltinperstQK 
k;thcr Parts. • , , , .-, .".,.',: > m • ^"^ 

IFoot roVcrie, haflrig^C-firffSyiMfclfcifat^ 

lod o^(^ op ■ a^otbcir.^ ar <£?^ 

1 ANTlTAC'TK.^^SdftSfH^safeltkii^hft' 

:a4£,ht|th^ ^^Va^l^crVfeni^a^J^ 

* another a pMpfiti^b, /. 
Sd^, r,wi(^ Rpit&riciini , J "* 

i/Wficji Ckttaitct ai^; Jpieni-^ 

Digitized b; ' ' " ' ^0/ ' 


A Q 

^ify^ilp^ofel to CoAcftrM in the feme Pe» 
^ or Sentence; {o that tb^ ExceUeocy^f 
tii«.)0iii9-a9d hdetfOmsU 4r. EvU^of the othe^ 
f&ey appcMTy «t Iv laU^d hj kfing^ aad i|f 

ANllTHETS)^ [«>Ti6|fT<^'Gr.] Oppoittes» 

ANTTTRA'GUS [fn Attatamyl the oot^ 
•mkI Part of the Ear, qppofile to tne Tragus, 

ANTitRINlTA'RU^NS, foch atdehy thi 
Trinity of'the'Threb Diviiie PerfoDS io the 

• AHrnTYPE* Ijintitypnm^'L of dvthv 
mr» Gr.] that which aniwers, or is prefigated 
Vf ai^Typfe*; at'tfit Pafcbalhamh wat a 'J^e; 
to which our Saviour, that l*affib of Go^^ 

ANtiVENE^REAL Me^mk [of'«VW/ 
45irt aod^ Veuerem, of l^^ffs;, L.} fuch at are 
gpedracainft'thc F/-AKJ& jPox. ■ 
. ANX'LERS Otfv<&ki;£lTi,F.] Bnflihcs^of 
a Stages Horo. ' ^ 

:-. ANATOCOW, a Sirellidg in <he Breail of 
nrfone*'' •• » - • 

ANTOE'CI 7 [of a>i againft, and efW«^» 
'^^NTIOE'CI 5 Gr. to dweUT Inhabitants of 
Ifbe Efvtb, who hve under the'fame Mtridian, 
but oppoftte Parallels. 

AVrrONOMA^SlAXdf»/0«0}M^, r. ^am- 
HfUbfkLf ofmmi infkad^of, and •fa/u^« to 
oame, Gr.] a Trope in Rhetoric k, when the- 
pinopeT'NdtneofoMTItiAg'isapDlyM tofeveral 
otiktm^ as when we. call anfyoluptuoui Pet- 
Um» SmJamtfalutf or when inft^ of a pro- 
per Kame we ofea common one; as when fop- 
CktrarmtOj Orator, tot Mftvdt^ thtPhiio' 

' .-MPTONOMAS^ICALkY^bytheFiiuTc: 

. AW'TR^^'rfin AiM^J the Beginning 
«i*the'/ybHff/orlo«r«r Mouth of theSt*^ 
SMch. L, 

AltiWlL [AspiS«> Sax*Yi Tool on whish 
lipiirlft totimcr their WorlR 
.A'NUS [j«ni/«My] thft^ExCMBkyof thft 
IntHUmt Refftm ; alfo a Cavity in the Brain^ 
>«hi^.arifer from the XS>'ntacl of tlk four 
Tniakadfthe:JI«i&£!tf Sfha&s.^ L. * , 

AiVNHLAV^lAAfeiitb,Sax. of^tttoalllt 
a PaCroa.or Defender, T«»r.l Authority. 

AiUrWKK 7[eBlQptc,oftheRive>g|(n» 

AlJHfWieKi»adyfic,$ax, a,Hatenj a 
B oiwi gh ' ia fld brmcipal Town in Nortbumtr^ 
iamli remaiieike for the Captivity of H^iU 
Sam, and Dctth oiAUiuJm lU. Kinga of 
Scmlantl. ' 

MtXnSTY \AamiUi T. hfAoMietas, L.] 
ynadoii, great Tronble of Mind, 

ANXirEROUS lanxifer. L.] bringing or 
nwi i i g i^axiefy. 

ANXaOUS lAut{ut,U\ careCul^ doabt. 
Hdty fad, foirrowrulv thooghtniK 

ANV [Amx, ^Air. <Bn|iSt> ^* <^*] ^* 

(AOWAN yMWflfy. the, Hill Pamajfut m 
2»«i^>^ th«IUfldlM« ol tbr Mfticf • 

I Il^gnics'iaxhe OMt Wbtdi<itfiotei:"j0l 
finitely, done lately, or \aa^ ^jf ^w^ Mi 

k oBolvetl^ th« Alr«:tfjv] a^VMfeft^ o« 
Cheft, .whenie it it traoslni^d to- tih« 
Altan^T< '. ' ' f ' ' I . «- 

AsCTr'TA [in ^Atfaasp] w ilini r 
pmcoM^ivomthoLcft VMtiicb«l^lb^ 1 
hat thi[ee Vahwtof tlMfimeMrttna 
at the femiuioy V«lvM ia thti ^KMiai. 

AFA<CE fbf A tnaPaaet'iyt^ m.!. 

A'PAGMA [Jhrdy^i Gr.l «|fe« dw 
ofa Bon% or other '4f>krt^. out ^.^«ic^ j 
Place*. St^rgtty^ - • • ' •' 

APOGCyQlCAL^anoff/riSliVnr Tia* £^ 
is foch-as:4oet not pKMen TtM^^dts} 
but ibewathe Abfiiffdtly wWd^ ariies 
deoying'^ It. 

APAip, paid. Chewc. 

AFAiR, to impair, daaej^ 

A^ART* [yf/»iir/irS *^. H* d. J§^^rte, 
afide, feparate, . ' . i 

:APitilT'M&NT [j^MMii#^K.l> 
Btft of » large Hovfe, w^ore OM or'x 
Pcdbut lodge lepamteiy by thtmfelv«ft^ 

A'PATHV r^^AiV, Fi, U A^iims, 
oidiKiiJUk, Gi^ a4^eflK(^rM&^ Mi 
an Infeofibility of Pain ; Indolcncr. 
i APAlJnid[iajy^t^}n«iiiMl«rt 
iwitfaa fuUPalm appearing, - and dieTu 
*and Fingcn entBRdedi 

An APE [ Apa, Sa^ ap^l..^^.* 1 
•Monkey^ Z 

\ APEULA [in Anatoma ie^ltedlia^ af 
Pani lying bare, either i^<Diftampef or € 
{cumeifion ^ For whicb laib Aeagoiy my^im 
tircjumcifed Perfon it fo called . L. 

APELLVTJB, H^etidcs .m>tfae Prk 

Emch, fia cailedfrofH thtir Hena^ifiul 
ugbt that Chrifi'i Body wna oo^ 
tarr Compffitwn, wbkHtke again I 
in the. World atthla AfeinilHl^ihto A 
ven: That tl^re it « good and ba&PHncipl 
That the^opheta cofetndiOcd eaclr otk 
and that there is noRdwrtaaoavf theDd 
Anno if%, 

APEP/SY [^^>,|M«M4^^Gr.]ab 
Digeftion, or 2»ourneft in the Stomach. 

APE^lENS Palphhawt lUSktg fm A»ki 
aiy] a Mufcle, fa nU«d ton «il»'UA^ Ja < 
Open tho Eyebrow. ' ■ ' i 

, APE'klENT MnHehm [in Pig/Sek} lot 
as are of an openfatg Qaalky. -x.,w . 

APER/TIO i>«r/4picsi [amobi^ 
Ipm} finifiet fome great • aMl 'mtbift 
ChaOAa of the A«, upoa ceitiib GQn%« 

AP'ERTURE [4>«rJ«rir, U] in op« 

APERTU'RA Tekikrum, the hnOdm 
opnalaftWUlaodTeftiffleM. JUL.T. 

- : ' - , \ 


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' r. V ' * 

MKimi [ a Cptich 1 is fike Hth 
■ttntbOliea^iGWt of a Tddcopc^ &c. 
%ii|UUlkU|teasKllmaee of theOb. 
j^fiMBHttikTak, andthaueiscaixled-' 

tfBmOE { b G<MMA7 ] if Cfae ladr. 
mfm^lmwMthmtitt m' aPoinx^ and 

iPOLVJUSS [ia Arehitefftre ] aie the 
fl^cMV ii mr 9tmag» fncli to Dodn, 

; .tfCIMUHB £«r if and ?«!«&«, 1. of 
«i«)iii,Gf.iFlMKr.JUeaf J viltoitFknir- 

<y] kU nwmt dK fiae colooicd Leaves 

^fWi[mGtmit9y'i k «ied to fipufy die 
4apkril«tf aCaoeor any Ibcb^like Fi- 

AffiMiaS [m^ft^t, Gr.] a Figvre 
■ fir— r, aUck tpJoes awaf a Letter dr 
.^jMiMikellesMuuiig of a Wont, as ruit 

MmXH I [of^andfXiG'.Or. 

AWnaai 5 tlK Sm' ] chat Mnt of 
^"^ warnifiet^ in whidh it is the far- 
MiilHidMathe-Sap tte it can et^i- be. 

inPU [ ia J/Mtfjl a Planet tdcen 
*^ AiQKifrUfe in a Nativity. 
^nSnCAL, hdon^ng to yfphetM, 
MHiRU&OiVA [of4fand*i\«f. 
^■^ HbeUie or Delight in Mankiaa, of 

»Cr.1 the Bfft Approaefaes 

f^'i^'^r «ha f^doos begb to diflike 

r, L. of d$mfU, of <e 

^ l«ttHrJri9«^'a Voice, Gr. ] a Want of 

MQWl!ffi|IL» behmgiAg to an 
dHWBIi [^^A^>ir, F. of ^l>b»rif' 
*U. rf mimtfUf^ Gr. 1 a Ihort feled 
*^ haiy imiieiiig the Properties of 
i|^ sai capesiaieocnl for a certaia 
^{■IBsakifukiorRnle in any Art 

*^a«»IA [of 'Afp^KTa, Or. /^«»«] 
^'■"■^jMrfes of hotfa Ssx^ 
; ^nQQDiSPiA Pbrautis. a mad and ? io- 
' ^>«*MniaACaidf. 


f^ttODOVACAL, of Krsat, or Love. 

. AArnzS, Wheals or Phnplca aboot the 

^'^hm of the Month ; as alfo about 

^^■hidt lod Oaia in Wimts, ^c. the 

^fci*. L. 

^*U11Y [AfUrrmm, L.] a Place where 
^P%ZS «f e flMT [in £0ftf)^] , Knobs 

rk p 

gvMrins on ^ Top of tlie Sttmind, id itH 
Middle of the Flower. Z,. 

A'PLANES iujrhA^t, Gr. /.^. notnraal^ 
ling] the fixed Stit« fo tailed, h oppdition iv 
the Planets « Alfo the Spheics ihnmfiUu m 
which they are. placed. 

APKO&A lmjn6^ of Ji pitvative, and 
4Btt'M to breathe, Gr, ] want of Breath,. a«. 
entire Suppreflion of Bineatfaiag, or at leaA aa 
to^Seni'^c as it happehi toJIuiQfi&ia a Sweoa« 

APOC'ALVPSEX^kica^, U ^im^ 
Tijtf^tt, Gr.] a Revelation or Vifion j partiai<< 
Itfly, Cbe.K«tdltionofSL>&tf. Ou 

APOCALYFTIC AL [iimuiKifwImit^Qw^ 
beloaging to a Vifion or Revelatioo. i 

APOCATHAR'SB [among i%&iMf j 
a purging and thickniog of any Juice miA, 
S<igar«nd Hgney,lna idadof ahasdCnaift?. 
ence« ' 

K^LAS'M ['mSm^ny} 
off any Part of the Body. Cr, 

APO'COPE r ^Smasivi, of Mand«<a^. 
to cttt ofl^ Gn. J a cutting cff^ a Figam ia 
Gcammar, whtteig the Aaft iigtty or. fijWnhh 
iscotof!^ . - .-. 

APOCRIS'ARY [ji^ijkirimi, L>«f iisa^; 
•^U^i&'f of >hmM^fiM to aniiMr, 'O. ] 
the Pope*8 Nando tpthe.£nipeior4]f-Cis$fi0«-i 
tinopU I a Surrogate^ Conuniflaiy, or rhsm. 
cellor to a BiAop. 

APO/CRISIS 7 iMiLftfTis, Gu^^'^te^ 

APOCRIS^XA \ tion, or voiding Sneffdhii^: 
ties out of the Body. P. ^. * 

APOCRUST'ICRS, Medicines dMtiMip 
by binding and repelling. Cr, 

APQ/CRYPHA [Aftery^ L. of )Si»aad 
at/aTa^ to hide, Cr,\ certaip Books o^itotfbt^ 
.ful Authority, which are not feceived jnso* 
the Canon of the Holy' Writ. 

APO'CRYFHAL, hidden, wOaiownt' 
doubtful. Gr. ^ 

APOCALISM Ein Plgfckl thein%ilfiited 
Juice of Vegetables. Gr, 

APODACRIT'ICKS, Medidnetfditt ppo*. 
voice Tears. Gr. 

APODIC'tICAL7 jirffmmu,mSylU^ 

APODieTiCK. 5 ^^AMfuchaMieoa^ 
to be Aewn or made appear. Gr. 

APODIOX'IS l^im^ihitt, Gr.] aatxpei* 
ling or driving. 

APODIQXIS [in khettritk^ a Figure: 
whereby ao Argomeot is, with Indignapoii^ 
rdeAed as abliird. €r, 

APODIXIS [^MTci^fr, of J^lsUrc'/ 
demonftracc, Gr, ] a plain Proof, ocevidcnC 

APCyDOSIS [ ^IMMTir, of M snd$^« • 
(Ai to feftor^ Gr. ] a rccoapenfiog or> giving • 

APCXDOSIS [ in IthetoHcKl is called Itn/. 
JStr/dW, %9htch ia the Application or latter part 
of a SifniUtude. 

APOGEE [ 'Smyxm, of M from, and 
>t. Or. die *^Mih ] is «^ J^«?r «» 

A P 

Planets, wMdi ii fitttlM* fnm cJm Earth. 

abpve by « ri^ JLiM> Amtb fhiai «• OaUK 
io the (kam.flf flir I^MAtk 

liBtlieft Ditaoo* 4*00 the bfth. 

Crr« ] a Copf drawA 

AFOLCP'SIil lAftl^, U 3MiH«> Cr. 
• rtoeiviiif «r jtnveviiii $ ao uMcvoapiiag oi;' 


Ayte, t. Of MpiitX«>iu«rf<^;fy )6||^ 
^^MiyfiLtMim, to pofge Phkta (M^ oT tte ^ 
Ho^ Gr. J IMiciMi «fci«h, by tfae MoMh 
or Noft; puffc the Head of cold phkynutkli ' 

, . t. or )i«i9«^rof Xfi a^ ^ 
, /^^M# CD proaoica , Cr, 1 a Aon, piectf , 
and iafifoOive Sefl^oe^ chicay <tf a | 

APOLEFSY [«ithPM«M»] Che 
flcpting of Bbod oa annitofSpiriCi. 
. Af*QIUNA'AXAVS» »«Nficko k ^ 
ftofth Otolbuy^ who lAzted, TfaaC oor Sa- 
vieot^ at hk IiicaiHiuo> oiTomcd a hosMii 
Body without a Sonl, and thot the Word taf» 
|IM the PlMft of honas Spiitt, 
. A»OUlO,%imKmG^mm%^OHda 
Md Mmatm, <»whii they an ■loud the la- 
wtwMi Qv wtsxf cicelieot Afts^ tnd ciodhHl 
SHMr TosniiaondflMiMk 
^AOI/LYON p hiM^Aw>of^aBd^>xA» 
toddboy, u u thsIMroyor, Gr»'\ % N^me 
htaBnptnro^ivfs tDfQeX)Giril. 

APOLOGET^iCAL? [ «4tadMMiM^ F, 
. AMLOGB^XKaC S ^fA^ikm.U^ 
l<Rnau>a<rix^, Gr.] bdoosinf to as Apology 
cr £acafe. 

APOUQOI8X 7(^X^1^ F.l oaethat 

APOL'OGER imJMioa ilpobgy. 

To APOX/OGIZE [ Afh^i, L. of 
IS«iiXt>J;^Mf Gn ] to nuke onr*t P a fen oa , to 

APOUOGUE lAfohguh U of i^B6^f>^, 
qf Knkl^^ to mtar, Gr. la moral Taleor Jo> 
ftni^iTe Fable, fudi as JEfifi^ . 

of )«7B\o>My of l&n'KfyUt to rejcA, or not ad* 
ttit, Gr. ] a Dctece or Excufie $ a juftHyiog 

APOLU/SIS [among Pbyficians 1 the Ex* 
darfm of any thiagi as of the Eirth, the 
Feces, or the liko \ a Rataantian by which 
aaQp Part of the Whole ia veakrned. Cr, 

APOMECO^METR/ [of ^and/rtV|A», 
to inaifore, Gr. ] the aMaTaring of Thiiigs-at 

APONBU'ROSIS [hi ^^^aayl is the 
Ipfeadrng or tttendiogof a Nerve or IWadoa 
oBt lit haaidch. Gr* 

AP<yPHASIS r 'M9*<nu ^ >S>n»A^ 
Gr.l aFlgoffeiaRhcto^KKvherebyaaOia. 
tor feaoM to wave what Jic wottW pkioly iufi. 
suate. • 

APOraO<RETA \)ht^tnf. of >ba^^ 
to hoar away, Gr, ] Gifts or Pr^iaati ia#dr 
•anriently at certain Fdlivals, to be carried 
away by the Gtteftsi 

APQPIiLEG'itfATISM& I ^I^^^Uipi^''^ 

JlPWfrrHORA LtoaV^^r.] tha 
hringinK forth a Child putriied ia-Chi Waiah { 
aa Aborttno or unlifndy Birth. 
. AKKPflYSIS [j»sWi>firWaadf^w 
Natore^Gr.] aPiotvbcraace, BMftooawioa- ' 
ly at tha End dr die Bane, aMde by the FU 

breaoCthatBaa^ jotiiat oMabavftliiSarfacc. 


APOPLEC'TICK ' S^^*^» L.] he. 
longing to^ or fubje^ to an ApopkiyS or good 
a§*inft the Apoplc^. 

AV'WlXXYlAfpfJijde^^.Jf.llemm^ U 
of Xv9aXii|fe of M aad asxiwa to finite or 
ftiihe, Gr.J a Difcafe that fuddeoly farpriaea 
theEcaai, aod takes away ail naaMr of Seaia 
and Motion. 

A'PORE \ [ Siitf^, Or. 1 DoahtiaKM 

APCXRIME 5 t*crpkxi^ ;' A >%acem 
Rheiorkk, when aaa hut ,a ftiad adiat co 

APORRffB'A'S r among WMftfdwgt 
are Vapoora and lulphurous Effiuviuma, 
wbkh aafaalc throagh.the Pdio of dM 

APORRHCVE 7[of«ni^,Gr»«o«o« 

APORRHCy£A5downJ a^a«rai| 
or iffuing from. 

APORR«<yeA [ in TigfickJ a 

ing ootof Vapaoa thiaafh 

waaotf «£ 


APORRHO^ A [in 4/hil^J is w 
Moua fepar^'tes from ode Plaaetp aari 
to. another. 

ArOSCBPARKISabfCS HaSamry^ in 
Fra£lur^ or breatung of the Sktdlf waati Ibai 
Partofit ispltinly raifcd« L. * ' " . 

AP0S1P'P:£S1S nSmeulsM^sf, of X»f wi 
Cio!ir9S'ilcncCf Cr, j aFignne in Rhetoric 
whflteby a PrrfoA ia a Pafiioa breaka off a I>j 
courfe, y;^ [q that it may be iuidesiloci4 iwfa 
he md^ns. 

APOSPAS'MATA [Mtw^AmO** ci^ 
and ^a^ie^ti^ plucky Gr,] Avnlfiona ^ ^ dra^ 
ing Q| ^ Part from aoouer^ W^uoh nnturii 
fluck to k. SWk« . 

APOS'TA* a.Ciaat«ea».4MrK«» £6 t;K^ 
a Iajmcc of Mea^ thift iciiBlWwa ,thefla» mod t 
li^ts to gaae on them. . ' 

>(^0&TASyj-4^«ftfe,F. A^^fiaJU^ 
of ^borAd'if of aairetfau to depart^ Jc?r.' 
revoking^ or fall lag. away from the.Xnae^J 
lifiion. i - 

APOS^T ASIS ramoi« JfuummifisJ 
Ah(K&4 k ii latp-iUbdfawi HiPfM-'A 

Digitized byVjDvjQ I' 



"'^''^^^illjRjginT. |}ceafed, in the Number of the Gods j anGieiitf)r 


'* t of ^Trfittn, Cafhk^ 

AQ<3 VinJer* abotit the 

«Bc tSat rrnoancci the Tins 
fe^dc/, a Renegade?. 

^ •■■ " ^ iefg Cr. j to icnouncc the 

toni 5#riEaj, cia^c! bycorrapt Humours 

- Ct.j in gcocral figpi fid a Mf ffcn 

tbe* CeffhU of th< divfied Jte))«»r f taM ^ita» 
|tbe Name of a Ctmonization. ' • -* 

APO'TOME fin Af«y!^ the Difomei^ 
t eWN lLfl^^ ft IFVtMr^d'Irfler SmhomU > 
APCTOMB^fiii iMM«w^>*y] «• «r iii*^ 

l^ttft fr« 3^7 ptrf of t* c Bod y, com monly I a «ft sAtcAtA I3ne$ r l%rt trtufc-off^r- m*!*^ «* 

Upon iome fpemi "Err^snl, 
^- .. fditve pecuIiM ARaif of 
Ikibi^ kira J but js more parikulirly 
vf^ p Ttt DifcpJe K^hooi pur Saviour fcnt 
.^1 lie Golpel to alJ Nations. 

JifWO'Ll A N 5, yip6i}ak\ or .^/s- 
^1 frrricki of the fetond Century, 
I tW It is IJnfui ttt iksireli any 
tptnoiriOtii^ and pitccftded to other 
Giftii alTo 1 Seft in ihc twelfth 

yfi^fue^ F, of a. 

Caj or dejrxviilg AathuTi:^ 

Ua^utMfwrtf an OinU 

ttfe coniipor<:i! irf tut^ve 

fcftir Number ofthc Apoftlrj, 

Hi Z J/A TO r^3#i, tifd W^/ *.-j,j 

51, ^r.1 a D>gref1icn ; J Fi, 

in whkh Thlnp 

Pert'otn pfcfent o- .^h. 

afptilfcd as^nW ihty 

^^^y^OM^ fin Gramn-rrl Is m Ao 
^y^t, fteVfift* tBir there It a Vo/ H 
■^^rfTid ihoi t • ) and fee at tbe Head 

J*"mnitii4*», of ii« :tad fi^kfMi, 
jtMgk^ or »ld to, bc^Qfc of iHeif 
JJJPttltfiifl i^ethtr iQf Medicine] 
Sy «F * f btC.Ml Shop, priMnt anl 

APOZE'M ^ r/ww i ^ F.-y^pftCtlmr, tro^ 

Blifcr,'^!e^ ■^'- '* -'^ -- -, *^ \^ '«-r^ 
To APPALL' lJtfftdh>tirHm^t wtbm 

'>Art»AlJ©, girvwcpUe. ^ Chaac, r ---r '^ 

APPARA'Tt7S, AA^m-AfiiMT [jHOttig^ 
lilfriMMflfr] «6« grearir aM MTeTPf e|iiiiM*n^ 
Mug f m r im r fim iMr MMcAi ofedHilMafei 
for tlift Stone;- > ' — ^. 

APPARATUS Hii Mecbanicks, or £;iya»i 
ffMMilitf PMfofiyi tfce Fitneil of the InBtu. 
' nenb cdr |X f <ulm4dmii rT)iingt-w^ithf * 

APP AK'BL [>4^4rAV, F.] aoatbio^, Ha- . 
Wt^- ftttftwnt; ''■^ . , - . .-^ 

APPAR'EL fin Sea Affaift\ the Tacidc^ 

APPAR'Eb [in StttgayJ Funutateioc 
drtffiftga Wbun^h * ' . '^ • 

To Af PAR'EL ljtp^reHUf;F.l\bi»tfs, 

' <"^fc»*, tf^^tcftoci 0t j^tet itoong 

APPAR'ELMENT 7 Reitokbln^e j «s Ap.^ 

APP-AR/LEMENTSparlemeitC o£ Vhc^ 
F.L.iT,^ ' • • •-^- '■ *.->.- • 

APFA'^^HT [apparfliiy Uf thit pkitrir 
app^krs, €trtiiif>ef1d«ht^ manife^y pkun,Vi6^ 
'bi€i •#•. ;• — ' '•" " ^ 

APPAfRlNT P/deetfihl OiJtif^l'mOp^ 
firkt} 19 that iflwhkfait'^ptar» tbrougiM»e 
or more GlaiTes. • - ^ <* * 

APPAHWENT W«# of» ^ »Pftfci^'^ flwr 
[in ^#^Mii/] n i Pdot determined by' a LtB# 
drawn from the Eye throoglf tbe Centw of tbt 

st«-,'a^. •■ .-..>v^ ., 

APPARITICTN^ theitppeannjof •Spirit f 
iaChoAor Vifi«nr F.^ L.- - - ^ 

APPARTTQft 7 [ Afpariteut, F. ] ob* 
APFAR'ITOVRythac fuakmbiSCh' Of- 
N^lrs/tii^^ih'tes the Pr^ceft; io mSpintuai 
Ctmt.i alfo in OAcer in the Untvrriitica. 4* 
APPART'MEKT ^Affartmeaf, FJ 
fciMMii^M^ ithtt-RooiiU. '/^ A 


APFARCIIA^ Funuttire. O'.t, 
,To APJPAY' [af^iart, lul. or of a/ Sid 

. APPEAL' .[^/^/,lf. of>r^tf//fl,L.5 a 
it^oving of ft Cauie^ from one^ or ati iofcripr 
Judge or Court, to akother^ or fupenqr on^. 
, AV?^]£.AL fflifaybm [Law %nf].vi>c- 
carmg one who hat matm'd another. 

APPEAL of wrong Iwtprijormunt^ U ao Ac- 
tion of wron^ Impfifonment. 

ToAPPEAU [ApptlUr,$.^6l*apjiziUre, 
li. 1 to make aft AppoaL 

, To APPEAR' tt/^rVw, t. ft^rert^ L.] 
to be in Si^t^ to ihew one's felf j to make a 
figure or Shew \ Vi feem or look. 

APPE AR'ANCE. the cx^rnal Atpeft, . or 
SoifKe of a Thingy or that which ftnkes the 
Sen fe of Sight, (j^c. or the Imagination \ which 
ilevertbeleft. according to the Diilance, Situa- 
tion or other Accideot» may convey to t^ Con- 
ception fometbing rery Sknch differing from. 
^bat it in r«aHty is. 

. APPEAR' ANCE [in Uw\ the Defend- 
Mt's engaging .tp a«fwer an Adion entered 
ngainft him* 

. To APPEASE' l^fpaiftr, F.J to aflty, af- 
fw'age, ptcrfy, to finprete, to claim. 

APPEVLANT.[^/lf./Z*iir, W] he that 
inak« Or brings an Appeal. L. T. 

APPELLA/TION, s a calling. or naming any 
thing by. a particular Name \ alio a Name, .a 
Term or Tilfe. L, * 

APPEt/LATIVE, or No^n 4ff<Uati'vt, 
[App4^atwumf L, ] a Name common to 
many, imd oppofed to Prqper^ a$ Man,' ArtU 
'fctr, Enginetr^ kz* K 

APPELLE^E \taw Ta-ht] one that is ap. 
fealed agaiof?^ or accuCed. 

APPEL'LAKTT [inLcwJone wfco havine 

APPELLOU'RJconfclTed a Crime, ap- 
peals, t, e, accttfes others that were his Ac« 
complices. . 

To APPEKiy [appendtret L.] to hang up, 
to or upon a Thing. 

APPEN'DAGE fof 4yfAY.r^,.L. J any 
thing that being coandered as Icfs principal^ i| 
added together. • 

. APPkND'A?<T [Appeedtni^L.'l » Thing 
that by Prcfcription dcpendi on,, or belongs to 
anotliei' that is Principal. 
. APPENDICULA remifcrmii [in Ana^ 
#o«j»] the I/ttefiinum' Caium^ or blind Gut, 
hecaufe io iome Cicatn^cs it hangs down like 

A Worm 

. ApPENDI'TlA, the AppcndaV* or Ap. 
purt«nanc«s to an Eflate* 0. t, 

. APPEH'DIX [ApPifidice^ F,] a Supple- 
mcnt ^to a Treatifc, py way of Addition ot, 
iUuAration ^.any thing that >9add«l L7 ideif 
In another. X<* ^ * 

. APi^ENDIX n».-^»«'««yl the fame ^'itb' 

• •AIH'EN'NAGE? [Append^z^, F,! "the 
APPAN'ACE..f Portion whTh a-3ovc^ 
n\pi Ymxt girc9 19 iyt ycupger Ci:il}rcfi« 

Things hanging about the Ndti of difes^ {*7 

Perfons, to (ne them {torn fome psrticuhr^-l^'M*^ 
Diftcwper/dsidricd T>wd toftopBleedi%«-!:^'* ^ 

To APPERTA'IN [4rt^r/flwV,r.] toW-* U^ 
long to, to hate a 0fcpendance upon. J^. ualir^l]|C« 

APPERT*lNANCES7Tq.<l. ?er/iVrfltfk«isihB,\3 k\ 

APPUR'TIN AKCES } ad,l,] Things bsK Wn 

longing to another Thing thactsjpoiepriDCK :is'iii.|ul 
pat} asCoBrti,Vards,Dnins,tfc.toaHoQii»jai'uubi,l 1 
L.T. \ W 

APrPETEMCT [Appetmig^W^ eafne^aukal" 
Delire, gteat IncHnaticn. a; 513:11 lo 

AFPETIBLE {^/5^/ii7/i, L.] defisahle^,- I 

worthy to he defired. - lisbraV 

APPETFTB {Affitit, P. Apia'mn, qx«,»S 
any natural Inclination j thk Afltftion of tli^ \ 

Mind, by which we are incited to ahy d)ia{| : i"t-« 
inordinacc Defire, Loft ; the Delitc of Not;* ^ ^ 
ri/hment, Stomach to Vidhials. 1 4u ;l 

AP'PETITIVE, belonging to the Appeiiig^''*^^ 
or Defire. F. ^^-M? 

APPETl'TUS Csniihis, a Db^Uke *r fa- ^ 
▼enoos Appetite, t, ,7!*?^ 

T0 APPLAtJCP [appl^dif, F. if appla;, '^ ' *'- 
dere, L.] to ccteimeiid highly; to'approve wrelt ^^ ^ 
of what is done. •^^'Si 

APPLAU'SE [j^lamnfement, F*. nf J^^ 
plauju^, L.J a clapping bf Hindi in tokr-aof ^- ''i* 
Joy or Cottgratiiratlon ; gfist Commeodatko. -"*• 
puhlick Praife. ' • '^^^ 

APTLE. [iCppfe, 5tfjr.J all forts of rdvnl *^' 
Fruit, both of Trees and Herbs, ' 

APPLEBY [called by the Romans w4^rf/&*'^**i 
JtfJ a Town in i^^morJand, 

AP'PLE e/Lew, a Plant, a kind ofNigJ*. i?fi: 
fliade. '^ii 

APPLPABLB \[(^icMlh, I*. 1 thai *?t 
' At"PLrCABLE$m«y beappUedi b«s te.^^^ 
ration to, or Is conformkble to. F. ^ 

APPLPANCE; Application. Sbttkcfp. 

AP'PLICATE r>*/|pAMr^, L.] a Ri^t '^'J 
iLine, othetwlfe called tne Ordinate, or Stm" ^ 
ordinate^ in a Conic Sef^ion. ^ 

A IMPLICATE Ordinatt [ tn Gemnetry ] 4 *: 
Rj^'t Line at Right Angles ajypfy^d to the ; 
Axis of any Conic Se£lionj and Louodcd \rf. tht ^ 
Curye'. " 

. APPLJCA'TlOKy the Art of sr^ij^ns n» 
addrefljqg'a'Pcrron I alfoCa're, I>ilrsei\i^^ At- 
lenlionoftheMind. *F.df£, . 

APPLICA'TION [In ^AJiroUgy\ , the nfu 
proachihg'of two Planets to each other. 

To APPLY' {fifpiit^wnr,' F. 4tpj^icare, V^' 
to gut, fet, oj- lay oneThSfig to ajsothbr ^ ti 
have .I^cqourfc to a Thing or Perfon ^ co 'be 
tajcc,* Jo give up onfc*s felf Co. ' * 

APPODIA'RE^ «} lean '^« pmvp rr 
0,X., ,.', ' ' - * . 

; To APPOINT' l^pp^dnffKy T^ tp psaitf 
tiite or brdain^ to ddfigo or ^etersnine' 2 to 

APFOlNT£Dritf©l?cd. Xr£«a»c« * 

A P 

iSfOSSnV, a Foot Soldkr in Fra^ctt 
«U (br Imi Sertice and Braver j icceivei Pay 
ifefCfiTseCcsdadt. F. 

Adof ApfMBCiagy ao QrX^ri alfa a'Peniion 
^livd k^ ?«!^ of Ooalltirlar the miuiiixiC 

To APPO&I7OK [o£ tf/aod Piirnoy L.] 
lD4<fideiaicaai)qmt|VictioMorPaita^ V> 
p^«riH. 1.7; 

iinaTI01(M£KT [inX^m^J it a dU 
n^flo Pks; a EeaC v^c^ i« 4ividaU«^ 
^erfBOCeitat and whole. 

imROVJd [Oi;^/ X4w] IsalUventte, 
^erFre&, accraioc fi^om any chiii^ to the 

APKKSAL [of Sh^iffs"] is the charging 
(teviikMooqr ctcdvcd upoo \\k%u AccouJ^t 

tu??^ r-?^M F.] to put to, 

APK^TTE [-j^5/*j, L.J ^dded, th^' 
9 biivifeae to the PorpoTc^ £tf pat, ^/ro.. 

AWSmON, U a puttiog or laying one 
"J|b»de Side of another. .F.oiL. 
. AfFKPTldK {ia Crtnmar'^ tlie put-; 
tif twa « Be» Sabdantivcf in the iawe! 
^ i, .... 

teAmUK* £i^^«f/«y F.J to ralc«jrl 
Vifr«GoG«odSy Lo vjK»c* , 

iWlA^E'MENT, the Rate oi V^aJ«c[ 
"^^.fif T^^ Of Commodity hy .an Ap-f 

< AatfnUBTEK^ one wh« feta the Va- 
^•iCeodt^^c. - i 

/^■|^ U] to ia/ hoU of or fciae oo } to: 

jiMtUjij otiear or i«rpe^. 1 

|I^Km£K'SU3lN«.a catching .hoia ofj 

«5^ UA4erftaaai^g^ . JFtti, Jealpofy,, 

AfaiHEN'SrON fm^Z^Vij'a f,mpW 
Jmjatwi of Things » which pFcfch^ 
^"V^tetotbeMiady withootpr^au^cinij 
'^f^abMcthem. X* ' ' 
JW^«£N'SIV£, auidc .of, Apprehcn-, 
*^aMetforfvl. F. 

*'«tEHEX'I>ItB [in Ztfw] is a F« 01 
"*J" ie taken or trecived. F, , 
^WBCE [4ftV-,/i^..f. of 4^ 
{?*"♦*». CD itaiaj ALearnefi 00c bound 
•^i»to low an Art or l^Ae^. 

^M JD fcL an h^ f jice. Value,. 09 

^«WE^^E«tiK|^,^txial. C/nr,r] 

J^mOAGK' i^^hn^. r] to4raJ 
■'S littoc near. J 

^PPROiCH'ABU^, tliiat may W>p^ 

J^WUCH'ES rU Fartificatii^l are all 
SSj***^^^ B«fie|6rs a^^toach ta 


APPIVQBATiON^ a liking or appnvjq^ 
of» /*• of Zr*. 

Toi?LPPROPIN'QyATE [tf//r^/i»y«*ro 
L.] to draw nigh onto* 

APl^ROPRlA'RE commumm [ItfwTmv] 
to dSfbommtao, r. r. to feparate and endofe 
any Ptrccl of Land wliich was before an open 
Cooainon. ^ , "> 

A^PPR^PRIATlfi a4B9wreMlU^ 
Terif} to bnng 5 Manour within the Extent 
4nd uherty of fuch ab Noneroi'. 

ji i^PPRCyPRJlATE [^yri^iVr, F.l t* 
(ct a^e aiiy cfiing for thel/ft'of fi^y on^ 
To iufurp the Property oif ^ Thfcg, fo claim 
or take xo otfe*s felf. , - - 

APPROPRUmON fin ^rwj is Wfied 
thcPrqfks of k Church. tmn{ a^ ifndie over 
to a Laytnan, or a Body Cor^oract, he or they 
pnly maintaining a Vicar; as X^ IM^h df 
St. Htepbtn Colman-frtet, LoftJcfl: '' ■ 

To APPROVE [ofproitver, f. tif gffri^ 
hare^ L.] to like or allow of; to render' one's 
felftfoOMAendable. ^ 

'fo APPROVE [in Itfw] to Improyeor 
\nat^ ; to examine to the utrpoft* 

APPROVE'MENT ^ land Rn' law] » 
the making tlie beft AcfVantage c^' k % m- 
.proving ^d increafing the Rent. 

APPROVE'MENT fin Wj J5 fi«ie«Tii 
Man hath. Common within the JLordU Waite 
for h^feTf, hav^g neverthcUfs iufHcient 
Cbflwion with F^refi and Rffrtfs for tJve 
Oommoners. .This £fid(4ng ii calltd ^p» 

APPROVER [AfprolJitettryt.'Jpprfki' 
ui^i L.1 one t^at allows or npprovcs of; 

APPROVER [in tA-jA is one who beioc 
guilty of Felony^ to faye £(«)felf aceofes h£i 
Accbu^plictt,*" . - ' . - t 

^AP|>I10V'ERS Uf the Kifig] fw* af ba«i 
ijie Letting 6f the King's Demetncs, m fmaU 
Manoursj to the heft Advantage' 

AWRQVfeRS, certain PetfbnB fent into 
fevefal CcAintrics, to increafc ihe Fa^s of 
Huiidreds and y^apentakes. . * " • 

APlfRpVERS in fix: mrfitt ^"^fiXk^ 
were fuch as had Licence to buy and fell Ck- 
jTe into ^ofe Parts. *! • ' 

API^ROXIMATION [ia Jtrifhmetiek or 
Atithra^ is a continnal approaching Ail} nearer 
and nearer to the Root or Quantity fought, 
without ever expecting to have tt exaiflly. . 

APPULS/E i^ffifi'* ^'} ^ trriring tt^ 
an appro aching. 

APPULS'E pn ^dtttmy] U the Approafc)^ 
,of any Planet to a Conjun^on. 

APPI;R*TEMANCE [^pf>4trtengncef F.J . 
t^ii which appertains or belongs to. 

A'PRJCOCK f^*r/f5f,F.J a^Wall-Fwit. 

A'PRIL [ Aff/iis, ;|. jSunifii, mh Apt* 
riiutdor L. opcttng'^ wtuK lo this Month 
all U^lngs are lis it Mr«tt opened and budded J 
x\it foMth p|AoBth of the Ycar/heglnniBg witS 

A^ON, ft bafking 10 the Sun. Lj 

" * Digit zed by GOO^^' 

APRI'CITY [AprieitM, L.] WirmtH in 
t)i( Suo, Sua- Aine. X. . • 

A'PRIZE, adventure. 0. 
• ATRON [ of Apjitn, Sax, |)^forc ] a 
Cannent which Women we^ befbirp then) ^ 
alfo a Piece o£ I«cad w^ch co^F? ^^ Toofii- 
hole of aOon. 

AFSID^fili Jfyonowr^'i ar« tHoie tWo 
Fointi in the Orbit of a Planet/ one of ^which 
Is the fartheft from> and the other the oeareft 
to the Snn, 

APSV'CHirrQf«pr«^t«^«» aDd4i/;^tJ>c 
Soul, Gr.l'a fwocming or faintin]^ away. 
APT [d;^/«i, L. ] iit, convenient, me^. 

A B^ 

fiOpCT^ fcadj or ptopenff to, 

To APTA'TE.i Plantt [ in ^r^logyl 
ilren^then i( iQ Pofition of a Houfe and pi 


. '«- 
IUtiea,to thejgreateft Advantage. 

AP-THANES, the fiighcr Nobility of 

APT'ITUDE I [j^ifuJp. L.J f itnefs, a 

APT'NESS ' 5 natural Difpo&cion to do a 
thine. F. . • 

APTd'TON [la Grammar] a Koun that 
{s not dfcliaed with Cafes. 

APV/REXY I' Aieuf fiU, Gc.] the abating 
■<^x flack e'ning of a Fever. 

A^AOxhJiU Ivaoa^Oymipt] ^^^<^ 
Wine. I.. 

A'WA Ovmiim f!omrn [fsiopg Cbymtft] 
the diiTiliiid ^ater of Cow-Dung, when the 
^Cow» go to pnfs. t, 

A'QJTA fefttSf a Liquor *ma<Ic of a Mix-. 
. ture of e^ual Quantitiei of^e, yitritffj 
and Poner's jtarfh, diftilM in. a clcyfe reVpf.' 
derating. Fyrnace. L, . • .. '' 

A'fQJA Rtgah's (among C^^jw/fsj a Liquor' 
made by the Ui^olution <it *bai!^Jbinmacta.\ 
th« Spirit of iVirrr«. - I*,"* -. 
] ' A'QtJA Securdat a Liquor ina3c of Water 

* land the Precipitate of Silver, t, ' ' 

A'QUA 'Tc(rfctymj^g;on^\^;itft piiigirig; 
the four Humours of the Body. L'.* * 

A'QCA VVTJE [i. e. Water' «^ LiTcT a 

|brt of Cordtal Water, made of Beer Wrongly 

)]opp!4 and well fermpnttfd, t- "--•*'• 

■ ' AQUAGIOM; a Watcr.ccurfe. O. t. 

•AQJ/APP'ISE [of ^/yw, L. ai^d P«V/i, F 4 

Wcightj ofPiJ'iff, F. to weigh] an Inftr\ittipul 

to examine the GraTi<v of Liquors. - ' * ' 

A'<;^T^PQTf$ [of v^j«j, and r#/(^;L.l 

Water-brinkors. '; 

' AQUA'RlA^S? hertf^As r& calJed, beJ 

caufc they iiftd-oiA^ Waters the turd's SopJ 

per. L.- * ** ' ^ «• - •• . 

AQJJ A'RftTS,. Ahe-of !!ie twelire'Sfih^of 

^ tjie ^m/uCj which the Smi\ tnxtxi> tayaniiaryi 

10, ... . . \ ■'. \ ^ -' - '' : • 

AWAT'ICK "^'t^oWj^g', Jiiring; «r 

AftUAT'lCAL > brcftiin^ in 'i)4 stlxjut 

AQ^ArOfWE' J ;tW:Wat-r/'r.'- i 

A^J/rtOCK' I^VtrtWi'v fkifh' a^ trtw ^iii 

• \Vrft«r, •ii' ?«r Wt ariiT i>K>fiA CT>.>ui9.' "* ».- • 

AOPAT^K*, :: Hcs thit' pr^^V ^a'fer 

Banlcs of Rivers^ 

I^ar/bei ajid wxtet 

A'QJJEDUCTS lAiutduc, F. of ^4^ 
du^Ms,' L.] a OtHdvir or Pipe to convey Wi 
ter firom one Plah* to another. 

A'QtJEDUCt \\fiAnAi4^'\ the boBy iV 
iage of the Ortu|itlifttroiche»rn>m the Ear 4 
thePaUne. **' ' - 

AQyEtNTABLE, eai^ |o bt teqwrlBn 
with. Omu^* ., ■ 

A'QUBOUS FffVMcry F. of aqueut^^ 1« 
likeWiter,-^«lAift. ^ ' ' • 

A'QUEOUS.IfMMrr {aoong OaHifit} m 
of the numouft of die lye, which ir the wai 
moft, being tranfpareor, ando^BoOolkibr. ' 

A'QUILA, an EfgleraiO* »<:;onil«Ukk 
in the Northern Hemifpnere. L* 
' A'OyiLA Alluty or rho 9nite £aih Ta 
mone Chmifls'l, the £>ine with Me r turh 
Dutcn, t.- • • 

A'OyiL A PHhfifhrttm^ h a Term ttlcd h 
Alchymiffs, to lignit'y the tedndiig of Meu 
to their firft Matter. • L. . . .. • 

AQUIL'IFER, a Standard-bearer of it 
J^oman Army> the PMhiiV of an E^lc bem^t 
his Coloofs ; a Cornet (t Eafigp. X, 
' AOyiLPNC [dP^»r/f5 f/apiiiM, tj I 
orbeSiigtUgtbanfeigle. ' ^ ^ ^ 

. AQUiU'NE ///^ a hooW ^ofc filQr tli 
-BeakJFanEaiJel a Hiawfc:'* jufe.*;^ *". . 

To AQUITE, to match. ^O. - • * • ai 

AQUlrfeR, « Needle-cafe. (K " ^-^ •• 
- A^OS'E [^fM>n L: ]' Mtery^ orltK 
Water. .' «•• •••'^ 

A<^OS'ITY [v4»e/Sf«r, L/1 WaMil 
ncfi,- • .. ' • »^' •-»*> ' 

^^'A^RA, tn Altar ot Sanaim^i d(» j 
Southern Corfnellatibn; A. ' i* >^*•T'^.A•^ 

ARABELILA f of ;*i^ iMB^mi P*^-* 
fair AlUfiX*.] '*rite|«Hbm*#We«M;''^ 

. ARABt96cii^(;ftf p^rfiir«nnM^ 

cttfiobs fkmiaid ot%|atc^>V^(ti^'aAer4i 
>4ir^z^rtfff 'Manner.* '•••'.-«..•<' x /i» K 

' ARA'BiA, iila%tt^iM(MVmmif^ ^ 

AR^AmCKi 'th«>Lbaftti|e {if j«y«k.^'s 

AR ADRIAN f^«^/tbe Bblftef- cM«t« 
Boifl d(rdof^'<l»prtUI ^be Day of ^f*^ia«|i 
and then had its Rerane£tiQn''^NiM&iP4l 
Body.- ' ' "^ ' >r.K/. rt jc )\ ' 

AR'ABLE rarairfh} %,] p^lfibfh^la, t 
Arable L*rfd» ^v. LaiMfie tirhtplo^«lMr 

To AR AC'E^ to defRc, to plack up, '•'^ 

ARAcmfQ^iMs. fwitii \^i^m;m ti 

Its Rcfcmblance to^a Spider*! W«bi* v * ' 
A'RACtil,« fpititbMitUq^rddQB^frm 

from the incifions ma^ iixCQc«^Trcei,'ft 
/ml'#l . *! liar«:at^lb»:Som4^ Hi, ^^ Bats 
vian aa4 Gtm: >^ii«if*'th9 fewer a* ^A 
Pronged, being Mnrnw tiff'mCiffvct BtSb 
%)hicK ie^ld to malbe itthe faioho Rcty'} ba 
the^(74/ h lowmiiatini the hittg bela^ rfaawo M 
oh-HanhcffViifrete;-:'' '"^ t ' • ' 
>> I A)RAt»E^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


AlilGVE'E [oisr^ae, F. Jbrnm, U] .1 
^V*^* 1 

ftcu or C^oy «f a Mmi^ . 

AR&'UA, anbJe or ploagbM Giopp^ .1^ 

AlUAffTES, SjrisMf $m»^c^Armi. 

ilXA'NIA TarturAj ^ Chf^Uina fampng 
Ots^] tk« Toaick of the £>e that fonouois 
tkCbff|iaBiBeHiiOK^r. J^ 

' AIU'NZQUS XirrMc^.L.] fulltifSpi- 

AftA'KlUS, m loqr Pulfe^ atxoidilit to (7*. 
!■< a£b a iiky Urinle^ hsviot FUmi like Cob- 

To AS AT, to f«cpte«. C&onr, ' 

A&'BT&ABLEI ibac may be put to Ar- 
liBiM, « ^ectded cbeVebT^ 

AtBT1tACE« the Decree or Sentence of 
toAf tfenc n .or Upipire. 

AJtltn^A'RY \srb<tr£trt, f, Mr^itrOmm, 
^} iltt vfaicE Is Tolttttiry; or that depends 
Mf m Mc's Wator Ctu^ke, beii% abi^ 

' Akmf^RIN^SS, tbe' •aiag or do^ 
•I doBi acbordiA^ to t r^oaa^ owJn Will| 
vffSwKCtefli, UncoaooiablesefSf. 

!• A8/4lp1tAT£ lioriitrtr, f ..of Ar^i- 
*M. L] ti a^ge or ad as an Arbjcnttfr, 
• MH^ M |i«e Seiitiuice. 

AXttnUI*flOK, the Aa of arbitrating/ 
^^toimmA dotting an £n4 to apificrence 

AtnnUflDC^' l^Aim, F;] an'cgttn- 
•fcnja4i» cb^ft». iwliffeJreiWy, by the, 
lwatfriufaitoft»o^tffafcptP»ai>i,to do- 
dk a CsiiifMtfft' ^etviw tbemi a Pay>, 
Ma^ aKefc rtec. 

AiBrmEliCNT, • P^er iraijted by 
^OMttdiBg Pvtici to.'Arbicmdn to. der 
««iB (9ie Mailer to dilbute 1ietwe/en tbcsiy 
»>i A Acy i w^owrf to fiaad to imder »<«rr 


a CroTs-bow. Clfouct 

MKH IfiKffiaivch} U the 9pind]t 
« Ml •■ vli^ttto Uftmnwor Mach^ 

f^<Miiklisattta froia tft«^tio|i of Merl 
c^iiAdiii, I. * 

. 4ft1MLIXviK«ii,fV#r.tbeTfteQf|f<r0r^ 
r««ri|^«yfrj a PrOMfaof cbe HerWificaT 
taafiflfcicm. £^ I 

AXaOft V&f» lUkf'a Tim f wkln W 
«4j hiioi fnaOofea to be tlie ftiyie Tree i* 

AJUK>R Mcr<i>, i,c. tbeTne ^ JiUt^ 
f >Mas Gl^iM^i] Ooral, becaoTe »t grOwl 
Lktai'lwtofTifcwidcr tb^Y^atcrtotb^ 


ARiOk Vii^f a Tios oftqi pfaip^ 1^ (ht 
Pleafantnefs of ks green Leaf, Z. 

ARBOR Vita f ;. rV tbe Trjce of LHe, ac- 
cording to HcZnnrX a. Mediciise^ ^'^^Help 
of wbkb Life mttM agam i^F f^^ ^ike n 

ARBcvUCpUiS £0r<0rarx, Jcnn oA^ 
bj HobaI<f^^.^ Muibux^nt or ifo^of groifw 
ingo&Treesyto diftingnifh tii8qx> fro^n^f ocll 
at yow 01) u^ (^rouo4« . ' * ' 

AfL^fiORISf, a Pcrfon weU &ili^ in tbg 
ferepd Kiads a»i Natures of Trti* . ' 

AR'BbUk iMc/rftttm, X. ^ot ^^i^i^*^ 
djcrivet it of ^epebftpga, Sex, l&ttbtrjSty 
Teut, a Nfaofionj a Bdwer in a C«arden« « 
fiiady PUf pinadeioy Arc^ to fit m)d tajte Plet- 
forein. \ 

AR9US'T|Kp {^hjiini^ li,] ibmbby, 
bdoogiog to, or like Shrubs* 

ARCA'NUM [a Sn^a, L.] a Name gtvett 
to patticolar-CbyxA^) Pt e painkjws y «t fiiil 
kept (beret by tbdirAotbon. > 

ARCA'NUM CoraiUmm £anioiigCi^^] 
the red Precipitate of Mewryor Q^iefcfilTer, 
on jwhicb vdl-reaified Spirit of Wine hiis 
been &x times burnt* 

ARCA^NUM Dvfhim^ i. e. a double Secrtt 
[ 9moag'CiymJk'\ -a Sort. of $a}t| nade by 
waibing the grofs Mattel' which rtaiupittStti 
the Oiftillat2oa.6f.dooble,4def«tf tmk^ with 
Yrarm Water. 

ARCA'NUM Jovit, 1. e. Jvpit€r\ ftcret 
[aniopji C5)^9tj/?r] is an Amalgama, made of 
'eqtal Quantities of ^im. and ^itk-fiyo' pal* 
yei^d ^^digefM with Spirit of J4ar*^ $bQ» 

ARCH f AfX0*> Cr.1 amat or notorious j 
aa Arpb-Rogue, u^ Arch-Traitoi^ ^c, 

ARCH [of ^A^x*^^- dr.] prefixed to any 
Word,^ adds Prince or Chief to its Significb- 
tion{ as A^-Aogel, Arch-puk^, Ardu 
Biihop, Attk^Ficnd. Mh^m. • / ^ '^ 

An AR^H Vof^c, F. fji(Anms,L, aBo»] 
a bon^if in the Form of a bcnrpoiv* 

An ARCH [tai^«^>#^«r#1 i b6UAr 

Building raifisd mtk « Mould in the Folim of 

a Scaii-cir4^f 41 the AKh of a Bridge, ^. 

F, ■ ■ . w ^ 

. M ARCH7J[io'(7rwiffty] i» any Part ^ 

An ARK ^t Cira)pi>fiBreMO o^ a Circle^ 
or crooked Linf^'Jying Iwom onePoitatto all* 
other. ' 

ARO^ »/ Df»^^ [in v9ir«%] It a ?«• 
tiofi of the .iR^uator lying betwoen two Poiata 
in the Heavens,' ofie o? w{)tch is t)ie Pisco 
of tK« Siff^f^^, iMtd the gdw «f the Pns- 

^j^, p|r.j t^ aetainipg «r «l^'Obfol«tt 

fehiMfX. 'A^^^dl/ysMr** of ^^X** Chief, and 
«k/i>^ Axge V C7r.] the Prince of Angels, aa 
Mittati is laid to be ^ alti dM Name of a 
Plant called Dtad-y€ttk. r^ _ _ _ i * ' 


Arcbevequc, F. jtrtbicpijcep^i^ L. Ol'A/gcii-^ 

Wi^ntw^fffii a^X^f Chief, aodt^^rn^vi^ a; 

3iiEojp, of f ari^^ovM,^ to tajc^ qarc Qf» Gr.'^ ^ i 
Xhicf 3u(^op, vrho haV Powc' oKCf a cvrtaip I 

Number of other Brthops. 

A&CHBISH'QFIUC3C *09ft|<aBUfi^ff* 
JlbmXly TVirt, ^ch^/futg F. Arcbiefijcojuuui, 
^•j the fxteat o^ tbc JurildidioD, or th^Be- 

ncibce and Dignity of an Ari^-Biihop. 
^ AR£HJ>A«P1F]UI, . thp Chic/ Scjwer j onei 

of the PrincipaJ Oiicfi-f ^ the. ^jui^ of C«er.' 
..^«)rjL which bfloD^t tatjb Cfl»4>^ P^iatitu on 

'„ <4RCHDEA'CONf^fl6iV£wc»oF.4rrA/-' 
^fiofmUfU of 'Ai}(jZ4fMtf^, of ifXP^ ^* 

Chief, and ^e(«o«l» co miniiler to, xo icrve^' 

it?r..J-fl dignified Cletgympn^ iirhofe Office 
''h two Years \n three to viG; tl^e Churebeft 
^Hhia^^ Diftrt^ ia or^ei to reforio Abu-j 
f£u f^ EccUjia ft i c a l Mattdrs^ ai^ , to lay tho 

more w.eigluy ^ffiurs before thftBiihop of thd 

-Diocefe^ . . ' i 

ARCHDEA'CONRY [ ArcbuSmnn^, F. ] 

' ^e ^X^ai fif an Archdeacon^s iipixit^al Juril « 

diftion. . ^ : 

AKOHB^^'Cqvmb? [Anbidtitqmt, ot 

jircb^^tA Ji^Miattu, LnJ tiw Oifi^ and^JDHg-' 

|i jty- of aiv Arch-Peacoxu , ' 
. . iARC«piA'CRE.7^aArdi.Dtiw». C 

ARCHPUK'E [jtrxMuf,^. of ji^cbif 
4*ufw ir-] a^Du^e that t^2th Ybnie^Prefennce 
abow- otli4;r Dukes j ^s, ;ke. Archri)«J|» ,of 

A k C H D U K'E D P M [jSrei^ucbe. f.] 
.the J«xi(di^i9a .aad'T>eiiitou «f an Arch« 
Dukp, \.. ' ^ 

V .ARCHDU'CHESS f.^&^dk^«^/>.,F. ] 
.iH^ Wife of «n Arc^-sDukie, fit thcDanibtcl 
.jf*.^c.lJftRrarofG<r«ia)ff,.; ', ^ r •• 

A R C H' £ B A LrD [y(/«j[<«! fm"l«»** -"P^ 

*'ly fwiJLj or ii you wilhanQtch A> fv, a| 
-M'-t^ri tala .i«P ^K ic wiil^f^nify ex^ 
t<fflP<4y Md] fk F<^' ;Namc^ainoag th^ 
,vS<»/«*.. .,4 .. J . «..•,• , ' . . 

ARCH F/amiMi, t\^ Cluctt'slcds uao^' 
k-iht^Momtm^ . ■• *" . ' ri« "-^ * 
.• ARPH MettUfi, a RiQ^lcaicr/ of l^ere^ . 

ARCH Pirau^thi Chief or Head <?f Pit 
.H^tt I ; a ^liiicM^LRDf cTf , 

ARCH /'re/^rt f Chie/Pfieft^or j^Rju^ 
.. ARCHiVw/, rr*J,Pcan.. .^ . : 

trance. " " . i 


:iBf a QifeaAPM . ♦ 

AR'CHED X^i, sa Imperfeabti i]> ^ 
.•Wt^t .T •»'*''■ !^ . */ 
, AR'CHW [WrfA^,?.] 0^ fltiM it 
. Archery. . , 

, . AK'CHERY, the Art of ftooting w;Ujt I 
lolg Bow, 


AR'CHES 7 is the^Ghicr.j 

^wrx^ARCHBS C moft ancient i 
€llory, belonging to tne Archbi/Kop otl 
tMrbvry .fttt- \h6 -dcbatii^g. «£. £q;I|e^3 
Ca«fc$; ^ 

0eani^tkcAViCmS 7 i». tlid fl 

C/i/W 6/ fiif ARCHES J jud^. flfS 
Courts who h^ a peculiar JurildifSpBr IS 
a peanry, over thirteen Pari(h» in the^ 
of London, • . . ^ 

ARCHETYPE [^^^tfprt., L. «£ 
X^c^^i ^fcif^ii the Be^iuniogtf Prifld 
and^J?!^ an hxampie crPattcrOy.C^r^ 
iirfl ^X9n;plc or Pattern ; cht Qngimdpl 
Piaure, Writing, ^tf. T, 

ARCfiETY'PAL ( ^r.-Arj>^^ U «lv 
yfrt/fC^^ Gr.] of or belonging to the | 

^RCHEOJS [rf/;t*^» ^r. anpicntr 
plied to'Medlcines, denoies the ancient h 
tice, coocprfuiig which fiiffotmiu .wi^ 

* ARCffeUST lip^^ Cr.] a^ong thef^ 
c*lfiafifj,M the Principle of Ufeajad Vigqai 
any living Creature. 

. ARC^EUS famoog Ci^ijhl ^ hkj 
i^d nod exalted Spirit thai can- )>«. ffpafi 
from mixed Bodiet. 

' ARCMiATiR X^a^^fOr^^mr. 

Ph^ljpani CrA the Chief orT^ihcIpal i* 
ikian : a Pbyftciao to a Prince.' ' JL, 


write, Gr.J ^ Chiet ^ecrtfarj^ ** S - ^. 

.AWHlHBRETJCAL,^i;.thc £%fc 
»nd mod dangieroHS P^gre^I 

ARCrilM'EDES f;A|^/A4«^*c:Pr.t 
th«,P^in^ -^f .qpoaf^J^^-^^ 
n^atician fU 0/0^, who Uvea .fijtt:^ ^ft W 

Chacge tb fave Ar<b:meia'i,^b]i% J^^^not mm 

and«ri^f ^ th^$^X?r^>Ji5ir; 

A RC HTP Et^ A G O'l of 5(/;^^ 

^;(^bt a Ciicty ^jbd s:m^*^^.^ Pf «WP AW 
oi uic^rroy, Crr.J ti»e C'etuii^iu^tqp^ fii Ca 
taln-Genjcral-cfan Afmy^ '. .^ . .». . :, 
, AR'C|lJTEctf^fi/ei^^,7*.-<?/^/f/^ 
L. or tifx*^*it^^0 of «Wt* « thfi Pwncipal^ i] 
^Wi^ AfU£f.«r,'(Gr»y « -Jbbacr-B^^^r. 
Surveyor ^f the Buildlpg, . . . , . 

AKCHITECiONflCE . { .^«tf»i»»WJ 
Gr«] the Art c/ Science of Buj!id«l|,^,Ci 

^RC^TECXaN'tCf , I^atuf e £ ^w^ 
Ti^Ujrj^ien'^ t)^ build* a Thing up cegv 

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Wj, antiog to its Katare anlP^operty ^ I' 
the (aee «itb PUJh 'ek Nluarr. l 

ihttflrrEC7rR£ [jd^r^rn/rtfr^L. of 
(irw, ar dfy^nxTcHjud, Olr.] a Mt- 
' Sb cfl K , pTtDg Rnies for defigning 
J A ibiirof StrufhiTts, accord'mf- 
fc Oww ai ■< P wyortioa; F. ■ ,. 

ARCffiTSCTini& Ovi/, it the Art of 
W6| Hpig>, Cfmrches, PaSacet, ^r. 

afiOnrECTURE Mi/ftarf, h th« Alt of 
ktefiartifiatiDfifabonrCitiesi Sea-Potn, 

AMfOBTkAVB^ h the MoaWnag next 
lbm&&|itiIortGblamn| alfe the^riii- 
I Fke wloe sadcftC Recordi, UisRers, aad 
tnteaftcknci n the Omce oftke Rol);. 
Iff f . 

AMaCM>TKK5, Hcrtdtks ib csUed, 
£Aer6m>^cicir thdr Rmg«*leBder^ or be- 
cnfeTk|ky tbn Aith-aosels.cveated the 
^Wlf % Stekd the HeftitrcaioQ, and 
H Tte the Gea of Sahaoth exercifed a 
■«27ji»]F b the revendk Heaven: that 
^r^imJlhcPiPwl, wfaobeg^ w^aiid 

iKMrtVLWi rOom-Mearnre at Retter. 
^ Wig dnr PeckSj Ihre-Quartij and near 

AldlfCnt) [hi lifm/i^k ^0»lf] It an 

A>^4jfe^ er a tet y kng aiid lar^e LitM^ dif. 

^ ^^ a Uttle fraftrtfcffi Theorbo Lore, and 

" "UtkltjAiltf tfArfof playing a Thorough 

uicmimrrTi*'f//AM», L.1 sow- 

AMO [ttJM^i AMls}ftBoworFid«iir. 

ttCTAmON, fM^itnlof oroondilig. 

^ ttCnCK [Artifue, P. ^^^ieas, L. Of 
^ Ffwtf'ft .l Nortbcra> tlbrthvfird. 

ttCTPICli 0»^r/r [hi AfroMthf] • WRr 
Jfcrf Ac Eartb or Heaven^ twenty-three 
^pe^ tbatyMiatttei diftttit Amn the Aro- 

WttBXPcJt, (hieKorthenPoleofthe 
Jv^iiHetvcni, /hciUed from j^hfiMi^ a 

A^O^PNtLAXfof ifttTor, aBear.aad 
^ iXancr, Gr.l a Ooofaiatuui fo called. 

«Cnj*US f imftin^, 6r. J a fiked 
^rtf^irft lllithitude, in the Skirt of 

^ WCX'ATE [rfrtWtfrr, ILJ to make or 

AlOr^fTlO^ [ip S^cy] the Bttdihg' 

O!) rg[^, T^. Matnrev DM^ibfition} a 
gttiaite idM to £iv£;^ Words> fi^ni. 

AR'DENTNESS JPaffion, ZcJ, 6?*,. 

AR'DENT [ardens-f L« ) very hoc^ vehe- 
ment, ea|e»; aealooi. F, 

AKOBtrr Spirits [among Oymi/hJ dtffiKle^ 
9firjt9, vrtifoh wtll .tkloe Fiie^ and buni| a» 
Spirits of Wine, 6f r. 

AR'DkKS, tJkeFiJlowingaattd^fo«ghJhg9 
of Ground. C. 

ARDOR [in a PfyfoaiSenfe] a verf giMt 
Hbat' raited in a hoflMiv Body. 

AR/DOUR[^ririrr, F.of iMbr,L.]Hci^ 
tfehemency, jardettt A^i^ioa^ great Zeal, 

AWtmOUS [jnib, F. oijJb'iUm, U] hai4 
to f«rfonny difficult. 

A«R£\ or r#he Nama of one ^^Ihe 

A.LA-MI-RF 5 eight Notes in the Scito 

To ARE [a tentrw^loa of tfrwrt, L. ] tiT 

plough^ C. 

A'REA (i^nM, L«] a>Bani.flaor^ aUe ^e 
Onmnd-ploc of a Building. 

AREA [among PMciani] an Ulcef or So^ 
of the Head that cautet Blildfiers. 

AREA [m Geometry] is the fuperfi^l Con- 
tent of any Figure, meafored in Inches. Feet. 
Yarde, &c. 

To AREE^, t6 Jndge^ pfonowiM, Sptm» 

AREKAC'TION, a drying. L, 

ARE'GON, to ok) oakiDal Vngnent. 

ARE^A [ArtntfV,] Sand. Gravel, pritf 
aKo Gravel br6d in IT human fi^. L, 

ARENA'TION [among Pi^jr/t^/dwi] a ktiitf 
of dry Bath, when the Patieilt fita with \M 
Feet upon hot Sand.^ JU ' 

AHEN'ULOUS [ of /^mk£i» U ] pHXtf, 
faoiy , Hke or full of Saiid< U 

ARE'OLA Pafillarit [in Atuttmy] tbt 
Circle of the Rap pr Teat. 

AREOM'ETSR, sA Inftmrneot Co '-tafo^ 
ftnrc \hi Gravity or Denfity of anv Liovor or 
Fluh), Gr, This is ufually malde of Glah witb 
a round h«llowNecky endii^ in« longflender 
Neck, fealed .hermetically at the Top, inttf 
which (here it firft put as much'ninniag Alcr« 
eurv as is fulBcieiit to keep itfwiisming in 
an exaa Pofition • Its Neck being dividad inter 
E>egreeS, the Quafity and Lighiaefs of the Li- 
quor is judg'd ot by the Depth of the VeflePd 

AREOPA'GITES [^AfimnJntLh Or. ] 
Judges of the Court of Jisbcm^ ^here Kfale- 
faflors were tried, And 46 caUed ^m'a 'P^ace 
ntar that Ctty> whero <hey Utii cAHed w^f»« 
pagutf ot Mars* 6' Hill. 
' AR»TECTQN'iCKS^fhi^«W(|rf^iwl 
that Part of it .which teachc* to attatk aa 
£ji«m^ fafrly, aoi^ghfad^Qtageoofly. 

A^^OT^ICF; Mfdicitui, fuch as open th* 
Ptorb 6f tho Slcth,; and-^akV* fbeiQ wide 
enough for evacuating by Sweat tha 'Alafttf 
which Oiufes the'Difttfe. ' " * • • 

AR£'REiSlMENT> AfiVkht, Sanifte^ 

X,. r. Digitized by OOOQle '- 

AftF, ^ni4% 
«f Wiqe^Yeile]i}faUft'«jl]edriovir.:. < .; . 

^..' • ' .^ 7?..>- <. /' - ."i,.i 

Colour in Ctets vf ^iam^ : ^-•:) 

AR^BHTAli'OlifAv tfa» «ili^r C^iinfer. 

%hen a Pkadcrat the Bar bc«ig^rib*d, ^flifr 

$UverCoiiu • ^ a 

. AKG£NTUMi29VAIiwfgiMi«sEiBKfb 

•tjthc'niakaig of » Bavgain^ ij^ ^»' ../*-«• 
t A^GfiNtVtf#Wirai^QiiickAtn#«rMcr* 

L dubfj^ to '%eaJ( orwRC^ afoa 

AR^IL '[^^, L.] a wliite'Ealdi Mlee 

A&G(li<L, CUyr^ C^tfw*^ '. ^i .. . 

. AROO . i\r#iv/<, I'XSonilellMiDn:. i« the. 

Soutl»m.licflBiijpliere» cosfiflijig'brfiDtty.fwo 

%art« .I---..' •<.. ^*' ... -r, ? 

ABJOOLy TaclK or Lets «f Wine^^ * C, 7^ 

AK^VLfiTfWS^ i%h;-a^9n^HQffeMu 

ARGONAUT'ICICS, the Titie of icraii; 

^oemv oo tha. Bspeditioii of ^fin mi .his 

C0iiipaDi(>pi, in ltlchingtfa««G<iisiai Fkta kk 

die Ship j^#!0. . - /, ^ 

Alie<ys|B6 [pMMiiir of 7^'« Ship 
4^«1 Ships, VeOelt, Arc. 

*Ta AlL'OUe [mjmm^ F. 4U|itfrA L.] 
f»4|(mrf& or reaiiop $ to iiebafie;or diffiite f 
loihe«niuifiiakc«|tpeir« ., . :. ^. 

AR'GUMENT [Jrnmaitum, JL] aAou: 
^>«i Proof; the johAttcc o^ a '£ioitS& or 


AR'OUMENT pQ X^ficl] a EMohiht^ 
hiveotc(lrt»*creatc Wicf. / 

ARGUMENT [ia jip-^H^'L i|« 
Aitl^ by aiArhtdyiha Aicift fceka^aoochir Aach 
uokDOwa^ which is prof^rtioBa«»> t9 'the 

. AKGVMUnr of Ineitfunicm [in 4/hMmy} 
iithe AMh of UsiOrh of aPIaoet, whk^is 
compiehfenM batwon the aftwding Nofe 
and the Piaooof that Plaaet wjdi ra^oa t» 

ARGUMENl' if tht Ttioen^t Latih,d$f it 
her Diftamo fiom the Drsgon's H«a4 or Tail, 
which aaa her cwo-KoiAai. 

ARGUMENTA'TIOif, a fcafoalng on 
pioviog kjf Amna^ls } a difpotttig in or 

AROUaiiirrA'MVE, coBviaci&g. iathe 
Wa J eTavguini* 

ARGUT^R iM'i^iu, U] ftibtte, mtOfn 

AReyROiyAMAt rof 'A#>ifiwSi2fcr, 
gnd il9k/t«t a DbuMn^ Sr.} a preei^iu Sioocr 
of a Silver Coloar. 

A'RU li^a-Mt^k ^«»ArX 4(fti6ea ad Air, 


th^ noted Heretick j^tus, who dei 
thA &)it»of«4aii4.^wn J^ JKT^hK iSiihli 
tQth.tho/FaiiHtt^^ jtr :., , «, .^^ 

ADRIANS, the Difa'pi^s n^ fnlhwilJ 
-^mir f .eiicJaeiiMHMlMmM&rt i i 'i 

A'RID [«ri3^rF. oisHdus^ LA 6x^ 

. <f«uiPi ■ tMih » iif\ ctmnfi^x i.if\i ; u. 

^ To A'RIDATE [ari^re,ls.'\ taA 

Drinda. -......: .-/. «, fi 

. AtT jr OTmr .»{o< iKfll «|/Aniri>j 
IpM^afi iii^?#Mj,^*t IHinlai 
tm to. feaMiOii«M:i^ .WM^^ai^nhAK hoU 

hiilr>t;&: • .♦ fij ^i-<: .a- i./ «;. .j 
ARIES [in ^oeiNipr] the firftSifaof' 

9^iiilbg' ii^M^b€k», deflOOcA J^ 4hiik;pl 

.Aftl£TA/nQI|,.« Mdng^p^AUt/ 

ba|ioriag^'i^;i.U,iiv- j jt) -v .^ i-T 

ARlETnTA Ck iduf4:k B^oks} £gpififf 

lipttsttottAio^ote^Tnaeit C ^ti/ 

ARl£XUM Ii«««r#S|.,«..fp«tii6 fcMi 

a for&of 'iikh«^v<v. JUnwftACifMlflM 

aiii . >'• ♦ ».' ?0,.|».v'\ >.:A 

ttAMQ/HT i^A, KApfi%^im 

tl«i|viQ^ib«a|^tlob«»„. ;.. .»|i)/im^ 

ARIOLA' riOK, Soothiayiog. JWv^l 

.^ ARKyfiE r{iicaCi«M 4p<4<^ fiyl^ 

nmo Air, Sng.iOrltMr^ >: . y* tsmt^ «t 

To ARFSE.tiMw^.'^^r^'t 
take Rife, proceed Ifoio^ ^ - 

:AR I S'T A^t (ia ^«i^l.4i k 
'GxaOi. £• /<i^'« 

Qomfel) Che Nm^ of ^wo:Kiii|ftoM 

4n^ . •* A <r ,,^^ IT rr •e/i^iJ 
, ARISTGC'RASy [jSrifttfcrarii, F. - 

tfni«iw4...r' '-^ — --' ^ f jf-^-^-i 

and J , _ ^ 

sieat Vfrfre'lhn f^T ffBtUt i 

Nobles and Peers. '. •! 

ARISTOflMnWAI.I {>tf^l«^ 
. AfUStQORAT'lCK^.F. ^#^ 
c«/, L. ^'Af^pifnukyOt.} hai< «|HjM 
Arifbciaflyi. w tbe/orm of lhii,Go«ia«p 
by Nobles and Posts* - . ...r /f 

ARiSTOT'i/R Hb csMoI^^^jb; 
T^A^, Gr» fSmmmm Mmmi ^^ 
Good, of whieb M WMCe a Ibok} ^^ 
— mai>hih)fcpbeir lois O M na mm r^ V^' 
feaft ta JAM*, Omodfathar to Aimsfiit 
Shi Grett,. Sdboi^ta i'ZsMy and Ml*" 
AtamUr, Chkt^ the Seajif thtl'^'^ 
tgtitku ... 

ARItmCAIiCT {a^^iaH< )^^ 

and ^MN^ek OiviaatiMvfinr.] i^i wMwn n 
Kombers. , . ^ 

. ARJTHMItT/ICAX.[^/**Jf»^ 

B£ whewlhftioMeiQafiowr jiaio^ i0V 


JiracK • Tte t^^ LopriMHD wanes of 
A li BHtf l CAL F l ^aj fa f, See 1^9. 

lUiViaTPCIAN r AnthmtiUitn, F. 


AUTVlimci^ r ArkhmUne, f. of 
j tiUKfU, L. cf 'A^dl>iivi«l» or dfAfUt, 
Ot]a$te»«hiA WJclMi tfai Art o^ Ac- 

f«fM^«eMia| altfed^rSkipMBotti 
■JMTi Aik, JMUU^ Ark, ^'• 
m<d» C^Moitf, tlet&dE m wlikh 

ifttir JcSMttiniNtiict df a'Circkk 

J^/^«>#"yArk oftbt lodbck* 
*iinMt|fnn to acfcnbe, wlm in 
MiMiifgnMii. acc««iiAs t^tbtOtteif 

^1^) n Sk WbiA a PiMKt ddcribn 
* *iiwJM r « hofiv lipi Ciiwnfetcpcc of 
i^jjjyib «lift itafpitit ftalSonanr. 

wMangr^Mim [in .<^l2iiMip«^l » 
I a V^mk ileicribev wbeo' it is Kc^ 
2^«ao«« oannaiyto ti» Ordif of 

^mI A*t^^iMy {ivcD to 
Mni^llgcliy sttfirillurcd. C 

MttatarorAdBiaUbth^ PJoigoofa 

Mffr/tf, L.] a St9re-hool« for Arms ^ alfo/M 
Alois and Provifione of a Kafy, - y 

AR'MAN, a Confedion to prarent oi ^tei 
a Loft of Appetite ia Horfet. 

ARMA'RitJM Ungutntam, a fjttpatb<tfc|t 
Oimmeot, OffWetpoo-fialTe, faiywliich Woaods 
are faid to be cured at a £>i AaocCy by only dn^ 
6og the Weapon. Sea D/r^a. 

AR'M ATI/RE [j^nnafara, L.} AntMOtt 
alfcSkiUio Ai^s. 

AR/MED [in Hera/dry] the bhaoDiag t}m 
Poet and Beakt of Cocks, and aU Birdtof Preyv 
which are alytra^fv painted of a diflTereot Colour 
from the Birda ibemfeUca* 

ARMED famong SailanJ a Ship it faid (o 
to he^ #he9 it h fitted out and provided ia att 
rcfpe€H for a Man of War. 

ARMED [of aLotf^l^bftr} la when it ii 
Caapedoff Cafed, #. r« let, ia Ifoi% ia order to 
niake it up the greater Weight } aad alio to 
dil^ianilb rtattily the Pales. 

ARMGRETE, as thick as oae*tiAsmr 

AR'MIGER [i. e^ jtrmtMi^^Amrir, of tfrent 
and gtnJl a TitlroC D^oaigrr QPe that bears 
Araia to a Knig;ht j m El^aire} a S^e oC 
th^Body. L, . , 

ARM1P'£R'0u3 [urmifif, U of arma aod 
V/aral bearing Anna or^Wcapoia. 
r ARMILXA [ Armtia, L. ] a Bracket oc 
JeM woca on the Aim or Wrift ^ oae of tho 
Corqnatiaa Garmeata. 

ARMIIXA Mimk-Jf^s [ i 

>IW [m^, P. mf.mmimtrUlto 
■Hi^fa, orpAt ia AtflM. " . - 
^»n^mJLa^^ it,thatPaitof kto 

lUiir kl^[ariUi^'GWaMaila t^^Il 
<N»lMir aftkk patilea thro* the Shot. . 
^ttlt ^wr'f I. c Co #«k AroVf Im 1 . ta 
**«*dk«aKaig1it. O.X. . 
>^* ^»w»* (<^ Iay4lowa Arrni, t«] a 
^"■*ll aaWaM wlidi% Kfaa had «ofln-* 
^^miUJt andaft the.Kiag. £. T. 

WNfc . j [Pace AraM» UJm Sward 
^'i«fe, kteO( niveii^o afiaraaac when 

*««5*daF«.' £.r. 

^4ttblaiWa C& £^1 flnrp Weapoha 
<M cat, Mt fach aa bcoila. 
4ftM«^ape4tlVa«yi h.Nary well 

,. w}^'} a circular Ligamehtj^^ompiehandiag tha 

AK fMangr^jiHm [in .<^l2rdnp«raV it • rtiaiiifold Ligasieatt of the wink H4Bid ib « 
ilAtaPlwt^icrihevwbeo'it iaRe- jkadof Cisle. ' 

ARMlL^ARY^/im [amoag^lrwRMNri] 
ia the greater aad Mer Qiccles pf the Sphere^ 
itoade of Brad, Wood, or Pafte-board, &c, put 
together ia. their aaturalOkd^i,- ami placed in 

a^ ^, , , , -^-w, - — F * Frame, fo aa "to reprefeat the tpic. Pofitioff 
i ft i ik i r of Adai-alfetbg Piaienofa aadMotioffoftbofeCircl^.. .. , ... 
JOMVLllATtO [arm'iJamge,m} wear., 
'iag^Bqacctea.' . . - -r • 
• ARM'I NOS [in a ^;>] an' the fame witk: 

< ' ARMINUAKISM, 48 the Podna^ of. the 
jirminiwt, Arcalied froa^ ^^9^ Afrntmutf 
who keid ftaa Cnwa and aaurcciai Redcinp«« 
tion. V • k . 

ARkCl'PDTEKT larmipotktr^iM,] p«N«r« 
fuVia Arvw.. • ; .-» 

AAVfTS'ONOuS Ltfraw/Miae^a] ifouadioT 
IT hj^ina with Arxaaii^ 

ARM^XiCB [^m^thp^h.} a Cefla- 
tioa of Arms for a /hort Time. 
.vAklV|'i.£T, a Pie.e of Annoiir fpr the 
, Arm ; alfo a Bracelet of Pearl* ^ . . 
ARMOIHIACK. \tke NbHw, de- 
Sal ARMO'NI ACK J fcrHjed by thcAaa, 
cicKs» waa^o be /ouikd- aaaong the LySimM' 

''Spgm^ ' ' / . I Sands»\aaac the TeipJbe^-y/^Wwiwwea ; 

^diMADIL'UO, a Creature in the /^y- ' but the Artificial it only known to u«, which 
•*M%BWillaiwrcTia«fc«ified wi'thaSkia- is oothing but a bitter Sak aft^ of Uriae, 

^-^^^^n ' i Soot, $4 Coil), 6fc, Digitized ^Y ^-jOQQie,^ • 




* ARM6riH4M£ffA4tftcOE£|^Ua^W/a 

T, as the TenjAt may^lx^'*f6ijpM. if 

Number of>llm*!» M«}f^W*ioW^jif.«i'^ctfflfft^ 

(jJ^Obf^i .11 ^r.oH tcfi, bi .'i-. i' W-** "■ '-'^ 

' ARKAL«>TArvOir(liyi''t^at'ti^ko th'6 

• NamecfMta*.' ''••*• *' .."•-• 

AROMATI2A<TIO^'>f» Jp'WfrltlTftg^ljf 

* AROfc*A-TIZW©''^fjfftyMcdie?rt«rWhlr 
• due Prdportion of Ak^>iy^tick^rciCDni|tf/ 

bcto^re tHlfR u Btl f bWtf^f U Sii»airbw1n itr Cbat 
of Annil the Name of ti-m^wti^'p^ttrnp 

fhe re(ren»-|l«tii^t^ S^nHl ^'%ih l«(cotff td' 

. AH*BN*»^$«M^»f,^:5ah^Acreorrtr- 

UmH -Mi)»^tMi^*Ne«MMt^-i)JroVa<W.'/; ^ a 
H<tieroFt|^(^fl6)iVa;«ffMVfl>rti^ ''^'' 'M 

cllfod ftW i^ mimniy^ C^lMiff o^ th«^ 

RarnbOu^; "^Xv )»'' *M\x.v^H< J« 3'- - r^.-f 

.•ARQ»MvWP'"'tt-^'fW*«W F?>* Xk^tt' 







To ARRAIGN if Prr/«; 

fetft ifiwA-r tif'W»''l*iW,' W tca>, 

Qierit to k^m^ aiij'E(>dt tht XijtmSKi 
whjtfhff'hels Ctt^lty:'-or n^T^/^ 

• AR'R A»T- rtj^jAiffe," 9*:"?! '1 
ftohcter, ^'. V.''"Wfe ftrtiou! 
Stamp! meer, dowoiighu as 
Fool, knatr, CT/;- f < '"-^ 

f^rirt'^thft ConriW o?^r>e7/lli TOi^, 

• AKRA%^>:*%V-,d.'KiP^'^^-^' 
' ARRAY f m' ba^J n Unli _ 

, orVaiikhag of 9<»r(Scrs{Tv 

dhw 3*io^'J 

JT'^AtfUhiPtkSiTWn^ pcsfk^}mimAf^ 

flirmy inOfdcrO^J 

djfpofean Army 

, onei • of - Ativv^ ijca^ 

•andtfrli^ihtW'tfojy^iin&ed;'*^*^ ' 
t r *ARfcBAft'Ap«i^' raf^>;'^<>? 8 


eoclofe thtm wjtl; aF'] 


to feize .. 



phew Caufc yt}^! 

Digitized by CjOOQF*' 


ntpm pf^fmmam rtapt i 

BW]f»r3t«, I Wr,t /til i IJ^jjiUfl a|*UiH tue 

MSLlSfS [ArrtH^ F.] thcVmallSMQ" ol 

ur^ |ii4 Rc^ <l 4^n Army, 

iy,^l fmUidj upflii, i, 
-T* r. ffl,^ 1^ ^ompsi^s » Tiling, 

, . - -^- 

' £^rr^fl»r|. U.} thai tTxij- 

^ , Wo rr^iivJ, piL-ua, d^4% T. 

7^;^^ SlJKtA 4^Qc'l font j 

'**^ " » ^i»*ing a ouiwi about » i ^ 

'Ttt cflft^iBj of much 


beiQ^ (Urocd, is faid to move /tifrtulf^ ^il»0 
riitsin.aftotJ^ir,jOF,,ih^^V|jprirtr, F ;. • 

itfta the Coining (J, iv^ , (^ ^, i - , r -<- 
pfflorme^ hy the W^ Aa4^4^ajry «1^* MhflV 

the Labour of the Hajid and Body th4lk-olf t^ 

ART AND,, PMT, (>4<"**:^ W "ftm J 
ij t9\ kni/irt^mlj^uri i^ the f ocnmi^ting ot a 
Crid^^.^, whea thof^ny ?cr(Q#!)«Ailt>oihi 
Cuntrivcr, and tufted a Fart uMf/ «, 

AAlXivilfSjA," ch.^ Qiteen #f Ci^riVi.W)^ 
of Mukfclus, w^huUcJIi^ iiatcif/ ji •'{;<4tfDb jor 
h«r dccpai"cd^.Huj(]^Ji>4,j t^iat, i? win i^icutMed 
uric of the Scfcn Wondci* of the WocW f aJiV 
cer iicf is aUo called th^ Hc^ M^{Mfo^f ^ 

AKt£<RiA J^r^uhmh, \ m,AHmom/l% 
fmall Artery, ,yph>ciiij^iei^(,u«)^,9<«9pf.ii;}cvn 

AKtii'klAj^rforrtf. 7 Jiin jrfwf*»»tf} '^i'C 

AKi:)i'HlA,iw<e^4 jL.Or««il,>Ar.i<?y;..^ 

VdTci rondilbgrOl l^^u^.-CioatVi: iod contt^ 

aiaUf bpiLmgy whiiJir)aarrfe» It^'^ tf^rcittiQut 

Uloil tj(qra t|ie k*t^eHnfi4<l«:of .thQ-Hf^f-tto 

ail i^^artspf t^,|M}fit. ., ,; 'J ,: i. , 

ARTERi A frtfr£>ftf 7 [ in Aiiet^] Ui«. 

a^TERVA««cI!a/^i^'^^'^ J» A««lld 

aRTBIUA vr«0/tf [in ^JMroii7/}:i)M V%ifc 

,^i;i;Rjp.Vp W,¥..t^ 'AAvi^ww^iwy, 

and Tfic^yf ^f«),^^utyU^]^a|93HI^€l4 
liieJfeir^r^«^|i(nC8B«irF^ afly. ArK^^. « /^ ' 

„ A R'T.E*S:;![ .*fwr4rir. •yt*^^^ *• <rf* 

ja%aj^i%f4^h|fy,in4Afija-g»«^. deal.4jf^i/| 
tMJ| -i^io^ilB^- b«pl5^.^!«l^^W«l wtitht^belr 
L le. derive it V^nf «n aXfHi becatife it ;clmtf. 
na^W'rfif^ l^.wMh a P*lfc-?Ww M^lioil j a 
< ^P8?»J^fl« ,y «fl^J^IPn«i?ly. W**«€h« t»rtte 
Courfe whh a Vein ; it c^nf^^V <wo#d aq^ 
Vru^ii^W?fw» >ht H*¥!*^ inc* aU the 
t'arri of the Body, for the Nouri^hroeni ajid> 
T^i^^fl\wi of tlypJK:? ^I'rt?^.'' 
AR^T£IKL>'a Vouehhig); a Vau<litei ^i - 
la AR. 




iciinaqi^iD iin| ^wpD^'aaa Sometimes 

HeiJof^Bone is received liitS tft3 rDoSi'M^li^ 
Iicaeca, ^pan.T a. Plant \\dLJ^ knovCn, ot a 

tuce» made loufhing Fcrioo^ aod vauieV £^-i 

■ A R Tt t L E S Y /£^rAi?/^*£/:fegS^^^ 
jre NJii^ 10^ tftirty in NuMl?€ri Iff C^IW^^ 
caufc t^ey ;)«t ccly cootain f J| tipic is oe.{ 
'fefiary &r a good bhfiftiaji to ^lieye,' Sut 
point a(; tboAe (jpuriaAtf,jC^pC^iae$ QjF i!he| 
Piur);h.9f. HsisfM which |ie to be carefully. 
, avoided. \'" ' * ' -" ^' | 

4^ijw up. Artidci or Conditioos. V." V * '*" 

^[ifWf, L.l belonging to Jo'inta or ArticHek. '^' j 
.;. ART(^UtA/K|S M<fi^l^ip)p 

mni] \h^ 09vt» ti .: „,, .". ' ^! 

h wlfii SQluxJiaxe fo c^ly fffpn^iS^^ that 
one inay hear every Syi'aDfe. "^ . i 

. ARTl^C'lILAt^. S^, fitth as ' " 

S^Ls^f j^|fW5 «'?,??^ ^Atlh3 


Device or cunoiogJ'etcht 


th^Sun*s Riling and letting, in any Pofi 
fiftlR-'mmifphBe. ^^ ^ 

ART^FrCf )<i: t;Vi [on a Seftor 
^caW^e UtiH^hctd thereon, divided 2 
i}Cf'Ld^aritbMif^ the Ltgtritims of 
•S/'na* T<c7fff r^/i > , and Secants ^ ti^kich' 
iTohc rfl*<Wllioirt 'm TrtVfiumutry, Na%a 

^RTlFICPAt iv^/»»ferv arc Lo^aiith 
aird'lJd^flthmeiitJt Signs, TaisA^iu, and 
cantji •■ " '^^ /•* - - '-! ^ 

' ARTlt^ERV' [A^merU] F.] .n^brt 
gfeatrfinl.Atmt. with thdr Af4^it^<u<x^ 

ARXn^'LtKY- tom^ffi, 1 Coib'Mlil 
C^i^^ehs'iu^o^^il. hitebd^to1>fe tx«^ 
ind'p)*|!tifetfln-cSn'tafyi]tm:ibI!6e, *- ( 
^ AR.'T1SA». an Artifim.' K: "^ ^ ' 

Ar?; in 1h|Cfficdi» WdHrtvMi. '" ' ^^ ' 
.; A^T^tVklSTS/ a Sfcf t/ HoTtMl 
the Te^ond Ceiitu^, io'&ilhd &e<^MIif Oejr 
fared Brdid ktacf Ch'^efe'at the ddmnMoa 

^ ARV!H:i&£Xp,i6iTttto4iiaf# 
l>Oor at t uuierilsl C/ - [•^^'^Mm^^ 
^-^ AjCvJl-SI/FPTO; ttt fiitk^talia^' 
Peaft,Funerali. • ^^ ' 

. ^.^.™ ^^JT^^M^ 

teiim, tog^ff «k(. the tuj. — 

' ^floy. (or .t|>« <^c /er^»rn^jjce oC^JS&yp 

that Fart wl^icb tnaft ^rr - 
^ Iffffrnti and thck ot thi 




At Wfe,*^l 1 t*ofle wnBich i$ bi U% W, l|in i right a^5cjc. i',. ,' *. 

2^5^ ^^^»FW^ •»> *«=' 

J^ iK j^. I. r^ a fie^«i #S^cjtiv^^] 
■t^l^ iiiiryi ikt Gum S^wmiMr 
^UatoTi l^laot bratigbc (torn i^erjn^ 

m^ iia 7Ae ^^<t, B, 1. 1, Gi)di hat 
iBi^] Jw:* s Brotbcr. 
irlciH [Cpje, /f. /. r. Gitliertisg] a 

l&'SAPH, 1 fliihop'* Sec ia the Coonty 

• liMgfiu "^ 

fitetoi- 1 Lt>wndi of the Voice* pf4*- 
A\d^ I Gvid Coin Jt Onmf in thi P^r- 
^UiULiCCAl an Herb gmwtnt wlit 

tt]iOtt«iliknaio the ^ lie, be puftnftl 
^^■JfBE *iy not c«afuni«. 
iilTOS [arCiy^, of ■ pfivatlw, and 
(UtbetfiQ^aiih* Gr, tiaK ctimQt bcex- 
*^te? ''" *^ ■-' f a ScooA jtrawine m 
'•^^- .a, ©f wi'hich CUh 

*»««t, r^oc barn mi^: waflc^ 

[c7«^*iifi |if ii#i{#* Of' 

(Mi 4«ie-W«£«is^ al^iLcBoU 

^'^Zdi^t wbicH rite* at /pne^ijNa^ 
""^^■^4tor«f or MlJwM*^ <>v«„oncf 

^ ftfc«nd^o|, ^m% |cti 
h ^f t. , 

^'•^j *rt Ardkcj ©f tlie EfMatOTf w|iic)k 
H^4Gt TRb kph, * Sign Oi ^ ^odiffck^ 
*%I|A7 Sui oc PUiiai Kiypfflin^ La bt 

*»'«** 4r pwot i,^ till E^u^ar, wli^ifli 



Atcji of tlir Ejaattr^ reckp^rtfc lowanto t|ie 

■Ad ikac Foinc ;n the Equ'itfr wp>t& rifesyrJU;^ 
the given S(ir, ^. in thf «tt^C ^flwe. . 

tht Dirfpreoce between tiie ri^c A(c<iifia« «!« 
the iv Si#r, ii^d ^ obliiim Afi»ifioB» .ia 
any ^'iven Poiitiun of the $p|&fC. { 

ASCENT' [^'r^jKU.J ^ftK^t tc*. 
counted npwardi j ch« Ste^nef* of a Hfll «r. 
rifijig Ground j jiEfo tbe AA ^afeea^il^ M 
Motioi) upu'irdi of any Bofiy* . , '*. 

ACCENT [with UntUtm] •foft oflUn- 
fonmi, in whkh ibcy ifceu4 Inuo Paitkobci* 
£i^ UciiTcrfAlf, . 

Ty ASCER'TAIN [*«r««rr, O.F.J'tq^ 
ni«kQ ttjum^ \Q ailfu or adiirc j to i«» or 
ici a Price, CS^f. 

to I ciiiiptfi Exerci fo ^ MfNuftkk, Moctluflu . 

AS'CIl [»?»iBi, uf * priv^tite, a|>d^««. 
1 ShAdow, C/^O fuch lnh|faitanr^of ^be toth 
who hive noShaiimv at zx oXIocIf; asiM: 
oil under the Tomd Zonej /W twice ercrf. 
Vc»r the Siui it in theif i^ith at i% p*Clock, 
and confci|u«iUy at that time theyJiava da. 
Shadow i« 

ASCrTE5 t-^jTif, gf ifra^c a Bottk, 
CrJ M Dropfy, or Swelling of the Abdomoi^ 
or Invyer Scily* ^^hI cootkaoof Pntfa froin 
^ KjtrravaraC^i^R nnd ColTe^iofl of Water* 
broke tuC of iw prfipcj VeflMa, by Daeaos of 
90 Obflriifbgo or Wi^akodsuf tbeOlaodtaoi 

ASCI'PICIC [sviti P^rfffWiJ trottWed 

iviU* a Dropfj. Gr* 
AbCLE'PlAD, » farc5?/ Vcrjfe; cgojfiftioc 

of fouc ^v^hbks J a Spivviee^ Chionramtus, 

aud iwo l)«£l>l». 1 

^. AS^OOaVgiLES, H<yre%ki,y^C; 17 j, 
^who preii!»i«d they w«rc Mfpirfed'bjr A4b«/tf- 
, fftf/a Pajaclete j in^rodpc^d the liukhMai\9 

into ChuTchci^ vvhere \bcy hiij.'ji iJudk-floa 

l\iU of WiDc, |ti<og w Krqte:^ion rouhd ft, 

•^ To AickrHE Mfrsfxre, of tf^aiid /err- 
krf, t,] propfffly to. v«4^ %, 9iib 'to. attri- 
bute, Do imputep 
ASCR^PTI'TIOUS iJlirl^ltm, l^}_t9*. 

giliercd^ cBxoilcd. 7i '• '• «• ^ « 

T<i>c APiAJ^tD [of A ^na f oiTuaiuSipr., 
^.t , ^ ^ . T .,^1^^^.^ ^ Shame- 


f^timt /or the. 

ASH I 4q^ .V**. qpftlfe',Y;itf.- <fi^ 

for Ailw] V t^*cc la *" 

gre^t Ov«rth/ow givca x\ 

Jidi^ by Ctfwfrr^j ihc A*! 

.AT" ■ ■ '■ ■■" ■ 


A^H^E^ ntn^i ff^f. <5.' BUflWocft] a 

Digitized by VjC)^*^** *•* 

Itcmwader ot Fuel after i% has been burnv-^: 

*■ SAND.FIK^ S the Vcflel, concainMif ntkii 
M*m 19 ^ W^HIIiJt ia9Q«>iria^y|Aitf«r 

tKe Qw^fnrf *■ r ,. ,\"-.j:.'^w n.- -";' oJ .tJ* 

fltfiu^' snier TO Dapm, aivi.tvodhipevd fa^ thi^ 

Son o/ »Vi>«n J alto the Lsnd of Ajjyria. . '•" ■'^- 
' ti^FI^^EDN^f SPAn cheilxi) B'iyULht, 
% c»lWfrom » Caft^i^ 5>f yn^tncint ChuiiiH^ 

f^r Hei<!s, in Tbken of Rurt\Mr:ftion: 't *; ' 

^AlflAT'ICKS, the Inhabl^imffof4a^^ -. 
:. A^'Pi {49 l^},r» thattHhicb'teYpdAn 
sfidc OB t)ie Suge, as if it Dretfc ji^itlicayj^bf * 

tfce other. AAws,' - .*: . > ♦ .' *"- - '. A 

or Ve a Bankrupt; \ ' ^ • t ••*** "-* ' 

flljiicnDomblet^h W.tbe>|Mh! 'BM}r» or atiy 
Pirt of it, as ia ao Apobltm^ rafy^ tec,\ ■ " 

^P«^:» • ^^^ ..;: «.* •■' <"*'.' 

*lV ASKT [Af cxso^ 5tfar, ] to en^uirq^ to 

ftrit or dem^dt ' "^ ^ - *• ^ ' i. •• ■> 

•USKt]^ tA^t^^< 

««Vt. . ' 


comiitt oat before the unfSfflfl 
."Mmeti^fAB^^i^ 12. ft&^ 
Aiffttf wkfc^ CAti*fel^ee? «<' C^ 

three' F;irthihg8. Tfi^ln^^A 'v h 

•Leaves plajji al^rnatell^iijt^ii^?. 


Slan^Jcrr ftlfc impuUtion, F. 

•A»RHAl/TOS r «4i*i>j8t, W/l^ * 
of B/il<^<^' «r f it^6, -|Afie/a > ^WA 

flcieDoy ori^tivkOoA dT^VH/^fWHli'^ttttl 
CStfta^ khire-n ftcrti fdr a 1(^5.^ <?ff * ' «^ 

koiiAiDli8CeW|th'i«Arijfen^«»^ »^ '^ 


ever a Greek Letter^' V»Kcft 
aQ:A,!As * 5; Jl."^^'or^r'^-\ 

i i>reathe^«f f»«(ek'f6\^ Rd? M 

id InTigoratiorf^ 
cCi^f 0i*'frs;^ad F;a«Ut^^bWiKH0^ Itod 

Konr^ Stuidyy or Urinkijig, ..1 'o .^ ^ 

To he A^E'g [«A^yS«ftJi3>fcM^ I ' 
tt> Sc heedl^fs |))4.M)^tt«ei^ifr .^.any iMi«Het^ :i|[ 
•fX^iU^i^.aft4Mpiiq^B,5rfaki»liritf*Wai> ' 

aecji^ r--* '-^"^ *"' " — ' — ^- 

ofoneVlJ. — ^-,..,-M-^...*... .^^ ^ — 

'A^LOT^ [ ot ^ and Hvf^tti^ iaafe|i< w Words ^J^Wp, ^''^^ < 
«Vy» M) epe^^Sid?^ fttAOflgn: ^ :. 'i:- ?/v 4e|UM ci (ud ykhkmSk\ 

%%UAXO(y^ Uhe Mufick muft-fft^W] 

MSfiriid 'a,S;)n^^;|H4^^jffV»:l(hWlite>i>K:|1X. riaekiolbdlQreP^did^-^ 
Compofer of Son|5$^, '. , ' . ir ,• v^^.l r . ••. ^aiut if it be Joihed with 
' ASP^1M( '^^^x'f tlXfvri^M-] xleitK(t]£ iffiat iafld^ z^^vni? 1. 
P<mlar, taUed ;Wiytm^lM»^.Poj)l«r^.'7 i .« ».|hlch three dmr^^ ^1 

ASP^C 5 of venomous Serpent, wbofi^ai4> ^ mtmt^ ^uite fo brilk or i^ 
hfti* <i fubOc aqd ^H,h^^tH9|e«tim dMi W^a0d%: i|>iilo*eI ioiil^tttt^ 
it W^jn,»Tcry'iJioa;tjmf >iCWKhr«*ti^/4fclyi c { To ASSXl'L [ ajailer, f. " 
aU^wiaf time for a^jj«|Vi<|ten(^i I' • ? iA ^^ uportJ^^S ifmte' ^J . •^: 


ASS^ATHC^PfttejJiPllHi ,. 

of tbtee hundrcM Men. " -^ » 
; ASSAV [iacfM^ff'^BMlt^; 
^ alwavs joiftfttfi'Wt^iMiP^^ 

r^nf^(^;^-tM6«^tna£einttj«r^iionof the Words itis^ 


Uowiag X ime tor i 
Lf of dnrifa^Q*, of 


•a^ ^^^f^\ 

Jaj6as4ttiJ4»'iP4,jJ9fl^ , , jy .,,1 

tlin. Bann^y^ webbed it witfcftMt 
*,^Wt ^iqioilllf f3;ap|^> 

n .ar« ASSEilT/- W^*Wi^ '41 lo' alfeiV.'W 
Staining. F, ot L, '^- 


. ,, ► .♦ '4: .' t: J' 

Aftpfobatim^ ■»• 

1 ■ ^./\..T 


tax, CO appoint what every ooe ikillM;, 

>ASSEab'i«Einr/iBr&}ik W RytifJ:'^/^,^ 

Atith«rity tpAMihtft^ .^ ^ '^^ ' '. 'r'r 
I -A^EVSOR, op«whoa£BoiQtif««atPfe^ 

rW&iidat Tfbr k» HlgAic o|('BM^to^ to ^rtch^gT^ 

;Tei!aton' "^.ITi ^T" r- T. - •: ^r.. 'i J? 

jor Amoebuig^. il»fc-' -' ^- - '' <^" ' ' ^ -^^i 
[ ASi£WiA'AB,t6drt3ttWkn^lr^M^ 
jiluoGiwttdfc^ ^/^: '• ^*' -' *' ' *-^^ '"^ ""* 
I ASSHyEANSj « ftria Se^of 3Wd^ \ 
ASSlDSNlriA «i^itf« - j( % <?#i»k i A 

^aie, bot not always A>.' L. ;' • ' ■"',';': " 

lUlucmt j0ilii^rtice» eoitqiM Aixaiia^,[ 
tonllant Appfio^ioih "' - ' ," \- \'. ' .-.^V' 

' fAssuyvou*t-*w*;*p;^ii,*jtorVt.L 

copliimcij ciqTe io the. Voi^iiU of ^ 

Thing- ,. 

i.ASSIQN'[^^4r. of.^^ ,. 
^ne that is'jppdfhtcd b^ aabtberj to ^'e 

I To ASSipN/..£>|^»rr^ T: cfign^ri^iJl" 
to appoint, alfot t to fflew or fet jFortTi. " . . 

|ttty } to make ovtr i^aitfit to iUwtl^^ \ ' 
tb aoMtr^ MAi a^ AM&tttfent ^ ^l^eit. '^ 

ifTTToft. . ,./•'• >:-; >"<'*:r^* 

€ nt that ii. Mftokit^l tfsH^faen ^^X^ dT 
? T^rm affigm the iamrto ipiolh^)-;; t(Q If his'^ 
iL4ga»4>y49kedl4'r -"-^ f* - ) •^'^^' '•■ 
ASSIGNEES I'lnlkHv^l iitme whoi^^.dlJBf ' 

^the.Ferfthrt fl^t^cViwfiiccttttariBaii MTg'^. , 
neeintbeLawtotbeTeftatorv * ,,;. ' 

^ I ASMaM'MBfrr:fi^%wr/tf>r, ir. JflP^ ., 

rfff, L.1 tholA4^ tt AfltgflMf; a fc^tinci^vier 
to MwUkri AU^tfie Ihft^u^^o^ i<f«;4 ill 

j ASSION'MIHT cf #^ Mtv£r» thi fett!^i 

vTjv . .1 rw. ., L oL»4 WomM'fi|M#iii|^Poiti6f)bythelleir^ ' 

I^AMEN, t r7rW««MPinibrr, • :- [ [AJSSIMItArriOK^ tJieiM(4n£ W tjbUii 

\\^x^mi%9JM^%^l^iri { 

Digitized by 



titber the Ckm^ m^fit of the Chyle ioni; «fcith fi«i <lHkCic oo«*r FMiti Motheolg 
.|M(¥»«, fl» oT 4« «Hilf)t1««s Jiiiee ii«M fhe Sub^ : (l^fet*4r^. di^ poftfletfof taadt or Tm 
'ftanceof aa animal Body, F,6i t, \ *intoi9, and after die Death ef hftA or bcr» 

..;. lift ASSlM'ULAt^ f 4^%% t' ] tal , Sti»Kr Mts PoiTdfiairor tbrni, 
Jcigmw cPuAieifeit. • | ASSraE ^ JRWW i>Mfir, h » 

AMI'SA^ erii^% » Cour^ whofc the ; vbete a Ttiuftt, » ItCcfy 4K&icc^ or 
tlod|et «r AiSiibrs bcM «Dd inermiAdl Can v ; icfied- of . Lands or Tenements. 
.itt« 9KeMMPif|dl'»K^toMthei Otoit 4^1* ASSfZK ^ Ci!^HMt» It a Wtfr triiid 1 

tu4tMnife, biMei tbe Cototy ConrH, heldf ;^^ PMrthn ^aittft « LdyUm, 6r9 U^ 

iyt itM^r»t ^^tdBBfi inrbsdi Ocmttt «e cfeUed> 
JibeAflUet. IJ. Jfcr ' • • 

• ASSIES Ar ANA*'/, WbtilMifritw). £.r. 
;. ^SSI'SA jlfrc«M^f&««^r«H«] Ml Aibe 
«f Nuifanca. * 

J il^sa'^CMMMnft/a Writ for tliedcD- 
tipaajica of a CaoTe, «irti«tt cefta'tii ReeMi itf- 
M^ -^MMt^bO' 0t i a Mrt ia Time I9 tbe 
Fatty that woold ufe tbem. - - 

•ffigniflg or adjuftti^ the IV^ig bt md Mcafiit^ 

of a Prac^Dtf, wImh the iWur » tatetoycd 

*. ASSIKSJft %«if«a« [£M#ffm(r] iiCHe, 

IttdflRMiit of tfia CooKt fiven tfaiaa tiitfPiibi. ^ 

4#<Mr-l)efeiid«it, riM' MMlti 

« jGmtral ASSISES, ar« wbeA Judged gtt 

tbiir Cittoits. ' • 

I ^«n«/ASSf2iSfeM r«*)fwhe»a Jadfe 

»r .jft i d y»y acaife » Q»m$aJiRm for tbeXriai 

of one or more particular Caufes. 

To ASSISO* r tfji^ffv F.i;j^»E«. ] to 
(aiHib^ aMV mif^ 4Bl(iifii«r | t»,be pltfent 
. *: A»SI9T'AK€S^ jMi H^f ^MtMr. ^. 

AS&iST^ANT, aflM^b ^Ui^ b«l^iil$i 

An AflSIST^ANt*v»S<Md»«byi HVtl^irs 
• Collangiia or Partner ittihe Manmmoc or 

. AKKfAMTO^ [ U'TMdfut of f^bfieM 
■Cmfonia} Mcmbcra of ii^ wfto ofiina^iry 
.lnM<be«)U[#^ci«ii» «laiaii:»ting the Af- 
fairs rekling to^cbe eoMMMMi'Gonaeiii'of tM 
CeifMnriy; aMd»tic'«oniiMMM4y oaNoldte CWf 

^ ASSrsv.V d«hift«, or iMnd oM oT i 
«aitafn AflefiU Rent in Modkyor- lS tft fiunf i 

~ ; . A89Vi:t [Jf/Sf^, Wv} o-fftttd^o^ J^flMM 

l«Hdar.anAde<ariiiific: eMfilr« AMb • Jm^ 
^IwMfMiied niKRMbd^ WHtf ) iiiib *!' Scatttt^ 

CMicerbiiig tbaPriecy \Vei^b% Meafurr^ 4fe, 

«irA»farai GanuMMlitiM.' 
... A$Sf ^ tfdmr^gk PYifmmMyH%yfAi 

wbicb Jiet where a him and his AmjelKM 
. fea«e fPiAitod^tf Cleilc to a Cfintrcb,' ttn^a/^r- 
. wmrin it becomiaf f oi#%y bis I>ciitb. a 'Sirin- 

gar pr«lbit» bit GJtfli ta tM Church. 

ASSVZE rftb* hcrtH, ta »^tat«i«^oo*crm* 

aog Ord^ 19 bei»bi<tfci in tj»a Ki^g^j F^ft. 

agunft a Parfoo, ffxpuoA ^ Tenement^ 1 
which if it doubtM iHieth£r it be Uy*ftfc 

Ch'k ^ASSrZE^ an OAeerwhofets doi 
ait TBbfgs judtciarily ioiiK fcjr die hiitictii 

AiSFZSfl if IF^^ tf »/ Mia/itf%^ 
Officer wtw b«|he <2are atal Or^^t 
tftoTe Matteri. ; 

Ar AfSe^CIATlE [ iir >|^<r»el IT. dT ^ 
«ii0»L.1 a ComiMiiioii or Partner. 

T4 ^SCCt ATC ( dficUr, P. iirk}a 
L.] to bring ifltb Soetety- of Fello^flttp | 
jm-or Jceep Company vnth. 

ASSOCIA'TIOl^, an entering into Sod 
withot&ett« /. oFJU 

ASSOCI ATIOK pn £rf*rj » PiMf fe 
iHeKii^toJtttittfofAttt^, ftfadtnkoA 
^Coitei^ie^ in that Affair. 

ASSCKC^, a ceminoaf fvttt^ ^\y^t4A \ 
«it«aftlPArta ate bnt mbderltefjr ^P^nOI^ 1 
with a gtwt'Hfeac witlltrt^ (9c. ■ 

To- ASSOrL ( id Ldm^ J ^gni^ <0 
free from Eitc&mmunieatkm; -^ 

toAS8UBJUt>lCA*l1^tor«bdie. ;& 

ASSCJEFAOTKXKF^ nif itaAOffi^ «l 
Mf 'to ialy tfairqg. X. 

T<9 ASSuAcg f afiairiS V/^ 'tn-tidec 
or opoh one*s fclf. 

iftSirMP'SIT r £«w 7W> a' voToil 
Pfomife made bf Woitlof Mouthy Vrlie^ 
aMatf>tM(t» opon him fo perform dr^^ 
thing for and to aootber; 
' Asn^MfvplCXI, -attaflM^GT taJkJ 
an Inference upon. ,X% , ^ 

Soooml Pipponpoiror 1 %a$i^jg|MKalrSyU<%: 
' ASiUMP^IVB, that it or may be tkj 


/ 7o^S$UA^ { ^fiti^, P. ] to mSitt 
MiTtttf to warraM, to ttoffeltbke or profc 
*hllltv- - - . • ^^ : ' - 

To asswa'ce fw^W^^y of m«r««d 

tb^fh. to petfuade oV bt\n^ t6 J to alii 
appcafe. tn^abate^ of gi««i^ cafal^ 

ASSOtTBi toaWitcaWbmaA, i, , 
be mad.after her. O, 

ASTSISMUS [ ihf^yit, Cr. ] CW 
Courtcfy, Pleafantnefs. 

wl0o«)n /ome mfat TeR i<^ c*^f!c 


(•)<^^,iy«^ or Sentence, ^tsotiiar 
'li«PM#i«|fibikC<^^dbB^«!Mit Stars! 

*1™* t4^, ^. '4/^J t. of 

ite «r#to Inotltt, «tifk CO Mow, (?r.3 

•*«ijU««^M&»(,Or.j belodv^dig to, 

^V^ to fe thuder-ftruck] c«^ ftttlfk^ 

j Niiii. 

. ^«tJswMEirr^^/««<*«t,o.F.] 

j^GAl fmG^^rjrJ li tVCottflce 


^^j^Ai r M ArchittSi/i'e\ t^ « 
jmtilt < kjai^ which tUMcf the 

12*^ fici at f^ in act fldtte^e or 

^•*5rfdie Wat. lo tsdce mCBUrek 
Wdm [flf jtf aiflljfr^] n kind. 

^MMU ryrMi /^>#«i^f} Me-. 
' ^St&iaiLTHrr7« Forfeimtecf^lW'' 

AtltlCWS Sc^iMkinccoSte.. 

At TkdaA tad llgttte of their Fartkks; 
m^SfAKt tbe P«ru cf the Body. - 
ilTKOFQUSM [oriri^ « 9t»n and 


<?r.] « ^atbcmitioii inArBinttn m lako thfl 
Altiiudert theSunctStHfs. *' "* . 
r AflpnilfUb'qQ£& {^r«>A>e»<, F. j^cfp^ 
IMh. t.^ 'Ac^Ak*^^ of GfftT • Sut*, ' 
X^ a Woidy CrA oae'ihtt pioftifti Af 
ii|Qt}.aFea«ie-ttlAr. ' ' 

ASTROLOGICAL {^^Tr^^tfir, i. 'ajkfm 
kgian, 4/rof 'A*^©3,f«of, dr. J belongiflf to 
AJlrqlogy...* . » 

ASTROL'OGY lAfl'tiiogh, F, J^h^do^^ 
C of 'Ar]p*Kt>ift¥, <^lrFfv3M ;^^ Speech^ 
<^]> 191 Arc chat jdlAaxis to judge 0/ the 
lnnu«Qce of the Stan, and tofete) Thiojgs^to 
cov^ti^from dke Mockxi of thd6^ alad their Af* 
^r^ «o< to, another. 

. ASTROfN'OMER [Afiromme, F. ^«9»S9. 
MM, ^. of >rpfi^ft«», of fl9T«v * Star, aid 
>9/4tt.a Law, GrJ\ a Ferfm ikSlt'd ih the 
Sdence «# Aftfdiioiny: '- 

ASTRONOMaC AL [j^h mmim ^ F. Jf^ 

tothiii Scieaco^ 

ilnitt^nt tW Ae4if<*eteft Sl^c the Smft 
-Mtfidtan^AAiiludc,' R4|ht Menftoftj '4^. lo 
a greater Nicety tha« the JargM Olohei ikw 

ASTROKOl^'ICAL ^0mfit, an Aiefr it 
are accoonted f^nt the Koon or Mkhnght cf 
one jntuntl Day^ to the Noon or Midntiiht of 
another, ' . ■ ■ 

AlSTkGtKMlCA^ Phci »/ a IMtnf^ 
•r. Sl^^ is the Jjan^lh^ or "Placo i>^ the 
^cltpfkk, •nHccSke^ from the BefinJiiftg of 
Arittf Koofdiftir^'the itfttmi Ozdcr of tile 
^gns. ^ . 

• AST!(01f^01tftcAt .i^^tfif/, !s all la- 
iln|lw|pt««rioQ%^ffir«nd o&d fitted with Te- 
lefcopes, ^c. to take p^rerratlpn of the 
liooit^ orStsfs, ' *»- . - 

FraAions, fo ^alied be^aufe Mtleody tbt^ware 
.'wholly nfeA^q A/^wt^mciS CakuU^ions. 

ASTROK'OMV'r^^fWKwV, F. y4r/?«vai« 
Mitf,. L* of 'Af'fcvi^tQ'Of £ffit%Si«i^ vA 
yif4^ the taw, R,ul«, fifr. Or:} 0'Scicf«< 
whidif teatbta the KoowJedge of the heavenly 
Bod tea, (hewing thek Magiiitode9,-Oiibfice»« 
0»de> apd Motion. ' ^ 

AS'TRUM I'Af^oN 0V«} vCottAolktton^ 
or CeJeAial Sign, confxiVing of feveraJ Stars : id 
OfA Acmhy it waa afed to i^gqify do Houfe or 
Habitation. \ • - ". . ^ 

ASUN'DER {ApA^fMif Sax,}ilh'ti9 

ASY'LUM [ ji/yU, F; <^ W*X»»J <« i( 
pi^v. and C^n a Prey, GV,] t Sao€!uarv, oC 
•Place of Moge for OfftDdm to A^to. I^i 

ASy M'flpUGK f of 'Ao^jutfiXfi^f wl^ «• 
privative, and /Si^futC*?^ t Shot, i^. } Scot- 
free. * '• ^* 
|, . i^§YM'METjRALr [in Mml^atith'\ the 
^ fimc with incommuiiVKaUt* ■ IbQ^iSaa ar< 

I ... 
ftid to be fijjfmmetrfl, when there ^ DO com- 

tnoh Meifittc b^HniiTrfiiethv 

Or,l fric^irieiSfcWWhi^V.' 

ASYMPTOTES, ^are cctt«m LteS;<W?ihP 

wMKia,*lrt]^0iM©'*6tiha^Ai|elftfe^^^ at^^' 

a Figure id Grammar, imply ipg tJi^WailtW 

CoftjuillEKenB farSentoice, o*a;Fig(i><J^»n 

Cdnmrrt's tit fli^ ififtdrf^f ■Ctoitftftfcfis^- 

ptflati^e ;' ai ^v^/ ««>,>i;/Vx; f.'Vi r'ttrte,, 

I A<v, ircefaq<tttka^, tfd6'C<^tmafeit9,WpC' 
lanittcd. :-crr ■•.:>^-l i'.A . 

• ' AT fi^'ry' Aii.J-iS at « l*^:-^ ''• * -^ . 
ATAX'Y r><^tfX»V|, L. cf'ArA(ip^Ct'} 

Irrcgbrwityi Wautof Ofd«r;- ' •'''"- * ' 

critical Days. ' ' 

ing of fome noble Enterprise, ^gmfies to <l- 
ccdt^ perfdffln,' or cotnpan* 
: AT^mv^tnilt^riJfcBi^meM, F.3 the 

Pcifvrtfnafice w TOihe^irbble ^irpipit* 
• ATCHIEVEME!rrpA/rmi%ttHeCoat 
of Arms of M7 Qentleman, fct out ?ti}l7 with 
all that belongs to it.' 

ATTMPER, rtiftAfate. tt/ytfr. ' ' 

ATHALKAH pPbW, of WtBe'riiAe, 
andH^ of the Lord, H. /./, the Hour ot^ 
Time of the Lo^d 1 the Daughter. dVii&j, 
Kin^ of Ift^Mel- ' ' • • •'■ '^'- '^' ■ I ' 

ATHAN'ASY [Jlthan^a,V,J <^ tfiir^^' 

••fo, ©f tt' ptiratif J*; ahd -S-imt®* Ocdth ' Cr.J, 

, Immortaljry, ', " , . .', ' 

ATflANOft f ambn^ tfykifiy'z ht^e 
digefthrg Porrtilfe; fen^e t*lih a l*o\t«Y,* >[ttd 
focontrifed as to keep a cOnftaiit Heat few a 
long Time. '.' ' ' '- ^•' ' ' ' ; '/ 

ATHA'^ER pn '^/*nVa ^tm tfed 
vrhen the Mt^n 1$ irt.'t&c iJmc Drtferf^xi^' 
Minv^tc witH the Sun. • ' - " ' \ ' 

A«Tfi^9M'r!*i&«3rwi',F. flc9ie«f;'Crn a 
denying or dirticljevlog the Feint of Qbd^ . '^ ' * 

A'TPIftlST f^f^^/^f^T. 5ai(!^, "of fll ht^- 
trw, ahd^'SiftCtstf, '<?>-, J a PctfbnWhiA de- 
nid or dftbcJieves the Brfnfe of Goi.' - - 

ATHEISriGAL, of or belonging 'Jtb 'in'' 

A^pneUN Tofrhap^ ttM in Oithi {ttj> 
^Clm, Sifx:f. e. :a Kcefer trf'hi'CiitjSj aii; 
ATchbiihop of Ciwflrfof)^'; ''J ; ' " " 

A'THELING [-^Schji: 5/r.r.y. fi>^5e J' 
a Title given in me S^yWTnhteto ttrc'kiiii** 
eldHtScn. " '^ • "' ^' K '* ' * " ' "' 

ATHELST AN'FOm) £ /, /. 4tbclff3n*i f 


jfome k|nd of S] " 

lline, coofifyngfif a.^hSck«i>d tou^l 

\ ATHLE-riCK X4thUtf(i(iLli'M 

)ampttB.4ike;^iai^.%tting.^" '■;. _ ^ 
ATHVMI'A Vh'^pJmJCiAi^mMl 


for his great Skill in Afti0D^<ny# ^^ 
|>y ih<i ^d^' t5 ^iiarHek*eb 6n W^ 
«en ; ^encea'Book>f t^E^k^ Om^ 
tontainiog MapkOf tBrv^^*W^kg|L^fi 

' AT'MOST>flERli?^r3»rtb^ 
lAT/4if, t V4poiir^ and^ioiM^ V 
la (he loWer An^bf thei<.^on' 
^t^er, witli fv%i^ oor,1^pril^R'6J)coiS 
itlt roiittdj did M li^'Jfiidf'Ifib^ 

jA'TOM [/f/«»^:T/.*rttoWl.r^ 
Of «F iJtiVatfre, ai^ «r^^,'t6cu^ 
feh^ 'if fath » fIh^l1^i«!!^#< 
iahiiU W T^j«cjllly tot o^^dJf 

gain J to i|»p^^tfed'dJtiinfe^A«R«^;^t^Aii 
krtftra«i«i W-'a iift, oi^i%riiefi« fof'iWA. 

I iiTREO-us ^ii^f,<U'^ <*iFM| 
fiiiMadi^i&i'; w RifV y?m]hAii^a9M 
\ A?motn6uH^i(N<:^l«tot&¥eda 

ireeives wo'l^iitfflr?f»tirt'b;f hfePiMS^^iha^^^ 

4O>nrtinipt?0n.'"a'«taTirteg. • -^ "* • ' 

' A'TROPHY [-f;r«?^/<r>X;;?«i *' 

' " ' Digitized by VjdO^l'i"^ 

ifnokntumai to ckf Offiocrt 
ra^ wubin* dieir ^wp Pf^' 

jlJwi^CMiiimnWi^^ a Man, 

jfon flieth after he haOi ii^Q.%kr.qrim«i pufa^ 

.aaaount to above '401, Tlw Piinifliinent oi» 
/o^bO&Qdeni«« Th»^tbeUAl9#mvAal| be' 

H<>«w^^tWii^fipvre^.piaii)a (Uwp, ^i tbcw' 

/un| ttMo» « Di^ds fi|f 
^^ ft ftnx'gm, the jVoceili 

^ ' fhe Tac^ ^^Comt, 
<aiifeC9uKtL thcMca^ . 


Kjp^, F.J 4p 9^Mt, W^ 

3SJ"*^ Oi Jtt^pMftt iMtll MOed 
^*?1 Avthea hiaHMisOi^XQ U^-^ 


f niiaiiknti foe dra At* 



!Al^T 1 faffioo^ E0rriVj]4S a H^noU; 


•U j..^^at^ to oqrnip^ cqAaiat^.Elgo^^ 
ai Righ-Tieaioo does. ^ 

. ATTAIKX'£D.£«;rcprt^F^}cvwte<)^,M 
F?cft% , , . • 

ATTArNT'ED gft X-w] It (ai<) 0/ fudi: 
Pcrfoas wbo am fQ«S iQi^yof Felqc/j^ Trca^ 
jToDf cff . - . • . 

ATTAIN VURZ, «i. AMttf tuif^'i V C«« 
mptiooi oi; BJoo^, ^^«. , . ,. ^ 
; ToATTEM'PER f#««i^4UT,,)U «.* 

^ual ify^ lO odcf ati^ or oixig » j»ft Propouiof^^ 
ATTEM'PEKAT^ teoiMnte. iil^i^* . 
ATTEM*PR^, tenpered, OdBC. 
To ATTZMFP {mi$tnttr. F. 0fe9farf^ 
t«l <o eojcpTOur^ to«i«fcwc;» (^ Oju fO 
make im B0ord ' • t " 1 

.T^ A'TTENiy latttmbr, JT. of rt/tor<^nr, 
t.} to beod the Mind to^ to liAea pr give Ear 
to J ,<l<9t Q wait oB* •,..... 
♦ ATTENP^ANCL Waiticg, Sairkt j' 4 
R^inoe or Train of SerTintt. 
I ATTEKiyANT [4ttadeni^U\ a Fol- 
lo^xr, A Servant J [in iLi^v] oof tMtoweih 
putyot Service to anpther,, V- v .. , 

ATTUNES, at once. 0. J 

I ATTEJ?T10N,aaAwlicptiw«ri;jjq?art 
\tA Mind to a tMfcoqrte ^ 0^ llif Eyes ^4. 
M!ad to f Piece of Work. . f . flf X* . .^i 

btarkeiiii^.to, iieetfuL F. . . . ^ 

! ATTENt'rVXKEsS, tie bcint«ti«i^i?e,' 
i ToAtT^''pAT8[if«f««nF.4i/tefirtfrr> 
L' of a^ and icyiv] ^o'&q^e Uu)iy to weai^o^ 

; AT^birOATmo M^ymet,MUh « 

opening the Poica with their (hjurppArtidfij, 
t the ti^'ck.aoj yillipoHS HumoMra in jiko 
I7, io tha! 'they may cafily be prculated 
" tbeVeflcli. ' . ^ 

iKXTAtlOK [inF^i]fiiaJeflcfw 
the Power or Quantity of the morbifidii 

Goj^ Snot. 


Trttik of any diing. F. rf Z. bv * .^ ^t; 

- -^l^aAfawiAw/i- »"^ ?»^i? '"j"^'- '•<> .M-^^* 
T/ftU. Or.l belonkiAC to B^ (^ountry^.^cj 

tT«S&irAi%«^^iMirf) ?>70TTr \JA - ; 

Atbtwi : In oiirBiiUdiiin, aiiDuJl Or3a»lScd 
I jStpiupiiilifi'iiigli toiijiir^ • *-"' ' ' ' 

To ATTIN'OE (attinnre, L. (rf «toM 

.v^Mnei^rfroft^ Worfebl^aiftPlMgkortkiJt. 
•riJ^AlA '..^ .*- MroA A - .-\ tv -:-■■' 

Sta{( or BucfiL^ r . (i.^v : i ' 

ATTI'RINO [among-ifig^onQ tho^tnoch* 

tre die ^fcr Pofhircf dm ttt FJgM^ llD^d 

-*^ ATTOt'LENS Art€uUm VmjUaimgfX a 



Koeral Attthority to oianagt ajt AH 

employed u ooe or loore Cavfes, v — 
ATTOURN'MBUtpc> • f Xi^lp 

Kim to be his Lord. '* 

^oK«*iiei*'Ptf««Wl f.' 

L. of'-^^ «MA^Ai4i»^9> 4»Mr tt^T Wl 
oo^llkll; ftotllAre«Jeiill«0^' • ^ ' ' 

toward one another fWMA^iftiich » t 
oC tlllKlaiirpMhg P^Mik9iA)^o^^ 
M^6fjfal»tolt^«IK 'F-ofX.'/* -^A 
ATTRACTIVE, 4«i«i^ tOy arr.:ai 
ATTH ACTIVEtlBSS, ifie ^M^' lind 

^j^_ .,*.,. ... . ^... ) ,. /.^A^ 

ATTRAP'PID, todoin»(L Ot •*^ tnw 

- ATTit^ATI, t1^ yiitac6fkhinftof 

who formerly inhabited that 1*ar«'<^f 49Mfc 

^^ii^aw HOW ^fed.a^4^/».< rrfiAU^. 

ATTi4EfcTA«TI019[qf i»:dM'^afftf] 

ATffmrrrt $ hi iw«l u i Mom 

^o#*cSihjia^J t..' 'f^ M '•yvA " 

To ATni^RWVlli EfNtr^itt^^F^WiMi* 

Thine to one, toficbtr k tfW iitaft-rrM 

ATCfRIjMlTftS [ifeo^i)Mi]^7%e c 

Wilii9l»pCrtif4^#S«thBritaii^BjttiU(&a^ ntJ 

btitcd to Cod I zt, that>e i^Jife^^tlitA ^ 

ic .aiwiUfe^hiic^ tofikrhbtR ta|tta6;tow the ^-— ^- " 

'6 * .wb<)lc vit{feter'iMpc{prl)rnipy'^ 'la&M^ii 

9VV/ ^ A^TOfi^te §i^i/7.|Wirii 


hWdltei. #M|li«g. «fc/ X.^^ 
ATTRIBUTE fWlffi^«t,'r 

ATtWtrre f hi iw« 1 1 

ATTRf BO'TliOl^i^AiriMtdR> D^UI^ 

L. to wear] w«oi«yftftite<^ ^g < ML ,d->.i**l 
oti^HXTRilTIOH, i^btegi^^i^ldy^fi 

__ nerfe£t Sorrow for Sin, proceeding ^rilB»»I 

lb a beiog*Piat)et.ilrudl^:d hWrib>H. . ^: 
' AJTORNX'TO fitcj^^ _ 

»#aotlMr.ft&ir'<ftllia«ft imUis Ac 

^it ' iAVl'9AGt 5t)alrtt«r.cte MsgKmroW 
as ih h> £gcy y>fat <e^ U>t Ubi^ rf^ far ti^jB 


iJiSr r«tf«, F. ] before, :W»^ J 

\ ' > J a f ^riiMpwtir J * M 0311 Of 

tTm^»>i^ 1^. At *at - Gms* d* ot 

Hthv^ ^ J. - ^ . 

■iitt^ J m H*ft*5 I lorn* 

^tmON i^^»gf»] pio^tjly All Ip* 
^%^ lU* M 0|>cn fir {»ubi;ck S^lIc ot 
^* ^ »bg t bt tiiit bids moil is the Buytr. 
:«?nDW [In Fh^'Ml H^ritcrs] the 

1 thaji %!f|ai loft <»r deoiitcJ. 

^, SA'ilt J Of Rcuilcfs o* Coai- 

iiCBOXI^XA, <i«e tJiK ^Ui. ^ be Lliit 

<»£^'«rf; ckij*fc« m &id to be 

** *^ jrife ttd witiy beyond wbit ji 

^^iftntUy «l> PiKipW ^MifecamK to 
y^i ifcAi^of C*Mr>^*J7i *C eqwJ An- 


•V- ' *' ' 

Aecokjot, jL. . . .^ 

To AUDir, |pr«wiHf,Yi>{iT-A 

Jiov>^HK»|^lfc.HlyiMina>p ipiiMM» 
be grjQud. .\"ic. .•! _jf:iflj /-?< 7 -; ,; 
aU DiroiL.Lif|(ifii»rj gwyiCffiiMft. r. 

KiJii, or ofber |rc^ Ptfi nn^ f ■nJJUil •<■>■ 

OrtittO*i;r'Lc>J sib o'2i^i4no.V3 f iC ,>;^-" 

AU'D^-O&S ri|ii»i^.<rr^v«toi 

AU^DfTQB,ST3rf?^ .ITinliifim^i eftpttt 
^hitlii4Ai>M-=$tti^ltlil^<'i* Ik* 

Reccirui, J&MaCx^KMkftOi^r i1rtlMllil» 

^^\ ■ .J ,v^ -i-t ■ HO'- r L^ ■: 

Ace .mpts of htltnd, 9trwfck, the MdttfwtA 
<}( any Atoiy |flAi^Mtf» lu^.lU.: A 

AU'DttOK ff fir Jt«c»MMi^«Rflate is 
the £i£^««u^^'Wlmvfi]^ ^AWmtki the 
Tclienj and enters tbeai, ih^-i- ^ o i ^u 

^rnMiBV V^ ^*n hwiil^<Jfc theoAAa*^ 

of th9fcthetiM4r#r..v.] Li ' I; a 

AU'DlTQIiV iVM»Fbi Ap«w^9utbft 
irvfflthPav'of NbnM9 tM ^i^i^ Mb thb . 


1 FJdd, tV«. the oid'^ieM^XNiito&x 

AUQL£irwWDi>« faieuni o t Mm » * 
tbeCoooty c^ X^ UMiih^Mldifi^Pok^ 

AU'Df^V t onwM cOf ^MhAll* of 
^^I Noye,'|tf»i li|MMte3«tf .]' *^^^ 

to ^^J»ii^ xk^i^jmfkM^Jit^^ 

zed iiEirhcff DndU" ^-^^ k'< '^'>- ' ''^ • 

riberdi n ihili HQ*si<meit UfUte ac 

ufed bf Aew^rtotheVir|aMi^'Jk^ 

Ui]aiord,afttea.of«thct Mtiei. • Ih^ISb 


aT'I1K>A^ iA< O^cw 4r Ae lOiriB'a Sl^ 
Uefi H«bi^fio«i4ei»0|M.ftirhitiioiiW'* 

AYttl<'PiU«,S^ AAmuM) ^rtihtitmi 
Fcfttf, «ieTml«)o^atf|l« i)ihBi3 a II* 

AVWgnfl|tB^'hyehMic<^ eiawitdor 
d«a41xlfiikhi^»aiJirfwkU' ' * 


«rirdt'''th»KinK*a Avenges ox Ctfiia-**^*"* 

AVERAGE, th« Breaking o^Com Fields ; 
Iddifti'JIwiJihtatJfc. C. .^ • •' '' '^- 
, •A¥WMaBfM^7««jfb«llimt«;nAtbW'^ 
aM» out of tbe^cetf bt M ^iMafter of a ShTo, 
^Kkt*iieirQaM DanlKge : A OMtnbtit Jon by 
lofilitM/" 'loi BMk* SatMia^a fir infored 
Gooi$ caftoirer. board. 

.AyHAlA^Cadle, Uttn/or ¥forfe« <ii9*i 
4bfth»Bloiigli. (^;£;^. ' 

A5Sr£R|lS M/»A ffi Wi9kifnmt « Writ ftir 
tbe fetzfng of Cattle to>hit Ufe^ whofe Ctttle 
wttmiom%6dAf tt!kMk'vtnj*'hy afiotheir» %tA 
^MCAottt of tlvi Oouityj tiMt fhe^ttAiw^be 


fii^^T' 1* X CiJm^it*Ott from w64t:TiiiitH 

. AU'CraVt-SMjrtil^efJ^fr^^l;^ 
mg of Birds, (^f. : - ' m , . yi, 


To AU'|5URIZE;^ 

nation by tRrdt^ 




or Place where Birtft are kept. ' \ ' iv 

•AViDaTv ['yfc/V//^; p. y^4?/«i t.!l 

Owedfnefs, eager Deflte, A*f petite. ' /' 
AVlCyULOUS lcmiiuk;L^l.^\^»O^f0ft^ 

greedy,^ ' ^ /• -^ -r 

ToAVlQE, to tonfl^efr;' CWf^ / " 
AUK 7{JEj)epb,^«rfHJtfB^ 

AUK'WAROLY, ^ftgjimlj. * ; 'V:/t2 

AUL'CASrTER [of the ^.tvctu^/ 
ceafttfp, 5ffjr. I,/. > ^erfc£lE City J. a ' 

' J^inCK r 'tfwffraf. L. of Aufa 4' QWlftl 

AVBR^M£NT>[bi*IUmrl4s %heii the De. 
iMiih1oAfa.mjli«^«ii^lMe](ttoiis -pleatied 
tt Bar of the PlaintiiTs Aftion. 

• 7tf iAVBJL'Rt{ mm^t. } to' affbrt the 
.TfDtb,.^jrai9«cli, tb'fiwrer •• > • 

«fl( a.' lopping off the foperiiiioiii Braiich<;» of 
Tiws. .i6.- -• •• * ' , •-'■• 

. A^\Q|ftfifB [MryK,<i;.^] tklf Mlfct9or 
canttot endoroailliMg; ^: r. i.w/-- 
4 AnfiaiS«10Nia4ar«iil^erdri¥ifigaW»y^r' 

1 . AWRT, «4Wt W)|te tff^ Cab W Pro^ 
vtivierar»ac(|>Ubrtt«itKdD^ftb»i^/ ' ^^ 

• At/rF> [probably of aUtfTi''^^*'' ^^1 

• AU'OaR 7 [NaveiMli» ^ttA^^'HaSSttft ' '^ ^ btlohrfhg trf a PrinteS toxjtf. . ^ 
. 4«lfiBil4 V ^c«i4i] a•1^rtaWfy►'c^ Catt ; AULW I«lmtll, rcui\ ^m. ^O.' 
•rnter'sTooliiBf.^oriftg;-'''-' >^ ^v. n c ^i. : , AULN, o^ ttcuen T-yfiiiAeyY^.^^tilrt'atXA 
r /mm ^tV^fiX^SktrAfl^^^ihk. - a Meafure e^oal to aii %/(/9!^Bri ^ at aU^ 

• 4^tt«V''«(HAm46rMit«ii; r«;il»;r.« t« Yr)t'6vi^<3iiir^^io5l ;'-ahd*«t'PW 

; AUGHT^T«<Wlilfir s. ^/-n. < '.5,005 of ourj^ -- •, 'u-* 

To jDUQ&f EN'I' ri»M«*fl^ V. 6f ««^«^- : ^0LK^f j^/&£WMii I^V^ ^eite)^ M 
*jr'>a^]^'-Mw>6^*^»»l*r^i''<*'^<w^ tdlnt-*brty"OiHbirf^'"''' ^ '^' ^^ ^ ^- --^ 
•nybUing^ ^ ,.....'«• i^:./ .- .: ' ^'. .m 1 "'-f- ' AUMERE, Welt^.SJdrt, orBotdcr^ .<>t^! 
I AtJOMBVTA«TfOM^ranant)rAirb« .Bft« ^ MJMQN«i JWfrts/ X;1t.-^K^ ^"'^^ 
lafgMRnev ii<fww»<^; :^«fl.^ N K- ^- " T^tfTf in AU'MOKB, \i tvfirn ^taiidiliah 
.• Al;GMENTA'TION<8iM'^kCod«#«^6<bld -becnlliVrt toaR^gWift florffi^ wr'Chmt* 
•by mj^Wn^^m: itt^ ttt^UhK^t^M U^^v tHat^frie Seftite 6^ faid'fbf^Ve Good 4f -^ 
R?veiutetof htf Crowa,v|iyithf'AiMt«8iflfif|tr4>o,^9fs<^oti!^*''^ *• »^ ' v ' " ' ^ -^ 

AUOMBN'TUM [m Ottmhw^ m J^tt^^ ^' AUC, ordatfied. C. 
tiob. nade ih r«a^ ^otoaxtf'-Cl' <aCV^bf { 4 ]/imm:mAf^i4z»Xfilf. ^HnMeh^^i 
^y.i«ngfi»gabttftaiybar^^ilibU«« ^V'^^f t kicd of ancttnt^lJi» w rig»Nf i ^ 

\/ . . * • Digitized by VjOOQIC fkAei 

ChfiftiaQ Fttth, made byjthe'Frott 

Rbyal] apr<»perKameofMerf. ;- ?\i 
AUOU^nri^Sv or rche BlaA ti^fi 
• AUOTfN Friarr JiheOrdci of Sf. 4» 
Bin, i 11- • • 

A^ottsrm'ifAW/iferettcjcs, t^'n^i jlti 

Smeramefstaridns, holding, that the Gates M 
Httren are flioe tilt the Refurreaio/) utf^ 
Day of Jadgment. 
" TA 



lliPf '^fr^f< Wi^ M*i<>^ iJ'^^f*. .Gr. to Wiiieji Wrilio^lritl^ CW-*- 

pmnacurc, or if. Ciff^ ■ 
iBtlLwb, tirentitrous. 6^''^ 

mW || top Imi j^wfyl i>i«m). 
1^0© (i *^>£r^ JF. ] to f6u% t9 

^■Iwcf aaincojobent. L. T. 

^q^fTSitKa Owocea in the Pouna, 

JUJpJ^Hf J ^nn'^ F.^ to iinin»w|i 
f ?^ ^ '^A V^MuM^y' at t)oi(l)>^ to: 

M)Lt» diat may l>e aiFooc^cdi , 

2*11' loo€ tbat,imtti«i;Vi^Tfl/ 

'■ itti ica^ for Rcnt^ &^ a'j^ ti^c 

iBUOffi^ Cr^^ £ witb I'M*!' t^ 
^^uj^ ijf jkVcSy it fuch ^ XoaMii 


riotter i.^fq « ^fO^AcCfMUUltioik' iL.M . 
Carnage. Lt •' ... - ! k w^S 

aadclcaj^4e<^f^0fBW|Ukt</^ .^ ■ 

AUkORA [v&r»rtf, L. q. d. oMremhmf 
the Mof^i«.Tw4itbi;.ib0 QMris; *ttak 
,of/)ay.,4:^^. '. ,:,. , • .( '. :i ', 
{ AtritCXRA Borti^ k.a.vrbilePyeaiiiilall 
(Gladt qf;LisbV^PfWiUis iUE«. tlur^'nil ht a 
Coblet in the KoiiMitf n. Hcmi^bevc ^f dnp 
p^Bd Stavsn *»^* ■* I* •' ' ...*«'» 

• ' AURUM FuImiranSf i, «.4))lOiidoriiig Goli*! 

mado^o^ G<?ld,4ii0blvoj in ^j«i JRtgttlis^ laoA* 
U jb ^Ue4, becfuiip Jboiog, pot isto^a S^tad^ 
aad Jaynud ovei.cbe JFtf «> U «aktt a N oUe iiJar ' 
iTl^'uiidcr. L, ' ' :... -.j- ' ^ !.r -^ 

AURUitfW<7>fV^,. ^.ilf^^/^Afti;'t>. 
;ifj/ii/Vi Gold, a CoiD^ihicO maiia uM 9lihf<^ 
$tan>an«v and^ai^ltf^ ta My; w^li-'Cdfa^ « 
^ke Brafeixf Co5p«|.. i.: '".' ,-. s-i i; .^ '.n 

A.U jl U M ^«riiM«. /.4w'dn>kab']r G«Ui> 
[aqioog C^^IH^] G(4|d>«uid9lM|«i^ ib;ar»ir 
^ drinkable j or rather a rich Cordial Ldoudq■^l 
withrPieDeft^j;iaf^^«i;iC*^Il' /- * ^ 

,i|jgto.' £. . -'r ' *; «* " * V* Kt 

k Happy, fbminate, ftvminUe. {fcoiptna*. .j.-t' 

I*rpfpcfky, ,^ .'.•■?'." '^:I•' j».. ,"0) t .^V 
^ » AU' SPICE lAufpicium, L.J a kina'-rf- ' 
Siooj;^Sipe.acni»og t|;r.iidMa»,iyil»falbv2b^' 
tjic Flight, Chirping, ^o^ofrfiirdti • • : ■ - . * * 
lAl^T¥:^Bi{4«/%nM«iL0*iiASfrlttllll^' - 
rtfere; crabbed, ftcrn. F. • '••''*' 

* AUSTCwrry * ^\ [^t^tt/^r/jsiu. 

\ AUST£«R£Wt$.$'nhivM ^cvcritj,. / 

Stri£^i!^,^^|o«^^'iK_o ,;:...<.• J-: • -_ 

idngiofitpCoutb* • iFw -H. /j i>*'^^^^ ''^ 
j WST<UJU.|?4wt Iap»itag jfbmMMi 
i&e fix Southern Signs of .Ahe'^tdbioA:' - . , t 
r lAn jWW-AW'GttRT £i>mtnA,j»^;ih; 
,o| «»T6«^hi«nrel^*«Md tA>i3^^ a JVlefibild^ 
XlV.l one who it hlTAwn Mafie9ftr^ T ' , > . ^ 
!AirXARt«n«AUI»TSk] iti:fiiMt. (k ' 

.AUTHEN'JICK JrAwf/Vw,L. otfrArf-'^* 

of joft or good A»thprityf ijtfWBil^y^pprotibd . .■ 

r .AVTH£9«'XiGKfiv' «bk irxt^of tht' titiif - 

iAU*^HE^J'TICALNESSi GeaUlncnrft,tlie' 
hariAUfOod AuA^rit^i . . ,:. M . 1 ' " 
, .AUTHOR [ w4<i«n F. yfafler, L. i. 9^ 

Digitized by vjC- Xmren- 


. ^^ . *^i^ 

jnijrifwii'f " " 

^ F^^*^ y^H*y ^* 5^ iBr>^ver j life 

^ ^ MnfTKHlAIWiCA W «f «r MM^ibg to 

«^N» fieir, ioi V4fft tt^itt^ Gr.} tl^.b^o 

*' iSeiwMr x«^ •^^ '^ xkfli ti> 

mtfi^m, Off.>^ iif^Mrtt AmovI] a 6elf- 
0M'aig ItUtimtm i M « CIdcI^ Waicb» 

AVtOHTATOOS tA3r.m9TlM» orflitt 
' AirrOMATiCAL C which Ms to have 
fcfbtkmWMTuiMir. ' 

• AO*tSlsfit^^^»f,^.IW 

torical Fjiiifv when loajy U^ if 

kxh u heip m> tfonluatc otbeil, ^, ^ 

AUStlUAf Y r^crm I nitdin thicS]^ 
I««dbff updtt attraoi4iiiftry Oc«ea% to ill 
tht Tnuiied Baadt, &e^ '. . 

AVXUJiM OH^, Ift Orto of CW^ 
tii« SumaMAim of one Paitj H dw Pmi"* 

AUXILIUM ad/thilnmllttmfkcUiJmin 
wtfrh^MJkm, a Writ 4irei^ed jtd fi» $|icf|if ^ 
iwrytdia^, to Ifvy a rMfoiiablt Ai^lSMn 
Mkiiakitiiig & RiDiVSai^ #oA Ma^^ 

, to AV.^^io <wte far- 
AWAIT^ Way-I^ii^. af <l"l JB 


tftiHg affef OB^ I dwib Law 

AOrOfVOMt XAitotiomta, L. of>j?T«. 

AVTOP^Sr iA0ii0a, h. oT ApTV^Mh 
aJ^^^^'TWf to i*t,OrJ] aa ocular 
|M^ediotty ^Mi^ # Thing wiili aMaji'i 

A*5t>y*€AXty, witJi <«€•• o#i» 

TXbfOtlt^SMr I<of n^k himfisff. aad 
ettf God. Cr J God't Sclf'£jdftcocc or Seiag 

do MKdiiaf. 0. -y, , - . 

AWARiy [of A MidVMi*^ &(». 1^ 
Jwdgflicot 9i opf chttfca fc|<iit P^i fapirf Wt 
rlancc to make up a D^m&ccf a ]fmif00 

flfi» to kc«r» Ccr:] a l%ief fakeo ia )thc ^ery 
T^ mf wiOi (heltifii be iibie upon itiin.. 

•• AV'lWiin* aiwdr&^Attiiti (J^F*- 

air ^tpiee ubw AtMcittit»« 
To AWAlUy/to wQodie, ar pvjtM^Vl 

AWA'V rAm, ^i^x..] ahfratfQHii« If^ 
lti> hi4r A^A'YlAf^^^pm^ S^ml'i 
canryawtf.. ,^ . .. ^.j. * 

Ao AW£lBAW» • CiMr1(^Df«M ^ 
AWEI'WARP. aCde^ O^*.. . ^ 
AWEINfiQ, wean^. . (^^f«?3»^ ^ 

to ftrike a q^cr^iat^^ ^ W^'MMf < 

^A WHA1%D> atnased* iftwdled^ %«S^ 

inted Tool; * t'^* *^ -^ 



' ANE 

ODjy qye|r a 

%d« ^fciliwipil the third Scafqp ^ the 
=fw^ «rhicli logins ^idtly after H9trre^| AWlfS 
«Ims CfiplUad <^lu;r ^'if* arc latt^redT ; ^(bc^ fi^r 
At)TUMIr1C#AOT/<f, a fort of Applg^ "it into the 

AUTUtfKAL [w«rfd<i|»fl^, F. AutiisM- 




. in|be 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




}i^m, ^*»- tLn* T-ipr. ^^|^>; 

^ UHiLVI ;e«tKnhol4s^ S^jr, from the. 
##•1 4»< *^ ^Ici ia Iflo lui^Lng m-ir^i 

Ami AA 1 ( myri h'j sfe, t . ot axtJI^ns, I 

a^S**^ >*^^ [aitiTOi Jashw/i]) 
•^^rSf'^l ^a from thz friiaJt tf lU© 

^XT IF^ffj, two Bnjich« of the.* 
^ tfey f^nag Cm%^a, which gs up ihc'^ 

•**■; s'ti I ACcotuic virorthj, ot ^^itat, 

"■^ ^ Stlf^ ev*<Jcot Pr t nc iplc , w 1< .. h 

, that it ts tioi i^^ahk ot br- 

'f Mnj kin4 of Progr, but 

/ adinh of, as {^bn m tttty- 

c r^BJDi of focii Priricif iif?^ or! 

I [in Leigi:lJ is the di^finp rif r.^ei 

WlK « sot fb b«, 

in|k ID 4«^'tfQe of i Cift, Coach, 

^[jjfP fb .^Au;.<«^ J tlit laird rf rteW 
^i^W Ifcmll I alio tji*t ij^iicfctni Rigftd 

l^« Crrwf^} »i ;i ftreigbt Line con J 

* i from the Ferttxoi Top o9 

iBjfe. t 

rWraoiBli tbe Ccnier,. froiu oad 

Iflr I tbi firr^c mi Bfomfffr. ^ 

{%#iiCMuV^ Sn'Trin J 3 Ljje that 

^tW Middteot'thcf i^iSTc, as J it 

fl^ The 0»4ui«tei, ) 

\0't CjT^iiJ*^ ] tl t?)it quicfce^O 

K^A^mt »h>ch the Pweliebgtan] i^ 

^^^e, vUck ^k> rJc^ il mlo tw j equal' 
''Ife^ 'tv Jitii pivJid! Me tA anoih«ij 

|f Fp^/r^flcit ? [ in Mnhdr.'ch ] it »• 

Ir viiik'ia^ a So4id« 
rt|rft*l| th^ Riy which of 
NM t^e, fjih pcr]p<nd cti- 

9f iSu tje. 

Goocourfe from the rwo Optj^ M*^<9I^ 

joiat Che tieLrtmitfytf^lk- xkt Jam^ Q^^§l$ 

, Alls fof 9.'CUfi) J lUshn Unr ^«« 

p(*tpenaicularly . thrqi|}fe ^4^ Qcftftt*^ |te 
ffhei% w^id» tl»e Qliafi'fiBWr^ii^t^ff. Seg- 
ment oC, -. '2-. ' ♦■ •■ ^ •»'* 
^AXiS 0^ tncidenee fjA JDMqP<f^i^] is | 
IMrt«^ ^^ <i W^i thwugltc^ f oJnt of ?|n- 
cidcace^ and peitwtwailir. ^^ tfe. RdiraAjag 
S^rfwf ■ V- . .- • • / •• - ^ 
AXI&*9fke/rmSim,'it thatwhlcl^jf imadf 

the iDadtpT^he %9«UM^iBt^ ^ Kj^ 

of RefraifiHon. ' .'*■..■-•..' 

tmifinaij Une^ cottceived y^^i thib|i^h tly 
Cmer. of ^ ^rb» - frtlft' one ^o^^ to the 
QChcf^ about v^th (B« wholi {jraiili^iifi^ 
Ottiverfe moves. ''"..-' i 

yijUS t^f ^ Zodfoek] is a lilhtcwItQ.vel 
to ^afs tbrou^h^thetCtftOi «q^ %o}m C||q|j^ 
lifted jn the Poles f f tbt #«riwrA. . ' , a, 
' AX'l4-rrtf , a ^ike ^iWoQi u^dcr a Cnt, 
Wjiigoo4 CoKb; Wi* fft wiiM^b the V^bQ4? 

AJCLt-Tree J^ris, 't\ifO Ipwg. ftoiks 1»Xli 
roupd Jictd^ ^]bt^ 4>diU fh'e ApclfH^ U^.cbe 

Carl's Bo^y..^ . < ^ . - 5 

/TMINST^.Jof dw |Uwv#*; ^ifa 
Mifffter, for which it >!« aoooiipt^ &fl|ciu? j 
a TotiD Iq i)rvo{^&ir^. .. ^, I 

' An A YL f Aibel, Sax 1 an llliiefj, Sic^^ 

AYL'JNC [Attli©, 5»r.] $Qkly:. -^ 
To AYL [Aiolud; £m.]. tp he. fick^.«if 
Pain, ' .' k 

AYE )[Af^ iS^*] for eter, alway^ 
AY'£Ljag«n. %/u, C;iw«o \, ,i 
^ AY'BNW A|lD^ bade atai^. ^,^ ^ 
. AYMS [jUifme, ItiJ. crM*w»,CrJ.aI^s, 

AY' EL, il a, Writ iyjag wh^ tj^ ^waj- 
frther was /eized in his Demrfne th'feTAnpc X% 
he diedr ^nd.a Straoetf .^iiM-tl^r^^ pay, 
and difpoflciTcs the Heir. F. * „ * 

ayInst inii«|>; ^'^*'^^»^- 

' An AY'RVi/ k^^hi ^'(feicVJ^l-i 
becauie; at ^hat ti»« 4uf^;^.af E^gs j 
or Conioany of Hawks. * .. * .-.^ 
AYE AMEN'T A [iitV li^rmX. ^j^Tfrncn^^ 
in Orants of Conveyance includes any l-^^cjJT 

of Pamiif, H^piM<«y^ y^^rfi!m^i^j\ ^ 

the Bafe of the Tcnanr. • 

AZ4J*'aUS,Na poar/otnr lhff«a .«»?]?*• 

AZAMO'GLAJIS^ younfMeaainoiij^t^ 
"^KfiUf tn<oe^ op rahc |ahic<iries. „ 

AZARi'AH innry, of irj;, tbeircip, 

mk fh the Lord^ ti, /. «. the H«if (^th« 
Urd]'.Kin|:of7^.^^._ , .. .• 

1^ Digiizedby VjOOQi^B, 


X'^EMECf}, theV irglnTs Spike, the Name 
of a Star, Arah^ * ', \ 

AZERA'DACH, the Read. tree. * 

A'ZIM E^«^ Vefrref^ [amoi>g jfftrolo^i\ are 
certain Degrees iu the Zbdiacky Co caued. be- 
caufe. Perfont bortt W^^en tns of them aicend, 
are coounonlv 'afRi6!ed with LamcoerSj or fome 
other oatural loipcrfie^on. 
• AZIMUTH; fsaji Arch of the Horizon, 
compreheoded between the Meridian of the 
PJace, and any other Asimuth-Cirde. 

AZIMUTH-C«m^/i, an InftnimenV tifed 
to take the $tin*s AmpUtode or Azimuth, to 
find the Variation of the Cooipafi. . . 

AZIMUTHS [in J^ronorml are great Cir- 
dea of the Fleavens, loterfeding one another 
in the Zenith and Nadir, and conieqaently aie 
at Kightp Angles to theHorwoo. 

AZCRES, certim Iflands in the ^/tf «r/VJt 
Ocean» in 40 Degrees South Latitude^ where 
fome Geographers place the firft Meridian for 
counting the Latitude. 

AZO'RIUM, the Amre or Blue Colour. 

A'ZOTH [ hi thymijlry ] the Mercory of 
'«oy Metallick fiody ^ an oni?erfaI Medicine. 

AZU^ AL> of, or pertaining to Aiore or a 
Blue Colour like to the Slty. Shakifp, 

A'ZUJIE IJzMT, F.. of LazulmsUfit,t.l 
the Sky Colovr^ or li^ht Blue« 

A'ZURE fin MeraUry-] iignilies a bliie Co- 
lour in the Coafi of Arms of all t^erfosis ooder 
the Degree of Barons. • ^ 

The azure;- the Sl^y or FIrroairieot 

A'ZYGOS Ta^^}^, Cr.] a V«n atoot 
the Heart, which proceeds ftom thcVcta Cava^ 
and reaches to the Vertebral of the Back* 

A'ZUM A ' t ^A^A^, of « without/and 

A'ZVMES J-f iryuji Leami, Cr.j the Fcaft 
of Unleaveaed iircad among the Jkus, 


B A 

An Abbrcvtation V asy 1^»'A. Batga- 
^ laureuM ^t/ym, /, e, Bactielor of 
Arts. ... * 

B lin Mufick ffooisT is an Abbreviation of 
tht Wtiri Baft or Btijh. ' 

B. C. [in n^jUk Biokrj tt»nd$ fat Bt^ffi 

B.V. Beata PTfgo, /. r. the BleiTed Virgin. 

B-MI, ■ the third Note in the Gam-at. or 
$cale df Mtjfick. 

" BA'AL f TjflJ, H, i. r. a Lord or Pafleffor, 
Sjfr,^ the Name of an Idol. . 

BA^AL-ZE'BUBitnnr^. n.l. e, 

BBL^ZEBUB J the Uird of FJies, or 
JTe^s] a certain Idof. 

BA'XLTM [Ql5>Vfa Lords, 5jr,3 the 
Pfaraj Number of Baa/, or Bi/, a Cgd of the 
^htenman* and Samaritan^ 

BALANITES, Hcp?tick», Followers of one 
Baanes, who taught the Errors of the "H^n:^ 
^bm, in the Niath Century^ 

B A 

BAYARD, a fort of Sea-Ve^eJ, or Tit» 
fport-SMp. O.n, • . 

BAA'SHA [$ti»VX ^* t* ^* mal^ioca 
preiling together] a King df Jtraii» ' . 

To EABTBLE [babiUer, F.J to talk uupcft 
thieotly. to prate. 

BAB'BLE {BahiJ, F.l idle Talk. 

BAB'BLER [BahiWir^r T,] oM l^talk 
eth too orach, or impertinently. . - *< 

BA'BE 7rofBtf^o/o>naUasfoiiieiaM#iife 

BA'BV 5 others of Bab^ being a Wofe^ 
an <afyPrOA«Miatioii,and one of the firft iiA0| 
Infants ) others from Puffn or Pyf^a^^Saa 
IBlHig, riut, tho' Bow, iiffiifies a yMa{ 
Boy, and not aa Infant ; it feeou oMse likely fi 
be a Cdotra^ion of the ttmlUn Woid Bimbim 
an Infant i alfo ^.wooden Image of a OhiH. 

BA'BEL 7 p3ia, H. L r. Cdnfufioa 

BAB'YLONSaTower built by kh« ft 
fcendants ^Jt^oah, aftec the Flood { alftn 
chief City of the jy/yrian Mooarchy. 

BA^BBWRIES]^ Ifbinge Antick WaId 

BA'BEURIES J 0. ^ . 

BABOCN [BsbiM or tabouin, F« Ssif 
derive it of Babe, with the TeraaiaatioB si 
f . d. a great Babe, from its lUCBmblaoce C 
\ Mtekindl a large kind of Monkey* . 

BACCALAUREA^TtlS, a ^adidor'sDi 

'gi«<:'L. -^ ^ -• 

BAOCAI.AU'REUS l^iBaccalmamt^^ 
Bayberiy^ becaufe ancieaiily they tofed.tqhflT 
their Headt adorned with a Garfand of Bif 
berriesl a Bachelor in the Uhiverfity, . \ 

BAC'CUANALS, the dWwken r«aftfl 
Revels of Baechtu the God of Wine, 

BACCHANA'LIAN, « riotout Perfett.:. 

To EAEQCHANAU^E, to loilice KB 
Bacibanah, j 

BACHARACH WineX^ fort o£ Rhod 

BA'CRAG 5 Wine thot is f« 


BACCHA'TION,Riotiag,KevdIii«. t, 

BAC^HICK [Bactbim;Ui^ BaeM^^ 
God of Wine] mad, frantick. j\ 

BACCHH/S, is a Foot in Utfn VeWt» m 
fifting of three Syllables, the firft ihbst» at 
the two- laft loogf Ph- hJteeftiu Cr» 

BACCIF'£RO0SP/a»ff, foch Hcs« 
Shrubs^ ^c, as bear Bercies. , 

B ACCIF'^IEIOUS AnimaU, UTing Creatot 
which feed upon Berries. , 

BAC'CULI { of B'acuti, U Sticks J wS 
PbmpciaMj a partioiiar kind of l^orrmHi A 
pecTinto ^ort Rolls* . ' L. 
^ BACH'ELER' -XXBatbcTiei'^t, Bata 

BaCH'ELOR yaureui, L.l a fing|e: 

BATCH>SLqiJR4 unmarried . M«u 
was anciently fm iofeiior Knight. Chaa^ 
, BACH'ELOR 9/ Art9, ope ^at takea t! 
iirft Degree in the n'ofeflen'of ao An or $n 
ence in. an Univerfity^ ^ 

BACHELOR cfa ComfatfJ^p oyowiglM^ 
her grow'mg towards the Eftate of thokm 
fit in the Court of AiTillanU^ 

BACHELORS Sutimf a Tlowet* 


VSSBJUE, t Cbopa^ >£ Bacfaelon. 

lACSLnUA [OUUm] the 
id|, ukXa^ihtd Hm jKobililgr. 
tOLII, IMidao wUitoh »e «£ a 

Ua[hc&u.l the hinder P«C0# the 
H. J- • 

tilICK, 9 iiont orttt 19 ma Horib ; 
A* Ac, oMiiauJio^ or faifoct* 
IIKKJUl ^ [;. ^ bearing ma cbe 
JttJQlEin) VsKk] k if o&d n a 
IttBEKOK'D J Ciitusftuke of puiii- 
fMA] aa£ k one of the foar Cafies^where- 
•ifintff aeiy «ndl an Ofkaier acainft 
te«7aiH vhea k iaiiMiod beaiioc it 
fakiikk. LT. 

fJciiarj; ii t» Jeave it behind the Ship. 
lACX-ftif 7 a Sea Infhameot ito 
W:.^Mf{t»ke the Sun*a Altitude 

ttCl^ [of ft 5^/a] Stays or Ropea 
BW&!hcMiioaBiTore>Maft, which 
imt: Isf the If aft from pitchiog forward 

ftUCUTTE [of Back and bite] to 
^frfoiebchi«d.ioe'iBack, to (Under 

liUOStrDE [ ofBack and rUtw*. 
?wf OD, mwar4 the. BKk| un- 


. ^AW>KESS,0awiUii]^De6|*lte- 

IM^ %'s IM Utsd and 4md. 
mv ^omi it Upm Btki, faocaiiie it ia 
£.ii*^» httt Dr. r. H, deritea it 
5"««i, W. a BecduTicr, bocaofe 
9*iiu«i viTh the Mail of Beeck] 
J^»6rHo|. or Bacon Hog. O.t, 
gW nm riftlStHhn] it a kio4 of 

JjBWETRr [of J^tmiwt, L. or 
■Jj^iJrf, and /btrr^ to meaforCf 
rLjMtt of waiiixiag acccfiibJe or in- 
JJ* «tt» or Uaea» hy one or aoore 

JgteS iivimMitg, a Bfinch of Ha- 
J^iit liihc Di&ttftiy of MiAc^, Sennit, 

iJSt^ « toi &w.] tfiiy Aaoght^ 

J**^Y {BiKvi B^s,. of Ba^ a 
£2*^.'yWl* Crty, j.irf. iheTowp of 
iJJ^JWM^beaiifc t^ ^inr-Vxi9irK]|tg0 
iuTI*^ «^ fchdiMd Cooncriei there 10 
^M Tfw ia the Couiity of X>*WJr. 

2*«»«»arCaat ofArma, wora by 
r?^ *'*^. fi''. or b| Peafioner* 

B A. 

A BADG'ER [Va(!U>7>«'. snd J^. S. i>l)e 
Cheek] an amphibious Creature, lif ing by 
Liad or Water. 

BADG'EB. iBaga^^?^^ a Carrier of 
l-Wtgc* , .!. \ • 

'BAPjlyEK [in itfwj.wic.thji^huys Com 
or other Pro?i()ons Jn one Fffce^' b o«der to 
fell ^hem at another ; a f^qk^off ', 

BAiyiMAGE, Foolery, JBuffoonifrir. ^ jK 

To B AF'FLEjetUier of Befiirin )aockf or 
of B^outr, to amoQt <^ laugh at, F^], to cod* 
foond by.Keafona, gr p^t toaNQni>lus. 

BAG (Belje, Sax. J?*;!f^,J.;].afitck or' 
Pouch. ^*\.. 

BAG or 'BIO, a Cow's ladder. C , 

BAGATE'L, a T^ or Trifle. : F^ 

3AG'CAG£, Fttrnuurc and Mescflarics of' 
Soldiers, Pro^ifioos for an Army ; airoaCapfi^i 
Whore^ a Soldier's Triir, a Punk. F. 

To BAGGE, to Cwell, to difdain. Chauc^ 

BAGCEKLY, fweUingly, proadly. 0. 

BAGGETH, difdajneth. D. 

BAG'NIO, a Hot-boufe, a Place to bathe 
and fweat in. £tai. 

BA^KOLEN'SBS, Heretfcks who foU 
k>wed the Errora of the Miuiicbw^ t^t&ek 
the Old Tcftameot, and Parti of the Newj 
maintained that God forefaw nothing of 
hfmfelf, and that ,the World had i)0 Begin* 

BA'IfAR, at Mocba. in the Bt^lndiet^ 
l%^lk. AverduDois $ at hhhiiCit Ihe ielTer 
B^ar is 615 />. and the greater 62^0/^* 
Weight Averdupoia, by which Spke la mML 

BAJARDOVR [OiVJ^acfr^i] a Carrier or. 
Beascr of Burdens. 

BAIL [Bait, P] is the fireemg or fettiag at 
Liberty one arreilcd or impriibned vpoo a^ 
A^iohy under Sui^ty taken for hia Appear-' 
anceataDayandPJjMxafligoed^ alibaJLioiit 
or Bound within a Fqc^. 

To BAIL (Baiilert P.l to be Surety for a 
Perfon arreAed, apprehended or imprifooed. ' 

BAII/ABLE, that 9»y he bailed, or (et 
free upon Bail. 

BAILS f&r Trm] Hoopa /et o^er a ^opt 
to bear up Ux Tilt. ' < 

To. BAILE or Bah [Sea 7<npi} to lade 
Water by Hand out of a Boat. 

BArLIFF7aMagifttate appcHnt^d svithi* 

BAI'LY: it partiailat 2tcviotit or Pkv* 
cinA, to maintain the Peace, to admiptAec 
Juftice, ^#. alfo an Qfficer apg<u»t»d to«u>r 
reft Wribna for Debt. 

BAj'LlpF, an O^cer that bebngp to g 
Manonr to older Huftandryy>hatl| Authoritf 
to gather the Profits for the Lord* a U/e» pay 
Qoit^Rema ifiviog out of the Maoour^ fell 
Trees, difMeof the*Under.Scrvantt, &e* 

BAl'LIrjF Errantf is an Officer appointed 
by the Sherift to go .ohont the Country Z^ 
ferv^ Vrits, to fummon the Connty Seflaona^ 
Affise, ^c 

BAILIFF of Francbifisj is one appowte^ 
by tftry Lofd within hia Liberty^ do fuch 

Jf a Digitized by CiCPflNl 

i»itMR)tte*bteW«inrtWXrAuift#y>> *-»• ^ t n. 

to be executed : And thence » whoJe CettilM 
Wa'^Va 4v'faftler'Bi2m<n^^e^b^''^ 
Bum ;,«:fftn^9tdi%t^p<»rt^<fhBi Chiif 

Xi'cBA^m [Bail^, F:1'4 B&fb o^'Htft^Hbi*. " 
BaIN» Jithe; Jimb6r-JoiDtc(!y ^Hit tttt'^ltia * 

iiMf f«Mlied'fTQflii'*;f9Arr^ ini/>«;^d^^ai«ii\»ri 

JOitt»iiitfWi\beB(iiIcJcrdrjtr t -• » - 'J ^ '»'' 

bare and iiakcd^ «bO'Wtl«^i'^V«wdMP(lli 
•tllllhgii^fiTePym;^. ^0.-i/i-*< *•- Jo.:a. } 

tp allure or entice uy Bilir. --> - ' "^ • " t .. ^ j 

«i iti^*Bi?aTj«tfdari/^Ae;iV'V€t?a«aas » 

' To BAJT Ii)ax*n* ^«.>to^taJti'r«aie Rt. 
To-pAlT [in F9fmrs^^^tl^hi9Ai ti 

- . . . - . -»L.-.^.. rv:r.^_>.: ^< . .|, f r^Q ^ :t/,^ 

»/•&*: :<0afKim<^*^]| [ 'cU ti»« iaiivKfc»aH,vnN.r Z,u •. i * n* 

^'tf qpt AiiT y ittty' Oil 

^ BAiyANCE'ror^«4llkeJ»ifljcnM*% 

f oreigpers, and that of oof own l^udu^ ^ 
9BbBikat*?cM)ar itfatioAsVt- ': ' j i ' :• ^ 
. BAL'ANCEI'ofa^MWcibo/aK4|)stlH| 
#Ma6Sfi:wlii«h-^tti IMMttklNtHdMdhaoi 
rietermiWM tlki^ttticmiji h * ' '^ > 

' Tq BAi.'A^ifiil^kMcoFO to Aato 
Inrs^ ^%ie1^\ t iro.iD%ke %s«a ^ Acc6iBp6 ' 
BALA'^I [among itei/»M^>>S«ctc£BQ| 
-c«Ot%bidi c6nuDt»iAM6^ tlH^NtfUtAtckf 

BALBUTIES, ftaomlfriogSpcedb.ic; 

B A J.CONY {BaUo, lul. jri4iMr>>4 

of ^alB>3nriir. qurck,:M8aMC oU MthW 

far leeched, and niight iip«»tli ^ 4cfttfld4l 

Bf6d«a.«lMfcfsJs yt loMObr jtf 4)1841 
onlir} jieifttuvutHaufv • > \ • u. -i "-S 

Canopy pir Crown;-An>B«n«(llbK'PtU4N.Airli 
l'C6verin& df te' AlJw.t.Jl Ca|¥i^ €«:tift4i0fl 

and Da/b to tningle, b. 4/. anf ^itong -ilft 

To BAM«Ttk<»>'^ 

.TM'i^/^'5^fc^;i*/a^^^c?t^ia V, 1 

. J^ffljaions vf both^OJ^'or YodK| 

BALE [ot B«ir5ii»4)aSMfirjpy4 % 

BALE tliJalC, />«. Vi^i: T^JWW 
I |'iB«ib(»£Jis:Pabftori4MrtA«XM^ 
_ /. tlMBAi.B9Aa%«r,0'4»'tail]iClI« 

-^MftbrdVcr^eht; aie?X|^fe^i\^^^^^ ; rTlCPiidL <J VKllWl«|t>fAlB»^^«» 

SaK>SthirYavt.ilanae\ritettbathi$^^ ^ ..iBlWLMyL UM CrVi^MdlMA «ia« 
oVm^6JtWir'd ' •' >'-'^"'-*' • ?! feA'L10LC»/^^ifttbeUni¥fl*^^jf« 

' mVtAM n^S^^A'^^ cf5«tt?>afttMlt«»?Wif..§ru..r.;,.MTf*» 

' People, nil aVopBctan^Agrfe ?;^ , ^ .fiaUifl^o«WV^l^flMw4»**«iW»*ll 

-.... ,.•■». ^-.1.. ^'.^.^ ?-...«,.», . Bailiwick. fl-»M uo. ■ .C 

A BALK:'rer^J«^ff,,ft#^t4.]^ :^ 
FllrA« {r JLiiiAtrfiikkd^r>#ttn'twaEliflo« 
' ABALiC, aBaffleorUiiappvilAmcjiCi'l 

V'heatlfie Debtor and CVe^ifur S\SiU Hfc nude 

r The AjJ^L^AN^E, biie of tfftMfciunk^ ^'^IPP!"'!?'.^^^^*^:"^!'^. 
:jpiiiKip]c6 or ilnif Ic Towetsj ^hicb fcnr'cs ro J -i 

iAaiMJt'|^l|Al(U|,^7kitf/] agroAtBeif 


WfM^. VaU»C^.] wjjmud 

' UaW&itirf; a Di»kt HMde cOt^ 

Her Sim, b^ k Che S%!rii<i4, ^ 
w)tev «*tt tbc BaM Haiiiii from. 

;2n^«rAaU^rtdb vrmmmik€4^Ut 

2^^4Brtbcr. «-*. ^4ir wi, 

Jg~*if^ W cU Coat of ft 

J*^ JaMbiifcatfcU with wliidi 

K} Idfotebjf 


Mattntr of 6ho0lb| 
mki^iZ - ' >r-*fcf« A>y Balls <f 

• iTr 




^«rti,Fl^eti, Fruits, fifr, ar«i»f^cd 

ft A 

wlicir a Cmufiitt k/^lofe ftopHr tiid pbcel 
io a Veflel ^ hot Vi^W\ (q iAmCicW! Water ' 
||iii(Sen4y «od giadualljF b^o)^ «fiy iJway^ 
fcvcp j^^Hfitrh'tf ia .fteii T«D|itsat«reo^ 

1«fe^ii> jopther, Iv^tf '/uJj^C-Wltar, and.ii 

ingWaur* i. ^ r .^ 

^ W|4OTA'£^fiir £Ji(/««Mji^^ » lAp, 
in which a ^naoag*4 flflp:r«^c;n to UrUtootil' 
Willi iHt .hifi4 Ltjgb but jd(^» It HOC/ ftiJy 
making aa Offer, tMiifteyi^g, Oie 3bMi of 

HAL'S AW [iBalfam, tpRu..Awa^r F. 

^ .t)b$tJBi4^ip or italm-uei^ i alfq iuneothcy 
natural Balfatnt, ^stf^tof %*li,'Ptm^ ^ts. 
pUjp^^^n^ M949<9aai-juui Ch>9Hcal GiMoa.* 

y BALSAM ^/ Sstyrn \]^,jb^ry\. « So-' 
hitioa of SMckanim ^pni^.^tk Spirit or 
on o(TwT»ntgiei, ^Ugl^^fiMililtiy-JMfftet lu» 

gaioea a red Tinavf*- v.. ■», ,.;./' 

the Oily Parts of Sulpnur, 4i0o)«jMi in Cli|df 
T*rpeBlf»^ »*^. '.-n; . . r. ! 

BaLSaMEI/LA, mJuioeofan^i^^Vii 
Trer, aVeil d*««ttZ^av. 
r 6AI^AMaCK:[A|^4iasr^ir^.^4»^WaM|, 
L.J fiairing the Quality of Baliam^ Qf kdaog* 

BALSTAFT, a Qparter-ffflff. C&#«ir. 

BAWlHA'iLAR ["XBTOi ol^Sl witfc.' 
ooty zs^ nSlN Trtafuxe, /^. i\ u wicbout. 
TfeafuieJ^a larppor Name ^ Maoii 

BAL'T ICK> the Sea beloogjog to iMm^ 
an Ifland m the Cerman Ocean. 

BAMB0% a (brtbf Om^i alio an ifi;/!' 
Indian Meafure atoot iive Pints Bnglifit, 

BAM'fiOitOUOH [of Bebbaabtt|^,5^ 
from Qu(^n Bt^a^ who ereiied it, laysi^^] 
a TowikSn N9rtJifumki>knii, ooce the OMirt of 
^^Kjngsof it \;' . 

' PAN I^«P>,F.] a'ProcIaroaticamadeat' 
the Head of. a Body of Troops, hy the Sound 
of ,TroBnj>ct jot Beat of Drum, for the oh J 
A^?ingj)f MartiaJ I^ifcipline, ^c. 

Ban ' 7 a Proclamation, hy which all 

yirier BAN J that hold Lands of the Crown' 
\^^f'r^fffl areiuquponed to ferye the King in 
Els Wars, tome whilegcd Petfons cxoeitcd. M 
. BAM'BURV [of Bana; Alanflaughter, and' 
Bj^ijbi Sax^ 11' City, ocrhapli (o called from 
^r(>f»A ^r^t daughter tcerej a, Town b the' 
Couiiy of 0*/ar^. ^ ' '. 
'^ WK^CAL, an £/^ Wtf» Weight, 'con- 
^ififlK, 26^- XO prams Avpirdapois. ' 
'^ TBANCA»LtA, jjuihwns' or Coveflngt for 
Septrgnd. Benches^ p. L, 
. BApCUS r£anchs,\:l a Bench, TaWo, 

ISraH, oil which GbO()ii^aVeex)R}red to^al'e; 

7<f«i«kti^hoiStod. L, . • , Alfrks Place nf Judicature; a T/ihunal..-' ' 



fif StMffi |{Q bisd w^thj ^ Coifowj of Foot 
. Soldteri. 

^ B.\JifD [in ArchiteSuirf^ oiy: ^f tl^c Djvi* 
^f of The Arctit|ravi. . . . ' 

'*rjhc BAHD ^o/PenJofiers, a Company of 
iQwtlcme^ bearing; Halbjtrd*} attending the 
Perfo<^ of the King Da toknm (ViiAons. 
• TRAIN-BANDS ? Regiments made on 

TRAlNED-BANDSjof the inhabitants 
b£a City, &'c^ trained up to Arms. 

BASp^D^^ a Dog k^t in Ba^ or tied 
l»5 a Maftim 

^ANPAGE l^Mdf^e, F. ]„a Ipinding or 
l^ins up. 

^BANt) AGE' [among SurgewsTlSi^tni^hth 
Atted for a)inding up Wonnds, Sores, &c, a 
riUet, R<?Iler, ^r. ^ " -* ^ V 
. BANIVED, confederated. 

BANP'ELET [Bandctttu, F.J a Uttlc 
Band, Tiliet br String. 
■ BANIVELET [in jlrchheaurcl an Oraa-. 
Ij^nt incpmpaBing a Pltxc ^uile round abqut' 
l]ji:e a Ring. 

BANDiTnrj [Ban^t, f. Bando, Ital. ap 
]Edi£^, of ^jxr<//reto out-ljiw] out-JavvedTPer- 
^n» in /M^y. Of ^c there ^r« i wo So its j 
uie'firil are fucb as have m^de their £(ci|;>c„ 
or are c:^i)ed> Wymg committed fome Crime : 
t^t fecond jjjK ?ex{pn^ yvhe Ji^vf been forced 
to quit Jt^eir Habitations, and go into anotfier 
'Ttmxotfp for for nlf Irnprtfooment for Debt ; 
Ipe for/m' arc llobbers, 't^ie littci- ar/ qoiet 
Hitmlefa Pc<iple, wlio keep Shops or Pubijck- 
Houfcs. Thej are Ju)own ^y ^^eariiig a lofig 

\ %i^^pl£^9MJnf> M(»Vuj:frol'.two Foot 
ih^Length.' . ' * , . . " 
.l^$MUgXXVV^%lXBandof,Jien,Y.'] little 

* BANDELPERS J wWen C;i(cs covered 
with leather j each of ,tKcin bontainiug a 
Charge of Ppwder for a MufKer, of which 
•WyjMuikotfifir Aiicrally wor,c t\vclire, hang,ifig 
cJD a SBobldd-.belt or Collar. 

: il AlJ'DON. a Compan^, ^ J5.etinue. C. 
' BAj^TtXykE [ faniura, L. . of HMi/^x, 
<^. ] A^MuficaJ Inilinmept. 
. BaND'.ROL [B/uideroU, f.\ a/lttlc Flag 
<^ Stfca^r; allotho fringed Silk Flag that, 
^angs'on a Trumpet/ ' ' 
I BAH'Dy//foit of.crooked.Clob or Stick 
to slay at Ball with. 

.To Bandy [bander, F. to make a Party 
aY Tennii-play : to toft abo^c'; to debate or 
cjinvars ; to gi^her into a F.i6ii<«. 
, Bane [Bana, Sax\ a MuraeVer, a £lay^- 
cj Kil|er of Men] Deftrui^ion, ^uin.' 
Banes. See B^xnm.' 
BA'NF-W0RT,J7ightrhad£. $o!anum,L, 
To BiJiNG [of IBmgd, a.Stick, Tcui.^ 
brat with a Stick. 

* tiAN'CLE-£rfrV [ of JBep^ani Sax. to 
h^ngdown} #ag-ear*d. 

BAN'GOR [onccUatttJOJ. <!• '&tnt\fiU 
i'.e» a Capilal Choir ] a Biihop's Sec in 'the 
Countjr of Ofemarven . 



• B4^IANSy a qvt^ 8e^ a^iAm (he.i«- 
Jians* ' ' 

■To BAN'ISH [Bahmer',t, Abannan, S«.J 
to turn or fend out of his nativ^ inj^o fooie fo* 
»cfgn Jt^ountry^ 

' BAN'ISHMENT iB^mfmeat^ F)»l tht' 
h^% banffhed. • ' . v 

BANNISTERS. SwBal/uflerh 

bank: fBancJj Sax, ^a^SMtttf !l, T««f .] , 
a little Hilfor rihng Grodnd, or Shelf in the 

^AliA^lBane, F. Baiictis, 1,1 the pencil 
or Swtpf J.u4fmcnt. , . * 

A BANK l^axfue, t.' Santas, L.] aPlaqs 
wheM there' ia a great Sum of Money ttiken m« 
■andUct «Mit to Ufc, rctorned' by Exchange, cftr' 
othetw^fe difpofcd of for Pt^ofit. 

BANK, a Carpenter*i,Term for 3 Piece of 
ir-wbcxf uViflit, from four t6 ten Inches fquaie. 
nd of^ny Lenith. *'^^ 

BA^JK'E^ [ BMngMJer^^ F.T>. trader m' 
'Moftcy, ''or ohc thic icecjii a Bank, or givet 
*Bills t^ receive Money f^oiitt*P)ice io Pi^ce, ** 
! Money .Cpldfmifh. ^ 

BANKERS jKrowi//. -Cufhiont cmbroU 




BA^fKRUWrr l\BflnouertmteyVAx\Mt^ 
BANKRUMT'Cy X AQ Of turoing BanJ^-' 

UpU . • '. • .' • ' ' 

AM,%Vn[Ban^ucf<nitt,T, f, afBawr 

ifor their Ufc/ till they ar^ difcharged of their 

'refoe£»iy^ Dfchts as far as'th'ct H'^ T-ftzte, ^c} 

v^lnilbw } alfd a Tradtft'^jit bkkks and fiUips 

^iidi-wtth defraud httffcrMitorS. 

BANN 7rBart,C.>>^..a^CrW apublidp 

BAW^S J.Pro9ifnwion,^bf which any thilDX 

is oomoiawled or'focbiddeii. C* &. 

JJAI^'KS 7 of jlfe>r/w<7ffy,\t>i<i^ Publication 

tChuVch:* ^ • '^^^ ; ^^ • 

To OANN [of ]53Uaiil»'P«'3 ^>«cIaW 
agairtft, io corle. * ' ' ,/ 
^A "RANKER X^annie^. f / »^nnfc 
G ^^.J i Standard or'E'nfiJiu.. * * 

BAN'^JpR.Et, ancicmly a Kn&bt.Uia^e ii? 
.the Ff«^d, with a CetetaSnyof ciiitihi oflTAe 
Point of Jiis Standard, andm^kW it «» it'w/M 
a BafttlA-" .n^aK. • 1 ^ 

BANNI^'NS of /y?/r, ^ <;rafty, bnt f»rj 

fpoken Pcopfe, who fell the rare Commodities. 

of , thoic Parrs. - * ' 
' * BAN'NIMtJS, -tKer*?^)rm .o£ cxpelJing « 

Member out of fWB'1Dhl*trlTry oTpx/ord. 

' BAN'NITUS. an Out-law; or bani&et 

Perfpn.. . . 

BANfNOCK, ttiiOsit-Cake tempered m 

Water,. ^nd baked under the Embers. C. ^ 
BAN'l^fUM 7 the utmoft. Boonds of a- 
B AN LEU'C A 5 Town or Mapoar. O, L, 
BAN'OCHSBOURN [/.*. the RivcroT 

1?<inork] in ^fotlanJ, famous for the Slau^* 

Digitized byG-COgle '• * " ''* 

B4.f*4£j, a Put of 1 Bbach of a 
M^an% t fibk Bank, « liifed ' 

AtaniToraidra Sen, u Ufe Pottooi , 

TiMTlR, to amtic^ to play «poit, to; 

AKUirUNO, ayoongChiia. 

UM]SII[ ^4^ j«r,r. B^ifimn^ L. 
luU^,(V. i. £. WaAiD} or l^irifying] 
^MSnantio ihaChrMiin Charch, 
V<Ul«eiRa4mittBitDaU thePrivUcgjpa; 

> tfnWf AL» bdongiiig to BiptHia^i 
WBT [kt7«4r* Gr. i . e. a Bap , 
*^iTi)eatSt.^0i)a, tiie Fuicniimcrf 

irarriRy [BiM7iHfi>f» Or. j « b«. 

t^PTISTS, a 3ta in the Qriiiw 
**<^(kKfikfe BMdGii to Iiifantst 

^«IAPTT2E [Ikiliiw^Oul to admi- 
' "MSknBnt a^BapcKmi'tocliri^n. 
yi[9bnm,I. Btrri, ltal.l a Piece. 

^<k fbee wbrrt Lawy^s ftand to 
{IJ^^ ii Coafti of JodkatQit ) or a 
^•bidbnalf ^bis4 to W trj'fJL ' . 

•ttfi WJ »•• f qcB)ptt>f7 .£it*p> 
*29>i*aOtead or Plaint.' - 

Ul[«ll||Wl jia lis^^rflwn pcffym*. 
•*fl«Hkifc«No»-Lines;. . ^ 

jafaM^lafimHerFeae, ,. 

^alkkthitffiake»a,Uar^)ur. 9^7^ 

•ttnCaPierft^wty Pence, wfticii 
^ KfritfBd of Fekmy pud to^ the 

Jtt [ttCoiwt Ttitendmnl'] It A genenl 
|yk^ iaUostlK Aam or Plfa 

WMlr'{«L««] ia tintwbirirralU 
fiitCiie if ^udp wm fpecial Ckcvni- 

^intftff f 5m 7<rv] 1 BHtet Uinift . 
^Mt Upfi (bac ierve toiitt up the 

**H[yrtr, F.] to ihttt orfaftca 
Hlik«Ctv, «0'-hi!ndrr. 

Wife jyroi Td «jr-. t*»e Son of I 

WOW rK3l?ia of ti » soo,, 

^ttiFitter, f^jPrMte F«foe<> Sod] 
*«*«iMi^Mar, whom the JrtPJ. 
im^%t Rkafed, when tbvy •^- 

^ItiUmUT f ITrJ*] C^kea isaje of 
^fb.faRMwiillY«aft. ' 
UfUi; |p*)X H, i; r^ Uibiaisif} a 

BARA^CfiA, a ^y?l/ridiV« BalVam. ^ ' 
BARAUF'T9NJ[in t^pick^^n iroperf<^ 

SyOo^ifm, of two t/niveriaJs and a partkuUf * 

BAR^'ATAV, is wVen a Maf!er of a ^'^ 

clicats the OwBfra, or lofurerSy either by inw 

bezzting their Goodsk or ruasiog anray with 

the Ship. L.r: • 

To bARB [of tarl49 L. a Bcaixl] {» 
ibave or trim the Beard. ^ 

A BAKfi/ a 'Bartary^oxi<t» 

To BARB a Lobflir, \% to cut it ttp* 

BARBACAN, a Watch-Tower, F. 

BAR'BAKA [mW»]aTcchnidil"Wbrf, 
each of Whofe SyUaMet prefiied before the 
PropoAtloDS of a Syllogifm in the iirft Mood 
ind firft Figure, demote the Uoir^rial Afirmao' 
tioo of the TaTd PropoiiCions, 

BAR'BARA [foreign or "ilraBfe, L. ] W 
proper Vnnt of women. 

BARBA'RIANS, ^tba/ous, iudc,ixw}ji 
People. Lavns and Grecians were aocuil'omM 
to call other Nations not fabjedi to tbooy 
Barbarians. ^ 

BAKBAOIISM [Barharipne, F, B^^arif^ 
mm, !«.. of BetfCofirfiiit, Gr. 1 a Fault in Pro^ • 
non'ciadoA^in Impropriety of Speeches Rude* 
pth of Language or Behaviour. 

BARB;m>rry [Sarbarit/, F. Ba^dri^, 
L. of ^fCdif9TH, Cr. j Cn^el^, lAhumanity f 
iillfl Impiopriety of Speech* 

BAR'BaR.OUS LVdilMKfOtk Ttat ^«' 
iare, F. barbirus,"U pf^l^JfiafQ'^ Qr<} ' 
pruel, fierce, rude, wil3 j ^proper, or bro* ' 
ken, as to Speech, ; ' 

BAR'BAROUSNESS, Cruelty, 0«trag&r 
ovSnefs, Clowbi^hocfs, Uiip6litcners. , , 

BAK'BARY, k.Coontlwiny^/Vj, .. 

BARBARV FalcMSr a kind of Hawlfs, (• 
called, becaufa. ibey;|Da^o.their f aifage 4hro<agtl 
that Couiitiy., , >.. ' * ^ ».. •• i 

BARBE, a l^aflc, a Visafdji^ (i^y/^ . ., . . 

BARB£ [Baritg F. 2], f. a^Beard] vi}mm 
to difch^rgp a Caiyiotixt^er a.Brea0-work^.4Jl* 
ftead of putting it tAEOUgU'thc Loop-«ho]^9^ i»j 
to Firf enBoirbe,* , v :. .' ' 

BARBE Itc^rrr [in/Cfffi^j^] a >trt'tail»r 
. Way of drefling Hogs Ears. ,, - ^ 

BAR'BED, h«2u<led li^ a FiOi^hcolr, i«t 
with Barbs, alfo ihaved or trtqafned* 

BAR'BLE XT0arWrT^*^J a KA*. ^v 

B AR'BER [ Barker, F. otBarbf, U} I«^ 
Beard] a Shaver of Beard|,.6r(. > • 

BaR/BERRV 7re* (qf Bfrbefh, 1^1 « 
; prickly Shrub, bearing Brrries of «r tart Taite* 

^AR'B£S 7 [Barhes, F.l a Difcafe iB 

BARBLF.S 5 Bl^dc .^at;le and Horfes^ 
known by two Paps uf\dfit their Tonpue. ' 

BAR'BtCAN [ f. i, a Bopx KenniaJ# 
SoM. B^bacmttUt 1?.] «ny Outuork belong- 
ing to'i i^reat Building ; properly the Suburbs 
, of a City. • largq Scifet without Crip^Iegate^ 
Ltmdzn. O. L. 

BARByO£ROU& .[ Barham gtrens, U\ 
1 having kBeatd, bearded. zedbyCgQ^C 

urns l9m$^M4^f^tiJtMM»4oi 

fOfOtki formerly te ofe. 

^ BM'CP i<H|i» £ ^4rt^ W .9^«ii» J * 

4rkb Oan and Safl9. 

XHiiAW««KJte fn^ qar t>l# K«aA. And 

CaiJs^ «4* de^BQbed, in VeHf » «l)e ibipit 
caUe< froin i^ir^M tbe Sm of Drmtf wIm 


iore» to be «Mcd coocrai y co NJMairCb 

^i<iW>^fr»VWb# Tpllw^ tho'En^ of tiie 
f^kntimmm^ md deomL tbe HcAmo^l^ of 
dy Ofo4^ - • 

an Horie, tai€S^ 6me. Water T aTowa in 
BARE [ Ba|ie« ijv. ] mkeA, imeotcRfl, 

A &ARE» a Vkae aiade Vfnooth to boirl 
kt, «9ofrtiB|ai»ky witboDt Grafs. 

' ' BAREJRm^ »l>MfDpU»pttll^t^80r9W 


To BARGAIN [1taSCtt> C Jr.] a Con- 

EAftCAIK tfinf 5«/«, a Qonttaa made of 
MaoOQity Lands, Te^cinq^s, ^c, traiuterring 
tfa« Pioy ar ty ibareaf ffoiB thaBafgaioar to the 

BARG AIN£^E» the Perron that accepU of 

BAH'GAJNER [Bargwnatry F.] he that 
offen a Bargakb 

BARCANET? a Ballad* $oi« oc Pifwe. 


BARGE iMsrca, m, Bmnm, F.] a Boot 
commonly vMd for 5ute t Am a larga VdBd 
for caning of Goods ^ a River. 

BAB(p& Gm^llin jircU{i0we'] « BeflVi 
or Pi^e of Wood w^itt^^Sfii into «ii9Chdr# to 
firengthen Ac Buildiing* 

BARQB Qmfilita^.j^ihkfffq PiBft of 
llie Tiliaif of »liotife<thiit jftojeds over the. 
ffioc^k R|4l|^.4AiPe<|M ^ either a Ca- 
Me or a GcritAliettfk ' 

B AROH.M#^ ittSB^OtlSfbTacf.] 
a^Surveyorof Itf^oes. < 

A BARCfl-iMiiff, a Cotsrt KeI4«oi«|lRMi« 

bar-jwas [ nirna, -rf tau «•% 

BAltK ( df «m; XM^I ti^ V 

TbAABlC, I0f«tt4tfcbc«i4u#«ipi 
To BARK fBMMB^ ^^^ ] «•»:# te 

a Nolle «t Ratti%-4i|M> 

Honrc^. JCT. .•':/'' ♦ '» 

A BAR«KBNy <h^ YM df* Holit. 
BAR K Fatp > TBMer's Tb6i 

by beii« booo^ to Stakes. . J 

aARK«l«r. [ >BMfi«0inaii, aMUhi^ 

Be^ipb^ a BcadlKfrCi^* and Lm M L«ok^ 

Pieldy^tfx. byKafoooftbcPlaM^Bo^ 
TaeesgpDwiag *tta«.] •Toura « Okmg^ 

BARK'SHiRE [of ti»|ipoCj a W«o% a| 
Seiji0^SM.}io called be«wria of tiie aiMOidM 
of Box growing tKere. 

BAR'LEY^m, <he leaft of obr loiif £j| 
/(^ Meafiireiy tbrea of arbkb in tjenetb ibcI 
an loch. 

BARM [ Beo^/ 54M. ]'t6e Read^ \ 
Workbigs out of Ak or Beer, Yea'il. 

BAR'MOTE, a OwHt hefti nHthin ^ 
Haodrcd of the Peak iji DtHtjjfrif^ for n%i 
lattng tbe Miner* Trade. 

BARN fSe/ln, 5^.]alUpftfitof7fir# 
IbctofGxai»» ti^y, Vf. 

BARN or 7 a Child, 5e«rr£» tr A^rti 

BEARN SGoilwrry^ 

BARAS or htam-lc^m^ Broodi of ChS 
dren. 4J. ^ ^ • 

BAR'NABAS 7 [^3^3, 'of *li a Sai 

BAR'NABY 5 and according to Jtrm 
10113 a Prophet, the Office of a Prophet ii 
Jog put for Cofilblation, ^yr. i. e. Soq of Clf 
foiacjon] a proper Name or* Man. 

BAR'NACLES [perfaapt of BScar and Hm 
fioai Beapan to carry, and Necea ibe VkB 
Sax.] Irons put to the If^im of Horfes to iuil 
them Aand ^aiedy. - 

BAR'NAQU [Sm^isftu^ f. perb^l 
Jicom a ObiM orX>fipiifif , and Aac, St^^ i 
Qak] a5W04i^Ooofe, a Fowl in the M^ 
Iteid on tbii Coafla of Scot&m^, foppoMJ 
^mmtQ^ipttytfTnnf or by olbeit «» b«M 
•vt of aocwb Flanks of Ships. 

BAfMMTRII 7 rJ9«F«Mr#, f.^ 

BAROSOOPtf f Ci^« tai«r^ 41 

Miffm Meafure, CM a» IoflrBmoDt.fc# Bi 
log fw»tbe WrnticM^ cb« Air t a W«flM 
t&i^. -^ • I 

JTisrMf^ BAROM'ETER. ate laltiwJ 
fiBv4hofainalfli». ' • ' ^ 

M^cr/ BARpM'ETER, r GotttriM 
«Br lili ipplyilkg «f M d»U li i^y JM 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




t rftf <» h < l iCjl DKXX. to 

lilpr&iB*tlira«tez. ; 

i*W<b<^>ifclh> t^^mmi of I^nHk^ 


Ml' ^ laf T . *«^ 


I Tu ttf be 

««%% c 

^*il ^Tck Vi} ft Ba^on, qomj^rehciid- 
IMl^ii |itf>lri Unds of TcApo- 



fightinft with Swords within Barf. 

plMed Ml F«iMMnNie aOMfier.^'^'^ -r^^^ 

plead without the Bw. -* "^ "^ ^* 

rftftti tof the f ^^'2M««!i«iBAR'RiSTEltS.fuc^a^afe7n?Mf 

4^ *^1G>", hrairy, »nd 
Mi|»^CHl«p«^rvei CV. Gt.J See 

I Bin, c. B«* Tauf, ^v/f;. 

JJiMC^X^a^MC, F.] a Hut fnr 

Jll^WO >iTe<hiikiaWofd, ttprri 

'he firli t'ropolitioft is fi-i 
trr*, apd the Cfdier two par 

*, ^J'3, liT*. ccMsljjiir.e 1 K.J' 
I Wiont Add A bjil'i uJ Aic 32 
^/J^r«Ea£ter, contains fc6 .'^ 

5^' [in <>hKj7iip^] aliTk' 

t [k^immditf YJ] to Owe 

— mxym \ 

Mount dMIfcirtT^*' ''^*- ^^-^-^ * « W" 

from Bartub, a devout Man, M^^fwilicr 
thef*.'"*'*- ' •*• ' I *fc-»,*.-i»* } oJIv' -i 

BARRY Pih [io £f«r«i^ aWay dTfi* 
viding wqtf<t^B>aM<>>fW^<>6^^Mlfi'^^ 
Lines, into fix, or a grc jii < "id h u ^ fTRil i^ W 

BAR'SABAA fH!Ittn3t*ol'^tS4*5o9 

^Jl a Son, and 21^8^ to return, /. ^.*Aft S^ 
o» Cnnvcr(ii»n,^^gifflf^.}theMfteof'one 

of the SercntyDi fcipic?. ^ _ 

To FARTTO. [IxrratiriV: ib c f> wf i ^ f» .t» 
harratarey Itah } to tfiide, to> chaBfe y^e 
CdBOBoditylbrftfldtfaei^.^ ak-.-- ^i o«q& ^ » j 

BARTH, a warm Pafture for^GdWe^ 
Inmha, ^rt '' ^ * '^ .---Va. - *..* 

B ARTHpL'OMEW^[1D>^f!^ y ^ 

CT^Waters, H. /.<•_. the S«f cf" ^m %fi<ir 
n|Slp3«l!e Watetr^to ift .^ItJ ^ proper fMoc 
of Men. . - ai •*• ^ 

"^ B ARTIi0MM€WWiM^/tf^»k L»r. 
A J ^fclmk ny tJ , ^(^th« Ufe eT Vltk «nd'4ame 
PeHop, l7 FCinfe*i/«dirrrf VI. » ^- * 

fo ca)h!^«biihMaAMlMrWCtueMe^c9ritkRit^ 
ted on them. X" "^-^a^ • 

lMh:{i^t a^iiiillMr^Mffi^i^Aiww, 
a Sh-n^me. -- ^ ^ ••>!?' ^ t, >^ t 


Helf in Cn unfel, or (ainouS >>e!£er'J a propel^ 

' ^"~ M Digitized b.j^R.umJ^ 

^ BAR^LtS, Heretlcks, #ha ftid the Son ^ 
of God had only a Pkantom of a Body. 
. BAR'ULET [ia IhralAy^ ffgnilics 'the 
Quarter of a Bar, or Htif of the CWet. 

;':bARzit'LAi (JTna, k. of ^na i»on, 

/. r. as hard zt Iron] a Nobleman of th«7#«M. 

BAS ChiVMlitn, interior Knights, by bare 
Tenure ^f ft Military ft6, as diftiiiguifted' 
^om Banoerets and Baronets^ who were tbe^ 
chief or fuperiorKni^btt. 
.' BASE [Bos, F.] low, meati, tile j' cow-, 
•rdly, <UiheMft ) cto(c4iAed, Oingy. 

BASE Coin, MoMy of left Vaiufe tliftn it' 
ought to be* 

BASE Cottrt, any inferior Court, which is 
not a Court of Record ; af the CouffSoron^ 

BA3E Eftatel [Law Term] Lands or Te- 
. BA£EF«r SnemejitB^ekatthftWillof 
^ Lord of «h» Mifnour. 
'.BASE rrmEtffi [Law 'J^ttm'] hoUitag in 
Villcnage, 6ff, 

BASE, the ftnalUft Prdce of Ordnance 5 
9tf*«Fifli, othcnvilis called « Seawdf. 

BASE [^iiy&, L. of Bir/f, Gr.] the Bot- 
fem ttf any Figure. 

BASE [of a Conki Stfrion] \% a Right Line 
jn the Hyperbola and Parabola, ariAog from 
the coiAinoB tncerfcAioh of the Secant Pline, 
•Bd the Befe of the Cone. Cetm. 

BASE £ia Fortification] is the exterior Side 
«f the Pofygtn, viz:, the imaginary Line, drawn 
ifioih the Fiank'd Angh tftbe Bafiion to that 
^bich is opposite thereto. 

BASE [in Heraldry} \% the lowcft Part of an 

JSfcUtcluKMl. ' 

BASE [of • Sohd Fi^rt] itf lowermoft 
Bi«k} or that on which k Ihmds. Geom, 

BASE [of a Triangle] any Side of k m»y. 
|>e called the Bafe ; hSx. ufually and tnoft pro. 
fwrly, that Side which lies parallel to the Ho- 
tizon, is taken for the Bjfc. Tri^. 
' BASELA'RD 7 a Dagger or VVbod-knifc. 


To BA'SIAT^ (J?j>/«w,L.] toUifs. 

BASML [B*^<Xii;f,Cr4 Regal, or Kingly] 
a proper Name of Men; * '■ 

BAS'IL [among Joijierst- &f,'^ w thcj 
fltiping Edge of a Chiffel, or of the tron of a 

BA'SIL, the Herb Swect-BaGl. Bafllcon, 

BASILA'RE Os [among Anatme/h] the 
fame with Sfhencidts, io called, becaufe it forms 
in fome Mesfure the Bafe of the-Skall. 
t BASlLMCli r«W 
.' BASIL'ICA [ArthiteBure'^ a great Hall, 
having two Ranges of Ptlhrf, and two Ulesor 
IVings, with Calleriet ever thtm. 

BASIUICAL [Bafiiifue, F. Sfflka, L. of 
B:e9'<MJtof, Gr.] Royal, 
' BASIUICK [Bapiqae, F. Eafilica, L. of 
2:cr(\<M^ Gr.] a xnagfiificeQ^Ch^cbi - 

7 [in Anaumy'\ the inner 
» 5 Vein of the Arm, or 

B il 

and RefonM of the Lawa ^ xht Ifl^^ 
yiiflinian, madfc unddr Bafifiu^, Off. * ' " 

BASltriC01«> an OihtfAent im^oFTtb 
Rofln, W«t,Oil>-erc.'Ori .' ► *' ••> 

BASIUICUS, a fixed Star ia tfaeCdi£tt^ 
tioii Leo, c^tMOo^ Imk*, U" '''* -* 

' BASILISK [B«mfcr»®*, Of.] a IM 

BASILTCyiAtlS, Heretkfcs'te thh *fiiti 

A^e, wb*hcMth«B»«nr»^eriM»rJ^MK 

BASINETS, an Hert>. ^^ 

BA'SINC [of Bi^m]^, Sadt.rn €tti| 

Mail, hecaofi^^theRefeioMaflc^ilfiA Vki 

to 5 a TVxwn and Caftle of HatM^ire» ' ' •• 

BASING HmH^o^ ' 1 [owtt tMlUtl^ J 

BAS^SISHAW Street S /n^t-batvei' M 

Bapns aChnk, and Af6 an HeB; Sar,^ 

a Pftaee fof tioih, orwhkhCioxJc^,' 9^ 

made] a Hall and Street near the Gtim4 

of lAttdon,' ' •' • • * ' ^ ** 

B AsioGLoysuhf n& AndMm:^ iim 

Mniblea ariiiog from the Rdor^'Cblffl 
HyoiJet, -Wt^ 

BA'SIS [Bd^if, Gr.] a Bafe, faofi$Jk 
or Bottom. •"''1 

BA'SIS [ la Ai^aOhrtl the Fddrjl 
fopportc a Pillar. L. ' ' "j 

To BASK OBacfcirf, A*.] ^ni 

Place expofed to th c Heat of the Snn. ^ * ' 

BAyKBT [TUtgateu, CBf.j't* 

known Utcnftl. "* 

BASNE'TUM, a Heh»ee. ■'' 0, *» > ^' 
BA'SON [Safin, F. ] t ▼eflM 'f6'jM 
Hands, 6!fr. a RefervatoryoF Water,' ^ 

BASS [^^5 and Bafe, F.] low, «ieai» * 

• BAS3 [ ia mtfich] the lowdl>iif 4i 

Parts. *^ 

BASS VIOLy a Muik^l laftntmenr. ' 

' The BASS, anafland tn theCdaftof-M 

landy noted for the Refort of the ureat flU 

of Barnacle t or Seland Cctfc. "^ 

BASS, /. r. 7 a Cufhwn Ynade<if SifMrf^ 

BAS4.SOCK S kneel on fai Chuechtrs. > ^] 

B.ASSA^ 7 an Officer of r tear AUIM 

BASSAWjamong the Twi^r-j eiM 

Govornorotf' a Place, or m CoifttMaMW 

Bodv of.Soldiers* ' ' 

BAsfSE, a Collar for Carf^HoK^^^dillli 

Rttihes, Srdgt, Straw, t^c. • 

BASSE' fof^.^/r,F. tokH^ 
L.I a Rifs. Chaue, 

RAS^E fir^eiKTrT fin Ftf^y/T^i 
BAS'SE litfA/tfrr J Bray, • • 
BAS'S'ET; a-fbrtof GbfaearCatafc-^i 
BASSBT'TO [in Mufik Btoh^ 
a Bifs-Viol or BaCs.y»ditt of rhv I 
Siae , and is called fo to 'd)4lingi^ 
from *^Ba£i» Viois or Vi^ma ^ k terger i 

''BASTAR^DA i^t£i [M Mtefki BoMli 
nifies a Baftvd VteL Jttd, ^ •^ 

BASSOO'N [i?«^,F.] a Mefica) liiM 
ment, the BafS'-'Hatftb^yi- * , 

B.iS'SO [ia Mt'fick BtchJl gemraUf 4 


iitt!bM{ hiiioMtkut In PilBeef of 

■k lie Ml flf iIk )l»k Chm^H Aththe 

UfSO Cmom (in Jfi|^4 Jhcki&ifii'' 

'*BH^Mlil^lfttli fflNlktbByilbtltfttfft 

Mp «v ad^ ite» jtt foMc pwocttlar 
Jm^rdM ^ lCi>Sa iP»«^] figniies 

JmmyAmi, F. «of As and 

MtfUUMZS, «• Bake &iftardi; 
JS^nB^MrMfe, r.] the bcnpb' 

^^•*JW1 (ifar, F. } tofotf fligfaliy 

^l^iim, traoBftea Mm *iA Batter 

«£]^ I Piilbd at P«r& i»JVMM. 
J^^OO [ JM««^ F. } CBigd. 

7 ■■n or facade with & Cudgti: 

JfnOK [is ftniJicMtitm] U a Mfr of 
"r^tK ikeil^ka of the Fblrfon) 
?^"Mit«i ffaoc^ twv FJaBk% asd a 

^||BKWa^^,««heo (tw; two Sides 
. j^li^ '•"•fiai afe wry ■nv^uals 

■g»<w 1 »ote«4iorc 

^"noir»^^rnMtf jpomt » cm 

2?* ^^ *B Angle iawBtdiy aai two 

-J n^f4 tint «faick warns 
^ .*t»B a.Cflrg<i> hccauid one Side of 

ll*»liinoii, hath but OK Fads end 
^^^^kaOf tmkAhdm a Horn. 

T[«« 6e Boo^ of the Werha. 
«r*ittnQN, b (iHt wdikh on^the 
? f (W Oim BdKta, h«h' aootber 
iT^hher, lvekq^«ei«eof ^bt^n 
|^|[^tbePva|ttcfllieio«r«f^ afiAthe 

B A 

Fkt BASTION 7 it one wKkh ?! placed 
PA»r BASTION J cpon the Curtain, b«*. 
tweeftcwo other MUtta, to (horte« it wheii 
it 19 too long. . < 

. iT'tM^'BASXIQIfr^ chat whkh hath ita 
due Fropofftion «f F^ces, Flahfai> (and Gori 

ySM ^ASJIQtl;. if .thab which hath it* 
£arth ,equal to the Height of jh« Rinnpart^* 
without any road Spe^itowterd the Centr<^; 
.. aASaK)N [ef atifMv F. aScafF) an Oft 
ficer belonging to tbeWanden of the Ffeer, chat 
att«B4«(h the lUnl'a Cbnit with a ted ^tafF, 
fv the taking fuch to Priibn as art coftunitted 
by the Court. . • » • . 

A nAT [ Sfttt, &IK. 1 M CIdB to ftrf&e i 
Ball with at the Phiy catlea Cncfcet f hlfo -ttf 
fmali Bird refembling a MoiiTe, callM a Rpcar* 
Movie 9ff FUttetwMonfefc 

BAT Fawiing, a W«y lof catdimg BIrda-iil 
tbeVicbl, jUdbiW tbc|FBre JbooftingeoTteei 
and Perches. • i 

B^TABLE ^PflM .Gfooiid in Debate 
wlwthfif it belongs Etig/^mivr'Sctilandiij^ 
iog betuweii both 'Kinfdott&A . 

SATARDIER, a PhM» k a Oarddli «r^ 
per*d Ibr Fnilt-Treto^'. * . 

BATA'VIA, Hoi/ard. 

BATA^VtANS^ed^Id of JTAffiM^ft 

B ATAFU)US) raidy for the:Battl6. e»* ' 

BATCH ^ BreaJi Bread of the faxno ba« 

T» BA'TEi td itae n takeoff ftvm ^ 
Reckoning. . . 

B ATB, the Tcttai^ of Wood. 

T^^BA'TE ImTakttry] a Hawk is Uit 
./aM<> trhcn ik^ ibttcn with her Win|v 
either from Fift or Perch^ zi*kvmireM^^ 
tofecaway. •.'••. i . •^" l-'* 

. BA'T£R3HA [ oare called Pat^tc'i Rffi 
ir e. VdtrrsV% i^J a To^s iar Sltrref ill tKi 
River Thames^ . : •** 

BAT«» bochi . Chduci 

BATH [pat Ba»ibaai>5irx« called ^ Ait»' 
tonius tt«- Watd^s of the Sun ; and icom thit 
great Concourfe of difeaied People, AcikiaA-i 
cear«»!*» ^^»' «• '• »*»• ^<* l"'®**" Town] «' 
Town jn tke County of Smuffit, famous for- 
Che Hot Bach 9 th^re. 

A BATH [Ba*, .9^. -Bali, T«rf .] a Plate 
to bithe or wzlb ::». 

To BA'THE [Basalt, Sax.TfnJi^,*Ihtt,1 
td waA^. to feaki . ■ ■ 

BA'THING [in Fakonry] H #hen a Hawfc' 
is madeto waflihesfMf. ^^^ 

BAT H'MiS [in AHOtcm/] a Cavity of Hol- 
low in the BoneoF'thtf Arm. Gr, 

BA'THRUW fin Surgny} an Inftrumeht 
contrived for the Bale and Security of luxated 
Joints, after their Redu£lion. Cr, 

BATH'MVS [ among Wr0)»r} fuch Ca^ 
■vitiesof Ike Boaea as receive th^ Promioehcet 
of others into them. 

BAT'MA [at Smyf^^ a Weight cbntriaiarf 
fin Oaks, w f«>r hundsed Dnnn. __' ^ " 



' BATTA11, ' aa'ahctetit T^^ by tJbtbW. 

Wemeirtt, -O.'' '• ' 

•BATTA'LIOW TBattanUn^ P,y a Bo^V <if 
Foot Soldi^ coi^Auig o/ ftr/ fttpii^ ctf ei^bt 

r* <^^w |i*3AT'TAUON», to i^Dte a 

ner, fcrr engaging the ^nitttty^ / •' 

* BATTEL I [Biatttit^ T^ m'^ngageiiliint, 
- BATTLE J Of O^neralFigiiir bctwrtrt t^o 
Armiea. ^ 

- BATHTBLiAltRAYi AfeJOrter' xtf 'flat- 
lei, the Form of drawiflg ip^ an Army for 

BAT'TEL R»ytf/ f atpon^j Ccck-fi^tefii^ i 
Fightbetw<eh'3, 5, of 7 Cocks, efrga^AJ all 
t6getl)er, h that the Cock Which ihnds the 
longrft get* the'l>ny. •'-... 

. mh BAT^rEt, fte Milfl Body of an 
Hiniy^, tfce ftfcootlof the three Lines/ the firft 
being the r<iff, and the other the tUar^ of 


To BAT'TtL> to feti.ti Cattle tfoi to 

ghw fit" /• ' ' '• • ' • 

A B>tl!»T*tnL« Student in the 
UrfTerfity, that Btittlea'or Scores tot hij 
Diet. ., . 

A BAT»TEN [among Ctrfqiieri\ a Scwt- 
Ilfig of VopdcA 3tOT» jMn rtto to fotif'Inchet 
inroad, and about an fach thick. " * 

To BAT'TBN [e?rfi«rctrfhipt«d ofTaften, 
« af TWttrtl, ^''•^. to betteit, or BaSikn, 
^tfjT. t9 bethel to fatten or f|C Fle^ ^ alfo td 
wetter. fiR «boat 11^ T. 

BA TTBR r of the JPr^r^ hanri, to beat, 
ktcftulcf It h alwayi wdi beaten togetherj a 
Ifixtwe ol Watei> Fldur, £g^ ^r. to make 
P«h.<aket, ftftf. ' 

To BAT' fER Ti0tff, F. of ^at$€rt, t.1 
tabeaedown, tod^nUMb< • 

BAT'TERING 2J/«w,[ ^i^Wr^ JB»- 
fiiMtl fon( Beamt ,pf tltobel With Iron 
Kea^ or Horns flong to « certain Height, and 
Mkci i^init W^lML lii Order to hatter them 
down. ^ ' ^ ' .' ' • 

BAr*TWT t5i/rrw,F.J a,viol<^^e»t. 
jfig or ffriktnt: any Perfon. ' ' 

• BATTERY [ in IWf/rt»//*i J Is a Wacb 
raifed on pinpore ro plant Canomt a^, thence 
to fire upon the Enemy* 

BAT'I'ilRY of a tan^, a ttoce where 
Canaon at^ phnt^d, %\'hich is ofu^^tly iiir'- 
rouhded With n Trench aifd FalU&idDes at the 
Bortom ; and a Parapet at the Top, having as 
nany Loop holes at there ar^' Pieces of Artil- 

BAT TERY ^EftflaAe, is 9ne whith fcotirs 
or f\*ceps the whole Lenj;;th of a ft^rght Line, 

BATTBRY en'Etbarp, is that whkb j^lays 
on a Work obliquely, .T. - ' 

*• BATTErfV 5%?ir ^ « ' ^'-^ 4 Wtei>M 

- - BiVT*r£ftY^Bi^^idw^i^^hi^ m 

the fame time unon one Place. , , , / "jj 

Platform is funk 6t fet'dovirn Wtof Ktf CiM 
Wtirartherff%iiff''b^'Ttenchfc» cflt'^l 
£aKh>'«ga!nft M^iA^^kt-^ lh^(Mi&,^i 
feliett to-fiM' omr'il^,''ib9^.!^r«i^'^ tm 
holes. " ■ • 'J "^■'^ '^^'^ =* ♦''•** ' ■•' ^^ 
' 0%/y BAtTflWfs; Yiea^- B4^A»iW?W 
play a.tbWiirtWiiMfi^,'f«r I^Vt^eira 
great Violence. fc^flTWlloStefe; ' ^ '^^J 

BATTEtrRS /^':W?rtiA;' ttf 5cftAP 
Hdrfemeq ient l^tT fefe/c d^ inat^ ^2^^^ 
atfd give an AWtfblhrto^heOendril.' TTj 

BAT'TINO 5rir/, a TooL ua ^'" 
drefreS to beat ^Mi Umftfr/'^ 4 

BATTlTU'RA,''''^Hoft S^ 
which fly off^nr horMnr'WhW^i 
oot of the Fire, or be«ten.pil*tbeV 

To tf ATTLB pn tJft^ii^rJ 
ford] ia to take up PrlMfSdb. \tt 
Boot. "^ ^ ^^^ '^ 

BATnrLEMENTS f 1* csffled^p 
theTarr4ts<if Hoolesbulft-Bavw _ 
of Mafoflty on th« *toftxS t. 9hfill% tar ^ 
like a Dent. * ** ' ^^ 

BATTLE AhVf, il^hce in tW Co^ 
SuJThc, (b called by fFiUimiie XS^rMM^ 
Token of a fignal yia«iy bli(aib^\)f^25 
ro/J, the laft iani/hXM; whteb wirfl 
firft Step to hi/ bducuig the whblip ^n 
to Obedience. ' ' '"' » '^'« 

BATTLE Br'ilii,z^^h*ic^n ^ CbpSifli* 
tVl. Alfo a Name of I Phice in ibr ^ 
ofJUiiMtfiie, • '* - ' *^ -r^.-Jfl 

BAT'TLB [of JI-f#H F^l i Wi^^SI 

BATTOL'OeY f^/f^rofopjV, Vi t^bAM 
L. of fttV7oAoyA, Gr: dthWofJ^^nM am 
ofthie Cyreniaris, whohaJ^ a Yery'ftiftfKn 
fqueakioc Voice, oc S^ttus m VtihT fifly ^ 
and io)^ SpeecTk] a vain fbblidi Rt|ieiMf 
of the lame Wer<)a over ii|td;oVer it^isifai 
fame Oifcouflb f » ^*""^ biabblihi.' **^' - * 

BArro<yN [^i/< r.j a oioi^ tMdtcH 

or Stick, a Truneheon <^ MkrflciiHr Sfaifll 
the Earl Marihal*f StJiff. ' ' * ^ "f 

BATTOCN [mHiraldryl^piifiti^M 
^n^a B«iid Onifter * ,m ufual Mal-k Bf 1 
legitimacy. ' '' " 

BA'£T0'tA [among MmJkkMtfhfi] fi| 
nifies the Beating or Motion of the HanJi 
Foot in keepintt or be^thtg Time'. Aa/. 

BA'TU3 [na.H.J ah il^/wtriiqutd Ma 
(ore, tontalning leveniy' tiro Seittfie^. 

BA'TUS, aa35at,,jK. 

BAn^, ^ pJece of Ofrawit €obi ^n* 
one Tenth cff t Penny iff being '3 i.' ^<r/. 

BAU'BLBS, Jewels cut. 0. 

BAUBEE', a Farthbg. 

BACD, hold»_a^»fj. • ^^^„ 

D^tzedbyGoOgl^ BAU'DERl! 

■"ijr, ■ygcooogh'toj^vpaa 

^IIJmiCK^j Curd o^Tbevyfor tlie 

I urt&y, ik£i&fk9inca( qf a Bawd 

iMT, fldiL Wd^imotty | alTg Icw^ 
4WtEM9V,.U tp )>kataa aSlieepJ 

IlimE, tocnrouL \ 
■mtN|U&|n^; dUbaBadgcr. p. 

uarEUb^aBiipf. 0. 

f[V«MW|BpJU0X%^fdVDd, ahd^^- 


!M Ffli^n] vhan %1>^ detains 
pijWiuai.ldl ibc be ihftt, be >| 

V .. ,R^ci(ili0«r<j if M Space IfTc m a 
W*»i)ogr, Cite, or 'Wiod<Jw. ^ 
■iiS [rflrcf)£r4f/ a] Holes id a Parapet^ 
^I^MeilptftiW^aCaiiQ^D. >*. . 
•/%]»/«, if a pflod-l^d, tQ keep.w 
P"W*ier for dckiiig|Jve. Wijfcjs 

[ fxMoCy Cr.' afli'C^ourci ] 

ifBefce^'Gr.J, ihe female ^rcU 
11. a rouod YThidpWTK or one 

, RJ;tobaiJc|»api^\ 

■jP*to«o'4e Muaalcof a Mu/ket, 

JV^t fw «/ iAy§i.:ii*JPxcmfR*ufcd 
^■^4>laUcei.f 1^> J^ hr^ VofJ. 

•*J«J^ia^4,^ aJH^^.Si^ of 

J^* ' '^filion cnomiW td*dic Tuiipmc, 
■^W, ffi^.'J)*, Sf^; Dialed-. 

'BlA^(S^i;«iro?^I' a' Habitation, 
[, oax, to iRew Dy a Sign t a long Pole 
on wnicnPftch Barrels are; fjifteo^.^zeady to 

' BEAC'ONAd^ kc»ney pai^ j^.^a^ii^ 

r«/. toprfty] aPrayjrj,,r. ,. .,^ ^ 

. AJBJ^ADjS'i|&'(r {jt^betomahi: of Bnfppn, 
S^x.'Sf^ irayj ^ .Vm/ay« frfjpc^ f)B[ribii 
Pacron, Gff. .• • i* 

lEAD iW/L»I.ift«f fi»<^>wli*t»tt ^ be 

B$d>^floa J pr^M, £©r .in .t^c Cliarclij 
any )6ng tediouf l&, or cohfufed Reckonjxig 
vp of ipaoy T4)oogbt9 together. t- ^. J 

BEA'DlrB {Byt>«l» S«p. of bt4^, JLJ 
a MeiTeoKer 9r Apparitor to a Court : AJio a« 
Officer chat belongs to an pBiverfityy to a Ba^ 
or Compi^igr oHk^ttm, to a Ward orPiiiir^ ^ 
alfo a Foreil Omcer. that maldet GaraifhnHTftfp 
fortbe'CourtfoTthelfprcft^^i:. ^ 

B£ ADSy ffliaH robnd^ fiidlf , nfaaUjt, worn 

for BiaQel(^Hl'Nif*V««a $^^- . ^ 

BEADS [ in jinbiteffurej are JtfoQldiD|p 
which in the Cunf^«if «]id iftfioirQrdert are 
^dt ax{d caryei ix:^ ^ll^t^la^lyaifipea^^ 
Beads lo a iffecklace. 

JBiMv of J5EADS.. See BidJfng. 

» lew or 

Xkkgs do in Purfuit of 



1 '^ScSPfikP', 9EP« 


make a Koife, at t 
thehrOanrl afc^ 

Part- of a Hawk el 

BEAiC - ' 


if)g' of PmcW v<i,U) their I^TIs ^ o][ .their boUipl 

with.thpjr ffillrioJ. nrjkiog nmh- their Spura^ , 

A BEAL/a Whdk, Pimple,' or Pufli. ^ 

Tf WA^^rte gykthgr Mutter as a Sore., . 

BEAM IBeim, ^^a;(.\ a Piece ^, great 

Timber uf^ jn Btvidinf j aMaa Ray ojF JUght 

pruceeding Uofl^^^ th6 ^jan,, ^d fome other hH 

minous'Body. ' i • ' * 

, BEAM fen, the Ewyl of a DeerJ that Part 

vi^h bears the A^ticrs, Royals and Tops, 

BEAMSJof a SMipX^t the great main 
crols TimbcT^ w^ch hpld (he Sides of the 
Ship] togetheciM apd whicb, alfo fupport the 
Deck and Orlops. 
h\AM,\ , a. 1 a Set Monfter Hke a Pike, 
J^EAl^J^j^j a dreadful Enemy to Man* 
kind, feiziog Uke a Blood-hound, and never 
lettip{bgo^..if he gets fail hold. The Teeth of 
thit Fi£are fo venomous, that Hojeft an An- 

3 Digitized by VjC tidote 



tidote be f rertntly *1^f^y^^r tbe letft Tmdi of 
tbem it mortal. ' • 

Be A^f {of vat/lncbar] the, lougefi Part of it. 

BEAM ^/»r^r f ainoftg Hwn^sJ^xht ftcond 

VtJiH Cbnijfwjctt an Inftnimc0t.c^dqf of 
Wob4«r IM^ik^, wrth fliaing Socket?, to carrv » 
leveral Points, in-order to 6tv$i QrCJ^^ witn ^ 

. BEAM FAfri»^j [ in Falnnty ] iBe ro^l 

:5cath»s of • Hawk's Wing.-.' I 

^EAK [I^Jni, Teut^] a wcU known j 


B iroSd oft^aAm ; f M Pinta»^ 

in 9 9 Gan99 j^t (;Urdft lik? l>oo. 

V a -gfiod Sklf Yihoi ihe. l'«ils uprii^t ii| 

BE AH L^pJ*, 5tfx^ ^jJtjjY'^M-^ .<^* 
tain wilil B<!ffft; «!fe two Corritcllanoni of 
5l«rj^ called ihsr'eoiar 'and tbfl^ir B<ar^ 

' ToJfUa^ZfiA I anoig StachjMtn J to 
IbU what one hath not,* c ,/ * 

To BEAR'i Skin [Bapali, Sax.'] to cany, 
|o bol^ M^ ^ hi'ing tmih, to^ield. 

To BEAR [ in Herhidry ] a Pcrfon who 
liatb a Coat^. Anns \x faid to harm it the 
ie«ttBLiiCHtfg«*«f Ord^afica wfijch arc in hia 
£fc»tcheQn. s 

To BEAR, [in ^ffrtwnry] a Piece of Otjl- 
4MCC ii ^4 «> M^ra Wy when it liei tight 
with tho Mark* 

^Saar ^ _ .. 

the Water j^ alfo to heujr Ordtiancty Vt'lici} ihe 
carries CreatCims. , 

To BEARt tar «9r^iSi f^ Har^ur^ is when 
l^bi^ A^is into t)^e Harhoor with the Wind 
large^ or before the V/m^. 

JTo HEAR in with Laijdy is 'when a% Ship 
that was tf» Wiii4vrard comes wnder pother 
Sbtp^'s Sterny and fo giVei her the Wind. 
. To QEAR. of from I^^utd^ is wheir a Ship 
fceeps oifF from the h«n^ \ and w}>cn a Seasnaa 
WQuld.eyprttfa how one^hfclies /torn -aootherj 
he fays, // heats offfo ond fo. 

BEARD [peafif^, &a^. %^XX, ^eut. of. 
Bafha^ L.J Hair gcowisgoAthc Chin, ^c, 
. BEARlVEl]^. lhi£^ r among r/««-r}9x 1 j^ a 
Eda-fiiiik, or other fui^ like Hudcs tbacjm 
hairy oaUM'Edgta. < * ** 

BEAR^ERS, Pe^fons that carry any thing. 

BEAH'BRS {in I«tv] loch Pcrfons who 
hear dow|i 0( opprefs othors. 

BEARERS \m /lrf:hiuBun\ are Pof^ 
Bricic Walis, which are trinamed op between 
the twa.£a4s «£ » ?tec» of t'invber, to &ortea 
its Bearing. 

BEARERS \yti'U!Taidry\ are foch as hiive 
CoaeS' of • Atdia 4ifth]ga)ft'd'from others by 
Cofcor, or bthefv Diffofieis^es; 

BEARING f in Btnkfdr^ ] is ttet which 
fi|i!^Qa.Efeutcfi«4L; the fnme d9 Cbarge. 

BEAR^NO riANavigati^] \s the Pofflt 
of the Obmpa& diiCone Pla^a bears or il^nds 
Qfffnm another. 

BEARING CW [aimonffCiffi'/^itsjire 
tlNl forenoft Toes of^ Cock> oo whkh he gqes. 

BEA^N. [U«|li^ .S«ijr:f a <^iid,^ o/ 


or Woman { _^ 

BEASTS e/'C2»i7ffl,aj€inK«mba'fife^tI 
Buck, Doe, Roie^ Fw^aqd H^arhi, . 

BtAStS o/yaurj I the . ^rt, itf» 
Hare, jBwrand 1^^. 

BEASTS cfjrtirren, tU Zfor/iad Ccw«, 
, BEAST/LY. a^ipgiijcf » ^caH, q«ftf:; 

tbBEAT [Be^tari, 5a;r, ^iwit^ F. A 
'fl''-'^; L.] to ftfUf, ^Qck or \w%^9i&> \ 
gtt tj^e better of, or, overcome. 

•To BE4X \^^a^ng,UunHri\ Haret or Q 
nies arfc f^id /<? ^c>44). pr /i^, when they ma& 
a l^olfe in Rutting, time*' 

To BEAT I Huniifig ^^ 1 a. $t« tfc 
runs fiift one way.^m) (heii a^otiiei^ is fai«k i 
beatupavd dfitwnnt 

To BEAT ^« v^/tfrw [Military OVm] il 1 
gi?e Notice by.beat^of DruroHf te»Mle 
Danger, that all if^^ bfr in Rei^iaeis. . ; 

To BEAT ^Qb^rge, K ^,^9iL HCDm 
to give a Signal -to fall upon the Efiony, ■ ^ 

To BEAT the Genetak Is- t<^^v«' NaOh 
by Beat of Drum, to tb^Foeces, tlftt chey ^ 
toaiai:6h. . ' ' r 

To BEAT tU RevtilU, « by Bnt of DoM 
toghroLtfive^ al^ Break of Day»] 
of. Quarters, .,...." . , ^; 

To BEAT the Tat-too, is 6y Beat of ;Ch« 
to ordct every ooeito retire tiyxheir QdaiUtti 

To IJEAJ riy rn»/,:is by BeatoftfttBOit 
give Notice to all to repair to their Cdbnow* 


BEATIFICi; lc«,Ljm,kiighaw< 
bkOed j belpngingto the Bieabd add liMta 

th)c.pope declare3.a Perfoatq bo. U(f0^^ 
his Death. F, of Z^ . j 

To B^AVt?Y [hfatij^er, E. <if keat^m 
L.] to inakrbWcd,tpiiir<41 among the Bid 
fed. -I- . , , 

. BEATIL'LES [ in Cookery ] Tid-bl^ .J 
Coch'Comhs, l:ivfru Qi»f9ar^^&:c» ,K.' 

BEAMING with Child, Brw^^. , TeHb. 

fiSWmG in thcTl^h, a ] 
Black Cattle. * 

BE^T'ITVOE^X B^itude^if. ] Blc^ 
jnels, BJif^ Happincfg. JF. , 

KEATRDC [ /. r. «kie that makes l^n 
a proper Name of Wome% . • 

BEATS' t In a W^itd qx Cf^ck T Ut A 
Strokes nttde by the Pangs or Palleca of m 
Spindle of the Balance^ or of,tlM t^s'^ 
Royal Peoduhaol. 

BEAU [Beau, FJ.aEof, ^^uk, afpitt 
Gentleman.'. ' * * » 

BEAU'CHAMP [DtaM^Clamp, V. u*. 
good and fair Field] ;uSiinaipe. ♦ . ,. 

BEAU'CHrtFX^^aa chef, i,t. a goo 
Read] an Ab6dy in t>k^fiire, fo called^ pN 
bably beca^ife a. grcaf n^y leaifted Men Uvi 

BBAtf'DE^R*r [f . / iJJieafant Dc&ft 
aPhcc vt3JtCot'MjAf^«i3^r/4 F. 

'^ ■' Di^tiz^db^GbOgli KAt 


M%9T01(rfl^ ana rortl i.\ % 

Toe* Lril jB HiKflbiri, n , 

UEWIftlS l^itf«*dim,F, « /aicfeo < 

«IIb4] it die lie of /Ii^/^/m. 
BUL-'Maifr £^«a«.«Mf» f . 9, prfltty 

jMRj xvcperlftni^* P** 

tarPlEADE^, a Writ upon tEe Su- 
ntet^M0§ndh,i^ii6it^hi:xtii 4mx j where 
tbrSkaf «r biliS^ tikes a Fine of a Party, 
iKkJuyalci^irhf, <iraptly tothePurpofe. 

niV sEMBiANT, fair Appeaunce. 

Cat r. 

K W rtOOS 2. comely, knidrome, fioe, 
■SAVmOt Jfij'r. 
l£iCTianLN£SS, Hindfomeneff* 
To lEAf^nnr, to make beautiful,, to 
fc^ **(«««, cduace. 
lUl»Tr[^/«,r/fp.] Comeliacfa^Hand- 

■UffTT f >*s*««5«rf J the ajreeabJe 
ta, idf^ksnct Appearance that the Build- 
a|t9feitn to U» Eye of the Behojder. 

ABUUOT, abeaut.fuJ, very fair, hand- 
*<te »<fcnncjiBg Pitrfdn. 

itt^, s Conspany. ' C&^u^ « 

lUWjyUY [BeauJieu, P. i. e, « brare 
^^Ife for iu Sicuaiion] in the Cou^ity 

WtoW, Woody. Cbaac, 

MKui^ t«f fee. and kaim, ^#4:-] 

•^■•ote, to appeafe, 

■fiWftllD ft"« ^m»Q It when tTjc 
yy^ fe toy fmooch, that the Ship hac 
pjjjjf ibciaa, Of a very flow one. 

TKt^tCO, i Fig-eater, a IlctJc Bird 
^ Wicit-ear, a kind of Ortdao. Jta/, 
•^iMe^ris are met with io gieat Plenty 
^^tprtt, m the Grape Seaibn, where they 
^ h bt^ that they lofe all their Feathers, 
wtjefe tfeh on the Ground^ that one hat 
*2||te Id to avoid dreading, upon theoa. 

P^tfe ta'coogh] Medicinea good for af- 

■"*iBl«fr,VV*?.Ta little RiycrorBrook* 
*^ jBeci, Sax.} a Ngd or Sign wH 

^« BICKIN [Beacaiao, or BeccojMan, 
*yjsaJtC a'Sign wirb one's Finger, ^t, 

^ytjWNTj, encompailjog, embracing^ 

J^5*53'*'^ ^ttfXtmtn, Otr. of B^ 
■• W«a, Sjx. to pMaibJ to'^t, to adorn j 

j^00MlKC2CESS,t)ecency; Suitahleoefs; 
^^!^,hax.'^^^T(ut,'^ to lie ort 

■2> «^5«j4«, a Knot of young ones. 
]iJ«>[tlCrtn.T«f.}to*av. S^c, 
VD [ia t^inuMnr] it a ihick Planjp which 
^ nte I Piecc«x Ordnaacc oq the Caxriage. 


To BED with Ml*, Is to fie togith^ui.ilie 
(amcBeA^mq/kuiaidhf fpetkap q| oejv Mar- 

lied Per ions on tJ^ fixil Night, • 

' To fi£D iHurtriftg rcrm] -ut^UXuif 
M^ when iht lfld|e« in a poitkDlaf fiw^ 
\ BEryRlOOEK, obligfd'to kif^ hit Body 
thibttgh Ate ^ Stckaela, 

BED ^7' a friendJy Irfeetlng of Ne^h*. 

^lD(4^r J, faoofs or Acquaintaoo^at Um 
Houfe of hew married Terfom, &fc. 

To BEDACG'LE [of B» and t^eayui^ 
Sax^ to dip] to dirty the Skiru or Bottom 4tf 
one's Cloaths. 

To BEDAS'H, to da*, or wci 

BEDDE, bad, Cb^w. 

BED^DER - 1 the nether Stone olaa 

BEDtr T£R 5 0U.'M»11. 

To BtDE, to bid. P^f. 

J^EDE {Bea»e, Sax. a Prayer] a taamol 
Engiijb Monk, caUed Venerabl4 Sidt, pa- 
haps from hia EarneAnefai^ Prater, 

B£D£ tioufc^ an AhDa-hovfo or Ho^ttal. 

BEDES Merr, Alms men, whopray^te 
their bencfa^ors aMFoMders. 

BE'DeL [Byt>ely of Bl^^li* to pilbiiA^ 
&e. Sax,] a bffedle, a Crier, one "that pvb- 
liihes any thing. %ii MeaHif.' 

BE DELAKV^.the Preciaft or Jutifdidioa 
of a Beadle. 

BED Mou/d/ngi r m Arthit9fiBr€ ] thofe 
Menbers in aOorniA ^thich^r^idamhelovr 
the Coronet or Crown* ■ >' 

BED'EREPE? Sertisfc which iaferior Te- 

BED'KIP ^nants did «0r their Land'* 
lorda \n cutting down their Coth, &c» 

To BEDEW [BttdtDCOi. Teuu] to ««l 
with Dew. 

B£I>FORD [Bebwi)3orit>> Sax, q^ Bcdi 
and publick Inns by a Ford] the Nlme of tlM 
Capiial Town in Bedfor^Jhire, 

BEDPGU T, dreOed, a^orne^. Sfunc. . 

BED'LAM [t,e.B^tUchem\ a ftauJy Hbf« 
pital in Meorfeidi for mad Folks. • 

A BED'LAM 7 a perfon that it ma4 

A BED'LAMITE J or diil/a^ed. 

BElOL'VIN, dag ia^ buried^ Cbauc^ 

to BEDQ'TEi to cauia to^ doUt, to W- 
witch. Cbauc, - • 

BEDRAD'DE, dread. QSauf. 

BEDREI'Nl £, drenched. ChaifC. 

B£DRAW1;EP,> MnUtbled^ bedriteied. 

To BEDITN/G, to dawb with Durf|. 

A BEE IBffOy S4UC. 'BuVan,,TSU,^'k- 
'Witn^Teht, HaeUfc C- A-.] a labor iout fly 
whieh qukea Honey* ■ 
I BEJ^CH f Beee, ^aH. J^th, Ttui, 'Bn* 

\ . BEE^ [iaif, F,. pf Cfnt^uMa, U] tfaf 
iFlcfh of'anOx, Gff. 
i .B^IA SheMer^ C. 
I BEEN lUon^SaXf] iheperfeaTenfe of M 
BEE'NbHlP; WorAip^Ooo**f». C. 
PEER [fi«|tef ^4dr, }^^4r»r.}a 
know* Diink. * ' Digitized byGoOole^ 


KER 7Font «r Ui^i m with ail mj^ 
BlRRE^Air, i.«. with aU my «i|hit. 

BEER [MMBg ITMwm] » iiiyilwa Eadi 
^ Van luMiac all together ««K of t)^ TmnK» 
«U.Cb« U«ith of the Cloth. 

W«U, ae^ ysy fie £wMr<» or ftflSV oa 
Otth^i^. tteW^ofMOMh] thtlteM 
«f a Place ia Cswmtm* 

Sc BfiE8» a Tows ia CMiMbM^ ft calM 
ton St.S^ a«>^ViT|i»» wUBvada 
lolitary Life thow. 

BEE'SOM [B^AM J««. 9lta« TMt. 
Vrfem* ^ ^. J a &oom to twee* with. 

.fiJBESTWGS 7 f Byrvms, S«c. Hdft, 

BEASTINQSS I. ;>.] the irft MUk o# 
a Cow after Cahriof. 

BEET [Bam. L.] a Oorden Hcrh. 

BEETtB [Biwl. Sax,\ aa Infea. 

BEETUI TBytel, Sj. ] a woodn fa- 

BOVTLE j ftnunent or HtfiOMr 9m 4^- 
wg of Piles, Staket, Wed|n» ^<. 

ToBEFAL' [BMjaUuv tai. VtCKlMa 
Twr.] to happen. 

To BEFOO't (of Jr, Ea4, «nd Fa/, F. or 
fool, Enr^ to make a Fool of, to call Fool. 

BEFOR'E [hftjaopan^^tfjf.] on the Fore- 
part, Qfc. 

BEVORN [JFttll, r^r.] before. Omc. 

To BEFOU'LTbepotMM ^m. IBtfiioUn. 
Ti>«r.] to make fool, to dawb, to dJrt» €fr. 

To BEG [ 3C8)etetl> T*«#. ] to aik, to 
oaw with Entreaty. 

To BEGFr [ he^etvui, 5jaf. ] to pio- 
ioce, to geavatt. 

BEG'GAR feither of 13cg^ren>T<x/f. to 
beg, or elfe f. d. T^ef tpr* ©^ ^ag, becaufe 
tb^ carry their ProvilioB about in Bags] oae. 
who bees for Alms. 

BEGl'LED, tmprifoned. Cbaue. 

To BEGIN' [Bf«ilinen. LS. znATait, 
Aguinan, ^jar/) to make a Beginning. 

To BEGIRT [BCffBrteD] to girt aboot. 

BEG'LERBEG [i.«. Lord of Lords J a 
chief Govern<>r of a Tyrkip Province. 

BEGIRT', [of Be andCijiban, Sax."] girt 

To BEGUFLE [of ^* and Guiller, O. F. or 
JBegaltan, Sax, to bewitch] to cozen or deceive. 

BluGt FNES [BUgUte* Bilg.^ an Order of 
Niim of S,.Beg(t. 

BEHALF' fnf B*and ^f. Sax, Qffl^lb, 
T«^] Part, Interert, Si4e, CSTc. 

BEHATEDfaerlwfjtttTV^.'.l bated, a. 
To BEHAVE [of Be and ^abbaa^ Sax,"] 
to carry, to demean onf-'s felf. 

ToBEHEACy [Beh«ajA>ian, Sax. ^n^ 
t|iBttfll» T^sa/.l to r 't (uf the Head. 

BE^HEMOTH [mOTTj. H.J a wonder. 
Ibl Creacare x feme uke it to be tht Rifer- 
BE'HEN? there ia the white and red ; the 
BEHN X firfk \% }ikewif« cdled Pafaver 
Sftimofm, Biadder Campion j tbft tU^r M 9U9 
oiMiiiiairiMi, So lav pai f r , 

B E 

KHBSnrS [of Beaad^efe, Aar. aC« 
aund] Orden» Meflagoi* Cornrniaila, B 
faireaMats ) aUb a Proaufe. Ctmu. 

ToBEHE'TE, to proaufe. Cbaue, 

BEfflNO [of Be aad »iiribaa» of ^yai 
9ax, iMlMKi 7<vO backwaada. 

BEfScirf, oaUed. %iir. fKmikL O. 

BEHPTHER, on tba Ue. O. 

To BEHOUy [BekealOM, &».] tale 

KBHONOTr IfilnWCrMtf.] kangi 

To BEHOVE [Ithnfei, &».] tab 

eia» to be the Duty of» 

BEHOVB'FUL, afeH proft^le* 0. 

BEHOUNHXD, tricked op, laade&w. 

BBJAP'ED, trkkrty impofad opoa, 4( 
ceived. Chawa^ 

ToBEIB, tabay. Cbaue, 

Tb BEKNOW'IN, to ackaowWdgc, \ 
oieM. fibam. 

BEL pVX i' r. Lprd, A^. orC&fftf.1|| 
Saa war^pped by the Chaideam and Ajyiaa 

Tb BEUb'BOUR, to beat Iboadly. 

iBi^CCOI'LE {B^ Acemi, F.J a ftka| 

BELAG'GED, kft behind. 

To bela'ge 7 [f. d. btiMr«.r«f.] 1 

To BELAY i Term^ to faAen any tai 
nlag Rope when it ia haled, tkat it caiMl 

run forth again* 

BEL' AMOUR, a Lover. Spaae, Ft 

BEL'AMY [Bilami, F. afairFrittdJi 
proper Name. 

BELA'TED [of fgSt.Z.. S,] latrd mVm 

To BELAY' [of Belapan, Sax. to beM 
or of Bf and Lay] to wa^ - far, or lay wait m 

To BELCH [Balcertan, Sa*, VOfCkM 
L. S] to bre^k Wind upwards. ] 

BELCHI'R, good Cheer. Ctaae. { 

BEL'DAM [of Bfllc and Dmme. F<] itH 
Lady, hot ironically, a decrtpii or u|ly IB 
Woman. 'i 

To BELEA'GUER [Btlagetllt ^«f*]'^ 
befi^ee, to lay Siege to a Town. 

BELEAGU'ERED ['Bilsmt ««j 
befieged; alfo affliAed or oppr«lTed. 
. BELENOI'DES [in jlnatmy} the ikMi 
ing forth of the Bone called ^lifwmis^ vhkl 
is the fixth in the Bafis of the Skull. 

BELE'VED, left. Ckam. 

BEL^FRY [of BelU^<ix. and F^f tobeag 
L.] that Part ot a Steeple where the BiH 

B£L'Gi£, the Inhabitants 
the Low Countries called Bel^i 
People who ^merly inhabited 
and Wiltjhire, 

BELOAR'PS [of^«^R^4ri(x,F.]beiiM 
tiful Looks. Srptnc. 1 

BEL'GIAN 7 of or bdongbg tatheUM 

BEUGICK V Countries. 

BELIEF [Caleapan, SaxA Credit. 

To RELIEVE [l^eieapm, Sax.\ tog^ 


_WUAL \^X ct^la witlKmt, Md 

vSif-sgridiif ik'o ibeDrnl. 
Kl»aOAT£ 7[otWrofKifig^i//««or 
iU«GSGAT£5 A/^, the firii £0upd • 

r « .1 i s cj MbUb T»(. to xou> frocD th& 

y<Ac(»ny »avq bttth^ agaiflft fee S^Qlf ; 

cl^,!AiBiii«^orWAli#ti bcoMiCotlyy 

^PWrf&t Skpt, Bear Lendan Bridge i Oxt. 

mm, asoQ, by aaa by, 0( towaidf 
]C|^ 1' ' " ' , ' 

^ dk CuJm. isAufftriaiu^ 4 

; ASll[2eii,ofi«ik^^jrvtp]Qake'a 
: fttSbitft tfiQtrl a k«d4pupdios Jln^- 
! acerVd&jofMcti!. > 

IEi!CHOSE, a pretty Thing. Chaue^Sm,, 
lBUW'[AJleM»r. a plra^t-Wa^r 

B£lf3DKE) laf ^ci!^ a?.i?««K^f^.] a 
«ttSQEL'SWMaid. ^/^,- t ||f 
KllAtmrp^iKK/>iW,L.] Warlikqi^ 
IEiJCOS!E liMK^r«M9(^ F. irrZ/i^M ^J 

Ka.lM, a MiztaieofTiQaod Copper. 

liLTTOTEHT {MifitmhL.} osigbty 
■ fowrfil n War. 

. I3LU1SG [vitb firMrrt} /£r Xm ^^i^^, 
i.f.BikiiN«}rein Rcfttrtog tioif. 

ToRLLPCERATE, lo make War. L. 

■UnUUD, we41 laid. C^^r. 

nU^KA, a Deity of the Pagam, K- 
^t»krfieC9<Wtfiof War, 

*m/LW [beUan, ^*x.] to cry a$ 
^ Ois^ or Cows 4o i f*n/hu alfo apubes 

fll'-0W5{BfaerT-bolr, Saj(. ui. Blaft. 
*W «Va6lfw blowing itae Fire. 

lUJXT^'E [U'ajWs, L.] of or belongiof 

ftLmi po Zup»] aa ancient Way of 
TrtW «i or Combat. 


tk iBdiE iaji no <(arjir* 

'■» 'W mw Imke aam, L, the Frauh 

utAmrliiDtiiiiatrty that there ii no ar- 
p(4eM»te with Huoger. the Mother of 
•^"^tttni Anger. Jt is a pru<lm(Caution 
■V?^ intli haagry Perfons, or <vo- 
^Ihir^wrelfoine Tenfien by iU* timed 
f25* * *^'"fion* 'o Patience. It is a 
Jj*« rfCwEly and Difctetioo, not to <iif- 
^iCflsJoBtt tt bisRepaft, or trouble him 
** ■fc«B4k Addreflei at Meal-time. 
&^\T^ P« • ff«/0 the galling 

^ ?«iV.£.ir»i/, t Difeaft U Caitiff. 


To BEL'LVl 7 to grow /at, tajot /ortfc| 
To BEL'LY tf^r J to ftnit. 
BISl'LY Ci^i-ar/an ApronI t. 
BELLOW AG'CER, a (w^er'tns F^Uo^i 
I ht£!orJng Blade, ^ Bully, , , 

ToBELONC {"^limgUScIg:-} xp ap. 

s¥(i6v/£0 fofhe andl0|?»fii^^« Ijo Wj,., 
^tIU.^,Ttfi/f.J loved by. V , 

^ELT [heir, iJi*. Baheum, t,] a Qirt to 
)i%ng a Siirord by,^ ^ia a Difeafe Fn $heep. 

BEtVED^'RE L^lcifant to behold, "Wj 
he Name of One of the Pope's Palaces m 
^ofpe^z alfo the^eyb Broom-Toad.FIax. 

BE^LZEfeuB^ 7 ainT^vi of >ya . 

?Ai^.ZE'BUi ^ a Lord, and 3137 a 
ic,'i:?f *'. ^.. thc^Lord of J^iiesJ ihe Prioc« of 

To'BEyYLfBeltte^att;^^^. B^UeiJliu 

^«r,} ta fpeak .tallly ot. . ,, . 

"EME^T, iamep'ted, bcmQaoed. d. BIg> 
fcg^f&*5|Trunipets. 0. 
o bEmI'RE," to daWb or foul with Mire» 
'Ip BE^lp^ [baemcenao^^tfjr.] tu<nake 

BEN 7 th^wJt of a Tree like Tainarlik, 
BEHN 5 of whieh* Perfumers get an Oil pio- ^ 
per to receive. 9ny fort of Sent. 

BENAPaH [ma of 7T3h a Building, 
•nd n^ the Uorj^ i^. ;, «. ibe >^rd's Bulldiogj 
the bon ot Jtt) idf- , 

A BE^r^'H [Baenc^i 5tfr.] a Seat to fit on» 

BENCH'BR, a Vavyer Qf the firft Ra^k ia 
the Inns of Court. 

BEND, a Muffler, C^ul, or Kercher. Clauc^ 
1 BEND [ in Hh-aldry ] one of the ten ho- 
tiourable Ordinaries, made by two Lines drawn 
(rofs* ways from the Dexter Chief to the Sinifter 
Bafe Pomt. 

. BEND Sifiijiety is drawn from th« Siniftcr 
Chief Point to the Dexter Bafc! 
I BEND roiiied, is when two ftrait Linea, 
jrawr; within the Bend, run Ycry near parallel 
|o the orjtward Edges of it. 
' To BEND [ beflt>an, Sax, ] to bow or 
crook, to yield or iioup, toftrctch out. 

To BEND tke Cable [Sea Term] is to mak« 
it faft to the Ring of the Anchor. 

To BXND the Main-Sail [Sea Term] Is to 
inake/it faft to the Yard in its proper Place. 

BCND' ABLE, capable of being l>ended. 

BEN'DES, Bonds. Cbaui, 

BENDS, B^rs placed croff-ways. Spenc, 

BEND'LET [in heraldry] a little Bend, 
niiich takes up the Cxth Pact of a Sliield. 

BEN'DWITH, an Herb* 

BEN'DY [\n Heraldry] is wh<;n an Efcut* 
cheoQ is divided Bend- ways into an even Num>« 
ier of Partitions; but when they arc odd, the 
Field muil be firft famed, ind then Uiq Nun^- 
her of the Bendi. 

BENDS, the utmoft TimSer of a Ship's 
Side, to /et the Feet on in climbing. 

BENEAP'ED [Sea Term] a .Ship is fa»d f 
ke biA<aptdy when the Water does not flow 

^ Digitized by VjC htg^ 

B E 

bigji enough to bring the Ship off the GfOQAi 
«ttt of t Doefc, or over a Btr. 

BENEA'TH [ Beneof> 5tfx. l^^CHt) 

J^/f.] under, bc>ow. 

. beVebrede [-BulneH, 'Bmtt ^«'.] 

Buead made of Beane. Cbaucir, 

-BENtDlC'TINtS, an Order of Monks 
founded by St. Scnedfif, 

B^mDWTlOH, Blefling, cfpcdaUy that 
given by Faicqts to CbUdren. L, 

BENEFACTIONS, Gifts, or Kindneffes. 

BfcKEFAC'TOR, a Doer of good Officea, 
a Patron. P', of L, 

BENEFACTRESS, a Female Benefaftor. 

BEN'EF^v.'E [benefice, F. Btntfidum, L. ] 
o^iginaljy figoified Funds given to Soldiers as 
a Reward for Services : But it paflbd afterward 
into the Chmch, where Funds were given for 
the^ubfiflence of the Cierg)r j an EccldiaHi- 
cal Livings 

BENE'FICENCE [Bcwefieauia, L.] a De- 
light to do good to others ; the doing of good 
Offices, 'K.ind;iefs, llibcrality. 

BEN EFl'CI AL [Benefcialis, L.] that yields 
Benefit, profitable, advantageous. F. 

'BENEFrCIARY [Benefider, t, Bemfcia- 
rius, L. ] a Perfon obliged^ or benefited by 
one J a Penfioner. 

BENEFI'CP ^rtmo Scdc/uifiico bahnde, 
ft Writ dircfted to the Lord Chancellor, c^£, 
by the King, to be(K>w the Benefice that fliall 
Aril fdli, in the King*s Gifp^ upon this or that 

BEN'EFIT [Btneficitim, L.] Kindnefs, Fa- 
Tour, Advaotage> 

BEN'EFIT tfthtCter^, a Privilege for- 
merly allowed, by Virtue of which a Man con- 
v?£hd of Felony or Manflaughter was put to 
read in a hath Book, of a Gothlck black Cha-. 
raster ^ and if the Ordinary of Netugate fatd, 
'Degit ut Chrietis, i. e. He reads like a Clerk, 
he was on]y burnt in the Hand, and fct free ; 
iTtberwire he fuffered Death for his Crime. 

BBNEM'PT, Aamed^ bequeathed. Sj>nic. 

BENl^ PLA'CITO [ia Afufick Bookt] fig- 
rffies, ii^you pleafcj or. If you will. L, 

BENEPLAfclTV [ Binit piadtum, L. ] 

BENERTH, a Service formerly tendered 
b^ the Tenant to his JLord with his Plough and 
Cart. 0. Z,. 

BBNES [l^tinU ^* ^0 Bones. Cbauc, 

BENEVOLENCE [ Bewveh-yiria, L. ] 
Good- will ; that fo^ of Love which difpofes 
one Man to confer a Kindnefs upon another ; 
alfo a voluntary Orataity given by the Subjcds 
to the Sovereign. 

BENEVOLENT [^«««/m, L.] bearing 
Cood-wilfy wilhii^ well, favourable, friendly, 
affectionate, kind. 

BENEVOLEN'tiA Begh bstbtrda, a Form 
in ancient Fines to purchafe the King's Fa- 
vottr, in order to be rcAored to Eftate, Title, 
or Place. 

BENEVOLENT Blanen [among AJir^* 

gfrt ] f|]<b as afford a favoiuable Influc»c« j 
which are thofe of Jupittr and Vetws, 

BEN'-HA'DAD [^171-33, //. /. t. xU 
Son of Noifel a Klne of Syria, 

BEN'JAMIN [piniiofnaSoii, a« 
pryi the Right Hand, H. i. <.\nc Son of Chi 
Right Hand] the yoongjeft of Jact^*^ twelTi 

BEN'J AMIN 1 [Benpin, F.I a Dnig mud 

BEN'ZOm Suied in Perfumes ana fwt« 

BENICN [Senigne, F. Bmgnut, L.! co«r 
teous, good.natur*d, kind. 

A BENIG'N Dififlf</i9 a fttonn^lcDilcale 
that hss no irregular or dreadful Sympton». 

BENICNITV [ Bfwgnitt^ F. Btnigniist, 
L.] Goodoefs, TendemeiSy Coortefy, Sweet- 
oeis of Difpotition. 

To BEMM { of Beoym»i» ^^cx. OBeaifi 
tntBj ^<?«^- J to take away, to bereave. Cbauc 

EENPZON, a Blcffing. 0. 

BEN'NET [ of Ber.cdiaut, L. Ueftcd ] \ 
proper Nsrme of a Man. 

St.BENNET's in the Hoim [/. e, a Place ea. 
compafledwirh River's] in theCountyof Nwjt^ 

BENO'MEN [i5enommMi»T*af'.] Uk« 

away. Cbaiu, 

To BEN'SIL, ttt bang Or beat. T^rk. 

BENS'BURY [ i. e. Cnehenpmrv^ fo Calld 
from one Cntbtn^ a Captain under IStheired, j 
King of Jtrflf, flajn^^ there in a Fight againi 
CtauHn^ King of the J^-Saxo»s\ a Tows u 
the County of ^urny. 

BEN'SON [f, d. Ben's Sofl, i. e, BenymU\ 
Son] aSirname. 

BENT, inclined. Milt. 

BEKT, yielding or complying, Sptncm 
- BENTS, are a kind of Grafs. Spemc 

B BNT, a Precipice or Declivity of a Hiil.O, 

ToBENITM'B LBenymap, ^ax.\ to maki 

BENUMB'ED [Benum, and Bemamnea, 
^tfjc.] deprived of the Senfe of Feehng* 

BtQJJA'TH, bequeathed. Cbanc 

BEQyE'ATH [of Be and Cquepwi, £kjr. 
tofay] to givt one a Legacy by>\ard of Mouthy 
alto to give or leave by laft Will and TcfUmcAC 

BEQUES'T VxtKhmA a Legacy. 

BERAIN'ED t QBrr^net, r«r. ] raind 


\\Q Pound in BujTia^ w 171 



' BE'RQUET 5<>"^^^P<>u'>^verdupoia 

BERDE, the Beard. Cb^m. 

BE'RE [l^aati ^nt' ] a Bier \ borne « 
carried. Chauc, 

To BERE, to bear or carry, to accufe. Chs^ 

BE'RE, Weight, PrriTure, Bearing. C^. 

To BEREAV'E [Bepejran^ Zax, lUraill 
\%XU^^*'\ to deprive or rob one of^a thing. 

BEREFT EBerattbt>^a^'l bereaved, 91 
deprived of. 

BBRGAMOT', a Pear of a delicious Taftej 
alfo a Pesfyme drawn from a crruia fruit pro« 

' dscoi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

B E 

Int V« t IniiB Tict mpiSkd on a Bo^ 

laX^AMSTED [ef Beops a Tort^ ^«n 
>Beu, ■ilim>ta»&ur. a fiaccj a iown 

mCAKDEJt, a^Foivl. 

ntcTH M^f^ [Vctf meifftr, 7V<rf.] a 

Idi m ^^ OOotr aiMi^ the Dtthjjbire 

K»C!*MOTH 7 a Court hf Id to 4f ter- 
iw>..T)iOlE 5°u»< MAiicm renting 

inOA [O^i Lav] a flit, wide Hrat2i ar 


IflUH, t« ^ar, to Whsvr. C/^^ % 

BTISGEA 7 of ta brt. V.x.:, B >ri, 

a [art o( Cfekirlot^ ufcJ at Eiriin 

riot [ IP Tw-^ifc^nti ] h 3 Sp2ce of 

tCMLetryi dc%ntid to receive the 
'^rf ^i Eampan, to pert at iLa filliag 

JglhfMn [ocbeT ef fiepan, '*^jx to 
■ It iBIm), Tiwf a Muuih j I r oF Be*- 
• % 5^. « tear, aod i^unOj FckcJ j i>ro- 

fi \^\ 4 Pal all iQ ^«&u'f^4f<i'', ^ 

dt f^iioiu for iij!i A bbr} errdcd bf 
Jb-aaaic^ Lord or Abbar of th^iC Place. 
IBSj D^ Qt the four l^rotei'liini Can toss 
rfAvftm^ntf ; of ^h^h there arc ihiiTcicJi^ 

■MUftD I oihej -f TEartt, f^. i-'. * 
Qi^ milbl^ I^* {Mature ; tiFj iif /' ^y^f- 
»e of a Aout Hcirl ] 
\^%49fnm% Atbot, ajid other M^n. 
IC^Elrfr, an anckenf CulJegc jiD 
^liOmftfd, rebuilt by Su j^ntfi 

""">illtip Moftki of ihc Older of 

u f « i^ fix l^rowiotc o^ jEffr- 
firaiii BeofUi, a Man i'hjJd, 
^Tidorj ; io calkd froni thi: War- 
es «# the lnhjibtr^uili ] Bet wick 

I [BcafiB I^ue. anrifjph riilp 
[ prv*i4nh for bii Chi]drciiJ 

, isl^Vn i^fCfi Hrath. 0. /.. 

~' tfefUtt% of Bcfiin^ £i3jr» to 

t«t Slirubi, Sufbiv 4^i'. 

' [ItaPTBt 7fli?» A: L. .S ] are 

«r*th a thin Skm, which con- 

tikft ffowi inh and moifl whea 

liesA M aUo ciicitAiJM:^ ^ithii) itt 

1, Litfer for Hoiia* 0* 
MlULf i Thrdh«t, C. 


BER^y, the fame with Burreugh. 

A BER'RVINC 5/W, a Threbiiit^-Floor. 

BER'SA, 0. L. a BoUad, Limit, or Com. 

BERSA'RE [t>!d tiectrdi^ lo Aoot j hena 
Birfare in t'oteJlA, i, r, to hunt of /boot in a 

BERSA'TRIX [ofBmeau a CradTc, f . and 
the iLtf//n Termination //y>, of a fcmalv Sig- 
nification 1 a Rocker of young ChiJdf e» in a 
C/adlc. 0. R. 

Hound or Huntinjg-Dog. 0. Jt, 

BERST [of l^^rfttll. 7r«r.] Furft. Clauf. 

BERTH 7 r bea Itrm ] convenient Sea-' 

^IRTH J Room to mooi a Ship. 

BER'THA (Beojlht,S<i*. Brave, Famou&J 
the Nam# of a Woman. 

BER^THINSECK 7 a Scotch Law. by whic|x 

BER'DINS^CK. ^a Man is not to be 
hanged for ftealmg a Sneep or Calf that he cab 
carry away in a Sack upon his Back, but 
fcouriged only. 

BERT'HOLD [Beojiht Brave, and pob a 
Ruler, Sax» f . d, a good KulcrJ ihe Name 6f 
a Man. 

BER'THULPti [Beopht IHuflrious, and 
Ulph Help, Sax. i, e, a famous HelperJ a Bi- 
fhop o( fPlncbefftr, Anno ^OQ. 

UERTOfJ [Bapton, Sax.] a Farm or Ifcri 
iot Barley. ^ 

BERTONA'Rn> Tenaott of Bcrtont <^ 
Farmers, 0. L, 

BERTH' WALD [ Beojiht Famous, ao) 
f6zittn, to rule, Sax, ] an Aichbiihop of 

BER'WENT rm [of BertWItt, thcRI. 
▼«r, and jFd^Tm/. a Rock or Ui#] Moun- 
tains in Cttwtbtrland, through which the River 
Benvent runs. ' 

BER'WICK [of jUerivick, /. *. a Town at 
the Mouth of a River, or Befie-ton, SuX^ 
f. e. Corn«Town} formerly a Umouj^ Sixoi^ 
Hold in N9rtbumcrland, ' 

BER'TTING a Shij>, i, e, the laifing u^ 
bfthe Ship* s Sides. 

BER WI'C A [in Docmrday-Booil a Village. 

BERU'LIANS, Hereticki in the twelfth 
Century, who •ifirm*d that all human Souls 
were createdin the Beginning of the World. 

BER'YL [Bery/ius, L. B/^^'Wor, Gr. ] a 
precious Stone of a faint green Colour, 

QE'RYNG, Behaviour. Chauc, 

BESAI'LE f Bxfdjcui, F. ] the Father of 
one*s Grandfather jf alfo a Writ for an Heir, 
whofe Great-Grandfather dying poflefled of 
Lands and Tenements, a Straj^ger enters upoo 
the PremiiTei, and keeps out the Heir. 

BESAN'T T a very ancient Gold 

BESAATN'TE > Coin ftampted at ^jf 

BESANTPNE J KJn/iVw, now Cw|/?rfji* 

B&SANTS [ in Heraldry ] a Term for 
round Ptares of Gold without any Stamp. 
BES'CA. a Spade or Shovel ; whence unm 
N a B:f' 


Biff at a Terra^ i. e. a Piece of Lud tuwed 
Vp with a Spade. O.h, 

BESCORN'ED, fcoffed at, defpifed. Cb. 

6f recap, Depecao, 5«x. to feck] to pray or 
kumbjy to intreat. 

Tp BESEEM' L15C?ittnei1,7li/f. perhaps 
of B* and feon> 5tfjr. to lee j becaufe that 
which is comely, is pleafant to look at. 

BESEEN', bearing a good Afpedl. Spent, 

To BESET' [ Bepttan, Sax. BeUtteil, 
h* S,"] to encompafs. 

BESET, fpent j ordered, placed. Cbauc, 

BJ^SEV, or BESIE, become, fecn, beheld. 
Wtllhtffy, Chauc. Of go>d AfpeA. 

BESHE'T, ihut up. Chauc. R, R. 

To BESHl'TF [ of Be and pcittaa. Sax, 
'StiiitifCtn* Tftit.] to loul with Ordure. 

To BESHREW [ iBtUt^tftn, ttut, to 
inchant] to cutfe or rail at, to wiih ill to, to 
life ImprecatioDs. Cbauc, 

BESHYNE [Befciemen, 'Teut,] to Ame 
upon. Cbauc, 

' BESrOE [ofBeand8i»», ^^.] by the 
Si(?e of, or near to, hard by. Cbauc, 

BESICVER y, a fort of good baking Pear. 

To BESIE'GE. [ of Be ajid ajfieger, F. ] to 
Jay Siege to a Town with Military Forces. 
. BESIE'GE [among j^ftrologtrtl a Planet is 
faid rp bf beRtgcd^ when it is in a FofitioQ be- 
tween the Bodies of tw^ iU^boding ,PlaaeU, 
Mort and Saturn, ' 

To BESIE'N, to trouble, di&vuth, or bufy 
oi)C*s felf. Cbauc. 

To BESMEAR' [of Be and Smepan, Sax. 
^'fc!jniieren,Tt'«/.] to fmcar ova. 

BESMIRCHED [ ^^frtmUrft, Teat. ] 
dawb*d, &c. Shake ft, 

BESMIT'El H, froiteth, murdexeth. C, 

BESMOT'TEKED, befmutted. 0. 

To BESMUT' [Bepmtan, S, Ueft jmot- 
ttHf TtfXff.] to daub or inie=tr over wjth Smut. 

To BESOT' (of Be and fot, Sax.'\ to make 

BESPAT'TER, to daft with Dirt j alio to 
defame or flander. 

To BESPAUL', to dawb by fpitting. 
• To BESPEAK' [of Be and Spaccaa, Sax, 
15rfpmf)ei1. Teut, ] to fpeak lor, or order 
foiTietning to be made j alfo to inchant. ' 

BESPOKE, fpokea for, or appointed be- 
fore- hand. 

BESPRE'N, fprinkled. Sfenc, 
. IPESPRENG'ED [»if>;f ngt. reuu^ be- 
furinkled. 0, 

BESPREN'T 7 /Vrmlr W ^^. 

BESPRIN/TS*'"*^^*^- ^f"""'' 

To BESPRIN'KLE [of T5e a°^ ^W^t* 
ItElt) BelgA to fprinkle upon. 

BES'SE) a Copper Coin at Ormus in the 
^erfian Gulph, four Cclbcg*, is Value one 
penny and three Farthings Sterling. 

BEST f Perepic and contraaeo Bept, Sax. 
VefttorOBet)tjS>7<ri</.J the moft cj^oice, the 
SupcfUtJye of C^* 


BEST [Beefi, t. 5.] a Beai^, a Ef! 
Creature. Cbauc, 

BESTA'D, difpofed, ordered. Spent. \ 
Tet, furrounded ; diftrefled, opprefled. Cbn 

BESTEA'D, borne hard upon, befet. 

BEVTIAL [Betaii^ F.] all forU of Be 
or Cattle, F. i. Term, 

BES'TAIL r Bfflia/is,'U ] belonging 1 
Beaft, beaftly, brutift. F, 

BESTIAL Signs of the Zediae, an A 
Taurus, Let, Sagittaritu, acd Capriccrnus, 

BESTIAL'IT Y [ Bejf^a/if/, F. of Bejtl 
tas, L.j a Copulation of a Man or Won 
with Beafls. 

beaftly. Cbauc. 

To BESllR' [of Be and rtipan. Sax.] 
move about briikly, to bbcur ffrrnuottfly. 

ToBESTOPKE, tobetrjy. O. 

To BESTO'W [ of Be andrroy, Sat 
Place} to give, to lay our. 

BESTROUOHT', mad, diflraaed. 

BESV'A, Trouble, Grief. 0. 

To BESWINK', to labour. Cbave. 

To BET [attiimcn, Teuf.-] to lay Wa| 
when Gannefters are piay;ng, againft one S 
in favour of the other. 

RE' TAjBiiTflt, Gr.] thefecond Letter [/ 
B] of theGm^ Alphabet ; alfo the Herb il 

ToBETA'KE [Betapcan,5ajc.] tots 
CO, to apply to ; atfo to give up, to deJiTCr, 
commit to. Cbauc, 
'. BETAUGHT', recommended. Ctaue, 

BETE, or BETIN, to make^ preptre^mi 
ready [Paetan, Sax."^ to amend, rciloie, 
pair I heal or cure [ Baetin, Sax, ] alio ta 
bate ; and to boot or help. Cbauc. 

ToBETECHE', to recommend. Chat 

To BETEEM, to deliver. Stfcne. 

To BETEEM, to bring forth or bn 

To BE'TEN [ of Betan, Sax. of iJo 
to kindle^ L, S, 1 to abate ; alfo to kia 


To BE 
BenClten, Tcut,] a callme rr mind. 

BETH'LEM 7 [ caH^ra^, H, I 

BETH'LEHEM 5 the Houie of Bread 
City of yudaby where Clrfft waa born* 

BE'I H'LEHEMITES, Monks who « 
the Figure of a red Star on their Bres 
founded in Memory of the Star that goi 
the Magi to Betbltbcm. 

To BETIiyE [ of Be and t0. Sax. ] 
happen to, to betal. 

BETl'GHT, "happened. Spenc, 

BETIMES [of Be and tune^ Sax."^ < 
ly, in Seafrn. 

To BE'TIN [ of E^etani; Sax. ] to ma 
to prepare. 

B£'TL£7an tndian Plant called W« 

BE'TRE 5 Pepper. 

BET'ONY lBtnine,V. Bcf6mca,U Vl 
Brtni ^««'0 tltt^ainc cf Wi Herb, 

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1 n^tVXitfTeut,^ both, alf j be, are, 
ETHINK' { Be^Sencan, Sax. 1 


TtvroK'EN [Betmltin» L.^. or be 

IBicoBB^Stf.] to Aew by Signs. 
KTRAx^ID, bken in a Tnp. Ctauc, 
. KTIUS'SID?^ . ^..^^ ^ r.^ 
f KT&ASiriD 5 e«wTed,b«triyed. CUuc. 
\ TslCTRAV [rrabir, F.] to be falfe to, 

% Mm uf tieacbcniuJIjr \ to diko? er or 

BtntlTNT, fpcinkled. 

T^SniPM, to adorn, to deck. Sbak. 

T»KT!iOTiF [of 9e^<i ttrotj, TSJ' 

tBitat ^ ^0 to give or receive a Fromife 

I5T, CT IFTTEE, better. Cbavc, 
KTH'EE, an loftTuinent made ofe of by 
Mtfe^iokai K0 break open Doors, Houfes, 


Kma [Bete/^ Sax. 'ZzHXf i- ^.J 
t ppd, afcfwJ, ^<, tvmPar. of Good. 
KTTY [ffon Beams Blcffed] a Name. 
tnWEE'S [Berpynan, Sax.} in the 

WrmWT (Bcryix. 5ax.] between. 
CfAKS, a Stnume common to the Ji^e/Jh, 
ttflarfc nmkjj op Evams, q. d. come of 

BV*£L, ao Inftrument made nfe of by 
tetMn, Bcjcklavers, Malbos, &e, for the 

R^Ucraoked, awry. Sbahfp. • 
^m [« 5<vcr«, Ital. to drink] a fi^all 
^teea bctneea Dinner and Supper; aifo 
i t b^a rSitht of a Head-piece. 

1BfUi\Btk»rr, F. formerly, ^.i. fair 
toU«] I Ciftic in Lac^er/bire, the Grand 
JA^ikaCnce the Doke of Rutland. 

E^tHACE r^#wrtffjg70, Ital. BreuagA, 
fc"»«ji, O.F.J a mingled Drink* 
7f;9 BEVERAGE, to girc a Treat upon 
■' ^*^f riagof a new Suit of CJoaths, feff . 
. VniVi IBevepleja, J?o&'i Abby in 
\§mJl^wU\ a Town m lork&ire. 
^ ftV3I£( [Id Utraidry\ brokeo, or open- 
^Sce 1 C^^emer's Role. 
IV »ri [Btvt^ Ijal.] three Partridgct. 
II hWn [of iUr.i^«rii1 a Herd of them. 
mrOrrW'c, the Fat of a Roe-Buck. 
ABfFY fef ^naiU] a Brood or Flock ; 
* ^V^VBtit Woid it fifUFativeiy taken for a 
^ crCoBipaiiy of Perfons, as a i?cvy 0/* 

e TakwAlI/ [of Be and pail, of pahan, 
UbOjiknot. r # r * 

r. toewa're [of^btDelbren»7'«<'^ He- 

I^Pb^Ibt.] to take caie of^ to avoid. 
ft^A'RED, fpent or laid oat. 0. 
KVpPE, to bewail. Cbaut. 

jemLVUiU> [«nptt»iiDm, r«f.] 

ftMar ftifhttd $ aKo that has loft his Way. 
*WITS [in Fakomy] Pieces of Leather 
2>«^ the BeUs of Hawks are iafteoed, and 
MBBd to their tet s. 

UVOUKiy [B^pyifeaa, Sait.} impofed 
^l^pozledycmbanaired. C&rar. 
TsttWRAnr IdB^fpej^m, Sax.] to 


reveal or difcover a Secret; alio to fonljor 
dawb wtth Ordure. 

BEWRE'fCE, to revenge. Chauc. 

To BEWITCH' [of B« and piece. Sax. % 
Wilch] to afflift by Witchcraft, to iniinuatr. 

BEWITCH'MENT, a bewitching, or be- 
ing bewitched. Sbakeff. 

BEWRAI'EN, to declare, todifcoverl C. . 

B E Y, a Governor of a Place near the Sea 
among the l^urks. 

BEVA'PED, cb^•te.^. 0. 

BEYOND' [Bijeonfcan, Sax.] further* 

BEYE'TE, be^iirf-n. Lbauc, . 

BEZA'LIE'. r ^^23, of a in, 73 the. 
Shadow, and 7K Goo, i/. i. «. in the Sha« 
dow of God J a famous Artifiicr among the 

BEZANT'LER [q.d. 5Ar^i>//«r] afecond 
Bratich of a Stag's Ht.rn. 

BE'ZEL? r/://g^'»w derives it of Bejin^ 

BEZ'JL 5 F. ] the upper Part of the Col- 
let of a Ring, that eocompafTcs and faftens the 

BEZOA'R [^of Paxabar in the Perfian 
Language, /. «. a Deilroyer of Poifon] a Stone 
found in the Dung of an Animal called Paran, 
a kind of Goat. 

BEZOA'R Jnimaf f among Pbjficiaiu] the 
Hearts and Livers of Vipers dried in the Sua 
and powdered. , 

BEZOA'R Mineral [with Cbymip] a Pre- 
paration of Butter of Antimony, Axed by SpU 
rit of Nitre, and reduced to a Powder. 

BEZOAR'TICK. ReauUin [among P^v/- 
dans'] Cordial Medicines, good againft Puifua 
and infeflipus Difeafes. 

BEZOAR'DICUM yovia^e^ a Preparation 
of /frg'u/tfi of Antimony, Block-Tin, and Sub- 
limate Corrofivr« 

BEZOAR'DICUM U/iale [wkh Cbytm/h} 
a Mixture of refilled Butter of Antimony 
with fine Silver, dilTolving the Mafs in Spirit 
of Nitre, till the Ebullition ceafe. 

BEZOAR'DICUM Mar//Wir, is a Solution 
of Croctfs Martis made by Reverberation in 
Butter of Antimony, and then the Spirit of 
Nitre is poured on it. 

To BEZ'ZLE [q. d. to beaftle'\ to guaale, 
tipplr, or drink hard. 

BIALACOY'L, Fair Welcoming. 0. 

BI' AS [ Biais^ F. ] a Weight fixed on one 
(ide of the Bowl, turning the Courfe of the 
Bowl that Way towards which the Bias looks; 
Inclination, Bent. 

To BI'AS [Biafer, F.] to fet a Bias upon, 
one ; to incline, to prepoUefs him. 

BIATHAN'ATOI [of Hi* Violence, and 
0«v«T^ Death, Cr. ] Perfons taken away 
by violent Deaths. 

To B I ^ [of kibere, L. ] to drink or iip 

BIBBID, flicked up, drank. Cbave. 

BIBERO'T [ in Cookery ] minced Meats 
made of the Breafts of ParUidges and fat Pul- 
lets, Off. 

^ BIB'I* 




BIFITORY MufcU fin AsiOtaniy'l is a 
Mufcie that dnwa toe Eye down tovrards the 
l^ap when one 4rfiiks. . • 

Bl'BLE [£;MV,.UofBiC7uv,Or. a Bk^Ic] 
the Holy Scriptures of the Old Te{UiiKiic> fo 
called by way p^ Excelliency. 

BiCX(»}fMe0.of 9^'CA)K a Boolci and yfA^ to, 
write, Gr.1 a Writer of Books. 

BIBLIOFO'LI^T [ BMopoU^ W of BiC- 
XlflflrAJUC, oiMXH iodjortt^y to ieU, Gr.] 
a Bookfeller or Stationer. 

BIBLIOTflE'QUE iSiVtctheca, t. of 
tiC>j^intii, of BiZkof a;nd e^ a RepoO- 
tory» Gr.] a Library, a Study, a flace where 
Books are kept ) ajfo the B«>ks themftlves. 

BIB'ULOUS [JiWvr, 1.] drinkiag io, 
fuckiiw up, a; a Sponge doth. -^ 

BICTb, a Colpur ufed by Painters, either 
Blue or Green. 

Bl'CfiPS MuJcuJus [among jS/unMufls] the 
fiurft Mufde o( the Elbow or Thieh) having 
two Heads. 

BiaPITAL 7 fof Bietps, L, having two 


BICK'ERING [Ti^nx CBr,] aTUting 
•r Skiririi(hiog« Di^otie, Wrangling. 

BICK'ERMENT, Strife. ChoMc 

BICOR'NOUS.[iirafw>, U J that Hath 
two Horns, forlied. 

BlCOR'PORAt liiarfsr, t.] that hath 
two ^dies. 

BICOR'POR AL $igm [among 4fadiogera] 
thofe Signs oJF the Zooiack that are double- 

To BID [Becban^ 5^;^. %{ttnu V«^0 to 
invite ; to pray, to entreat ; alfo, to commaod. 

To &I D /flr « Ccmmditj [ Bibtoan, Sax, 
!BiiCtUlir.7<«4] to offer N^oneytf 
y To BID a B9^ to make a Reqoeft. 0. 

BID-ALE» an Invjutioaof Friends to drmk 
at a poor Mao*s Houfe, to get I^Kir charitable 

BID'bINO [of the Bittdi\ a Chaise which 
the PariArPriefts gave their Parifliioners, at 
certain Times» to iky io ma^y Patit-mf€fi 
vpon their Beads, for a So\A departed. 

To BIDE, tpabi4e»«c dwell* Cbauc^ 

BIEN'NIAL iBiennii, t.] that ia of two 
Years continuance, two Years old. 

BPER 7 [AVrr, F. 'B^AX^ T»/.} t 

BE'ER } wooden Ftame to lay .or carry a 
dead Body upon. 

BIFA'RIOUS [hJfanus, L.] two-fold, or 
that may be taken two Ways* 

BlFORM'ED [^/em»,L.] devble-ihapedj 
having two Shapes* 

BIFUR'CAT£D[ii/ir«/r,L.] twio-forked. 

BIG [ ^ag> ^«"- Btaee, Sax. a Belly 1 large. 

BPGA,- a Cart, or Chariot drawn by two 
Hories ooQpied : In Old Rtcfirds, 4 Cart with 
two Wheels. U 

BrCAMY [Bigamtf F. Bigamia^l,, cfhUf 
Im twice, y^iSi Marriage^ Cr, ] a having twO 

Wives or Hb(bands at the fame tUoe^ or, 
fecorid Kfarriage : For„ 

. BPGaMY [in Canoa Law} is an Impels 
ment that faiiMefs a Man from being a Cict^ 
becau(e he hath been twice married. 

BIGGE, a Pap or Teat. £jife. 

To meet [of Byosaa^ Sax»y to ImUd yp 

BIG'GTN or BIGGEK [ BigMin, F. « 
St. Begga, who firil ioftitoted it for a Dil 
tin^ion of Tome Religious Womssiy theiw 
called Be^uins J a Coit, or Llanen Capi for , 
young Chiiidt 

BIG'OINNmG, the Up -rifing of Wo 
after Childbirth. 0, 

BPGHES, jfcWcls. a. 

BIGHT 7 [among Sailon'S wj Tiivn m 

BITE 5 Part of aC- ^~ ' > ' • 

7 fof a H^rfi ] Is thfi tnwasi 
' 3 Bent of tKe Cbatikrtl j, atf 

. ^ Cable or Rope that.lic 

compaflTing or tolled up. 

BIGHT " - " 

the Bent of the Fore-knees; 

BIGOT [in RiUgion] is a fuperftitioiss X^cr* 
6>n» one wfaofe Devotion is over-ilrained ^ a 
iealot. JT, 

BIG'OT pn Politicks] ope who obftiaatKl] 
fondly, and ih-enuoofly adheres to a Paiaqa ^ 
Party, maugre all Oppofition. 

BIG'OTISM 7 [i?i£o/rriV,F.] ^uperiituoffc 

BiG'OTR V I Hypocrify, a fond and obfti« 
nate adherim to a Man*s own Opimooaiuid 

BIGOT'TED, grown a Bigot. 

BIHE'STS, Promiies, Comman^f. C&a^ 

To BTHE'TE, to piomife. Cbaue, . 

To BIK BNNE [Tfmtmm, ^«^]. tn^ 
knowledge. 0, . i 

BPLANDER, a fmall fortof Ship, 

BItAN'CIlS iefgrcndU, a Writ 4ireaea U 
a Corporation to carry Weights ^o a gorticedai 
Ha^n, to weigh Wool that f|Kb aMaa li^ia) 
cenfed to export. 

BIL'BI^RRIES, the FruSt ofa fm^^ Bi^^ 
or Bramble-bdh. 

BIUBO^ [ among ^briVrrs }. a fcat.qi 
Pimifiiment at Sea, ^ben the dflender is la^ 
in Irons, or let in a kind of Stocka* - >/* 

To BlLDE, to build. .C^uu ,...,*- 

BILE [Bile, Sa*. BiUs, L.J a thk-Jc^ jd$ 
low, bjtter Liquor, f^parated in tlielJver* cdg 
le^ed in the Gali-bhdder, and difcharged into 
the lower End of the DuaJftium or Bcgiooai^ 
ot tfce yerumtm by the common Du^. - . 

dlLE'VE, Faitb/ Belief | ahb to helievaf 

BILOE 7 [6{ BilJJ/aBcUy. Bax.^ 

BIL'LACE { the, Bottom, or the f lofi 
of a Ship. • "• ' 

BILGE. ^itt^r [Sfa 7m»l Watf^ whia^ 
cannot come to the Well in a Ship*6 Hold» b|| 
reafon of the Brqrdth of the Bilge. • . | 

BIL'GED 7 a. Ship U faid r<fhehilffjlt 

BUL^GED 3 when ibe has ftruck oft' Zv^ 
of her Timber on a Rock or AnchoTi. and 
thereby leaks. 

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inORDB [iaXtfv] i Jory impaodled - 
m\ f aefBtr, Hit «f them ^«^^r^««,~aiMl ; 
; MR «f !k fane CooBtry vricfa the E^i^'T. 
; MLIOeS [l^&«r. F. ^'Z<>/iw» L.] toil of 
' »«Ciaki» Chderkk. 

BLFVl»fcRbvith, iameaUtdy. Sftne, 
Ti BIL& [ef BilCltf ^«'"* 1 to diiiippoiot 

f mL\U, Ssjt.] aae^sed Toolvfedby 

ML [n tm J b a Decbratkn in Wri- 
fi^ tni^ tbe Gfkfasce or Wrgog die 
^teelnAbi€exed by tbe Deliendaat* 

miltijkit} if^Booaor Writiagob- 

BBl[«f £s<7] a Bill contaiwnf aa Ac- 
IMB fli Ckeds totcnd at the Coftom-hoofc. 
_ 4 DIL [fl^ £jErA«)v#] ii a Note, order- 

661 hfmtai ot a &m of Money in one 
^ » 1 Pkrfta appointed, in Confidva- 
'^»# ^Bke Valoe paid to the Drawer in 
lAaPte - 

MLldUBi^] iaaDtedAsMdbythe 
^^isv aShify by which be ackaowiedget 
miimsiftf the Merchaota Goodi, aad 
^^phaMf to dehicr th« fiwK at the Placa 
Umihiy are confiped. 
^ttl. [iPantts] '» a partifiilar Accoaat 
IMly Ik Sdler to the Buyer, of the Softa 
ttfte«<if Cauda iMH»ht. 
milfiStk] u a D^giawbyaPler. 
lOainii|aS«Ba of Money, aad delivaiiag 
^Matlnntv to the L«ii4v. 

iU. MSrarf] k a Lkcncc fraatad at the 
^telpfe to Meachaatt, tp caiigr Stores 
Aaiaa aaoeflary (m their Yaynge, 


^[^^^rwwr] a Lieeaee granted to 
■whKf&ade from oac£^/j^ Port to 
■■a, vidbac paying Caftpflb 
Aa Ph^, or trw MOf if thf Indode. 
iftlcGieBi iaqaefts apea 4ay ladiO- 
^tky find to be paobab^ tntt* 
*" , the Brradih af a Floor ef a 
aa m^iML m Bited Ca. 

iKIUonS (/. i. Hahiknati] Qfiuu 
Bftal Chatht of Womeo* 

liUT[Mrt,F.l aSft^orUftof 
PI «• i« Feel : Aa ii«ac af QoU or 

jUlxrrjArfcP.l aTkikatlbrC^ar. 

iUr[iaJi^ii££j] apartkolarfgaof 
^■jvii fwa of a hwig Severe. 

BnAlbvR, a ihort l«o«c»L(tter fiani to 


^ID/LET SMier^ tafiarter thea^lo 


fULlAftOS [of ^ZKard; F.J a.O«M. 
^ minftsO ATS, a ftaM«« impadcixt 


B I 

BftUOKS, rimiUioaa, or twice Mifllam, 
or [ in Uumeratton J it is Numbers of Mib- . 
lioos } Aewiag, that the Word MiUidna is 
twice aicationcd, as 9,999, 999,909, 

BUUUTING, theOiteof aFox. 

BIL'LOW [of UUUb, r-ar. to rw] a 
Sarge of the Sea ; a great roUiog Wave* 

BIMAKaCAI. i&imarf$, L.] of twa 

To BIME'NE, Co bemoan. Cham. 

BINA'&IOU^ [Umtw, L.] of or bdoog* 
iog to two. 

BIN'CHESTBR [ of Vtuvmum, L. and 
Ceafteii, Sax, a City] a fmall Village in tha 
BiAoprick of Durimwu 

To BIND [ TBiABt^ Dan^ Bttt&aa, Stsu 
1BttUltll» ^«ar. ] to tie up, to h&ta. toge* 

A BIND, a Stalk of Hops. C. 

A BIND rfE^^ two Hundred aad FifW. 

BIND'TNG [in Fakonry\ ii a Tiring, ec 
when a Hawk fcitea. 

BIND'INQ Joyfii [in ArtbhiBurt} JoyAa 
in a Floor, iato which tbe Triaimers of Stair'> 
cafes and Chimaey-waUs are fraaied. 

BINDWEED, aa Herb, C»mnhmht,U 

BINE'TH [BeaeoS, SmA beneath. Chme. 

BINETHEN [BeneaSaa, Sa^] the iaaia 
as Binab, Ch^^c, 

BINN [Bume, Sax^l a haige'Cheft ts poC 
Cora or Bread in. 

BINKA'RiUM [Old iiH9rdt\ a Poad at 
Stew for kanipa or feeding of Fill. 

filN'OCUB Taf Mim-^emS, Im i.e. tw» 
£yea ] a doabk ProfpeAHre-glafs, to iee a di« 
ftantObje£i with both £yca at oaee. F. 

BiNO^Mw iBmmmttu rtm.} t^ke& 

away. ChoMc* 

ilNCXMIAL [AfgOra] a Qnathy divided 
into two Paru by a Btaoadal <%Hnittty ar 
Root thateaattfti of twa Names or Parte 
joiaed together by thaSigfa X i •^ * X K 
or4 X #• Or. 

BIOG'RAPHBR [of B4^ and >^] ene 
who writes the Lives of emioenbli^. 

BUK^AAPHY Jof Mttti the Ule, aad 
>faf a DafCTiplioa» <St.} a writiag the Uvea of 

BtDtVOiFNniM (with PMMamJ die 
vital FUflR, aataral Heat, ar Uh of^Aal- 

BKXVAC X [MUtitryVroms^ a Night- 

BIHCyVAC S Gaavd pevlbimcd by tha 
whole Amiy, when there is aay Apptchcniaoii 
of Danger. F. 

7h rmfi th» BHWAC, is to retare the 
Amy to their Tcmsl 

BIPAA'TiENT [in JritbmetkJIt] dividiaf 
fatta two efaal Parts ) a Nambet it fo called, 
whca it diaidts another hita two cfual Pasts, 
as 4 to 8, 6 to 12. 

BIPARTFTfi (kpmtiM, L.] dhridediota 
two Parts. 

BIPARTFTION, the AAafdhridiag ao]^ 
chingittotwoi^arta. i. ^ 

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B I 

BfPATIEWT [bifatmtjXj} Open or lying 
Often on ftotivSJ4f** v. r.« ^ 
. BIPEDAL [hipeda/is, L.] two Foot long, 
wideor.4tepj' * ...■ • " 

BIPEDA'NEOUS, two Foot wide, ^f. 

BIQUAAORA IE • [ j^th'^ ] the fourth 
Power, arifing from the Multipliostion.of ■ 
Iqiuro Number or Quantity ^ itfelf* 

BIQUU^JLE lA/fr»nomy] a new Afyea 
iovented by Kepler, confifting of two Fiftht 
•f the whole Circle, or ooe hundred and forty, 
four Degrees. •' » 

BIRAF'T [Brraitilt} Tlmt,} berc»iAed^ de- 
priired. Cbavt, 

BIRCH ( Bifice, 5iwr, Btrctal1»nm, 
TmiT. ] thU IS weil known to School-maOert. 
Where thcfe Trees art in plettty xhc People 
tap them, and make a verj pka£u)i Wiae of 
the Liqoor. 

BIRD f Bifm, perhtpt o(Bp0^n# Co bree^/ 
S#x.] a Fowl^ ihi»U or l«rge;i 

The BIRD »f tbt Eye, the PiopU ot $igbt of 
the Eye. -SiMA* ' 

- BIR'DE, « MilMlor Weflch. Chwf. - 

BIRDS-EVB, mbindijigHlrb. 

BIAGAN'DBR, o kind of wild GM(e« 

BIftK, «MndofBI(teh-«iw. .0. r 

BIRiLBT».oCbifor,Hflod< t). 

BIRT or BURT, a cwtoio FiA of^bc 
Torbot kind.. 

BIRTH [Beoppe, SMC0I kb^tig born, 
Dcfcent, Extmaioii; , • ^ 

BIRTH, [among il£<^/Mn-]^€Mnretiient 
Sea-fOMi ,ht Ships at Anchor f e ^ovoBieiK 
Place to moor a Ship in f oli^'m Place aboord 
for the M^ to put their Chefls irn 

BIRTHING, a Term oled whenthc SidfiB 
of a Ship are raHfed. ;* \ 

BIRTH'RICHT, fhmom of EtaelM.' 
Joneing to *^erlbn by Bhtil. • '* - *i 

BIS'COTv 1 9itm of ^o Prve fev e«ery 
Perch of Land, to be paid Mfi Dcfaiih flf M- 
paitnig-Bbnks, Ditebea^ &^ L^^^ ^ • < 

To.BlSEOT^ fofiaiBd)^4^Wto:tut] 
tocncif^^wo.. ". • . . . - , 

To flUSECTi \\mGweiMufy to cof tMr^-i 
Vide'a Une^'ANglfl^ or Arch>v^r«<^ ioio tmo\ 
equal Parts. 

BlSEC'TIOTf '7 » DiviasiB of Wf thing, 
. J)ISSeC'TlOSl|tttafiV«>e^iP«t»..I.. • 

BISEG'M ENT 7 [oSAu ^uAftgrnm 9^-1 

Bf^$E01M%NT ymem^^M J one/ oH the} 
Parts divided Ulto Cwo'frqtiaJ HMvt^J > . t t 

filSETV a fort of &t(Mk4>0VBARrVll0odH 
P»g*<Vn/-.iP*" - .■'..• I 

BisiroP'fBircb^t, s^'.mrtt)gpyi^i 

3l(c!jcff. "^^w'i ) * chief Offitcr. in,.U»<^ 
Chwrh, Who his the ebbx^e-OftoOiOQefl!. ! 
. Smfr/tganBim^Pfrbi^ A^XO 4«t6Ahe«til8 
. 7»r<A'«r BiSHOPj 5$ndarifliofABia^| 
hut no Dlrcffc. I 

MlH'O>*mQ4;«90i^r|r«r/tfCbV><rs} ng«» 
nifi^ thefr SopliiAicationt^hey ^fe to m^^^n 
•hi flode9ppeat'|o«Qg,,.Ah9ipBt i«tf^ ^c- ' 
BISHOPRlCK,Uhe Profiace or Jurikilc 
liaft bekin^ing to a Bilhop. 

B I 

BTSK" 7 Odds at th'e Play at Tcnnil 
BISQUE i Stroke allojvcd to the w«a 

P:l?yer. i^. 
BISK * tpn Cooierj^A fich \RiA off 
BlSQUt^tage rnade hi CMiaUs, Cap( 

fat Pqlicp, and more elpfcc^Iy'^(P^ 

roafted. * ' • • * * • ' 
BISMA'RE tBipteofi, 5^*. i lAtf] 

Uife^ Scanc^a). Chatc. " 
ToBlSMA'Rfi f Ahft^fUan, '5'ix. fe 

'Brfc^mierenj *<> 3aub, Tr«/, b. d. x4 

one dirtily^ to throw Dirt ^c ooej to fcqjf 
to difgrace. Chauc, 

BiswuTH rcauffnmrt, "Teuui * to 

impcf fea Metal like Tin, but bitt|e,i 

TJn.gUfiu ' 

BlSPREIfrr, hcfprirfkled, C^mV. 

BT^'SA \^ Bicbe, F.] a Hmd or Btdl 

the Forcf!. O.L. ' ' " 

BISSEXTILE [Bijextnts, of his tw{ce,i 

/luctefit, L. the fix&j] Leap-year, which h 

pens every fourth Tcir : For chice id e« 

four VcArs, 9 whole Day fs added to makr 

the odd Rx Hour», whereby the Oiirfe ofl 

Sun. yearly exceeds 365 Days, hcbig inia 

next after the »8th of February, /*, 

BIS'SON RUum, blind RheuM. Sbi 

BIS'TORT IBifiorts.L.] the Herb 

weed. . ' , . V 

BIT, commanded, bad, bitten, ' Chkae^ 

mT;,l1Si«)te^ Sax, iSthjCfl, 'TetnAM 

Horfe's Bridle^ ^ ' ' j 

BITAT^^DE^ iTimttit ^tt^r..] M 

(harp. Cba$«h \ . 7 

BlTAU'CHt. recoiwAicnde^. ' ti^.' 

A BtPCH* JBfcce, Sax.] a fertile D^ 

To 'BITE [Biran/Atf*. ^ein>r\i vi 

TWftW,j:.y .^o.prrfs,wkh the.Tepa:;;' 

Horfc'^ Mouthr,' ^ 

BlTftENT, plaifedortVi*ei*b8frM 

i CQn»5ge<|^fvrounded.. Cbauc^ ' ^*»' 

BitT, a Piece of .Sllyef, cbrrenrrftj 

badoi fpr fcvcn Pence halfpenny. '*' \r 
BrFTACLE, P(5*r r.rpf J a Frairi^ bf^ 

beir in tHe Steerage'oF a' Ship, w^creth^Of 

pafs ftandt. " '* 

bihts /:BiM|t>2tt«%'}. vivt^raiit 

Br^'lwT^w rrmV;i TuJft Ofjfb 
ahout the Ti9>b^i calledF/VM,^ whed wi 
liesat AnchoK. ' V '^"1 

ter Might- ftade. ' ' *''^"' 

. BIJTERK 7 [TPutDOe; i?*/: ^>1» ? 
"* .Blt'tOURf ?«./*, tj iVih6 6iti^ 
Bfrd haunting Lakes antfFifns.' '**'i 

. BIJ'TBRN pnthe AWr^A^li]*ViUl 
'which remains at tlie T8p after the Wl 
,/u9^ to xiy^ Bottom, hvrioi StM .tl^ 
Hours after boilinlf to ^ool. 

BlfTERNESS. beir^gofa V.ttf+TIti 

..3ITTS.X»a a Ship^twa main Piece 

. Timber, t^ which the Cab^e'ii'fafttaWd^ 

» ^ zed by Google Bn 


VtHMDt « kW tf fiit Cfav or SfiflSe* 

•W/fl \Miwatmtf L.I • Tefn sfid 
AtMMi «Uck i^ve c«» SbeUi. 

murnimtmml %mi Poda of fech 
ll«iaip«;k tkv wVofe UaiMi to 4U^ 

iWTJ Ut, hei^ Waif td. 
mfOmALlidMit aod Friiftr, L.J that 

"^ — "^ ' ■ <y, 

. . , . Olt T«vf •] to teU any 

/• tkot M|^ to (e coDceaM. 


■K iW Nomi.w«iirQ Inhabitanta 


L Jwiopliiam iKjlun, ^«r.] tfaa 

I^M a Book k»c b th« Ittbe- 

n^CHttiai Ike Olden of that Coort. 
aftlOA, a UakorMaifaorrmall 
gJtfJkjJl aIlhRMt»lbno«rlyH<ii» 

IttlU rm the AWfAant )Dm»ruiV 
2^«fc»ariftii«f, Com, or Ottler 

2^"*?« Mmwf, Com, or Qtttle7 
S^^imiVtaao^ ia Po«Nr, ioha. 
SJI^ftB Bates, idifld wjtk MoA 
|^«|a^ MU% to Jbt prattdod 


BLADE [of ««%, 5^*. »Ut,r«f.] 
Laaf^ the Catting Fte of a Sword. 

BLADE [of Bktt, &w. ^U»» Don.] t;ht 
Blade oFOon. i 

BLA'DIER, an IngraffcTof ComandGiaia. 

Bl.AIN[Bl6S«r,^«f.Wf«lief^M » 
Bod or Ulctr» 

BLAKE, Mkol 0. 

BtACKW, bkckeoed. C&»r.. 

BLA'RES, Cow-dong dry*d for Fad* 

To BLAMB [^/*9*,F.J to £ad Fault 

' BLitBO^ impotatioo^ RepEO«cb» Scandal* 
F. • ■ ■. • 

BLAMB'ABLB [hUmakkiT.} vorthyoT 

" — Ob defiinriag to bo SlamoA* 

BLANC Marnier [in Cm^aj] a kad ofJeUf 
dHde of Cahet r^^ and other logrodieom 
with poooded Almondfy fif r» P* 

BLANCH ltlM»ch$y F.) White 

To BLANCH lhUnebir,?.J to whitn x f 
take olF the Skkit of AioMndt, ^r. 

BLANCIFBIIS (in the Affafl Workmen 
thatoaaoa^ boil and cleans the Money* 

L.] tfair and BattanagSpeocki r— * 


'own 10 the 


S jSTthe raor of the Order of 
^ 6 cillti liro^ hit Black Rod. 
;»fia Umai the To^t bo ^tenda' 
', mA If 0&f€ of Lords in 

lothaafci, that 

5:!*^ > p^Aff In att Polnft. w^ft in 
^CB *■<«" •( all Houiii and ii a 
i|?W:Mrioafca^l ao^ uiconlingly, 
*ZLt^*)ftri»r» ftii Arriuy | and the 

J^^i^aOwMShttUor, ocMeal. 

|£^ [MmiIp of blap«^ &ir. to 
i3gL*y»»H whjclnacdtw the Urine 

*^DDiaAW, a Plaat thtt beait 

^8E, to footh^ to flaMor* a«vr« 

TolLAKDlSH {Umdiei^ U] to Bitter, 
or lootbe op with £ur Speacbea. 

K^NiyiSHMBMT iMJtidica, F« J9£m« 
MttHyW] aCoanpIiaicBtyaCa{oi% m alior* 
iag CaiM, a Wheedle. • 

BLANK [Bkwc, F.] pal^ m^ ««it of 

A BLANK rSikafM^F.lavoidSpioeui 
Wfkhigl anoiteefioedTidBBtkiaLotiiRyf 
a Piece of Metal hi the Mint rtidy for Coin- 
ioft AiroaCoittftaflip*4kiF#aiaMhyKk« 
Bmy V. in Valoe 8 A 

BLAMK r<r>, Voi4co«4thoat Ithntei, 

BLANI0»S^, white Germenti. Q. 

BLAN'KBT [Blincbit, F.l a Cotcrlet for 
a Bod I ^Iba Woolen Cloth ofedia a Ptinting. 
Pnfty to make a |air Im^refifeo of tho Let- 

BLAN'WBT, a fort of Pear. 

To BLA» [Wariltt £. ^.] tofweal, of 
Bscltaom, aeaCandkdoei.. 

BLAS, tbo notion of the BiMfc Bthu 

BLASE, f proutiog Ibrth. 0» 

BLASOURS, PraUen. 0. 

To BLASPHE'BIE [hlMumt.Y. hUfpU^ 
Mort^U ^SXcTfo^r^ ^^'T ^ ^^>^ revile^ 
fpcak eoil of God or Holj Things. 


BLASPHEfM ATORT C tsk^kmus, L. 
Bxirf o/mO*^ Or. ] belonging to» or ibU of 

BLASPHEMY [Bkl^hme,?. BUtM^ 
mm, L. of BAnrM/Hlay o. /flXMoa to hurt^ 
and fl^ Repotttieoy Or.] GuiBai and Swear- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



, BLAST IBhe^ti ^^f^r* S|&^ 7V»/.] a 

^r.J'tO ^iithe'Fruult of thfc Earth} to 
IDarr. tp fpoil : tajli1^ppoiOt',a Defigo. 

roilST'lNOS, Witf^skod rroftsthat im- 
mediately IpUow Rain^ in^ ire Very deftruc- 

BLATANT bai«dbg;iawUngs as a Bla- 
tant Writint. 0. ' ' 
' BLAT£RATlOftj babbling. L. 

^o SLaSE Lof Blaepe, 5«*. BUlCCIly^*^* 
9Uft9»^<nif. tile. Si^ification of the laft if 
to blow, and alfo'to' fiaood a Wind Inftm- 
ment] to blaxe as a Fire or Torch ; To pub- 
lish br fpread abroad. 

BLA^SOK iB/afinl P»] the difplayiog of a 
Coot of Anna m its ptoper Gofoon. 

Tb BLASON [hlifotifier, P. j to paint, «t- 

rfs or. difplay the Pat ta of a Coat of Arms 
pdjftt dbroOrs iU Metals : To fet forth 
the i^ood or ill Qpaljties of a Perlbn. 
^ BtAZE'pHarpe; Sax^J u of t Torch, 

BLAZE nn a ttorft] a White Fac% 

To BLAZON. See BTaJott. 

BLArZOHRir, the An of HeraWiy. 

ttfiAK: [BUttItt i>«*I<bill or cold } alfir 
fal^ wan. 

A BLEAlK. oxJSte^, a little Fifb. 

BLfAR-EVro/Uood-lhbttcn, and redder 
tiiaa onUnary. 

T6 BL'EATlbfWMiS-Jr.^Irttfn, t.^J 
to a> like a Sbeep or CoaU 

A BLED, a- Blifter, a Bhdb; al/b a Blad. 
der, a Bubble in the Water. C 
■ BLB, Sight, Afpctt. D. 

BLfcfc [Blab, Sax, BU, F.] Com, 0, . 

ToBLEECH rofi¥hlaecr,.'Sax. pale, or 

To BI^EP [UfBtwui, Sax, TSXiittUp ^Tor/.] 
to lofa Blood j|^ alfo tb let Blood ; as. IbeCom 
hUfds km// 1 f. f. ^ieJdi welt upoin .Threiluog. 
C. To rpcM, Cdw^.' . ' \ ' ." ' ' 

BLEEOIN^G CmH [with $barper}\ one ihit 
when ^ is qmotfiafHt u r. has loft a JittlcMo- 
Bey. v(]i)4l<)t give out till hf ha loff all, 

BLtllirE, A BUih, a Boil. Ouri/^. 

BLEM'ISH rprobably of IZrmr^ F. palcj a 
Stain ih a MaaT Repucat(ofi and Hc^urj a 
Bfio^, ^«uir, a Diij^cs. . 

BLEM'I^H litrHurttiiigJ wheo the Beagilet 
ao^ Rounds,' iiiidiag where the Chafe has been, 
only Duhfc # ?t6fi'^, and retui?^. 
, To BLEMIJSf^ [probably of i/WoF. to 
grow p«!c] if) fpot or ftain i to hurt OQC*i 
£}od. Name and Reputaoon* 

BLENCH. iScQtck If Jill to hoTftund iu 
BUn'cb, U to bold by Payment of a Penny, a 
Rofe, a1*air oF gjlt Spun, fif<. , 

BLENCHES, Faults. SbaJtej^, 

To BLENCH, to (in, to fear. Shtkifp. 

B L 

ToULEND [UMbaa^-'^kxr.] tv 
mingle together. 

B L£ N D ^#far, a IHfiempcr 
Uack Cattle. 

BL^NT, ccafed, ftrkyed, turned I 

BLENT, mingled, hlbided. Speitt. 

To BLERE, to dim, darken, co<' 
Eyes. Chaue, 

oienag in Speech. 

To BLESS ^Biet^il^S«Jr.] to I 
pronounce a Bleffiag on, to prolper« 

BLESS, the waring of a Sword. 

BLETA [OUUw] PcteorEmh*^ 
up, and dried for Fuel. 

BLET'SOE [of BtetpaB to bkfi, a 
Ssx, a Sight ; to wit, tor tlic Pleaftii 
it! Profpea] a Town formerly called i 
in BtdforiUbire, 


to abide, to tarry. Cbaac* 

BLEW. See^/arr. 

BLEY'ME [in Hcrfm} a Difaf^^ 1 
flammation arinng firom braifed Blood,!" 
the Sole and B<Nie of the Foot. 

BLIGHT, a Hurt done to Com m'\ 
Trees, wbich makes them look aa T 
were blafted. 

BLIOHT'ED, bbfted. 

To BLIN, to ccafe. Ste»e» 

ToSLlND [Btldban, 5kv. M 
L. S,"] to deprtfe of Sight. J 

BLIND [Biesto, Sax. 'BliMt ^'^ 
prived of Sight. 

BUNDS iBSndet, F.] Bandlea 
bound at both Ends, and fee up between^ 
Fortification, ' 

BLINDS for ^nd»wt, Cantafs, 6fr.| 
ed and framed, to put within Win 
keep People from gazing in. 

BLINK' ARD [of ^Unktr Daa 
\iZny L, S, and Tm/. J one that winki « 
Ides with hit Eyes. 

To BUNK Bter [Uiiiuui, Smt.] i 
it unhroachcd till it grows fharp. C 

BLINKS I among Uumten] ' 
a-thwart the Way, where a U 

m.INN£ [hhnnan, Sax,\ to da&ftJj 
to give over. Cbahc. 

BUSS LBiirrfr> of hUrr«i^ ^^* < 

Happinefs, Giadoefs. 

BUS'SOMING, is the Aa o# 4 
between I Ram and an Ewe. 

BLI8T, XloiBUffr^f,} 

BLEST, J ter, 

BLIS'TER rWtt. fin; Bei 

BLrrE or Blit€s,z genetJcal^ 
.the following of vrhich are ratt^ 
Kitchen, t«». Afercmrt; (r?»o*Jw 4 

BLITH ' I [BhBe;* 

BuTH'sOMB f i/iititi m 

cynd, merry .^ , 

BLIVE, Of BeUv/[ti. d. i^filTi 
lyi qokiiljr, UBBCdiatky* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TiSdic, tolkibber. CUmc, . 
■AOL^MMk, Tiitf. ] ike St9& or 

Wy^'K {JMi*««y TtrJ^jf *f eiw 
l^^aTcvDor Place withacfU^d Tioypt] 
«ikakHi|i^cithert» fleiire i(^, V> ip^kc 

kinv. f, . J-' ; ^ 'J r- • 

aaumKq, it wl^^tlM JMegeri 

■wtfatcii k fkax^ iaCQ» or opt wf the 
ftOGDSUrt ^S. l^lHI, TVur. J the 

mS^JMtL ihc Ipft . IX^Re V Heiit 
^mhk$k tB Uiar Iroa in the Foryi. 
I feam XwBif lub, a Difeaie in TIciics.' 
; mm ki«».,afcftSweUii» which toet 

; ^BM4liii^ x'^vwM e0^^ ibr 
llijlliiniiiiil» aode9tk.nu4 /or ihe^ 

" i«t*trW.> J)«fi?i»arflj or 

lt«fjt(iW-lh*l«/,. cruel. • 
4 iheCriiiie ^f aTrefjiaWr. 
lyc&ii^^' wiihhii.lWa*. 

_it^ia 9f >#P», or 
^'»^«rij J? a foip 

, i -.1, .1 
J'#il ••&»•** *^- 

B O 

I A BLOW F VltilMa <9«iP.l ■ Strqke, 
To BU>WXb>]^«f««'lAti^e Wind 

blows, ©"f. * ' '- \. 

BLOWN MtA. ikimm*a or;flpt^,MUk. 

'BJLOW^, a lort of Whi^i^ i|ia» ^tt 
'out a srear4eal.QC WatKf. 

BLOWING JTMifn, Furoactt it\^sf^ Tta 
Oic ii melted add cdl. ' 

BLOWING SntJte^ a Ton of Viper in Vir- 
fima, which blows and (Welle the Head . very 
iDucfht^oire ittifeitheBite. ., . 

BLOWZ'6. %h%^ r«U^c*i, bk>tcd 
W4eqch;' or one whofe Kiad \%rMkd like a 
Slattern. *" , 

BLlM'££k/a fort of Sea Fiib ^ ifl^ Whak 
Oil, or fat before it it boiled. 

BLUE [IBU^ "TeuL pn^y of 1.* «m tht 
Water,, beef pfe ol,it% reprefcnttng tlta Coloar 
of AeSkyJ ^y Cbloof. 

BLUE ^ ^ i^TUlr^ iormptly Ibr Bhu M 

Alio a lar^e blue Flv, 

To BLUFF, to b(iod-fbldor tioo4-4vifj^. 

3LVFT- Headed [ aAiong SaiToh'^.z ^hip 
which hath a faaaU B^tkfi. ^orw»fd 0% '^'A^'" 
Stern toO ftrei(ht uk ' • * ". !■ Z^.,, , f 

A BLUrFmL an Hdl or LaodWd.'4c. 

BLUNnOBL M^<md, Q. frB^d^^^U Ef 
Dfan, I. e, ReddiAJ a SbliaA«. . .^, ' 

BLUNT, « Sitnamei^ fcooi the fainfk Itobt, 
. BLU|^rDER,,>^'Fav4^, imik^ ok, C^er* 

figi't, • ,:' :: .. 

BLUN'PBI^ySS lJD0UBerfittai» ^1 

n ihoit braft tSqn Hi a Ui^e, Bote ^ ii^fo. a 

cav^ieft Pcrfop^ or one whQ poQWUta Blun* 

dert. ,. !,'..• 

BLU^KST, a l^ght Stof Colour* • , 

BLUNJ^fa^yiog ft dufl t^oi^t «» )E4ge i^^fo 

to BL<^H t prol^abU of ^9fe%^ Wiu.] 
td f^den 4n ' theFice, tidi^ >frQih^l^^ 
3)»ame..ptSttij>ri*e, , , ...' /-r., r." - 

tb BliUSfH ai9ih&, ;V/v ^.W IW^fc^n 
CountciMUJce^. C y . -;" 'V'" ■_.; 

To^BLUSTtetoTMari^xj;. d,l?i^/^] 
to piakeJi N^feas»ftcrout>lfifV^4 jo^f 
'agt«^t SHr* or bea^y l^eJifc.' , ; , ! ^. 

TO BLTN, to ceaft;; dc^it t<»y^ oR '<^« 

BlVNCH'rD^>ei»t oT} aXfo feflf ing 
aimiint. "Ciiw, . . '' ' '. • T ,^ ■" 

' %tT'SVNGE. blMmtrBiinung.; Y^^^ 
• 'VLir^/ ' ieltleffve. . 

,BQAOTR'OE$ fjf^Oaapf ltfi% 1%^.] 
1k*4 of Tb«n4^^^»tlfc i&iv^ by our Sjuriowf 
to'the Apbi!eiT4aM« rfndjfoiii, • 
. A.BOAR t&k^AT.J ^A^ftSwme: ' 

BO Alt bt>i»,. fii«?: 1g«V^«.] f 

To 9QARD, i;o coiter with,lBd)^ *, to .diet 
Sr eii(«ru1tt AC Tabfej to be (dieted. I^oairded. 
' To go ABOARt>j tt» go Into a Shlpv 


J jlc .'■»■ ©igithzfed 

pigb tot SMidsricB ^eMigW» i(i^»\ to 
dkSUr Men on My Part of her. 

Ships como^ nut m totovch one tnother. 
A BO ARD^ER^ im who 4iMa with ano- 


To BOAST [boaii, Sm, Vo&iOt C, Br J 
to bug, 

ABOAfiT [BoQ%j;«». Vcg^CBrJ a 
Brag or BouiK». ., . , 

BOASPFUL* bragghig ODicb. 

BOAT [Bate, Sax. 'Zmt, t. S, idg, 
Vor, Ttti, Battaup F.] a V*0el for Sea or 
* To/«ii/;A^BOAT [SefTtnH] U to keep 
her from beating againft the Rocki, Shore, or 

To/rte the BOAT, it to make the Rope 
h& rouod aboat, and to fiften the Boat-rope 

BQAT-Ad^7aRop^by which the Ship 

ClTT'Rope i towi her Boat at the Stern, 

BOAT'SWAIN 7 [BatTFsn* Sax. BOOf 

BaSON 5 llUm9X..^\] an Officer 

in a Ship» who takes all the Anchors, Cables, 
Ropes, Sails, 4f(« into his Charge* 

BOB'Tail [in Archen] is the Steel of a 
Shaft or Arrow that is mull breaAed, and is 
big toward the Head, 

ToBOB^ toflrike; alfo to cheat. 

A ilty BOB, a Tauiit or Scoff. 

BOBB*D, cheated*' 

BOB'BINS [Stoats, F.] little Took ufed in 
fnakiog Bone-Lace, in throwing Silk, &t, 

BOC AROX) [in Lfgiekl the fifth Mood of 
the tbitd Figure^ in which the middlemoft 
Propofition is an iinivc|fa| Affirmatifr, the 
^rA and bft particular Negati?es. 

BOCCASI'NE, fine Backtm, • Ibrt of 

BQCME, an ImpofthiuDe, Botch, or Ukcr* 

BOOKIA [utPfongCiymJUJ a large VdTel 
with a great Bellv like a Cecurbite. 

BOCK^Hordt Bochepi^, Sax. ] a Place 
Wheie Books, Writmgs, and Deeds aio kept. 

fiOCK'ERBLY <teeofthe kinds of long. 

BOCK'ERETC wiDg*dH«wks. 

BOCK'LAND. ii a Land held by JMc or 
Chvtei^ which has not heaa pati^ over to 
«cheri either bff Gift or Stic* 5« 

To BODE [bOOmi, &ue. of l^ottt » MfC^ 
(oHfiKf iTor.l lio declare or ihow, to Imtci. 

BOD'kiN , comniaiided, -)>id^ or bodef 

BOD^IUN, jui.UeeiiiU WciaMi lolt Mm# 

Hair on, and alfe Anr oUiec Ufts. _(LSn . 

BOObE'lA^ I#V49> a ftm^s Libfan ai 

BOfyUXt^ W »oii » Kite, in^il^ini 
C, Br, the BankofaRitcc,,' by tealoo <lf tb 
ma^K«mbir of Kites that fio^cnt jtl a 

BOC^O ARI [from B0B a Rinr,nil]Iggti 
^fmTj,C.Br,j ■ Place kfSfiui^tf, 


pound of Matter and Fbrm j a Purf tffl 
diers I « Companj of Pbook." 
BODY, aSimpletoQ. rMjB. "^ 
BODY [in Cfymjhjl k £r^ Hi 
holds the Matter in djflilluig the Mk 
Vegetables, ' 

BODY^ [io Cemary] is a M^iode wl 
has rhrte Dhnenfions, as Length. Mrm 
and Thi^kxefs 5 and it is oppofed to Body, 1 
is a Trrh in Natural Philolbphy, inafmod 
thte firft is penetrable, and the feooind iaspi 

Rtgular BODY [among Gtmttriaaai 
that which has all its Aneles and Sides, ' 
aifo all Planes that compote its Sorfact, 1 
and e<}ual. 

Irregular BODY, a Solid, not boaaded « 
equal and like Sur^ces. 

Mmt^^ BODIES [inC^;^] areTk 
which naturally grow and increafe, as Anhri 
Metals, Minerals, and PUnts. 

BO'DYKIN, a little Boy. O. 

BOG [ probably of 9oOSeil> D* 
bend, becaufe it giifies Way, being trod 1 
OB ] a nurfliy Groond, muddy or t 

BOCGE, bold, forward, fancy. 

To BOG'GLE [probably from Bpg^Qi 
mire] to be uncertain what to do, u wai 
to fcruple* 

BORE'MIA, a Kmgdom now belei^ 
the Emperor of Germaof. 

BOHE'MIANS, the People of Soitd 
alfo a fort of roring People like Gypfies, 

BOI'AR, a great Officer of State amei« 
Mufcovitet and Ferjiam. 

To BOIL [ hwlUr, F. of haHirt, U ] 
Teethe as a Pot. 

BOIL7 [Benlt. 9W. BiUt, U Chobp 

BILE 5 kind of Swelling or Sore. 

BOIL'ARY rfSak 7 [of A^ariVftV to b 

BUL'LARY 5 F.I a Salt-HoeAj 

Piece where Salt is boiled, 

BOISE AV of Com, at Baxrdiax* 
France, two Bofliela and near half a Peckf 
at itivAr/,'twoBuiitlsaod half a Peck, £ 
lijb Meafore. F. 

BOISnPERDUS Jbf ftftom Soot, e Ti 
peft, eccorAng«to'illnig|C«wiJ ftorny, 
oovfierce, Tchemenv vnruly< 


BOlSnrOUS, haltbb kme^' ^^»^^l 
fude,%ndiaoc.* 0. * ' • * 

To BOK% tbjpobt at I ^M6 ttfid*; 

BOKET, vBoeket. 0, ' >^ 

BOKtUNCf, kttUhigoli, ClMM^fl 

glous^ ^^ undaunted* r\.u 

BOtE Jhieitiak^'te ^^Sf'taiMlh,^ ! 

^tnblirtg Stone, btoegbt ftooa AfttimH^\ 

other Parts, rppi ntwb ^6ftd- in Pifl 

BOLE, aBqU. C&d»r« >'k 

BOUyiOAR^M. e^rey SMt, t4 

Digitized by VjOOQ iT |j 







whmt, t 6rt^ 

IM « Ci^MB w In lat find OB. 
nX[Mi^&BK.]»Irai6flaiiiig fe» 

MLT^Cwi—, mill itfMMb, 

nXJbir [ib« Tm] a ftnit Boi^ that 

U3S naaili^RMii t» wIhcIi tlia 
ftiite «1 Tackki WIS* <Mm«» tie 

Ur-AysTSt iMD whicli cW 8m1 of 

MUVltCr 7 tha Maft M dK R»d of a 

OTSnUT CSlua that iaaaa limrarJ, 

tfiBiiMLMf aiiA ThkkiMft with the 

lalOIT [HMaa Aprm] a OoMV ii fijd 
» h ha^ Am Ac ia irft ft artad. 
K8TDO. aa EsereMe w Cngr's-tej 

lEJUVO.Jfa<r^l aChetarTkeaahco 

KftTS, n llci%2 4^ Airowt. ^|jNiir« 

lOUS [Balai^, QtA aM«f&l or Gob- 
he, i. 

UTS [ia MzM] aMe^ m BMc|k aa 
«;ktikxaaCaMaQihfiil» ofaCoafiAancc 

MMkctDKlDertDsn Honey* 

Mrs (<i a JlCiitrmi Senfi] a kiod of 

Mi.«biit Dr. Crw feppofet to be a Bod, 
•' aaa tie Mm trim priwm^ or firft Matter 
if%aH«d Mctaif. 

ittOS [Bialii, F.I are hoOow Balb of 
h«.v^ lie dttifod with Powder, and 
teaae Hub aad f^eeoi of Iroo, to be flwt 

AnOAXST {Bmimde, F. BmUrda, 

If KMBARIK Umisrier, F.] to ihoot 

Bmh «e «f Mortatt ioto Towns. 

IMUR'DO fa Mmfek B-h] it an In- 

i^Kof .ld«fia» mndi the iiuna at our 

fca, « Bab t» a Hairt-boy. hsh 

iBttO^, a Chcftof Wood, fiUed with 

fcfc ^ CaByowdtr, pot under Oipnnd, 

•Bferaahe kfawn «p te the Air with thofe 


AMB-Ji^, a SUp or Vcflbl boilt with 
^Beaa larcaoyiagaad raifii^of Mor. 
^ g^ia»M* thMiai Bomfat ipto to-port 


■0MBAS»B|afrit(ir9tttff. F. 

jBCMi4BASrr,k^^aadIlaiH|b%d, fn^fiM^ 
bMcriaaVanicofe; the Coi«APla«t; a£ 
a tmx omikoB orVaftiaih • - ^ ^ <• 

ToBOMBA'^/t«r Biiir'Widk>B^)hBB| 
aUb to Uhn^^^iigiam^;^^ ^ ^ - 

BOMBA3'T|CK, bekM^iiM to JkmML 
fwcUirtg/'-Wgh flown. • '^' J * '^^ » ' 

BOMBY'CINOUS rj9Mi^WMi«i;,« 
Bv/RCt^uv^'CnV-JaaSei^^iJ^'^' ^^ ^^ 

BOMBILiVT]OK,hommin^«rBd6l^1&« ' 

BON C^/M*ir;«fteName oianatGeUeMtkige 
fV-nr^ Pear. F^ ..../' •/ 

BONA'SIAKS, Hteaticki wM»^appfllred 
ia the foorth Ceotary, and held ikmtjefw^ 
Chrijt waa the Sos of Cbd/only hf Xkbp- 
tioo. '* 

BOKA Fr4<r [/. e. in Good Faith] aa Ex. 
prefiion ufed when aTking ia doos without 
Fraud or Deaeit. h* 

BONA A^««Ai/i4i [Lot r<m1 Good* whidk 
a Man dying hap inaaotfaar Oiaeefe befidaa 
that in which he diis, which mv^ iikiooac 
atkaft totheVahieef '5/. L. ' 

BONA PtffnV> ^Mitn tweJvt Man, or 
note, an chofcn out of th» County^ Co paft 
apon an Aflia^ Which ace called ymratmrtm 


BON A'NA' fWn a IVse gMwing in Ah^ 
rU0p 5 or 6 Yard^high, wfaWh hath Leataa 
half a Yard broad, and a Yard aAd a half 

BONA.|lOBA» a Whore, Batm lU6a, 
Span. Brnnla Rtpa, ttal. • 

FONAVENnrVR'E [k t* «0d Ladb] the 
Name of a laihoui FreutipMWfiaitt Fm 

BONAVEN'TURE ^/^, aieedndMiC 
icn-maft; a Mjft added to ibilM gfeat Shipa, 
and Bands n«zt to the Pvopr. , 

BONt>[tf BoBib, AM.I-^'OUigathuu 

BOND^AG^, Slaveiy, SerritWa. 

BONDl^fM, Peribnti-^ha have bonad 
thcsmrelvcs by Covenant to ferye their Load. 

BONDY, Simplatem* ^ I'Vr^i 

BONE piw,- ^iix. TBWr, Bm^XtiMt 
*reut.\ a fhmhrfaiti hanl aAd'Void of Senfa, 
which afiMs Fottn and Suppoit'tO'tho whole 
Body, ifml • ""• i • -. . • 

BONE/^BotXi.^ift. tCb^gel ^ '' 

BONB.fir'rsi^/^, i kJM of £«gl^^ 
. 7« tarty a BONE in bti^ Ai^uikTStg Trnm] 
a Ship is fiid n^ dor ib, 'when fh« Inakoi the 
Water fotSt be/ore her tnt fililing. 

BONES, Bobbidct,i^ 9Me.La», i. e. Bob- 
biog Lace* C. 

BONGO'MILESt Heitticks foc^cd of 

BOGO'MILES r Boitiomilut a. Monk, 
who eaUed'Chttrches the Devirs Temples, 
made no Accoont of the Holy Sacrament^ 
beUeved God had a human. Forin^ and that ha 
coold conceirr and bring forth the Word aa 
well as the bleOed Virgin. 

BONGR A'C e [of Bonnt^graety F;1 a Shel- 
ter which is worn uiAiLe Head to keep, the 
Facefrcm tannirir. 


Digitized by VjOOQ It 



BON'GRACE [ anDOg Msrimrt'} it a 
V^me of old Ropes, ctjtuki of Gible% laid 
at the Bovrt, Stcn^f^ and^idcs of Ships iaflins 
in cold Latitades. tb.srcferve them from Dpr 
saage of great FIfl:ei'o/ Ice. 

BOVfE^SfmJtJtf i great Croft u. hard at a 
Jlone^ whiett gtows on the lofide of thq Hoo^y 
on the Heels Si'' t Horfe. 

BONIFACK £Wen «ii%] a'M^n'i Nan*: 

^OmS aoimiv^ndisy a Writ t^ the She* 
tift of ti)nUHJ'n6t t6 permit oiie Coodemned, 
who brings a Writ of Eiror, to remove his 
Goods till the Error be tried. 

BONiqt>^ Is a Filh ^n all R^{>ea4 Ijke a 
-Mackerel, bqt itiach larger, <l6mm&n upon 
the CoaA ^^pai\ Wmuch liked ; whence 
theKame ^onito, fignifyine £oo<^* ChauCf 

BQS*KtT% Ll^ci-ies, Grtj^co^ti, Shan^ ' 

BON'NET,afprt^f.Ci!p. F. . 

BON'NETptf Fdff//rirtfr/«*J a Wc«k,ra|fed 
fceyond the Coimterfcrap, h^l^^B ^^.9 ^ ^cfs 
which fmA a'^latit Angli^ fpi^ m ij'^tii, 
« fmaU Ravelin ivtthoot a Titnch. 

BDNNtTS ptdr&m} ^ttimifi^WtCit 
«poo thd Cooife Of aMaio-fail and Fore.fdil, 
when, they are tpo narrow or Ihallow to doath 

BO^IfET .1 "Pr^i, t e. The FW<^i t^ 
Tin Fmrtipemom] an Oatwort^ whi^ has three 
Salient Angles at the Head, and tvfo inwatd. F« 

BON'KY/getatfd, fihe^imce, ^or. ,! 

BONNET [with B^nenl^ dlftinA fi^ of 
Ore,' thift eoihmunicatei wttir nd Vein. ' . 

A BO(yBY \htzti Bffho^ Span, a to^', Of 
Irom l^abCi Tear, or 'B9t%U Bi^^^'OiM, 
f .'i. one ««ho #ilf be a liid mil] a great Ig- 
norant Fellovr. 

B60t>. abode, tanrM.-^ CM'c. 

&0ODETH;ftew«th.*^0; '. ^ 

BOOK ^RatHf a Bo(Jt Ac^« %e vhitt 
Value Goods, tlitt pay Ptoikti^agtf. tlk^ be 
rdck/Diieditthe'Ctflfoiti.Mottfe.'^^ ' . " . 
' BOOK'ISH,giW to Books d^ Reading. ' 

Book \t^Sdx, of Bo<:cD, a ^ecbgfo^ 
wtyC&oifitt^ y^ritlAg, fd called' ^eca^/^ the 
anciept Gtnft^hi Wrdke upon th^. tfiif);' tf 
ira^-tr#(«ki1t«airo^ Riper, - " - • 

Bdtt:iE,ttIbtt<J. 0. ' 

BOOM [of Beam. $^.«TK8rlM^> 
' *B0^ f artont ^fcrf«ttr i bnsf FbiS to 
{bmad out tfaeClv^l^'thtrStaddlog^dh i 
&b)ei^vetcKfed^tttMrMouth of ^Rfter. 
^Htt^bour; witfiTirdf'/'I^op.maib^ Batih^; 
Surs of yfq^M^ &c^ hO^ tp it; tO. pttftUt 
Mitflebi^YfcW^rbig.-, ' " ' '* . 

BOOMnNC^iOoWiri^tetibfi 5liit|^^ 

#feBft«ni«tM^aUthe^lflrtft4o. '• - ' 
. BOOK lt(fne;'S9t. M*n, f^fntttitfir, 
l^lbd-Wmdr Rettaeft ^ alio a Qone, CBa^c, 
To BOON or kent to 4p' Ser«H;K to^in- 
mfidr/^B^ibal Landford.' C. 


[ ABOOV»aPktlqiir,aBad.Chl«iih<r, 
inner Room. OtmterU 

Bitf/f .1 downilhj^bmelj, rode* . ^r. 

BdOSE,anQy^tfCow*SulL fc^ Aj 
BOOT *[ tS^te^ Smx. a Cos»p- '^^ 
VaiCnii flu. tQ,f ro^f. perba^ ,^ ^ 
Cr, to,heli>]:Ai4 Wp^ ^ioccpo^ jO-, * 
now nfedfof Advantage, Over::pTut^ ' ' 
BOOTcfB^U, Eafe of SariJw.,30..';^* 
To BO*r.^^, to «,^aW^ 

BOOT.AV; I. Kee-Popjfer^OT.gRpSi 
N.t. * ' '* ■'" • ' - — '^ 

BOOT^ r^MtV^Jpr. the O^yjSa' 
Norton Coirtellation. L. . , ,^,;\r 

BOOT.Tf c< I Two Fieceio^doa fh^&| 

BOOf:i^/Kofa I^,driTe&ii^aB94^'^ 
widen tkeA?^-' ^ -^^^^TTfff 

BOOT<lNG» ^.fort oCRMkuC^jl^^^ 
/«b/, by potting an JMn Bar on t)i^ Xig; iv^ 
Offender, aiyi >ivn|( an Iron Beg,,^^! 
ShifV-oottc|. < 

BOOTl tto.e^V, a Rent of Cora io ^ 

becaufe i( was paid b^ the Tenanta, hf tMiJ 

'^•te; to the "LptA, as.a Recomp^:e/orli 

making th^mXfisrei. '^ ' ' ^ ,"* 

BOOT'LESS;uiSl^roilta!ile,Tajn. ' \J' 

BbOT'S, itlje Plant l^arfluDaUows.'#l 

BOpT^ [iTe/iyf. F.] Jjiwaher 0>ie^ii^ 

the Legs to T At^fing. ^ ; . v 'T 



D^vjiTsGrandfatllefr *"' , '^-''**- 

BORA'CHIQ, a'fe^ nfhft|i(«ti 
made ot HqgikiA^ «»heV«ln wih^ratt ^ 
fivih tbt Top« jpf the ' Mountain^ hL 
wheuce the' SpMiiitdi E^rith^'' 
Drunkard i?flrtff^/>. StM^jpti^^ 
which ih ScHptute^tai^winbitftjf 
WiHi4 >^hM l^^t into tttbn (ddi^ '^Fr ^^ 
Drunkard. MaapL ' *' -' " ^: ^ '"^ 

BOR'ACE riSie'*; t.T VHfliSh;'^^^ 

JORAMP'TZ, WangeHii^tt; 
llke.a Latoh; whlditdnAaiei'ttxtir 
aboqt it. .^ o • t f - 

:BO^aX tton^ai iifJi br.^j 
fh melting and' fb^deftnr of Ooid.' £. 
' BORO, jdft. '5/«ir.*"^ 

5o B(^D [ofaUrJtt, 
DRD, Shfifihfi. ' dik 
^piLD'AGE ;t« ^^« 
BORft W>% laod M»L__, ..._ 
Dpxjf Kwtrdi 'Si^ai?, Tiiblesi 64. 'for' 

'ai%i.' ' '^ ■:•■'''" • '' ''^■'' ' ''J 
BORDA'RIA [Bo*. Si^Ai O0AJ^^ 
BOl&A'iltl; a KbftVr todina 
wh^had a Bord.y.'i^. aObt^g^, afte*. ^ 
Ar l^te^%'jtippU tl^1i»d1ri« 
andEggg. . ^ .^, n^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

B O 

^IfmDA ^h^, Sux,2 • Bwf I or Pliak. 
\A*CWfAt Bonla|e, the Tenure of 

,akft, a^Mt, 

l^order, F.J 10 ^c, bind, 

I [Bb'i*rr, F, t Fringe] the End 

"S^MdwOf Ffsrrjiij ire tbc L«tm 
; ibe middle TJuum of a 

L« F«^» to cut it up. 
t$fDULlM^ MIC who tjvts on tht Bor* 
I l lj|iHB iai BoBids of the Country. 
I MDILLEIIS, H^uuters of Bawd jr - hau (cu 

JUmt, the f^me u Tabk 

D^-LoJk, Laiodt which LiOrdi keep in 
i* ^dke MauiUduicc c^ their Board 

tt7 to^« 1 Sennet inquired of the Te- 
-\ii (MTj Timber out of the Winjds of 
-MiifeiiHoufe. L.r. 

III£U*C]NGS, locurlaoos, or ranging 

WCnni'E [la Heraldrjl aTra^ ot Com- 
# Mml, Colotsr, Of ¥mt, within the 

1«I0«[ Ibojma, S^jr. TPitj^£il> '^-^^^'] 

I [ft C«»Mr<^] the Hollow in the 

[•nice of Ontwaoee, &c. 

"F, a kind of F^mi^ Diice. F» 

AL [^«rirj//j. L,J NoTthriTJ. 

"» S^M, the Six Northcjn '^l^ns 
*, tit. /fr^**, Tnuruft GtfKJtu, 

' c, Gt,] the North Wind. 
, Tent.] iiou^t miQ ih€ 

I, brooght* 
>|^ to hirrti/b. 0, 
\hrm,f,j Limits, Bootidi,&e, 

7 IBoj^, of Bopho*, Sux, 
H J f arg* IrBf.j * Corpvrale 

'^^H ^ Hnf^^ uKttaHf Ggmfied i 

"' i^hfi, iLav Ttrm} * Cullntn 
'"''^rW*^* tixi Tcnctrirnti deicendcd to 
) iso. who was prcfucned tft b< Jeall 


4 film vil^ FelloWj « Bow, 
[ VOtCf* 1^^4 » Swety or 

B O 

7W.] to lakie upon Credit, . , , , 

DOS'ciAGE iBofe^eittM. t. Barb, or B«. 
c^t P*] * Grove or Thigcet. 

tt Wood! and Trees yid<i to. Cj^ttle. 

BOyCAGE nnP<f/«f//r^] a t^iaore that 
reprefents much Wood u^d Treet. 

fibS'C^STLiE [for ^oiereafhc-CafiU, of the 
Norman Name Btereau a Garter ^ that Family 
bearing a Qartcr in iu Qoat of Anns] a Tows 
in Cormvd/L 

BOSCUS, all manner of Wood; 0. L. 

BbSE'H AM {either from '^e(hTatf. « 
Bu(h» an^ ^am an Houfe, or Bopih, Stuc, « 
Fence ; or» as Somtur will have ic, of Bms^ F* 
A Wood, and ^am] called alfo JSofaiham, a 
Town in the County oiSuffhe, 

BOyfCy, fat, fwelled. &bakeff.' 

BCVSOM [Bopn, Sax, *Zntitm» ^* 5*] 
the Part of the Body inclofing the Hevrt. 

BOS^PHORUS [ £s9#«f^, of Baf and 
mnptlA^ I. e, a PaiTage paiTable by Oxen, Gr.] 
a ftraight or narrow Neck of the Sea chat f*-. 
parates two Continents. 

BOSS [Bofft, F.] a Knob or Stud ; a Banch* 

BOSS, a Water-Conduity running out ol a 
Gor-belliod Figorc. 

BOS'TAL, a Way up a Hill. Spff. 

BOS'TANCE, boafting. Cb'au€, 

BOSn^OCfC [ Bote, Boot or Overpliu, 
and pDOCC«| Sax. a Trunk of a Tree] a Town 
in CbefiitTt^ once called Betcftock | slfo a 2iii- 

BOTA, a Boot, fach u is worn by Monks. 

hOTXt^\QKL\[Botanique^ F. Btanica, 

BOTAN'ICK J [U of Ikc^ri.oc'Or. J be- 
longing to Herbs and Plants. 

BOTAN'ICK.S7[£#ftf«>ire, F. Bomnica^ 

BO'TANY Jl. of Bw«l»«, Gr. an 
Herb] the Science of Simples, which Aewa 
how to diftinguiih the feveral Kinds of Plants. 

BO'TANIST [Botanifie,^. Botamau,L,^ 
an Horbalift, or one flcilful in Herbs. . 

BOTANO/lXk^Y [ HorxnKvyM,^ of ^- 
tJem nnd \o>i«, a Defcription, Gr. J a Deicrip- 
ticn of Her^s and Plants. 

8ptrA^'GO,^Saurage made of £g^^ and 
of tlite BfoQd of i>Sea- ^ullci;. * " .. 

^Xomtck t%>rtCt|i,7X«'.to mffil to 

iwwi- Iwr wtchinkj r la 4» W.wi: cl»miily ^ 
Ur.faYput^Iy^ , , . . . 

A BOTCH [^#/K » BIift«i][ apqcll 

and 'BufTe^ 


iodMafketi. O.L. 

V\9K . ..-,-... 

Digitized by Vj^QTUAV 



BOTH AmHMI M^Bift^m 
«f the Maooar for piiehijic mmkh^ 

BUTLER fuiOficer diat {io4U».«tft 

King** Wii^T V ^ -»♦ *.'; A.. - ^a A 

St. fiafVQL9tir4mmtm4uffbam^ hmiitk 
riv«d from tbe Noua fittt ud Ullii^iton 

taidar Sdnt. tiiAM ciaK«afeMl>«lk hirli 

•doicd at #«•»«« -\* • ---tTr :i .%- '...-51 -1; 

BOTONfe' ( th(i»ni%a \t«iUiltf|li ia 

«r #te BMd ^^mt' «HivI#W%9l 
Place ii) Hmmingdtnfb^^' « ; <■* In / .f 

tuifi Ufliiidt* jV' M . 

tlMGioiind of my^^dm^f^Mi^m BMha w 





nrlMilMttOkitVaBariei . 

BOVATA TW^MT^ <ei«id«b LaflTd^aftflfei 



* BCyrT0MHOEl„r 

vpQiiiiwa0ftaiii«riiifirbr<b»i^>^y<. to 

otberwi^ the MiMyli tlMtfly t#lN Bliip'lf 



lowed jto r^eraiiftt {in ^ Palios of A^Mhce, 




or .the HOQie or a Nobj«n«k' #viw« . i j 

- - BaUtfrGDtM»{«f'49a«l«i|>tj^MlBop]f9M»ti^_ ^.^ 
BoppMkii Month. 0. -. .... I Sphm^^takiiK 

li^ tbe Bfefid^. .r- ^H- 

' .Bmf^dorahirtBM^cVlaMtt^^ 

, BOVE'lUA 7 aif<>ii<hiHnrOa»4tirifc 
Mu ^.1 • Tovm SB Glam9>4rmirh n 7i i 

Jtrfjiii >»iinl 

^pfh^ijtfcf^^. -'h ''Jf iy wTi ^ ,^, ,, ». 

iiifoftt be|l«uof at cjSrj 

'low-SSr „ 


Digiti^d by VjOOQ 


" ' to 

mKAl^TtmU Hope Men 

l t | ; ii I 11 1 m tf rnwa «f Pict- 

i mil ( I.A^ |( J « h^iuiJ Bai cT 
•»^wi, wfHy if wnrML • 

^VMC) [■ s 8t,^V^ MMfe fail 

Mi^^ « W clwV/ijM.' 

""•^AiTf aWt ^JfArt ] t fort 
kl «9 mft ftp; bf' witicte the 

[.Ac -IffiM'TO fttU-'ti^gjB* 

r,TA the l^rfer 9t TJtil- 

%ii jUr/Mbtimully- tlOrfti lor 

;4^J3m; tltf Be^lt; Him 
•wmttitt^iab^kitofifi ana 

«(I|M. ;W.\0SMWt t. ]>tke 


\ MftifftftoiAiNis IHrcixli to 


A BRAB'Bl.BR^ s Wnngier or Brawkr. 
BMCH30, a iar«e «eer Houad wljuntlng 

A BR A'CX [oT en^ajir, P.] a CoD|Jt or 
Pmr^ m % Iimc of Dmdu, Bocki^ Hares, 

BSiA/CE r in ArdktSmrt 1 is a- Piece of 
TiaNr iiW4 in'imtii Bcvil Joloti, to keep 
the BoUdiogs from fwerYing eitaer way. 

BAAfOE [Braechi§^ It.] an/r^z/jvit Meaiiire, 
«Ak]iy «»£«6«nr, ia e^ to nrp £ivf /^ Ella. 
. BRAfC£ [itt frimttfl ia a particular*) 
Mark to j<mi ft ra w A Worda ot Semeacea \ > 
tJMa.' • J 

«. f a^^RA'GE liv n^r [^ r4m\ to baioi 
the Yard to either Side. ' 

•*A&A(CBBV joitfld Of £ifteM Qofither witk 
a Brace. 

^BKA'ei^ IA JZrrii^/ ] ia whoi three 
Cbeifltea^o idlirflaiiitlcd. 

BRA'CES [ofa^i&/>] are Ropei beloo^iiig 
<o«|l tAe Yatdt of a &bn>, «uept the MiOen, 
^MBoMea^ YMd} i^Ufe of which is to fet 
the Yardf4ttafa ot citn a-crois the Ship. 
.. BAA'CBS (of %eB4^l,9m thick Leather 
ThtMBB «poit ¥vlikh it hai^ v 

BRACE'UET [Bracelet, F. of Brachium, 

U the Aum] an Ofnainept lor the Wrifta- o£ 

^ieq^ of Aimonr, uled aact« 


Dm] a« 


WSHtmf to nOCKOA tne fktKk* 

BRACENA'RHIS [Oldtim] theaoAtf- 
MuivrJif after of the Hbonk* 

BR A'CER» o Piece pf Ife^thrr laced qa as 
AlKhtt*s Arm. ^, v.. . • 

ABRAGH, akina^ofHovod. Sbd^f^. 

B»I%C«TUS l^.,,,^ > r 

BRACHEfTUS. $»«<»«*"• <'-^* 
',.UUC«ErrA.{OUL«fv] aBitcborFe. 
male Dog. « 

l^^OH^&HlidsiSn^hitUs, L] beloogMV to 
the Ann. 

\.WkAQHlMV% Sxttfyms {m AnatmgiJ a 
.iie^ «f |he.Blbo«% iaTertod m the C^ty of 
the Shoalder«boQe*r I*^ 

BRACm/SVS imtnms, a Mafdeof the 
Elbow, impboitad ia the MSan and ^prMart 
O^UbBoS^caJQedC/Arir^ ' 

MSby Oak] i VmAi that Eaa a SylUUo want- 

My5AeHY'0Bi^fnrB^a;a>^tt>fe, Cr-l 
the Art of Writing Short-hand. 
J BRAtHY'MKrY [ BradyUp'* ^ ^ 
t^lM^ ^'^•l SbortB*^ of Speech } ^ 

BRAl^rorBpecaa;S«r. 1&jt(t|Ctl>^<wf« 
ft»hMikl.«Flfiw ar Vt^it ia aaj thug. 

BRAOCEN, fomUefem. Litcck. 
. BRAfiK'£Tl^r^W(tt,Ital.Jacraai|in| 
Iron, a kind of Stay in limber-work. 
' BRACKETS rin>^^>1 ibaULKaeaa ftf* 
fk«^ iepport m, CalleMct). the Timbot 
that fopport ihe Orating* ia tJ» Head. ^^ 


rojtnewhat Salt. ..,^ ,^„ _, . -j u \ : 

|hcBiw4FQrcU,aqP^wj?Io.i^A^^^^ " 

JJfcV now, juid nfl^j^'Qjjjcilipn, CrrjJ" 

pf the acid Fi^m/en^m the Stoinac 

BRAG, proudly. Sptncl atR), 
Ctrda where i^p. Kiiuv ^afi^ J^/^SW^ 
Piincip^lt. ' '^*^ *'* 


This PioverB'M a' Taunt upcni '^tfi^^jgdoA 
thioU^ who talk hig, bqaft and 'w:dfcMt \9^ 
mlfo a Mmeftp fdr /ucii wKo Jmake ptctiHftit 
PromiCea tQ d(| well, roi* t^e fUtuHE^bat ar0 
iufpedled to waQt,CpnmDC>~anfd l^^oldtidn to 
Inake ithem codo^ '^" .-«'-.•- 

J^o BRAO r tea«6;fe :%> w^it*5«i 

fttaultobpaft. "^ • 
BRACCiT r'ofipaffOli.e'Bf;] i| 

Drink made of Bttiey fid Splc/^ '^ I 

To BRAID 7 t>f bU]jOtTf> thi,'\ t6 weavd 
To BREAD 5 or phit i;he Ha&,. to <!brl. ' 
BRAID, a Lo£fc or Weft 9f Meir j i fmal] 

I,»ce^ E^ginj. .. . ■ . . ' 
BRAID, or J^r J7, (urjl.. C!6^« ' 
BRAID I ^4^M/r Jttin), Anictli dIM 

Wo?e,C^r. ibakefp. 
BR AIDE [of^|vrt»|i^]^^.X(uUiBd*oii^ 
■wn. ChoMt, 

BRAID'fDir Mf, $>ft iti Colgvr: 
BRA)U3 .[io a Skip} vt fmall Ropes beJ 

longing to the two CouiliM and the Miiftft, 

>vbo(c Uie iv when the Sail it futled a-crbft, 

to hale up iu^nt, chat it ilili)r thtf^toorefrBa^t 

4il)r be taken up, or let fall.. 

fftf/^^t&r BRAILS^ ^eafif>rafii'm 

hKMLuptbt Sails '5 ¥ern)|crftdwhei| 
f be S»ili are to be Lialed 4p }fi ordet ^ be fyti 

BRAIN:p^iiqj^n,,%.^i1jj|fr, t. 5.1 
all the fo6t SubilaoCe coiltainM^^itliHf thj 
iSkuU: It^.tbu^Mcral piflaiBL</*l^!<|fie, iri 
which the Soul, ^e .goferdlbg' V^ tf tbd 
IMv, perceives an4 jttdg0''df tht Senfari^ 
tU ttie fentittitl^Wju oot of whi^h ittAi^ 
I9anicatc» tlie f^iimai -ppir't'^, *^^. Xir a' *fi£u^ 


n'ent^ i^r. 


j.Sfa^.Wit,JiidMi* , 

To BRAlkaiiW S^lh cat thel!h*a, 

BRAIT. a feugV TO4fnonl~' - -'-' 
BRAK'E JBfUchin, ^.zee'.lj^fftrfiTO^.! '! 

Sn Inftrumcnt witK Teeth, uT(^ i^rdtMnRig FlaJ 
or -Hemp* alfo a B^kefS !ttfi«li(!!diE-Troiii^ h 

BR VICE [orBpfecaW'vyi*. Whrakl af 
|^«iC or Snaffle for HorOjiu ' . ^'»^ ' I 

*aitAK^BYf[pltfMN^v f. nilkA«BI 
it WisTifimnerk^ iiMcbrartemaMPiwi^ i^ 

BRA'MANS X a Sed oC'^hiMifMP 

BRJl«fiH£Sf:r&ib4, M» 4i»Plp|f| 

Jiateiaial Aaut^y iJMrat »Nfti^' ^j| 

their Miiiioo from CoHfitUu^ whom tmOK 

Mil i^iia? faniarJBraibtoftt .CBMta 


Shhibt. .J .- t ..A«« 

^ftAifttLB |«i,.4k>ibrt df Hat^w 

cattMifeg^fiiqiarf. a .■ ^n - ,^ i(g 
A BRAMB4.INQ, a Biid^a ipHtuC^a 

BRAW IBniB^ Jfi iMtltt/CtAfli 

•MIrcfgieniUDDnii.iv >• . ,:-^;ii 
BRAN'CASTBR CfMiettlr )to«M|li 

County of NarfiUu ^ . f^ 

' flit ANpH r BmmAt, F. 1^ Boii#l 

T#eej the St«:bcif «P«MigM*; «Ml4M[ 

«f -|rMg*e Head, -,.» . », .1 . t ^a 

MritiiVOHfiaMMig ftedba] aOnttH 

of the firft Veav; brou^up. bf :tho ^ (k 

To BRAKiCH Strnd fin IMmIIi 

malttt 11 Mawk take (Is . BraiMdi, iDTiMM 
Tcee to Tree, till tlie Dog fprings iMi 

' ^^^tBRANfCHoUi fiato 4mdc0r4i 

into Braociieak ' - > -. 1 t ^t . ^im 

. B^ANOH'BD ein«r4A»^A%ll«M 

Branches, as a Dear's Ham. • ^v On 

BMAN&VERnf A»*(>,( 9v)m^ 

Hawk, or other Bird, that beg9iai8iii|ii 

finaeb to Branch. • . j 

llkA^eHiL&T«.alittlcBtai«v» K 

BRAND [Bpaal^Sax.VuRiliKorJU 

h^atlDe^TVxr.J tPiecaof bomiogWood^ 

' "Ud-Jbotfwfcyf" - ~ 



fty i1Ud.Jbotfio»,^{9i||irlMiaM »J^ 

""'(grace or Inftnqr f aua>a 3w«if4» Bpm 


BRANT Cop/>5 Oa^of • t^^yAIMl 

or mark with a hot Iqon. «> < ^-.n 

BR AM k^xm^i^mim 4m 

MAor; an Iron to fat a VeiTd upaat 

^ t^BRAMDKlSii>fai^^«a«rr,i,|M 
fliine with fluking^ toBftakeft^atoiJ^ 

BR AND'LING, a fmall WaraiMli 

MM>il^^al% iUl., luoa e V-^ n^. fismWN 

as I^/jif J will have it. eitherff1kipi^|i|i|«fl 

l^moufi in the County of JvorfUl.iY)«Rri^ 
^RrAN'Rrtffk'^aTPraMtUMlM M 

fet a Vcflei ooo#i#«cfaf.aikt:'iao ti<a)l 

Digitized b; BRAH 


-«!«>(« Mf^ aiJtfMff GkeY. 

jua jMptr, te.] ii>6h •r.Miiifw 

W ^ i * .- ' 

>ir (%nB.f«R. periapi of b|ielMA>U 
girtil^fijiriiiM,! ur iiDMUtafUMMi 

I ^^iito^l^^iifv i'. } t» ji4 lie 

^^^WWmKw ^JHKMBTW^n.^ dWMMlWlQfi 

«ii?fa JknelViert^^mide dofaide a real one, 
, •BR>VY^ [ Wb PrUhfi tn 'Tnitmmrnt 

MLAY^ faitibA^^^ Piece of 

|2^ to^tiSl \ig rAaMrVs Wing. 

AiEj'to covit oir folder with Brtfi. 

(imJiiUf .qLJKficmUlup or Pear^ t MKng but. 

is tbe Rui^ or ii^ K;kdf thdWbrlLS, beit 
down with Caiinofli; &c, 

nfli, B^W, 7«<,p,U» Jfttil of Ufe. 

: .)liOL^V^?>^ cUirfe boltid 

*^E4Sj?fe'!'fe*^^ the Plate 

«i'i)cie the Bread or l^ikct fs kept. 
To BRiAbE n&WlJq&i. ;^. 5;jf <* ». to 

A BREAK f 'Swli» ^'. J^rf Uiul 
plouzhpi the firft rrar ^dttx, it W liSn faflow 

To BREAK f[^, t5« *fri;] to.fiike p^ 
oftheShip^sCargpoutofthcrtohh ^ 

To BREAIC an>«?rfr[Wi?f^ Tir*»j ^ *« 
4fpen t)K: trmchifs^ot b<iJiA ^^^ -^ot" ^o' 
carrying oh a Sicifi^ .'■'''' " * 



^flfi^^^i^ tbfi Heart aofl Lxlbfes.^ 

, Stein *iibVF9te-P»"-' "J . ' " 

itfne yfmf/ttferr^W^ <«• 


" * Digitized by Vj"^*^^ 


\n% Slough, by GiraU nMcCtei^tfvi^i:^ 
tlnwea. .jiioH B i)t ^-nyil ^^ M^* ^^^ 

U^m^w^^V^^} \^§^^«;^ 

iMS^t'VsteaP'^^T, Pircntij ,an4 intijortt^^ . 
That PdffeW iJiWtaJry 'iil<fiS<d/oi^y ylc'c, *^ 
^l» Irattc evet bfe ktclrirped arftcrvsvdft bjj ^hc 
Att^ RfcttoHtlCii o' the PdwCT bf P<irfi?a^^p, 
Authority, df^Cbfrfttiind^: ^^h^.tfit.tfftmt 

^W)^f' ffyic^t^'W^i^* $gicr: the Bchrrw^^ 

tTO!) vh 'k3^' >nfia W8^a ^aVoc 

• to BREDE, to mate ^o^l.t a, - ■ .'■ I 
MEECH'tp^hApt of Pj^eccfr, ^AStk or! 

V JBritjScfte, a fort' of aA Initrutnent of >yoa« * 
bfoad a^ ^3i^ ufed to flap^ on>ccrt3ia<kca| 
fions Pc9plcss l^aclcr'nflei with? Thit the f)¥ncb\ 
'^i\\ Panncr'te iMonoii] tbc 3ac|t<4(l€, wFuo-j 
datnent. •• ,> . '' •'' » 

'' tKif.Cii\\iiQunncry\ fs the hifdertfKWV 
J^att ofa Piece of brdjijincc. .. ♦ .1 

BREECFFtK {fi/veece^ 5^x.] a GannMtj 
for Men fxoin tbe Waift to the Knce9. < ' I 

• BRE£CH'm6& XmzSiip] are Rop«$.^ 
vhich the Guns ^rfi kihed itjk^ or MtO^ ta( 
^eShip'aSJde. • ' 

To BREE» to frighten.?. €^^. , 
To BREpO lBj^ft«p, -Sox,], to ^rodVQcJ 
ko iiburiAi, wc. ' r . 

tJalt of. Wind. ' "' ,, ' - ' .^f 
* ii BRETZ^ iJplk^a/^fPf.V Ga(^><ly«r 
|Iorfe-fly., ,' - • " . '. •/■ ,[■',{ 
'[• Bk;fefc'MAtB^3^,Crj\it)ut^ai!itpf 
(Ihet^eiia, which, jWonaed bjuie iCivo^ B|9oes. 
of the Sl<(»n tl^it )nake the Sii^'^t^ S^tym* ' 

^ *iJi?i^(yH]e, an ;r/>^«;j^!2 u%^j' 

IBe^ T/^ )iw is called chr Itrthont taw* ^ ^ 
,Tp ^EP> to^ lijce in CoiuAitionft Q, 
BREM'E, furlouffy. Q. chUl, Wttnr. Sp, 

?''««feM'l€HA%r'y[feJhap« Vrom W 

J^iJiri ah ft»1^itin(»ij r. r. iiamoosfojr WoiJcmf^i^ : 

ihjivin MetaU^ har(),^ares^a Towii«9 Jfl^r- 

-^•ukj^e:/'' ■•:':,■ . 

• ^B^Wy|NGLy,^^«^^ 

•^RfN'fW|Lt)* fof^jUMrt,Wm^rtma 
- BRAf*W»i -J 3f^ Xxp^^mUie 


; nimmisH fyB»i«init mm 

as the Monks of G Udm hm iflo g ud '- 
Prog] a Plaatd&^aMx/inifrtd - :- 

BR£T2s4AMriMiKft,»i!^.> i rA 
BRjUBCp 'BuitetfiWn* . I<^ ^ i^» 

Suftlk^ caMcd by Antwim, C§mUrttiimn^ 

BRtTFUL, tbpfol. ^Mi 
<1itJ«E;Fa)HS^^th«qiilHr|of tit'iMaR 

^ri»io.or>;^^a$bMr^«^*v *' ' ' • 
:.Ba£;ST ;[ii !yl^«Mnai»}.ii<kat Col 
j»iiiib.isvcaUdi.tfae.f?«nrf. i*. «. 

BR£S'l\5dff«««» fUtjttthihShrft] 
niMettin «he oiitw«# Mn <f any fiaiMJiv|, 
ioilJiie middle ftloonv into ivhkh the Ci 
are framed. '\ > .t 

BR£V'£{.Mpi<r,l..«iitttj^ Wtkiirl 
to-JhteOMMclhir « Jut^ffS ^^- ^ ^ 
ffom itf SfaoctncAu -> ^ > 

BREVE [iq Mft^it] a Kote contaimni 
Semibrcvtis^ fourMiiM»^ a&l eSdtt'GM 
L„r. - v •- > . ^ 

, BHEV'E perftttftrtf to iftirchafe a Writ« 
Lieeme «f Trial io tW.KJbg's Court byd 
Plaimiflr. . 0. L« Di •» 

BRE'VE de ilnffb,>a'WritH)fRSgbtfcf 
IMbnci^od^itoiiio^fQrtiiePoflcffiao of; 
Eftate detained fromi>mi..> . 

BRETfi^ Jnir f in Jtmmn ] dieWhM 
. Vaffel thtt MlIeft«rom^ the Ventridt PP t 
yeiny Branch of the Spleen. 
. BRX'VIT [aW, F/l <ft«ftf» a Pipi 

,! BipEV'iARy [ Amw>rV» r. of ^ffd 
rrWM, I/.] a^Bibk of 4n&flB (Ifikies, containi 
theJ^ftiM, Yelj^ity ^miUlMMl CtN^ 
whWi><ifc>«U;<4iAiha SeraidHiitf theGW 
Qf.Kome, nd.tluhotdlKtnikthom xhe Mi 
which is accountodV fiopitiaidrySaerificc ! 
tb«J^iYiR^I*!# the;ND««te"9aiDily><»#if 
>|atiOs oi tlie. Momiag fnyci^' tmmhM 
the Brtviary* 

,tBR»¥li«'H£y « (iBoct JuRraa^ir^CUf^li 
Bfortf»i t>e«d,iOC.Wri»ifi^. : .' ' • •«* 

to tbe Sberifr, to deliver ^ta-^tfaeractr .'Mh 
^M4» toLdv».|Uiatt,.tH^ ed>d»Fi^C)|» 

,. j|UWER^ia:>lfasril Miin^ 
TafteofthiaBoaAr. ■ « - i ^-5 .1 

of tbe BilvfiikaitfitlsitMdnnijImiipg tB<l 

o^Uio..^-|«l^ 9«|iUiIh^ttflteBdk vW 

Aria fofjtjHfc vXii >: i :av.' j' ^ai>m 

La4|>0|% .^!y>y of> ^N tw n .i vr ' « 

Digiiiz^b7^0OQh B&EVrt 

jjllal Ak,h'u e«mi£e Dtmin. 

ff^i.} 0^£ or Pncc« ot 
k^ MKJ a (bt Fat «^ Pott;ic4' 

T«Vt)rDE:^ toimaaiHy^ d*u^, 
H S^WMt M <?ivii, Pb ksp Fire ^ the 

^[dBrmnOjF. damcious] a pio- 

^ I k'nc fli fitr>0 J bccjule fuch J! 

B,£ke import urolt tefgars, cra^fc tt 

■», Or. I Rrwui] 10 ccrrupe w i cIj G it t £. 
U-lfM 1 [ifriieiri-, F. I. *-. Beggar] 

*^- '. I JmUIi tf %. irj^Kfi, F. ] Ea I ;h 

- iQL'EM, Ui bj.tiic, Co IwU in one' a 

■flOLE 7 tke Rrbound of a BiJ L a^t cr a 

fc^QTi^ Ecfines Icrrocrly ulcd to kit- 

^^Ui, of, or bdoog^og IQ 4 3 ride. 
iUSMHi, i Wedding. t>jt.r. 
_l0D«jlGH, p d. ihe Church of St. 

M fi^imttiiintp *r«f . of 

r» tfuQ'j Weeing Day, w Etd 
^Tibivl a Bfide'&Spuuiir. 
f|. 4^. itiVf'i WciJ, or St, 

ifBtsit, Hosts eF Copper ^Wi 
tiil cbrf reicb a.crofs a Riinti', 
•itb Fb^iff, full Setdkrs to 

l^MU^i^, « gr^e S^d« «f f r^:tt 
*'^-'*^- %«< oifif t^n^ md Hmki 


T^:BRiD^£ Tbfi^lun, Sax. Bridtrlf.} 
tt> latf m a Hori^ Vi^ the 0Hdle or Reins s 
i0uciiik4ineVPaffi«iy. '' 

Hcad.ftall, or J^ems for a Horfe* 

-BItlEF [J^^^drmf/frow /?r«^ L.] 
iiOrt}r>att>xcmiMHl or'riie. ' 

ALJBRUVloiT^9f,^iMt. a Utter] an 
Order ifluing out ofCiMlic^, or /bme other 
SeSff > ftV'^ m^*«>^« ?^ ^ ''^n*. in Writ. 
ibg, under .^cal^ JfBH'lijPS*'*^ ^^^ ^ ^ 
donej cfpeciaily Letfcrs^ Patffit granted for 
cbl^^n^ of cha^iubJe BcnqvoJeACC to poor 
SoflR^crt by Fire, or other talualtica. 

A BftlEF piMiifiU} U fuch a Meafure 
or ({uandty, as cootaios two.Suokcs ilown, 
an^'as^mahy up in beating /Time. 
^ B^IEV'NBSS;, Brevity. 

B^I^R , l&pxjif Sfix^ r?rhapi of bpecao^ 
to breaft, becauic it t^^cth t^ 3kio] a prickly 
loi^SJ^linV. '^ *' 
BRIEZET r^r^, Ital. Brifi, F. a chiU 
BREEZ J Wind] a g«»ntlc Gale of Wind. 
SRIG; in'LtMcoftiJhire, j, d, a Town-by a 
Bridge. . , 

BRI'GA, Contenf ion, Qu?irrd, Strife. 0. L, 
BRlGAiyF [Brt^adc, F.] a. Party or Di- 
vifibn of -a Bd^y vf ^Soldiers. 

BRIGAiyE [of an Army] is a Party «f 
<itkt> Hotfe or Foot ; a Brigade of Hprfe it 
eight or ten Squadrons ; . a Brigade of Foot 
Iciftf' ^(t, pit it Battalions. 

BRIOAD^E (of'tf Trooff t/ Horfi] is a 
third Piurt of ir, not exceeding fifty Nleo. 
■ ' BRIGaDE'ER, an Officer who commands 
a Brigade. F. , 

BRIGANDINE, an ancient kind of Ar. 
Mour; M'itli many Plates and Joints lijce a 
Coat of MaiL , 

'BRlG^AITOES, the ancient IffVM of the 
Inhabitants of Tofljbiret I^nctU^re, Durham, 
M^tJhatTtlaidy and Oumb'crland, 
BRIGANT'INE [^r;W/VFJ a Imall 
', that cah Vch row and fail well* 
^ice ur Fjghtirig. 

, ttsc witfi'I-lingirt, M be 

■H^W »>«arar«* 

d o«e *3»ef njioThft^, 
rATER r f,'^. /y<i>/r'4 Burg, _ ^ 

ry ft( abfr-^';i£<vv « Soidkt ^ffl'" Mill 

{CMA^ a Bridq^oOHi V CT*^^ 


p^-fftt- "giving I „ 

^K^^'h^ytt f^ipaclc fpward the rcjpain^g 

1 Contribution 

or re^iiirfg Br^ce^., , ,-.,,. ^ 
A DKl^HAii. 4'ttortc.collar ' N, t 

■diiVi'Sbfrtiftib«if* '' 

men, Nvyis. 

, lh''6r<Jer of Acligiim V^o- 
found^hv 9^P^i«ME«^or^^^ 


f .""'i. 'many Wrtt 

K^siiSiAliPHii^^^ to 

ri^^a'^CA&D iJ^fc<fc4}Y*fi;i«cuay.hj 

F in • bf tik Kwhf NianndK^' J*>^<^^ j^ - ' > -- 

A BRIM^MER, k Cup or GbfiTt^J^NfU* 

Werft'i BoefiiiMilivtSbv^. 'm v.' t-um // • ru 
BRIM'STOKE r<lf^Si|^^l«aii».'«6Vf«^ 

Sc-tj talt Lifliior or Pickle: aito a PiMtdU 
Word for the Sea. -' « /"'/•'' >''^'.' 
i"ittaM£M«^<tfb^ a 9a}t Water;^ wtiiK-biing 
IMe^MimdiiivoMt.-' >>t>1•^^•i .. 
BRINE ft hhb«ry\at\iii H'Ut%f»r Stfj/t. ' 

lOWtf.} ^rb«ar 4fi- iMiftf « Tting at k 
ftrom a PcHbii or Place, to him orlr; 

jiAmrdfiMn^f^*^ .• :^ '*' '^ 

BRVrflSH 7 belonging to, or of tlfe ^^ 

fc, nmiv 5irty«orB«iiiK ■ '^^ - '^ 
.V 4t«'BMNMC/-'to4>anr;''€»«»f;^ 

BiUSE» Groond wh-ch has i«M loDig t£fi 

iBRiSK [f ft0»(; iTtfiif.^ ^^tM/i l^itiOik, 

BRKSK'ET r^m^^.l^tf^ttfttlye 

of the Neck, at the Shodkkr dow^^o^.tfie 

BRISTLE.rWx. a kind of Fliei;' 

l^if RonoQf, ui^ IB^fn » River,, e. A 

lor the great and maity/Kiw^iVfidi wliifcht 
aiciAdt^S»m,^'S9^-Tvfe^^ vti Art 
lAfl-^ilttejlJte gMrfi)i*f Stupe «^ thit t*.! 
Ifland, coift^niflg Engfundp ScotUmi, U 

BRITTANY J from whence .oar Iflai 
Isfaid to ha)«b^iriHl4b>|!M< < h < •..• 

^H'ToBWgiHJIJ aiip««: to am7^ 1^ 
.Wl|c«(t;i£i'<M<.«vhdi*th<y«t<Mr ttVlor-jripe « 
(hatter. .- .- . . -i .... 

fiRHrfffBUi (Bft»j)kl£t teKv 5«}b<f. 
bright Helmetj a Bllhop of Bath aoilB^4 
■ afcboa-' the Tear" '^f^*' ; ^ 1 i .IxU 
■r BRETH'IVOU) [ of ||M^ kiMi^.ai 
tnedttettuto bftiv R^iie, ^tvfr} '^ Bifluip )i 
fyincUJier in tht' Year ^Si : r . . ; > j 

BKIFISH, 0^ «r bcto<d«.ttiXhe^ 

BRIT'TOI<}BR, a Boafter or Bragter. i 

Teuf,] apt to break, fiaiJ^ weak. ..-v 

> B1UZ£h& ibct df GhxiDl ti^'lftttSa 
brig Jiiikti^^ "'' •• *«^ '• '> • " TT .*,.»'■>< 

BBIZEr JH«>» f liriH a«h/gaeri}.Sbi^ 
the North Side of M^iloaHS^da^.KiM^lHfU 
amwaitfiftgl' C" *•? ^'"'"'■li -»! ^Hfl^T 

BRI'ZES . 7 Wind wisitdA>fttht4iM 

BR^E'Zf^i -of the Air^Jm^^QdOtth 
QoWdgsftch. aa flv«: d^der .t&k» J4iitf% 
Uhewi* •;:. . .. J . ;^ ^-'A^ZAO.^ 

A BROACH' {JTsalU K.};a5^itotaMi 

Meat on ; ^ &tiM ^Sii you%rSlJI|^iflea 

growing (kKirp likTttt Bbd.ftf K^kttOAS 

- BRQA€l^j^MikraJSpftlU!i.Cyir>'7iT!) 

iTo^BftOACH' {i«if4>4r^f»ltt ^W 

theftftftibUfl^'oC .nwoTiijj,^ aiJi 

lA^rBiuMi^Wr^f^A^ftair lB;m» Tr^^^ ^«^ "ii^*^ »*^i«»'^^^^ 

^il'lii«&} wtve -WQ0tK d ^a.^aifafio^l^i i{^ 

KRIS' rOW-jrgf^ pi ft H . . . ^ ^ 

leaUed, ferttapeatifilifbittoatfo4d4%nipt^usl|«o& Sldecb^-ctie^^hip itisiifi^ r i 
gihirtlii ji jtni^WteSya^ ^KHd^^^fittf gfek^^port^^d " ^ . . - - 

-^>^-BiaW»^ f i«c f^^i^f^iuf^f^ S».i| ;t4ne 
JUnrarii froiQ four or five FathoiH| whttk is 

•'MAwi'VWtr; 4Hb'tovM'(h«lchhcdifed- 
A BRftA W; ^--Ifettftf of ^r^rti»i •- ' 

•«fcfrA»'*nA ^ ^rciiAZ^ 'Mves! 
V «ftS4rr:BluTAi^5^re^i$«»ii' IM^t*' 

tt Br. Ptfflted, lAd taetfe'^ Ni^^^^f* ' 

Ifsr.ibe iwa probk&Ds Dtzffscidtt U ^:iMn 

BftO A<VBIO« 'riir2>r^^W} UwSkM 

Papdf «^vtaiaui|pdM Isifr^a^ /.• •» -i.^ i 

BROCA'DB 7rj?^«Mr/Mltil;]«>Am 


ahd9«tari^i|^tad Fw ^^-d mi'«J^ 

BROCCA'UII' f .Sta/^r«ir r<h«j ii 
dia»ol«> h»^ Tk«ftMKMi»< Btfind^^M 

BR<MSCE£^i;A;;» Thkkit or Otimd^i 

BROCH 7anoU*&&ioMdfcekadOd 
-Bal>ecHJ^liai^l7j6oI4• , 

^ii^BfUlClC r^ttdd^^ Bnedct, Kd 

Spit, &#, Sl^M^m *.*^, '-. • , 
BROCHaTSTawT, a ftickffl|-Kfe«nt.^ 
4 BRC 


ttKHTT, Civokaiatft/ tlpccudly- or 

HOQffTivtf iwo r CM! aid, or oi ihs 

llOO«AUPIIiY JceitiioToil la the 
fcai^fir^. tBiMiikftof Fir. 

ft «0<GCE J r*r**iZW, F, to troubU] 

ttiMM}<^ J to £& hir £ef^ by rtou^ 

^^^Vr'crP, krtnle by fb doiiif they *i€ 

t3, areTu4 

^/m;^ BROKBRSr areTucb as Uir aiUl^ll 

or CorponuttosKiaKl/t vl-jvii ii -;ci « r.* xt.<i oc 

BRONCHIA [B/i^XM,Cr.TTie«iraHi 

are Braodlr^Jll{ie,Wrfkl^j& ^trl^j^Jc 

Uw Wjpd.pipe, in .«v Af tmhMBMitf PaT'^t. 

£ .BilU)l^fCHl» \^mX^<i'q the 
fi^Uous Part of the Wind-piie^^^/^: 

Twiftcd, TwiDd. 

•lL|rf#Jwoikr. F. perhaps ittmO, 
"Jwalpodj -iitt. a Wood, y.^, to h^ii* 

■" " i Ucx un theCoala, 

i.Jd&«cKdar Dagger, 

}iJk Hire or RewjrJ ofj Wt^PPtit «?♦ 
i Broker i alrciJr^Eu^j 

^ M IfM Jfe^ff » Tow ft ia /fi/'^/ri,j 
■■*!? oDii CscTitrlutir [ peihjpj ficrr. 
g^i ^ yui; Kjpg fiat fcOiod tum-j 
y^tt>^ i^wytfe ftiT MtrrM^a T«wn ■ or 

^^Tsttiw^ b^iise Watcr-fidfJ 

*- ^ tfj jg Pttty ^jsxe j; K.W1E?. 

Jm i InGbiliMi {in C^^rdb] Ii ' h; ^ 
^■t^h^kliaf Litrbt, u I'een diiiaU|Eh,1 

■^^ji* I B^igk Liof, v^isffeby iht Rav 

m fpTir»CT Tirort fKinc tmc 
*Q«b| or vh« leti otit Moaqf ttpon 


til 5 

BRONDIRCN, a Sword* ^/wicu) - v/ 
alio a Collar of GoU, yfyi ^^ ^i4Mra>4[|^ 

Fowl.Apfi*;. ,. , .^y q i> rrr,^<J ., riu.'X 

J ^. teshecl by, cinftint:.wtii«nc«iibi.M -ji « v 

To BRXX)K {l4HKM,&r4». tO'^^M m 

tb BROOK Uf, fpoken of Qoudv widB 
! t|i|:y.4ra^,t^^h<^».a0i4(f^;^^ JftfiUtihey 
aiefai^ftf ir»ok iiff» . /l* i -) 

J BROOM'ING7[a ^>/>] it tbri^Und^ 
contra^ed 42a Wr $«(i^ jKid^ fil9W|j.a«M, 

or .StraWr J '. 1 K r.1. ^4 1^ .-A-.t-V' i ' I 'cr:M^l 

Wo^ii mma Q^mitfn. Vv . j 1 '-j ;• 1 

the Liquor in which Flefh-j^^bdiled^i n: r. a 

»|ia»iW|Bf^«M^W«J, ^ ^iUKtfttttdy. 

ho^^><w rn r!;.4 n rl io luci moil nwirfc 

•itJMtAT(Jkl^UiiV»<BimU^ Ur4><tfM..>r,4 
oift6;QJ^E^Bjv^kl» ^i>M,4fff^Bti0em, 
f . of t^ /ai9ei^loodl a MaJe Mi:ewM»Mlif 

J»B,OXJ(^|-Rfl£B, Brotiin^qa^i lOtar, 

B R 

ttROUDRlD, embroidered. Chant. 
^ BROUKIN, to bnwk, to teftr« ChmK. 

BROW tBpm» Smic. T^ft^ Be/g. 
SlU%mlWmni4^t^tht E7« brow) that 
fan of the F^ce atovetbe EfM. 

BROW.XfitW (AUMi^ HMr^i] tke firft 
Start diBt gfowt on •'Stil*! HMUl« 

To QROW^mt; tn look difdamfelly or 
lUttghdly OB I to iini^ or kees onder/ 

BROWDBD^enbMkide^jK O. 

To BROWK^to enjoy. to>ii(e. O; 

BRGWII [Mp^ &». *^tt^. B./^. 
Viaiitl* T^Mfw ilnHM^ Ital.] a Colour* 

BROWII^lSTSiia Sed of rigid Indepen:. 
dants, fo called ftamQoeAiiwt/lrM^theilr 
RjBgr leadCTi. 

BROW^^ {kt CarfenttfJ '» ^ -iymt- 
tkwadB Q^ <vpi|( Betto.- >• *■' 

BROWS'E, ciSr0mfi*i^MJllBf^J^V, « 
Twi§]^ yoatig Speoott of Titet, tbat'^hoot 
forUi o«rly in the Soriag, itfaciMiFCiliUe 

To JBROWyc, li^rmeer, F. ^Mrv, Ital. 
BMinBtt) Or.] 0> teed by koappmg or nibUiiig 
off tU To^ of y<ma% Sprigs, Utthd, Grafs, 
dff. a»6eaftado» 

BROWS'TBA^ • Braver. Scot;. 

Ikr.BRUARl% ffct-BrJfiB..Gft^« 
, JfUWRlA, Bnthf Heath; Brlan^- or 
Thome. >0.L. 
. .AHJUQH'BOTS? of AjMSSe a Briflge, and 

BRUG'BOTE 5B^c»,^lMJ aCbntribu; 
i«k«i,Ha!«raids (bo'tncflililig'of Widgeij talfo 
thofe who are ekemfRia^iroaithif TnbQte, 
. TtoBRjaCKJUH^ todkry. C. 
. BRViUUE' f Vfij a fmallOeBfe or Tl|idcet, 
. niicdeWood. >- ' t 

-To BRU'ISE [of bnyr«^» Sax. tomfal, 
or ^///, F.] «o iDJua oi* f^ theF'Onn ti a 
: Thiitt by h^ld Cbnofidfittto ^ ' v . 
^ . ^RUir f Srlof; F.] 4k EuiiKRl#, Rvport, 
comoMMi Talk. ^ 

; Tv-Bftyia: mt^j^^^^^ad^WH^^ dr 
f^read it abroad.' 

. BRU^MAJU I'BmMiii; L. ftohi ANima, 
.^3Vincetl on.erbeloiiKiqgfabWiirtfrw-'r^i ^ 
.^ BWm* (aPumtbrS^itf. Heat}} Afiuilt,. 
Onfef, Bniih. ' » ^. -; * - 

. ..^BiM^^iitE^ ^f«|£^.f • '<inor vninie, 

Twf.l an Urenfil well known. 

v»Brufli^r.. h, ..t-j • .ii M - .». » 
, rBR]VSHr4Miwi»;»iqiAr4theT«alef a:F^. 

BRUSH.M^m/, fnnlLStidu for F«d. 
. -]KRU$HMSVr»>Bf«aiVor<tfiittWdea. 
: t BRVSR fin i^«i^b^ that taimy Coio«i, 
•/OtherivtfecaficdTenr)'. - . • 

to BRUSLE £ofirr»/<r 40 bM% jr.] to 
4ryi*l*faf«b. . • . - -T ' • . 

BRUS(yLES7 [JalCM«7T Vol Sftakts 

BURSCVLESS dff^U) a ^mB^ Way 

To BRUy TLB (of bj«rdu% fto»« a»Dt. 
Bet^, to fimi/Ue, 4s M eor^ed Botf} txS rvflle 
«« AroKnM^ Silk, *«agt4iffiQakiMOt^ alio to 




BR UT^AL 1 r.%«a^^t,] I 
BRUTAl/ITY [Art«ai^f4K7 

<b»llfeofRtai!bii. - ''^^^' ^^ 

3RWT1SH, BetftOIke, BAi»l«-^ "^ 

ToBRUrrei «>bnjfti^. 

BAVRe^ <AtflltyMmw. '6.' 

BRY'ONYlB^i«t4,,Or.1 i 
;wlf«;talfcd WlitcwviAer^ * "* 


J?««oiH iOalljw i - »• 

To BUBBLE, to chMHe^ to < 
a Trick upon. " ' •• i-- 

. JUrii3dM^j«£rdiBUq|KL£,; 
peafeaed-fci'th^iHai^^JSAs ori't KfA 
Inmrance, or other |iretcoded I 

<<M«K(I to "Mpr tfii! Bi|er aadT . 
their UomK »yiSakk.jtibbiiic. ' -. 

BU'BO [Bi^«f,Gr.J «!ie'Ghiifl«4J 
&aifc the Bisniiiiit of the F%, -tbtbe M 
parts { alfb a Tumour in the Gronu • 

iya^Mb/««0'B<V 'at'Fl^kJiit.aiJAl 
Botch, efpecially m the Thnnt^ - ,,« ^ 

oodifiqiaiddiythkFMici&i>te;^ cw**^ 

a Baho» and Mx» •%wdihM,'^r.^ 
tore, wteQ'^Be ittvUitei 'ttB' 

fometiaoei it is takra for » B 

BUCA«n«B .:. J WrUten. 

BUeCANS'Uir 5 ' /ajiy/'J^ 
Rovers; then a |o »nWd ltobfcfe)| 
: .MICC&LLArf.IOH,'\ 
Gobbttn.- €; T. ^'V^* ' ^-^ ^« »^ •'- 

BU^^Ct'NAlT^R 7aitt6di#' 

the .tovid Mkiek'^ tlliete^ 

:clBii aL. "i .:' ; -I-' •-:• •© * 

' To BUCONATE [huetM^^ 

a Truaaper.. .• ' > ; ». * ^-v^ ^ 

■ ' SttCEVTOUW^i w ffev 
tiTe, and M^imQ* a r 

in whkh tbe Do^B'Wi'M 
go annvaily bbf^ftnanflb^': 

BUCE'PHALUS f Builpid^^ 1 
On^.abd.JtifSu* «i«bRi/«^. W?^N 
tM miK ^- d»4^oq0'llovft V^ 

B U CK {Beidb^*Mrj¥% WUHq^y 

when prefixed to themi aa a Bock'UM 
>B«ck^iaia% »€.- -.H*! . . . ^ -''T^ 
. BUCK«iftye«naae^Ai»,oi»liiitt 
Soay M ■iKHiiiiiK of lAiBtfi> ** *^* i"^ 
BlieiC^-aC«cMd.'>€n«f:'*' '^ ^* 
T4ie«UQK^UitB«tf. • 83^, ; " 7" 

Digitized by LiOOglf ' ' "' ' *1W 


r* tiw liAb I ^ - 

-^ «fl Hetb, . 

?S UBlKi1lirlt?<llT>-..'.l 

*it^«i5 Bi«» ^.Aif . 1 Fiamofi, Of- 


t wiLb rbO0^i ill'o a Curl of 

([iWri^a^di/jf ] & Piece of ije- 
i if JiM^j a ifieu oat off fnmi 


«r ao Herb. 

ilw Will til Cbofitjj 

F. ] to f»ik ikxth 

,1 « BloCom or jaui; 

'it '-' .1' ' 
iortnd. , '^ 
-J tMOovvoi^llir, 
^4«pt privateJjr ints^^a 

i4 Skin Af JviifdfrLioilii 

ci, iin'd with Ltof^ Kj*/ 

" ' " ' f the^flcj^ to 


Skin of an.^avN^ick/likfe furAck'ciib Jft^ 1 
1 ,1^1^) (ffiOwiiAf i^i^^iL^tUM^ jn(«^ %ft:d by 

> ^imjP4EV>ii AiBofWf^-JWA>Jiaoicrtaiii 
;-dPVS^«t [^6i#; ^^^ *r Bb4<^A^& Ear 

A BUFFET [Baffif, FJ jL^Jw^cai^or 
A BUF'^j:E.i/<arf|ft^tt«rt»am 

>->({iA}£U£FdaNV(;jM^ %iil^«#^ftkl. 

Toad^ becaufe luch a Perfon ^ftv^ iilbc a 
:J^4^.lLj*ft<*,-«iu«H^ vriM'Jfi^t^r leaking 

ing or Scoffing, merry Trkks,) ? »• H ^ i - v-^^ 
RUG)-^^noifBiiieAMn«fidb.ittfid/ '^ 

BCK>^fo(ningi ^ -di "' /l "• ' '• ''^ 
^ JKiCu. :.L paniUniigiaiby'MroiiA^ to 
BUG'BEAR 5 frighten CAikt^n with* I 

. Jhimy fi d.zmMXtaj^ ^h^(tiy ^Mk \ or ol t>ea 

BUG'GERYFof Bmgrfu^ r. tHT irW$:arr, 
a^oii^ciinlipiaukfor Mtftakmxil^lA^i Mm*^ 
giiii\ a Sin againi^ Kacare^ cirC^alatiao>of 
.otelIaA:«lic{f>«iq[C^r^ <9r •'^ 1M«A or Wo« 

BU'CLE [ofcJbCMt^ U ^» Hciferl a fert 

i«^|ijld,OB9vair»akiid*.oNlUf3^B^iMtf i 91£q 
an Herb good for Wounds. >'^' ^" '' 

fort of Hunting'Horn. .r.i. )c L >, * 

.^£B'CJddQ6STj»k»^<A|^'Vi\ ^tMffMiL. of 

.!ikdgAclGW] 4aTlciili4Ji|K>(:1niMM are 
fcry cortiial and reft rative. "i« 3 JU.O 

fes, ^f. .n'vv;v ;. .« I.-f-l I r.- [,*.- \ 

Gr.1 is any Root that is round, andt^-il^ped 
i»a& iMb/.^liiV aM4aaMi^'tt«^MgW/Ta. 

r^ttniftOi^ifiliMlk^V^A/ZNttiJ^di f«u 

,itfaBkil^^AffattA4i^^bwn'^^ /WUil^ave 
Roots with a finale roaail Fltoiiil,) ttmctH»|'%C 

«hi^.1loVIBadntlnyiV|Ai^I^^^'^^' ' 
BULdS fatnoog B§tamJii\'i0Ui9itkei ^t 

.•'«UWfi»^ tCalKp<^<^Z '-. • v\^-. -a 
BUL'GA [O/i^LtfwJa'Bliat^t^ Mdt^br 

PdlWMOrtMW'-'''"'"-'^'^'^] -'•^'" •'^•■^ ^ 

'f!dU^OB0irx)ifr^A)^J hanng l>rw^ ifF 
ib9*of7inr.TiDiilKr.c0»afto<k/ aad di«rtfi»e 



ltTLlM'TA'\ [ Boulim'c, F. ZAifjia, of 

BU'LIMUS \BtfC an Ox, and \//4or Han. 

BU'LIMY J geo f. hungry enough to 
cat an Ox, Gr, ] an Ox-like Hunger, or in- 
fatiable Appetite ; a Difeafe often accompanied 
>vith a Lois of Spirits, which, proceeds from 
a too (harp Fennent or wollcing in the Sto- 
Biach. Xr. 

BULK and File, is when one joftlcs you 
while the other picks your Pocket. \ Cant. * 

BULK. [Buce^^'^x. feems to b<^ derived from 
9al(^, TVif/. applicable to toy thing of Big- 
aefs and Compafsl BigBefs, Size. 

BULK, a Stall before a Shop. 

BULK [ Bea Term ] the whole Content of 
A Ship in her Hold. 

BULK Hm<A, are Pttrtftiens made a-thwart 
■ Ship with Boards, whereby one Part is di- 
vided from another. 

BUL'KAR [ "BtelClie, Dan, ] a Beam or 
Rafter. LinccJnJbire, 

BULK'ER, one that Would He down on » 
Bulk to any body, a common Jilt, a Whore. 
Canting Term, 

BULK'Y, big, grofs, maffy. 

BULL [T^t, Du.] a Beaft w^U known. 

A BULL, an Impropriety in Speech, or 
j^lunder in Difcourfe. 

A BULL [ Bulla, L. ] properly fignifies a 
golden Ornament for Children, hollow within, 
made like a Heart, which ufed to be hung 
about their Necks, much after which Manner 
the Roman Nobles wore their Seals ; and hence 
the Briefs, Mandates or Licences of the Pope 
are called Bulfs, from the Leaden and fome- 
times Golden Seals affixed thereto 3 or of B«Xi», 
Gr. a Council, becaufe in former Ages they 
were compofed by the mutual Confenc of a 
Council of State. 

Tb* Go/den BULL, is an Ordinance made 
by Charles V. Emperor of Germany t Anmo 
I53^> concerning the Form of ele&ng t1^ 

BVLL-Feapy a Feftival in Spah and Fcf- 
tu^a/, in which Men on Horfeback, armed 
with L.iunces, &e: encounter wild BoHs. ' 

BULL.F/wi» [ 'BOJjfinck, Dan. *JBl\U- 
finCH, TeutJ] A Bird. 

BULh-HeaJ, ot Miller' irbumb, a Riter 
Fifli, affo a- little Black Witer Vermin. 

BULL.^fV//, akindofHeH). 

mtafi Buli-Eyes, from the SimilitudeJ- a wild 

BUULEN, Hemp Stilks peeled. C. 
^XjiXrBe^ar £y. bold Bcgg&rJ ^ Terrlfier 
of Children. 

BUL'LENGER, a fmall Sea VeflTel or Boat. 

'B^JV\sV.T [Boulet, perhaps from BAy.®*, 
Or. a roi^nd C^od of Earth} a Bali of Lead or 
Iron to be fired out X* a Piftdl, Muikcc, or 
Cannon, &c. 


BUL'LnClONY7 a Mtxtare of fereraliS 

BUULlMONOjof Grain togclhc^i 
Peafe, Oats, Vctchca. .fi^* 

BUL'LINOBROOK [J-, d. Bulls BnMj 
a Town in Linnlnjbi're^ noted for the titik 
Henry VI. . , 

BULLION [fome will haye it from Sa^ 
a Lun\^ of Earth, f. d, J^tff ^yvL 
Stamp upon it i others from Bv\A a Signal 
ibccauic 'it IS to receive the Princt*s*Efi^ 
and Minfevnt^ oi Billon, F. fOr S^n. 
to make Mone^ of 2 uncoined- G0J4 <V,S 
in iht Mafs. , 

ByULlOr* of Co^ety Copper PUtaJ 
on the Breaft-Leathptl tnAl^riaies of {lai| 
for Ornaments. . •« 

BULL'NES^ [from iPfeici. C. Br» %\ 
paratioo, and Kepe, Sax. a Proaaootoii^S 
England is tbecc paited from ScotlandjA 
In Cumberland, 

BULtOCK fBulIncfr> Sax.\ a young I 

BuyLV 7 [ J,, d. -Bvitit ox Ml 

. BUL'LV Rec^So'^ ?• ^- "Bun tftSj 

hectoring, boiderous Fellow. . J 

BULfRUSH Bridge [ in rortiJUattem\ 
Bridge made of Bundles of Bulmibe^ Mlj 
vcred with Planks, to fccure a Paff^ ^ 
Bogs, Marfhes, and fenny Place?. J 

BULHTEI. the Branny Part of Ut^ 
has been drels*d« 

BUL'WARK [TF0lItoecfc5i4i/./ 
round, and tOCrCk Work, f . /. a 1^^ 
Fabrick] a Baftion, Rampart, or ^ort. 

BUM [Vomme^ ^» ^- » Cover fiJra^ 
fel, or XoDem, Teut, the Bottom J the P 
dament, the Breech. 1,^ 

BUMBASPN {BtmJbaPu, F.] Slffl 
of Silk and Cotton, \ > 

BUMBAS'T [Of Bombqfm, t.]t 
doubled and intervowen with Flax j her ' 
taphorically, Bomhafi fFcrds or StiJe. ^ 

BUMBITH, making a humming NoB 
' BUM'BLEKITES, Brambk-M| 

Tork, ^jJ 

! BUM'MED, taftrf, or defired. A " 

BUMPlciN I Bomkni* i^. ^ 

T^ce^ aJFool in Latirt beioK called J 
Dl^ckhca4,^, d, one that bai no -w 
than a Tree j but Dr.% Hrhad' 
docc it from Fumpin or Pom^oj, fi- 
who lives upon Pompions, or. otner.c*^ 
as the poorer fi)rt^f Country ~ 
Coyntry Clown. 

ByNCH [ Bub^^ Ital. a Wen or 1 
Bump or Knob* . 

A BUNCH [ among S«iwt»3^»^| 
ward disjoimingof the/^rlt*Jrtf'i,,i^ f"^ 
JoJrts of the Back. "* ^ 

BUNCH'ED Cods [among BofamM 
Cods of Flowers which tt^ fH Jfl7 
and in which tfie Seed Is lodged. j 

BUNCH'ED Roets^ all toMod Rootl, hl^ 
Knobs or Knots in them. ] 

BimCH'ES^ Diftafes m Horku . ,^ 


TfayvCoBoioditiet bound together^ as a 
iwArrlfaa^ Ytn, fiTr. 

KIFDUS [ia Urn] ftcDOidi of Chaa. 
cej^ JjEf « tk OiSce of the Rolls ^ a* 
ik liki of filii and AoTwers in Chancery, 
A^md Cvtmsri, vith their Certtii- 

ItVG [In^ 54jr. a Purie, Pocket, 
97.] B^i IkiQ{, I. f . to pick a Pocket. 

JCSC, & lloidi of a Bam!. 

Ts mX^E [kagumer, F.] to do any 
ftafofanidiy; to coble, TO botch. 

AttXClERnjUmuUr^C. Br.] an 
■b^ a fiStry Walkman, 
; Bl{ha Bmtk^ Span, a Cake j or of 
9m,Y.pd, f,l 1 well.xeli£hed Cake] a 

nrr tf < 5«;/ [^. dl tlK Bent of a Sajl] 
kAi mUt Pare ot it, which is purpofeiy 
^■Cftaliiojofftag or Cavity, that the 

I UMtfv; the more Wind; It is moiUy 

j ddAif ii^ 

I WKiaa fitt a 52ii>] are fmall Ropes 
n^ ^ tB the Bottom of the Sails, in 
Ai aMe Pm of the Bolt-Rope, to hale 

I ^teflfdc Sail, for the better furling 

Sto, 1 Caihtter of Jup in the 
fe^itftk BjakiQ^ of pacer. 

gW , ^ fcn (^Lirk, a Bird. 

'Mf,iL£{M Wocfl, Barrel, or the like, 
(|'i>Jt^diar when it is caft iq^p .tbc Sea, 
^ajllhcc^ aad ihew whtre the Anchor 



r af, to (lipporty ciicourage. 

lamr ^ « C^i^ [$ea fa^mlM to 
Wood Tad to it near to the 

\ {■"t fii Alt the Cable may 4>oc touch the 
;^i|^ tbca It b fufpeaed to be foul or 

/FV tk Buoy l^ea tirm\ is to let 
■^Mj^hae the Ship has Way. 

^OasnSL f of Bepn A Bain, add 

■*** « To*n m Otferdifelre^ 

1[By|i«eii, 5ajf. 'S'tlf Bff 
Ttfuf.J a Ldad or Weight 
a mttch as a Man, Horfe^ ®c, 

y let (7aJ Ste^t\ ah«ut i8o iS. 
.. -^ [Beontoflb, i. e. Beer ford] 

■^ ia W^tanHinJ, eallad Statuwe 
%fcl4 Sn« aKMT Town. 
JTO|Ct [£jw Ttra»] a'i'enutc pfo- 
#tT*ai lea Citiw, thereby they bold 
y^^*»wd Teacmcats foe a certain .^eiily 

fcCA!CtT fhirnigQtUj F. a (brt of 
^•MtifX 7 [h^veott, F. • a tender 

T'iCAOEON 5 S^r'iA lo gtw b;ft *ho*i, 

B U 

BUR'GESS [ofBupsh, Slfx. B^rgb^^X 
or IBurSCl^v^^'^''] '" Inhabitant of a Bur^h 
or Borough 3 alfo one that ferves for a Borough 
in Parliament. 7eut, 

BURGH [ Bwjij, Sax. Sourg, F.] a Bo- 
rough, a large Village or Commonalty. 

BURGH'BOTE 7 [Biipj, and Bote, 

BURGH'BOOTE J .>ax'} a Coniribution 
toward repairing Cafties j alio an Exemption 
from it. TeiU, 

BURGH'BRECH [Bapshf^ca, Sax. ] a 
Fine impofed on the Community uf a Town^ 
for Breach of the Peace, &e, 

BVKGH-Caft/e in Suff«Ik, called Cnobejir- 
bup^l, Sax, 7. £• the Town of one Copier, iome 
petty King that built it. 

BURGH'ER [^ttrger» Tent.] a Townf. 
man, a Citizen. 

BURGH'GRAVE7 ["Burggraff, Teut.J 

BUR'GR A V£ { a Count, or Chief Go- 
vernour of a City or CaiHe in Germaty. 

BURGH'MASTER 7 [ Burgemttfler. 
BUR'GOMASTER J 7.^. l^urgecma- 

(f tr» Teut.] a Chief Magilhate of the Towns 
in the Low Countries, /. e, HoUand, FUu" 
ders, drc. 

BURGH'MOTE [fiupshemote, Sax.'X a 
; Court of a Borough or City. 

BURGH'WARE, a Citizen or Burgcfs. 

BURG'LAR [of Bapg, Sax. aCaftle, Sfr. 
and Larrottj F. of Latro, L. a Thief, ^. it. a 
Thief lA a Caftle ) for a Man*s Houfe is his 
Caftle] a Hottfe-breaker. 

BURG'LARV> a breaking into an Houfe 
in the Night- time, with an Intent to rob it, 
or to icill fome Perioa^ at to do fome other 
felonious A^. 

St. BU'RIENS [from Surieti, an Irijb Saint, 
to whom a Church was there coofecrated] a 
Town in CormoaJi. 

To BURL, to drefs Cloths as Fullers do. 

BUR'LED, armed.. Q. 

BURLESfC llBuriffcv, Ital.] acomi- 

BURLESQUE Jcal, merry Way. of Wri- 
kingj Mock-Poetry. F. 

. BurvL£y[f.ii.i&aai'Uke] big, heavy, 

BUR'LY Brand, a huge $f(ai^ ; aUb great 
tury, . 

A BURN [among Surgeaai] is an Im* 
brelfion of Fire made upon a Part, in which 
lbcr« remains a gteat deal of Hfat, with Bli- 
ftc^s, and (pmetimes an Efcar. .• 

To B U R N [ BqppAiW w Byfioan, Sax^ 
tBuutUQ, ^^-l ^^ ii:orch wich Hi;at, to 
<ontume witli Burning. 

BUR>^ Beatings » Way of mantiriag Land« 
by cutting off the Peat or Turf, laying it in 
Heaps, aad burning it into AHies. 

BUR'NET ffo called of ^iirf,< which it it 
gpod againft] the Herb Pimpernel. 

WK'NEf, Woollen Stuff. Chaue. 

A BURN'INQ [B«rpoMl)^^«7r.] a torch- 
ing or CQAioming with He«t« 

Digitized by vjC 



f^igan in Lancapirf, into vfbtHf if •i'Cafi- 
J>urn. ■••• -. i '■' ^ . -^ • • ■•^' •'■ 

nl for «ll living Creatures, whether ratin** 
JSti^^rritfuticyod/; t<) dOAfult*thei#'Ovm Sc- 
<ltctty ..mA>. ^tM^fttiem^n $ tod -whethtr 
iSiey a£t by Inftin^ or IUaToo, it Riil 
iKAdf^Aar.itooi Gate i}f.v«o«il||g thtfft Tl^gs 
that ha?p already doi^e them an Injury^ 
koA ikire' 9ta ^ gaeaSt. d)aii{y old 'BayirYgs io 
iera'al Ltnguagtt' according to the Rifrfw>rt 
of' fhis Prowrb : The Htbriwjs fey, TD 

The Gr^f^iy nai6»v U t« »i[^i^ «>«A}': 1 .he 
Latins, PifcMtor rffut f(^pit\ *ftd the Fnncb, 
Cbien efcbaude craifii rit^t frci<U%' 
(iTxiBUftlN'SSH {hwpir^ T, 'iAd S(>an.J to 
poii^ toioaake bnghtt it ia alfo a(e0 of 
Marts fpreading their Horns after they arc 
imf^ di n&w rufab*d. ' 

BUR'Nl^HER iBruniJfeur, F.J one tha? 
burntihes or poliihcs; ■ 
c^ ' pun {Burrr^ Ft a Upck of Wool] tlve round 
fCw^ or Hftfia on a, Decr'a Head, . 
\iJii}S^SL,^Of 3fuJ9€k^ an Herb. Bardana, 

BURR Fuwp 7 [in a SbifX a fort of l*ump 

BILDO^ Pamp\ nnfeged by t SiaflF f<;Tep 
CB-eiti^'JEQtotjDdg, vuith a Borr <^MKood at 
the End. 

erBtWilAS'Pf/* fr GSrroftidii of H^rax^ 
svhicb-}s What the)- ufej an- loAHiment nud^ 
uTe^Q^ Js^QbMrmitht and SargeoxkSy to krep 
corroding Powders in. 

pUR^KEL ftar, the Rfd JSutter ^earS 
" W^fHt'S/U Ffy, an infea very t^uifcTciine 
to work ii)g Cattle. ' '' * 

\ BORfROeiC, a fintll VNzz otpam, xvl-erc 
^bvda aic^Uid in-tld^Rlvci! Air khe patcUiog 
of FiAi-':. ..• . ' ' -' • '•■. 

^BU|)9;iSb»ilr. » ffdrl^nrs ^. if. aRtc^fltl* 

rulrhre, bccaufeof the bimihtude to thcn>^ 
Holea in a WarreittifaiWisrVfrai aKJdvtft ib; 
|tbb»t0; Hn6s,,6f#a ' - I - - '^T 
i > 'ikJStS A-'US^tattioiif ]/i«Ar9Mi^} iraftf «fL 
#ltfih.t^lAfiR)(!iaf.ah';JTiii^^ id;adlr«Yf»Cfii 
ks Shape refipmbling a Poufh. rA i^\ • 

to BOKSA'RiA^.na'hc^^hca^S^of aOolI^glate 

Monaftery. . i--. i «-•'•.;.■» 

* B u R s' B [ Bins M- .TOir^i' J^'^ 5. 

!» FJi'cc for the nrertlng of . TercbtewH ««d 
where Sftdps aw-Jt«3pt»-r.s-i .''. V'-r'Y.H 

BURS^A r^«>^,r]H^i'!V^.^*of 
a Collegfl^or MiMcnr,, end tf>ai^^ tU^st'Cace 


'BTJUST m», afort of Kerb. 
BURS^T [of Bufipcan, Sax. ^ 

^A.B!^R7rM>. an Elder Titi.*«m 
BURT; -SwBRfeT. ^' ••<:"< . 
ABI^RTLE, aSiw«?et^og. t/' "i 
IN;RfTO«r[4fla ^il^}li (MdmUeM^ 
fitting oi two iiogle Pulleya, t«k-^ 
Things In rtfMoo^.-^ -i '*«^ .'^^'-^ 

BUR'TON Ltfwn [q. d. ITvrfM «Ci 
;{:«rtf(, i. e. art^tlo^tii «f «l>Mp'i' 

Bups ^wkig thareaboats^ a Town iC'« 

BWRV 1 [0ap9, £a«.] a Tern^ 
BER'RYj added to NiiMs«rT^«i| 

iac»«'w;thBofough. "^ ' ' 

To BURY [8afiia8> or Bypigsnnty^ 

inttrr a <:orpfe« -^ 

BUS'C A \ Und«rwood» or RniA.« 
BUNCOS Jo. L. ^ 

A 3USHtofBlllt*,T«»^. ifarsli 

J?«>, Ital. a Wood] a Hedge or TlMi 

Shraba, 4 Briar, or Tbom-bofli, ^t* '1 

f>m Vim in 


Tbic ProvarW intimates, Thflit 
la a mighty Mattery and precantu 
to run the Hazard of a eertmin ' 
uwcfrfain OmH, and tipclies aa 
TURITIE5 aieKa]b|k|oi>f/2y 
QO depenjUpg qb Jkati ot wiU^H^ 
T E R, and no commanding '"^ 

it (erms'ifeo bdvc beeo bafr <m»fg . 
the Ihhrrws^ who fav, Km^BV"^ 

caim» 7ttii3ai*rwa:i>r; oii— 

&y^ .K^riof at yti.dwM««-d^^>*»»«^^ 
i^iMXM, Jhjftod i and the Jbmans 
r'Ay *fiqrt ^>^ ]^*^/o ^'^ >^"^t' 
)nn»tb^ Mteux pout itmuMdiBiagmgd 
i/nrtsti : ■■ > . . f "^ 

- -Bttf S H [among JTcJr/^ri] iths 
Fcx. ' ■ ' 

BUSH'EL [S<>ifiiiUf FJ[.« dif 1 
4 Packs. Land, .aoA 5 Wfto ^ 


' BVSH«$c^«Uii^«JWa«4>ar*f| 
nha Jioloof^ fUvi:, to keep it:( 
ing. '!/• 

. fiaSH^ETr^. a ittde BuA. 5mivJ 
BttSlCV aRiifli, a BiHk. > <X f . 
):.BUSi& (£>//r,F.) a-Pieoe>ar.'< 
IroQ^ fifci to k£«p dptfii -tkcF 
.Whmena.S^ya oF'Stomatbevr^ / 

. BUSKID, adorped* CboMt.^ r 

or Hoic,':-^or«TJkyi tha^ 'lantMbl ' 
iaa*.' •• ' . L ^ •'^ »ni'l. -r 
BUS'KY, far. fwelkd 5 aab-ii 



a StttPc ftprcfoir- 
•od Sbouidtf; cf a 

ibft Bic9^ cgm iiot wrtth 

- V— "l '-' -i r : 

"Y IpjfTl^vi, Sax^ Dcrluipftof 
f ti. ,» '|li»oi}| of BoG8c(s] 

Stf . /. e, none ^«ftk>i cx* 

"•f, F. End ^r edreme P«l as 

^-, WiS^Bn^mt a Sbmb, Riffimt L\ 

fnaffft [atvfiRr,. F.} ^i^ that kau 

, Y r { BombfrU^ P. J a j|ffft| 
IRjpParfiw&r, cf'SoMteille^ F. a 

&C£» M lapofidpo of WiMi 

i%*a fi«tkrj bf VirtVQ <kf his 

' mt^t^t^ q(. erery Ship 

"(^Mrtm Do- AiMfcrv F. ^* 

L] 10 ma alfiiafty to pnft with the 

^m fiaaiftwii and tw«ty Qallom 

r{£flr,~F.] a Mark to flraot at{ 
rfwBfJPfaflk whwb joifllto eot on- 
■tWc tfiJeof a Ship, under Water. 
"* '»90TT'{^9«ipi] iawbdna 
ip'it loofie ac ooe £od. 

» f {(UBO^ HMMtcn 1 are the 
Ijfiufi fir Koobeof a Deer's 

t Fbodittidcof 



ft, hiD^Fbre^'nttth. 

7 f with CtiFMr}ft]| is 

III tlte Add Spirit aof Snbllnute 

i tkc ftoguhn of Aiitimonv» 

rf nm . [among CtymM U 

I ictfaced fioFowdcTy ajid Sobli- 

4bc8ftl«»ft, aBlffd. 

J*, Sax* 
Intett well 


BUT^n^y, f c^. BuiUiy, a Pl^e where 
VifilDaU is Ci^yp. 

9UTT^S^,tV4 S«d^ of ploughed I^d^ 
which li^ iat Rid$et and Furrows. 

oeneg 7/r« x. jz.^ XKnftt tc jfoxD jpgpf, and 
'pofa^uSaor^«iA^f«^l^iio«sh] thttfir«echor 

Haiaicbi- • 
ThtffiUT^TOGK [ofa^l^] is that Part 

which flsakea h^r. ADSodth tight a-ftern from 

cheTttck^op^raffls. - 
JUrr'ZON {ITaacaa.tF.] a Faftening for 

toT^mESS {of' attKtir, F* to lie out] 

an Asch, Pitiar of Mafa of Stone to bear op a 

tV^U, BuiUkif* fiTr. 

-filfTTOWW 2 aT<Krf«adettfcof byFar- 


BIFEVIUIM €atttntt [r. e. Batter of Uad] 
a Chymical PieparatiaR> called fweet Liquor 
ofl^ead. L. 

BUXFFEROUS [Brnxifir, L.] Bos-bcu- 

To BUICIONBN, to bud. Qbauc, 

BUX'OM [Wocp^m, Sax. from t^tn, to 
bend, BeOfim, '/^A. f'd. IBfUffTain] 
flexible } ai{o am^oas^ waaten f aUb laaarj, 

WX'QMNtSS^ AjDoroaffi*^ ^A 
BUX«QM2tBSS> Lowlioieij. Sobmiinoa* 

BUXTOK [of Bdocd^ a Bceth*!^ aod 
Town, hjr Reubn of the Plenty of Beeches 
growing there^ called in $£ocoa ltiM>ecu^ /• tm 
hot Baths] a Town m DerMiru 

To'BUV naycsi^aQv 5ifjr.J topuffchafe. 

BI/'ZO^ the Shalt of an Arrow before it it 
feathered. 0.£. 

To 9D2Zr{a ir^rd taken fnun theSotuid] 
to.htdD» and make a'Moifeaa Beea, dTr. to 
whifper in one*8 Ear often, to iocukatt. 

BUZ'ZARO -iBuffirryW, VmW* 7W. 
a great Boggt^h Fowl] a ibtt oi^;reat Hawk 
orXite$ m% Afenfde&F^Uaw^ «n agbon^ 

BY [Bi^.WJ beiidearoigb; . 

BY or Bje [ Bye of Bi^, SaMi ^o4wdl« 
aa 'Habkariea or Plaee'of^AbCde] if it yet 
ittahwrf in thte Btodof Piiiqta ^ aS Md^,- A^ 


BY*il«ws» Laws siUdnin CdHta- Baron, or 
Courts Leet : alTo' Lawk oiide by »artic«iar 
Gooipauka or Oorpatatkws^t A« the ieicarre. 
golating of Trade, 
.BTDQINQ, ahi^Tng^ 0. 
BYENfTAl,^ the Yard iC^MvysBdcmlwr 
BYFORNB, before. Cbtui^ : 
To BYHET'B; lk> prOmiAul O^tfar* 
BY'KER, a Fray, or Sca&; (k 
BY'LANDER [ of B» our, and ImB 
the Land, Tr«/.] a foiall Awifciailtng Veflel, 
^0 pUed f^om it» Co(ifthig> as it wjs^by ^d. 

c & 

T» VYiXVm^ to dmrn tOftMdfl. Gtoc. 

BYN£MPT> o^mea. i>>rA<^. 

B^RA'FT^ boRft.. 0* 

BYRAM; a felema Jcftifal MApng the 
TitriX) a^fort^ofi Car&ival vvith theo. 

BYRAM'UCK, a.Pnefent 'int4e at that 
TJmei u our Ncw«iyett*s OifiC . • 

BVR Law 7 Lawa eaabiifted in Scotland^ 
. BVa J^awS with Conlicac i>r* ^Ighhovra 
chofen unanlmoufly in the CpuiU. called Bnttr 
law Courts* 

. BYCIi$UOP£ [Bi(ctQff» TVir/.] Bilbof). 

BYTRENT, catchcd up. 0, 

BYWOPEK, oiadeftflJdds.. 0. 

BYjBY \Mcr: Caf. derives it 9^ xh% QrtdL 
IktoCsty CO deep] commonly /ung hy Nux£n lo 
caufe tbdr Nurmnga to fall afleep. 

BY-BLOW, aBailardChiia. 

TPtut* f. d. a Saying always ready] a Proverb. 

C A 

CIs a Chara^er for Cmtumt in Z^/yn xpo, 
and io it Hgnifiea 19 the Titles of Books^ 
JATcriptiQ^s, ^c 

A. C. is an Abbreviation of jinao Cbrifli, 
the Latin for the Year of Cbrifl. 

jZ.C, Q, denotes one of CerjMt Chrifif Col- 
lege in Oxford^ 
CAAS, Cafe, FortQOC. Cb^uc^ 
CAB [3ip, /f.] a Jev)ifi Mcafurc, con- 
taining. ^ Ir'^nca and 5 6tbs, and fomcthlng 
more, Com-Meafurej and 3 Pints and lo 
Inches Liquid -Mf^J»'nrr. 

CABA'L .7 jH^^p* H. /.r, a Doarine 
CAB A'LA J received J a fccret Science v. hich 
the Rt(kbim of the Jevu pretend to, by which 
t^ey unfold aU tbe.My/^cfics in Divinity, and 
expound the Scriptures ; alfo a Jun£lo or 
private Cou9pils a f articular Paity ; « Set, or 
Gang. .' .•.■'..' 

To CABA'L ^cahaler. P.] to plot together 
ptiTately, to ^wke Parties, 

'A CAB'ALIST [Oibaljfie, F, fahalfja, 

L.] ,a Pcrfon /kilJed ia the Jcwifi) Cit.alal 

CABALlST'JCAL2rCtf^tfV/jw,F»] he- 

CaBALIST'ICK .J longing tp the J^tjh 


. A CABAL'LER £ CahaUur, F, ) a Party^ 

CABALPNI?, a coarfer fort of^Alocj, ufcd 
by Farriers to pur|;e Horfes* 
.CA'BAI^;CK. ibe H«rb Hatlcwort. 
. CAB/B4.GE. [QiAstcc{9, Ital J a Plani: wpll 
known to Houf^ jfcq^rs j jalip a C^nt Word 
tor priftate Vibcfu] , 

CAB'BAGE cf a Dcer^t Bead, the Burr 
which pnrts whef e the Home take their rife#. ■ 
. CAB/ B AGE ;^Vi», a fort of Infed^. 
CAB'BIN iCahanf, F.] « Cctuge or,Hut^ 
a httle Lodgi;)g-Rooai 00 Ship-boaii. '. 

ther. **. I 

<J. O.t. ^ 

C A \ 

CABONET iCabim, F, J « Clofel ki< 
Palaqe, or Nobieman^s Houfe^ a Chei^i 
Drawers or Ca/ket to put Things of Value m 

CABINET Organ^ 'a {inaU {fitahl^ S 
gan* ' *j 

CA'BLE [CaWc, ^<t] » > g»»t Rfl 
which beipg fafiened to the Anchor, holds'H 
Ship faft when fBc rides. F. 

To Bend the^ CABLE [Sw TflTB] i 
imake It Ufi \o the Ring of the Anchor. . < 

■ To Unbend tbc CABLE, is lo take it I 

; To f^eclktbeCPiBLE\ Is to hind it a 
. To Strwtbe CABLE 5 bout with Rom 
k)r Clouts, to ^eep it irom gallins hi d| 
Jia^^fe. ^ ^ 

To ^0/7 tit CABLE, it to roll it op n««j 
in the Ring. \ 

; To SplUe tbe CABLE, is to join two PM 
Jtogcther. ' ^ 

To Pfiy Cheap tbe CABLE, Is to pot It d 

CABLE Ttrtj is the fcveral Ro! 
that are laid one upon another* 

CAB'LISH, BruA-Wood. C 

CABOS'tD \ [of Cabe^a^ Span, of [ 

CABOSH'£D?ioci>f, F. from Catuul 
ts when the Beaft's Head is cut off iSofel 
behind the Ears, by a Se^on parallel to] 
Face, or by a perpendicular dowxirjghc f ** 

CA'iJURNS [Sea rcmi] are fmalll _. 
Rope-yarn, ro bind the Oabf^s of a, Ship, i 

CAC-AFUE'GO \i.e. a Shitc-ftre, Sfi^ 
a certain ^'parijh Fly ia\\ <^arts Fire fronil 
Tail in a tlaik. Nigl.; ^ ^:over|>ially a br^iggnj 
or vapcuring Ft.ll. v.". 

CACA'O. an rr.,':',:'f' Tree, like X9^ 
Orangc-^r-e, Kuvf, of vvhldk Ch9( 
late 1; m.idc. ' '1- 

• CAC.rrOTsTA K^r, a Kamt glv«f| 
$yh:ui to an inicrr'ilttir.g Fever, si'Diarfh 

OACWiiATorc- 5 x-...vf 'cvi:iy, j 

^»;vi to fjy^ Cr.j an ha;G^ ^<H:nd of \V<i 
is when n fcllcv^S a Word ceding iji^ 

■ CACrJtCTtr^ ■7r^^;c«^^^. Cr'.V 

' CACKECnnCVSiih.u ftas an ni 
/^fBo^jy. ^ ^ ■ ., ■ . . ^ 

; CACHKJt^ rt^rrrW/r, L.. IC-iflAj,' 
liaftflf bad) andig/f Wabit,' ^r.J'aajiij 
<tf Bcdy, pfccci'ding /"ronp>^ bad D^fpo^lti 
the Flui(!.s ard Humours. ' * ■; ., 

♦ CACK^EKKL, afortclTFifh'". ' ^ 
To CACKLE mjXltetfii; t. ^.J ipM 

out as a 'Hen ^o^s when the Has laid. * T^. 

CACpHY'LJA [of jta«if bad, an4/ji 
^ef Chyle; Cr.J a bad b;^cftion in th^ s| 
«iach. / ^ 

CAC0CHV1^'\* l^acoch/hU; U^/of ^ 
koxi/yuJA, of itajpor bid, and >byun7^mOH 

ur.} the abounding' pf ill wteours in g 

^^'^^^ D git zed by Google ^^^ 


CiCODA'MOK [Xtf«o$jt//Kif, of tutxle 
mlttaikifmASfaTXfCr.] an evil Spirit, 

aaX>iri(OKr!Bi|frc%]tl]e twelfth 
Badtti I ripre of the Heavens, (q called 
Inst if a <!o tf«I Sigilificatioa. 

CiaSEmiES JjKMttidRf^ of Htaiif bstd> 
aitSii Bik^GrT SB lU Cuftom or Habit j 
asKoi^HcUker beyond Cace, L. 

CifiOPiOW [MXM'tedfk, of ««ue9( 
M, mt t^ FaffioD, Gr. J a lufier- 
% i^ii^ ■ 1^ oodcr a painfal Dif- 

CICOPHC/NY ICsce^m'a, L. of x«u»- 
f■■l^ flf Bcak \ai, and #«»« Voice, Crr.J a 
lii Imt at Voicr, proceeding from an ill 

OCOSYNTHETOM r»i«ow«<rU, of 
Mai Ml r^Mw»r, Gr. J an iU Compofi. 
ta m 'piaug tqptber Wordt in a Sen- 

OemXyPBY [Owtntphia^ L. of xA- 
■V^ tf atsaf md Tf 09a NonriAaaent, 
^•] ■ it XB&riiBeat. procecdiog from a 

CKUOIFA [cMHsdt, F. of a<cjuf aXi«, 
■ i«» rd ni^ Tjol^ Cr J perTerfe Imi- 

WA'VaoOS [(Mlawrcfus^L.} be- 
*^te iteJ Corpfe or Carcafe. 
^'^BUlEF^Yaa Infea that it a good 
52fjii 5 Bait for Trout, ^r. 
£®ftW,i Jackdaw or Chough. Norf, 
C40I (c«k,^ Lj , Bjjyjgl^ , Cag, or 

^^^ t Vedel eontaiaing five hundred 
■j^«^Pi ooe thoofand Sprats, &c, 
t^^y i^, a jooog Lamb weaned, and 
^"^{ifiBitofJiillice of Peace among 
COl jtbe Turh^ and other Eafteni 

^iSFI^I™ 7 a chief M^iftrate in 
«t»5HER J Tiw4<y, of which there 

CitecE [of Csdetue, L.I if a juft Fall 
••2?«fVoic€ in a Sentence. /*. 
^jJWWrt [iB «ii^] a Jcind of Con- 
J^'Twi, made of ail the Parta togc- 
■■yj^m Placet of any Key. 
* l!2? [«■ J^«^} a Flawt if faid 
J* •"'. wben it if in a Sign oppofitc to 

«j; ? [Cai*, F. a yoiugfr Brother] 
k£m '** *** ^'^•" " * Volunteer 
r S& ?*» *»» 0"^ Chaigea. 
^VM CT, tk Straw- worm j alfo all IryJi 

>^^*P» » maA Frame of Wood, on 
•??wfawcania» to be fold. 

l5S^ * Carrier. C. ^ 
, ^CpllA. the leaA of the Pjgf which 

^^ lU^ Gr.] a Ston, ^t 


of which Kmft ir triM ; Brafs 6i« ; alTo a 
fort of Stone, caHed Lajprt CaUmtnarh, 

CADU'CA Bom, 'Efcheata, GoodffotWted 
6» thr Timfur? of the Prince. L, T. 

C ADVICE; {dulmeiis, LJ Meranfi fnaky 
Staft'; the Roman Htti\d*%Staif: 

CADUCE'AM [tadiKtatius^ L.] belooging 
to the Cadoce or Mace of Mercury. 

CADUCIP'EROUS [Cad»cifer, L.J bear* 
iog tha OadiK** 

* C ADU'CUS Morbuty the Falliog-Sicfencft ; 
a Difeafe'fo calkl, be^aufe Pcribnf that ti^ 
troubled with it fall down fuddenly on the 
Ground. L, 

CADWAL'LADER [of CaOt Battle, mid < 
MDaUlftr» C Sr. a Captain of War] t&« 
Name of a Khig of the BrUainu 
CiE'CrrV ICaakas.U} Btindneff. 
C/E'CUM Jntiflhtim [ *mong Aftatmijiil 
the blind Gut, fo called, bccaufe one End ^ 
it if fliist up. 

CiEL'mO [Caliiis> ^y* Cooling] aRI- 
Ter in Cornwal. 

To Ci£M£N'T [amoi^ the Paraceffiam] 
to calcine after a particular Manner with ooc* 
rofive Liquora j but more properly ufed fij 
Hefmotif, and foflhe others, for Luting. 
CAER, a City. Brit. 
CABK-Cufienitb, 1. e. the City of C^tf^. 
tta in Caernarvon/hire. C. Br. 

CAERDIFF' [CaerniU, C. Br. perhip*, 
^. </. the City ot DiJius] in Clamcrgam- 

CAER (7«^ [q. d. KibhpaSs, or theTefl|« 
pie of St. fdbiusj a Scholar of St. Hilary^ a 
Bi/hop of the FiSs, that thevc lived a Mosk'** 
Life] inthelfleof-rffff/f/ry. 

CAER Leon upon Ufi, fo called, becanlh 
Antontus Ifca, and Csefat*% feiond Legion^ 
Qtherwife called the JVelfi feeond Legiotf,, 
was placed there ^ formerly an Archbt(faop*a 
Sre, hut sow a poor Village in Mbnimtutb^ 
fijire, * 

CAERMAR'dEIf, called by ^tit komask 
Mtfrtduntm, becaufe it waa the Town 6f 

CAERNAR' VON [of Catt « Town; Zi 
at, and (EUxti or ^mt the IJieofMcm, be- 
caufe it is over-againft the Ifle of Man] a' 
Town famous for the Pirth of Kmg £^- 
noardlll, of Engfand. f - ' 

Ci^'^AR, a Name common to the eTereii 
EmperoTf of Rtme, who fttcceoded'^tt//«x'Ciel- 
far i and now to the Heir Apparent ,Qf att ' 
Emptror. -' . ' ' ) 

the cutting^'a Child out of the Womhftby 
opening theBeUy of the Mother y hence t/> 
/fii>, the firft Rmafi 'Mmzrth, Wat called . 
C^fiKf b^iife Jie .W2^ thus brought int& 
thfc Wotltf, i, e. \ajh pfitth's ventre, and th^ 
Operatioa. ha,i h^tq Valfcd C^frrhn aUct' 

<iiES^^A, a' fttt^* Gaft, Norcli^ alfo'a 
Figure in Poetry.- "V^ ^ ' * ! • 


CAGE {Cage, F. of Ohm, L.T^%iq|0U 
re for Birds. t'-^^'^ . 



CA'OIA. A Bird^te.'^i 0)*pvfUaBAs. 

•mooK tbe Tirr It • 

lK^tt(lrthtirtaK^)ft]tAM^iAi VMS ^nMd 6)r a 
«Cl^Akl liM fttigfily V^^ff^aAAM kf i 

te'KR 0^ tTAdi iff iillk ^Ith^f W, 

habited it. ' = - ' 

r iAWSOU f i* JW%)Wtfife* 3'i't»ll of 
'WbbdhoMiAt^ <^^^ ftmtt^^ of foiMtiMte 
fMiIy filled wik9» "F^ittttfr^ Jgk-i burh^ »«d«r 

tbf BfficMn nc iixt :o th« MaAen of«, 

ierabk Wretcb, • forry V<lk}w. 

• <Mn^&NW^ dbaiJiedy «f ftcMiail with 

(SbtfiSi Cbaict < ' ^ > 

made widk bj^cv, Frlili> 6^. 
^CAVABEft, «h» FuRf oT a littlo Cmtwe 
ftii?l;nft«0> of tbe nttm K«i«. 
CAI/A'EN, aMteealAMsd bcdhrin th» 

CAMMI^iVRIS {^J^ tkt CdAnlne 
Btotir, VMbfa bein^* fi)^ ^tb Oc^^/tAras 
Irifttd-ydH^dwBrtilife • £; iv;./^.' 

CAL' AMINE, a Foffile ufed at % giMt 
UNii^ Jrf'AWbr%eotinl»Bwr>td^Artfla«rffaf, 
^Ctraia and Plajlers, ■ *'■ '■ *^*^\ ^ 

CALAMl'TVS, a Qm (MtlMfti thcR^fiplb 
C.l». ■ n 

«M^, i;. V If >f<MftH>^Mi^w*edtf 

cALAwriTy rctfAfctt " ' 

1:AL'AMUS Saiptcnnsy a wriuis«Cfl£& 
PB*/ t. - • • ,* • -»•■ 

ttitek O. i;.- - .. : f -, .^ ^ _ 

^AC3ifcAsir>^Mmf rtiiMhjeb^ 

A CALOCH C rioc .</./ 


iaMDitid liBrtlaidfbiislM^aiL....-,.^ 

,4^AlGAnriQtir «^Mil&pMhwi 

t^K'u.A oc^ . . .iO c ^■^, It ,itrht 

Stonec aad Rubblfli. O. L, .91V.0 
CALCE'TXnypf .«: i. V ^'i . 

Utttt B6a« mibciiqoot|'iwMt0 U, 
yb^ w i yH >tbatHttftaMife^^ 
Mtocobds ibe AdMe« . i:: n -^ 1 1 w«, .i j , 
CaLCI'FRAGUS [of CfliljrChaJk; 
$te|ii,;aaa>>^< t^.^bMkll 
that breaks tbe SCQBo<iB\m 

CALaNA'TiOI^ i»™^ 
of MeiMg; .•»- Fin tiiPMiAi,^ 
a pusoii-Scdif^ •tjit9 Bofrte^i 
rire. .-. -V ■■/•:'. >f, J r.H TO 1 


nVtf/] is when Booes, He 

b^i«.%D^.alltbffi»MviciUiP> 4te|^i 
docedtoPawdal.t..; • 1- ••■ t. \. 

ToCALCWNE [.1:4^*1^^^ 
tp Wire?f > Qak.« Hndw^r Vi >l 

CAijCraEI>,.lBiictl t» 


»4Aa^( Bta^ and 3 _ 

EkiHI or t nfl in» w% «p,%Mfc.T-i^:?I 

L.1 to caA Accoonts, to reckoo. 

♦ 'o^ c .?.M1V3 

Reckoaioe, and is either Akabnic 

CALCCUD, calcukttd. 


VMlkifMi'aiM.vA.Tn f. '«.{»«: 


wbicb is otherwifcl____ ^ 

FWIioiMJ:i&r7 » ^- X s 
CAL'CULUS /itfq ' ' 



Digitized by V^OOQ I 

i CA 

MMmm^Umnp m Heat fa a fa»*dMirs 
~KY|. faring toflMlee wano* 

» mi okM fram theMolMM 


[CdtHdritr^ F. t» 

«M» TMi ii to pRli» 

fa s OJofs opoo Liaaeo^ 

4lr*i'bg^ %Jli«kb tfal far 

c^^ IVailltBU 

KB [Cakmrn-Mf Span.] a bum- 
ipct incuittt CD Stiiotty 
tbc Set to be (rceo Fiddty 
' 'vet into ir, if AOt le* 

fat of AiPcet red Appbi 

^ Hiatbnii a 

aA>CAU» (ttbonil^ftrr^l aX^^mrVJofft 

pon the Horn to cofaf^mbS^iptiai^ . „ .♦ 

Pipe lna4e to cttch Qi^ai^:,9rf.i bj. i^tj^'tf)| 
CALL^ nratenr, 0. ; ;, . 7,. , 

cattB, acia,»k,,(i,,a, ,v ' "' ; 

ACAULET, aWhoft. Bbaletp. ^^ 

^ToiOAy LST, to 0cml^ or fa)M«- £^ ' ' 
CAyUP £ flf .f^fZ^^. /Ui J crafc^, . co^^' 

^ALLliyriX C«atfunfi6e4, CrtftWi.' ' ,. 

. gai/uqkaphv CQ///ir^«<H u or 

K«AXi>^fri. of .*6^ 6ea«t^^ Mi^ 'Mf! 
ft Writiogf Gr. ] fiir or h^luUvioe^ y^rii.. 

CALLmAN'CO, ai)f<}tig,W(^]eoS^. 

CALU'OPK [of KiU^i^t^f aod^fr 
Cottiiteolnce, C?r.] one of ihfi aiqe MoAv. 
which it faid to prefl^e over H^r^boqy an4 
Htwkk Poetry. . • » • ', - / 

CALUP'TICIC fmW, aC^cle or J^rio* 
of 76 Yearti lArhkii OUf^ffus 4)l^cuA^aa^sic( 
^BTcnted to improve that mMetm. 

CALLOS'ITV [CaaiifU, P, C«//e/P^^i, vi^ 
Handnefs of Thl^nefi of the $luiv |>f ofCiiy' 
that occafioAed by much Lftbonr. ' ' . 

CAULOUS UMJuii Ul iMiidy ^fOtf-^ 
hating a thick Skin« ,, 

CAL'LOWi oBfledgtdi or not co«^t«d with 
Feathen* - -, ' 

CAULtIS {Catki, F. of Cir/&i, L.T ap hird. 
homy Sobftaoctf, a hardncd Skiaof Hanft ^ 
Feet 9fiudiMw<frk hard and gp barefoot. • ' 

CAI/LUS [with Surgtml an hard ^ubfUn<» 
which gtQwi on the Jn^e of Ulcers, whicj^^ 
reo^cit them fi/hilotif and hinden Confoiida* 
tioa s a kind of Swelling witfaoat Pain f alio '^ 
gkitwum Sobilaoccy groyriiig about theftac* 
core of Bosesy lerTing to folder them* 

QAL8C Kthn, F^ >iiet,.fliU. 

aAQAuSt X £at,^M} vfhen there %, 

Stsrk Calm > ngt a Breathof Wlnd^ 

TttilMJtf . CmW;^.] to^tppnf^ SmMj 

paeihry to &1U . - ., r-, ■ -^ 

cMiOydct (M^iiiirr,,X^jBfjiuak 

fair, and fih^t blacky C7i:.14dEir<»rtta^»2(% 
iM |rtt|ai'H QurrkfJ ir 

TWkFBg hot* 

Otpy f . ^ oae«Mtav«tlMaC^to til HeadkK] 
. CALOYgRS» gr^wi Ifcqfcf of the Orief 

* pAjg^awsfOti^piiirf <0» j3«Hf^ 

/rt » M •^ ^^^^^ tMM#r« vF. I . Im#a iSk 
filv IpttrtiL lo,nid%»fta:Vi<ck W^^lg^^ 
cfir thcj AO, OM Pohit ftill lies ^pwar^ 
pjitrfl/ikiliiiin fa'ttip^Jittyt lfc»4f^ ^. 
asBoy at BaoBy^t Hovfe; tifo av I«|b«CKnt' 
itlStWfaAiB>^M^ «M fakoriiBK th*. 

^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^1^^^ ^^^^^^^v ^^'^y ^^ ^^w^^^^^^ -■ — "^ 

Jk CAyVA, 


CAL'VA irwith^4i/i«fjf«]itAaiifief, 
alf»iak«n«iOt)ii iifcafbr Thtr uj^l^f^A o#ili^' 

tJieSkulUof4«ii»fti(NAfkbii4tW«;d 'r /• 
< H^/li^ittilTiiRT fin ^r^^J^f^t'Gitftfs 

CALVIL'U^ ftfllNCI^A^eV' ./ i or 
"QAtWNISMi tli^ t>Dari«M»i*d l^^ii^es 
of John Cahin, a noted Reformer uttha 

> CAt/^!|»liT8v lUe MliMl8«fMk;Ai1j( 

Kis Principle!. •"'«; .- -"■ v.^utp-"* '^' • -■: it- i 
1 dALVHilSITlCAt, 4)1^^ idmdlnfr to 

To C Al^UM'NI Al9 {/<i4mi^ M^i^ih^ 
Hnkt', 1 1 t»-r^ro«^ nui^.^datt ; ' to 

, CALUMNliA«Tbil reiM^dMrrv F.}^ 
Slahle^er; ^MkAkoJittJi t,^ » 

t^VVLVM^HlOU^ full ^<^U;^r. > 

CAL'UMNY £(:ffM»/ir»|r.4f cuiWM«,t.] 
liaftrfiitiMtHiliii/AAMo% Slliffle^; 
'^ CAUXi CtbUl, Jiiiifc/ MditM*, CbOMitt; 

•^CJilS fMklhi CK^MQ^ dkirt Powder 
w|uch uy Body is reduced to ^ C4cS«Kiaiij 

• 'CAL}i^[liff Am^] ietbe^^HMlp briKt 
fecond Bbpe in that iart of tlie Vmc which 
lbieMrtie^iOK!te;V r 

CA'LlrX (KAif , Of.J th^ Cm of the 
Howbr^fliiy I^t/^rtHe tmair^riiibtitaVes 
«6 tKinVi(»^6f tii^Stalft ito Ktrbi, ifi<& wftid^ 
£rft the Bloflbfln. ani aftfTW^di^tf^eUil 

%»ikh in. Ank «r'V>uki ^ : ' t*^ ' -' 

CAMA'ROSIS "T wilh^<S^^«Ms ]• t M^ivr 

^t hollow or archiag vh thd'Middk. 

ll^iil, tutH^ihtlfe Middle th«»«t the 
Xods. . ''-•• r 1. j'-- ■•''■' K ■}' . 

of GocDinoditiM: alfo an loi^kt^'W fhMt 

4hem Kf^vAaiitt in«t; ^^ L. ' : /r •: > 

CANTBlUftf \;mfMcJr\ a fecondafyiHul 
iji^'whoO»'UrcLWM-fit<(U^ td iMHOr^he 
Parti of the Body, the otBer tWbeirfrtAUeil 

CkRPBlt'El^ f >t') MVttlbed r. $fciik with 

B«MA^^i«^thS«1^«i:' -Brifi^y'' Ijn ri 

CAM'BRICK, ««ift <t>N3iie Uteen CMth 

i E^mnti full of Windingi^ ^n4 BrUgf 
Tom* ind f»fncHitUh}feifj*yiftiriYf(«i^,id 
>y f he Sax&m D/UJit-lifij^ce, /- «* Of« 

i^Eeaft of Bujc^en^ comttioa ta tMH 
Ccninriies. "t -■ 

CAMl'LEON fC*.jw*At?ii, L, nT^mu 
klcKr^ Gr.J a Creatarc Like a Liuid, ''^'9'' 
ing [he Rockv, living on The Air o^r f! 
whlcK^ as ia faid, can turn ^imfelf toi* 
Oobur£ but Red anx3 White. JP, 

CAMELI'NE, Camlet. 0^*>f , 

CAMXRA [in Old Rt£i»df\ any xrmi 
or rrooked Plat nf Groiind, 

CAMERA [in the Titltrcif iU^I f^i 
d^antpA Aich Mufiek «J ii deijfaed'fbr Cin 
ter-; and private Concerti^ ia difbft^tioa 
fnth af JE dc6gncd for Chip<^ aji4 ^»eacC 

CAM'ERADEI [CawirtfJi-, P. of Ca* 

COM'RADE Jl, aCbimhct] « C^ 
bar-FelloMv ; an imtmate TVkod^ a FtA 

. Ci^bf ERA'TION [is 5t<Tftry1 p whtf 
a Blow on the Skult, lipme |»jn of thcBiM 
fttipcodeJ tike an Axth, '" :j. 

CAMERAI lOK, a VsbIiidk at Ai^I 
h^ -■•■'-\ 

\ CAM'ERY^ a DjfeaTe in Hodmf 

CA'MICA. Camlet, or £rse Stuff jM«lc 
Ctmdi Hair. 0^ £. 

CAM IS AlFE[Ci^irirdt;F.Cra^2«r^, 
a ffttifiB upon^ nr rtir|)ridiifE aJk' ExMWy 
Nighty jr so Attack made bjr Sol4ie»i 
thrir Shirtr riTCf their Apparel and ^AJlMr^ 

CAM! ^E D, liat -qo^, C» j»^ 

CAM'QCJC ( Camrooc, H&x. ) Ihfe H 
Reflharrtiw. Amnu, 
. CAM^OMILE iCamUkik, F. Ca.**^ 
of i&s^udi^Kn^ Cff.l aa Bub, 

CA^MOVS [CiiaT., F.] bcnf, ore: 

CAMP [Campe, $'«x. C^a^xr* U a Vk 

'Hues, ^-;%. 

CAMP rr»/«tf, a Flyingf Crikn^ 
Horfe and Foot jiwayj io JiSotFoa, t 
Oommonly hy a Licuteaa&t^GaiBaL 
; CAMPAIGN^ llCam^^agfte, f,' 

CAMPAIN' J a ChampM:' 

CAMPAIGN fin Mlatiff 4f^ 
Spa^c irf Time tfvery Vcar tbijutAi 
ttAu4!i ifl the Field, during a War. 

hdifii\ soy Flo^'erthat i^/h>pcdl< 


CAMPARTUM, a>y JRiit it 

ia ; I jTg F Fidd or C f oundi . CL* 
CAMP'DEN 7 fQfCamp»r< 

• ^CAM'P£livl Cl^^&i^]^^ 

' - . '■, Digitized bf lM>Q^e V^l«3 ^»i' 

■•Pfaarida. .„.,4 



^f^^ Ifcafc Mill rtllictlto 

1 ' % 14. 

ibr f 4n^ of .dK :.Piift€ak|9 H-^t 

\Th :SiMntf9fw J^UiA>At«2»6 


r lorwtrtftor badmipiii 

forts of Confe^ionary Wares i.^^. ttblTQil^ 
lauKildy, *^raW^.Sw«i«Kat«^\:'V.»;v > . 

CANE, a MMfure in 5/«««.ifCt«Ds)iJ| op^ 
J Yards and half-quarter EngOJh, ... , ^ i ' } ' t r< 

! the Neck or TlMS^thBMtc^io wiiMA>bfOi«iK 
oWl*refcmWh^*.C|i^;,.I \ V fA ; ,-7 
>i CMimX.^KlilmT^mr Ohm, l Jt^e**.'* 

i CAN'IBaLs, Man.eMWp^**«|^iMi»t 

: CANIcrDIUM«ckJ»ae(£»ai»of.p<«^ .' 

<Mi«.}]^ iMllUMte4fiMg«ft «l8cq4^; %1{^ t 
Iioofenefs and Vomiting. L. .{ 

Sl«TT(;itb» timlieft^^mKJi^iWjejoft 

CANI'NUS [ainoog >j(^f^;!;i|^}.tM^ 

t>C4KX&>i)if«^ X «iitb 4ltrm«09n }.thf 

Gkhm^xh^Jhtm , U .. ).-:<.} :;-.> 

lkiic««€Feoa«. v2fi. . . ' 
CAN/i3rrER tf70t {c^JkMm».i4 * 

QnilitiiyTrMi<,7& to *oott. ;.;.. .^ 

ST/. tok>ldTtf«4A .b j; • .^'...; r.:' . 

. .CAHKroQRE,.r.^fi?l«iifcfi \ .\ -• 
. .CAN«jB&JG«<ir^k)iaL^WfpM^ 

aJfoaDifeafeinTrees. . riJ 

:;. Q«JKKfiMPM^«-ll^eftlri||A4f^ 

jGrtfll ilrf"iHfrttK>i .If oil' ,.-,'■!. rr r. J ^'^ 

CANK^RED^ eaM.wltlLKwftf W^ 

CANN [Caaae, S^x. %UmuU'imf.C4nf 

.u«AVV-Ur«9i [^MiJInt i llMw#l<^ or 
Barrel throivoiftn tlM^hMll ffrAS^lAi^ 

the End of a Rope, wlvrebylMMX iTblPis^^^ 
B^eio6dM«ii ii]M|^oi>cikM^j..«9l^ 



'lie Rulb' of im^Ui% ^ bodh'ons of <he famet 

Nature ' . ' • ^' < ) -■ f«* 

Printing T-ettd-- . 

p;j f >^Nj{/n Afii/r<ijfii fbortCompbfltloti 
" "Tf^op. i*?**!^ ^^'^^^ l*^,yM^ on4 P»rt leads. 

X. of Kcufiyi^#^.Xjr J WcordM to Rt^'bi 

wM,^*Agitotoci/<ffy, 0' 
CMiOnsoftheChiirttl. ' 

r tfujiM^ui 


• Tree. .Jiroff«['r-?'f* :^ni\ 3cHi Ju*l I 


Cloth of State, fet or cairibd Vrer^hHij 

tains for a^tttdioiS r M wnoT r' y^Jn-'oOl 


in Stafford/hire t'A »:^ ari* i-j -r^Jiii^ jji 

' CAtttr>^«ff«n^ ia«vp OU/Sknqu 
To CANT, talk oblcnreiy. .iMfi 
ii^ dl^C^^^lM>lt^aj1Qrr.rt«UKil 
'Mninit-iif'^etth^' il*»ii • vit ^t .^"t ?i 

to play in a kind or Chanting or 1 

• c)Mm\4a{rfirBrr ^ 

CANTALFVERS tinji«^fil^«aa» 
of MoAlioQ^ lifaBclraTVvi^te^UT''/... 

114 /!^. It Acra in 7«ri^ 603 £ft«T 

CANTATA [in AA>r]||.M,itfJ 
l^bcal MuficI; tfifr ron^.itA^tlirii^^ 
Vbioti^ in4 iboKtiMitinmtli'tet^taMi 
fictMaasQiiMltii^icif«qhfri«&«t ^Md], 
^'i «ftsrUlM'iniiiMr4f?ei|riMWA 
df graw^aftrraiiH lAirtydiotadwadk 

CANTAmOMifli <SinMcL?n4ini 

a Ainaoas City, th^Meu.. 

now «a AWftbiftop*i Swt^- ^.e: t 
' CrAH^-BKBVRV iBWft, 9 

ffVtfvM'flBpiB^') -jHt rt3t»fn ^5:'»insft .^ 
CANTHAllIDES [%tMfth^ 

Comer of the Eye, whidi intHihtr.ike. 
^^ XMNTie&KS {ha flfiilh i ni if— 

yc:iCAinHING47odd^ , 

of Wood with a Ihttrp RWgiiy:fit ^ 

'tOi^prrfitethMnTriliiigV] n^W.'^K.^ 

i^Mflg, i»«f3hi«feVolUlidU>*lMfo 

:Tur>lteafli»sn'.j'{ \c'n'9^\ ynv^ rfjL-, 
1; i^fdfidAY«3ILl34^tt>Mpaejfal»l 

,_^ CAK'TO, 1 Sons, or tht ^ " 

-'°" \ 4jia V W9.q 3!*^. j;0t U.ii « nil *ll 

Digitized by v!jC, 7* ' Ci 

e A 

:'Mdtr^ iht ijttlc €HoRif> or 

lUrt te ibp throQthout. 

tkt ^ranl ChorvH Qt th>? 
and tbcA IS Xooift pMti' 

hi. -. ■■■ ., .■ ,. > 

(CffieM, F.j i Dhrifim Of Part 

t Fsiii of a Pruiiats, 

ein Lifiei^ «ae drawn |>typcn<iFt 
tb Cyef . tod the £ylhtt ^ from 
ilki l£c«ccb«>fi^ tad ii ftlw%)^s icfi 
of tbe Fiey. 

(5tf £A»;ii«r,FJ I« la re- 
Qii»ter5, l*^iff ime^ 

l'[xiLtheJlf«A*i'f* Iftindi>a 

! lie half Pirn* £i^i'!p Me«- 

Iminmeof wiiicKmak« 

2 [of Cltlt an Ha»dte.!, md 

I ImMmfoil tiic MeaA or Coun-| 

^A.SS [ rf Camioh'tf I^ ] * iort o< 

aCbch/ ■ ■ • J 

^A«^j [ in F^rtffitari^n ] Bif^ 

r one tlut k beat sm d^ wn . ' 

PI^^U f*;tii Hs^ifni] :4 fm»U Tube 

* »p. ' Ml.^ . ■ , I . . 
&4ig^Vi9&A .flpflk] in general 

M ^ fc POxQ oC Vocd 
I suici} tbe raabe ai Cantata \ 

1,. filed t» ■ Piece of InJIm^ 
fipdILei siiiidi tie ftfoe 4 

^f^ mHy-farf to any Part fjS « S<ma(ai 

2J« ^ <ie Maveoieat «J' the S^vtt* 
2r5j* *^ «'>&*»t 01 b* Jifter 1 gin 

^'^'■irf «fc* /i«/w» Lynck pQfttiyi 
^•^ ftfty fevcni Sta.nt* iilfw«r* 
fti*t Kttmb«e ail* Mti/ajre d* 
» ^t^Mfb rrer| Can^entt f iha JA 

'■■ - ,-' ' t M ; 'y . 

*! 1 Ut/] ii 1 r^ttwe piece of Tiai- 

isgc of a^ Great- 

trom bit JsMh S 

Con, wmch ti ^ 

m^^f^M *^"hi^ * Forelock J tW 
Weof^&te'isto Idfo^UEt Piece frojn Ifyuie 
out of -i^ p^lfriig^^^^jjxis Aiot of, wftS 
|f§^i(^b Wng>etj lo#/ ojj a it is ul^allf 

fit to ao any thinr. Z.^ ,; 


'oacb-iiole ora*Gr|^( '< 
or"Ornimc«t> ot $tat^: btfoi^W 

agiitirates. , „ j/ ,- ' 


Cooteot of any Body ; >ird otiilAIIM tSH. 

isabk, orivMrf 7 


^r. or to Cui 

oreis witn Trappings or rui 

pwh Place. wOko runr ti(x\ Inlo I 

tfiw Sian iHe re«l of feiTdJj'th^tofe^ ^ ^ 

. tn 

4l(^ iM ifr ifae catting oPthe' Ije^^^ of any' 

'^^CArat/lUi; a Chapel ioc<^ateh. U ip4 

C^BL/LA Till iri^liSAili) il^ii^ 
K«fiek» or Nftmdan^ Ibdpi^b^ to^ a .(^hjuel 
oi'^ikrcK. Ite/* 'Sob JliWi:^^X4^ ja 
ttlitttr It. ^^ 

^M^ feft Magi^ti^e in the Slk>t^der of ^. 

dt m^'hui iO&ldwf a, 
Chapkt Of Garlaiid of flowers f<^ thf^ficM^, 

JU - *'' ■* 

tie Fbwer.buasy of a prickly ^hrub |p:pvrif)g 
WJfkfy, «c. pltlclcrf 5 «Hb albit of Pritataer^ 
«rPirauSbip. ' 

^' CiUWXta H. 1 nji^i/ H^cafufc /or. 
Hifltiid Thirtts, h)0tainiiig five £ig^tbi of a 
FMe, M 4ftMn decimafPito o^aibUd locE 
J)|^ WiU HeaTttte^ 

CA'PH Aft, a Toil or Duty impP<^d by the 
Tdrh tirChripigni ^tfhd feni^ ^erthaodiaes 

CAPI ^«|| die pdodpal OrwBm of ^e 
fkA^CUkmhtt to the ^r^oS &>»wv apd I^o.. 
otocer^of priTate Ad3re0c9 to ohn. 
J^'PIA6, f Writ ^ifUch it twp-fbld, «». 
Mrefte jQa^tneQty and ciuled Cl^fiM iu^SMfpoftm 
JktAimf' rei|Q«ii)g ait AppeatfaDo* iii a Perioral' 
AlSSos; indihe other if a Writ oif^Encutioi)^ 

itMt.^wUdr l^et for the t^ii^ Aich^ ^o 
nairn^ reccSvM P)rtft»>A(oo^ to, tc^^ tSie 
ki^ ^Hifctwayy And'do apt coide hi 1^ 

^'Plfkir^r^m, U whert a Perfbii tie. 
i^ly -Jad|9nbit*€4ed t6 the Kiag, tipoo an 
OiSEsice conimittpd minft.^^ ^(^itate^ ^per 
4aiN||RlMte^t a^jooiA^ tli> the Ja^nciAt. 

ttedMih ^Icd- raaK^i.iyiag \vtteit rtrfao 
Mi^m 4ri ^ftiitt" Perfopid, V {<^ Miti, 

Wfal4es,^Be&«,ar«. ,^ ^ : ■ . ' - 

CfcBiflrj, « Writ, jtbc (mk ^ch tihe MMMrj 
Mt2^V.ftril^ ^. 


;capil'Lamehi» ^ * 

lot thofe'Xrtikii TKrei&« or 1 
|op io the Mj'ddl 




■rtTubKailiitie no ihaiiff 
Browjp'tt^'Crottiidai ''^ 
pAJf vl^hich tearaj^T;,^; 
ond ¥f^«l>efadcei ^! ftlo; 
jLeares. *-^V 

J CAPjtlMXi'^lt^j 

Jfiftall Artert<i ahd^ygii 
Threads. '■ ' " 

■ CAPrLLArAtiW' 
bfthe Skull, ^finL.^ 
found, hut often occalioni 

iof Hair, a f^i^^Ing on 


agefottheHtad. L. ^'^^ 

[pfliKiipd; ateheniou., 
; .CAPaTALJU«,ar|tl 

[ulid inTJurgOfJ* » <^ufl 

[the L^A/j hifenidHi, *' - -, 


A Chapiter, ^ 

: ^Al6iif^itCifl°*4 



L14A0 fri 


Ctfi*hd<f'by' the Ruraf^ 

G A 

mBk ^Hikiiift Bounds «f c ?ery i t^£u v r 
lit A%ir fiino^^ abouL fcdcB^/U 

nif^ Lj!3 trtir ttpQoTcrni*, or to mike 
^iebrr.CiTKrmt | kj neat or par]cy with 
ilUpifeoBtdicfUTtciiileT ofi^lacc upon 

OBTllA'nOIif, the Ad of Ctoitulat- 
CtfirepU , 10 Afloiibij &f the. Dean 

I Oi ^- , '!'. , 

Hi j llw egg Toi^ of u3y Pljmt, I. 
' fjlre 7 Oflftti ixBon^ the T»rki 
'MM I whkJi ftiiard tht Q4U of 

ftOFLJ, jHorfe, 0. 

OWDMAXCV [of jwirTflsSmoalc, and 
J^*«Qao,C?r!] Dhinatbo orSooih- 
^Jhibctkj in£D| from aa ^lUi- wlicjc 

CfH I w«rlui| Ffcrft, 0. 

C^lr^ «» of the three dJef OSkeis 

^'*S^ *Wr*K, !o tohom, and the Sc- 

^JO« Of DiAe tf fubjeet Tliey aje 

"^rjtjr^fjtf crimijmli^ tbiec of 

lift die fuJl College of twenty 

IMjidi U forwarded to other 

tklidjQf£.^a/. Sec I><i Ctf/K^, 

ijtJ a Cock cot to kood^ 

for the Sf ru 
w [u3 jtr(Ury^ the /^ine as 

S ptt Twtjjte4iikn\ T* a co- 

«f tbo«t foot or five foot 

wuhi little Pftrapct nbout 

Cb fupport Pbuka tadcD with 

1, td oulce 1 Cauui df^ to 

, I TcTla At tht Gatnc of P i cJUt^ 
■itT fidi gf Carili are woo, F. 
tkii"^^"'"^' * **^ of Silk with wliich 
^^J^«4 R«|t »re made. 

^lA Vflfa [in ^w/««vrf] *fe 
Mwioe abcit iiJte the Ten* 
jj^ BiDipdrVeilcl* m the 

HcK f\jm, wind^ and cling 
e ot the Giouod by pQcajaa of 

TC^ir/W^t.] afoclim 

one of the twelfc S}|n8 

cWrTic can ftretch thcx*. , ? ^, ^ ,^^ wv 

CA'PRIZAN^ t|,y S^ ^40lii9;a^ 

to^pcjM^ ^awjualiqr » tht ^i^,w^ 

it leaf^i ah4 at it were imnen ui «DQ«r^|Ji(^ 

CA'PSTEkN J 5fljcn IS a great k^ec^^ 

li to wel(^ t>«. Anchon^ to }^p ^moi^ ft^#E% 
do^D Top-ma0s, to heaf e any weigbt^^h^pi^ 
^ t9 ^in aoy ^oj«.that«^it|Bt|i ITM^ 

tAPf^Aii Bari^ti^ ^ut or ^icon^og 

a Membrane^ ^rQcc«dn& itofa , wc ,r<rr>%rt 
M4r«py whTd^ tfidwdes Mt]^ t^ J*.^ )Bf«f 

it the Cafe or KiUk'tii^ h^ thf ^^(mi 
Plant, L. . . - .^,. ;-i,, I . 

iomt/hj GlandulPVA BqdwBfl f lafi«4 «t>9ire ^ 
RpiQty^ tn j^^yc |i^ T^in^ iW ^^ 

froni tBf ReiofL Vjn^^too uuc^ and deij^ti^ 

t V. e«^fyn.j:ajf Jiica o£, , the, Y c^fJiv^wfi^ 
cpwrcx the 3rm<ai,ii,^h<[M?b^ 3od^ea., 2^,£h 

LttJe fljort Seed- Veffels ot Plants. \ . . ,y 

a Head Officer or a Troop of Hone or a C<i»^ 
jimjr> of JoQt, or.of a^hifiVvVy^/ :^ : > 

continued Captain^ eitJb«|^a|^^$«(COB4.f9,4iir^ 
. or tbt Colgiieri Tf^^^c pmijiH']' W - 





ai ca iw iTi i< ft i tf i il i i li 
CiiFTlOUil ICi^«^«»» F.i«CG4^iM%. 

CAPUCfF£ ICi^M^ l«] « ikm C6«I 

•r|p#(»t I ? . .-^ • ■- •■•';.c '. 
. ^irAPt/CHfjRVlMOMi,,. ... - - ^ 

Name from cIm Cowl dMT war. ... 

■ tXfieotttie : an Article or GIh|B« 
CMVT wAmT r 1^ HUM Of tli6 Tfltf ] 

« Af«r ,4*zor itMt 4MfM} « «M 

•fifmntPlaoetofFortnal I^ , 
^CAFUT Av«ftr.4ktdiitf MliiteblMaft 

•TaNohhaiMii. • ' i ' 

• Of fey SMUpf ia* tW 'itC 

C A 

To CAA'AOOL [JC£M7r<nwI fm\ 


a CkrbaiKli 

aafT > AnMCiy w caind fioni ipCf IwAtti^ 

lilaacoit %wrf id the Hta4 #/ a WaoiaM) 

or $9hek t»* ■■■'/ i '••' ' ." 

CAPtJTJfflrt 7 [iBiOB§ Ojirffcl 

. CAPUT Jtloiva^ St. i^DMUMfti4^ 
Chkk dfy Matftr fwfaidk lttatoaftea.B»*i 

lals. L, .. s . ; . . i i*/.' -^^ 

CAFimaa^QiA piiFyjxiffiRi} Otaafctt 

of the Head. tat. A^i /.!'•../'') 
CA^v aiiott^QltQi.. -''.'; »v ' »7 • 
Om^ a.«)Mi«'. ■•..■t. 1 K ::.n t - •■ . •• '^ 
CAR 1 [CaCC^ • Ci^, C. ^ftiliAt 

^*Mi tbem, tamas afCitjrfi i»<£drft7Jir^ 

• CARB'INB XMM^«f M«Mce:, } CARClK(yDES [ «f i 
CARABINIB/RS, Reiftmeo whv carar^-Za^.v'^:!) ^fJ^iTn* 

CAR'AT ^GUErfftraf,F.}i»1 

of one Scrapie^ or m&aiaB •z-^* 

4 Gfaiae oalj. 

CAR AVA'V fC wiibF. af I 
IVak.] fiapody figaOca a Bodf oTI 
lart or Modafltt^ who aaila tiprii 
oraer to tzavd win (poaiar S aw^ ii 
ff«|a Coamriaib iiwiiii! « Tmk^ \ 
Gaaid af ywiimj hoc «!»* "^ 
ckiefly fbca la ^ "" 

Mitctsi alia a Sea 1 

laa, M Haaft af I 

CARAVrt l£CraodBb^ ItA] i 
' CARVZX Jiaaai Shia fiitk a 
Fte^ risM lika a Canty. tW Ua 1 
akoat no Tarn RottlKa. 

CAR<A.WA YS^ aa Hnl^ ar itt i 

jCARnRRYf t CooAortx* C 

CARBONAnX) rCMwMrf^F.ll 

CAR'BUKCLl [«Maardk%] 
U a Coal] aanecioaaSiaa^ la^ 
W^ C&4 a prntU^fi •m 

^RMteafrjiiit-l| ' '^ "'" 


liva.'iMI^ it^/.r-' .1 /a r - ,-, 


VCAR'CJfeSfl tto^r 

r tntA te^ C> ia*- if iihtf JTrilaaafi ■ 

CAR'ACR» «1«|» 
which a HbrfaniSS«agi«ta4iyR%y| 

^ CARC _„ 

av ihdMb^Mn^ 

-It ac ti t the I 

^ ^Mcl-wire ui* caai WoaL 



.ykJ f «■! 4c vt ^tasyiM. lof MMfiU the kcart, »f>^V{^ ^9 i^^^V- 



•Wbil&lc* u*^ .'o3l war. 


1 1 Willi I tht Hm 



Pailebcarit with Prmttoo tlMWjMtaf^i^ 

CARlcnrATAC O.L .^ .^^ 

«vci|liMlK two thourua one huolNIi 9»«tHiti^^ 

I ToCAREE'NWM;r«F.ltorefir(«fih;'» 
iw mu4 « Ship opdpiUMi m^; wMAIri 

potlleojier. it-." x-hji i*. O aoi .. . r. .r-l 

(ttndcr Water.) . -• jl. 

^rttBaitttfliJifceii • r.i.Vt.. •. . c 

(QAIK£attH»<M6^:r er iTMbr'i #*«tl. 
kcaafr buUt by one WSk^ a ^ht^V a jCil^' 

fedft lb< ii^oCtllK^pley luioiit ibr ffie GBiju. 

lev] to treat oUigio^y, to makemif^lKA * '• 

i'B'f ixej.itl»i«idlUi9f*^iA-}'thllr • 

fcfflliiW . 04. u)f VBC^ a Word or Scnteacej laA oof, If <o* 

^<. .Mr (Mk ^ l«<<ift- der>Nlyi>U(i^»o^PlM«.Mi<t« foot' ' 

c^% )'':<\'J I e«t«l9toe^iMe<praie4B«ief^«lier) oXIm''' 

JibtliA ! peer End of Om^rV/, iUff^m. ^^ 

II fc'sH i> ♦.- r 1. K . CARGAISCN, a Qni^ A - ' ' »* 
M Mffmll 4i;)«»t. CAII«00, the Frei|Ktf •i'«h4)eiLadiflK«l 

,il|(M,te%t. I Slttp;a)CbaBillofLadui|j^oftia(erOMM 

Met fof d« Cmtp^ T i^AftUeClifaimW 9.1 »i«eflf,titrtW 

.. AL : CiOUBVB /fee^ IfUiMit: in the 

" 1 1*^%^ .l<^AWifiit'{(i^5fciiv«Jro-*^»^v««^^'^^ 


C A 

Ro^imeats of the «Rtirr^art«^r^, ai tisey 

'^A^^SS^' Sfc = ••■"••^-" "'■'""'--' 

fitful ; tnP'itf <mni i$ix jM^ti^, of P, B^Cc, 

JfMt mtf^t tttpichi for ^bcre IS ^ 
nTtHtAtb^ft tUh)Maiiy tHc Citato 
t^itl^ a Btibop!s i^Cf. to W C^^^.®^ 

6t^ Eiaperof iJftW'&i'rAi ^r^tf>j whoi|f Army 
wtt prefcfirf from the ^bguc1>y jhoViiP o^ 

CAR'UNGS ria r ^^/>1 tiniUrs Mog 
Idfe^dlft/alittkl&oakOheBeani to Mother, 
Hbtftnff tio tne lodges,* on which the PJanJu 

CAR'UNG ^f , are tfa^etiinWs which 
^zifbewiit^^ Stti]p, froiiiher Siaei te the 
ffift(%-wiy/kiiA whtdi bear ftp ^he Deck oq 

^ CARl/TOWi ar town b Aw/«i», heU hy 
t)rit Tei^e, k^. T^at ihe^ (booU prr£«t 
i^oooKtrtlats, baked in 14 Pies, to the King, 
ia what Pvt of EngUnd ^tx he (hb«ld ^e, 
^iktatheyfikftcaimeittSeafon. . . 

CAR'MEL. a Military QtAet of Oipi^t. 
hoo<), inftituffii by the Emjp^or Umny TV. 
wJcr tne^Clc of otir Udy^C ^oi^ ^4f- 

P^'^FTE> ,«.Vit^ JaT Pear J ? \ 

^^naed W :^/if'^^.'Bi«i6i(of^r,V^. ^J>» 
j*W, ae MotWt C*rfe*if fa' %/tf/ ' 

fii^f4L.''a'<%fe';<l^ ftidd^nlEff^a which this- 

done by InehJUiUiiehit, hW!prociite4(hem.'(his 
Aimi(ccd.&fr. F.'^ '^ (; , ..^-^'^ 
Ship. ^ *^ ^"^ ' 

freat Slaughter; alfo Flciu-,1 

C A . 

CARNAI/TTY [CamaUtss, I..] 
iiera,,a beiog giwatoMhly Lofts- 

CARNA'RIUM, a Chanielhoofe,o 
w}m the Bonea of the Dead are laid t 

"^eAkNATION [of Csn, L. 
Fl^ookwr} alio a Flower cfthid<_, 

J^KA'TION luotm%Pminten\\ 
Parts of a human Body which are draw 

^^^^y^hhil^J/^fnky in 

dAR'NIVAL 5 L.] Shidoe^tide, i 

^^firth^^4iwftias ^iiH 

Twemb^^day t ill Lent. • iFc 

, tS^W^m* ««>•*-«)* Shi. 
goes with Miflen iniiead of Main Sai 

}vn|i|^e4f J^nw^naodtBcaais, and a 
ing on .their Planks. 

OARNS& ^«miu d>^ I 

CAll'I^Y, «DV^«>^florfea, 1 
tkeir Moothafh^evre fo itoed and < 
that tb(y eamot tbeda r I / '. 

C ARNlV'OiUQiUt& [lOWffmnis, 
deyoir^Bgv-.or leading «pOn Flcfli. 

CAR'gOGAN, a; lltrtof woo< 
Piggin. Bnt. 

CA^Jf^WM itarmfiis, L.] fiiU < 
Heihy. > 

tAftNQyiXy T fiam^r/, F. i 

' //tff, L.| Fle4Dne&} alfo a Ptcc* I 

growing in and oUmQing any PaH 

CARNpUft'I^ .dhf Bafe^iag . 
Breech of a Gun. 


CaROT [among IPcimiif 
i|ancewoeaUAr^ • • ^'' '•)- IMi 

C^'I^OBt'a fsoall W«eWt*tBft« 
Part of a Grain. 

CA'RQA. :.^la,.|!||dt, 
. CA'ROB ^r«if SioivMWhaltilfdC 

CAR'Ofc f ftw/<f>e** 
'5^« Ruftick, f.d. 





in Honour of \be BirdivO&-MHr»Wc^ 

TO C AR'uL, to fing Son0aC 
, qAHQ^^ alilj^ JP«wi3>4ai 

crefcences in the privy PvSkaH bt?l 
CAROU'IfA .AM>:»X(0rtiiCjr<£i 

I Piete of Gold of King Okir/es I. xn4 
! '^\:^^>OTmriiy, F.] M edible 1 
modities| at Clones, : 


f«. Jjr •s;^a\ nil "0 VI 1 Y >1 • 

lIU}TtjDt4<Xif^[SiYHMi^r: ^ 
len ftopp d, iney prefently imiiM tit 

A J 

a Letter of Denaoce k JHjf^ '"'?^ySf^9l5!V^ 7^* 

ttrmftr^J. of ^C^mft^ 
It lU ootj to qoaff} to d^ink 

,^U] to Uame, to oea- 

. [CsrfiwiUr, F. of C^. 
^ L Gvvcd Wood ] an Artificer, or 

RY [CJkarfntene, F.] the An 

r [C4r;^«, ItiL] a Coftrng for 
V Fiii|e, or f^oor. 

t «kkh it foaad in tiie Palate of a 

I4IZALS, a (brt of coarfc Cloth. 

1 ANS, Hereticka, FoUow- 
n, yf. C. I20y who axe faid to 
ke Dimity of Chrift, and the 

![CiiT£rcj, or Carrito, ^tal.] 
4 huge Ship; a Ship ot 

AT It Weigfat for Gold, or preci- 
J oas Stones* F. See Ctfr^f . 
tVMdy, moitly or boggy Ground j 
tkooyPlace. C 

^ ^Ciw'iw, F. ] « ridiiig 0^ 

i*iikSdi «r Few to' a Moiu- 

,■• . 1 1 

aiCtffft or Wal^-i^d, 




^•rtkb fioportiih V'AM 
[ Cmtrc^ F. 1 mnnbs^ W 

iMB^H -.vnr^ art; ni ,•) ..nxjfj 

J »&ciit received for the i^ 


I vnRNM^Or* Ofl lTOlt|| 



founded by #r'^y>^ W>^)<?f VWOT'^i^ *• 

which. J« ^ a middle SvjJ^Cf. \«^Sw AJf}1^ 
saniehtaDda Bobe. ^.F..- . ,^ q . r«,r(i - '» 

Tip 6t .Extremity of .i[hciSf<riMqw?.,|4^,\.r ^r>>/ 
CARTILA'CO /nnom/iM/tf, thff ippai?4j%a^ 

tilag^ of the Zi^unMx:, . ^. , po ^1 • ma-J 
CARttLA'Gip Jf%fif9rm^f » rPlWW! 

whofe FromInea(;es j»re diTcerna^' '^tcfnaUy/ 

in the T^iroaty and To calif4 «<i;oini^^^9>^ 

bUoce to ao Helinct* ^ X., - 1 o • i , ;. / 'j> 
CAR'TONS Ithp rodi pfif^a^.ifftt,9C 
CART0p^^'5 J DrawBojsi^ taPaper^ ?^^ 

wardt to be drawn in Yre(c9 upoii a wall^ F^ ^ 
CARTQO'SR ;) EC4r^i>^Ja:qli?5BC 
CAR^U'CH >St i»fwderj)ut a«9 p ??if5 
eAjCrRlDGEj per' C^, c^%i jfits^ 

to^the Muucl of tbf<*un^.^r.'- \, j . .(.^,, „ 

CART*oitrs^:g^-<^r*^^fj>jj,^ <««f.. 

iCflMJ'CA. ;a Pl<»i&hf 



jcalIedonepl<?v«l»:d J^p?Jy /^X^il^' ^AO. 
CARUpA'pEi p^x^yJ^^T^ 
^C/tRUA'CE;^ J iwjof )LH«»4.|^ii'V|^L«\ 
T^!^id on a'f^iri^ <f X*aA4i W9.r« *Fc4qqar 
froni that Tribute/ ' t j w. /ij/^ 1/ j ' . 1 

tkirtjeJA^tfi t ^ ^"'^ F- * Pfew*! A 

tJIlW W iYiut Vp^°k?H^W* ,4^,a.V^ai;^* 

i6dd^." •;:"'• •-••'^'V,:, ^,-,. :„,..f.,r/, t. ;.,:4 

'mRttt At A^JP^. ' W rfJ^ MM >fl4iT 

0i[*CiirUej,qrpWh.Tpwrc,n,/p,i4f ;i Di'b 
t^RTT/ Z^;*/! 4*, |an;jf,w^^|5fmcnf#wi 

CARUCA'TA ^?f«W4 a yfWirf0»!?.^r 
Pmi)|thm^ or Drawing. 0. L. o ,j> 

L. 5. and 74^/51 ly cut. fq ,difr>4^ |f9vrK 
Fldh,'^. ihtpForMt.^. I t r v: 

To CAKTt; to cut Woai5>r. Stpu into 
•FigHpte'ttf Tldwer*, Animi4s» ^^. 

ToCAR'VE.toc«. *^'.p^^^^ 

4odiyionV(, ,„; ,i/t^.i3f/'>:/-.0 
!^6A/Gii a ccruin Quantity or LapJ 

C A 

CARVER, i Ctittcr itt Wood or Stoi» ; I 

ingcartfrd<,ftnicW. <•' *• -*•" " '; ' '"V 

CARUN'CIrE [ Carimorif^jU/l it dmr 

preternatutatt \s thol^llnle' f^crOctnclte in 

lii^ urifiiry PKir>K^<« ^ Tea^ital ^^ d{e- 

dtlly; orrtrfftjilli, Wthe ' ' ^" ^ (^ 

CARUN'CUL4£^ I^knmUm \Jm Atttt<^ 


dbles ^actf tn tackr Cofoer oftht^Eff, WMch 

%ante a hamid Mitt«r fbr ik|(^li%i>f It' j 

the Tame with 7>ari. t; 

imtdmifii] the WrtnWing of thf Oriiteof ihe 
ilalTagCiOf tbe Wotab. , ^ 

CARUN'Ct;L/fit\i^j*i//Srm (»b»pnlg 'iA^fr 
ftni/7«] cer^aiii ihtle Bodies ihM' ttte in 'die 
Reins or Kkkkeys, whicfc tMfcf tlie Sytu)$ 
from the little Du£lti«*$y aod WHf it inco 

. . cA'RtTS Ttifi^, Or: 1 t ^flM w^jBrelfi 
tke PerTon «lf^^ bejitt DoMi pftK:b«d, and 
fall^, Tcarce fhews toy Sj|n Of chto ^etr^ 
inc or F'eeling. bl ' ' ' 

CARrATlMS [te ^fl»frflj^»l| Or- 
der of fniars In the'Form of ^hcVbdlctdF 
^^oo^en^ with their Arou cut o^ ai^^^Uicd 
'down to the F<ef, * ' ' ' 

pAS'CABEL, the ^imnef. «r fajpdqmoR 
toudJ Knofi tx the BreecK of a frieat Gun, 

CASCAI>£, a Fall of W4ten!» ci|;liert)a^ 
,l|iral or artjiu^af f ft W^tof-fall made il^ har- 
den*, r. " C^cat4t\ti\, 
' CASrCAK [ Sti-rortifiwipn J l|a eertifti 
Hole or hollow Place in form of a Well, fhom 
whei^ A Call^i* ^ Pfdet Ofoqpd'to (iTe the Epemie* Mine. 
: CASE [C^^,F.Ci/|/iiLJ JlWeBoxoT 
Coyer Tn^ for any thine. 
; CASE [ Us, F. oi(^fd^ L; ] « thing, 

;MaiLcr» tfjeftioiil ' " 

CAiiE p:%i, an Kbnf*, ^'<'\^ HcftiCetf 
jM^nifJg and Entertainment m 'WhoieJ, 
Tkitves, |>ick- pocket J, Hi)uf<>- kreik'm/higfc- 

lts'fubt<Maoequ«. Branches, {o^iil Tli.e ^MTac^ 
irf the Bift'«*n, till 1% ^lirfcrs>Vc''.h«^rd5l 
'iy<;,j?/an^ Air givtn ^to' tWM^hef *1fo d 
.t<v>p.hrlc lui a tVaiy t6 fts^jjarthr-oucTr^, jPrWjj 
V^lt of Ma<ojf*s Work ih ;>t<*Fhii^bfVfe?q 

'!;;CA.5^: A^F*JrtC^ft^^r.^, TftKT- a Ht oj 
Wei bet u ern ii;c WrniSiJ t* j(h4th,e'HDir(i?« o; 

•iib^^#?^^'»^^^'i ^^^^^^^''\ 

**a NV,rpr{iluc*'ilk'*-fe6^-'i^i^Waned U 

C A 

€ASB.^K finall BiUkts, ViSk Mj 
:mi^M ^t imoGMeft» to befe « 
Murderint-pMOM. : 



l»E|WplB>, OMT-dvM di7*« fpr i 
CAlKp^y.of C0^ 

C^SI^nT Fm» .fA> 1 Y^mH Si, 
Sik^,' «M»W Airlte ftuie ^ the 
the YaM* >'' ' i' " •' - 

To CASS* fiMht, U T'tp 

CASSATA >alloWfe«Ml_ 
CA^SlATVM fcienc to UtuO^^ 

iiAiy, '0:Lv^'- . •.^...'.'/. *:> 

CAI^SAi^lON^ ft'|Bak!HgM,# 

GA6j^A<VE^ -• «& '^l^rriUa^lMi, 
Juice it rank Poifoik, but ita d ' '^ 
dfit^d, 18 the coMinvii Beav'oP^tl 

CA^SA^ARR, a Tenr lane I 
Ftalh*^t !ita» CUmtftt Hifirt'^' *AOi 

CASSERp'LE [in Ccc^l 1 1 
wiHh a rKree x>r Fimet^v Mj^^J 

CAS'SIA F^Mk, <Mfii^.aii^^ 

myke a SHM i^ffSASHm 'i^^H t kU 
Enemy. 7m/. -^"A hi s.q« 

thern Conftellation of 14 Start. _^. 

dies. ■'. ' - ^ -• . u f. J1 , Q ^« tS^'-^I « -^ 

Hour?, d. c/. a long Ve)»ft^t<^M^ 

:-6^m«hfy 19 Gtergy^betfi^' ,U/l'Ta 
To CAST, tofllna0^tfAWrCHaM^ 

CAST InftOftrWifcte^**^ 

To CAST a KHWiVo ^te^^fl** 
ipAfifWf.ifto jiufher'i|)^4t.>^<^ 


Point of the ComWftHie^^liid'l 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C A 

T4KRS [.4frfm«fltf» F. 1 Soap- 
U taei^^F Scrabands tw >bwt 

' tTfiOniE UJtheBah, )^.] • Qqid-' 
rSfl^sf aCiitk. .3,1 

|t»aCaftle} the Ex|wl dfi-its 

AT£D, o a Clfteni or Oq^^j^ 
^ij94pcMbd in zJBfvMife><« 

San Icnpofituai laid ^fif)!) 
/iicii Kwrlg«*2W*«« 

I Gnpaft of any XafflVi^lKf Wl 


|AiB pitched tEeirTcntithffffWY j;l: 
tni. ur » a//l gj 4|fr '8giatW>t'y 

t ItaMrfcfaftcr, from minti^ 

Vie J<^i„.|« tW¥f ff' 4!fiiril, 

.\ \ .1 

: <W^ ** Tofiamoi^ 

g a free, e^fy^.o^N^lliSBilC 
ic^«q^c^e |ier Maiv< , 

C A 

camping an Army, r, ofL.,. . . » . 
leaTC om or tike away feiy P*rt of an Au- 

™-,,:^- wmo, lia(ii 

r ♦wT*|IV^#ai^ :ilt . ««ftl 

. d'-J^ . 

ilW »«» t>llU^ a City. . ,,. 

f*/ ^ V B .. .; .i:j 11 I 

fKt,^ Or.] thp,Bm^,^ 
,^W'aEUM,7lICiiane*made Jii;' t^d 

wadung, iiJeBar»ted,rroip Tip Ore..- .. 

gjycb Kim JUwrs^wL,^..,,_, ^_,.---,--. , , 

w^^^r»^^^^5^'^l'^*#^ ¥^ Jf /* 

t}i«:fw4{y.m Kevi;tBQH;fga|^..the.^I»c6». 

ift.»ei<JxJn&.CaS»i)f.C»raflipc^ , ^ : , \ " 

a DomcmckBcaft whii^k |ul|^.|(^ ap^ B|aS^ 
ftr<"- . .... .7; »f, " J / /Vt , -//^ . 

AiTt^-^T. fBoar-Cat, .^ ,, 

CAT [m z$;hi'/>} a, Picc!? ofTJmW to rai^ 
pp U^cAnobor ffoitjw l^a>iricjto.t|l5 ^gre^r - 

i« Cat iii*«if^.«iwir«;^«iiir-^ 

, Thi$ i# • ^vy >ray€^,"'geiiirartr '<^a^ 
ufe of By pragmaticat . P^rfonl, who ffiuft 
9f^a, lyr ccffuriMK '^cu; SupcTioiv '^ 
Thiogi ^y^the worff^andfe; ^Mid otMy ih?^ 
.bgi9D4. thfir.Bouijdi j. ,fof thou^ . PeafanU 
' may l<»lc ?lt arwj hftqow .C?r«^^' j*'** J^^^^n 
ao<JjPfX^^FWf# X^f ^%>^« '1?^^® ff *' ^ ^^ 

dAJSML^ Si;bftancegTow Jrig-upon Nut- 
TrcFi* Pin«, ^f/ AKo a'f^t 0(^6^. ;' 

Ci,! bqp av/arrc from, .or rl»t a'bufei Baj^mifa. 
<d(rABVBA2:ON.rahy>ne^rai»oiii^rf] de 

toi^dlWf^pi 5^ j 

r2g«d i!^ ^h^M^^kWy^9^ a' 

, 4gwa>yar4a.. 

(lUJcs ty.HcaenroD, Sfc, , , , . . ^, 
' CATACMR^'SIS [i:*VkX>|ir/f/C[(.l i| 
Xiaiir? in Rl?<5tpriek,„whea one Word h aba- 
i%?7-P« % JWfM*:!.^.*^^*^'* Eipfcffiop. 

Digitized by GC^^TA- 


CATAC'LIDA r uom§ AmnlmJhJ t%h 

nsndatioQ^ •• - /i-l'v: -\i t) 

^ C^T3^C<y MRS { mi^^WiAifilS/kbLt^ OPto 

of Mi^6t^m','pi.\XS^i^Y6t the T 

CATAPTfiiYCyi ANS. ,^5c^ 
. their Dead, forbid l/l^rr'aae^ 9od ' 

liles under Grouod, where the piib«i(-> 
tire ChrifU^s hkl t^tftTeWeHtfTifwi df P^r- 
iiMuti^ j^j^ditheM«»)rt>:ilowi«{iiA:d 
<mc of a Principle of Devotion. . ' ' - " 

_ fiAT^ysTTJiClcs [ of ^UA)#d^ tiifl -i,^. 

tria^ of^fste to hfM) "^•l » S4ifl«^ ^ear- 
VH^te^tQ$4 9oim4«» or Wlkitikioi^fe^ Uie 
SfsjtuttafviPrtipcrtMSQfidloQaj' ' 

ir«Cr^/u^, Gr. 7 a Tilt-jard or Place i^ere 
Iiqjie»>^n fop PriMt j «tlb 4a . lU^t ilike' a 
9ram» Mffed hy Anklfa IP dttnv np'OrJct^owji 
«gjr Weight. ' 

CATADUPES [iMtTi^fcipt, Gr. J ^hitet 
ifbm th« >Viitert«} ft RlfH FUl] #itb i ercnt 

i^«}y(urrijiic« Cn] Mediciiisi for tfaeJcsSt' 
tiOKi gf braken Jknei* 

£Ar ACRAPH r ««rrc>^^ Gk } (he 
fidU/capshc Af a Picbte. 
- * CAf ALANS, the Inhabitant! of Catab^ 

:TATALECT'ICK ^«r/*, tiGretkorUth 
Vccfe wanting one Syllable. 

CA1;aL9F5IS |««r<^*kri Or.} a DiTr 
ciue like an Apoplexy* 

CAg;AL'LA (Um Teml Chattk*. 

CATAL'US .Gi^m i8ofiw»* difiriaMh 9, 
^rjt w))icb Ue« /or Rent, due io a Borough 
or Hcufc, and warrants a Man in taking the 
C^^tet, p9or^ V Windovii by way of Difirefs. 
t^^f ■ I : 

^CATAL'UlSrfdiitnMu a Writwl^ia 
lies where Goods having been delivered t^t 
apy f^fon to. k«?p for. a Time, •« fibt 
deJiVerfd. i^pOp Deajontl ^t tho D«y af-. 

yj^, -Cf, ] f %itt of.KjinM, -eirbcr of Pw- 
fau^rTbing«,'4fiof Bgoksi^<. F* 
*To CViTAL'OGIZE, to put in a Lift ok: 

"^TALOtaCICS [ Cifffl/irL,' U } <ica,, 
ttato|( Me^icineft ^Mf^ i>ri9g:;Qn'£^ciil o^n 

' CAT*AI^E'NIA f of .4mt* Wordic^.tn; 
•nd'^a^, Monilj, j^.]<^f99iQ<|f nfir/>5, 
WotpanimaQtbJy Cqjif^Clt.. ,jj, j: - 1 . ?-';! 

*;teX.t/AMlTE. tCj/aiP|4>JM><L..of.*a*rK*: 
Ml<&^, (jt. hired, y^.^ a Boy J an lit^e;oori 
boy krpt for Sodcmv. 
' jj^^'iy'HjUcfaCKS £C(ifi»/i»«£?tf, L. 


{MK8bift^e*iAgi ^ '-^^ ^^^^ .. . 
GATAt^rOSlS r itk»r2&r7fcrV<?Cr.| 
Symptom of the Falliflg^ifknrijvt 
M^n fall t6 1^ CwTmaV 'v. ' 

Ancients, to thrpw Jav^m^^,tw^jfjq|{^||r 
Feet long; ' , » *« •^u,^ 

CAT'Aft ACT 'l:Giw>rf^^ P'^ 
L. of KArA/axlpc^ of m^^TaJ^sim 
On] W fteep Place V d ULiyik'mu 
ftoppioR the Courfe of jti StnsaaL.A 
ing \he Wkttt to fall veith »S ,F 
Noife. " "^ ••-•,' '^^/" '^ 

CATARACT twftK-driJ 
tht' Eye, catiffed by the Iblotting ( 
between the uveo^s CoaC 4ad4j 
HUmc>w, ' ■- r ^ i ^^^ 

CATAR'RHE [Cfii^Zf:! 
ofxariffi^, of xltcifL'^ 
a falling down of HathouiiJp^ 
wards tw'lowei* Pirts. \ V , ni\^i 

cATAR'ftM,eJ^ tie\:ig^t:i 

a falling- out' <?f thi "^ar^o^^^ j 

O0^p> f ' ' 

Cowedyi Hn^li ^AfuV ^-^ 
(rfihePlot. • '' • '^ •' „ ,^^„ 

CAO^ AS'TA^S *tiH 'i'?fi)fe^n 


cording to fiippcsratet^ is-itiftBvC 
Botfyi dr^fTlta^.' 

State of tt\ 


!laJCI%f!4'of tYie^dfflcdy. ttti 

jlm^ of tbciTlft^ i' thciVi o? ] 

neft f ifit:?! d^nefa^dn of an 



CAT Brqnt Pe^r^A ^JTAjif, 




it zed by Google ^AJCI 

C A 

. „ „ . ibme CtoooA m iV'irr- - 

> qiH^ i ON hrrnf kncvro ix)^ wh^: 

llWi^p^ 1^^^ MimllcT tbat 

i ii T)iikei>^ it, tnjoji it iot * 

i «M HtlJ [with I^V^l » ™i- 
^^ Dthcr. 

ihat bdoosito C«- 

^ «luc is |o be lxi;evc(i aiu! 

Wf CrJ «oc employed in Catjc- 

.[<^ee^/er'^ F, of jut^ 
f aali inl^fjfU^ to. luumi b^ck * 
■^ Ij ttK SoylXlyCff JflOlhcJ, Gr,] 
■ aifcjltl VcqrH in the fundi- 
I af the ChTiAku, Religion ty 
'"'' fr. 

1 rrtparauQn by J.^pun 

iTffhttmfftety F, Crf- 
I cf 4<>^Jy4jiu6j, dr. ] ( in the 

rtwy Wfre Rdmlued to Bap- 

i f u?«^e^«/usr, Gr, ] the 

AT'ICAL* bdwigrpf to 

ipr.J an Actufafjtjji. 

Jfte vr^ich a Rope, Ija^t^jinf, 
»twQ points «f SuJ'jpenAt^^fij tor 91s 

' » to pro> idc Vi^i^s,. ^r, 
t*» ^'i'O of ff^'j F.J I Lei 

.3 tbe Hou^e o/a Kjii^ 

G A 

I tjon. 


» - ^--. .wljofi! Seed- 
ier CitcrptJ- 

] d*.niy 

Cc. to 

.: COTlU^iaAl«,.»3ea Jf Jl^retkk^ tJ^ 
Spawn of tbeJUkiiiiiiiMJ utiMfheM fiiieWl^ 

CATH'ARINE [ 'of'^irtS^e^a^i'O^. W^"! 

:.atnCATffAiuN€vWbt6^'Wnfci»r.i '^ « 

CATriA'RISTS. Set Catbananf; * - '^^ 
<AT^AJaHN^^«r> ?iMtn'li^^ Va 

Sblfw' n»^ff'ia litcib>jn«cia, fr<Mn o&fc 

• CAT«ARiT<Ka3^^>r *itdtJ^A'<a. W^ 

purgel purging. ..'O"'^"* ."•' • >'.■: j - *, :j-i 

I JCATUAR^IGICS f€:tf>.{>tt;Y/V^;^;^)^. 
;9<}3iJwpOra J)»iting>Mrtlcinc8.' ^ "^ - ' ' 
J3AT<Hp«)tfeAL f cW«fr j[ thfe EjJifdteHl^ 
Church of zof-^tkti f^'tOitd frttH^t^ 
Biihopft flhtir [C^fWrtf^t lii'^^dey' 'fufch 

'ChoUcfc....^'' :.^.-.' r .•*l -» .•tT^»-V..T. 

, CATH]y[)RAT'ICK) -^i^ Sdhi- oT 'bir<>'' 
SbiUitog»^nDd-:by'iht ihl(ft^l<w^4i^iiefit^Q|aW* 
,to the Biihop, in Token of Subiiai)Q^;f^d' 

GATHERET'iefCS ( '^^ ttuBiii^^' GfJ^ 

Medicines taking away Superfluities. ^ '^ 

^ CATii£«T«R [««liiXi^i 6#. Y it^^^c^f 

loibiiracbt^ which is iKn)(^ d^ the TM; "^ 

;draw off the Urine colle^d Inthe Blatjieri '" 

CATHl'TEJ^^SM,- tW Op^rttitfn tjfi-. 
je£)ing any thing into the Blad<ier^y a'^^iir." 

I CATHE'TI, in »^ i^ht^ftghJJ T^ifl." 
gie, are. the two JLe^s Mudirt^ the* if^bt, 

(Angle. . ' . ' •,/■£•.'■* 

; CATJ^tTUS [**8i^r^, Gr.] 4n f /f*if^ 

/rj', a PeipendicuJar. X* • " ■* **" 

I C A T H 1 ' T U8 t Hr vfnr A/fiJ^ T ij( A 
jLine fuppofed to- paft <lii*€lj/ tKroUgh die 

Middif «f acylirtdritat body^ A^ a fiallifterV 
iof Piliar.-- •■' '• ^■ ^ ••-"^' — .-^ ' •' ^" 

I drawn from the Point of Reflection Derplju]-' 
tdibilar co^^c 'PUiie o^the bkfs^c^ pqM&A 

iBodf," '-•."- ' :i •• •^■'' - ■ •■'' "^ ■'' ^'^ 

I CATHL'mrS pof Jwrf^rtf'J 1s a lights 
JLiae draWn ftt»ln fhe Pfiin? o^thcObjedl; |Jer-; 
jpcndicular to the rcncCting Line, '' ' "t 

' CA:THElXTS^/^/f)fj'iof^ > ^f$-^-V ^ /?gi!t 

from the tye perptih^iciirAi- ^ fhe refleflimf 

line; J r. V :^:->i /-MOiri/.Ti T* 

CATHOLICISM [CafhollaTnif^Sj ^^J'^* 

L. of xaB^xct, of xceTA throu^ ax)cl 7^ 
tiK?xd*>l>i?;C?*'.>OAckl/UnWcrffi:''^ " ' 

little Furnace, fo difpcHW'a's to be fit ^f ill 
fttch'Ofchtiid^rfarlii^pet^iiine^ WJth a'^dhe- 


Digitized by 



yHxftA Remedy ; a porgiju; EldSbiaiy. 
|br dUjpeUa^ all iU Nttnoort. F. ^ 



CATKINS, a SubftaocQ rQ9>% qo ffijlb 
Cittt, Birdi-trcef^ C^c; i^Wifi^/. i . « .^ 

bcring K«ife % Cutttt|^of'M|(J(5rt:<rf*,^- 

CAT'UK<^,,lBe09ii>A or«:fC)A m^^tftR 

flruaaenii m^c of 'a^Cat-|nC. . - .^. %^ .« 

Herb that Cats delist rnucVJA^ ^«f^rVai"^ 

CATOCATHTOPiq^S r o/^JN?** a^ 

mat^fiTiM^, Or.} Medicinca 'rai^i^ pofK by 




CATtyillAN [6f Cif«fiiwe* . 

CATOP'SIS I »J^Q»9n,Cx* } a DtmBB& 
of Sight ; the fa me with ii^9/iial 
' CATOPnrRICKS r «^'ro«-7f«MVGr. J k 
PidTt ef the Sdncc of c>^ir^ whieh teadies 
htm Objeda may be feoft >y RciledioBy aa4 
cxplaiat the ^eafoo of Lt. . 

CATOP'TROMANCy, Diiioa^ hy Vir 
fioo, or looking m a Glafs. 

CAfOfHTRON [jMrtir7^y^6r.} m kind 

CATOURS, Catcren. ^Owfc. 

CATT 1 [in » w^3 " * ^tf^ ^'^^ 

CATT'fi^^/j <>^ TuBobec ftAened ab^t c 
vci the Hawfey oaelExid being gut thr^ii^ a 
ftope with a PuUg^. aaiioo Hock galled the 

CATS' Head, alaVge Apple. 
CAT.Ptfr^ a Fear Aaped Idte aft Hen*! 

• CATT-/f«is, Holes above the Gvn^Rottn |,< 
Port, throogb which a Ship may ba^MivQi a ' 
Stern* . - » • 

CATT 'Mr fi [m a Shif^ th« Ropt Vcj^ in 
l^anUng vp tb^ Cat. * 

CAT'TELL Ouifk^, ufin^ all'sicaBrto 
pocmreWeattK.. ChoMc/ . 

To CATT I^./ifW rOu T. i/. /vP«^ 
it to come ^om ^ttvUSiti, f ■ d, tot:ry 
amcng G«np«] .00 ^| ft Caq do wimf chfy 
are pt oiid« ' . . . * .* • 

CATTl'ttrCfFUm, a Stoylf who «i9i.' 
cntty inhabited ^^r jfar*^ Bvck if t ^mmp iwMf 
mi B*fefmrMirt^ .*■... ' .^ - 

CATTY i m foma-lfaita' of 'Xafl-ImiU} 

• Wr%h( cM^kingi t^ fi*««f»** 

[orfeback, A ii>jy 


make hi*o^^. 1^. 3^. ., .-^ . . 

CAV ACTION [iA^<i0r^0itf^j( 
liaiaiW^ Iatth-f«r^*tJrq ^* 

CAUa>Ll [Oa^ 

Ai,i. hoe. QCfMtaa^r "^ 
gar, a«iSpices» tobedsp^k^bi 
WMnoAaaCMilbad:. ^ - .ov{ iU\*l 
CAVE [Ca^,U]. nJPi^Mili*' 
Place ondtf prottttd. /*« €^i' _ 

ChafF. C. 

CA'VEA V^ . 
Middle of the Palm 
yiDcipal Lhmi, «ibK. 
9J!iA CtpBalickf fbraaa 


Cautiooy ffTl 

entered is f 

the. .^MMiW^^«r-«M. iM 

a Wai 10- th^k ^ " " 


a «Mf al 9f^ JC IMhMr.lli.f 


fti iy Wfli l<N«ioAitlTM»' 

Pound, five Ounces, aJad '^ X^ama E^g- 
Hjh i alio a ^^nttty o£.&loa»jia Sumoffyi^ 
eight Tal^ or ^A>oundt, eigfit SbjtiiwJ tf^brVfAWI^^MilvJlMl 

^'^^'^-^ :: ' ' *-^ " \ ^vwa IKSw^iS 

CATZU'klTS^afWciiif.norfe. 0^ -v Spawn of Scmm% aiiHrffilM 
CA'VA, thefcacpft Vetaintlfcdodfr. .^ JfW^MlUC i .. . / - ,* ' V^*' 
• CAVALCA'DETc«n^4A, F. I iSi«; [ <A^h\cmri«0. JL} ^A " 
•r Troop of Hoc^meiy. aii^nyoiMjiftRC^^ t i| < W M A i g anM Bt 
Pcrfoni of Qjiality on HwSback upon .^S9». ^ xJ^^VU^^'lbtn, U^^i 
0«.a6oai. 1 find faulc with, {^ fOf^f^^if/^* ^ 

i^fk^fi^ of tk* 


Monktiog of about i.6cby # 


'i^CoiVIM^ A|rA 

• GAUPr«Chc<t«ithHoUtkbi 




Digitized b 


of Jwei^riKif^ Gr. > burning 6r corio«Jiija h^ 
Quality. • ' 

of Ki^vrix^J^, of Xet/dli' to bbfn/ GrJ\ Tiling) 
wWA Vbiki the Skin and Flc/h to an Efcarj, 
asi h ot lr» oJ burnt Brafi, ife. 
l?AtrrELE, CaOtlon, Warineft. CLtui.^ 
CMJTELOU^ \icAttfcuit, V, d! X^tttJd, 
L.] warv, l^cedftt), castknis. 

CAUTERIZA'TION, aa artificial ^\3rh- • 
Ibc inWe by i Ciltitety.'* ' * 

I •lr^CA*TERl2t VCatitrrm, fMkd* 

[ CAUL f pf^ of CauL C. iSr; ] t3s^^ [ of tiMf^, dFMtt', ta bcirif, ^K] I7 ^qC- 
Mi«rt«e«i»eb5 alio « Parfof ► IM«, ->«!»«/ or Foffrrtia!» •* " 

hot Iron, or other MetxI. 

F#f«rfiWCAtyn*Etlir,Ti By iJuriiifag Me- 

- (fidik) ; at a Caaftick- Stone, or a Comp'ofitt^Q 

-ma4c of qaick Liftif; Soap^ caldped Ta^ury 

^r, ' . - * • ' '-''*• 

tmer C AtJ'TtllV, i4 nf aW df Silvfr dlf- 
folf ed In Spirit t>fKitrc;^c: , ' 

CAUTING Jron^ i farrier's' Iron t6 6a\j-* 
ttrikl»©fftMr the Ptttt'"^ i horft; wbith rt:-. 
quire Buwittf. , ,.,....,. '' 

-CAU'TIOW- [ OiiJf/'ci L.^1' kecdfarheff, 
W^rioefi; alfo Warning. F, * 

CAU'TION AKY, |ivch Infi^n otPUigy, 
jA/awottenary'Ttfwu, '&c, L. 

•CAUTlOTffE aSmttenda, '4 Wfit 3yiflg t-^ 
^gainft a BHh\>p, -^ho holds an eicOmpiirnic?te 
; Perfcn wrPr^n notwitWIiaAig he offers fufR- 
cieat Pledges to obey the Orders sf the Church 
for the future. . „ . ^ 

, to give Notice ofy or advi/e. 

f^CAUTlOUS [af«tw; U] hte<JJul^ wary, 
*wc}i adtKed. . • ^ ' , " 

CAUTLE5S, tbicatitioii. ^Bakefp,. 
• CA'I^^WCWfiif^Fi/flMi^JtheHawk's 
TreadiM-Time. ' .' .* ." 

' CAWk. Stmt^ a Ififtefat 7t-kiiL to the 
whitamjl^, jnineralJtiiccol'tead'MidesI r*- 
'-CAyA-fofC**, ^ax.J a'KcYOrWat^r- 
L*k; d.X. ' ' •"' ^' > • - 

CAYA'CHTAf; a !>ity vt -T\iIJ jpiid f* 
Landing Goods at foflK R^ or Wham ' , " 
-CSAT'WANrrlbrtrfCrtcoa^Ie; ' ' 

CAZ'Un [^rwfcgyJrKwetiVrff'd to" be 
m Cazimi, vfrhen it ii not ^bovt it, Degrees- 
(itfhnit from the Surfrf 06*^. • ' * 

•'ToXJEASE (f$^^, T, of eiJ^re,'U ] to^ 
,leire\)ffi' gi?€ otcr. of be at *n tni.' 

CECU'TIEirr [fi«*rfrtrj,X^i *atiog, or ; 

IgftMtMfcHJU-^ittllaiilhYOiOiiad ^ CE'DAK £ Cedfe, f. cf Mrut^ t. cf- 
TJ*i"J«I^Waf^-' r -t^ - • . i Hf^, Grt] a^ntc whaOfWcofl, t?y tcatVfh 

jof its Bitttrnefs, is Wottn'j, and 
iMcAifc almofl'fncoTTtiptiWe, - , ' 

Cmi^A, «1ittdStirioth<Itrt9hoo1.fc> : 

Tin t ahsbng ..^^iiflfm^l^'^^^^ 
» S|pft»lb*tBe^ Bb4y, contain. 
[ • « BOR pRBcipc} ^artsj' as th« 
t«r 4e fio^ €rh- thli Read <bf fhe 


If,* "» •pttltt^ TfOtn 


ila^Msvnvo iFUMioer tliat-ir 

fXOUS ?fc*fr f tmotf g B^rinr^, 

^gr.TISJ ri>ihe*5«fi Z.Vht] itfany* 
i*pHB* J M^^en^ * Man'ti his 
IfN ^lUlU tMbyffcia of\ Chm, for 
a ^ l fiBM i iii f j Ptotcftion. 
g yoymg fl ftHkl^/fan, L.] to fell 

ijffeitSit [iM«liri,4;.1 *MiOfigltig tct? 

I* li v#ooJunv* 

* wwk^ HcHMr W rOWer 01 

MlrU^r^fGer^ Writ whieh' 
r^^TMm, Kfto being eh- 
U^ IMM; «^;- to* the 


{ »* I*' ' ' ' 

( igJlCjjJ^] « Motirc, Prifldpir, 


--^ 2 • '^ ' 




df fttfiri;' 

Digitized" by VjOOQ!^ 

C E 

called aOJb SwaUow- wort. "^ 

G E 

Spices IB the 

Hei|ht. Tillrttfs. ■ 

*^-i-In.iy?e^il^*)^Cp\^ ;^- ting Momr. 

SvirtneiSy cmoition^ Speeil. . . , 

«a by one Frt^, a Samtittf, A. D. 1x44. who 
Apartment in tne Monzltery ; aiTo, anvKo^m 

'2iWh«^# rj^te '«e?^/95i!i 

To CENlEN'r* r ^^fi^krf, L. J ^ 
wiih Cement, to join or ftftcn tT>|ftfi 
folder^ -♦ 

. CEMENTATION, a CcinaiC]i««^ 
j^untng ^A -th Cc^ncnt. * 

CEMENTA'tlON [m C^r**.:?rf 1 d 
rJfir^iTcon of Cold, jnade s^ i^cti cnii I 
with Layers of Royal Genitot^ 

CEN'CHRIAS fKf]^>;«ir,Cr:J%^ 
ing Ijifiauimation, caJM Wfldfiic, iU 

CEKCHRIS, s grctji Sa^Ute. 
CEN'DLTUe, SJkhIJcs, of ShurjgUv 
Pieces of Wot^ ofed inflead Of Tiiel * 
veriiig g Houic» 0^ L. 

CENEANGI'AjKwitfrj/k, Cr J ^ 
cujti^n of the Veifels fey op^ri^.g a V* 
Jetting BJood. 0» ~ 

CENEL'L^, Acorn*. 0. L. 
CFN03I3 \^^mH, Cr. I m tm 
:vojdmg J tn a PhyCcallnift; 1 <i^ 
the Bodv of HumcFurs, , 

CENbTA'PHJUM [ KirTJ^i'.f, 4 
ttrU cmptTj iraafiiiary, and tao^ il 
^hrc. Or.] aa cinjt) Tomfe Ics ta Ln tb 
of the Dead, • 

; CI^SaTIIA, a Koufe ot ratjn tet 41^ 
^vjt:, j. ^, at n ftiindi^g RrflV ' 0. £./ 
i CENSA'RTI [m DaMt^fdntf^pck] P 
fwho Tniglit be jftcGed or t^^,^ 
) To €£N3E [j. d. T^ m^liiV, r'ufeera 
*to burn] 3:0 perfomc witt Ii^(>fflj^' ^' 

: ctmm i f. v, fo«nfer/^ k 

iL.] a^Veip tq bum tu^c ii i iWL 
pan. ■"' ' '' '^'■'' f^-'-T ^-- ,^ 

.^ (CijJmc, a Jyd^c,^ or Rc^roief ot, AJ« 

^.?KfS^, ^CtN'SOXYiW^nnE the Jtwi^ra W 
nT,ue wlia i'aUied'^AJ tajtrtl ^J*'h^EblrV 

-H. ,.11. ^*iiu idAiuv-u fifiiii isxra jy^cofe i^ut^i 

ihg to n Cf'ffjSr ; ' feVctc/ apt tf. f?r- 
,w'th qr rc^roT^ [ghi;is^ imiiprt 

r CES^<?OT1^0O^ISS, A|te*. u. M^ 
|othci-. Meni A^ioitt. - * ft 

CliN-SLTRABLE^ thu defcrvk til 

I ' CEN'SURAi:; beSbi^;ai to Mc^ 

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{Mv»> Ul Cbncfiioii, Ke- 

fa X«ttfl a Cnfloni in feme 

ftVCfr nvd^med to ffn^^r 

WSM[tt^^, F;1 iD coi 
fc^iMi«WF,aBkwiiV , 

} a AMivbttui of Ca«nh I^ an 

fti y«r iiot cvtry Hunbtd Po«qd« . 
. lift I SouUma roBftcHatlfttt. 

i* f<PfifR WeigliC of |eO, 
<U* l»5» US» i}9».Md 

^[Cntf#«a«r*,; F. of .MpMlf- 
l^ao HoodroL 
ttre,y. Centrum^ L. of 
J.JiM(< Point iof toy tliins, 

^i¥^l » WoodjcnMoiOd. 

_;pi>*pifM5rJ ktbe 

I it «erf Irom a o^ddle 

j\Do«tiiuafl7 dicu^is roood 

4:^ a XiWKm 

r conole asis.pombk 
fj n aPivfiCupoa 

dj 19 oMiit 
i.BiiUI^of ilPidapcfrit 




OINTER Iff a regular Pa^xfi ] ii ^ 
ftme with that of the lorcribed Circk or 
Sphen^ dr^wn within fodi » Bod/f fo as to 
touch all itsPoints. 

Tp,CENTER, to meet In 'a Pointy to ter- 
■ihbit^, te end in i(. ' ' ' 

CENTRAL . R^,^ ^ J^»k , int^ted to ' 
M.out;thft (Iciiief tof.a Cirtle/ ^fif nej 
!to <ut 'f^O TarkMs' ih il mriy Pointt 
at' ah'^lE^uatldo Wh6'ta!At^ hib ml 
R<»9tt» • f ^-"^ , ■'' • ■ 

CE^TRA'tlb!^' C*^ P^iVJtoBl 
c IfrlndtBl 'Root and Alididitioii of any 

I Wgd8.cutilhel>BC, 
whmoeaU the ifo«r-. 
ii ihofe Diala w|^,hafe 


IfMiir [ill .«4imMii77 h 


^n the Ctotet of the Ec- 

4Mi0n, a^ ^a W IS 

Kmtmvjk xamaks the 

i the Center^ 
rib poftt^nlfiat Iline,*tJiaa^ 



thing} as Qod teing thcCemnrof tboVnU 
TcHe: the ^falndOf Mter orSp^it^. and 

CENTRIWQAL f^Hrt liflMiffy^M H 
tha^ Force by whtcH all Bodied tpaf^ve ' 
round any other Body in a C^iB^V ^rlfia J^«' 
lifi/h do cndea¥oor to ^ ii/f (^ tfit^Ui* - 
of their Mo(ion,> 4,1>MWt ta)^ Peri- 
phery iJf ft. I, '"^'^ '^ 
I CtinRIi^rrAL FVJrr<^t^'nil»/^1 ft 
•that Forcehy which any Bedy, nm'x^ ronnd . 
another, is drawn down, or Ceotlt' towards the ' 
Center oHtsOrhfL L. ^ '" "^ ' 

CENTROfiARhrcAjL ^\^ ttbm m 
jthc Center of Gravity, <?f.' 

CEK'TRY, i Cemi^ * Ijrtfat^ Sol- 

cB»rkr't}tt'^chifdmi iuom for 

CENTRY-BPX> a Wood^ Hotcb to 
icoff er a Ccntiocl from tlid Wnites of the Wet- 
.ther. * '' ^ 

CEwTOM'VtRAL f eahaiftMh, L. ] 
bfllo9itfl||;to thcCnffMovKn^^ 

CZmVMnnKt, a iQkM^t tf jdk Hundred 
Judgea^ Ri»iM^Ms|iiratet/choft^ 
out of tjNo Xj¥«nty-flvc fiibts, to ieci^e P/- ' 
.fefencei smoopthe Feoije. ' '*^ 
^ CEi^TUl%J!|V^i^ibK^J,.JanrHondred« 

\<iAlf!&: ' ihadK'^ Hondred- 

. 1*0 tWTOTtMT* f cmurUr^ L. t |o 

jdivid^lnfoltoai'ofMMMf;''^ ^ 

C5NTURIA'TORS [of Citfv^, t-} fctir -^'^jti- 
Pf^e&ant Dif iMI'of M^«fritfrr fn Otrmdt^^ , ^^u::^; 
vr^hQ dJY^ into Ccntttiia ^ Ydtra the Unir -'^ * 
verfaj Chill* JrtHiy. ; 

CENTU'RlO^ TCefOtm'if VA t Cbptaia 
bvcr^ HfpM Fbet-SoHiU 

Cp^nfJ^ytCeiit»riij,t. Q*fm#, L.1 
ih'Acii, cohk|Li^&ig ■* Ruhdred Yeans A 
BandofO^'Hondlfed Fddt-Soldien. 

OPKAUL/QICK [of Xtf«>»» the Head, 
So^^* *>j». ^4 # •r belwigiiig to ^ 


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a:^;^x]i>U, Gr.J the Head-acn. ~,» 

■ate Head-?o«.. ., • . ^^ ^k .j ..^^^ 

ija'te Head-^oi".. ., • . -j ub J 

turge tfie (^a4« -^ 
Cir, the Head,''. ," •.. 

volatile Medicines^ gooii for the Head, p - 

the Arm, betwccnjjif SJ6n juib thc,|ii 
aivl divru<;s intb two BiVrrabeik -V t-*- .1 1 
^PfJ>HLOI!P»^ [«^^i ^••f^ y »! 
Tfioj^ivcn^y ffMM^ i|5b^4pibc.Micff*Bpitn} 
?fe^ rfcm ^cir .%n,4^urei| ^ C)bp^ vr^ich) 
Jad any BcC?ai^ii«5. W ». 8fsui,-. thf; JT^rmi 

AcJjJfec." ,'\\y.\ V -. f'\ I 

.CfpHAlOPH AU VfrOiqETI [ib "^n^/cif^ij 
;|u: the fir ft p«ir of ^(i^jks.f^thv oppcr Tartj 

CEPHALOPHA^VNGifl'T^M, > , .^ 
'^Jufcle ^hitharift* tr^Jo xtut list. wKcxt thd 
.Hm4 it^ i94U«d 10 U)C Bfft-Vac^Wa^ thd 

T^k. ' . : ■ :\\.. ' ! 

CtPHALOTONT |p^^*f«?wyi. ,1). of 
X^MXh ,anr TJ^', Jf^w, Or^ '*. Jfain^ot 
Heaviners in the Head. . ' . . 

.<|E/I^H;^Pg> t Nff tfaQ9rCo(«freU.)»i:^ con. 
Jkaining Seven1cfrt*Star.s# ^ . ' j . - • t 

f: fc*/ (^7*,^;; J* a'fleiw«L^4c by.theSJus- 
that u^on an' Exigent' ^e haiii UKJea-^i 
B>)dv of r[ic Party. ' xi. . V -• *' . i 

^^i^RATAMA.I/i^jil^Ll.ip PfyM J ! 
ioftcning CompoHtion, madc.u/ \Yaxd^^ ouie^ 

«i} cxlem^''MM'cine of ^ ;T»d3k.Coj)rtAcn(4 

' cE!(A'ri^AS"ticiiT^<,: dr. 

t Cere^ 

a^jioroejj Cppietj^^^tf*^ #..r<fpjTiitic»l.Arigu;. 

Pf "f- ' 




4ut of the Mooth of the Womb, and J 
iSlBW^ail.r n^\ ni] 3TA JIHT/ 

leader was o^ Ctnlh^udbQ^yfif^h 

bi^t^hi^jCkio^ ^i c t Kif <hiw»itW ( 

.^, f:E^E^fip«W, ^ 1-^ 

or Brain-fick. 

,]^aitf «/ M^^Btm^, ivhoniKtbe. 4b 
ri^, which perform involimurjpaiiito 

j%^an^. Z,,. VI /) Tc. -.ti-".- -•: 
, CE^/iMlOMK^hiriBtttiVlheS 
giiiqitKH> m<^ JOdgflMOtk J tteft-Pm.: 

rated, upon vrhicb voluntary.AOiooil 
to dmP^^ i^* • ^ ■ '• •^•'' '*" • -^ ^ »*' 

CEREFACTION f among'4 

. ;CBREf<C/NJa«.Xfc 
longing ro Cerononies. 

Ceremonies of the Roman Cnorch. 

npJ- . t •. ■ i ^. i -^ ' cJi^'-i ' 
, CEj^lEMOMy.^iGrniiwa^iSu^ 
VM» L.] a Rite or CuA^'Af.ftfav^ 
Formality, or .foMfeal 
Pomp orSrake., ^ *.\ 

CERIL'LA [among ^ 
on4«r ^e.t^f^tfit £iu]rJrMM> ^ 4 
t.^.^^4?t tp,h«|wMqiiQMd»Ui'^ 

CE'RIGON, awildVteiK*/ 
r4ng4r,Siiai^M94ct!}^tlpr 9ellri1 

C£RA7lN/E ,4nf ****** I JiZefiJ^I].^ j pd thctrRifc froin one Cerintkmt J 

pltlftical and'intricate Argument^ 

ypalfing of a 3ubil40<;e.6t to^tje' ^^y^, dr 

-yuvjtcch .. • T ... .;. :, V;., , ! 

Coat of the E>r * ^ 

i^d ^ 

arifci^fcroad inijc 
"^ f6'«^, Vm jt'IrtVcrldd -j^M^ tfct; ftjo; 

DelightT, ^. „iT.;i' -^ r,»...Vi.O h.' 


the certain ioeepiog of tbeurtft 

, fi^,.9^.Antisjri....f..i ?-!>-• '' 'I 

CER.'TA|hrr Y, fuU of ' " 
^jnci^ ,^ M* ./,,*.,..» v;iA 


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~ 1 afc.miiriir*»ai»4»*«rtMy \»e 

03WCAI1 [iA ImvjM^a^ 




IV » ■ iateior Coutt, to\Il} «fr\Xe 

grrrruDE [arff>M£}^LV| c^iwty: k 

te'VEaE, the Brain. CAtfttt. - F. ' 

w\Ach pats' tfarchtgq 

t Lad, I. r. Lead re^oced (o a wHIt 

Jf,fejfoo. Otfitf.-'^" ' 'i'"* 
"t«M. ;--='] ^^ '^ ' > 
-n^fc; J td'afllft 1* fJit. • 

-ft««fc/'6 /.'-^ s.. ?* 

K'atf W'^iVdbligAi to tiy h I To Cr ~ 

L-tl^ irt^i >i<^J«i<Mil»at i (Mm - 
^tUCamfonSoldicn. *£;r; 
™ibuttryrCa^lc]iefi5>br«i<)^t!w8 1 d^* 


tftSUfc "^Ei^ W «ae dsat ccafeth or 

> OBfltHfttyT/i^ [£2N(f^r^J:aFcr^ 
CEyTHI f<r^^:«'*5r >^e life 

neBpcnts. F. £.T^v^ ^'' \' \'. * 

• tMM'OffeW^ ^ r»;^ASj, £.T of die, 

^'fe'ThW/ltH; one oFtfitreipiJ)Afy iTtfl)!.' 
J- ' WA/7te, lihlch* tlite CZ>;«^< ft«p'«ng ia' 
'•yhgHdr;- ^e tts their comsAcm l&tlnk; f «t)r^«. 

' •* ';, ttic 

.^^^.. ^.'^^. 

hunt, to eive Chace c<u . . . , . . 

CHAa^ritl it;Wr|]> ^^^<>^ B<^ 

orldkc& ^'k P%ecc af'Q^aiuibce'on thc^ 

insae. '' • ;.',; 

'<?HACrt«^«»^i>6j3 Jlitall 6f the 
Biall In <.P?rt of the Court, 'bcj^ond which* 
>he'op{«>fice f^ity fnult ftrike the Ba^ next 
^iriftr to g^to tbeihtjke, '. ' 

, <;«ACE f5/*.T^#i a:t>uiJuit. : ^ 

^ 9V|75r mf^'fo f^k:y^ is;to- follow. 

ilia fitch her^ip. ' '* ' ' ' ' 
CMACE.G«w ,7thdte^Gtu»s Wich ^ 
'OHXa'/?/^«j^ V«thar.m%|Ve Hcai. of 

'"Cnj>^(^mit» i a- ^ti ^ z t)inc>, th^ 

' * t^, a-S off ii 

J hot. «? Jth "ru ob4 q|, qr rub w if n oae a 

^apd, to &oW^hdt " "or *ngw p • ^io. to jRall, 




ttM- •- ire^.J-^ n .u, . ^c^'. • '-^leir l5[irtrahd WgKXli Pwfc^lop. 


fSP'^^'^y^ H^hrib-ffi Rcl. s ^»Af i^1S!%^S^w:Y.r a^ R^ win. 
MfttukeikafcicfiieuithoutDiTclttiri/^nmg'rf^^ * I . ;:. . * 

MMvflbrtA JMir^alttCi 'W'lhi(h^^^ mj^kK%1h:xMn%-1friTai'U^chui^ 

JB^OKARY Baskrvtf, is one wR^li \i fvxt of Beatie. . .? 

' f^lbfUA^^miMii 3iongli»|' ♦CHA¥'m*rveiF,.rtf3r.] Wires." 0. 

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CHtf'PINCtf, ftferU fo^#lid taidlti 

Xjtchen Utenfil fir wirtrfni VTASd^ ^* 
CHA'GRIK rcVjr/ii, F.J TwuWc, V^xa- 

4at of Huo)oa<, ... - , . 
To CHAtJRnr t^^^f?ife;1^' W m, 

cmtvi (n^^y, Juf^st.} Link. 

or Iron, one w^hin anothtr. 

CHAINS [ci tk 3VaI ¥( A?»g ln» Plate. 
Wtea^irnVtW SMlp*5^ides/^y tfac Timbew 
called ChaiihWifUi, to vhlcb.^se fsOleoca t^e 
Shrouds of the Nbfi.. ' 

CHA]N-J>Mf f^ » fort of Ship-Puropf 
fliade of Clu^ 9^ Burrs or Spmucs coinc in 
rWheel. • *f T 

CHKVt;.Sb9t, BoQet^ or iMlf Bul^U^ fixM 
<}r link*d tMether with a Ckaifi/ 

Cn AtN.fy^fa/ fcroid Timto jtittinj 
aot fit «SWtr« Sid^, ihvftji^ to fpread the 
Shrowd^^tlvi^ th«^ n?X the better fupport 

CRAIR, d«T|, wearily. 6ptm, ' 

CHAIR JWrrr.'Gtf/^r^^lj a Scat 
to fit-be; «Iro a'Sedanw opdi CTiaIR, 

CilAm-JII««, the H«a4 #r iVeiden't of a 
(CooiQiittee, ^le^f, CM^ &t. Alfo on« 
that ctrrret 3 KUtikit'^ Sedan- 

CHAISE, i Tbrt of Ij^^t ppdi VAkle, 
cooiBMNdT drtwh wjth ofte Horfr. ^, 

CHAlAyndlCi f X*X«ruii, O.J are 
loch McdicuMi«8'by tneir t'<;in[k:^a|eilcat do 
«omf»rt ^fl^ itftqs^wn the Parts to which 
' Iheyare^Ked. ^ - 

CHXLWrrpH |Rhi%1 arts hamg 
. CH^'BOT S«ff€4t fkad. c^ a ttUl-' 
head, or Miner's Tfmmh. ' ^^' ^^ 

^<^*, M •'a fort trf Onyx -"Stone/ ' ' 
CHAWaroCTNY PaiDongyiwfriJaFJaw 

#f De/e£l in precites stones. 
' CHALCAN^HUM, Vitriol calcined to a 

jRednpfr. - . » . 

. CHALtKyCRAPHER rGWft>^4f*ir», L. 

#f XAKa»^f«f^, Cr. J an ^ngravei in 

CHAUXyCRAPHY [ X<tXji«|^i4. of 
,'%ayjii^ Brafs, and Wf* DeTcriptioo, Gr.] 

4U1 EngraTing in Bra(s. 
C H A LC Y' ^ I S, is fomething MctaUihe 

f tOwing in the Veins of Brafs, or a kind of 

Mineral Vitriol, 
CHALn>ERV> a Quantity of Cotjs con- 
CHAL'DRON|taining thiitv-tix Bdhels 

Aeapiid up, LdnJok Mea^f^, an* Teveifty-two 

at N^vKfifiU^ alio Part ol* the :£fiUaUs of a 

Calf. ' ' * ■ 

C H 

Standing Cup wi^ *^F(>9t like a Dri 

Glafs^ bbt m««' p^fi&JAiif -^ "■ 

Cnpf.'Yffi^ ii t&"Si<iamfpt 

.TV^J a.w^y/^; 

.aim tf ClMiikattYM^ €i 

All the Imiiertlnaids'' 

•tncrc£' «x" /?:2^«c/},' is-icpi 

ii)g'/ wKf^by ^fib- Cfein^ifl« Stf 06t n 

Pbiiit it ^fj^i^^i m xMX'y'^' 

OHAL'li'Ndk fdf ISiAi^mO. 
Sum^ttont to fight .« t>ojel, ';i *^-^ 
Claim, or Prctenfioo. J'/* ^o,,,, 

CHALLENCE [in ZiWl^fi^^ 
a^aM Wrfimt and TKingiT^" " ^ "^ 

give H'CUallej^ to figbt,^ to 
or claim. 

To CHAt'tENGE l*nfiii% 
Hounds -.a^e faid ri ch^lf^t, '< 
finding the Scent trf tijdr\jiw//^l 
ientlyopen^or<Ty. - ^' '^' 

ten Staves of Cocks, and cmt oft 
twcnty-on* Battles, 'mote^qr ' 
Battle to tiave the Maftei»v5 ' 

chalvB'Ute [of it 

df at belonging to' St^el, 
Tonptr ^ ^Mlky nf Stae' 

CHAEYrfiTEr f J 
Afodieines pteporcd with SvctU, 


CHAN fTartary, orL^ 

CriAMAD'E, a Signal by 

pet, given by an 'Enemy when ^titf i 
Mind to parley. F, 

Deacoml Jnjb Bi^rs^ jft'ieltt 
Schblafs.of «r:^A^ w%h o|^ 
Robberies, &r'Sini^wA^£& 
dom by Utnn V. . , . . ^ ^ 

mentdrRobftimBinrffe;''^- - > 

CHAM'BER [iftC^rnyri 
Concave CylMSer ^ra %rA? 
Charge lies*; iSb-rCHkrUtk^.^ ^ 
Breech of af MvAc^rmi''^^^ ^^''^ 

TO ^H AMfftR i^Ciii',^/; V.^ w 
Chamber in her. ^ .• ii^wi 

CHAMBER tf/rf Af/St54hc^l^;< 
the Powder it 6xed. 

OHAM^EKINO; * DebaQeh^,"! 
oeiis, Lux.iry. Hcript^ ' '' 

CHaM'BERI.A1N [Ci^jiwWii^A'] 
Kamc of fevcral OiBcersi 

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"'iktbc Houtc of ii<^if *& the 

iAM'MRL Al>r ./f£f JC^f-'j 
L a OlScef ia no Jffjk i tu the Knit;'* 
|ttlW«(U»|i«/ Mi^ ^3ik!fK the 

'i ^3 r 4^4 |i t f t cert J la 

ilV 2 

^UEiftUlN a/ I^m/«i, an Officer 

^ U »nolc?irpfihr pubiick Trcflrury^ 

Ifihgrf i4pprcAtic<:«, and gruntt 
HfttMlM ^\an (/mti tuw who 

M^A 7Ch^miJer!■in^ 

UN'dE'RlAjQiip, t^ the, 

•- intf Jcwncii Wiirk wh^hi 
• -* jpi«i vt Daurs, Wijidowj, and, 

fflif a Mirj'i\ the Jjint c»f 
f, iC^aicJ] StpiF mixed 




i/ttDcror War 

ifMpai, L. Fjcn4j ODic Vila li^ti 

*»• . . '» 

I , J in Lir^ ] onritM tf i«i 

Contfrigenrci - i . -jj 

in^,atiers pf ^t^Qtc^ ^ ciyn, A«wrp> wtM*K« . 


Vjjia 111 f)'V) i 10 

to oj^ts Affiirim ihgit Court., 

or B^Qity aini> C^i^Vienci 
I ^ij^jjsx^mxk (icd to the Rigou)' ortj^i^^^.^a ni J) t . J v 
-, » ,- jjrorHfTi Psritpela which fupporc PIan|B»i^| 

CHAN'DHy, an ApaO^^^JiMi^Wff «- 
CHANGE iCihaitie, F.J Altew#M^^M^ ' 

icK, &t, flKt toy chanc*, js taken for lb«( 
thcT were in purfuit of. 

' ^ CHANCE'. 



*iitct or change j r 

aUe. '*^^ 

_itrt^4gt tot 

'in th* IhM^ «r ^fmw^nf Moeey. • ' / l» 
or CobVey aoce oTWater m the Stree«; ^r^ 
*t>our9 ^r. a %aibft4lr 4iarttt# ^ ^i iii Oil 

CHAH'NBklBf ^-fiecA'] .tfeejapliow be-, l 

Office, IkflMif^r %^9M4r ttk^ttt i 

[e lietJwr Jaw^boae^ 



CHitf<>TBPI»]a7RESDf>€^«Mir'|» i«C|lL.> one «rtMr^foT«i 

ECcnt chcoB «■ tbc Fordwadri 

CHAPITERS ria £«iif «tf ^ 
^tiiHM ^j or fOQiAfiini^ hCdi^ x 
their Sefiions. > '-* 

:^A fkirtk 

TBft' { C^iflBf^, F.] the dri^r 
^to^rr ia »C>tofe*WCiiJn<wi 

/ortbeHead, a Wf«atk>«^ ' ^ 
3nAitlilfea««f aU(>*S 

F. daifv ftrill}% fibdi itfawtied, by ita- 

lbniif4sifi*H»¥«iHi '.-^ «>> 
' CHAimtY. E CAflMrrV. F« 1 » ^bapel 
'end»«MfOTaM«Mbtoniiga i^nelir Mdb, 
-Ito fill IftA fef thft S^ «f .dM JPtim: 

jert* .-.'•; «.,... 

. CHAOMAK^A^of Mt^ Cbtet». and 

^4»t«J«Dmo«lMn;^rJ tbe Mett^ J¥%- 
*ii9ftkadiK IM^MertaBoDi of iba.i^^^ 

oiuo]£iinr»ib%p« i«M»sh« Ai- 

r^ff/^i] thofie Pfo^mcka that are tajcap 
'ftofj(piMatie«i,o4ltlMAtf. . 

CHA'OS rX</0'» Or.l a Gap)..ilfo a 

idarlror f«d»^kidr»of >ilbtttc;'oift«f«iiich^ 

the World ia ^bflfoCDd/^bv ieatt,.<o.baJit 
'^M fo«Mi7«'«Ske4l(AtHbe ol-^ ibrts 

j)f Particles tsfaiw^ ^mn^^ti^l^M 
A.ThMV*^ -' • ^ -»*' ." ^ *-..--.*-. 
'. .'PtiOHAPC^onrofM/roaMBiMelt^l 

or open* as the Ground does in a 0r«ug/bi 

>. i^;Ciii«P, a Chinl&or (Iffbok .r' *: .^ 
A CHAP [iirCiH*ai«rrr].a Cbapnioupr 

CHAPE rc/'tf/.M F. CA«^^Spaii.)jKt 
rtl^te PtOMf Xilvtfrcff <J*«, ''«c* Oie Point 
of aScabbar4oFa Sword* J . ■ ' ' 
^•CftAI^. {aitnang Ittjue^] irtheT^at the , . 

' CflAPBAUS'tfHat. 

PapifUufe m f^ng tlHir ## 

/)«.] a r 


erTimiiiWihh C&mr. ^ • " ^^ 

CHMOUmter* « li tUu f taOj 
a C^t of Arms. 

' CliAP'PB-fto »v»y;Ml#l 
ofaa^^&JbMcblMj as »- <l l fi ii ; . 

CHAW t c«j«r* ^ J^**^ 

Chetlu, £ie»k tM \i^Mtr¥vm^^m^^ 

. CHAP'TER {Oi^irr, f*'«f Oi" 
%OMoii 6r Wrt <if a M4fr * ^ 

Bo4r>Glei|yft« Mlfcf6*t< , 
CoDveotaal» or Colteg^aYe Ck^Kte- * - 

where theCfta^^tthoU. -^ ;> ^^ 

characters, w*« 8*--^ 

I «M»«of Thiigfriiit^trt by^^"-^ 
^M- t<riWeMkScf«N!et ;* aT < 
bra. Printing, €#*. - *'* • >-^ ' 
CHAftACTTRl&M- [(^m 


DiftittaioA, *-DdcnptidS'i*| ?fi§# 

F.l beloogt&g toja Char^etj^iycftL. 

, - ^SJgn»' ^"^ "- *^"'''* * ^-'-^^ 

|s part of it, or is feparate from it, wbfl|fci^| 'v^ilAffAeTlBjJS^^tllS ii^it^' 


sityy tifid to be<wa«r>bf J>ttke9« / 
y CHA't^EL EiibyM8^« F; ofi(^fel^>;.I*.] a 
* j3}|MillncJO'«rChiii^, ^M^^ 

* -' ^f it, c- ' '' ""- — '* -'-— •*>- 

H«r§ft. ^^^, , 

rjB«Ai?£>fJa-qpe.endo^*lA«ttReM .pwc^cnhe rarylft^ 




I'CMi [Mmfbtm derif«i it of lUf^' 
I. Oaii Mni earned X19 tU: 

] ift «rbit« B«eu traitfJ 

'Bid, wktcrt ibey pr«-* 

T«^ vkS^ a Uat;tt c^tcJc, vh^te^ 

bK Mtae «f ■ FiOi ^ *llb « 

liim) by the £>ij| tO 

Ilfo fie^irare iKe Urge Cb» 
DiV S $f^^> (ix Corn. «f finihcy 

/*r. ^p or tttm her. C. 
t CaiT, tar Cut. O. L. 

ifrnx, #, e. the Fond of Kiogj 

■WIS l^v^u- dilboi&£M the Sn' * 

{CWfr, F J ■ BurdeDi or LD«d {( 

■fc i Mi eii I C^ or Expmcc ; 9^ 

■^chwcu t j an Onfcc s 

~ to tike ioctj of 1 Hcife, «! 

; p» C««>vt;|} * cffttin Meafort 
\xxi\ht Sj*e ot the fire-. 
» vt ii Aliotte^. 

(fli lbrmidfj\ it whjffcKvcr 
( a Gbc f tti4 or A C^n D» Armi, 
i I* A Iw iag Q«at«r«, ar ioy c^tlicr 
ft«r F«fi«e« 

^ k Mi «]|iA ftc 4rt^i much w^ti^r, or 

^OMUCE [<4k02^» F.] ta cgaiitiiol 
• M4Mmi •©by u«¥C**awr|e, oTiC. 

-QUJt^U) Q^'^«^% IhAt Ptrt of the 
t«Oi«ilG«a viiffctht Ponder «44 

OMAmiLT [Q»^; L.] #Mi ft|ttil^cil 
oF ^Qhi^ oad R^su4« 
€H VRIVtSS, SMn#iefii) Tcn^MefiL 

CH AMOTE E^ A» • Chwiot-Drim. 
CHA/JUTY 4;6li^ii F. ^Ckt»km^ L.] 


CHA^MIV I>l><«M^]tiMLa*cof God 
■Bdiacc'^ Heith bwM r ^ alfoAJittfc 

Ctarttf beeiiu ae H^onu* 

■f ifcit PlAft «^ tte A|)oAH ^fcKh fayt, > 

utoatfi M^m an h^fMt Bvt a> tiM bet Infii- 
H^lHmi teif taa a^ofii^ A> Hit 9umta\i it 
tecocK «D aenlmrj Reply % Ur Vncbari. 
«^bh^ mht l«vt MC the natigrtl AthBaoti to 
itl««c the OMiAlOBi Pmt •ut of their^o»> 
dMMe, tken^ lotiiiiatinfk iMft ofldKititBiyt 
tka»8ctflMre b ti» IMhit «f ^1 Love to 
oar Heighiwir. It ii chrfiniett Senfe with 
9«vim^ Pr^mvtfum^tnktmi^i Lit, an^ cite 
GrtMi, -Vitai y iso^ /R^kKov tfM »)lKt» 

«b MIARK ; t» hwn WtMft to Jbetos 

ToCHARR 5 Chwcotl. 

CHAfrilftTANtRY* eheMing) cnQtini, 

CHAJltiBS [olQim &». Aoot] tKiune 
ofMcttii - ' 

ti«i ; Ihftlfllie witl^^H^ M^>. 

€ltAB^h#CR» ft Wcoi gNftnaf anon| 

11%'^ h eiiii ^ t yt He w Plw iti . 

CI^ARM iCkarme^ F. of CsrHHm^ L. Ml 
1^^*%] 1l|h^hiiitiiif<,»S|>el>i «ii Allue« 
«aMK^ • Bk»t# 

To cHARM [ C|«fM«f ^ F. ] to bswittK 
fo f|*f^ »Mt|lit cktrcdiely, to tkkk ih^ 
Jtf, 10 i^fedc, or alley iF4.e. 

diARM'CR (OBfwfir, F.] 0i*#lK»he« 

CHARATER^ES^ WMiW mekifll ofc 
of ChitftiM. f**liaT 

FkSi, LA a Flan nev ChureKes^ «Ket« tht 
SMfo »4 BtiUfi of tht ««M thK irt throwM 
up in dstti*t c^ <•" G^t^ irei«?CBtly cok 
ie£M» t^ te it*** ^*fM w ft frefer PUce. 

CHAOtON, the FtrryMMn, v^ho (m thif 
PocCi Mffl ) etrric* Sodlt «>4«r the Stygka^ 

CHAR^ICE{ft r.A tik< a Troot vK?c»i 
CAAOIl SWtfdatiilyMiroiteNortftmii 

. Digitized by VjC3 

t^i> PodiMls, every Stoac wciiK«ig,^>*fLLrfri 

fpMijjJs., „. yj 1 f i"-'''i- V, /V^-" .^"^ ■ 

CHARTS f Qr/.i; J^,VpfCi^£jE, t,] 1>4^ 

iIjc Sca-Cuiiii, R ticks I Sin J?, Ert% 
allv^ A Map cf the fKrU. -,;. 


CHAR rs .V/< y^jf^^i -t^ 0c,lo^^^ 
, CHARTS .r'^eo^^/<y^,. jurp^.lfiriWBVtSi t^' 

CHAlvTA, Paper, or anyii»teml./^4o 

CH.+H rA [m OldJif^d^l ^ tWftf,, or 
'^H^'^^W^f ^^ *ijsnaj,cf rfoi^ by 
whVh an m.itc 19 held. ' ' ^ , . 

CfJ AK r.A Pif^rdiifiitfiimUjc J^tt^tdo^ i j^ 
l^h.flForm g( J K4rduii fw killing |Li<it be* M^n 

K^H A R, f AL FfifdiJtatJtnfj tffia^nttw is 
I lie Iprm J" R Hwdun 0f,j| Maa who tt o^u 

Cff AKT A ^4^//^;r^ 1 Gii^ Pie^d^ aP^etd- 

CBAlt^EL (Cufc/, F,] ^ ChJlengc to i 
Dud p. ^ Utter af Ueftiicc, 

* ,^* riUto EviJcjicc a/ Thiji|4 do^ lfBtwl*tl^ 
ParrTaiMl Pdrry j alia Letter^ E#lqitJi^ii(iQn 
Frivfl<:tt| 44^|i^aBit)d by ihc Ripgio 'iowrns 

. . 'u vv w -• - . jr ., r ^kWfV'. 

buu]>s '^- - - » ' ' *» '** '^ ..T^._^~ ^ 

rii '.exits 

:HARTEli - /'^.^j. f ^, d. ili:^T)^ 

Free -holier* Chfjh^ 

CHARTEKfeji;; >, 
one uba 10 cmrullVd., v^ifL^^fes k^Mta| ^ 

--V.T34 '"^-^J 

TiTflin a ^/jfc j alftj to v^urk or 

an empty Space, 

ChHifm, ' ' 

. .gJlAS'.^Ef >% 1^ Pear rU tHl^/jpi' 

wLith ripens xvkNt^rai^tr and Drtaw^it*' 

, ,CHAS';>|E,.^l«f^^edoc% Of ti^giii 
CHA'^TE tC*!/Wt,l wtiJi^t^t, m 

CH ASTE tETl „ th^ ctwnmori C .. 
Sc/froiu*Howrc vf rhe'CitV 0/ ^art:. 

CHASTELAINE^ »GoVefiiour -.f ^Ci 
ilfa a Cendeirat?, of jhiiy h^^ ^ncct \ht I 
£ree of a Counleis* Chaut. 

ToCHAS'TEN 2 raaiiV/^, F. r 

Ti*CHAa''flS£,I fV^tO T 
pun'A* ' 

CHAStlSE. rofhillirc, topunti]*. 

reihon, Putiiflimrnt infli^ed onPi' 

CH.^TiTr \Ta^j!q,\^, mi _^ 

CHAVrKE*>SjLl ao AbiHiW^^ 
a I] impute and unj-twfiil AfliWsf, ' 

To CHAT [V^j^./ir, tlf^,} 

trftAt ff^ii little ptick*ii>, fc»f Tp.: 
,CHA;i;r/Ls [ matijtyplfi. i^'s 

jiicking imtif^datety to a lb 

oLrier Thing; as Apples upt^n a ^rri^j^ a a 

,tM f#fi?^ {;5a^v*ti^*!^'^5 . 

Digitized by GoOglc CHA^WflS 

^ j^BWh^Tii 

EL E I of ftofitir, ^fi0n- 
Ji^iif pritiAj Noifc, 

btnWbdftOrtp ind Ajch isrhr^ 

: ffe r«^;^^f:VV tfct" Ltitl of 

41 1^ I ^a^t Yf\^, of Itblf 

^fi»;'Vltrfl3futf^ fhi^t' hj the 
^Hjl^redt far injf/^Vfrjni done by 
T^i^X iftf for ** hofe (tcod B^:- 
r^f in. ti,I^T. 

^:«Mn, ^^ijr, of Epptn? 

'**, ^Qrt. j to afitj or tv bf ^t 
MjlCj tSbdficfj, Jny, Cou- 

tMf* J a ^1*0 fan b iTtf * 

^ fram ■ Fight bftwcfrr 

I ^NtaAfl »tl4 the ^rjWiij of tJiJt 

*Wk^ Mt^* plcifjinT. 

i i lAerfo* m bo mates it h.5 

ffAWlNSt ih M^ff Fruit 
IMJKS- J*rhfch refcm- 

lXid*e,TJ aRfpivif, Cenfuir, 

' f la ftrktiry ] is whete a Hawk 
• ifrJUIufil Fight lo fcl]Q^- Hocks, 
'* ' , «thfn they rome in Vif>v. 

, tm Offiepr who liii fhe 

^ nr of The Ytomen of the 

llh^,tfllken id^ift^)it| Co the 

K| M cath or nflmn ; al/a To 

a fort of ehe^iitre* 

C'Mbe, iTtttn afipd at th* Play of 
T tfk lCui| ii fliui up f» tlofe thit 
^ifld^fof hi* f ifijpf, 

t fr? j Ksioei of »ll ffi* Kjti- 
iirfiif H'm, m tiTf vrhrt- tint 

Co!.™rtJ'""a'="' ^"tajc <"■••>,■—.••■■ • - 
fa ca!ftig*hV+iW^m5if 1^^^ ihfe 

iftim# iKbitPAS ade Witf •to:?eeth^& otf the 

Parr of 

it at The Tj 





tiHrdany.orher FQK>d hut Milk, *btt<the 
CHEKC'LATQNj ,t kit of jiip% Scif!? 

C HBtoPdR**"} dPjaK Id ^1k6 from' 

CH tn»Jiv t^': i.^^/ R^<j<»^ skeins (if* 

Land: il:itairoxalled^/f^f.f " ' - 

frrn, ee^efcai£;ick Wilt ' 

f.^. ^^iSMf^a^iiAiiii ^ .^ 

m MJdk/fte.Qn fke Rhrtr !rh<mcj, Jihv? 4ji-'' 
moQ. fbt^^fteW«i'Cfell^te^ 

M>rkct, or PJtafbf ChMm«-. ' ' ' ' ;:r^ 

. r;9f 1 Antf ^4^d^ 06^ tiJat im tftoc^S tl)e 

CHEimAWfe-ahilW^ ' ' V' 

To CWR^» Vtyttir;h <iftfiarutXX 

to m^vk^ Mtfd^bf;^'nbMb,'Wbiyiti^fii^ ' 

CHERfJSHI(R,,ofSe who cheoteU <)t af- * 

J ( Hemn -^ttrft-u^ '^ ' ' " ' ; 

wf': known* ^^- ^^ 

U % Digitized by Vol ®BiR€ 


Dfifiiog mttk m>xht ^itlbfi of lih«<Pwili/ tt 

CHBRT^SBY [ i. Jw 4C#fWt"<^ ''^**- 
ta^rM^f ifi ^m^y «Qce liMiMs for .'M-AMtof 
« CfifiRJ^OMVSUS (M'Ok^r^i^ »*^^^ 

SairetHerb, > '- 

OHiSfU^ i ito»U V«Mii» V^|*«i«l#r 
^torm ftiK) Tilea. -\ »'i.-*i/..-. 

trn, Cbafiaitne, F. Caf.anea^ L.J » i«i^of: 

P0«it.>' •• ■' \ ?• 

^ each Bi^^f a Skip,- >«if)i 4 Ha4« ii).«k#fl 
wheirtp tt ii IjaW dlHw* ' ' ••• .•-* n 

the Brcaft, the hollow P«rt of dicBodfy 0M»» 
tdntfif the Bfrcl^lM^ Uhh{». - I 

CH^ST Rote, a Aopo aMed to the4hioi<-! 
HofHT, «<#fa«i tiM^Am^C0#ed'uihe $rf#n of! 
the Ship, to keep her from fwiogmg t(V tlld (fb. 

ffirr^J^' Smitr, heoMii^ thtf t«wmi«Cb L«t*on. 
fJF the KMklltV ^mmttf) tb^j} « CHjr in 

CHESllSR «M«r Slrt^ [ o. 4- ^ ChAhPor 
Town ygf&fk tite H)«h-WM»1 1 Viilofjfchi the 

Bah6|^n«tc o*z)j«»Aii»- -'^ i^3i .J- '- ^> t*- - «• : 

CHBST'HUN1\ • Town in ITcrtfTt^iMtf^ 

fit <iiHld iiKMli'tkt aVopilUKf i«r OMiiuu! 

^he»e.; . -.. •»■- • ^' .-.' -^ » 

CHEST-7i^, Boi^p or Tri^ to'> «iiih{ 

Foli.catij aM'Mlei^Vern>ifiltf. •"«>- 

CHB'VAGE'3 r<#^C^ o'»M} a 

CRl^AG(& 4 $4iii> of Mhnby oMtV i>y 

CHIEF AQE>/ V^ilkiftft ti»^lMr l^oNb,; 

•i tn Ad^MHHtdMMfttf-^ «i;I^Ir^^1ifMI(on.' 

>^rL.7'. • ■ «•> ,. •■ • • - • 1..'. ' 

CHSVAimoirS^ Kiil|htWr 4|iif«f^ ^ = 

CM¥'AL«Ur( {of OAmA^^F. J Xniglit-! 

hood. %w. . ^ c ', ' 

.'r^ CHEVAM'TIA^' «^i.o«* itr-'Moo^f^^n: 

Credit. ^.L* » . « •- ' ^»: ,j ^ 

^ CUEyAUX' 4t^ fr*^ I hi \P'0^JMM9ff ]( 

Spikes armed with Iron, to fio[> BfisacfaMi'^r 
io ffc«rc ?*t PittroTi C*mp. ■■'f\'^' > »- 

ToCJHfeVE, to chHuov »«;^ '. 
- plI£ir£I,»eU'M» fin^BW4tf/7 thtFihKs, 

pr Strings> pf 'piw* M* VUfi»n '^ ' R •• ■ . .1 

i '•* ■'•.'■■ ■» ' ♦ ' 

l^etthfor* SB44e of the <S)^ . 

Ootts. ' '^ "JJ 

CHWWBiliLBJSi, « Ccdkii^ «»^ 

Cocfc:' 0;.Li > i»*n 

CHE V'il^r a (bfi?H Piece of Tinterti 
tpt4|pe .^vfi^NNifa ^ to «|fl«il 4lHr ft^ 
called j;»M(fidf3Wlb'^ 1 •' '^ 

qi'CI^^;F«) r. %fBiir>o» QmiitlNi 
aa ooUwAyl Coptii4l' i^ l^MHf of VfniW 

JUtTtf^'^ - I ''"■ ' J ..'B5 

' CHEymifKlOE; AttUoM^DMsCl 

fetfgAa»o^>v'l^o^tfuioik '^^^ Mtlj|i 
6nf , Profit in Trade. CAnfti ^ 

tmvrPUM i $eode of i>loM&;*4 

CHfcV'RO!*> 11 t«i tf*rar^] 

Top. r, . T 

CHEV<R<W7&2^ the Half, or I 

T0: OBB W> {$#oMj%^^. 
9Wi#. 1 to ^riaa Food hdtweva cho ' 

ralSortt of Drugs, tobecl 
«rd«r to^recoof f lUAMite/J 
^ OH|A/V£.>[ m Mifik^ Si^ 

Tarai or GhafaOa of M^fe, J i 

•C^ll A V« S, iiA iOiBica^ ttijftp 
Court, who perforriittho 
Stttw. 1 . , 

> QHPOA^NBKle 5^fSe«aint^ 

^ \ Q^fe vl^tlr^'i^HlM 1M * 

TcCHKLMfn [t^ktmn^ F. 

Old ffetchei. 

wor til 4 50Q /. of Silver 3^5 /, ^1 . • » 1 

a City in S0ji3^, and fiiftui^V See, 

the Young of a Hen. ••' va » t j L* d?}*^; 
"vVo«HltX^£<>pth^ J^J^MWl 
tMi|[|i^^tobra4|i^or'w«iii|l»/... t. ,id 

he^, . ^ , . , . /'jj 

Digitized by LiOOgle Ci 

chewed i 

• le;*, i*ijf* J Field, /J** ^* 
thcfto^ bcm£ dU'fikitabk j 

iti«»$; cor^fijojl^vtbi'd of 
[ b Hera/dty ] if the t)|»pel- { 

F f^^ ^ ibe hnet u fbgii^^rOf/gh.] 

^■GU, 4 laiall ra^fcit whklT.5etf into 
illil ill* fc4*biu«t$ of £drhMd*i^ ;>nd' 

f*/rl 5oi*j 1 is Tct t*j dj- 

l^ii k j^ ieiiined' ^ Ch i*fch r ? , 

IPki tuf Chdtnbav f^r pvi^aE^ 

r«^ Cfri>:f(ir i* ^ Hc^Ui lot 

E, to fu^ceH ) Ji -Ftf/r fw*^ v 

«|»|pcid$yc£?(«j ^r^ t^at you may 

or Djktic^iircr. 

of the inti/oce^^i^ b::^ 

fifef ttd Ml Cwiifirie- 

QiLUr^, of I wo 

'^ murdered 'by Hu^'%^ 

^«K^ take 1 Fine 
''[ X*^J pr. ] dx Number 

' I p»mt l>Ue* 4iiy%if inhm^. 
M CM^*r£n, JU of Xthi 

r,;]!.; Stdw ind AnfUff . .••:v^: lo:^ s 

^^^^^%K4i^M»i teS-ffMf^Oi&p or 

ClilL'TREH [CitefiQ„l^v.,ft^ttJilbr 

C-w*f. ,; fJ .t>T^v. -I .i /r.Tw .':---) „?:'t 

CEilMiC'AAJ t C&'Vri^'' F. VliMBWfitf, 

CHIME'RA 5a Oi^^J t-M«oit»>i(l^Qel 

i^y thr V#«MarjbMfktfa«rHM-^4Liilii^' the 

the Air, an kUeCotiMit* ►^^ ? i. ^'•>->. f 

lo CilftM^,|«i Tfftftfsaillftinf^vftftiqila- 

M.iFUirr.. o- ^. v/-.' > -»; : -J : .:.r 1 . • 
w<;rn by i^l^ fiUhope betwcco tbckiGoMffi 

and E«4c«lb T ' i-^.c". -^ I A':':<^^\ > ' 
3 kind of Fuancfy &«. /gft-ci« C«my«A^9 

/^•^ /ftr^VMik iacmm^ bid vpoo every JriM- 

Jovvf^ l?pitt or cbc If «*^ f -1 . \ v» 1 1 v: 

v:iil Empire, coniMaiiig 6oo Citi^iQ . toqp 

ir.jJc in Chirtal 

f > rii t be £^ sod tf^tf-lndieu 

CHSlfCJUiy:, SpMiB80e£i» HigirdlMefii^ 

LHOiQH, ai«%«flQria. 

CHINE [J^iM^F.] the Bftokibohe. 
r«CHINE.«^ [krA/*ar,F.] » cttfcbim 
down Qaiuthrmiijhtkt Kick* ^^ 

' ^ .it,zedbyL3(CHIN£- 





r^TteCHCtkTt^fi^^ to pp5.«f'A>B 

Mthe Hioai. L.. ... .' . 

'CHIRAC'KlCAi; kiTioiU^ Ha0^CoaK4. 

. ^€lllR0G^A1>KtR I Oirrci^^, L. }; 
ai Officer in the Coon gf C^roipoo ' t^cM, 
«iM» ^J%rdSet ^iBcs Kkoowte^sed ia thftt, 

CHi?.OG^APH0M fXM«()fi^|B^ Cr. J i 
19M-mciiigV a Bbfkd of Bill nt one'a Mand j 
aSo a'Terfli larH "bjr the Et%1i/h S^xomm for a 
fsUicJt Conyeyatice, or Deed of Gift. 
. eHlROC^Aray iCAroiraffina, U oT 

vntfe, CPf.l a Wrirtng With «(ne*t own Hand. 
. CHlR0lA>0y J Xmf^k^ Af X«^> a 
BhftI, ^<i Xoy/ft H Dlfcourie, GrA a UlkiQg 
by Si|M tnde wrih the HaoOa. 

eftfROMANCtR [Wuia^ar, Cr.] a 
rMh Mllel ill the Arf 'oTCUrofnancy. ' 

CHIROMAKTCY hctif«/*ia^f«> of ;t«P 
a9lagi#, ilitf/^j7f^D^huitioo»Gr.] aruft- 

(3railMtttionB in<t T^mpert'df F^f<;iBt; and to 
Moflfttflnti hy the WriAklfs* lines/ ^od 
IMUhi'lhellaha.' r'.^'- '' 
^ j?lriRO ttAN^tlCAt t»fJ>»A*i^«^^<»4 

ft#1d| Sflcilf Hi f^hydcVM i^tgtti^ Vict, 
iithdl^alnis^theH'ao^t. ^.<rf., 

A wik> rm ^^^n a i:«<*i Kec^rf 
^*bf duppA ddSy nn A?;, .' " 

• fkb^g N6ife, ^safHrtl^ddth. 

'»XHlftl«fm>'<C^' {!r. i». itaaktn|i ^to 
cbhfL or V fuciii i%t>ifcottr(<Q a t^ijbt of 

t^iRVRidton pB/f-n^, f; la^a>^ 

^;L of X«</»»>>«r/Gf.} a SofgeAoV • 


Savfages &. alio a fine trfnnea 
feftito AT aim;^^ — , . 

-A^pVKitHthrhoM, VaWur. ^^"^ 

to petfonn fome Mitttanr (Mci 

CHinrES ^th^SoftT 

CHr^1^5cir the ^ 

gTO«r OH ^« Topi o^ tbofisi 

fcrfte J^' ^-^ 

JStfanfJItl'n w^ca tlie Thnad.. 
that i«( /tpiK-i^' Wtht KsAf U 
vhkh, Whef>-ri|>Vlhei}s«ifkilA 

CHIVrETS £ ambnftfit. _. 
Paro of Che ft&kk of . Ffattts. • 
arepropafaBra. i ■ > i w, 

* CfDTOTs,'cMi«ih r^riyAW^ 





giA», ilirhkh ifiakb f hon^ look cf a j 

4r Tiiik^^i^eB^i^^^^ ^ 
hIv' F^Mm EkcfVAtefitt f re ofdlftlK \to< 
,dh5Vc9triclcflof;thcMhi aa^th^Tl 

mv, L.) lelonfcii)g to ^ntiry; / 

Digitized by VjOOQl^i 

ilie Qnite of a CathedraVOdleg?ai«»'«M 

Ceodi;^Jrje. a <^fek, beca^lWtb« IttfS 
tied ViQAar'f his' tfceekCbM$r\4f ^l^riaijaid^ 


<^fmiis> tip XbT&4V 

• W ^^^^ «^ pv^c 

^i/»tB*i S.U^.M^if or P^Ci-i^a iif the 

a urrlci uu %o ihc Gut ^Uii^ 

abo^^ibg with Cbol^j 

r » iM,t of laiUwck Vert'c, 
m tic HxtJi or J*ft Vucu 

if>», Gf. to <yy isj ctjT. ffuili 

^f«f|liil!t, I-- ^. io^u>] to 

i^eijf^Pffi^iM or 

1 bat * Pln^W'i/i.^^ 

. irrt^'i^vurA bjf the 


other fliurt. ^^ , 


,-Ji^t^ "- 

griping' "Kit 
Ckiti, 2.;: 

CHOREA ^rr^^: 
io talk*i, bcc'aulc it fll 
u fed t u V ] I J [ tin; CJiM 

rfio iBkcrf OB tlu^^^ 

' owing ro 6b An.a ionsJ'^'c^P^caif^ 

IfTCS. L/ *^ J p ^ 

V ci I e^ V. h i iw ^ con f] l!V& oT ^'ec^ ft^ft.^/HlVifT, 


Siting of four ^ylL'jL^', two Jong at each £0^ 
uA two r.ioa m I !i-: a i jddjy nf ^4wr«^t; -> ^ 

in the WuhjL j ic is j-rrrty^Mrr iniHToyfiih 

L,1 1 finding E.j% ur Man In t Cat2)«^raJ,,S^, 

j (iuErjilcf. • 'J.- .;. V "-^ ' .'Hi -J " 

CHa'lX'H >-i.c VcVc^al Paf 4" ft/ Sr^il ' 
CHO RUS J o; Mufick pe|[((irtjr«Vf 
uiricLi ]^ cfirr.n)'. x^> 4C trie C^^lfUioi^ f^ 

of Xv&>f4fAf, Cr; j|^o;V! 4h^c* f«^S;«CpJr„ 

F,] bc^.l.s,|^^toChqIO^Mi>fy^^ . -m ?r t-^d^ 

Prci-5[,vc. ■' ^^ "*%,'".' ' 

CHOROl'DES \^c^^^^m^.i^^ 
HJinijol a tr</rij;;Jj/^yVxtci^ i|^t^^ p^^jjj^^io^^ 
which IS ihc ditjiiia "Put^^U^.^l^o^^i^f 

It] n th'Mt IX cofwii I ', >u 

C H 


^QU'SOiLXW^ aCtff ii^M Wpk « s 

• MnftkcU. a<ur. 

CHRIST.7)ir»l m lfe% Wludk fti^i&o 
CHfLlST-JiWr I^WK an/bi» ^ the 

eiimi jThan. 

ToCHJUST'EN [avqnEflto% J«a&l to 
taM% » aii»it wte ibe I ■mn— if rf<hp 
cSiiiUM CbofclL 

GffAiST'ENDOM r i. £Mi i 
CbfUI'sQmpHBMt or JEarfaffaU tlie Cm» 

CPiRiVTIAN Akv, the 
iP*eato«l'fcrto«t totite. 

U of Xftnmm^ Gr.J C9> wiwfraM^ Chti- 

CBROmCLKS rOffKy. U < J 

CHklSTUir, «r or Wkavoi toCbttK, 

CHMSTUHirATI S CnrM, the Cost 
CbrittsBb Off Ecclc&itfiezl Jo^catuc, in op. 
^lido» lo tbe Of aCoMC, iliM C«rM iV«Mr 

CHUSOIAHISM 7 [ Ch^iamfim, f, 

' QfwssnANnv I a»ri/HsmHM, u 1 

llM Poftii«r»j pnoctpkt, wuk RcMoi ^ 

CHKIST'MASS r^ Chrifli Mijk^ U «\ a 
'Omar^iUSMl a MM celebntal tbe %f^ 
Ihif-di PtmAn^ m CoflwieaMratmiof tbe 

CHRtsrOPHCR [X^CT^ii^, oiflKHrk 
Ckrii* «i4 ^^ |o N*v <^- >• f* Cbffift's 

Chfrier] a proper Name of Mco. 
dUUVMA lJ9MpM,etJCalow,.ane^ 

offiiHiiaf, with Qttsvert aa4 TfilkHk i 

« cmOMATlCIC f dioiwfte^ Ihr of 

>pyM2«iJi«^«} .t|j|i^ ft«xitf bloAen^ wfiefe 
CU ooff Hcfor cfcanget \ alio MigbtM, pka* 
iiMI^ tlwt im^^ in b U rt H t^ Inttfvak 
ito^i#«ttMnbe ^ MMj tbtiS 
and fofter. 
r CHR^fttATWKS I Q »>ow tf i/f» »» F. ] 

cfflumocauM rarxi^bCh i 

>«4i9i«aUcBer,6r.}if *^-^ 

tbe %Miiiu Lots ' 

icfeoie tbe DtfK tbcM 


cmcmoL^ooy [( 

OI%M,L. of X>«AlMBsO 

asd Xi^ DKcoork, Gr.J i 
ioK bow te compote ibe 

Cratkn for tb^ Ufe of Hiflov|;»^4| 
^UQg% all Ereao ibx 


Me- a FlMTl toy J 
a >dIov« *W% Ho 
GoUloi^ «fr. Ain«^ 
NaflM is ppcottv lo- pdW I . 
no««n» ae chr Coouasa asil 



Mofffuitjr C| 

as tfaOT voio bon^ «ldi . 
CoMofetioMy a^d to pM.«a.i 
Oocb <lawbed «|ptb r 
«rwe tU tbcv «<fe ^ 
cDMifc 0aptinn« alter wbicb itti 
Aj? hcaee «« Bilb oT f- ^ 
Ijibwtaat4ie Mbw 
tbe Foatt offricb afiflpi. | 

A»rim Fuhmntm, 

fiiice>Sran^ lovndiB vQ|iptf Nptii'i 
times in tbo^af y|iik:lM^ m^i 

Digitized by LjOOQI'^ 



Same (rf I Csiita Polotir, 

■ r df In iciclffit -BillLb jf 
Bi t\ji &ii £i^ui£Ace> ^' 

il*iltj ^txa Fsnii^ 3 Water 
'"an trijb pulrf OflJ ^'hcn 

fFift wjtb J ift^t Head; 
^J ilolt-licad^ ^ M-ea:- 


^flw haf si*'fTjilCfc«k3. 

VlfctfCtlaj iLl/o'la'cTy like a 

to b'lHI out ner anj 
rj to UUgh by Fitt is if 


cnipijr FeUuw^ 

s" Cr 5»r, F. til reft] a Cliam- 
EOt at tlic Umvcrfity. 
fc Ibort B!>3ck or t^. 
. ^^** Kfthf , 5^^ 

cWcrfliJpi aTfoT 

biy of Cfitil^i^i gU' 

^if CMr<1i-]pffd, C 
Gfiaffhm br<3^dr'- 
tbftrch-Wifdcn. 'S. 

Y a t^U'n Mva- 
fttff of Whtr, 

:i tI*e"!3rfl*Prmrif''<jf 

C I' 

StirS^ Iir-iiaf^ifcdnWs: -^ *' * 

> Vegg^ to ma ke Butter iir. ^ 
Milk in 9 Chpro, to make Buu^, ^ ' ' ' 
ttd^ bccatfd "!! mjB {ufck ^abdu^c J^ i^^tt- 



tfii^irEhe JtA^ '^ td^eheJ Mait^ wlSer^i 

CHVyFlCATION, tbte^ Afltioir or Fai 

liipation in a dry Form. • '' 

WrfWi IttMiif flif AVt bf Chyiftlftfy. 
-GHYM'I8l*Rl^mv>«>;F. Xi^t^M. Or.J 
Is die AoatoHiT of i&torAt Bodltit ty Fire/ or 

ig tficw <b hkeit con^Dficor ^afU of 
Bkmentt. bytheffd^^VFil^. ' ' ^ 

<»y'MOto F f df Xkf>#, dr. to gipct a^ 
€H£'Mt>S18f Main]i^\k>ii ttnti^ Eye- 
lids which turns out their Infide to Sieh>r- 
"tJ« f^ WITS ['^&/*^, 6r.} iinj VibJ of 
Jaice f chat efpecially of Meat aTter thte recon4 
IM^ftioii ; this; mkmfe it Celfwith th« Blood, 
Twns thf6o^ the Veifti^; repairlifg tht Wi&M 
tttt^fFnt. L'i ' - • '^ 

CIACQNA fin MvJcA Booksl a C^nU 
do^; ft^i6H a 'parficHa^ kJhl < of A» ^!. 
Wars in tiip)t TitM/vfhkh^'db^xmnf gfcat 
VafHcfiiy <^ It(fthofiT/>tQiifHTed C« • Bftfs m 
8 Barsy jplaved feveral Times orer t tdjn io 
eotmtii'\tlB i^e'Bafe lof krOictitd, Mr is 
illb<^^'f(/V^ry arerjrTimej t^ klflbettr ^h^ 
l*|ettfc>i*'^a fboitfffHtetf 16 ioi}race4C:f If'ii 
commop to olay thefe Airs io ^ bFiA^ Mfli^ 

anemc Onic*r>l ,"* "^ " »;; •> • [• ■ -^ 

tfH/lt^V-B^i' \dti mz^fi^eiVUt if 
hearled,'*k'^"^ ^'»^ •' - ^ -t^*^ -' ^ -^^o 

^^ nwhritS^tfUM^ r^dko^^»M»^0 

the TredfUe of aa Egg, alicile SliMi 9m« 

M-VibeA ll(«|ra^drih<MtvMitioiv^^ 

Cli^il7[^fZm?iTrA) (1<kMiligttM«Aii^ 
OfKIVHRh it( il^ Solvtf v4«l«lifl^tnA4!bvir 
than with Skin. t. ">'* ' - * 

op t Wha4i vrHTttWr**^*'*^'- ^^ ' 

* ^:ttedbyGO0P 

CVCtLfY, a proper Kane of W«MB. 1 
CVaUtq, 1^ M)im»^^.tk aUbaSOMtor 
aa3 Pl>'i!ofopl>gr aoipwuhft j t n w w fc ^ .1 

tfictoiicti Stilf!, VMamUt o(i »ip iag rt ii » iifca 
Hivcr Churn f in I^riix Cerinaspz Tatra. lb 

CPCHORVT^£v*r//, F. Ofimmfv fi. 

Iwlini, P|i Har^ n . { cI « :- - .b v ! . • 

CjD, a vj}ipi,Maiif a fm^-QApttufi, . 
Apple*. :."' ,. ...'II o - . ' > 

ment of, or deals 19 . '..^ . . . / 
Cl'p^lUUN* a Liqiiop i«^.<tf <l»a. c^eit 

Adattef, afiEtpCi4!ar it pfcOfd a«t« 

ClUflijQ iG^rV. ajCiW3|9<Pr«^«»»] 

the Partition betwixt the Floon^ Mk/lDHfe| 

tbe^Topof a>Ra4aito4Climlks« "^ o ; . 

^LIE/RIE ti*ii//*«»r«l Piiery Woik 




iH».iftftMkMaari»POM^ ^.^'^.IH^ 

Eoiben, or bamt Coab. >>*-^7 

flcnder.jrilam^nta, wl^.aac9i»»p«4'theCiJ^- 
£aUiQe,HMQ90Mr fl|f l^^^^iKf •. ffifi fe|fts^losoa» 
trail or dilate it. ...{'.. ^ 

. C^UjClAN,[ofC/^/f9#bii;;}Moi|fl\gto 
Hajr-clttth. \. . ' • , . :ui ■< •^. 

Cit'lUM, the Eye4jd« pr^fffly^Ow-rW 

$Jair6jfK>jjV. *At„l?KurrAr^ ,. • ' ' -i 

.t}w5,.T^r^^r {oAiV^.iPpff^'^lr-iisWkLWbflqa^ («•' 

ir/<;i Cuti{rp^ ^ad) JilmQ^ * 

. tfvs, . A/:r^9r fOX .;««$ ^af^- 

loounjL to f Qhurch : ^a. Cbprch^^iFaipkab .. ^ 

Cucft, of Cymen to^^^ i^to, ^Sf^.J^a- 

OKERESaeMMK^r ' -^ ' - 

or like A&es. •^^ 

ifc^] tbe<fti»af4UiJM^ » ' ''- '^ ^ 

Semicircle drawn from the Space fn 

tfaB:S|>aai'bat««an^tiie iittk-giin|i;j 

CINIPHES«^4ai«|te little Vtt^ ^ 
l^nam, wbidi 'naAa-ava^-^'j 

• CIK^RABAR^rCr'M^Mfi ft 'OfiCl 

acnta<»&ilif%^JArMrvato« Sulplri 
^IN'NABAl^itaf jftM^MMl^ J {■ i 

poaiid af aifaal Pm af*Pawderof HI 

and Sublimate Corrofive. 

the fecond BaiQ» o^aTMt'fflMte 
illiadaiiearcaCMftf.. ,\: :i' 

iaidledii>y^iynaf RmmMoS^ jWs; J 
Dover^ "Ramnvf^ Hithe^ aod ^tfv^ 
^)3^K<Ry^\at^M^ ^di4r: 
ihaAaai unde^ :fha jioilli^iik ^J 
ftaUfl>o£!d»a«»oCi(Uey.3Uid ^aanH 

■<BiHt* tif ahtflQaiiAfci i->-^ fo:..^ ^^k 9i 

Lcri/ Warden of the CJNQyB.^0 

jQo^ifcdttr^f dke6;ltee9a. w&r&i 

dbtti^o^aa lAAniMliflBiao^tlyfli^ 

nut WntrhthM 4MM Mme, >i > M 

Place .^n /S«/^^^ft ^Ije^/?! o«p,Qift» a; .. iGifaN^(;'Siwa,Lfkr};.«iieuiaai«<^ 

ifc^tcfl, who, with his Brother Elk». Uff- Wi [i*w&rw. " ^ ^ * '* " "^ 

.K ing of Ihc S^uth S^|»ip^^ 9Ji^4^ ^M^: 

CIM'ITBR, /J ^Yy cr9f^ed^wf^>,.a<w| Sul 

lT«ri(y,&C. ^ *,..'.'!.■ , .^ 

CIVME/R^AS, ^h|cfcjf^«> 3oiV>ob.| ^ 
nrrc, dark j from Cimrncrji, a People l^S^ 
b:a. (o ,cnyitoppd si^tHi HiOf , WoodT* ai 
hicjc Cloudy IJMX lj)f .Sw-tPt^ lEM©^ 

Ihcm: whence ^C9tocs. thefjcprt/TicMjuiiaai 

r/j.v Darkneft^ u i. |i-ea\.pbrcui;ity. 

. CINA /? .thi JehiittftiiJf, ihcfame 

Clt^iE J' ^irfuipa. 

; crON [in Mtttv^l «. 

ar*. ^^..'^•*^^ [_•'> \ '^ ". ; - 
,CI%»llUJS^:»fiat<df Btdra4k< 

. _,,, _,,,______. a^lifPJdElt .[CA^«/,:«^^^i3j;^»?«»5^1 

fnrrc, dark j from Ctmmcrii, a People i^:S^, TTVBO ff" * »NtJintor Ji eaprtfbtl mO^ 
'tt:a. fo ,cnyitoppd si^tHi HiOf, WoodPi and artdU « of no iVaUiey cikfepc 'aay ^#d 
thicfc Cloudy IJMX tj}f .Syp.cpt^^ icmb^ 9ti phRfa!l)tilaiaJt.oathfe kft Hand, andp 
Ihcm ; whence cpmcs. t^eficprt/tiQajUiiaai*^' increafes iti Value by T«ns. i ^' •» 

GinrHER, tha Lei;cf« qf a Betfto^M 
i&tcnKOtcft togeth^j at in a Scad 


zed by Google 


i BVtta^ jiMfcf A.7T ^ ' 'H 
jASMf^JMpi^fa} to .like 

■ill fli^' te«4^Mltt» dd^o- 

-_ ,•* r. .1 -i.mZ 

r;kickMfUieis t».fi^dft 

' */»i^riif )#r^*iiViiiii1 aae of 
■ Mnttd tocheB^Mtor» .^^ 
r l%^«ft^ CikdUl Sphere, 

MMflMt with fbft ^itsari 



^kAlWk' wiuck linf^ Iffnrl 
lldBi M tke:8nra.iifiiii«d| 
CMi^nft w^ iiet at >dBrtuil 


^4^9inm\ arc Circles p4ffiii| 

JOi't^n»|]l Uiy D^ree 

at'tfeCSntflrof aA> Sifir;«« 

iatb<iia«M«4 «ai are uiied fw 



t I 

o^aeUT; m ViMMdf to ^x. a t)i& opob ft 
TaU<,ibarairf^4bobt;-' ^ 

CIR'CUIT XQircuitMt^ L.] a Compali. ot 
nrfc0vVcaj^)iaiidiliate^^ }il6d:' id &v«na 

Ul round, that it In Form of Vbifble. "^ 
5^{(aibiCqiJgt'mMtir4ib6#if^^ttW^c«} are 
fttch wiiofe Powers end in the Roou theo^i vess 
as 5»cife4i4^IS4«(itt k ftJi^rabliCbbe i 25, af r. 

L.! to eo or moTe round. * ^ 

which drcnlates. F. of Z.-'^' -^ -^ *' -' 

lar Motion ^vci^t^^UmidM^' 4ffiefa is Wr^ 
bp bf F{i^« a0t4g»iA<l tBeVatJbdi tatiil^ W 

CIRCULAI^IOI^'J!^ Wst^'Biiimx- tad^ 
iMsllfati^ of iti 'paAnc irom tfie Me^jt 
throvch the Arteries, and retiuniiteL bdefc to 
ihclSiitjriiMuKbtSeVemsJ -- * 

CIR'CUfiATORY rCrVtU^^%> L.1 thit 
'^iCMkti^tlifoiigt tbe Veini. ^ ^ '^ '^ ' 

OlIt^SULATeRy r)ii£M^<9l at}Iiia 

Vtfct, ViMMte titfe Uqlior idftiYea; tylts s£. 

Mdii^tiBl Meeodbtg, foUs ahoat isTi yeh 

in a Circle* 

. m<cm.ATQ]l7 £«M^^i, tfe ti^t as'sie 

fint mto all Parts of a Kingdom, b^ general 

Cnmnii^SMtts f- or by'an' Archbidiop into tht 

iitSMl'>^HB «r a l^ro%liDte, u^n ibme parti- 
... .... ^ 

reqfieft t!he FiVoiiVof tl» 

SMoH^ 'aitd'b]r4,'Au|ftm^ Ua 
Cif^tbrs} ^» -^ *'• " 
CIRCULA'TUM Mh^t, . «h<, 9tir?< * 


h C«fiUMACOfefl.A''nO!?; , 

CIRCDMA<MBllNTj encozppai$nf, jr 
4^iiif alMiiVt ^'Spii^' moftlj appl]r*4 to 
Air, and other Flqids. I,. . , , ' ' 
^ CIR€UMAMBULA^10t^/a 'walUBj^ «. 

a Vagrant] a-SeA of msd CViriftans in 4^/na 
in St. ^A^fi^ Time; wher fttolled aboac from 
PJaca to Plaoe^ ahd, t6 get Repnte, ^thcr 
yvonld-Uy vio^t Hands an tbefl^elvei^ « get 
othets to kill them.' >- . 

^ *' Digitized by CjOOQT% 

Partcif the Ficpuce, or double Skia whictt 
cpvcEs the J*a7if,> Cerdnony ufc^ iy j^s 

To. CIRcrfhIfDty tAlTE, to cWp, tt cnt 

about 2 alfo to,^ecelye.. £• 
• (SRCtJMDUCtlON, a IcrfJii^ abo«t. L. 

CmCUM'FEBLENClE [atcumfefentl, ^. 
Circum/ireniia, L.] Circuit or Cofttpafs. 

tlRCUM'f BRENCE fin GetmehyjU the 
oufermoft bounding Uoe of any pUm Figure ; 
iut it more prOpefly belongs to the Perimeter 

CIRCUMFERKNTOR, an Inflnnncnt 
ufed in Survey iog^ b^ng the (Me #ith Tbed* 
iiSse^ L. 

CIR'CUMTLtt [art&fifieie^T. of Cr- 
atntflwusA^^ bowfid, or bended about. 

CirfCUMFLtX: [in Gramrfiar] an Accent 
whiph beipg plac^ oVer » Syllabla maJtcs it 
Jong, as (*) in Greeks (a) ih Ltff/V. 

SRCUMFLU'ENT i fCucumput, L.] 

aRCUMFLU'DUS J flowing about. 

CIRCUMFORA'NEOUS [arcumfirantvs^ 
1. of CiVfttw about, and Forum a Market, 
&c.] which goes, or it cinied aboot Market) 
or Courts. 

CIRCUMFU'SION, a pouring about, t, 

CIRCUMGlRAnrlOiN,a turning or wh*cU 

CIRCtrMJA'CtNT ICircumjaem, L.] ly» 
isE rcond about. 

mCUMIKCES^lOlT, a term ufcd bjr 
.Pi vines for the reciprocal Exii^ehce of the 
Three Porfons in the Ttmity in each other. L, 
'of arctm a. 
certain StaA 

bout, 2iiU J(mt *%^itti^ t. J c« 
that attend the Planet jM^iur, caUtd Jupf'- 
r«r'8 Satdlitcs. \ 

CIRClJMUG AtlCW, a bindhig or tj-ing 
about. X". ^ , 

QRCUMLOCU'Tlbl^ [OrtoalocuHon, P.] 
a Compajl or ^etch of Word^^ an fttteririg 
in many Wo'tdtf that wiiich might be Aid in' 

Cl*CUMPLICA'T10N, a fol^ag, trlnd- 
wg, or rollihg. L. 

CIRCUM-POtLAR ^tars [In ^rwwuw] 
fuch aa being pretty n^lar our North Pole, do 
neve round il, i^fid in Otit Latitade nev6f Ctt 
m go below the Horizon, . 

CIRCUMPtfSiTIO^, a hying about, i. 

CIRCUMPUL'SION, the thmftlng ftr- 
ward of Bodies, whi<h are moved by tj>de 
wbich fie iroiSind theAi. Z, ' . ' 

aacUMRE^S'TENCY^ a ronndRefi*- 
iogj or Rcfi fiance about. L, ' * • 

CIRCUMROTA'TION, a wheeling aboiit, 
i. ...... 

' To CIRCUMSCkVftE [crfeo^fitH F. 
of antmfcriiae, t.} to bound, or Hmit, or 

draw a Figure refand antfther; ' •'^ 
C!RCUM9GMB«0 [^ Gtti 

gore if faid to be efhh/ififihl^ 

the Angles, dftf^SMLPtaUt^ 8fH. 

Flgiht^ Wte*lfJ*ll^lW Auifkl* U 

whktJfkteiiSfbedv' • ■■ * 

cuffifcf^rng.' i, •• • ' ' 


ffhefi] the ecMHi'tibilada or 

natural Body. 

ferred to the Plilce m Wkk^ afly 1 
^ed, taa h fSimxA-tAieaL 

which b^Iongl to #hf j^ftebce »di ' 
^ery Body, ^wA;^ ^k faith 
Extenfiod, BOtfnd, and Fifiire. 

to found round about. 

CIR'ClfMSPldr f ffV^^j^,^. 
eumfpcfh/s, fc.] coftftddrate. ykrf, k" 

dRayMSPECtlON, isalobHa 
Heed, Warinefs : a siMrkliig aid • 
ifiligfntly. r. 1 * ^ 


to be feen on all Sides. 

CircumflOktta, L. J a' Part? 
flitt any AfiioiK, as Titfie, ! 

with Circumf^aiicea. 

latitfg to Cfrcumitancdri putkuAif; ' 

fw, F.J to ^ercfibe a TWiig by, 

D£ Cli.GUMSTAintliUS [X, 
a Kumb&r of Jurors taftefl out of .. 
Ibns as are piiefent, Wlfdi^ tt^ iitfty i 
tefti;«6 fbattitfjfe ^ oM IMbtfgh «ri 
a Jury. 



Titnch cat by thk Celle|eR> «mI:1 
with a Breaft-wttrk, fo* as lo i ' ' 
thetr CaBftJ>> to dWenJI It •^fisik'u, ^ 
aniy attempt ftf tilkyt the Aatec, « 
Deicrteit. ^^^^ 

CIRCUM ^tCfrWl, ia*4 
abodf. iw '^ • 

To GIRCUirV^NT' | 
'^CftMt^nuW, L,] to coitic 
reach, to deceive. 

Over.Vieiching, Cheating i 
ceit. I^ 

To crRamvEsrr, t6 dttd», < 

Ititntiabout. Xr. 

round, r. •^»' 

afar i_ . 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

iflite to Uidr fiiffMK^in crfe^u^ 
A&M^^ C3uitdb CoflTcrj wbae 



, _^ ^-.^^^^ KUoer 

«>MiUiiiaBaC^ whkiii&ay 

iCIAN McA, in Or4cr ftwaded 

tilling fos t^ ^oepiogof KaiD^ 
>tTcSil^Uea4» to Jutp Water 

'["«»» Cin||(^4Mm] a VcAl 
■nt» kftiwkffli Cceany Of Jd. 

fi ttthe soft adraaCafeoua(«ro«0il, 
ikmcaiK .9f a Rel>d.. 

KW rCiMrif^ L.} a. citlnf or qwMf. 
*^€t Ol^ alti» a SwmopBf to 
nactcddUftical Judge, is. 
*{«»vy.«f *#fiirri JUl to qwJtc 
"^ « IViri^.in a Book ; ailA oor 

-witt]tr'%irft««».Con9t. . 
_, M^Bf^ F, <)f^ Ciwij W\ a. 
■»0|^ • 

iAWlifcc Col9H|:4»f;a ^^mt- 
£<^UMi| « Q«io9r ilika 

"" ''-ePhikifophers Stona^ ^vk- 

i» F, CimtM, U].aa.agrcfc* 
^ a bifA^Bv 

^|km«l)CiU«o Colour. ; 
^ [aiCttitn, L.J a <oct UU^ 

[ l^f, r. of Cmtm, L 1 a ki^o 

f^i bat dfcctaJly a Tow» Cor- 

I { r^ • GttMni Chivch^ and a 

OVESy a fort of wild Icekt. . 

ClV'Et [ O'vetfe, f.-gibahmn, t.1 a 
Perfume^ Ii^ Muik« ibrmed like a kind ^ 
Grjaift, in a Bag» under xh6 Tail of thr Civec 
Cau . ' . . ' ' : * ' 

^Vjr CWrtJ'X • pwtitylat Way of 
drcfi^g Chickens; HateJ, 4''*.* flrft ^y ^il^ 
aod 4»ftcrwArdl by ftpifiM t^ilU F, • 

CIV'ICK Crra;f, ji Garland tn^cSe- of the 
C^a?ci of Oak, fifr. 9iu! aivjln a^ a Ijlcfwd to 
diei3^« SbKn«r«y wliO hadiaved aCitisenV 
Life in a BatUe.' "'",'" ^ ' 

. CIVIL f c/iwV7i, C al ««& 1 'couitoooi^ 
klad[« ,w«JI-bred ^ al(o political^ oelongiog tft 
the Citjisep?^ City, of S^ate. ' f*. 

CWiLDa^, a'Dttyo^X4fTSuti,Tedbfied 
from u »c Night to xs thf jocxt Night. 

CIVIL Oeath^ is'\vheo> bv Befog fente^ced 
to perpetual Baai/luiHint, arcrlbn h eut, off 
from Civil Society, ta woikijigjo die MmA, 
or to the GiJiiM. 

CIVIL la%v\ U^ properly the ptoili^ 
Law of each $tate^ Covmry, or Citfj but 
what we ufually mean By t^e' Gmp/V ^v. 
is a Body of Laif 8 coippbfed out of the Bes 
of the Roman a^^d Crecian ^laws, which 
V9e ia the main raceived or bBferved, 
throughout fhe ^wian Do&mlons^ fbr iBoift 
laoo Veart. 

CinVreMT, U the lega! tear, of tooual 
Accooat.of Time^ which etety dot^cElent 
appoiflts to be ufad vUhhl ita oiaa I^iftittl« 

CIVIL'IAK, at)o^^ ftofeffiir, <ft. $tti* 
dent in the Civil Lafw. 

aviyiTY [ciwnu, r. ^ a^nftas, uj 

Coortafy, Obligianels. 

Ta CrV'ILIZfe I eivififer, ^? JL** ""^ 
courteous and tra^bble & to polifh Maij^era, 
. ToCLj^CK IViMH, Bel«. QLUCCUlta 
C« Br. CUcauer^A to ratiU. foap; or U(4c« 
arhrillNoifc. ' ^ * 

Tq CLACK ^tolf, Ts to cat p(Fthe Shfiep*k 
Mark» by which it weighs fefSj aQd yields lefii 

CLi\DU$, a IjuUfdle ot Wattle. 0. t. 
, CLAIM ^faim, F. QtClanutre, U] a Chal- 
leofe or Demaod, 

CLAIM [in l^^ntA ]a a ChtUenM of tn- 
tereft to any thing which b' id the raledloa 
jof another. 

To CLAIM Uymer^ t, of fiWrt, ^J «• . 
lay claim to, to challenge. 

To CL AKIB 7 to make an ui^atdul Nolft* 
.ToCLACKjyWf/?. ' 

, To CLAM'BEa [Ulatnitierto. ^«»^ « 

Htvik] to get up a high Waci, by rdrtirtg the 
¥cct upon fome hooked or IcttiBg-oiit Part*. 
■ CLAMEA admittasda in twiner eptr Att§rm 
fiatkmy ia a Writ wjioreby the King commv»d* 
the Juftjc^ in Eyre to^a^mit dne's Claim 
by an "Attorney, " who ia eitiployed in the 
K4Ag*s Sanricej, and cannot coma in his 'own 
CLAM^EP,ftaracd with Hangar. 0. 

J Digitized b;, CLAM* 


OtAM'MT'JorlCUmeaii, Sax^ todawb 
^ilii cf9miTfy Matter! klaifh, iVlcking. 
* OtAM'Ml!rt$S.'Vhcbeihgaanitttv: 

CL/VM'QROUSNESS, Noliintft: ' ' . ^ "l 
^U'k^6ij^'X€/4iHiiit, f. of .C/ai«or, L.J 

a Noife, an Out-cry,ii Ba^Wfei^ . . 
To C^A'Mt)UR |V£fiflaf>f; ji.].tp'tQAkc a 

Koife, cothDWDjorcrtr'^ue-attl^ft, ; . : : 
CLAMP [^atltftttt/'^4it!<;u% 

Way . of leUing^ ^9"^* ^ ^ J^/ »fWt^er ^T\ 

JoilAeryj ' '• ,•**..•.(. 

'^ CLAMP fuj -a ^^/VT 9 ^>ci df irtmVcr 

ap^fiid to ^ Waft- ft^ ft^nftthWhg it. ' ^ ' 
CLAMP [ ^\t}i Srick-maker^X s^ Cpfitri- 
"^ for IrtirnJrtB Bricks; • ' ' ** -^ 


, CL/^MP ^jt'A, fuch^ vLAXt ufed to fUt^li 
^ eiim^ m btiildtii^ add it^alnng SKIm. ' 

CLA J4P Xr.ont,, at the Ends of T\xtSX<x keep 
up tlie PevPtl^ c4ted )il(b .Creefeifs,, ftr Dogs. 
C. .'■'... 

Cl^'t^^llpfobabtS^fro'm- llan. ^rit: a Plat 
*cf Groo'ny, q\ i, Aich as A^U upon tlic fame 
Plat; 01 Spot of GrpuodJ a Fajxulx or. Tribe in 

CLA!rcULAk't<?/tf*rAAir/jtf, L.] fecrct, 

CLAMDE^IN]^ {clfind^ittus, t.l done 
jn fecretj priT^e^ contrary to L<iw^ m hugger- 
raogg^, l^'flcajth. F. 
■ CLANDESrriNELl?', fccretl^, privdy. 

•T«> CLANG rc/j»i:«^f,L. |wing«n,^^'.] 

^ roandlike a Trumpet. 

CLAP [of Kioppenr, i^ 5;, ctap, c:. ^r.] 

a Blow^ a Crack* 

CLAP [C20iH}/r, P. Jl« a Running of Mat- 
ter fTo;D. the xard, occafioi\6d by Copukiion 
with an'lmpure W0tnan.' 
' To CLAP r dappan, 5^*. ctaqver, F. 
1l!ap({eQf ^'- ^0 to b6at with the Hand j. ^o 
nudce a noii^ Sojund with hlitingagalnit. 
\ To CLAP «ii^, to give One a CUp. 
" A CLAP [in Falconfy] the ncthct P^rt of 

• Hai*k'sB^, ..,.,. 

(ptAP ^w^fA f^.fioird cut rts^djr to trvjifee, 
Caifes,'firr. '^ ,••-.. 2 ,V ' 

CLAP Brj^Mn hasd ba^en Qili^^ jC^ 

. ctApfriS;;'Siwit-Hofc^ ; ^ 

catch Larks. 4ff.". ! - ", .; *,/.;// 

:dfji^yl [kUjMtnpW,] to c-iat- 

ter; to prate. VhaucV^ " ' '' 

• C LA P p? R r.ff Coi^J, ^.Pbcp .fipdte' 
Croyhd^ where J^abbjCk brcea* /. " ' " ' . 

. ^ CLAPf£^;'D(r<1^?pff,>Be£^a'^W/l.^G7»^, 
iJif-TVw.'' ' ■ ^ ' .,\ "' "' 

CLA'RA Li,f, clc^r,briiitla?5Kmear 
■ 'Vorftcn.'/I.^. ■' .. .^ .-''•- ^ 

• 'tLAliK rCAu**, t-l 'i Vi!raie:ih'^ftifitt, 
called alfo UarcKe i s^ Titk .gi^eq ;tf) . tne 
Dukes 6f tl\c Blood Royal, ' ' ' ' 

'feLARENClEUX, the r«e'ond*K^ng at 

thii DuXfe oftrftf. 


Mici, 'tv£Br<?fHft%> h ttf in v&^' 
the Fun(^! of '^ KnlghtSWr ' 

South ortHft R^tt 7^:" "^ 

i'g^icral Kaiiie Tor tht^ Wines 
^it& Witte ama ffodef, da&d'f 
Hippocrates, , ^ 

CLARlEXCArriON I'lHplyJ^i 

^fihgj' cr rfiJd^g Li^drs .«[ Juice^c 

cleai; or to ni^ke M^iiort or Ji^ra*^ 

mand of Satisfadion for a/ty Ii^ 
•done, iWd'i"p^aJTin!4 Waf 
I Letter iff'Wirt or Reprizit ' i, * . . 

i cLA'ftioN£fiir/w,r.ft&r/e^)::jJ 

•ftrrof TVumbet.* ' • - i 

• CtA'RlON'fthlfe'^J^al 
Tenting an old^faihionedThiotodt. I 
CLARlS'OKOtJS, fodhdt4l4iN^ 

cLAR'rry'f tUrtt, t.^ ^^ty 

Cleamef^ Brightnefs. "^ 

A CLARK. S^eC/rrl;. .. ^ 

CtARMAJl>tHAN;*& I'ertn ^ 
Law for warrantioi f!oIh|s'ljl&>d$.' ' 

CLARO mcun fCB/aVo "^'^ 

Term In JPat'ntttig, wImcH *gi „ 

diftrlbntihg Lightt diid'^^iy^?^'! 
oufly, with two Colours tjply. ', , 

CLARY, a fort of Plaht. ' 5VMw. 


make a Noife with one's HaV*" - 
xKififf Or .J tfo make a 
beat againft ; to difbgCee, I 

A CLASP (ifn^tjM 
U3k ; 'alfo a T^ndHl r? $^r*^ 

To CLASP [Cleojpan;^ 7fx/« 


I ^\ // 

• Tp CLASf [ueojpan;^ ^ax 
'C5rfW» 5r/£.] toBuckie^ to ftot 
; CJrSspA'ks tamonai5r3l 
ItwWcd T'hreads by Vrh5cl< ttttSiil 
isfaffiterlaty hbld of Plants; ^c. ' 
'them. , .1 T/ 1 

CU^^NaHs, itt rucli\w*tel 

brought ihto a tlVtIe'Coftipafs; f6 

. wiU 6nk jntto ^hc Wpod. , 

«fc&A^S t<M#>* oT Cki/*, t.' ] 
' in a School i an Order or R^lf* *^ 

tion of Perrons and')?h|dgL aced^ 
; fiHrl^i;i*D^grees toA KattireJriilfo 1 

of Dlvinea.' in the ProteflBint '^ 

CL ASfSICAL I Klc^Ue'T>,tUi, 

' X''c«.«4>sr^K' ':a»>W^ '\iiz 'if j 

Cr^it ip School*. , 

Td CLAT'TfiR 'ritfwterefti'i^i ^ 

malce a Noife with the Tongue. 

Cleatup^ Sax.t^ rittliiig 

Digitized by VjOOQT 


ngtftjf*.' - 


^^ X.Ji Tekoj wbicTi Ihore twtlvf 

CSi«^ii 4^;^iipai)^ ,of liie 

Jptvicvia, F*. of Oavicupgj^ 

•Ip'Aaw) ife two Cbaopd Bqiwi j 

■■Jrffcl.BaBe, being «i,it wwe A Key, 
■gts 4(lifif er lk>ctopA of ;|i?l?«clc 

itcj, t. The Word it ufed 
(be apogqC^^ of a Cyp]ier>.or 

*2*^('"*J Fh/Trww ] a PaJQ w a 
MAsa^Hea£^comiaoiUy a Uule 
•[M|^ vM icens as ifthfitPaJi 

■*?Xla«/4, L.^ ao Article or Con ■ 

Witrto or ProYifo, i^ a Conuaa^ 

<bcr fc3rqincnu A. 

nS^liA^ HoUi conuinin^ Reoordi 

fido^.Wttf^ frcTfrvcd \fk the 

2S?2 ^ ^^ Siclmei?, or Foot- 
^^mJjU io Sbccp. 
J g/t^A t, Monain^co a Doil!^. 
jJJJSrotA, BM, wood for Ftaca or 

Ifre^^ Ui A^iea o/^TlH- 

H, bccauTc tbe Writ demands 

t ^^aiiboaed . to anfuver ,tp ^ibfr^ 

■rhy ht.ccn^iiiucd fu^n it 

Ptf/rlur, (lie ej^bth Dajr «fter 

OTa flr^ [i)/^ JUwJ the. in: 

*^, io (cntcli, to cUw. 0, 
' fi F*j^. *3 9 Pain in a fiiiall 
^0* %id abore the Ejc-bfow* and 
» "iaw Pat of the Head was bored 
WiroWe. , 

1 1 Of 4 FowrS FOUC. 

^^"'l ^ »c"t«n or icar. 
^^MJ^dnal • Ctofa m XmaU In. 

•re Wjtiics 

to co'vcr LodgDJcijts^ "* 

Tra/.] to ftick OX^V^'. ^:y , • . . r " / 

cLtAWNtSS fcirnirr^, ^ai.] f iii;^ 
neft from pil^h j Purtneife, (^r, ••/,.- 
To CLfiAN^S:|^[^ri?A| ?-«ir.3 to Hce 

To citAP,' toliauqij t9 fttcnd, il;o*brceiI 

Tair. fine, pttjre, ' . ' ^ 

CCEAI^ [m ArchitedurtX infide "Woxfc. 

^o CLifAR \MiUtary Term] as, /o > /r^r 
tbe,,1'rcn(bef^ j^^iKbeat out tbofe that^^d 
them, by a vigorOuJIy Sally froip tlic Pl^.cc,b<^ 
fiegeo,*' , ' * I . 

CLZkii-Sighh^, whicb bas a quklcS^gbt*;'. 
alfo that is (harp, of ready Witj^oi oFayier^toi; 

CLEAR ^^il r with Cock^Jfibtfjr*;i is- the 
Pjace the figbtiog Cock is in, ' . ,\ 

CLt AR'5f feSS, Brigbtnefs, TnnTparency- 

CLE AT r $t(i Term J ^ Piece. of .Wo9a 
faftencd on toe Vard-ajm ^ ft Ship, to k««p 
the Ropes from flipping off tfie Vardf aJfo* 
Pieces of Wood to faAen aoy^ Ropes witV ^ 
faften any thing to. ■ ^' • 

To CLtA'VE [ aoopen^ Sax. IM^tXi, 
Tcut."] to ftick faft. 

To CLEAVE [ Cleope^ Sax, llUtJ.llt. 
.D*.] to fplit in Pieces. ' 

CLEA'VER, a Batcbef*s Ch6ppin|{;lcmT«- 

CLE'CHE \ in 'peraliry 1 any Ordi/iary 
pierced through with thcYanic Tigtfrc. . , , ' 
^ . CLECKJY, ftiff. Kent. - J"^ "' 

*I*o (JLEEP, to call; to iiamo. Sh^hfj>, 

CL^ES* tjic twO; Patts of' tht Foot of 
'Bcal^s that arc cloven-footed ; the Claw .of a 
{Bca^l's Hoof, . " 

' CLErt3 ' U tie tJedts^ ' a Pifeafe in Horlcf . 
■ CLEM/EKCYtC/^iiv«fr,F.CAw/nAra,'t.] 
Meeibie^, Qentlenefs, Courtefy. " ^ ', ' 

.CtEM'ENT \aa^nu UJ' m«^, gpnllc, 
icodrteoQs^ alfo a 'prOfA^ "^Mie of a Man* 

CtEM'ENTlKES, a P4rt of the Canofi 
^ Law,. bein^ Decretal 9 or iCofi^ttuti^ntof Pop« 
[Clmtnt V.' and enabled Into Laws bjtbp 
Council «f Vienna. ' , . 

To' CLfeltCH fbf C/^wi^' F/perhaps of 
IlUt4c4^^ a Latch of a I^r^^ T"^'l ^^ '^^ 
falK to p;n dcKvri. ' . * "*' 

CLtKCilBo^tSf' froo l*ms m, ;i Ship^ 
clenc|)cdjat, .the £nds 4Khere\they cpine* 
tbrouuH,'. 'J* . " ' * 

ClInCH-^'^Y//; arc Tuci M>ip arlre 

Digitized by CjO^vI^' 

C L 

vitfaout fjpltttiiif tfacJlMr4> aad Anm Widi- 
^outbreaking. . .. *' 

To CUNGC, to cleanie. 0. i 

CLEP, • Foi«frof Ciaim, Libel, «rMticitB> 
Scotch. X.T* ' , • • 

CLfFEP [ c/ Clepian^ Sax. ] ci««t. Mr 
named. 0'. ^' . ^ ( ' f . 

CLEPSY'DRA [Oipfyiti.f. %lkl^^, 
: Gr. ] w UftruoMbt andentljf vliNL^y tbd 
i-EffftUnu CO mufure Time b| tJie nirniiog of 
Witer out oloiie Vvflkl into anochtf ^ wuicU 
we fid] aa Hov-glaft 5 ib «J(o Parmaljui calU 
ail loitwiln* •» €oa^'4tMBif *t# die 
Womb. L. 

CtBRdOU, i«ClBfcor ektuntn. C^^zr^ 

CLER'G Y ICIm-g/,!, CUrps^L. QiH^f^. 
Gr. Lot or Patiimauy] cbat Order of Men 
•vhicb it peculiarly aDprcyriated to Cb* Scft ice 
«f Cody and devocel to w<ic at tM Alur, al 
God*t Lot aftd Jnkeckract* 
, CXEk'ICAL [C/^«aifj 1^ pf or bek*^ 
^ a Oergymaa. F. . . 

; CL£R'JCO.if^>MNfii^ is a WntdiaeOed 
T to the BUbop^ for tbe admictiiis; a jQIcik to^ 
Benefice opoQ 9 N* admittas, L. 

CL£R' JCO Ct^o per ftatutm Ma-eatorttm^ 

• Writ directed to the Bi&op for Delivery of 4 
Clerk Aut of Prifon, in Oi4Qdy. n poftA Breaci| 
of a Statute Merchant. 

CL^'RICO t«mw£l9 eommffh OmU h de\ 
f9B% Ordituirii deliherafido, &c. is ^ Writ iv9 
the Delivery of 4 Clerk to his Ordinary^ ;Kat 
ibrinerly wai convi^ed of FeUQX> ^ aeafoA 
hit Ordinary did not challenge him #cqQpdiQ| 
to the PrivjJetts of a Cleik. 

CLE'KlCOiiifraJfMxos Ordinn mn tH^mdo 
in Ofidum, if a Writ direOcd to the Bailifls, 
^c, that have thruft a Bailiwick or Beadle, 
thip upon one in holy .Orders, chaiging them 
to rekaCb hi» again. 

CLERUCyS, a Citfk or Clergym^ ; alfo 
' in Popifli CouACrjes a fecular Prie^ aa diftin^ ' 
guiflicd from a regular one. L* 

CLER'ICUS iSorWo/zf, a Pfriflt-Gltrk^ or 
-iaferior Aff^ftaot to a Pried. I. 
t CLERj^ [ CUrc, F. of Claricmt, L. ] a 
Title given to Clergymen, or Mii^iftcrs of 
the Ch^Kh j^alib fuch aa h've> or exeiclfe any 
»;>Fun<li«fi by (be Pcn^ in any Courts, or eJie* 

CLEAJK; Attaint y he who prayeth the Bc- 
eOcfit tii the Cler^ji, ^frer Jodgmefit given upcn 
Tiim for Felony. L. T". 

Clfl^^ Otpvia^ one who fra^nh hit 
Tfergy bcfure Sent'ence pafitth upon him, 

* CLERK f/* tb* Crt^w I •» Chanctr^ ] an 
Officer who attends t^e Lord Chancellor, or 
Keopar, /or/pccial Maucrs of State. 

/;, CLERK cftU Crt^wnXfict [in the JC-p'r 

« B^'mhi] one who draws up, readi, and records 

»\\ Inilnimcats ^againti ^ Traiton, Felons, 

A CLERK pn a Camng.Houft] a Check 
. upon the Pv/T, that be finks ooiw of the Mo- 
jie) gijrca )am to pl*J ^^9 \ 

C L 

.CI21t<HrAf|pir [ of XKS^^-,. « 

•MdiKitil^y jCJr.^ nwbeeyj ^ SgocM 
«rid<ji«g^uvt!|iii» by.Ok^ or tbe iSt 
of Lota. . ^ 

A et£TiCR» a lkood,jas a Oc^ch of 
kena. .C^ , 

CL£irEd(.4>iD.[f.^ Chir Uri 
#»^ of Its beinc ibcp, and fdyolVijIfa 
ble,jmckCi3^«QdAKk0] ft^lwc j» 

t:LEy'|;BL [/w-* KJ: ikorau iov 

nrat haadedy wcUibap^. 
CLEV'EI^LY, ikilAiUy, m^pamOkf^ 
CL£V|S,OUf(»ocRodce. O. 

CLEW fcirftr te. <tailM» 4 

Bottom of Vara, Tbrepd* ^t* > 

CLEW [of a^r/] iatfarkrwreic CM 

k, which «ea(Jwa iown to JvhetB the n 

and Sheet-Ropes are faftcAfld, j 

CIXW<^rivr» ^ Hope made fafttj 

aad tbeace 1 * ' ' 

Clew of aJSail^^. 

ley, fa^eaedto the middle of the 
Fore^yaid, to hale op the C!ew ^ 
clofe to the middle of the. Y^. 

CLEW /./>» is the futm to^lM* 
a od Top'gaHant and Spat-faik, diet 
gamet » to the Main 9*^ Fore-lbil. 

CLEYy • Hardle fdr pepmog or 
Sheep. C. 

CLEY'tSfy.^. Clatwfc «flf' 

Or.] the^lawe of a LobOcr. 

*To CLICK trwdteib - 

TV^fCLlCi^e/tfcA S Wf^ufedtef 

To CLICK [as Slwmakcn, &c.] 
at a Shop- Door 4o invite Ci>ftoraerr» 

A CLICK'ER, a ShQemaker*s 
who It a Shop invites Cuftriners^ 

CLICK'ET [CUcput, F.J the 
a Door ; alfo a Lizard's Clapper. 

CLICK'ET, a Key. Cbcwf^ 

CLlCK'ETiNG [HMtuingrerm 
laid to go a Clicfceting, when lie is ' 

CLIENT [CUent, L] one who 
Lawyer or Prodor ^o plod hia Cavfe. 

CLl £NT» ai Roman Citiaea, who | . 
fe)f under the PrOte^ion of fome GreiftJ 
who was ftlled hi$ Pairoo. 

CLIETE'LS, Perfuos under 

CLIFF 7 [ai|:.^*jr. CKwf, U\ d 

CLIFTSor Fitch of a HiU ^ t < 
Mountain or broken Rock on the Sea 
^Vrlh Cokrttwy, 

CLIFF 7(in Aff»>*laCliwt^hfi 

CL'pAVE J on one of the Lines, by] 
the Places of all the other Notes ait 
and proved. _ 

cLlR^T, a Key 2 an Inftimttentot 
to lift up a Latf h* Cbanc^ 

CLLMACTER'ICA;* [ eHmmatrifti 
climaSiericut, L. of aXl/k«x7ip<u|, Oty 
cendiAg like a Ladder. 

it zed by Google 


^tUMCrntlCALnvnY, tot^mtun cb.i 

^HMKfRKMMacMMi if Ufe w Fam»} 

\m^rkYmy the iift (made op of 3 tidies 

iJiabtTtk (nlt«(f 0f 9 tine* 9)4 in^ the 

l^{B*ifor9tincs9J: Thut every 7th 

Mi Ttt B lid 10 be CSaoenerfeat. 


eifVHstlrcis ifwy Skkaeft lii^pci*, 

! ikKcMBBi Tciv daneenms. 

[' -CVlim (Om/) F. aitm, L. of Kxi- 

^Gr.j I Pm or Fo«tkMi tif the Eaflh Vk« 

ma MCMts, penJId to die E^tor ; 

i •IttAcieM Mf a Hour's Difftfcnce 


CLPMAX [IM«ui|; Cr.2'a FSgnr* In 

iMi^ vMi ffem one thing fou fo by 

pam iseiher; tt, Ihftn /««» vt^t ht 

^ tttiii[eiHBui,^tfx. ii!emtirmn» 

viTftf. pcyftsps of XAJ/Mif , Gr,] to 
^ tf title sed Ik^, or St«p by Step. 
"'IS, a Soft of ffcrb, etlled Trt- 

1 1 Mrp, witty Expreflloi}* 
ICH {nnrntrt, L.! to tripe bard 
[vHtirNb ^ ^ J »■*- 

^XnCR (tft CtfMp] that Pktt which is 
JjMjto 4e Rim of the Anchor, 
'•ttihar El, a isitty, ingenioos Reply, 
H^ vbe naltcs fmart Repartees ; alfo 
lw% wHoit, whole Piankt arr laid 

WB1NG, the flight calkinc of a 
■ia ftol WIeatber is ezpe£ted about 
^^tat\ tfie Wat of doing this, is by 
, I hrir Chkham iatcr the Sides to Veep 

L TTOttajUinftr, fc«.] to flFcfcdofe 

SJW, cfaoiay, apt to cjinj, 
2***^ [rfKXiwJiir, Or.] that Part of 
WvUdt regnds Bed-rid People. L. 
S5l!* Ibetonpng to Bed rid Per- 

lei's [iMmif, Gr.l aPhyficfan 

afe rtends Bed. rid Patients ; sifo 
— v^csrries the Dead to the Gra^. 

2!?* ttUlUni, Tor/.] to ring OS 

I s Key-hole. '.%«'. 

T, itraftyFellovr. ' C. 

DES famcbg /inatomiJh\ are four 

I a the Infide of the Os ^pbenoides^ 

liTnitt ciUeii Cettd Tunica, m thi 

^^^Booe in which lies the Olan* 

[Qy TattJJ (bond- 

. , --fc. Shahff. I 

[XXtf», CrJ one of the oiue Mu- 

W ytt 10 be tbe hrft Inventfefs tf Hifto* 
9 VffcrMc Poetry. 

,« CUP [aTiti^^^ £,!,.] to cwttbbut 
i^«*i»ltottembrice. C. 

C L 

C LITEMS, • Part lying within the 
Skin in the Ptidiiuium MuHehn^ about the 
Bignefs of the C/«wAr, whkJub'feated before | 
the. Umai*^ of it coAftfib of two i^r^p 
Bodies, and the £ad of it is alfo dallelt Pr^* 

CLl'VERS, a kind of Herb. /^ar/w» L. 
.'ChaAK\[SkiHmr derivei It trofliLach, 

CtX)KBS4«». but«r/i;/Mtv.offt«X&«7»» 
Or. to €0«ei] a Garment \ tlfo « Blind»> • 
Colour m Pretence, 

Cttt ittc €m; aicA(td« spuc 

This nevetbeeiifainf gootf Ailnce to Peo- 
^ of icteral Ranks and Degrees,- to balance 
Account' betwixt their ETpmcn fend their /«- 
€4m, iiid not to let their Vanity iead them, 
as we lay, To mt-mn the Conftablt^^ and fo 
fay thq LafinSf Sumftts cenjum ne fupertt ) 
and tM Ptenct, Fvi ^ qui fhadefpend, jug 
fa renU ne vaut, * ' 

To CLOATH fof aalT^^Ar. or HfetBrn 
'Dam, |tfteiltn> I** S,^ to fiihlifll *or tofer- 
with Cloaths | to di%rs. - ^ • * 

To be CLOATHED [of a Majf] 'n whea 
the Sail is lb long, %t %o reach down to #ie 
Gratingi of the Hatches, fo that no Wind caa 
blow below the Sail. 

CLOCK [Cksja, Sax* Hbehfy Datu 
^tOCkt) Ttut, a bcH, a^ebt^ F/j a Device 
or Machine to mcafottf Time. 

A CLOCK, a Beetle ot Dar, a Cock- 

CLOD [Qob, SOM. %\aty Bdg.^ t 


CLOD Sah JSah fTorh] a Cake which 
fticks to the Bottom of the Pan, and is taken 
out In ^wenty-fbor Hours. 

CLOERE, a Prifon or Dungeon. 0» 

CLOPP, the Battel, Box, Bag, W^per, 
dfe» in which any Mercharidiee iacoouined* 
SwC/ougb, \ 

CLOO [perhaps of I^] a Piece ctf Wood, 
efe. faftened about the Le^s of tA(i% to'keep 
them from rushing aftray ; a lakd, Lett of 

CLOGS, Pattern srithoot Ririgs. * 

CLOl'&TER iChiJhe, F. HlORff/^tf"** of 
ClaufintM, LJ a Place in a Monaftery With 
Piaeza*8 j alio the Monaftery itfelf. 

To CLOPSTBR np^-Va pen or'lh^t'Q|k 
confine in a Place. 

clomW^^^ «'* "^' ^^'^"^ 
CLOSE rcii», p.] thick, near together | 

alfo dark, hidden, referved. 

CLOSE [in HtrMy\ is when any Bird it 
drawn in a Coat of Ar»s with its Wlngt cioft 
dovJn upon if, i . e. not difphy*d, ahd lA • 
ftanding Poihire. 

A CLOSE [of Clyru» S«*'] « Concldion» 
£nd, orlflue. 

A CLOSE [ Chfs, F. ] • a Piece t>f Groona 
fenced qt heda^ about for PaAorageg 

•^ y ,CiQS» 

C L 

CIX)SE Figbr»t Bulk-Ke^da put op ia i 
Sbip, tore and ait, ift a doTe Figb(» for the 
Mat to ftaod behind tbem fecure. 

CLOSED ^i;^M</ [in Horfn] m I«»«fcc. 
tioB in the Hiod-Q^aiteis. 

CLOSE [inMuJtck] is either the Endof a 
Sttain, caU'd an ttaftrfea Clofe y or tlie £i)d 
of a Uffim or Tone, caU'd a perfiffClafi. 

To CLOSE [C!yrw>. ^*- Cl»ri^U_,\ to 
ccndnde or eod» Ca> a§icft with ( alio to tend 
to healing, or heal up. 

To CLOSE an Accomft^ is to end it, 
when no inom ic to be adM, by drawMg a 
Line, &c, 
.CLO$S'l«T, tMar]y, immediately. 

CLOSE'NESS, the being dofe oi near to* 
getbery ReTervedneff • 

. CLOS/ET Of C/o/O a UozW Apaitment in 

CLOSET [in Bfiraldry] is the Half of the 
Bar ; the Baf ou|ht to contain the fiith Part 
of the Efcu'rcheon. 

. CLOS'ETING^ pt^ratirConfaltations or In- 
tribes Qi the Cabinet Council of a Prince. 

CLOSH, a Diftcmper in the Feet of Cattle, 
c»U4d thie Foi0fl/«r. 

CLOSH£,.theGamecairdNtncrpio9, 0,S, 
fiQrbiitdi*» by Sutjitq, An. 17 £^^» IV- 

CLOTH [Clab, Sax.^ the Matter whereof 
Oanfteots are made.- 

CLO'THO, one of the Three Dcfiinica, 
feigned to oit ti)e Thread of Man^s Life. L. 

CLOTT- Atr«tj a fort of Plant, itf/ftf*, 

CLOfTED, thick, in Lumps. 

To CLOt'TSR EfciOttJWWbi'.'S.] to 
grow thick as Cream^ or Blood' when cold, 

. CLOUDS VMinJbew derives them of dau- 
iertf L. to lAut up, becaufe they Aut up 
the Sua frwn us \ !i«mnanu of ClOl}) f • </• 
podded Vapour] are a Congeries chiefly of 
watery Particle^ drawn or lent out of the 
Sarth in Vapours, into the middle Region of 
the Air; being computed by fame never 
a.hove' one half or three louiths of a Mile di- 
iaot from th« Earthy 

CLOUDS'BERRV, PwdU^bilU mJUmca^ 
fiire \ fo adied, n though they cane out of 

. CLOim'INESS, the being cloudy j Mo« 
rofenefs. . 
- CLOU^V.a^pding with Clouds ,ovcrcaft. 

CLOVE [Clure, Sax.\ of Garlick, l^c, 

CLOVES [ot dun, tax, 1 a Spice, the 
Froit of a Tree m ihe Eafitrn liiands. 

CLOVE, a Weight in EiJcx, of Cheefe and 
Butter, 8 Pounds, of Wool 7 Pounds, 
. CLO V ER Grafi [oi Chei7i% Sax, Violets, 
liecaufe the Flower of it relcinbles Violets in 
Scent] an evcdlejit Food for Cattle. See (U^- 
ver Craft. 

CLOUGM, an Aljowaifce of two Pounds to 
every rbree hundred Weight, for the Turn of 
<he Scale, thar the Commodity may hoJd out 
Weight whflo fold by Reuil. 

C L 

jCLOUGU [Clonal. 5«r.] a Vilh|e h 
tweeh two ftecp HtUs. 
, CU)UT£|U«Y Tcllow [ RliKtt* Du. 
flvpid Jolt. Head } or of blwtCf* ^^ ^^ 
a gt«at ill-Hiapen Fellow. 

CLOUTS [with Hu/banJiatH'] the Aici 
' tree Clouts ar^ boa Plates naiVd to the End > 
the Aale-tiea of a Cart or a Waggon, to iave 
from weaving, and the two Crofa^uees (| 
hold the Side^ of a Cart together* 

CU)UTS [in Guntury'\ thin Platnofki 
nail'd on tha*t V^fX of the Axle- tree of a Ga 
Carriage which comes thro' the Nave. 

CLOUT.^W/i» are fuch aa ase oied li 
nailing on oT Clouts to the Axie.tRea of Gii 

CLOWN fof CoUvut^ U aHiiitodiKp 
a Country-Fellow ; alfo an aoauBserly P|i 

CLOWN'ISH, Clowo.hke, u^pn^w 
mannerly, rude. 

CLOWK/JSHNESS, UnmaDncdijiefs* . , 

CLOWVS,. Clovft.gUJy flowera. 0. \ 

To CLOY [encloyer, F.J to give enc k 
fiil, to gJut, to ftirleit. ^ 

CLOVED [in Cannery] a Piece of tii 
naoce is faid to M city f J, when any thing it^ 
i^to the Touch-hole. 

CLOYED 7 [among Farrursl a Hjijj 

ACCLOY'EDSis faid u be <ity*d, yJm 
he isiprickrd with a Nail in Shoeing. , 

A CLUE [Chibhe> Sax. anui,L.] ^9t^ 
-thick Stick. 

CLUB' Low [of Cleopan, Sax. to cieMI 
q^ d. every Man to pay «n equal Shaag^ 
paying an c^ual sLaceof aReckoaiAg^ a| 
fighting with Clubs. 1 

To CLUCK. [ Cloccan, ^ax. CfoXM 
7>tt/.} to cry so a Hen in caUjjlk her ChkSiJ 
together. \ 

CLUMB, a Note of Silence. C. ,1 

CLUMJP'ER miwipc, T«f.] a Clci^ 
.Clod, . . , 

To be CLUMP'ERED, tA beclptteltf 
get her, ^ 

CLUMPfERTON, a Clown. s . « 

CLOMPS, a NumplkuU, one void of CiA 
mpn Senfc^ . • 

CLUMPT, lazy, unhandy. Unc. J 

CmM/S|N£(SS,.Awkvanfau(^ Uahff^ 

CLUM'SY [iirobabiytif tesiyf^t^ 
ftupid] fliort and thick, aukward, unhaqdMJ 

CLUNCH 7 a Subfiance wftk^ 

Blue CLUNCH 5 found next tie CM 
upon finking; the Coal-PiCs^ at ^ids/fiivsi 
StaftfrdJIjTrtu \ ^ 3 

CLUNG [of CUapB, Sax,\ flirapie;! 
with Leannefs, half f^iniUhed, duck dofffjj 
gcther, withered as Fruits may be. ..| 

To CLUNG, to dry aa Wood does whligj 
is laid up after it js cot, J 

CLU/NIAC Manks, an Order of MM 
founded in the Year 900^ by Bira^k!if*^ 
C/*»Ty in Surrundvt^ t lu 

Digitized bytjiOOgle 'CLtftI 



ftUBSH miSwiOtwNiek, a Biftemp^ in 
~ , viM their Kceki aic Twdtod aild nw. 
^«UXarSB), dvmfv-haaded. C^tfKr. 
ifiUSOEft [ doircsfiy ^«jr. ] • Bttaeh 
^^ . Fvi» ^^- ^^ * ^^ o^ fevvsal 

ly, Mlof Claftcn, 

i€U7rACaMail4»bon, or Horfe-SfaoM, 

'^SndBi^ Ion «mli whick Can-WlMids 

CU^MTOM rOHtfrrnr, F.] a Smitkery 
tfH|e;«fetreibcIi Irqn Shoes aie fliadt. 

.tJCLUTCEi, to diodi the Fi^. 
' ^HFCHES, cMBcfaml Hands | at aHo rn 
kCiC^ I.e. PMrelTion. 

fa curraER f ii(fyttvnt> ^. 5. 3 to 

I CrrTER I Clcatouji, SaxA a Buftk, 

kSiCLV tbtjwt^ to be whipped. Cam, 

rvWS [ mOymf/ify ] a long DifefH- 

'"tea of oily Sptriu ( eipecialiy Mi- 

6} m Older to make a Caaapofition 

s ; tllo an Extrattioo or Union <if the 

r Fsti of aoy Planti ) alfo a Me- 

K ce tbe noft a/£live l^rt of any IngMi- 

lYSTER rC^[^Sir% F. KXvd»f , Or«] a 
iMciobe et ik&rtm Qualitki, to be in- 
M MO the Bowcli by the Faodament. L. 
|.9aaYrrE&IZ£t togiveaCly«er. 
IttTTO, a Tide of Hoaoar, aacicntly 
■kliif^WcA tiie Ring's Son. 

" k D^'[q.A. CdXMtms** Ditch] a 

r by Cmtfvi the i>4«f, betwim 
I IVtittlrfiy, to abate the Fory oi 
\ kthoie Pkrts, iiis Sotn and hii Ser. 
^Aaricf been ia Danger af being caft awav 
» i it was alTo called Sttnrds Del/, becaofe 
^ ttavk'd oat mJAk theif Sworda. 
[•MUQCiON, Coairaiat. Chaiu, 
l^GOACEfl'VATE [caactrwtr*, L.] to 
^ ' cr, ar taiie in He^s. X>« 

HV ACTION, a httptng »P t^e- 

j^iOMCH f Ciefc, F. and Span. lUttfttt; 
11^) t ttr|e Met ot Chariot. 
1W4L1<JUN» a CofBpiilftob» Ctoa&aint»' 

(CtK^uimr^ F.] aMIow-'. 

-at. I 

VATB (CMi(;«Mr«,t..] tO! 

«i.<h8r. } 

ifTIOH, an iaitiag, or ^ther-' 

!1TATE [tf«a^iidrr,L.] tonovd 

TATION f iaCEynt)^] U 
\ eay Matter by c^iag in f^aF^rs, 
( iftaluRg it cootnete ar iblid. 

J cardic« tkkJbro* i 

^COAGULATE [Ciymcalfy] tOgMft a. 

C iB t fiflaiite to liouads, lo mAt Whal Was thio 

COAGULA'TION,aamllin|,^f. FM 

COAGULATION {in Cbymi/wy] a itda- 
cing any Liquid to a thicker Sabftance. 

COAG'ULUM fin Surgery] a rvrdlcd Sob- 
flmce, gnywing in tjs^H^lJoiv uf a disjointed 

To OOAKS {of Cifi F.} to hwn^yon, or 
fuoth up. 

COAL (Col,&fir. ftsS'f m T- -5. Ko*f f IT, 
T<rirf. probably of Calendo, L. warming J a Mi- 
neral Fuel* 

COAL Fire, a Heap of Fire-Wood for Sale, 
fo much as will tnake a Load of C^alt, when 

bOSOt* V* ... ^ 

COAL Mcufe, a kind of Bird. 
. To COALES'CE [c9alifccre, L.] to grow 
together, to dofe together Kgain. 

COALES'CENCE 7 [ in Phitofophy ] the 

COALES'Cjy^CY 5 cka»i»g or unir.Rj: ;o. 
gefher of the fmaU fine I'arte «^bich compofe 
any natural Bddy. 

COALES'CENCE {SttKgery] thcclofiag of 
a Wound ; the growing together again of any 
Parts wfi<ch before were feparated. L, ' 

COALTEHN Fevert^ are fech as when 
two come together periodically, the. one !»• 
Tade^as the other ^oes off* akernatelv. 

COAM'IMGS [ of the Hmrcha ] are the 
Planks or Frartie in a Ship which rutfts the 
Hatches above the Decks. 

COAN [ of die Ifland Qb9M ] adj. is frt- 
quentiy applied to Hiffcratat or any thing 
iel|^g to him or his VVritings, he haviqg bean 
born at Cboet, 

CO ANGUST A'TION, a making oneThiag 
lltait or narrow by another. L, 

COAPTA^nON, a ftting together. L. 

COARCTA'TiON, a AraighcAiog, a pref- 
fing together. L. 

COARD. SeeCorJ rf f^Md. 

COARTED, compelled. Cbaue, 

OO ARTICUl A1 ION, a joinmg of Bonea. 

COAST [CoJIe,.?,] a Country lying on the 
Sea, aSeatdiore. 

To COAST a/ong, to fail ak)ng the Sea^ 

COASTING, is fatjing within fight of 
Land, or within Sounding between them. 

COASTING [in HM/fiandry] h the tran£- 
phntiaf a Tiee, and pUf iug the fame Side to 
the South, £a(^ ft^i which grcV that way 
where it ftood before. 

COAT [Coke, Sm. of lUatt. « Hut, 
X.. iS. ] a Fold lor Sheep $ alio a Hut or Cot- 

COAT [Ctttf, F. CoetM, DtaL ] a Man's 
oatward Garment j aUb the Woman's PettU 

COAT [ in AMimy ] is the Membranoua 
Cover of any Part of the Body» as the Coats of 
the Evcy, Artsriei, VeiJM and Nerves, &r. 



t>«9Atr hftlBrth 4rV9i§^ ArniotfrVft'fae 
io Form of a Shirty and^^m>iij|it ovet'^ittt 

•' CO^AT (W'a <»ftf>«c«et «f rafted ©tV- 
«M^ iniff >aCk>tttihe^NM»«»^M4^iraMrt r«nd 
alfoabont thePwnpsat the Decksi'tiiiacfio 

r TbX:OA'rH{Ocf(it/Saxt^*W(stoiat' or 

foreign Coin. 

ilttlJ.* ©.' • ■*• i'-il :••'■: 

COB [Coppft, 9axA a Sei F«d* 
'^ COBBbE,' wWbWc; C. • . * ' ' 

ilki-fy U-to pTnrtdgetlier] to botch, ar-(io bfog. 

• ^OBWCE«J**r, alTutH^. • - 
'YoXrOBBLE WffA Stones; to throw Stoner 

IH'.'-C. ■ *'•'•••.• 

A COB'BLER [Cobblf t, ^''a* *o tn^tt^ 
'i^bbeij one <«rtio "tocnds oJd Shoes j'vUb a 
%un^! mg' Workman, 
- CDiJCY, ftout,' bri/k| orhearty« C. • 

COBS, Balls or Pellets with- which ¥dmh 
VKf cratnmeo* . • t 

A COfi^WBB Mornin^i « iri»^ WdhiinB. 

^ • COBWEB, M Web made by €sidert. " 

CO^CA 1 
-« COCU'i A J * ^W«^ <* ^^^* Boat,. <?, Z. 
COk^ACLE, a Device the PiAertteo of 
■^UrM/biAy •h#ve«'^ natfefof fplk SaRow^rwigs, 
and next the Water ODtcredvfith anOk-Hid^e, 
in wh&h a Man fits^ r6Ws with one MiiKl^aiid ' 
'InaMged his Net; 'Angle, or dtbet Fiihing-« 
•tfcfcire wrt^ thfe^ther/ '^ '^* -' 

^' CCCAO Nut. 'S*eC«r*^ 

C0CCl«OIS^t7 r anong -Autmijt*'] 
COCCYX 5Caitila^nous Kind bf 
B«ne, j<Jtt^-to thc'Extremity d( the €ci '^fl- 
irrirAv^'fb ellted, becanl^lb Shape it Isrfone. 
thing lilcR a Cuckow'i'Bitti * L» • ' - ». 
'»•• COOilP'EROUS [of"C#^c«ir*4rei«iy,'and 
/^ro to bear, f..] all thofe Plants or Trees tte 
■i»^«iM«d that bebr^crrfe*. • ' ' - "^ • 

• OOCCI'NIAN £of Cafflw, t.] of«CrJ»flto 
or Scarlet Dye. '• - •' 

•^'-'CGC'tfiSM^ thti old; mV Tone h'ke a 
Cuckafbry. StillifigjUtt, • -' 

r 'CbGH'[ln^^vy£«at^f)r|(} 

•ji^f, L. r; A «'S|*onfaU »'♦ J ' '* i 

COCHENE'AL [C^beniUi^ F. ofCccbhUi 

'iai^i y a rjbh- Grafil itfed b ^iog 'Searkt,j 
^f. . • o.. ■ : ' . -^ • 

^ ' GOCntiEA {iif^iM^^aiy} hthe4ailCa. 

irity of the Ear, and rcfembles tlie'Sli^ of a! 

ShaH. • . ; ' . . ^Mt .. 

A COCK [ Coc^e, Sax. Cpf, F. H^k, 
AiW.JnF(»Mj dlfbthe^lnof al>tallM'Oiin i 

the Needle of a Balance ; tfUb» the v^Wb|hj 
fFitce-wliiiK cavers thr Balahte'itf i Click o^ 
-Watch. ' ••« ^ .." "i .\-. Ti.' ..: »: { 


To COCK'ER^ to iadulfe or fUB^m- 

Coppe> SoM. a Topi a Hea{H>f Hay*, i 
COCK dcAm^ ICfifu^bi^, i.^A 
wkh aCope-cfell or Coaaby'F. Jt all apoi 
Spar } fiaoding upon high TcraDt. • "^ 
COCK Off J/w^ [/, r. the SpiKoe'«c4 
being, laid oo the»Hoop, and the Bitrd«i 
ftuiuf df f. e. drank without farrrmiflitu 
the Height of Mirth and JoUityw 
'COCK'AL, afortofPiay. 
COCK Affat^i [<}. d. ^ijM€ J^f^J^ 
t«B^ Romp. I/ffc. 

COCK'ATRICE [Co^uetrii, F.] a« 
Seq)eAt; otherw ife called^ BMfiiJk, 

CaCKSraiMed, giddy -brained^ h«r^ 

raih. J 

COCK Featbtr [m ^obfr>] ia tkad 

ther of the Shaft which Ifauids upnghrij 

fiotebing. . ^ 

COCK.Pi>, a Place where Cocks figM 

COCK.i'/r [io a Matt rf H^ar) Ja of 

on the lower Floor.or Deck, abftft the I 

Capftao, lying between the Platfatm < 

lop, and the Steward's Room, wbares 

titJoDs for the f^iricr, the Sur^eosi 


COCK-JtMA, a Net cbkfly for the^li 
iog of Woodcocks. 4 

C0CK^J2ar£», a kind of loTeft. J 

COCK-^wtfin 7 an Officer of a Shfaj 
COCK'SON Stakes Caic df tfaeM 
boat. Barge, or SbaUop, with all sit i 
tatt; and 4a. ii» readinels, whfK hia On 
maa Che Aiat ofon oil Ocoa^oiis* .; 

Oft Widd^pipe is fe Jong that he canofl|^ 
hie BKathia.eaay OS ofbsndowhkhoaC 
thtt»pM*'\ . - ..,4». . • ti 

COCKS^aZ», a Place wh«e t 01 
hndS %iid.«h«»y J*iinool|^'«».oa«| 
%ooiiaJ- / .. 1' , ' o ^- .^ , ^" . - . ■ vj 

QOCK'ERMOUa^ « OfosQiiiiitt 
Aii^l^2a«iMHesfi.W.f0M»J^sp«te ) 
i*4:O0K^HC;<hrift;^ toMhnoct. . / •«< 

C0CKET7 a Cuftom-hmsfe Seal 

OOiUar fii Pttchioel^ ieoie* 
▼ered by the Officer of the CuftoAt 

«aft4»ied» . V ♦ ;...».•-»:' 1 
: ' GOCKESF^AraM^-tU^iteft'teoit 
tcn^ Befeadv' 


at«hrC«llosB«lioBfeaifediiDckotei» ' 
mkHiSS9BfMttA:,^S^ lu >. . >^^ •>.. . ; ^ 

4XCKBT'TUM lthe^91Bceor 

Goodi to be raftortedtBre^atoscd. Ai 

COe^lNO.Cbr^, a Emu* ' 
Canvafs taooed, with twa&tieks fet 
kjbe^ it«ot»>JMvingaHol«d»Joik 
to putidtt Nooad of a. AOK <2mb'I 
the Aeotiog^ Pbeafaoti^ ^c. ' >\\Xv 

COCK/JNQTON» o.Vilkte io 
orcihabiy:ib adk46oBi>>9roiii^ 
ke^lkiril.; ^ 

Digitized by 


iUfc^ M fax Ootb does4 
MU JMvi^vWiag Sain* 
F tOmsa {(mao4t»9^^h horn th* 
^^•Cte^t fa% wJk» ^kllew not tM 

i|^tf iCitk, hat'olM k Mittng^ 

imkntOdatdi ^hatoiCtfrnn, 

\ k a iilUMiB, the OciMM 9»e»Uy 
kj^iUiSiitUe tlutt Couatiy f^eople) 
wkmmfmw one who it kiiii and 
u^&fm £witoit,*ot witliia fhe 
iMiif J» M; alto a Favn^g Child 
axna [Cbkr, p.] a yomg Cock 

tXKX^Tmj m hUam Tree, noch iike a 
kths, Ae Nat af which coataiM a fwcct 
teb&elfikarQtaBa, aniofapkalam 
Vh^ #r hMr Itiad may be eatcm lilie Ar- 
iIbi ai the oatwatA ii a Material for 


or of 

Capta^K'z She-€8ok] 

»lfti4i|li9cift cheCoak amaK Wo- 


■tenon [if afinr, 1^1 a Boilit« r >I^o 
^AiaiatheStoBKh. L ^ 
tmSU 1a{BiUDrinIcii«-Oipiiitbe 
iLQyeDUniJSfa^flfaBaat. O.L. 
'*"%CI h^emtt a poifoaooa Maicotick 
■dea^ fl# by Poacbat ta intnacate 
Atetbey avj be takaa out of' the 
ititbeHaaAi caUailaifo^.aMtfJ»«/* 

i the B^CBMaiaiag the Tcftidai of 

tikakiaaafSca^fiii:. • > i 

im^Om^ a Sa^ ^iHlow, a Pio- 



IMb arlSaci PinfiMiiil iai 

ftUar^X. aBaodbarMVinlm 
U tba Trvok of a Trea^ tecaod 

bte-waaa Aide'of iflfoad ~ 
of the OvU Law, which tk^ fiaa- 


^^fcw il tha^aKkaaiiMntart' (fllhiafa 

EhidSaallB, oaSitectaaJiMiMcni 
lyaif ftaiflMItfktt iflto a Bdok, 

y^ Mai^z bar iay bf way aO Pre. 
g*» w rthaa^att tfca^Paaw. utrr ' 

■K«a\^Maa«lMWrM«' i 

^^lACftadtoBM»ll QdbaMMr,tr 
■^ vfAiAitHiHCC^iiNeariL^ 
ggU» [af»ifli|;^^i > iiti|,a rrfW »: 
If^ |n(« IS be eoddtd or tettd^»i 1 

[ * 


-0OCK>SCB<I^ [«W> fiv^w] 

Pubaci in tba-Gnio* 

COE [of ftm, L. ^. a Cabbin] ; 
ddimtnt m a littM Lo%mant thej awke for 
themfalMa uader GnNtad, as diey ^ock iowir 
and ]ower%^ 

COE'CUM rmAMM$amii the bfiaa Got; 

COEFFrClENT [wjicimt, L. of «•» 
i. e«* cMt, and «^IW» J that which caoid^ 
jnabj^ j^ hmq/i tq pafa togatto with aa- 

. CQSFFI'QIENT [tB^^dC^a^] the known 
Qaantity that ia multiplied mto any of the un- 
known Terms of the Equation. 

COEFFI'aENT cf aij ^eneratmg Ttrm 

tip Fhtxiora ] is the Quantity whi(£ arifei 
r ^(riding that Term by the geoeiated Qm»-' 

COEfUAC Artery^ [uk Autmyi] is that 
which ariies from the Trank of the great Ar-> ^ 
tery, and Jpreads iticlf toward the Ventri4e 
aiid Liver* 

COEUAC Pajion [ofKoOiU, Cr. the Bdr 
lyl is a Loofencfs wherein the Meat is cither 
wholly changed, or in Part, is ejeded, with* 
ottt mf ChyUfication* 

COELIAC Kfx>, is that whkh runs iii|» 
t^ tHUfimm rt&um, ... t 

COE/LOMA [KoiWoi. Cr«] a boUoT 
roood Ulcer in^ hotav. Tunic oiF jthe Eye. . 

CO£%UM [among AiiAt<MfiJk\ is the Ca« 
vity of 4he Eye -toward^ the Corner. L* 

COE'METERY [Km/ci^^^ Gr.J a ^o. 
lying-Place, a Church-yard.. . . 

COBMR'TION, a buying of Things* > 

COE'KOBITES [Cmnolnte, L*. ofMivtr, 
common, and ji^^, IaU\ CrJ\ Monatfkk** 
Jews or Chriftian^ which had all Things in 
.commort-by^ way -oS rdjgioiis.GaaTaffKion* 
if. ' .< . . i . - - 

. CQEtfOrfilARCH [KitpoCmp)^, of mm- 
»af> fiiO'f and tt^X^ .« c^i^ Got ernory Gr.] 
the Prior of a Monaftery« , 
. COENOBIT'ICK, of^or belonging tathe 
monafitcal Way of living in pommon. • 

COE'NOBY [Otn^MmjL^ nimttk, oooi- 
oiaB, agd^i^y^ife, C/r.] allying in com* 
aaoOf ur like Monks, 6fr. .; 

COENOSTTY [Cttnafit^s^^A FUthineft, 

.qOE/QUAL [Qoepiol, F*. of Ca^ff iroZ/yL.] 
equal to one aDothar, as Feilowa apid^ Partni^ 

* ..CQE^fBLE [af<r4&4«» U}.that ^nay-.te , 
reftrained, or held in. 

COER/TJqN [Capo's,. U] a keeping in, 
^(gt>raftniniag« , . 

COER'CIVE, ierving to keep ia, or le- 
A9J9* 'i^» • ' • - » ' 

.QQBSSWTIAI. [af rsaand^^'aJ^'i,!^] 
. of tha. fame ElTence ,w jth another. , * r 

JCQETAW^OW W w and^tas,>^] 
of the fiune Agc^ iivisig tog^er at tho Aiab 

Digitized by COLTER'- 

c o 

^emus, L. 1 that is eierasl to^ witbj or as' 
^wrfl as another. 

CCXiVAL [tff AM «nd rfw*, L. ] df thei 
fNHfr A^fror DuMtien with another. 

COEXISTENT [ of con and exfjhns, fi. J 
Invitig an ExH(«Do0 or 9eui^ at the hmc "time 
^ith another. 

.tDOP'FEE [Cftoaaiaf, i*-^.] al^rlnkweli 
wttto^ifitf made ot 2 Sariy broug^K eniefiy *ff oin 
^yrkn, Sec, 

COF'FEK [Ooppep, .'?4ar. ^0^, F. !^nf' 
ftr» 7m/. ] a Ckcft or Tfunik ; alfo * long 
l^quare Box or Trotigh, in whidi Tin 19 
li^ken to Pieces in a Stamping Mill. 

COFPSt [ in Fortfficarion ] is a hellQwr 
' ^TTMch fft 'LodgfAent cwt in^fac Bottom of a 
dry Ditch. 

■ COF'FER ph JHhiteOttreJ the lotwrl^art 
€■ twe Cornice. 

CC>I"PERER, l4 the fecond Officer in the 
King*s Houfliold, nyxt under the Ccmptro!}er j 
W hath the Oteffight of the other Officers, 
aod fays them their W«pes. 

GOFTfN [CgffT, F. Cojee, Sax, a Ho!f, 
&r.} a Cafe for a dead 'Body ; alio the hoHow 
iVtof a HorftVHoof. j 

To COFFRIN, to pot in t Coffer a Cheftj 

ToOOG {njuelhrer, of Coyt/f, F. a SheH]' 
to footh up or flatter 5 to -cheat at Dice-pliy. j 

OCOEN'T Ic^ens, L.] preffing, enforcing,* 

COG'GAf a fort of Sea VefTe! or Ship,. 

COG'GOJ a Cock-boat. 0,C, 

COO'GLE? , ., „.^. „ - ! 

eOB'BLE I*fm4l¥i(king4^t. C. 

COGITABLE lc9gitMh, t.] that may, 
•be thmicht on. 

OOGIT'ABaND f rtj/W*»ir*rj,* L.] fi»ll« 
of Thoughts, deeply thouf^htfu I, 

To OCOITATE [c^gilarey L.] to think' 
ormofet^pon. ' J 

COGITATJON, the Aftion of Think- 
ing, or Thought, the Refie£lkm of the Mind, 

•COGITATIVE [etghatiws, L.] though t- 

COGITA'TIVELY, thonghtfuDyj confi- 

COGNATE [c9gnattts, L. ] near of kitj, 
alJfed irnto, very like. 

COGNATION [in flwY Law] the Line 
4>f Parentage between Males and Females^ both 
ddftetided taom the ftine Father. 

COG'NISANCE [Ommijance, F. of %- 

• ititmry L.} Rnowledte. '^ 

COG'NISANCE [in Heraldty] the fame 

^'vik'CftH, which in every AtchicYcment 

helps to marihal and fet off a Coat of Arms. 

« COGNISANCE fin Law] the Hearing of 

. a Thing fudrcialfy ; alfo an Acknowledgment 

CXKS'NISANCE ef m Fies, • Prtvitegi 
which :i Corporatioa ha< to hold a PiM«f all 

eintm^t, a«id or Ladle fPkfuii tin W 

the Franchife. j 

COONISRfe'7(JWi«» r^rtffl a M 

• lOONVISEE'Swliom a F&ae is M 
ledged. ' i 

COGNISOnR XlOiw Smrl ^ 

OOm^SO<R 5aokncwIe<)gethi«^ 
a Fine of Land) ted Tme ramwa to tolri 

COGNITION, a knowing or joiy 
Thing. f>. -i 

CO^NITIONISUS ^dmktoKdh, Iri 
to a fuftke» or other ff^di>n who fatdJI 
«o take a Fine, and having takes 44 
l«djgwi«<it of' a Fine, defers to cotifyl^ 
«C««rt-ef Common Pkas^ rtqairnig i4l 
it. ' •! 

to give a Sirname to any. 1 

COGNOS^ENCE [«r n;)^j««V 
Knowledge; .^ 

OOONOS»CITIVE, nf, or pertdi 
Knowledge. f 

<300S, the Teeth of a MJiUWhc^ 
fort of Boats u fed on .the River HwmUA 

COG- ^4#r, cofiWc Cloths^ aodenilf 
the North 9f£r.r:rin4. 

CQG^Mfff IV iVre in iiK^ Ckdi* 

To COHAB'IT [«i>«*fVtfr, F. <alK 
L. ] ,to d#cll' cogather, efpeciatty m M 
Wife do. I 

COHA^ITATiON, ^rcdhdlbitiifll 
ling t<»gerher. L* :M 

CO-HEIR [CoieriNt, F. of COM 
joint* Heir wwi another. i 

COHl£iR'E8S, »WotHn whoAK 
heritant<e with aiwCher. •' 

To OOHB'RE [c4»mf^^ L.] t«l 
cl»a¥a<tn, to hang vogother weH, toM 

COHE'RPNCE I [O^b^rtmiSyhS 

^dHBllENCYf iflt» ctailBg, oA 
tc^theri an Agreement. F. ^ 

COHE'RKWT [foArfrrnt, L.] Dl 
art faid to be (o, when there it • 
Conntfaion and AeRamcnt bcutedl 
Parts. * J 

COHB'SIi^N [Ca^j&, U] a mM 
cleaving together. * j 

• CONBSION { in NatntAi PbikM 
that Prhttiple, w<hatevcr it be, vrbichfl 
the PalHs of the Body ooheie^nd'iHckl 

ToOOHIB^T [t$ka>trr, L.] to 

COHIBFTION, a keepii^ in, or 
hig. L, 

which remtin in the VeBcL 

' <SOHOBATI0N, a lepoatodlXlUlM 
the fame L^nor. 

fiO^HORT [CeinrtB, T. of GiM 
amongft>the IUmwm, w»oiiiaanl^>| 
5«o Mcn^ «r tlio i«th Ptft of « UM 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[Cf^F.] aifltofHooaocCap 

firimm^riiCOlf.M Tide of Sn- 
' i< Uv, tna dtf C«f of Lonr thqr 
; m tkir HeaM oaricB Ibcil^ 
iktjpvipMdKiiiiidcf ParCtffilMir 

't«Kttft;ClaKav •rAiflk. 
• aOtflqw Koifry oc ToBoki 

I*#Ci^ [ &v 7>nB ] to WDdit 
rafaaiTatoi^ ibc (mnl Casks 

« i»l —I Vn 

^T»C ^ tie Smd, m^Mk mtk. 
*^»Cmtmytna^Hm(afix Set- 

\ [O^ Cmilkm, or Cmila, F. 1 

IfbsF. pcdiapt flf CwMMy L.' a 

' ~ Ml laafc, hKCBufe irhsth 

fit fH^BB^ Head opes it; aod 

Ivflhvec frna Crnnna^ Sfww to ooiiil 

i^Si^aa ubtli.s Tbtii» ill 

iMrifiQB, wKirb kfciflp pkced 

I okWt, ^ esa^T agree or dover 

^ fleciMd cottcSdmt F%fc i c >> ■ 

~~' [ u£ e^r agkk tnJa/Mtf'L^ ] 

CATWNS [in P^x^Jart 6igm 

I •* kdizmt W tkflDifel«t» 4fcD0, 

'^ wtt oAer Xncncs ana Ctrcim- 

"I tbe PMcsui t» Atai a Ivxk- 

K} H ^^'t^MArfvT die Cdrd^ df 

> OOMS, Slaves AKkto« cut tf ^ 

( amobg Gwmirs } iarge 

Wari^of W«i«libf tbe 

, ar kiwering of a Ptect «f 

f iiii (taaicr We^et igietf M iWj. 

ofW«>d j»kiy tedMMMn 

r COIN'S, Pipc-ftaTca or Biikca to 

^ « ^^ of Flax m E^H-UdiM, ^ 

"OSi [fci^r^ F. af Cmt**, L. of mb 

ly iinnn M g cr mreKioe tOftdier; a 
7j*^«f Bod«a tiK«tfd €«ie.aa« 
^ ^ 'e Ixoa tod Load^one « alfo car«> 

B tW Mi mi t« in the fame Si|o 
\*^ JMmtk. wild rtic Soa. 
\ \ ' ^ ptjfoo Riafior ttoKe^ 


CQRB» Pit-<o4.oa^aa.flBatVam Ik* l 

kind of Ctuicoek /»«■(• 

CQK.ES» a meer Fool, a Niaay. 

CO'LANDEK 7 [of Cw4rr, F. 1 a VdM 

eULLAND^KS toa of UolM^ Mtvng l» 
I ftraiii any Liquid through. - .^^ 

CQLA/i 1X^^,4 teifitoc» aptfu« Ouooglr 
a Sriaioer. L. 

CO(>A i URE, is that ^bkfci after boiliiic 
is percolated oe ikaioad UmMi^ba SieiioaC' 
Cluiii. Z.- 

Ci>l./CUBST«R [C^ctfarctlHH&K. 
froBi the Eifev C*/ir j .die pru«apai i own itfr 

COL'COTAL [ amooK Ckymifii ] it dbe 
drjr SubiUnce which remaiiM aft^ PjtfiHa* 
tia» af Vkaioiy caaftiwJy aaliad Cafm fpMW 

COL'COTHAR [ wick C^^air^ } Vitfkil 
calcioad, pr hurnc a gogd while ovof a Asoa^ 
^ixe, which is very good for Aanckio| ttaod^ 
whtp applied lo a Woand, (^c, 

CpL£ 7 [GaFl» ^M. <}f 4#««J^i, L. SUkW: 

CALEi rmt.} Coiworts. C. 

COLD [Ceal&, 6>c, EilB^ Aaa. EalU 
Ttfaf#.} CAc gi' ci*: PiioMtfy Qj^itiet of Bodio^ 
aad is fiic^ a State of the ^nute PaiCi Vt 
any R<)dy, in which they ar^ more flowly^a 
fault !y afiu^, than thofc of the Ot^fiL af 
Feeling ; fo thH it is aaSy a telatlae Vi aniR» 
the '(^ne Soiiy bfliog iiabie ro be prooounced 
Hot <K Ceid> ai its Particiei are la a gfsattv . 
or le^fiur Motion than ibofo of tba I'eni^loqpk 
Orfant. ; 

COI;ry$FaR£ Irm^ ia inch as is baittk 
when it is ooid. 

COL&BROOK ffooailad ffmntbeRMat 
CoU, becaufe it is hors paned into four Cas- 
reati, but is joined together by four Bridges }. > 
a Tpwn in 3utini§k0m/bntej 15 Miiet W« traaa 

I COLE'HAM [ of die River C^,, nd 
bicl. Sate, a Taws } 9 TowM i» Middkm: 

^ COLENS.Sari^ » fort of Coloiic fn 

CO'LET 7 diat Part of a Ring wfava tho 

iXMAETjStoiiiitftt. F. 

OOLFOX, a bUok Pot. 0, 

C0L'IB£RTS [ probably of Lihtftuf^ L. >f 
Tea^rttsor ViUabisnad^fi^e; Pcribos of a 
middle Coodidao botwdoa ^ertanta asd Froa^ 

-CO^LIBI/Sk (be kammiiif Blrd> adiiab 
laakes a Noife Mkt a Whirl-windv thonKb ifrk 
be no bigger tbaa a Fiy : It freds aa X>vf^ . 
bM an admirable Beaty of Feathers, a Stooa > 
as fwtet as that of Muik<or Ambergroafe* 

CO'LIC [Cb/fV w,.F» QiCciita, U of lUhtnif . 
Gr.} a violent P;tin of the j^bdomn, taking 
ita Kame f9om the Oat CoIm^ the p^inci^ 
Part afKr^lcd. 

COALING, aloof pale Apple ^at grow* 
ab«i»i liudhw. 

Digitized by VjOO^IC 


T^COLL [jmOt, P. if CMKX. tlie 

Meek] to embrace abovttliclteck. 

COL'LA {%JtKh^ Gr.} GIm| nj thing 
gHitinottSy orof tlieN«tBic«f Ghie. 

COLLABVACaiOII» tdrftnyii^ wtft. 
ing, or 4leca)riiig. L^ 

COLLAFS«0[4dBb||^L.] falkntoD*. 
cay, mined. 

OOLLAP'SIOK, aMingioiitlMr. t. 

COLfLAR [CMGfiwr, F. JCctltre, L.] tU 
•ppcr Part of a Band or Doublet ; aJfo a Ring 
made of Metal to p«t about tbc Neck of a 
Slave, Dog, ^€. «Ub fl«bda fo » Cm dr 

COLLAR [of a ^] it a Rope iaAencd 
about her Beak-bead^ onto which a Pottey» 
caU*4 the Dmd Maa'a Byo^ ia fiaed, that 
holds her Forc-ftay ; aUe one abottt the Main* 
maft Head, cattrd the CoMar or Gaitaid, 
' which ia wound about theie to iave the 
Shroada fnm gallmg. 

COLLAR pfS*g, an OnanMiC for the 
Meek, worn by the Knights of the Garten. 

To COLLAR [in W^f ly] ia to Uy hold 
<Mi the Adirerfary*a CbUar, 

COLLAR-^«ft, Feftival Dayt, whereon 
the Koigbti of the Garter wear their CoUari 
cf^i. • 

COLl^RACl, a Tax or Fine laid for 
Collars of Winc^dtawing Horfes. 

to beftow a Spiritual LiTing ) to compare or 
caamiae | as, to coUate Books, is Co examine 
if they be perfeft. 

COLLA'TERAL T <WAi/«rtf//r, L. } that 
hangs aiK) depend^ on the Sides, or comes Side- 
ways, not dircA, on one Sidot Thos Collate- 
ral PrefTure is a PreflTure Side- ways ; and Col* 
lateral Relations are Brothers and Sifters Chil- 
dren, and thofe that defcend 6rom them. F. 

COLLAT'ERAL 5«ctfr/rjr, is a Bond chat 
ia nade over and bcfide the Deed itfelf, for 
the Perforanaoce of Covenants between Man 
and Man. 

COLLA'TIOK, a handfomc Treat or En- 
tertainment, F, AlTo a cuUatiog or compar- 
ing together. L. 

COLLA'TION [of a Stinfce] is the be- 
ftowing a Church-Littog by a Biihop, whA has 
it in his own Gift. 

COLLATION [ofSaJt} h when'oneSeal 
wu fet npon the Back of another npon the 
fame Libel, in old Deeds. 

COLLA'TIONE fta0 miu9 f^ mvrtm 
sluritts, a Writ which enjoins tne Juftices 
of the Common- Pleas lo fend oot their Writ 
tn a Bifhop, to admit a Clerk In the Place of 
another pnlented by the King, who died dur- 
ing theSuit between the King and the Biihop's 

COLLATTONE ftemttagit\ a WHt where- 
by the Kiog was wont to center the keeping of 
an Hermitage upon a Clerk. 

COLLATI'TIOUS [ co//atittut, L.«] done 
by Conference or Concribation of many. 


COLLAmVE XfflAWmr^ L.] 

acvolenee of the People to the King, m 

To OOLLAUD' [et/lauilare, L.] t» 
tueai, or praiie together with othest. 

COLLEA'GUE [Co%ao I', ~ ~ 
am and l^^nrt, L.] a Fello«r,ii< 
any Office. 

A COL'LECT [Colkeh, F. OAS 
a Aort Player, with the EpiAleand 
appssfoated to any ptftioalar DayorO 
in the Chordi. * 

To COLLBCr [ColSpr^ P. CO^ 
to gather or piek op. 

gathering not of feveiaft Thinge or Pta« 

COLLECfriON, a gatbermg 
picking ufi Things gathered 
picked up s as a CoUcaioo of Beolo, 
inference or 'Coocluiton, F.oft, 

COLLECTION ^ Ligift [io 
when two principal SigmiJS^ttn'a/k 
Aipea IP a more digni6ed Planet^ anii 
behold each other. 

COLLECTVnOUS Itofhakm^fk 
thered up and down. 

COLLECTIVE [coOeffi^m, U) tli 
thered together into ooa» caopechei ' 

COLLEeTIVE JNToini [withCnv 
is a' Word that comprdiends meayV 
Things in the Singular Number} as 
tuite, a Cafl^^ievy, a Troop, ke, 

XXHJUBGE [a%iMi» L. ef la 
ComfAny or Society of Pertes of i 
Ftoti&<m I alfo the Building wheic t 
F. _ 

COL'LBQE [of PbgfidsmJ a Corji 
of Pbjjktam in Loinicn. 

COLLEGER I [ttUep^em^i: 

COLLEfGIATE 5 tow, Meartwr; 
dent of a College. 

COLLE'GIAL [ctUegidHi, U] 
a College. 

COtLE'GlATE CJmrch, ia em 
for a Society, Body Corporate^ of a 
and Prebendaries or Canons, fife* 

COLLEGUE. See<:^A«|^. 

COULBRED \}ABeraliH «« 

COyLERY, a Store-houfe ef 

COL'LET [a Diminutive of Ww* 

COLLET'ICKS, Medlciaea diat 
nate, ' or glue together as It were* P* 
CQLLl'CliS [iJI Anatomy'^ the jfl 
the BuHffa Lecbrymalia into one 

ToCOLLI'DE IcpWJtrt^t,] 
knock, or bniifc together j todafteai 

or works in Coals j alfo a Skap thst it 



imutitit [eJSlJre^ C].to bind 

•Oft'OICAtt UJumve, UXjfi I^ve) 

frfCWKr, L.]'littlc>IlU, 
iVickoefi or Oawbejpejfi 
CttURi, odbnc^ tboot tbe KcciL 
\ fiOLlfiS phiMtive^of lfitt^§il i)Jkf 

£)• ,. . 

^'/iwr, one' aUenied 
s, or mfvi^ SwetfJv /rooQ too 
r a CkttttR c/ the Floids. 
[COUSUDaANS, a Sea of Heretr^s Wbo, 
l'j« Vtf|;io Marj as a Goddcisj^aod 
i vzwc to her* 

r a ^afhToc or ftrl&lqc ooe 
Enoiber'; Fllf i? - - '•^ ^ 

rpcuted; piiiV<>" i« 

11PGIUM7 • Pillory or Pair of 

t 5 Stocks. O.L. 
ATR)N, a placiD^ or iepingin 

t wicii oae Han-He. 0. 
Ictpjui^^lf,} to flAttei, 

[niOe r^ha^ of KAamw Gj. a. flat 

I Cd( ^ Sffcc of'FIcA Mejiti. 

i^:oBferencf . • 

• a' ftfugcltnt to- 
TJOSCY 5 i^edifio or uA^'^- 

M%Covia, with Intent to decef^, . 
■^-^^lOH, Dereik Cottxenaget i, 
[jBKU?SK>S [a XrfvJ a rr?udu!cntX5>n- 
^ « ^ftpfV*' Bctweea two *(St' Aoorel 
V *9 bof m Adion ooe agslilft tiie 
> «» fboH docntfn) Endj or iff the Pre- 
•'!kft%btofathirdmron. ti 

lY TCt/itfiirt, F.l d<m< br. 

;[ro called from one Co/- 

Hosicita m the foortb Ccntv^. Vtio 
itkt IrH of pMii Ataen^ wi;h the 
M ^ fcyioc ^t die fionner 'dl4 n^t 
^ 6an Go4 taf man than the Uiuf j 
'"^fd (Mioatioo, GTr. 

(if Cole, or Coil J the Bfack or 
!• «t <WiM« of a Pot or iUKle. 
LXy, to davb witfc C0II7 or Soot, 

'^r [of a tUwiJ wh6 Is faiJ h 


?e}5.', *hS ifijp ^^rcj;pbcs out Ker Kccl^ ftrc*sh(t 

fort of Cabbaac PJaot. ... ,.», . , . • 

quid Medicine dcfi£ftjjd. to VuffjPifafes ia t^e 

• COUyfipWA tl{|\oCiyU*, GFJ Vjjfetpr^ 
pafural growing tpgctjcr of tfee L^s, t^jc-lids, 
Ef c. or tlic adhering of the lETars to !hc"Heii4 ^ 

^'1tO?tON*{K^o^ C?j a M:^miy the f(. 
cofl^oF t1ic'|rc4t Cuts ; aVoInt iht^aajm^ ^ 
dna|JFej ^^a ( : J wh'^ (Hews that the W- ' 
tence is "perfc^ or erit'rie^'buf ti^c'Senfc jj^l.l . 
'dq>endinc oi;cont-- * 

tJllUlI^OJ^. ; 

i Jin /frchte^uT 

rj'a Kai 

Tof Pillars £unnlDe<jui^^/awi?d * Buijdi^g^' 311^^! * 
•i^andlnf wiihIn'uic\y.a!kof it'. ."*".' .. 

t|cbUie^l^g;>«od(;r ofji l^tgu^cot of Horfe^ 
orFoo't. _/ ; .„. ' . 

1 cox/oj!j5^m«r;;'i:; ofc^anU L] >- 

|PlM|tat4ph (. a Comp^v ^P^k traaTgUhc^d 
tfrQ|9a.oiif Xhltc Xp aaotbor^.inf order u> cttlti^^* 
Wc and inRhic Tr". ' ^- ^ ' -* -* • ♦ 
' COLOP-UOKrAtany^^toko/Ronoip^e 
^COCOrom'A ^by. th^.E^baUw 5f, 
lilrayriog 0^*5^6 t]|)uiu;e{J^,ar^ ut« tcreb'^^ 
,nous Tuicea. ■ ^. ' ^. .. .', ./. JT ' i 
I COLOrQXJm'ttoA, the hitter Ap^fe! th^-^ 
Fmjtof j^ wild jjrgnr^o^^i ver^ tiUec T^. 
.•^. . , / . ,» f 

COlOkATION, a Colouring. . t, . 

COUQJ^ATION r«ith . fl^mifii 1 ,tV: • 
brlghtoning of Gold cr!j^tlyer. . ^ ^ 

COtORSTICj of or pertamlog totolput;^ 

cxJioss' .itjPf#^ ^i.>^xe^e^i^ 

cxSto-^ ^- -^ ,.,. , ^ 

. XfOLqS'SyS Jfcr.'J'aVgeiii^ie) rcptc-^ 

fencing a'G^otj^ ts that^of the S\m'at KkjJei, ^ 

feventy.t^uVits high> between whoie I^;^^ ^hij)', 

(alUd* •••»•* 

iCOLbygAN. large, like a Colors.' ' * . 

TS)L0STRA'TI(5N, k Difcafc in youpg 

CaSves, fHfc^ caufed by fuckiog tha Bca01i^a 

;<^flrftMnic. , ' ^ » i •, , ' 

\ COyOVVC IpmUuf, E. C»hr,t,1^h%t^ 

SenfatTon we "percelre when we. look uppA 

.anjr colwrod ^T(A « «kac Quality iq abjF. 

|.Body wHicn IS tii^Occanon Qf t&t ^enT^Uo^t 

alfo Compkxion or l,40oks: alTo C^etcnce or 

Sh?w. . ^ , . ' ' , 

^ * COL'OUR Ijn a I^ S'enfi} U a Plea tb^t^ 

^is .^obahje, .tW* really falfe^ put in with W» 

jn^cnt^tadraw the.Trial of tbe^Caufe from f$$ 

Jury to the fudges, . ._ 

COUOURABL'E, fair, plauftUt. 

1 L'O U R 0/ Cj^c*, an evil or unjuft^ 

Aa,coouivtted by Uip Couotowca of an OT^. 

'ficcr. • • • 

To COL'OUR [rp/arrr, F. r«/er«rr, U] to 

give Colour to ) to cloke, tomcufe j to bluA, 

To COLOUR Strangers G(,cdi, is when 

a Ficwnan peimits a Foreigner to enter Go«ds' 

Z « 


fe hn^rant at AcCaAoaMontfy tb p^j littt 
fidgle DiDtf, wbcA be ought, by Uw, to psy 

v6ifOUKS, tbeBuMcrorabDiBptajrof 
Sol4it»i aMb thoTe Ealigm wkich are pbcc4 
aCtlMStiartfstB4 PMpi of Sbip^ to ih^of 
wM Coiuiirf « Pm tbqr ore. 

CX>tP [Gaffe, Sptt«] » Blow | alio a Bit 
•f aav tniot* 


oe^eATii'BA t thecocdvr opiacr«s «f 

CdLPATirKAjTree^ a Tre^aft widiia 
001/SON £f.i: KtMaei SodJ a Sir. 

C iMmi^.tti kp, to t^ Treei. 

OOLT [CoU^ 5^.] a jout Hpcic!, R<»^ 
Of Ail.' 

' COLT£«t/» k MttOBatanl SwdUn|u tbe 
i»iutoao4 Cediof flofftt. 

'^GOI/k-ER rcolmy ^<«« ^W«r» F. ftpa* 
ttr, Di^ of M««'» U1 aPiecoof ira««a 
l>ad| wliicb cott optfic t)foim4« 

coLvirBAity roawir^^ t^ of Ck 

Iwmia^w^ &; 1 a fWOi^iiie oi Pigcea- 


«# pchaMof tt a tMe or Pigcen. 

^1 a Fhoft beai^ fcol^Flpwcn of 4iveri 
Cbloun. AqidUm. 

ebLUMB^UA/att Mmmatfoa of tlie 
tfcwJki whoB icjiaandcd « Uq|U>Ukea 

COfimim [Cobmnt^Y. ^Cdumu, U] 
• looadPUlaitoWiroporWBiiti^aBoija. 

COWB^ [m .AqIM*^] is l»oKrJj 
Aat roooi loiig CWUnatf» or Fart of a PUlar, 
wJiich it ctdicd tfae $£«y?. rnoO^ Ac. and 
teacheth frotothc Afbasal of tlie Bkfo to the 

GQLUIIM [m tht Mfiitmy,Ah\f^\J^ 
long Fi!e or Row of Troopf, ofof tbt AiUfliR 
ef la Amiy to Itt KAuth« ' . 

' tOUDMN {oaiofi| FrimnJ a Part of a 
^tt divided bf a Luie^ at tiba it, Ii^to two 
Cnumm, tod ocberi Hnothvoe* fo^, Qfr, 

' COLUM'K A Nsi Im/tnatmA tlie Bdky 
Fkt of theKofc, juttmg o«t in me Bfiddle, 
4tar CBe upper Up. £. 

' COLtTli'BlA Ccriri [in ./HMfM] the 2ffti& 
ilea aod.Tendea^ by whioh the H^ if con* 
tia^ti and ^atcd. L. 

COLUM^A Oris Un Amtvm'l the tAp». 
A or fittle Piece of Fieih in thoFilate of the 
lUCooth. Xr. 

. CXaXfMtiJB fffwctiiis {tlm Piilara of Mp-'- 
iuin, t*.} M^'o MQuMtaiai oppo^te one tp an* 
other, ia ihe MoNtfa of ihe Streighti.^ Ct- 

'tX)^irMFNB» a Colaaro, a Pillar. Chayc, 

COUJUeS [ Ga/iir/> L. of K»MrH» Cr, ] 

wtAoognattfnagioirj.CiKkrj which iatar* 

fca Ofli anod^ ttKUkt Aii^iA tbM 
of the World t bM^fvbidi pdbch d« 
theEqoinoaial Poiata of .^SftTKi end JUina 
the othtr thrawh tht two Sbimd B 
CMrer, and Ctfncmu MmU 

TheCOUfRE fof the f^cww^ii 
whicA poflb through the Pole and th^ft 
.<#r<f and X^irtf, aB4 jsakea tlie Sc4^ 
Sfrhi and Autwm^ 

TYmCOWKlL [cf.tbe J^Moi] k 
which Oewa the SelftStial Aint^ a| 
GnpMraadCi^iiM^ a^naUog&M 


CaMA 1^, a di^S^acm^ 

with a iboag Iwrfoa^wa tp ito> widJ 

iagaUetollh. i: ^ ^ 

TOMB (CW,1V«- »»9*5fli 
iBftromeoi tv uataMjIe and Crfm theil 
WioVfif^. aUbtbeCmftffaCock 

Hair, Qfr. 

COMB [df a S»^l ir a teaO PSec!?^ 
ber fet oader the loweft Part V dk Bo 
near the Middle^ ita Ule ia to hdp I 
the Tacks aboard* 

; COMB rComb^ S4Xr^ a VaBejr L 
t Hilfi, or a Valley with ttta on bochU 
P GOMBA Tertit^ a low Pkceaf <^ 

, COMBAR'QNES^ tlic Felb>wJ 
'Commonalty of the ekqoe-POrtl. 0.. 
COM^BAfl:ANT# a OwDpico, a 1 

I COM'BATAm^riaOvd^tffia 
jaic fidd to beCoMbatanty wJIcstiSya 
[in a Coat of Arma^aaaapanr, wit^f 
jtowaids e^ other,, m a fildilHi **^ 

I co](raAT£rcUitf;i!ui 

a dputa^d Caie,1b; die Swoc^iof ft 

ToCOBMAtSf eanteiv, F*]l 
toappofe, tordifi, tii.withaao^. 

TtutA Perpleki^.TrSS^e,MLrai 
joining together, aCoofpinqr. 

coMBiNArnoK |>r>i ., 

Art of finding how naaydiflSmiit^J 
certain given Votnber of Thbglf Op| 
;riej, orcafcen by one ai)a.poe^ two^ 
three aad Chrte.. . 

ODMNN ACTION (in JC^cfarirlJ.^ 

' when the /afpe Word ia iminbilately 1^ 

ToCOAiBFt^£Xc^/j^,F. of r^ 

•fo COMBRi; to incumber. - 

cp*pRous xj^ttiwiicgji*:; 

comberiome. ^Sjocjic. ' ' _ 

COMBVR'GfiSS. a FeUmr Otoq^] 
: COMBUST' [rtwMa.,Ui«'" 




EktIiMabave $ D^retf, 30 -Miaotes 
k CM^ vludi jUr9kgin Wend, 
ntbtieP^ Jsf&ed dKfcVy I1 in 


^"kMUf of I«tr4, and t&nmgb t^ 

S [rat^liiiiEr, L.] «pt to 
; Ki 

, aBtoAig. £. Airo aa 
mi. F, 

[ffDoag 4Jn>%r»] « 
iMf ndlrtBe^jpQ, which cootioMOi 
lQMISTIOSI [^f MMtfl in andfiit 
^' ' t yk and mixed Money, by 

Kftkr^Striopor TaUi of Mlt^ 
" V,iicoinmoD to both Sexe^witlk 


COBH^CALNESS, Tacetiou&eft, Hoom* 

A COMING fFiacb [of C|Peijiiei!^ Sax. « 
pleaftl a free.tempeMd Maidci), . 

CdMrrATU er C^ro cttmnifi, a Writ 
whereby the Chacge of the Co^ty, tpgettiet 
with the kcepi^W a CaA|e/ ia cootfnittcni 
theSheriiF. L. 

COMITATU rMnii{^» ia a Writ itf Com- 
fni0jdD, wh^reb^ the ^b/tiilf it aothocitdl/M 
uke up on him t he darge of the Coiincy. 

COMITTEE^ joiliaL pit tbgethtr^ .^ofp* 
mitted. CStfttc, .. : . . . 

COKmnAL rCmifi0Ks,L.J bdooiilt^l 
an Aflenibly or Meeting of PooAt.. . ^ . 

CQMITIAUS AftrAM, the Fj|lli«.Si4> 
•neft. i.1 - " ' . .* * 

COMITY rOMrV^, M ConrteTy. 

COIfO^fA L Ki/^M«> ^'il it one of thk 
Pointtj or StoM« oicd in Wfiting, a^d k 
,markH thut (J implyil|(6n>y a^miURdl^ 
or little Patife. L,' 

COMMA [in iHSj/ftd] the '9th Ptetof ^ 
Tone, or theibltenrn whereby a.$^ftfl^^ 


'^ " UMUSftibi^ GncefoT. 

IT [GjPderwes it tdty^t, i, t. 

^ BMie pKmeriy from occomej 
MK^ betocifuly gracefnia 
S[ter» L. aCompanion] an Earl 

tVf [h ilfi^rft £«*!>] fi^ftes 
itOem above over again; whioh 
*<ft when any .iotegoiiig Part is |p 
[10**//, r. Cmir/j^ U of Ka- 
il ftishiiitabr. . 

kVat foriC^Taf and 
. ■] iDiiicliptioli or Diicoarie 

'^fi'*'! ^ff •refcmddry. 
JWT { Ata^U^,' r. of ,«»- 
Itotimgthca or mlbua with 

I u exceOe^t ^^oaad-^Qerb, 

^•J tatgn, facetiijas, plev 
^<vfttforaComcdyj alio 


Cme£/m deiMca a ma[e, and |U '|Mfrfc^Tone ei«etdi the ifiipcr^ 
^^ nfankPhyer»AA:or on the Stage, 
KfarfBiTt. OfCMR«&r,L. 

l«?*rrfC»wliea. "» '^ ' 

> Gr.1 a Play .compofed with 
f '« fwfc or Verfe, to reprefent 
JaiirebUelohiit&aft Life, and not 

TaCOMRCAiny fcMMwaJki^' f. ti fit 
and aiaff<£i/v. L. ] to bid^ chai;ge^ -or order | 
to> haiwe tlie U t m g umn t, brUukdl. 

COMM ANIX^ Chiiye, Cow^iMtty Mj»> 
•nagement^ Koie. • *' 

CdMMAHiyER { OmmmJmr^ ^1 «M 
who hat Command, achkr^MSoaror'Oen^ 
ral ; alfo the Cotemor of. a CvqtuaaUf ct 
Order of KeligiOai Kftt^tr| dUo a telle «r 
Rammer u(cd by Paviooit. 

COMMANmNG <7«w«i {InM/U^ 
fiMf 3 it Aich at oirerlookt any PoU or Aoa^ 

COMMANI>llfO Sirm {amottg ^r^ 
/0fm] the flrft Sigflft or tKe^^MlM, w'^m 
Aries ^ Tayrus , Cemim , Ci O ffT y 4^^ Mm 

^MMA^nVMCNT f Comm^mdmrna, f • 
of Cm and Jlftmbnoiiw If *J a |>ivitie Piacep^ 
Ordinance, or Law* 

COMMANDMIMT fin Fvrtificaghnl \t 
the Height of nine Poot,. which one Piiea iuia 
abore another* 

COMMANimWT [infXtffp] it whefi 
either King or Jofticci commit a P^iba tp 
Pfifon'opos tMw own Aotnority. 

Manoor with v;hieh Landt or TcnemcMa were 
^ectiipied, belongiqg to the Prioqr cf St. J«hm 
^yirutkUmy ntHT Lciidwi, 

GOMMATE'iqAL [of Con and Ji&ttria^ 
ITr, £.}■ that ^hich ia inade of tbe lame Mat- 
ter or Sobibnce with another. 

^OMI^AUNCE, Community, Jbtlhg a9 
things in common* Cbawe* 

COMMAUND, coming.' C^aae. 

COMMEATUR A, a Commandry, or Por- 
tion of Hottfe and Landt, fct a-part for the 
V(e of feme Religiout Older, efpcciaUy for th« 
Koiglltt Tcmplart. Q,lm 

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c o 


1. ] to mention or remember ^ to celebrate 
tbe Memory and A£ts of a worthy Perfon and 

COMMEMORATION^ » mentioning or 
;-emembring ; a folemn Remembrance of Tome 
remarkable A€lion, F. of L,. 

To COMMEN, to come j alfo common. 

] To GOMMENTCE' [commnuer, F.] to bcr 
%\n -y alfo tQ proceed in a Suit ; alfi^ to take a 
Degree in an Univcrfity, 

COMMENCE'MENT, a Convention Aca; 
domical in Camhfid^, at tb« Time when Stu- 
dents commencej (. «, begin to bo Mafters of 
^ts, &fr, F^ * 

To COMMEND' l^cbmmendare^ L. ] to 
pralfe or feC forth-; alfo to commit or give in 

' COMMEND' ABLE [eommendahilis, L. ] 
that IS to be commended, PraiCe-^yotthy. 

* COMMEN'DAM [Commerule, F,] a void 
BeneBce commended to an able Clerk, till it 
ie othcrwife difpofed of, Z** T» 

COMMENDATION, a praiCng or fctting 
jpnc forth. 

• 'COMMENDATION, Refpeft or Service 
convfvcd to another. 

, A COMMEND' ATORY {Cmmendatam, 
T. C'^mmendatonui^ L. ] is one who hath a 
L^hurchrLiving in Commeiidam, 

COMMENDATORY, which fcrves to re- 
comn"icn<^p L, 

COMMENDJDIN, con>rocnded, recom- 
mended. Cbauc, 

COMMBNSAL, a Boarder. Chfiuc. 
' CQMMj£NSURAB|L'lTY, an «jual 
Proportion or Meafure of one thing with ano- 

COMSfEN'SURABLE [of .C?« and Mm- 
JurakiUty L,1 equal in Meafure and Propor- 
tion. F. * ' 

COMMEN'SURABPE Sluantitia [in Geo. 
metry ] are either fuch as will meamre ano- 
ther precifcly ; or fuch that fome other third 
Quantity may be fou^^ which will o>eafure 
|hcm both. 

Caomctry'l right Linea ;u-e faid to be com- 
ipenfurabte in Power, when their Souares are 
meafured by one and the. fame $pace of Super- 

COMMENSURABLE Numhen fin Jritb- 
^meti(k'\ whether Integers or Fractions, arc fuch 
as hiifc fome other Number which will mea- 
fure. or divide them without any Remainder ^ 
fo 6and S, S-izths and 4»6ths are refp^dively 
com men fu table Numbers, 

COMMENSURABLE Surds [ip yiiekral 
are -fuch "^r^s a$ bang teduced to (heir leaft 
, Term% become trt!ic figurative Q^^mtities of 
the Kind, ani are, th^efore, ^i a rati9nal 
Qnantity .to a ^a;iQnal. . . 
'". COKfMEN'SF^ATE ['a( Commfr,/us, L.] 
>f ti?fime, or ci^jal Mcafurei 

Meafure, or a meaforing one Thu^ wicl 

COM'MENT [OmmuntMm, L.} an 2 
fition of an Author's Text, an laccrpsen 

To COMMENT' [cMSMMfcr, F. oT 
mentarif L.] to expound, to vrrice KoUs a 
to glofs, to criticixe, or iind FaoJr. 

COM'KIENTARY [Cmmtm^nr^, I 
Cammentarium, L.] an Interpretacion o£m 
ijcure and difficult Author } aUb m bri^ 
ftrad, or hlftorical Abridgment of XfatiH 

M>ker or Writ^^r of Commentaries. £y^ 

COMMENTinriOUS iCmmwtJemi 
forged, counterfeit, 

COM'MERCC; [Qommeraym, U ] t 
or Traffick} alfo Cdnverfe, Corxefpoa^i 

COMMET'ICKS, Things whk^. 
Beauties not before in Being; as Pvm$ 
the Face ; differing from Cofmetirlcs^ m 
are only to preferve Beaqties already ia lij 
fioij. ': 

COMMIGRArnON, a going item 
Place to dwell in another. L, • , 

COMMINATIQN, a (evcfc Tiii«atM 

COMMIN'ATQRY, of, iM- ^^Mf^ 

COMMINU'TION, a breaking or M 
a dividing a Thing into very fmall Ml 
Particles. Xr. , 

ToCOMMiS'ERATE [of m aaand 
L.] to take Pity of, '^ 

COMMISERA'TION, a taking Pal 
F.ofL. . ^ 

COM'MISSARV iCommijrsire,^ 
Church Officer who fopplies the Bill 

Place^ in th^ Ex^rpjie of fcclefiaftial 1 
di£lion, in the remote Parts of his I^oci^ 
in fuch Papihes as are pccaiiar to the T'' 
and exempted fr»m the Archdeacon's 1 
tion 5 aifo one who has the 
Provifions in an Army. I.. 

jCpM'MlSS ARY C<«r*/ [of the i 
an Officer who takes a particular Aoc 
^e Strength, ^t. of every Regtmest'i 
the Horfes are vrell mounted, and the] 
armed and accoutred, "^ 

COMMISSION, a Power f ma i 
Perfon to another of doing any tfaingf , 

the determining any Caufe. <^c. 

COMMISSION Jm mkary . _ 
Warrant of Authority, by Virtue' of j 
every Officer z^9 In his P(xft« 

<::OMMISSION [in Trtdiq the< ^^ 
vyhich any Pef fon trafficks lor aootherJ^I 

COMMISSION t of Aniiaf^m\4 

Commiffion under the Otcat Seal, A1 

\t€t a Subfidy or Tax lefore the Itm 

I pointed, ^ 

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COKDSB^OR (sf iffoocfin] u t Com- 
pAa it«B!kGmt Seal, to aObciate two 
V amt lenei Perfom with the feveral 
tflftBi J ^ArbiI CrcBitt and Coantiet 

COMUmiOS hiBanimtttyl is s 
Cflifa Ufa dK Gieac Seal ofEng^ 
i«i«iii&Bfiedtofive or more Com- 
■inn, ti ofoiic into the particular 
Ami Bt ftnw^inf ei of the Bankrupt, 
•UaXaUuss to aft for the Benefit 
tfinQdmt^aai to proceed according to 
Ikktmmkiu that Purpofe. 
, C0i(MJ9SI0N[ofiU///fMlaWric 
I tfA I Ma «^ baa noc appeared after 

i CQI0tt$'SKH-Jtfn9,theWage$aUowed 
111 Mar, vte tadcs tor another by Com- 

TiCOICMIS^N llofOmmiJ^, 
tiaaUflS'SONATE 5 ot commiita-f, 

; L] MiBiCnsufioB ; to appoint or cm* 

: fHviMi ta afi for another, 

AOdttiS'SlONER, one who hatfo. 

o^iCttaifiaD, or who a^t bv Virtue 

dCHBISfSIONER [in £m] ia one 
•^ ail CeaniftoB to execute any pubiick 
tf>^«kff^ Leaers l*ascot, the Pubiick 

ni £^i l^b COMMISSIONER in 
m^ I NghkoBn who repieteots the Per* 

ACpiOUS'SURl [Cmmifyra, L.] a 
r" *7 thiag } a ioimog c^c, or couch* 

CQMUQSURE [in Anhittewre] t dofe 
. ^^UBUflSSURE f wnooj AiaimtSs] 
^MK4«f the Head where t|ie Parta of the 

LfgMUaURES [amoatNatvaUJis] 
rJ"J*'«i of a oatoral Body, or the 
P"u^ Sh^^ or Clefia that are be. 
FJ*4i hiLclei rf aav Body, cfpecially 
FMihrtidca ate biMdifli and flatciOi, 
^■[ ■ ttgnam to oa»a»other, like very 

Fjy Hiftprdo, to deDycr up, ^ ipfcr 

*^<h&oeftto. • 

^2?^rrEE, be vrth^to whom the 

Jl ^ 9f Afattcr ia reKtreJ, by foroe 

■J « Cher ratam naeetiwi. 

iWCtTJl' lU tUrXingi a Widow 

^Wi Totst, lb cal'iedj a» ociflj ^om- 

E^Mv the iDbcat Law of the Land, V9 


I gttUX'nON . 7 afnio«lii» thiiiRS to- 

a Mf% «f H<rad-dreff*fot 

c o 

COMMOD'ITY[Cfl«woiiV/,F. ofCflnwia. 
J/V«, L J Advantage, Conveniency, Profit 5 
alfo Wares and .Merchandise. 

COMMODO'RE, an Under Admiral, or 
Commander in Chief of a Squadron of Sbips 
at Sea. -* 

COMMOIGNE [of Cam and Jlfomr] » 
Brother Monk, refidlng 'm the fame Convent. 

0. L. r. 

COM'MON [Ctmmm.r. of CdmrnuMf, 
U] ordinary,, puUick>' ofeful $ that which 
belongs to ail alike, owned, or allowed by 

A COM'MON [in Lavi] a common 
Pafture Ground ;. that Land or Water 
which is common to ibis or that Town oc 

COM'MONALTY {Communaut/, F.] the 
common People* * 

COM'MON Bench, the Court of Com- 
mon-Pleas, To called from the Pleas or Con> 
ttoverfica between common Perlbns tried 

COMMON Dhf'f^ [Jo Aritbmetickl a 
Number which exattly divides any two Num^ 
bera, without leaving any Remainder. 

COMMON.Ff><, a Sum of Money paid 
by. the Inhabitants of. a Manour to their 
Ixnrd, towards the Charge of holding a Court- 

COMMON-Hirnr, a chief Hontfman he- 
Icngiog (o thft Lord-Mayor and City of Lor- 

COMMON Intrndment, 1. e, common 
Meaning; fo a Bar to the Intendment, is a 
General Bar, which commonly disables the 
Pedaration of the Plaintiif. 

COMMON-i^/iv, is either, 2. Simply the 
Law of tkfi Land, without any other Addi* 
tioQ. %, The Law more generally before any 
Sutute was made to alter it. Or, 3. The 
lCing*sXourts, ^iAinguiibed from both infe- 
rior Courts. 

COMMON-P/rtfi, a Court held in fFffl- 
minfler.ha//, for trying of all Civil CauJcs, 
Perlonal and Real. 

COMMON per Cavfe de Vianage, a Li- 
berty that the Tenants of one Lor«, in one 
Town, have to common with the Tenanu of 
another Lord in another Town. 
• COMMON Receptacle [in jhiatmy^ is a 
ceitain Vcffel which receives the Juices called 
QhyU and Lympba, 

COMMON S^firy [mih Naturalljis'] ia 
that Place in t)ie Brain where all Senfation is 
fuppofrd to be performed, where the Soul 
takes Cognisance of the Obje^s which pcelent 
themiVlves to the Senfes. 

CQMMON .V/]^nA [zmoDg jl/fralc^ers] Ce- 
mini, yirgo, Sazifranut, and Fifceu 

COMMON 'JJKie [in Mujck] is the fame 
as Duple Time. 

COMMONWEALTH', any State of Go- 
rerrmcnc, as it is dillinguiiheil from a Mo-^ 



' COMMOVrWEALTH*J Mam, a Mender 
«f « Co n miq tt w ca lth» a Stickler for a Coao- 
fnonwealfb Govcmroait { aUb one who a^ 
Ibr the Good oltlM pohlick Weal. 

COM'MONER, a MesnlKr of a CoUw in 
«n Univcrfity ) alio a Member of the Houie 
0f OoBuiMiit in ParliwMAt. 

COMMOIANC, fccMvii^ tbe Cemno- 
aion. Chawc, 

eOMIVfONS, « ^feoportiofl of Vi^laals, 
«rpeciaUy the regnlaa Diet of a College or So- 

Ihe COMMONS l^i Zn^lanJ} the 
ICiiight*^ BufseOcSy tf c. m Parliament j one 
of the three £ftatet of the Reahn, called the 
I^M* i/Tuaaiiiiiii, 

COM'MOTE 1[m JfMl a Part of a 

COMMOl'TH 5 Shirr, Baodred, or Cant- 
red, cootamiag fifty Vilhiget; alfo a treat 
i«oidihip or Seoiory which iMty iacbde ope 
^ icvcral Maaoiits. 

COMMORArriOIY, i twryh« or dwell. 
"^ ifl a Place fnr a Trnie* L. 

COMMOaiOll» tDiihirbnce, Horiy- 
tely» UpRMTy TWBttlt, F. of I*. 

C;pMMimA IXtfW r^ra] the 
tf tPilhsif. 

COMMU^ABLE/comsMttly. GMitf. * 

06MMU'N ANCB, a Title aacieotly giirett 
CO the QommooeK who ha^ a Bight m Gom* 
fAon^ig in opoi Fidd, &^. 

COM^NA'RE [pULm»\ to enjoy the 
Kight of Common. 

To <;f^MM(nfE [<MniMlbttr#>L.J to 
jCalfc or difcoorfe together. 

COMMU'NIA Ptadta irin tdimidhin StMt- 
^ario, a Writ dire£led to the Treaforer end 
BaroBft of the Sxche^oer» ferbiddfasg tlijbro 
to bold a Pica between commoft Pe^ons in 
tbit Court. wl^Q^ Aeithcr of them bckog 
^reto. *jt. 

COMMUNIA Cufifiiid, • Writ for that 
Lord whoCe Tenant dieth and leaveth a Son 
under Age, againft a Stranger who coieteth 
fbe Land. L. 

COMMU^NICA^LE [emfnumcMlis, U ] 
that 'm«y he communicated or imparted. F. 

COMMU'NICANT tCwwwfffrflif/, F. Cbw- 
hntmcsns, L.] one who' receivea the Commu- 
oibn of the Lord*s Suppet. 

To COMMU'NICATE [cmmympier,T. 
nmniuntcart, t.] to impart, to Acw, to tell 
to, to dtfcorer or reveal 5 alio to parta]^e,of 
the Holj' Saprnmcnr. 

COMMUNlC.vnOV, Ifttcrcourfe, Oon- 
ference, Convcife. L, . 

COMMUNICATION [in lunoj is a pif- 
roarfe between fereral Parties without comiag 
to an Agreement, upon whifh no Aftion can 
Jbe gronodfd. F. of L. 

£/«« ^COMMUNICATION, are Tren- 
ches made to preferve a fafe Cormfpondence 
betwixt two Polls or Forts^ or at a Siege, 
^cT>»»«t two Appfoaehes. 

COMMU'NICATIVE, reatly »o 
cic3»ar impart, ibciable^ frfc. F* 


COMMUWON, FeUowilim, iTafa 
Fktth I aUb the Sacrtmeit of tie Loid'i 
per. F. of L* 

COMMlTNITy ICmmMtmrntA F. 
mmnit^Sy L. j a PartaeriUp^ \1k fa 
Things in common | a Society of Mei 
hahicing the iame Plac^ or a Body ef 
miitiflg in a citiI Society for tatotuil Ai 

c'oMKiuTA'TION, a cTangiiigeael 
for another, a baxterkig. F. of />. 

COMMU'TATIVE [ caammrtf fris^ 
belonging to Commuution or £xchaii^ 

To GOMMU'TE £ anamtO', F. ak 
tare J L.] to exchange. 

To COMMUa £ £ Ml Cwil Imw^ ! 
•buy t0 a Puoiftment by a pecuotaty C 

COMMYNS.tbeCommoikPieofk. € 

COMORTH, a CuntilbutiUA foiimly i 

9tMwtTtitfft,f^C. O.S. 

COMPACT' XComfoai^V. Ctm^^Oiti 
£Mkt welljpined; irief and pithy. 

A COM'PACT [Cmf^^him, U] li 
greemei|t or Bargam* 

To COMPACT' [ tsmfgnitre, L.] ti 
dofe together. 

COMPAOnON, t eompaaiqgor jdl 
clofe. X^, 

the drawmg together 
Body or Subftance^ by Ita haTiog'] 
ir by the more dofe fKciuBg to, 
thofePftrts) nod hiinftially oppoledtol 

To C0MPAH3IN ATS, to joB» to iM 
or bait together. /'• ' 

COMPAN'AaB, myfoit of TO 
^which it eaten with Brad. O. X. 

COMPAN'ION [CmpMum, F. m 
of cea and Peptt^ i, r. one of the Ame Ti 
or of con and Fwm, L. t. e, one thit pM 
of the fame Bread, Com, L] a FdM 
Mate, a Partner. j 

COMPANION ['Of the Ckrro^] a X| 
of the Oarter. J 

COM'PANY lCm^piif,T.l» 
Wy of People 5 a Society, or Body Oi 
ratej A ftagU Body of Foot caDaiftodel| 

CCHidPANy la^tadtwt, a Comp«^ 
Soldiers not imbodied is a Rcghncnc. 

COMPANY [ofJlf.TrA*»»] tie«8 
jErft, Societies m joint Stocks, ts the J| 
India, jtjnc^t Suub-Sem Company^fifr.^ 
feccodly, itgulated CoQipaiueSy as the 9 

'''hM^^AAVt {ami^aimi^Ul \ 
flsay he compsfed^ like. F, 

COM^ARABL£NESS» the beiagc^ 

pared one with aaothcr j tH Mnfti 

^^D^dbyfcoOgle od 


[OMPiaumVB Degret ha Grammar] 
livMikD^FK tf Comparflaoy as IbtUr 
'Vk»^ I>V^ between Goqd aad 



^rWAUF [<«iitfMryr, P. of M- 
b«%LjaicRVMae oDe Thing, by ao- 

L OOtfUfBOK [Cufarmfmi, F. GniNr 

|fc«tadkya|reeor 4i£i(iee| A|pw9- 

raVAiTIUENTC a MMonioinbte 

OQIffA&TIIIENTSa re|Hltf Diijpoa- 
ta^VBaUtFipRs, lil nmui any Hc- 
Klii&c AUb afiocderor Kmm 



^OOtfASS [caB;^Ni^, F. 1 to cpa- 
^H lk| « ID ca d o fwtf } allb i» cf- 

PASS^ nlnilnipciitJoUiSe 

. t. 

I CaSbtrtf aa laftniaieAt ofed 

•fcr tte difjptttiDft a Piece of 

8 hul^ a finaU Pocket DUV 
likHowoftbeDay by the Dire^A 





i [rf Pr^^trfMii] an In(hu- 

--f iioes nd Circlet iato pro- 

(1 nm It one OpOMBg, oTed Ia te 


' 10S« • Sasfe ef the Mireries> 

a ftOow.&eliflgy Pitj,^ P. 

4TE« apt er ineliMd to 

iFASmniES^ hive TraOi ^ PSa. 
*Ki^ Graoodsi lyia| together 

^ATlUrOfl^Ai^, F. of mn 
that a|teei^ or fuili^ or 


nENT, fa&fing tof ether, h. 
T [ Cmfmirittt^ F. Cub* 

WfCMycro F. Oi^tfr, L.] a 
iGoihthcr^ a Compinwn, . a FeDow» 


[cMf^cOera^ L. of M« and 
«r tooflnio. 
TlOlf, aaa%h]rN«ne^ a 


COMPENABLE, ibciable. CSwrr. ' 

COMPEN'DIOUS £a»^«iio/M,U]bricf« 
(hott, very coDcife. 

COMPEN'DIOUSNESS, » being ihort, or 

COMPE^TDIUM, an Akidgnent. L. 

COMP£N'SABL£,able4oiocoispoofc^ or 
ttake Amends. 

To COMP£N'SATE leemftrnfir, F. cms. 
feajart, L.] • to make aamda for, or raoQai« 

COMPENSAHION, a Rcconpcnlc ot 
naluog Ajnendt fat a good Tom. 

COMPEN'SATIVB [ amfenfatwuf, UJ 
fecompenltog, bekuigiog to Amends. 

COMPEN'SATORY, fucb aa will ^f« 
$acUfaOion» or make Amends. 


ifare, L«] to delay or pfoleog nrom Day lo 

COMPERENDIN AnriON, a Mhf'mt, d^ 
faiiag* or adjottrning. L, 

COMPERTORiUM, a judieial to|nil^ « 
the CivU Ulw, made by Delegates, or Com- 
flaiaaonets, to find ont or i^e the;Tnith of 

COMPETENCY [Cm^ttenee, F. of Omu 
petentiat L.] Cooaenieocy, MoeCnefi^ bat 
moft urualiy a Soflfeie«ey .of Sftato, Leam* 
ing, 6sf^, 

COM'PETENCE [in LM»].tho Fomw 
of a Judge lor taking CogniraTO of th« 

COM'PETENT [Gw^mt, F* Cm f wm 
toMft L. ] convenient, meet, fofficieat, idf 

COMPET'IBLE, fuitable, or agitable t*» 

COMPETKTION, a Ri«alihip,caatafiag^ 
or foing for the fame Thing. L, 
. COMPET'lTOR rCoe^MT, F.l a Ri« 
▼al, one who fues for the ftam Office oc 
Thing which another does* It, 

COMPILA'TION, a robbing or phiader^ 
iog I alfo a hei^g op. L» 

To COMPi'JLE [^mfiUr^T^ amfiUn^L. 
of reo and fiU,. i. e. cop} to coOeft Cioag 
feveral Atsthors, to amau or heap together. 

COMPFKABLE, fit for Company, 0. 

COMPLA'CfiMCY r Comfiaamia^ U}m 
taking Deligjhft in a Thing, a bdngpleiM 
with, an obliging agreeable. Temper. 

COMPLAIH'ANT [Cmplmgmtm, F.} one 
who piefess a Comphunt againft another, « 

To COMPLAIN^ [cmfiaindrt, F.] t# 
make Complaint, tobeorani, tobcn^oan. « 

COMPLAIS AH'C£> aa oUigiDg. Cairtag^ 
a pleafing Bebawmr. A 

COMPLAlSANT',oraiiobligii)g ITuinoiif* 
civil, covrteoos. 'F» 

GOM'|>L£MENt lC!mfilmmtitm,t.1 a 
filling up, or.perfei^ 4hu ^ch m waau 

Digitized b\ 



C©M'PLEMENT of an Angh\ [ U Gf- 

Q0M9LE,ME}!iTefan^Uch JjiwfryJ »s 
■p much as that A ogle or Arch wants 0^90 
threes 10 make it up a Quadrant. 

COMPLEMENT offhe Courfi ^nNevi- 
gation] is what the Angleof the Courfc wants 
9I* 9a. Degrees^ or 8 Poiocsi wx. a Quarter of 
the Compafs. 

. . COMPLEMBN t of the Courtin [in Fmi- 
fcation'^ it that Part o£ the Cburtin . which 
(being wanting ) is the Dtmi-gorge, or the 
l^aiader of the Courtin, alter its Flank 
is taken away, to the Angle of the Demi* 

COMPLEMENT of the Lint of Deftna, 
it the. Remaiodec of. the Line of Deleoce, 
after you have taken away the Angle of the 

. COMPLEMENTS [i« A P«r«2fr/o|Ttf»] are 
the twoleH'er Parallelograms, which are made 
hy drawini^ two right Lbes parallel to each 
Side of the Figure, through a given Point in 

C0MPLEAT'7[«»»rt/rf, F. of completnty 

COMPLETE 5 L.] perfea,full$ alfo nea^ 

COMPL£'TK>N» an accompliihing, ful- 
411ing> a Performance. L, 

COMPLEX' lcomp/(txMtfh.'\ compound, or 
•onfifting of divers ingredients. 
. :nto COMPLEX', tbe^m or ^hole. L. 

COMPLEX fdeas [m L<^itk] are Ideas 
compounded, ot confifting ot feveral iimple 
Ideas.' £40fk£> 

. COMPLEXION, anEmbraciBg,L. Alfp 
Temperament ; the State and Conftitutk>n of 
^£ Bod^, as iangaine, phlegmatick, or cho- 
Icrick 5 the Colour of the Face, F. 
\ CUMPLEX'IONAL, of or beknging to 
the Complexion. 

COMPLEX'iON£D[cMfr/i^/om,F.] tern. 

COMPLEX'NESS, the being compoondcd 
of feveral .Things or Parts. 
COMPLE^'URE, a ioiniog together. 
-gOMPLEXOiS [m'jinatwy] aMufcIeof 
theiiead, ferv^og to move it backwards, called 
YrtfiMunntm L* 
^ COMPLIANCE [Complaifance^ F.] a com- 
flying or ykldiaf . 

1 C014PLPANr [coffip/>/.0//tf;«/,F.} fubmit- 
. ting Qr7ieldi^( to. 

. COM'PLICATED [complicam, L. of con 
and p/acituiy folded or wrapped op toge- 
ther. ^f^ . 

' COMPLICATION, a Colleaion or Mais 

• of.Thingji joined^4ogether. £.. 

..-COMPLICATION [oiDifea{ei\ is when 

jiltvers Diftempers feize on the Body at the 

fame Timg, efpecially f^ch as depftnd one upon 


-^ COM'PLICE, aPahner in an iii AiAion, 
« an Accomplice. 

COMPUMENT'AL, of, or given toCom- 


COM'PUMENTS, obliging Woii^ 
other Civilities' of Behaviour. /**. 

T6 COMPUMENT [cmj^imauer, 1 
ufe Compliments. 

COMPU'NES» the bft PM^«n» oc 
c^fion oi the Evening Prayer. J^, . % 

To COMPLORE [complorar<^ LJ\ t 
wail, or weep together. 

To COMPLOT' [comploter^ F.J • 
together, to combine, to coofpire. 

A CQMPLOT', a.Plof, CombUtttk 
Confpiracy. F» » 

To COMPLY' [ perhaps of cmftpid 
to pleab greatly; or compiaeare^ L« t 
peafel to yield, of fiibmit to« , 

COMPO'NED Din BeraUbyJ * ^ 
Chequers of two Cdoon* 

To COMPORT [comfcrter, F. coa^ 
L. to catry together] toagree^ tt>dcM 
behave one*s fclf. 

Behaviour, Carriage. " \ 

To COMPO'SE l<9mPofer^ F. tad 
L. to pot together] to pot together, tm 
or frame ; to appcafe or quiet i to k||) 
refreih ; toadjuft or fettle j to arnipoM 
makeup. - • ''•; 

To COMPOSE t with Pr/irfm] iii 
the. Letters orChanderain otdcr^ aoM 
to the original Copy. 

To COMPOSE [in Majukl is to ml 

ftt Tones, Aitf, flf-f. • ■ ' 

To COMPOSE [a Dif^ptc^ i$tgi 

it up, to bring ft to an A gf efe m a > C 1 

To COMPOSE [o&e*i Maknun, M 

to regohte them. '']i 

COMPO'NEirr[a»*^mei»,i^j kM 

compofe, conftinient. - - •* • » 1 

COMPO'SED, quiet and tnff m Ml) 

COMPO'SEDNESS, EafeofMbi.'] 

COMPOS'ITE [«w/e/&aVUji 

poonded. F. ', /' ^ 

COMPOSITE Ordar ImjMkfi 

the fifth Order^ compotusdedof iSbii. 

four^ .. ^ • •• -V 

GOMPOS'lTlBS [in PJbarmtefl 
made up of any Ample ones i 99 
ters, Syrups, Elcftnaries, CSfc^ 

COMPOSIT'ION, a fi^ttisg or 
gethcr. F. of L. ^ .. . . 

COMPOSITION fin Pljg/tfajii a 
of fereral lAgredients. • " t 

COMP0SITI0Nv[in Affij^jcijif ; 
or Piece of Mufick. ' • . ^' 

Reveffe of die Analytical Method^, 
folnrion 5 it proceeds upon Prrnci^ 
fcl^ces. iclf- evident, on Drfinitumtt 
and Jfxfoiriy and preififonfly desv 
ikfi of Propofitions,* Step by 
gives you a clear Knowledge of |l 
to be dcm^nfh-atrd i Thians that 
the SyntbitUal MethUf and is ufei 
:liA}:i his £]cfliin(». 


it zed by Google 


L-CaMnVimf [m A£irrVn] it tbe 
HJMftfiH^tfeftntal Direaians or De- 
[ dmsadlbam, vhedicr c^oabk or iiae-. 



CMOSHOH [ of Fr9pertioH ] is tb« 
■^■1 ^ Sott of the Antecedent ^ 
I tlK Omfequnit in two 
l*r'i: H fbppofe 4» * 25 3> ^y 
I by C«npo6tioa of Frqpor- 
la I Ltrf ^ to 6. 

OMfUJIOif [» Pltffnr/ii^] is ute^ 
ii if jae fade witti InvcotioD or De* 

*% ^ 

GOmmON [snoDg Trsdepaen^ it 
> ^B t Dte, Mft beiag abk to di(cbai]ge 
"Ih ^[k Mo, igRei with hh Creditori 
%ar ABicofitB S«n inAead of all that 


COKJPRCSS' [in Surgery ^ 
Uded Linnen to be laid on a Wo 

CaOOnrOll {Cm^tfitary F.] A Prin. 
t i iti u M wfa the Matter, aod makes the 

QMiWUIJETlMp* foch ac are cajpa^ 
l fcjpaila |er being together* 
'^ — WO Pa Mmjck Bcokt] fi^,6ct 

nCM^aM^JU] DoogorSoil 
jWfty J tor improving Land. 

iigagHfcd; aMbOtoncfa of Mind. 
OMOTATIOIT, a drinking togethor* 

fqWm [in Cbaikr;] Frait or Meat 

H « Wiad made of two^ dc 
MOm>Mnnftrr. See/fMi^fr. 
iOMOKP fiwiakttici* See%4ffCr/ieff. 
' TiCOlMDNiy [rfti^eMrr, L.] to 
[{^if fif feieni lagwdicnts ; alio to come 
\, efpc&^ with Creditors for 

^jgWOUMiyED FiHRKtr [among ^itf^r- 
'^hliha one at confiftt of many little 
J to|ether to make np ont 
bi^ckh of which has itt Stylus^ Sta^ 
K^tAmg Seedy oQ cootahMd within 
iJMnW in the Hole, [ p d. Comb- 
sU a ViUag^ is a Valley] a Pbcc in 
" " r, (a caikd fmm the low Situ»tipn 

J^GOImiEIlSNiy [cmtfnadrr, F. of 
"^ ' '9 L.1 to «ootaia or indode j alfo 

1^ L.] to «om 

l^aqrbt compcefaeoded. contained^ nr 

E^BMttlHEM'SlpN, the aodeiAaiiding 
X%.<Nli alloGomptifiil .n^wAl^fif 
; t. r. an A^ of Parliament that 
. itaiaa. F. 9fL» 
jyteiEiysiVg [ffa^f^/taM,X.] 
•JJ5?*^L^» '«? fignificanc 
LTVWfDCSivinss, iha fiont«ia'< 

a Bolder of 

folded Linnen to be laid on a'V^ound. F, 

To COMPRESS [comprfmer, i\ confrtf^ 
JuMy L.J to fqueeze clofe together. 

COMPRESSlBlL'IXy iComprfffibiUtf, F.] 
Aptnefs or Capablencfs to be prei3led clofe. 

CQMPRES'SIBLS, that may be com- 
prefTed or fqueeaed into a narrow Compafs, aa 
tht Air, and moft other Fluids. F* 
COMPRES'SION, a fqbeesiog or prefling 

together. L, 

COMPRES'^IVES, Medicinet which caufe 
» Prinefs in an af!edted Member*^ 

To COMPRIN'T IcomfrimAr, L.] is ta 
print by ftealtb a Copy or fiook belooging to 
another, to hit Prejudice. L, T* , 

ToCOMPRI'SE [tmprit, oUmfrendre, 
F.I to eontain, include, or talce in. 

COMPROBA'TION, a mutual Allowing 
or Approving. 

COMPROMISE [cofi^rofuis, F. of ran- 
fhomijfumy L.1 is a Ppomife of two or more 
Parties at Djflerence, to refer the deciding 
their Cootroverfies to the DttUSon of Arbitra- 
tor!. L. T. 

To COMPROM'ISE [cpmpromarey F. of 
ij^w, L.] to confcnt to fxich a Refe- 
I alfo to put to the Hisatd of being cen- 

COMPROMISSO'RIALybcIoiiging to fuch 
a mutual Agreemuit. 

COMPT lemptus, L.] fine, neat, po- 

COMPT'NESS, Fbenert, Neatnefs* 
COMPUUSIOM, a Conftraiot or Force, 
COMPUL'SORY, of a forcing or con- 
/training Nature. 

COMPUNCTION ICmfwtaien, F.] a 
Pricking ; alfo Remorfe of Confcieflce for gn 
Offence committed. X. 

COMPUNC'TIVE, that promotea godly 

COMPURGA'TION [taw Term} a 
clearing or judifyiog another by Oath. 

COMPURGA'TOR, one who by 0«th 
jaftifies the Inoocency «f another". L. 

COMPU'TABLE [cwmputabilis, L.] tlj^t 
may be reckoned. 

COMPUTA'TION, a Reckoning or caftiog 
op Accompts* L* 
COMPU'TANT, an A^comptant. 
To COMPUTE [«i«^«'r,L.] t© reckon 
or caft up. 

YroMPUTO reddtndo, a Writ which com- 
pelleth a Bailiff, Rectiver, or dMobeilaip, 
to give up his Accompts. X. 

To CON [iiJLemien,T«irr.J toHe», 10 know 
or learn. Sfenc, To undcrftand. Cbavc* 
CON [in MmM Booh'^ fignifics wtt. 

' CON Ag'ettB [in Mufick BwJb] Og^fiettkilft 
Mitfick muft be jefformed in a very moving, 
tender, and afflcfting Manner, and Oieicfoi* 
not too faf^, but rather flow.* Iftf/. 
} ^ON A'XUS [/i» a Body in Muion\i% 

c o 

tha^t Difpofition or Aptitude to go on in t 
light Line, if not prevented by other Caufcs 5 
. in Matter without Motion, it is the Force of 
Attraction or Gravitation. 

CONABEL, convenient or fit. 0, t* T, 

CONA'RIUM [amohg 'j^natomifts] a Part 
of the Brain, which hangs in 'the fmafl Caflty 
called the jiitus, c*Ikd alfo the Glanduta Pi- 
nralii, in the hinder Part of the third Ventri- 
cle, and is (b called from its Shape refipmbling 
the ConeofaPiffe. 

To CONCAM'ERATE [«^ftf»<Tjr/^ L,] 
to .vault, cfr arch. 

CONCATENATION, a chaining or link- 
ing together. F. of X. ' 

To CONCATlNAtfi [concctenart, L. ] 
to chain or link together. ] , 

CONCAVA'TlON, a making hollow. 

CON'CAVE {concavus, L.] hollow on thfe 
Ififide like an Oven. F. 

CONCAVE Ghjfes, iuch as are ground 
hollow^ on the Infide, and refie^ on their 
hollow Side. 

A CON'CAVE [Concavum, L.] a Hol|o^- 
nefs. F. 

A CONCAVE [in Guimerjl the Bore of a 
piece of Ordnance. 

CONCAVITY [Concavite, F. of CoMca- 
vitas, L.l the infide Hollownefs of a round 
or round iw Body. 
, CONCA'VOUS Uoneawis, L.] hollow. 

To CONCEAL' [ corcelare, L. ] to kee{» 
dofe or fecret. 

CONCEAL'EDNESS, Hiddenilefs, Sccre. 

CONCEAL^ERS [ Law Term ] fuch who 
find out Lands which are privily kept from rhe 
King by Perfons who have nothing to ihew 
for them. 

CONCEAUMENT, the Aft of CTonccal- 

To CONCE'DB [coneeder, F. of eancedtre 
L.j to grant, to yield or condefccnd to. 

CONCEIT' \Conceftum, L.] Imagmaeion, 
Fancy, Opinion. 

To CONCEIT' [c'cncipere, L.] to imagine, 
to fancy. 

CONCEIT'ED, opinionated, affeacd,prodd, 

* puflfcd up. 

CONCEIT'EEfrlESS, the feeing proud of 
fome peculiar Opinion, AfFeftedneft. 

* CQNCEIV'ABLV [ ccficifvM, F. ] that 
may be conceived * •* ' 

CONCEIV'ABLENESS, the being capable 
to be concf'ived or undeiftocd. 

To CONCEIVE' [unccjoir, F. of tcf:c/. 
perCy L ] to inna^ine or apprehfirtd, to foyni" 
an Idea of j a!fo ro breed a Child in the Wcnib. 

CONCEN*T' [Conccntusy L.] a Concert of 
Voices or lijf^xuments, an Agreement 'of Parts 

* !n Mufick. 

To CONCEN'TER [$i cbncer.trcr, F. of 
Con and Ctn:rum, L< ] to meet in thQ fame 

c a 


^whofe Acids are fo modei^Led bj 
neither of them predominates. 

t be Middle or Center {'alfo a ^ow^ 
ether any (iui4 Matter into fk ^4)li|^ 
as it is ca|>ablc of j of H^iQ| 9Jp^^^ 
Particles into a| ctofe a Conta^ a« ^ f 

CpNCENTRlCK [ comf9rri^9^ 

ionccHtrieuSy L.J that hath 00c aod jA, 
Center. , , . , . . j i 

CbNdEPT' a fit Form or ifcmi 
ftublickAa*. T ^ V 

: CONCEPT ACtE [ Cc^/^^tcnim 
iny hollow Thing t[hat if fit to rccomM 
*i^. -.-.', J 

CONCEP'TION, a conccivfaig or fef 
a Child J a comprehending* F^ oCXugk 

CONCEP'tlON [ in Lo^'ck ] fs^ 
pie Apprebenfian, Perceptioo* or Iteii^ 
we have wkheut proceeding ta afff«^ j^ 
my thing. . .^ 

To CONCERN' [coifcfru^, ''^^^ 
to, or regard, to int^eft or crouhic fl^ 

CONCERN' Agilr^. Bnfiocfe, 
of Importance : ^/o a . being 
feftcd in Mind. ' 

CONCERNED, mtsriawi, 
hied, • •- IT 

, CONCERN'MENT , Afeir,..Bi4 

To CONCERT' [ccnartrr^F. of <m 
L.] to ftate or debate .fi^attera, to . 
or lay a Defign^ in order to brin^ j 


nifies thofe Parts of a .Piecc.of IduC 
play throughout the whole, ' to dh 
them &om thofe that play oniy.ii^ Am 
Jral, ' '• ' \ 

'COfTCERTA'tlOT^ .» flriTfag 

.'CONCERTS) [in nfufA 
a Concert, or Piece of Mufick fHi 
foi- a Concert. Itat. 

CONCERTO Cr<jJl/^ I in Mmficl 
iignifics the Grand Chorus ot the 
or thofe Places of the, C^nc^ wl 
the feVcra) Part% perform 'or play ^- 
//#/. » . . 

. CONCE^'Sr, X. e. T have granted. 
'* CO'NCESSr[io ijw] is a,torq»l ^ 
and implies a Coveijant made. 

PONCES'SION, a granting, or .ji 
'an' Allow ande, Grant, cr Peirtuflkm. ' 

COWC^A [ in Aitafoiry ] tlic 
"of 'the Cavity of the inner Part of i 

'cONCHOny rm Ceomelry] thel 

a Curve Line, invented by Nuartd^Sn. 4 

CONCIL^ARY, of or belonging taaCJI 

cil. - - ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[««»«>•; F. of tonti- 
^timsak^ to mike to t^tt or 

0^^ a RectmcUemoiU A- 

a Title aflvfiea by 
iftbXw^Cborth,' whobave put 
IVvlatbc Doarines cf that 

i [wrfsrar, L.] apt^ fit, 

ry [Cnrj^ivV^, L,] Plroper- 

i. Bni»?Ta«nrf$, Decency. 

iB^Ontwii or Aflcmbly. 
CftsaV, P. ttnfifus, L. of cm 
■Ii0i| But, brief. 

BRW, iWori ufed for Circaroci' 
pfcrfScoflt ?«7. ili. X, Z.f 

^hXtleyfcJ tarry L.] to pro- 
bJKpt:d forward. 

ON, a Shoot or Noife of 

VCmiave^ L.] a Clofct or 
^it op tiader Lock and Key, 
"i tJie Room ia the Fatuant 
isib oMct to chooib' a I^bpe 3 
g.^iCa<laaIi for\be Elcdioo of 
ttgDecttMn of aay important Af- 
iafRsifir. F. 
^[CmeUvifit, F.] one who 
I dohng hi! Abode in the 

' \c91ulttrrej F, caf£ludtre, 
«Ua or finiih ; to refoWe np- 
Tf » alfo to draw a Confcquence 
fUdbefore. . 

the End, C!ofc, or Iflue 
1*1 Cfflfe^ueocc or Inference, 

' Jm Laf»] U when a Man, 
i^^>^ Kecoidf has ciuifed 

l[i&L«p-dl1 thclaAofthe 

l'[ eoachtfut, L, ] which 
•ti Thns as Arganaeot is ftid 
j^'tkea the Confir^oeocet are 

I the Wing coiiclii* 

igL ^^'TOM ( accordHie to 
g^ftalRimg of Salts of dif- 
iJ^, wbere they ftoot into 
iJix ri|uiti iiiitabJe to their 

. * bwTifig • It it c^m- 

lai*^ M t^igr/Htm, th«B|^ ' 

t2|'*jP«taUy cwifiiiM to what 

^■Jdij wfaereat Omc^Bioti U 

^ AJtmiiona are made in the 

i nith m,, be called the ft- 

, *| ^ that in the Nerves, 

^4 7dfcl», the child and 


c O^ 

CONCOMITANCE, an accompanying to- 
gethcrwith. F. r / d . 

CONCOM'ITANT [Cmcenutatt, L.] ac- 
companying 5 a Companion. F, 

CONCOMITANTLY, in owrfe, along 
with another. 

CON'CX)RD [Concorde, F. Conc^dia, L.l 
Agreement, Union, good Underftanding. 

CONCOKD [ in Latv ] is an Agreimcnt 
between Parties who intend th^ levying a Fine 
upon Lands one to another. 

CONCORDS [in Mufitk] are certain In- 
tervali between Sounds, which delight the 
Ears, when heard at the fame Time. 

Perfea CONCORDS, are the fifth and 
eighth, with all their OSiaves, 

To CONCORD' [concordare, LJ to agree 

CONCORD'ANCE [ Connrdantia, L. ] 
an Agreement; alfo a general Alphabe- 
tical Index of all the Words in the Bible. 


CONCORD/ ANT [Concordant, L.] agree, 
i^g together. 

CONCOR'DATES, pnblick Afts of Agree- 
ment between Popes and Princes. 

To CONCOR'PORATE [ ecncorporare, 
L.] to mix or mingle together in one Body j 
to imbody. 

temperi»ig into one Body j an Incorporation. 

CON'COURSE [ ConcTurs, F. Coneurfus, 
L.] ^ running or reforting of People to a 
Place ; a Multitude of People aflemblmg to- 
gether upon fome particular Occafion. 

CONCRE'TE [ (oncrctumy L. ] a thing 
grown together, or made ^p of fcveral Ingrc- 

CONCRETE [ in Pbilofiphy and %- 
9!iftry'[ it a Body made up of different Prin- 
cipled, aod iignifies much thfe fame with 

CONCRETE [ in Logici ] is any Quality 
confidered with Its Subje^ : Thu»v when we 
fay Snnv is wbitt^ we fpeak of H^bitniefs in 
the Concrete 5 and in this Refpeft it ii contra- 
diftinguffted from the jihflraa, when the 
(balityis confidered feparately as fVhitenep,. 
which may be in Faper, Bont, and other. 
Things at well as Siinu, 

CONCRETE Numbers [iajfnfbmtiek] arc 
Numben which eacpreis or denote fome parti- 
cular Subjed 5 as 3 Men, 4 Hor£es, 5 Pounds, 
6ff. wheitu, if nothing be joined with tlic 
Number, it is taken abftra^ed^y or'univer- 
lally.: Thms 5 fignifiei an Aggregate or Sum 
of 5 Units, whether Men, Hones, Poiunds, 
or any thing elfe. 

CONCRE'TED lamcretut, L.1 congealed 
or clotted. 

CONCRE'TION [of «;» together or with, 
•nd crejeo to grow, L.J a growing or gather- 
ing together, the Compofition or Union of fe 
veral Particles togiether into a viable Maf- 
A a 2 wherel 


wherelnp it \ienma of foqm fu^enkr figate 
fad Property. L. 

CONVRETIOJI [ is Pbihfij^y I is the 
uniting together o^ iirveral fnuU Particles of 
a pataral Btoij into icnfible Mafiet pr Coo- 
cretct. - • 

CONCRETION [in P^j^c*] isathicktii- 
\n,% of any boiied Juke or Liquor into a inore 
Jolid Mafs. 

To CONCRETE [conctefcere, L.] to grow 
together. SpcBc. ' 

CONCUBA'RIA, a Told, or Pen where 
Cattle he together. 0, L. 

CONCU'BINACE- [Cancuhifiatus, L.] the 
Iceeping of a Mifs or Cbocubine $ ^ornicauon. 

CONCIKBINAGE [in Law'} is an Excep- 
tion againft a Woman that fucs lor her Dower, 
whereby 'tit ailedged ihe isnot a lawful Wife, 
IfuC a 

CONCU'£INARY, that keeps a Mifs. 

• CON'CUBINE [Conckhina, L.] a Wonwn 
that Itve^ with a Man as if fhe were his law- 
ful Wife; a MxOtt ao unlawful Bedfellow. 


To CONCUL'CATE [ ctnen/eare, L,] to 
i!an)p upon, to tread under Foot« L. ' 

CONCULCA'TIOX, a flamping upon, 
treading or trantpling under Foot. 

CONCUM'BtKCE [of c«««;«3tfre,L.] ly- 
ing together.' 

CONGU'PISCENCE [ Conatpiftcntia, L.] 
a vchcnaent Deiire of enjoying any iliing, bot 
jijorc particularly the VcncreaJ Deiire. F, 

CONCyPIS'ClBLE [ Concupifcibilis, L. ] 
that which defires carneiliy or oacaraily, or 
which is defirahle. 

CONCUPISCiBLE Faruhj, is the fenfua) 
or uoreafoojbie Part of tUe Soirf, wnich only 
feeks after I he Plcafurc of Senfe j or that Al- 
fcclioo or :he Mind which ftirs up to covet or 
defire any thing. 

To CONCUR' [concArrere^ L.l to mn to- 
gether, to ceftfpifc, to agree with one. 

CONCUR'RENCE, a runolog together j 
an Agrecjjqcnt in Judgment and Opinion. F. 

CONCUR'HENr ICncurn^t, U] a Rival 
or Competitor. F, 

CONCUR'RiNG .Fiff«;f.rt [ mGtmitry ] 
arc fuch as being laid one upon another, will 
exaajy meet arid cover one afnothcr. ' ' 

CONCUS'SION, a Ihaking or jumbling 
togetheVi a Sj^ock of an Earthquake. 

.COND fof conduircy F.J to condua. Cbu. 
• T» CONp 1 [Sea Term] to coridua or 

To CONN \ guide a Ship* in ^ right 
Courfc I to^ diroa t^ Man at the 'Hchn how 
to fleer. " i 

To CpNDEMN' [ cmitmner, f, conim- 
itare, L.] to fcutcnce one "to Death 5 to dif- 
like, to difappiiove, to gif e Juilgroent agamf^ 
a P«rfon. . ■ ' 

CONDEMN'ABLE [ tondamnahU^ F. ] 
VifJ^igh^dcKives to be ccWfUJDcd, L': 


cc^miMNAnroif [c ^ 

i blanung or diiapproving ; aUb a iattg^ 
to Death, or other Punitoent. L. 

Kature. L. 
. CONMNSATION, tfaickenfaif, a n 
kg aAy naroral' Body tadu up le& Spaq 
confining within le6 Dimenfian thaa k 
before. F, of t" 

To CONDEN'S ATE Inmiffir, F. 4 
denfare, L.] to thicken or grow thick. 

CONDENSATION [ ampng Cbr^ 
Stoppage and Colle£boa of Vxpooft mi 
the Top of an Akabick, whocby it it 
turned io'the Forpiof a Li^id, or as it ii 
fed in the Head or Reedier, there tohli 
^to a permanent and folid Svbftaaa^ m 
Sublimation of all kinds. 

CONDENSE'NESS, the bdvg cesd^i 

CONDEN'SITV [G»ad!ri«SMi, L.] tij 
defs, Clofcnefs, fiardoefs. . 

CON'DERS [of amduirt, F. to cadi 
Per Ions who ibnds upon high Places mni 
$ea.coaft, at the Time of Heniag-filliS 
*iakc Signs with Boughs, &t, in theiilj|| 
Whxh way the Shoal paflTeth. 

To CONDE^ENtK [amdijeenitn^t 
an and dgjcendare^ t.] toccnply, fitM 
yield to. I 


fence. Compliance. 

CONDIGN' Ictmdi^nui^ L.] Wortl|^ 
cording to Merit. ( 

CONDIG'NXTY, t^et^ ml, orff 
Mcril. - 

CON DiUgtnza [in Mujkk Ssab] % 
wlrh Dih^eace, Care, and Exad&eTs. J 

CON'DlMENT \Catdxmemum, U}% 

COKDISCPPLE [.Coai/^i^idk^li^ 
School -fellow, or Fellow.ftudent. 1 

f ich Judgmeot and DifcrsikMi. kit ; 
' CONDITA'NEOUS [c»a«ibMWKi^ Lii 
toay be feafoncd, pickled, or 

CONDinrE, Condua. o. 

CpNDL'TED [ ccidim, L. 1 fa 
pickied, \ ^ , 

• CONpiTE'MENT^Oompofi^iflMJ 
ferves, Powders, and Spices,- tmdt op i 
I'orni of ai» Eleanar J, witb.a-pnper<)J 
•f Syrup. 

CONDI'TIGN, Nature, Diioofitidaj 

Duality or CircumAancet of a Ml 
Thing, which renders it good or bad, J 
«r imperfea % alfo E^e or Fortone, «l 

I3at^q or Agitemcnt : pr a.Cau(c«ld!{ 
of if. F. ofL. 

To CONDITION vntb elu [ 
F.] t^make an Agreemefit or Birgikr 

hira. ^ 1 . i 

CONDITIONAL [ xondifiv^, I 

eofiditioualis, L* ] apfipog Condi^ 

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c o 

j of Pftffts comeAed by the 

QQHOmONED [CM^'WiNn»/, F. ] eo- 
_^ I Ffaifwacs or Qinlfties, 

^Cp5 IkkM kUmtrm [ b Mmjidt Bw>h] 
I ifca a fnct ao<l a^teeabk Manner. 

jamOUeAHCE [CamUeanee, F. ] a 
fitCfirf, a PeUow-fedifig of an. 

■ IMONKyLE [jGr nndminr,¥, eMdoiere, 
' l^Hapsfr 10 aoodier a Feltow-Zoeliog or 
,^ . f «ak Ud hi kis Sonofrs, &c, 
I aSDONATtOK, » Pardonuig or For^ 
^ L 

lOnOvha lemuhthtrtth,'] to par- 

\ GNUDUK^S f m»i£>f<rr, L.] to tTail, 
t^ ta nttiioQft'e to. 
[ wDraBLE 7 [OjmJsaVlis, L.] pto- 
^' ' ' t'lV£ 5 fitabic, jood, advaaU- 

jibeOIDDGT' [(««d!v/>v, F. afconduure, 
Xp^pek, le ad, or bring along. 
wWUrr {Cemduite, F. of Conduibts, 
I afiiag Of BMnmrnent of an AffiJr, or 
ntfj lineeift or Dilcretion, Bebaviour, 

^ CQSDCTCTy a Secority given by a 
' r lb CtM Seai to a Stranger fvr 
nag hrto und paffing out of the 
kSife Comb^ is granted to £ne- 
Ij^ 1 F< jarf ID Friends. 
g ttttW lOR \CondaSetir, F.] a Leader, 
^^9r. An bollo«r Jnfbument thru ft 
s CO dirc^ another Infttument 
li ^ a qftraft the Stone. L, 
HpPCTKESSy a She-Guide, &c» 

^vonxxTirnous rairi&ihVm, l.] 

f be hini I alfo bdonging to Jead> 

r [Gm^ii/, F.] « Pomp for con- 
l^ar, a W;Aer«ooarfe. 

I \f99iirUt, Gr.] the Joints and 
•f tte Finger^} alfo the iinaU 
>v Bones csUcd PrvdnSions. 

fUOIIA [Ksv^^XiWiU«, Gr J a hard 

~ ffigg ia the Fujodanient, pro- 

I Mack Humoors fettling there, 

ECan caafe an InAammation; 

J or jointing oT the Bones in 

i iedy ; but more particular thgie 

. L. of %Ai^, Gr.l it a 
iSolM in the Form of a Sugar- 
Nlitb Bay be concchred to be formed 
^taiuiiuu of a Rigbe-ang)ed Triangte^ 
||<|tmcadic«br Leg. L. 
M^Xi^ [in Oftidtt] arc a Parcel of 
^ tiha Food ot'tConr, i0mx^ from 

^I^, " ^^ '^ ^'^ '' Koraui 
^1 ^(«^^ !• when iti iUia *• in- 

G O 

dined to itt Bale, and then its Sides arei«»« 

CON e Senxd yiolino Vm Mtifick Btoks] fig- 
nifiea ttther with or without Viohns. !/«/. 

CCNEY [ofOtmcu/tis, L.] a Rabbet. 

To CONFAB'ULATB [ccilfahfler, F. «». 
fabuhre, L J to teilStones, to talk together. 

CONFABULA'TION, a familiar diicour* 
fiog or talking together. F, ofL. 

CONFALON, a Confraternity of Seculart 
in the Church of UoHr, called Pcnitcnti. 

CONFECTION) a Medicmal Compofittoa 
of Gums, Powders, Syrups, &c, made up im# 
oneSubftance. F. of X, 

CONFEC'TIONBR [Confturur, F. ] » 
Maker or Seller of CoQmts or Sweetmeats. 

CON'FECTS [Omjhuri,, F.jait Thinga 
cruised over with dry Sugar; 
" CONFED'ERACy l[QmMtfaHo,t,l 

CONFEDERATION 5 an Alliance be- 
tween Princes and States^ for their Defence 
againft a common Enemy. 

CONFED'ERACY [in Ltnt] is an oftitii^ 
o{ Perfons, to do any unlawful A€t, F, 

To CONFECVERATE Iconfiderer^ F. oT 
amfcedtrare^ L.] to unite mto a Confederacy^ 
tocombme, to plot together. 

CONFEryERATES [ /« CufOenx, W. 
Confiedarati/h,'] Princes or States cntescd into 
an Alliance for common Safety. 

To CONFER' leonfn-tr, F. ofcchfars, L.J 
to gffe or beftow ,• to compare j alfo to di(. 
courfe or talk together. 

CON'FERENCE, a Diftourfe held between 
feveral Perfons about particular Afiairsi « 
Parley. F. 

To CONFES'S [eenfefir, F. of confiten\ 
L.} to acknowledge or own; to declare onc*tf 
Sins in order to Abfolution. 

CONFESSION, Acknowledgment, Deda. 
ration. F. of L. 

gONFES'SION, jMricular, a Confefling of 
Sins to a Prieft. 

CONFES'SION ef Offtnce [in Ztfw] it 
when a Prlfoner at the Bar, f^raigned for Fe- 
lony or Treafon, pleads guilty t» nhe.Indi^' 

CONFES'SIONARY \OmfejwiMl %.] thtt 
Chair wherein the. Prieit iits to hear Con- 

CONFES'SOR [Qmfrfftur.V, Omffjfw, L,] 
% Peribn who has adhered to the Faith, nctw 
withftanding cruel perfecutions and SufTerlog^ 
upon that Account. 

Father CONFES'SOR, a PopiA Prieft, wh6 
hears the Confefllon of^ Penitents, and givei 
t^em Abfolution. 
;C0NFrCIENT tO>»/.'/«f, L.] which «• 
ni(heth, procorcth, or worketh with. 

To CONFl'DE in [«a>r, F. mfidcrt^^\ 
to truft in, to rely upon. 

CONFIDENCE \Cnnpd^U, L. ] Aft. 
ranee, Boldnefs, Prelumptioii. F. 

CON'FIDENT [«»/im*,L.]boW, darmg^, 
poEtive, prefumptttous. 

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c o 

• A CON'FIDENT, an intimate, tnifty, 
Worn f riendf employed in Matters of Se< 
ciecy and Truft. F, 

' CONFIOURA/TION, a fiiAionirig, or 
making of a like Figure ; a iiikenefs or JgLc- 
fcmblance of FigQi^. F*ofL. ' 

CONFIGURA'TION [ainbn^ j9rologet{\ 
is the Conjuo^Ion or mutual Afpedt of* 

CONFI'NE [ccnfiur, F.J t© cnrb, to re* 
ftrain, to impriion, to border upibn. 

CONflNB/MENT, ReAraint, Imprifon. 

CONFINE'S [Confint^ F; QfCfmfiria^ L.] 
the Limits or Borders of a Fieid^ County, or 
CooJKry \ Frontiers.' ^. ' 

To CONFIRM' {ConfirmfTt F. of nw/r- 
vtare. In] to ^f»e hew AlFuranee of the Truth 
•r CerUttty of any thiiig j to ilrengtfaen oi 
rilabliih ; alfo to adminifter the Church Kite 
cf Coniarmatioa* 

CONFIRMA'TJON, is the gi'ring new 
AflTorance^ or Evidence of the Troth and 
CertaiaCy of any thing ( a Strengthening. F, 

CONFIRMATION [in Twnvl is a Con- 
Teyancc 6f an Eilate or Right, by which a 
voidable Efiale is fliade fure, or nnvoid- 

CONHRMATION [in an Ecclcfi^ical 
Senfe] ia a holy Rite or Ceremony in the 
Church, by which baptized Perfons are conf> 
firmed in a State of Grace. 

CONFIR'MATORY, that which ratifies 
:^d fireogthens. 

To CONFIS'CATE [conjifquer,^. of 
emffcftr^l^l to feizeupon and take 6way 
Coods as forfeited to the King^s Exchequer^ 

COKFiyCATE [ccnfifyue^F. of c9frfifia. 
tt/Sf L.] forfeited to the publick Fijque, or*i Treafujy. 

CONFLAGRA'TION, a general Burning, 
or coofoiaing with Fire. F; of L. 

* CONFLICT' [Ccnfi^an^ L. ] ti Skirmiih 
or Conbat s a Bickeiipg^ a Difpute. 

To. CONFLICT^ {OonJUaare, L.] to cn- 
^oanter or fight with, to ilrug^le with. 

CON'FLUBNCE [Ctwjlucftt, F. oiCorJu^ 
' entia, L.] a flowing Cogether^ as of Waters, 
a« the mee^g of .evo Rivers j ailfo tf Feo- 
pie, &e, a Concourfc or Rcfort. 
^ CON^FLUBNT [Ctn/hem, L.} a flowing 
oV running together j generally ufed for that 
fort of SoklUPox, wherein the Puftules ruh 
into one another. 

CON'FLUX [Ccnfluxh, L.] a flowing or 
running together, at of 'I^mours. * 

* CQNFLUXIBIL'ITY, an Aptncft to ^ow 
together. - L» . 

CONFORM' [confirmey F. of conforms, 
L.] agrceaWe,. conformable to. 
' To CONFORM' [con/omier, F. of fovfor^ 
man, L.] to make like to^ to framci faihion, 
9r fuit; to coinply with* 


CONFORM'ABLE, ng^eaUe, iuitil^ 

the like Nature, Form or Fafliian. !*• i 

Suitablenefs. { 

CONFdRMA'TtON^a faHkiofiio^ot fin 
ingdfaThing. F. of L. 

CONFORMA'TION [ainoi« Amum4 
denotes theFigure and Dilpofition of the^Fl 
of the Body of Man ; hence Maietm^o^ 
tion, a Fault in the firft Rodimc&ts, Wtyd 
a Perfon comes into the World croolcdv; 
with fome of the Vifcera, Sec. unduly pn|| 
tioned) as when Perfons are fub}ea CM 
curable AJlbma'i from too fnooU a Capaci^^ 
the Thorax^ or the like. ;j 

,CONFOkMasT, one that cenfbrmst«i 
Eilablilhment, efpeciaJly to the Wciplia^J 
the Church of England, A 

CONFORMITY [Cwt^naitt; F. of ^ 
formitaSf L.] a CompUanoe. \\ 

To CONFOUND' [confon^, F. of f«^ 
dere, L.] to mix or huddle together, ta.|| 
out of Order, to perplex or puaxle, V^jm 
may^ to put oat cf Countenance or w^ 
alfo to deftroy or wade. ,/ J 

CONFOUNiypDLY, afte^ a terribly ||g 
ner, horridly. J 

CONFRaTER'NITY [ofttwandFn^W 
nitas, L.] a Brotherhood or Society nan 
together, chiefly upon a religious Aroouni^j 

CONFRE'RES, Brother* in a Rtli||g|i 
Houfe, Fellows of one Society. F, t^ 

CONi< RICATRI'CES 7 io Tome Ant*^- 

CONFRIC'TRICES Jcall luftfui ^ 
men, who titillate one another in the 
torisy in Imiution of Venereal Intercom 
with Men. A 

To CONFRONT' [amfrontir^?. «f| 
and Frons, L.] to bring Face to fu^Vfi 
pofe, to compare. »)| 

CQNFyS-ffi; Fehm [amoogPiWWj 
fuch Fevers' as come together alternaiqyiM 
the fame Perfons, but keep not their f^ 
and Alterations fo exa^l, as to beeaiiif dp| 
guiihcd from one another. L* . 4 

CONFU'SED \confui, F. of ^nft^I^k 
mixed together, difordcr*d, perpleiDM. .h| 

CONFU'SION, a Diforder, a J«nWw 
MiHimalh i a Difturl^ance, a Hurly-burly i^ 
being abashed or out of Coti^tenance, RoiM 
Deilruaibn. K of L, -^^ 

- CONFU'SION [in %«(^5 tMirtUl 
of liquid or fluid Things* ../»; 

CONFUTA'tlON, a dlfprovingthi^^ 
yrasfpoken, L, .. U»»i 

.To CONFU'TE [«i/a/rr,t. of fai!/JW?l 

L. of C9n and futo^ i^ e. ^g»t] W.^'v?" 
and overthrow the Rcafoniand ArgUB*""* 
oAc's Advcrfary ; to baffle. J 

CONG [in PhtficiMi BilliJ fl«^** 
Congitts, L. a Gallon, ^ 

To CONGAYN, to convince. C. fl 
CON'GE [aw^<r;F,l Leave, UwK^Wi 
miilign ; alfo a Buw or Reveiracei M 

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«W/ unrir, tore to. mori or 

^BmS/t^'tr, the Klin's PermiiBon to 

^OKlMtt, liwfuJ, or lawfully done. 

M»inaE,flrk froKo, to thicken as Ice 

Tja«Kttr«(Vj)ff0^] tofctfome 
TOteiaebl £x or p^w into a C«i- 

miwau, that ma; be cang«a]. 

52^» * ^ B<wr or Revereoce. F. 

^ "* "Wflw to produce the iame 

'Jj^'tt^ of Genii or Kind witli anc 
^WIOK, eoe of loir Stature, or a 
|2J^ [C«^» r«] « g»»t kind of 
^<*C.p|JES,aHr^, .Hqard, a PJe. 

JJ^ttS [in W,7^^M a CoUec- 
|-»«top fcije, or Partidcs into one Mafj. 

iJ^^^^aray ^. ^. the Borough of 
piymMn |^"5o lived thexe as an 

«5 [in Acbiuawrel Ringa about 
.^lV"*o Wfars, to preferve them 
^yj^ *»d afterwards imitated ia 

P*l2^ [ft^^«w, L.] to heap or 

^Jll^jnOJf, a heapiiijk.or gathering 

^*mON pa Surml a i^ttling of 
BJ^P*xtof ihc Bo(fy. which in- 
E™ SwtlBftg by rmle and little, 
SS iat * ?««y«6 *nd Thickncft 

P^JJ • £«Mi Meaforc containing 

""(COJICLDTIATE [cfng/aar,, U] tcJ 
[•■ Bill or Lump, to imbody. 
**lATt \ [cmglehart, 1. ] 
^BaTED; heaped or gatheied 
Ij^ HTrO Ghuii [ with ^ntff<?- 
I|?*^|>D^ ia 10 Bohna] Body as are 
'•"WS-irfacc, and fcetn to be made 
^ttMi SAftance, as tbofe of 
-7 we, asd all ihof« that ferve to 
*<« Jtt4( calied LjK^La, from the 


artetions filood, and to retnra it by pi^rf» 
' Channels. 

CONGtOBA'JIQN, a gathering together 
■ m a Mafs or Lu|np. F^ of L* 

To CONGIiCyMKRATE [ «wffA««.rrfnr, 
I#.].to wind upcn a Bottom, t6 fieap upon 

COJJGLO'MERATE 7 TctmglomeratMt, 

CONGLOMERATED $ U ] heaped ox 
wound round together, 

CONGt(yM£RATED<?&n^ [with Sur^ 
geonij are fuch as feem to be made up as ft 
were with kfler Glands, and are uneven in 
their Snrfaco. 

CONGLOMERA'TION, a roUing up int^ 
a Heap, or wuiding. upon a Bottom. 

To CONGLU'TINATE [ nnglutiner, J. 
ctng/iaiwrt, JL.J to glne, knit, or johi toge- 
ther. ^ 

CONGLUTINA'TION, a ftflcsung toge- 
gether of Podies with Glob, or any other glutr- 
nous and tcoaciotesSubftance. F. of L. 

ToCONORAT'ULATE [etmgrwtul^, P. 

cpwgratuiari, L.] to rejoice with one for fome 

good Fortune that has beAlleh hiM, or to ex- 

prefs Joy on fuch an Account. 

CONGRATULA'TION, « congntulating. 

ToCONGREE,toagrefc. Sbakefp. 

To CON'CRJEGATE liamgregarc, L.] to 
aflembJe, or gather together. 

CONGREGA'TION, sn AflemWy, w 
gathering together; a Society or Company of 
People meeting J more efpecially for Divine 
Service. F.ofi*. 

COKGR£GA'TIONAL»^ofor belongii^ 
to a Congregation. 

Jndependams, between FrtfbyttfUim and 

CON'GRE? ofcoff^rarr/, Utoagreeto- • 

CON'GERJ gether J a Society of Book- 
fellers, who have a joint Stock in. Trade, ^ 
agree to print Books in Copartnerihip* 

CON'GRESS {OMgri, F. of Omgrefui, L.J 
a meeting or coming of People together, aUo 
an Engagement or Fight. 

CQNORU'ENCE [ GMp'uentia^ L. ] A- 
greeableneifi. Conformity, Suitablenefs. 

CONGRU'ENT {timgnum, L.] agmcaUe, 
fiiitable. « 

CQNGRU'ING, agreeing tngecher. ^Mr* 

CONGRU'lTy [QmgruUM, L.] Agrec- 

ablenefs, Conformity. 

CONGRUITY (among NaturdUfls ] is a 
relative Property ot a fluid Body, whereby 
any Part of it ia readily united with any 
Other Part of it, or any other fimilar or fluid 

CONGRU'OUS iccngruut, L.] convenient, 
meet, proper. 

CONG AU'OUSNESS, Agreeablenefi, 

Digitized by CjQDglC 


CONICAL? -[a«<«#,L.l belonliogfo 
CONaCK. J theFigureofaCooeijC?**- 

CONICK Seaiw, are the PartMs, Hj- 
fmioia, aod EUipJis, whkh arc formed or 
produced bjf cuttuif a Cone with a FUae» ac- 
cording to foch and fuch Conditions. 

CONJECTURAL [ctn^uraru, L.] that 
F^ich it only granted open Snppoiitioo or Pro-* 
lability, f. 

CONJECTURE IConjtffura, L.] • Gnefc, 
probable Opioioa, or SuppoTition. r • 

To CONJEC TUKE (i^jeffMrer^ F. w- 
jtffurum facercg LJ to judge at random^ 'to 
gveis witiiout any Demooftratioo. 

CONIF'£R0U$ [ €9a^ftrus, U ] bearing 
Fnik in Form of a Pine-aptle. 

CONIFEROUS FUnu [among Batimifis ] 
.foch Shrubs, Trcei, &c, as bear a fort of 
iMMdcn Fruit in the Shape of a Cone, in 
which are many Seeds, Sind when they are 
ripe, the fevexal Cells or Particioiis ia the 
Cone gape open, and the Scoda dipps of 
which kind are the Fi>« Pi«f, Bttdf^ &c. 

CONINGEIUA, a Coney-barrow, a Rah. 
bet. warren. 0,L.R, 

To CONJOIN' [tofijoinjn, F. tonjtmgtre, 
L.1 to join or put together. 

CONJOINT' { (wjunaus, L. ] joined to. 
f ether, mutual. F, 

CON'JUGAL r t6/ijuga2is, L. ] belonging 
to a married Couple. 

CON'JUCATE [ OmjMgatum, L. ] that 
iprkig from one Original. 

CONJUGATE Diameter^ is the Ihorteil 
Axis or Diameter in an EUipfis or Oval. 

CONJUGATE [ of the HyptrhoU ] is a 
Line drawn parallel to the middle Point of the 
Tranfverfe Azi^ fometimes called the fecopd 

To CONJUGATE m F4rh [ in Grgmmarl 
as toforai or vary it, according to its leteral 
Moods, Teafies, and Pcrlbas. 

OON'JUGATES [in Rha^rick'l are fuch 
things aa are derived firom the UrigiiMd, as 
Mercy, Merciful, Mercifully. 

CON'JUG Al ES [m X4f«*] *»*>«> ^^^ 
.one Word we argue to another of the lame 
Origijiatian $ as if, Hfi^ngUtoJonvw^ thai 
4» weeft N tofirrew, 

CONJUGiftiON, a coupling or yoking 
Cogathcr 5D Pairs ) alfo a Term io Grsmmar, 

CONJU'MPERE, to jamble or join toge- 
gether. Ctauc, 

OONJUNCri ^fr'^ [among Pkgficufu] 
are t%90 Oi}<afea,that come together, «nd are 
diftingdilheri into cwMexi and tuttfe^mittti^ cbe 
former iubfiiltng at the fame time,' and the 
latter following one another. 

CONJUNCTION [Ow^V^;«», F.] a join- 
ing together. £. 

CONJUNCTION llA C#-«MMr] is a Par. 
ticle which fervcs to join Words or Scaienccs 

c o 

CONJUNCTION nrnJ/ir*"^! ^ 
two PhoeU meet in the fame *" 
Zodiack, and either is aaparei^ i 

CX)NJUNCTIC)N 0f>f^ewtlh 
is when a Right Lma ^nmm i 
Center of two Planets, d«cs a^^ j 
the Center of the tarth.^ ^^ 

.Rt^h^ Line palTing'tbroug 
Hfo Plaaets, -and being [ 
through the Centre of t^ Eareii. 

iertes'tOToojoin* /*. 

CONTUNCTURE tCwrf-r-^ai 
9tate and Circumfbnces of AfiaSra 

CONiURA'TION, a Pioc «c 
to do* any pobhck Harm ; alfe 
dealing with the Devil or evU Spirit^ \ 
any Seaets, or compafs any ~ 

To CONJUR'E [tt^m-er, T.atc 
L.] to adjure, to charge upon OAth4 
fpire or plot together ^ to praOOc ( 
tion, to raife or lay Spirits. 

To CONN [ Connan^ Snx. tm \ 
learn or get without Bo<ic J to t. _, 
you Thanks ; allb to ftrike with tlB^j 

CONtfAS'CCNCY [ of c«i 
L.] being born or growing up ' 

CONNATE [of com and 
together with a Perfoa. 

CONNATURAL [ of ^«s and 
L. ] that is natural to fevcral ' 


CONNECTED [roaivexe, F. 
L.] joined^ tied, or (aftand com 

To CONNECT' {omntBtrt^ : 
join, or failcn together. 

CONNEX' [in Lapek] Tha^^ 
6i ccmtex, which are joined to 
without any Dependaace or Seni 

CONNEX'ION, a joinmg Th 
a Dependaftor of one thing upaa i 

CONNEXTTV, that oy wlikli^ 
is ioined tOBctfaer. 

Jng with the Eye. L. 

CONNI'VAN^B (Cam^Mmct, J 
niventta, L.] a feigning not to lag^^ 
at, or pa(fing by the Faults of < ' 

ToCONNI'VE l^ttmkf^, T. i 
L.1 CO wink at, to take N«Kke « 

CONNiVEN'TtS dmUt^l 
iomfisl arc thofe Wnnkka wk 
in the Infide of the Girti, iar^ 

ToCONKOTE', tomakc I 

or Peribos kao%a Irasa cthcr%* 
Diiliaaioa. ^ 


c o 

L VOaam^alh, L.] belongtog 

r [amoo^ Maturahpi] 

\ to a PerfoQ from hU 

J OK wbat brttkf ont iff 

iXka^ which gfadoally 

I 6xaa fuckioA a dijAim- 

BF)r] it tfa« Solid pfo- 
ftrCfeamtohBCion or Taouag of 
i^tCant tbout it| Aiii* 

ATE lc9iifuadran, UJ 


or break in Pieces* 
UAS3AfnOHt a ilakiog, as in an 
^c i a 4a&iag or breaking ro Pieces ; 
I af Tlui]^ wicfa a Peftle in a 

^ _ [rMuntfru', F.] to bring 
larget by Fbrcdof Arms. 
(({nit A B L E> that may be con- 

. [Cdrnpuratt, F.] one who 
; a Sttbdner. 
•£Cwf«r«,F.]V!ftory5 the 

VDE [«f Con and iu4* ^^kx. able in 
1 fsper Name of a Man* 
lAT A FiSxs [of Cit f o y eur, T. ue, 
J agde or Stun dfeis'd. O. Ln 
ftSCUINTTY IConfafiruiniie, F. of 
b L^] the Rdation between Per- 
l ftom the fiune Familf. 
ffAmON, a. pttduQg togc' 

J XCwfttentiay L.1 tbeOpi- 
t wtkh the ntiona! Soul paf- 
iftiensj or the Teftimony or 
feairsMfM. r. 

JS [ d^dtntaix , F. ] 
I GoBfcicnce ^ yi% upright in 

lEWTIOtlStV, juffly, op- 

Joftnefsy tJp- 

IBLE, conlcScntiotts ; aUb 

[rw/^isr, L.Jbwaidly gu3. 
fsleif ofaaEnflr, 
S, Quiltin^r9« 

XSeometricians ] 

4; ag OKDUiag OE re- 

»tt#t^, to hallow; 
. ij icoq^bcfatingorhal- 

c o 

Cbnfefaence or l>edtt€tion from a Ibrgoisg 
Argument or Pxopofitipn. 

CONSECUTIVE, follow'mg or Succeeding, 
inmediateiy one after another j it ia alwa^a- 
faid of Things, not of Perfoor. F. 

COSSECU'TION Month, the Space be- 
tween th<.ConJQn£tkMi of the Moon with the 
Sun, being fomething more than 29 Days and 
a half. 

CQNSENT' IConfintment, F. Cpnfinfns, L.J 
Accord* Agreement, Approbation. 

To CONSENT Iconfenrir, F. of evn/en^^ 
tire, L. ] to accord, agree, or allow of ^ ta^ 
yield to the Troth, or the doing of A' 

CONSENT 0/ Parts [with TkiUfopbeny 
is thafr PerceptU)n one Part has €^ another 
at a Diilance, by means of feme Fibret and' 
Nerves which are common to them both, 
or communicatefl by other Branches with onfl^ 

CONSENTATNEOUS [ctinfcntaneui, L.] 
agreeable, fuitable. 

CONSENTA'NEOUSLT, «greeahlf, fuit.- 

CONSEN'TtENT Ucnfmtietn, L.] foltaHe, 
agreeing, willing the fame thing; 

CON'SE^QJENCE [Confeftuntia, L.] an* 
orderly Follqwingy Condufion,. or Inference j* 
Importance, Moment, Weight. F. ' 

CON'SBQJJENCE [in A/McgyJ ta-when' 
a Planet mores accordmg to the natural Sue/ 
ceffion of the Signs. F, 

CON'SEQUENT {confefueib, L.] enfulag, 
following, foccecding. F. 

A CQN'SEOyENT^ that which fbUowr 
upon (bmething. 

eONSEQlTENT [in iwV*] is the hft » 
Pv^ of an Argument,' opposed in the Anteceii 

CONSEQUENT [iii Aftff*«ttffrVliJ isthel 
latter of two Terms, which are immediarely 
compared with one anodier in any Set of Pto« 
portionals* . 

COWSEOgENTLY,- following ncceiaa. 

CONSERVABLE [eonfirtnUntif, L.] eafy 
to be kept. 

CONSERVA'TIDN, « keepnig or pteftr^ 
vhig. F. of L, 

CONSERVATIVE Mt£ih^ [«nsang 
Pfyfidant^ is that Part of a Phyficiatt*« Cartf 
diat prefertes a Perfon in Health $ in Diflinc- 
tion frnn the Piarmaceutickt mhkh appliea 
Remedies to the Difeafed* F. 

CONSERVATOR [Confervateur, F.] t 
Keeper or Maintamer j a Defender or Pretec* 
tor. £. ■ 

CONSERVATOR [of the Peace } one 
whofe Office is to fee that the King*t Pace be 

CONSERVATOR [of the Ttwre and Safi 

IConJaffs} was an Officer formerly appointed in 
erery Sea-Pbrt, to tfsquin of Ofinicts com- 
aitted upon the Maia Sea, oq( of thelabcrty 


•f tlie CtwfUi'PortSf apiinft the KlD^t Tract 
fad Srfi-Cnuluff. 

CONSERVATORY, « Place to keep or 
Uj 'tiuoss up in I » Green Houfe for Planttj 

A CON'SERVE, Flowers, Roott> or HwK 
beaten together with Sugar. F. 

To CONSERVE' [ amJeroTt^ F. evnfer^ 
wNLre^ L. ] topreferveiirkeep; to defead or 

CONSES'SION, a £cttflg together. L, 

TopONSUyEJl {^JUerer,F, cwfiJer^rt, 
!».] to mini, to think of> to naeditate opoo § 
CO regard, to have refpe^ for, - 

CONSIiyERABli, Worthy of Coafidera- 
tion, . or Notieei' remarkable. F« 

CONSIiy^ABLEN$S3, the beiog \ror. 
thy of CottiideratioQ. 

CONSIIVERATE, aavifed, dreumfpea, 
vary^ difcreet. L. 


CONSII>£RATEN£SS 5 Warinettb 

CONSIDERA'TION, a bethinkiog one's 
felf; « Motive or Reafooj Regard or Re* 
fped. F.oft. 

CONSIDERATION [in tmo^ ii the ma- 
terial Caufe of a Bargain or Contra^^, either 
axprefa or inpIyM, without which it vould 
g^ot be effedasil and binding. 

To CONSIGN' [ (onJ^tHT, F. of eonjh' 
^art. If. ] to appoint, to deliver, to saake 

To CONSIGN fin TraJi] Goods are faid to 
be Qmfigned to the Correfpondeot or Pastor, 
which are feat ovef to them by the Merchaat 
lyr l^mployer ; or the cootraiy. 

CONSIGNAHTION, a SeaUng, ibg Aa 
<|f Configaing, n^kiag over, &r. alTo the 
Writing feale^. F.ofL. 

CONSIGNATION [in Iaw ] it the 
yottiag a Sum of Money, &f. into Aire 
Hands, *tiU the Deet^pn of a Cootroverfy or 
law-Suit, ^hic|i hifidci^ the Deliyefy of the 
laid Truft. 

CQNSIONIF'ICATIVE, which it of the 
fame Sigyjification with another. L. 

CONSIM'ILAR, alike or agreeing. 

CONSIMII/rrV [CmfimHrsi, L^ Like- 
oefs or l^fembJance. 

to CONSIST' [ccn^fr, V. of nmJSfta^, 
!«. 1 to be made vp of, to haag or agree to- 

iience, the Manner of Being ^ the Thidepefs 
of liquid Things j alfo an Agreement or Re- 
Ration. F. 

CON^St'E^T [ionfiUm, F. cwfifimt 
|U ] agreeable or fuiublc to ^ alfo that n sot 
illuid, buthasjiCoafiiienoe. 

CONSISTENT Bodiff (among i>i»V^ 
fben 1 are folid or firm Bodies, m Oppofitioa 
to fucb Bodies as are fiuid | or iach Be^ts as 
will preferre their Form, without being con- 
fined by any BouQd^ry^ and kaiM ao Degree of 

c o 


CONSISTOHlUik bdonging to 

fiftory, F. 

Jifiontat, 1a] the Coart ChrlftiaB^ . 
tual Court, formerly heM^ ia the M 
the Cathedrtl Church, or fome Cliapel i 
beloogmg to it. In which the Biihop pa 
and had fome of his Clergy fiu )ifa Ai 
and AHiaants | alfo afolema Meed^^< 
Pope and Cardinals. j 

CONSISTORY fin I^no] the T^ibdl 
Place of Joftice in the Spiritual Conn bj 
iag to the Arcfabtfhops or Bilhops. ■ 

To CONSCCIATE Icwfrdar^t t 
join inr mutual Society. 

CON^Q/LABLE [A»/«j;iAr£tf, L.* 
may be comforted. F. 

CONSO'LATiaN,.com.ortiBg, an 
of Grief. F. of L. 

CONSO'LATORY [unJ^Uamire, 
ctnfilaien'us, L.] afibrdkigCoaalbst, co 

CONSO'LE [in ArctfteBwr€] isal 
Bracket, or S]iOttUering-paece, which! 
Proje^iire, and ferves to fupport a Conw 
bearupFiguse9.^^ F. 

CONSOI/IDANTS [ QmfiiiJoMtia, 
Medicines <w|uehr cleanang with a m 
Heat, do caufe the Nouriihme&t to be £ 
piy*d to the Psrt affiiOed. 

To eONSOUIDATB [<9mfoitda^ 
enf$lidan, L. ] to make whofe, octo 

CONSOUDA'TION, a foiaeriog m 
king fohd ; alfo ao uinting or hardcal 
broken Booes, or xke Lips of Wottodi 
ofL. ■ 

uniting fboagly together the Fiateteia 
ken Bones, or the Lips of a Woon^ ' 

uniting the Pofleftoo and Fnfita oM 
flf^.'Vnth the Property. t 

a joining of two Benefices into o«i£ 

CCN'SONANCS (Cass^^anr, F. 
/!>, L.] is an Agreeaseos of two Souodi 
oD^Gravt^ and tkeotkcr ,4mi0^ cdi 
by foch a Propoftion of each as jbali ic 
able to the Ear. L, 

OONSONAl^CE [of Xr^ri/,} h 
WoHs (bond omfih alike at tkoEad, 
or rhiming. 

C WSONANT Tfoafimnu^ F. 
L.1 agreeable, oonrortable. 

cpi ~ 

NSONAMT [ia^rawamr] ia a 
which hath ao Sound of iticl^ but a 
joiae^ to fone Yovel to maka a Syllabi 

consona'niIe: f i» Mufrn fi| ^ 

agreeaUoIntemlalnWoMu It^m 
CONSORT' f Cw>*, L.] a FeII| 
Companioa $ a PaitalMr a# the fiai 
dition I the Wife of a Sonxivi 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


i^IbL aKese tf Ifalick coafiOing of throe 

i-COSSOBTj fo lobtf Codpany, or 

) tae oDv Oomncjr* 
~i aifiiafciiogoctewliic 

r f oiii^anvf, L. j clear^ 
El^ACY [Cn|^rtf(W| L.lsOom- 
I fccA CooMntkmy « Plot;^ aa 
t ai Ptria to4»Mij thm%, cither 

L< ACT fu £4rar} k aMyi taken 
X Seoi^ ana uffmXKM ail Apoesient 
• ^faoeOlnalAa. 
inOME £XM»S«rar] a Writ 

iMSkTOK [Oa^fttftsTy P.] * 
^ HI aha Jhs coa^uted fee fimc ill 

tf to agree to* 

VCATZ ftOK^cmr, L.] to 

liTIOV^ a*fbiiliagordafilaDg. 

TABLE {CmSitti/e, F. ^jt^i^m 
'■■CtDiitiiS;^ Sdur. a K]iiKy and 
I Kiac oT the Stable, or Mafer of 
iTide be ie cofere bekmciog to the 
I; after ttiat, High 
ware appoiflfiaoy aoa 
^ rtKf CoBROiea of ciafji Parlfli* 


T aneioitfy of raeh great 

■ thfghc too g^wat for aay 

$kfcaithe ftflBeJarifiUaioaaa tfao 

i( aA took Fkce of him at Chief 


[of «fae9«fMr] oaewho 
^ or tliait Farticu* 

TAHCY [Cm^Umt^ F.diCu/UKria, 

- fviMHM|' Bs%] wutmYf rcw- 
. bthefiaaaMMi laftbgor 
I ar fitre. F« 
p a Oernficafie gtasa oat or the 

rof all theae ia apon Re- 

ftiaDylfattcrinQ^eftkttt tUb 

iMrOofjraf (he IhrotaNBt 

, a Ca*Mi)f«raBed 


dlWbvtlicNaus. /. 

f . . . 

nW^ mp0t FflMTor 
liADof^bflrtafMdal Af- 

— Cw a BM ly» FV of Z/. 
RMB'f OM^MMrr/ L. J to 

cooipaft j to ctim or 


CONSTIPATION [with Phil^<fbers^ 
is when the Parti of a nataral Body 2x6 
mart ctofely oflitcd thaa they iintc before* 

'oGNSTITirENT [amftttuiut, L.] t^hidi 
oonfthotcs or laidcct up. 

To CON'STITUTB [;«ii^//wr, F; df «a* 
fiim^rt, L»] toappoia^ ordain, or make. 

CONSTmi'TlON, an drdinance or be* 
cree ; the State of the &)dy } the Form df 
Go?cnm)ci]t oftd ia any Place | the iaw of h 

CONSTiryTIVE, that which it fit o» 
proper to conftitutei • F, ofL, 

To CONSTRAINT [eoMtrMtMdn, F. of rm* 
Jhingere, L.]- to obligii ay Force, to keep ia oc 

CONSTRAINT' [CMtfivMrf/*, F.}.Forct, 
CompalfioDy Violence. 

CONSTRICTION [in fbikMy] is the 
croodiag thk Pvti of any Body ckMTe together, 
in order to Condeniatioai 

COKSTRIOTQR Uihrum [amofig^. 
n^tmifit] a Mttfclc of the iipt vvhich purfeft 
them up, and is by fome called OfnJariia^ 

wt9my\ Mofcka which draw thattpper Up and 
Jv^ downwards. £» 

CONSTRVaTlON, » baxlding or tBak«' 
uig. l^ 

CONSTRUCTION of Efaatim [A^e^^ 
bra 1 the-contri^g Axh lines and Figatcs aft 
fliaif demoaftiate the E^oitioli, Cattoo, or 
ThooKm, tebetroageomatricallyi 

CONSTRUCTION [i» GrMmmrl la tht 
nataiil, jtiil, and ragolarly olaciog and difpo. 
fiqgofWqr^inDifeoorie, loastomakeprtf^ 
per and intelligible Seafe. 

GOKSTRUOnVE, whicktatdatoCoiti. 
ftrv^ioB. L. 

T(^OON'STRU£7 [rw^W/^ F» of^r- 

ToCON'STER S^'«<r«, U] to etpoudd 
or interpret. 

CONSTUPRATION, > debanehing of 
Women, drdeflowenngoCMaid»^ Lt 

CONSUBflTAMTlAL [ tpnfid^limHet , 
F. ^ etkfidffiajitiAf t.] of the Ame Sub* 

of tha fiiUbHtia^ PieitBce of the Body and 
Blood of Chrift in the Lord*s Sopped, together 
wfcb the SoUbnc^of the Bread and Waoft, 
mftiwttiftfd by the hmhttm, 

CONSUBTUDI'NIBUS & Sertrhtii, t 
Writ of Right, lying agaioft the Tenant thai 
idefaroBfth the Laid of the Rettcr Sortke doa 

CON^SUL r(Wa4 L.] wai the Title of 
» SovBiiffi* Magwnte amoag the ltia«ir, 
.whcmof these wnre two in Nomber ; It ia 
new gtfOD todKef Govemon of feme Cttia^ 
b^t d^paeiallr to the chief Managers of Trade, 
or.RiSdttti f«r MercbamsiaiBreigaPaxta* 

Bk 4 Digitized by GOBSMrf 


L.] of or beloagin^ to a Cooful. 

To CONSULT' [rwrwi^er, F. of ««>/. 
ftfrtf, L. 1 to advife wiU, or aik A<ivke of 
Mijr Perlon | co ddiboratt 'opoa • Tiunf j /o 
<o0/«/f in Author^ to (be what is Jut Qpinioii 
.of « Mattery «Ha to takeCare oi. or ptoride 

A CON'SUIfT, it a CopAiItatioc^ ^at 
conamonly uken is an ill Soi^fe for a ioa«t 
Cabal of Piotttrs agaioft the Sute. JU. 

A CONSULTA'TION, an afk'mg cr tok- 
iog Couqjel of.Ad.viQe, cfpeciallj of Pbyfician 
coAcerjiiog their Patients ; alfo a Writ for re^ 
moving a Caufic from the King totbs ficded- 
jiftical Court. F.ofX.. 

To CONSU'ME Uonjumcr^ F. of c^njumcrt, 
jL] to dcftioy or watte, to piiM away \ to wear 
out Of decay ; to fpeod or fquander away ; to 

CONSim'MA:TB [cf ir/iMniwc«s, L.] com- 
pleat, perfect, accompliflied. 

To CONSUM'MATE [coii/Mmff«ry F. 
£onfummart, L.] to fulfil, fioiih, crmake pts- 

CONSUMMA'TIONr&»/»jMwr««,F,] a 
iulfi^ingy finUhiogt perfc&qg an End. L* 
, CONSUMM A'TUM, the Juice of an Hen 
cut into fmall Pieces, draven out by Diftillation 
jn Ralneo Marue 5 ftrong Broth. 

CONSUMP'TIOK [Can/mfiieti, f . ] is 
|i DtfdSL^i Noorifluncat, cr the owfomwig. 
decaying, and waftipg of the Body, and par* 
tif ularly of the Mut'culsr Fleih ; aifo a con« 
fuming of X*royifioQSy ComiaDditias,.^c. F. 

CONSIXMP'TIVE, that is aauaily i% or 
IpcUn'd to, A Conrumptioo. 

To CONTAB'ULATE iQmisMar^ L.] 
|o plank or floor with Boards to jpia ia|e' 

CONTABULATiON, a faft^aig of 
poards or Planks togiether, a flooring. Z't 

CON'TACT [asftf^tff^L.] theToufihiir 

CON'TACT rin Math«msticJt$] PoiaMor 
OmaCtp are tbofe Kkf«s 9r Points i«:Piiych 
#ae Line or l^ody touches another. 

CONTA'GIOK, the fame with Ibfei^oo | 
the ^reading or.oiKhiBg a Diieafe ; it is the 
communicating or transforriiig a pifeafe from 
one Body to another by Sow certain £iBuvia 
or S^a«s from the Body of the fick f^ciim. 

, CONTA<CIOUS Icpa^gimc, F. cicma- 
gi^fMt, L.J iftfe^ious, apt to iofc^. 

To,CWTAIN' [eiutnir^?. tMUstre, 
L. ] to comprehend, indoff » or hold | to 
keep Bacjc» ot . reftram 5 .to keep within 
* To COhTAM'IKATE [ctMUmimir^ F. 


eantamM4fr^ L. 1 to defUe or fiKllutc 

CONTAMINA'TION, Defilement, Pol- 
lution, moft jpropvly thj|(,o( the Mwv^^ 
Bed. L. 

COKT£KB» C—amtipa. Spa^, 

ridicuJoin Peribns. O, 

to violate or pollute. 

fpife or dlght, to iet at novriit. 

of c9tt»mpiaHt l« ] » heboid 
View^ to mu& ot QMditafie, to 
rioulhr* t*^^' 

Idea which is hcought into the 
time in inew, in order to meditate 
Mfiditation> S^y, JT. of Xm 

given th Conterapiation. F. 


4iAed tu Contempktion. 

der of ACary Jiit^idicrfniy who wore 
Garments, and white 

gae who contemptares. J _ 


COTfiM'fORARY 5«tf^ 
L. ] of the £nnt llmt or 
lives in the iame Time or Afc with 1 

'CONXEM^T [^aMi^cn, U] : 


deimiAg to be defpiied and 
vile. F. 

CONTEMP'TUOUS^ foocoiid; 
repraachfoL L» ' 


To CONTENiy.Co^mdbM^ L.] [ 
toquarrd, todifpntew 

lieth to a Jitfan^s Dwdling Hbuiia^ 
owa Oocopation. 0* ^. T. 

OONTWSiON, gieat£ftf«^ 
deavouf* l*» 


titfied, weUpWedwithwhtt.aa»| 

CONTENT' [$ykfiaiuhuel C 
Satisfe^bon, L. 

CONTENT {Cmmam^Wl tk»^ 
or EitentofaThiog* 

CONTENT [in GmnC^I jai 
or Solidity of any Surface or I 
or meafawd la iooftcor ibiii 

CONTENT [withil&«ha^] «j 
containad in any Caflc, VaOalf Mr, 


content'mbnt : 

tislladiaa or SaCai&of 1 

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rfCw ft^y r^ of cm^i, 

FABU, diiMrtaUo^ thit nay 
»d«llbr. f. 

4TI0N» A ^oaffcUtiily op- 

r{of GMiM«^ U] the Scrip* 
kia^Mitkc ToBK beftio oro^ 

(OMiriiw, L.] the 
■ ■ \nmn^ nf aDUooomS^ w 


tht BUaad tht HrnXSidei aMtnOycvt 
ooe another. 

CONTINGENT Ufi [Uw 7€rm\ b m 
Ufe liaited ia c Coavtyance of Land, ivfaick 
majt or mty not bappca to ^rcA or pot taao 
PoibffioB, ocoondiag to tlw CoAdofienrf «k- 
pcefled la tbc UsvtiMMi of Aeh Vfe. 

CONTIN'GENTS [OMirnifmriia, L.] Ou 
iuldety TbiagadiAtiiappeo by Cbaacc 

CONTINGENTS [m M^tjirmatickq tkt 

CONTINOJAL [cmhntlt F. tmuimna, 
Im} thtt if wf tboot Inttnniliion* 

CONTlN<UAI. Oaim [Um Term] h m 
Claim oadc Ibom Tioie to Tioae^ withoi 
ovory Year oad D»y, to Lao^ or other 
Tmip^ which, ift Anhc ttSp^Ct, wo cm- 
oot octaiA wii^MttOaoBvof betogkOkdm 

(fliftafnn cofedMrf alio FJoor- 

tSi«ei^ Ncanda or Ooioiefii) 
oAiUKof OMfioiy 


|«« Kttf ^«f 

^Afief [in Gtmetrj^l 
^n\mmtUti ammoa to each 

J [of Cmh'minm, L.] 
«ho oybtaiat fron 
i Phfcn ^ aifo Chaftjiy» "Scnper- 

MM% L.1 that 
Mr, di>£. od. 

Ompcnic> ib* 

' pnCWiiiiifti] it i gfcat 

liT Uad vbich oM^bcttds iovcnl 
M<ai|fant wMi aie oot hf^*- 

ITCMr {^ uDfJkmfir} 
i dtt Qi|eaiO'^iyeo«b io imf 
bAK it OTUimM io ioa| aa^tliat 
_ Thus * ^ttoo 
oifai Udm it Hilt cootiMflt €006 
f «e Utiae. 
Aitfr, U thit trUch 
iCMtwiihoiiC oidKt lMenaf<> 

^K&f r^MMllf « iEocit 
NCYSifhicli hoppooa hj 

[««irfii|pflit| X.1 ood- 
: wtf vrmKf mthifptn* 

r^Cte{«i Atf/Avl it 

i«:i6Mi»i«bK Inctrfiaion 

! «f tbe Dial with the PlMt of 

I fi» that the Hoor«Liaet of 

CONTINUAL Fever, k diat wirfck 
ihnetimea eemitt or afaocea^ bat netor per- 
ftQlj intermitt: That it to fiiy^the PoticMt 
ia iBHriSthiOK bettor> hut oeocr abCihittij Irae 
ftoa the Diftempor. 

CONTIN'UANCE ICtrnthmty P.] tf/dk^ 
iogncA, Lcogth-or Dorttioa of Time. 

CONTINUANCE (a* ^11111 11 L0n\ U 
4he iiuie wich PiOMgatioa hi tfae GW/, as 
Cmfimmmt *tiil ibe mxt j^fnei, u #• a poo- 

CONTINUANIDO [/.^w TVrm] wh« 
chonabtiff 'would recofter Damaset for fe- 
vetal Trefpadlcs in the fhate A^tieiu 

CONTINUA'TION the Sailing of Oaf 
thiag without InonniffiaB. F, of Z.. 

CONTINUA'TO [in iUSa^*-* SmAt] fif- 
•ifleatoooiilfnaeorlMU on a SowU or Note 
ia on cgoal Strtagdi or Maaacri or to ogw- 
tinue a Movctment ia an e^ Dicsroe of 
TiOoaoOiheway. JiJ. 

To CONTIN^UE [^mmmar^ F. twaihou 
tfrr, L.] to carry on, to purfoe, to held on 
orperfievere, tooblleorlait 

CONTI'NUED Beifr, th6 flnne wvik 
tfaorMigb Bafi, becaofe it goet qoicc thioii|k 
tse OoBipoatieii^ 

. CONTINUfiD^^tifrt « Bhdf wiNfc Ftita 
aio no wayt divided* 

CONTINUED ^MfMrVf; that w4iofe 
Pom ore Ibjoiiitdaad oaiUd togt tfaer, that 
you cannot tell where the one b^iar^ or tfaa 
ociier oada, catted C^/mrMi. 

CONTINUITY ICamimiti^ P. of (>». 
CNwarja^ L.] the Cooaexion or Joioiftg to. 
fethcr of the icmal Partt of a Thing. 

CONTINUmr [in Sm^\ '• when 
Cho Porta of'tbr tody are all whole and ea. 
tnv, withoot being divided. 

•CONTINOX) [in MufiA Bmhl figni- 
ika thorooghy at BM Gtmimi^, the catKi- 
Bood Baft, ortfaonMgh Baft. M. 

COirniruOIIS, ckCt, toochlng each 
other. ' 

CONTOR'SIOK, a wrenching, wreft- 
wg or polling away, JJ* of L, p • 

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c o 

CONTOIl'$ION [i^Surgify ] is when a 
Boiic is fomewhat ditjoiatcd, though not ea> 
tixdy I 9 Sprtin* 

CONTOU'R [itt Gravity ao^ Paiatii^] 
are the Out-lines of a Figure or PiAure. F, 
■ CONTRA AntiJeiM [aoiosf ^/ir^oftrt] is 
tba Degree and Minute in the £oiiptick^ op* 
pofite to the Attifeun, 

CON'TRAB AND GcoJi [of contre and Ban 
•n Edid, F, i. *• .contrary to Precept or Iaw] 
fich Goods as are forbidden by A<^ of Parlta* 
ment to be e^qiorted or imported. 

CON'TRACT [ Cmttrsaus, L. ] a Cave- 
DfAty Agreement, or Bargain; Artkka in 
Writiagy a Deed or Inftrument, F, 

To CONTRACT'. [aiiCTAffer, P. ofeM- 
irsffartf L.1 toaitic]a» coirfntnt»- ormafce a 
ConinCk i ahb to alyidge nr Aorteo ; alfo tft 
get a-Difeafe, or illDabit. 

CONTR ACTA'TION Hnfe, a Place where 
Agreements^ or Contrafls are made for ibe 
Promotion of Trade. 

CONTRACfT£DN£SS» the being iborten- 
<d{ Brevity. 

QONTRACTIBLB [among AMtmifti] a 
Term applied to fucb Mnfcfes and Parte pf Use 
Body aa are, or may be ooarraiAed. 
. CONTRACTILE, is i^aah a Body, aa when 
extended, .haa a Property of drawing Hfelf up 
agaih to that Dlmenfion it was in before £x- 

CONTRAOTION, a dnwii« tngether, • 
making Ihort $ alio a ihrinking up. F. of L. 

CCWTRAC'TION [mUgick) a Method 
whereby the Thing redvcing ebridgea that 
which is reduced* 

CONTRACTURE [Ctntmamtra, U ] it 
the making PiiiaraiJDDaU about the Top. JSr^ 

CONTRACTURE UnSurgeri] istCon- 
traaioQof theBack, Hands, ^c^ made by 

ToCONTRADlQT' FM«ar«£nnr, F. r«r. 
tradit§t4t L. ] to oppefe uie Aifertien eif a»- 

'CONTRADICTION, a Centrarie^ of 
"Wordt^nd Jentimentts f ainfijiyinf. F,J'JU 

CONTRADICTIOUS, f uU of Centtadic. 
tions, apt to contradi6^ L« • 

CONTRADICTORILY, m a tbwvting 

CONTR ADICTORINESS, aptaeltto can. 
tiadid^, ThwartittKneff. 

itfislf, or.impliea aContcadiakiO. 

CONTRADICTORY Offofifon [in Lo. 
ria] iathe CoBoanety of two FropeMonr, 
both in Quantity and Qsality* 

CONTRADICTORY. Pr^pefitifmSf aie 
fuch as cenfift of; an Untrerial apd Paxticulair, 
of which one affirmt and the other deaio^ So 
that if one of them be Affinnative, the <^her 
Aal) be Negative ^ if one Umv^al, the other 
FarucuUr« i • 


c o 

iifimSio^ L.] a dUUagiiiAaiK om 
Side, or Oppofitioft to. 

alid djflingacn, UJ to difting^Mh oo 

L.] a Counter-deft. 

tjon io the Skull, whe* tke 
mains whole, and the ParteppoAik 

CONTRA F^raaoR OUtiMms, m ' 
where a Man haegiTen petpetuoi 
Religious Houfe, Ho^^ &V. «■* 
veraer haaiUfloated the Lands, 
Dooofs Intent. L, 

CONTRA Ftrmam FnJfMteffti, &* 
a Tenant who uMfei by the lAtdlii 
to make certain Suit and Service ttt ' ' 
and is afterwards diftraincd te jiiai 
cootainad therein. L, 

divert Confideiatioos in aDifeaJk 
a Phyfidaa fireni nfing fucb • R< 
other Things induce him to k. X» 

Ttrm ] a re^itiag^ or gififlg 
further Time to.anfweiw L. 

little Out- wall built betore 
wall, or about <he Miini.«sit of n 
toftrengthesft.- F, 

CONTRANirrENCE [ of' c0m„ 
and miter to endeavour, L.J. IbiTi^ 
ing agateft ; Oppolitkin« 

L. . I 

changmg of the whole SobjeA 
Predicate, and the contrary. 

QONTRAFUNnrO riollli^ 
oifies a Way or Method of ««■ 
'lick, called CwMtnftiwt, now very 
JtaL ' 

to, oontradiOery. CAmk. 

Barcsn who took Piart trith ma 
Lancafter agaioft KM%FMmrdVLi 

trary-wiie. Sbgit/p, 

fSMgror* « > '•> - I 

CONTRA'RY inatrsm^ F. ^ 
>•/«», Wl tho^ Thfags wrm.£aA on 
trmy wEofe Natuae juid. Q^qr 
loidjr difieiQBt> and which dsiioy 

. CONTRA'RYPn^^iitSMrki 
fi^ a»/coolift oftwoUnhedUs^ 
ing and the other denying. 
CoMfrariasM, L. j Oppofitm, 


, cootradlQcdw •*> 

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IfjmLtpdq k when one 
U ID mAa, u Lffjbt and 

»L] a faril Rfpote or Diflfercnce. 

(itf?«fiirnijfl » the doe 
atObje6b nd Pkrts oTthe 

bfiflVrUSr, « «» ^ce 6r aHpere 

"MDMAiI ittROt OolodtS. l9M to 

^lAftw^fm Mt^JM B^sl ftaadi 

iltFM; the Wheel ia • 

ilk b Utt the OrMra Wfteel, 

I ai Hnpof which lie eontnry ID 

iTilLLAqiOlf XiW [hi F«r. 
•TtehiBafiM with a Pin- 
hlf OK roaad a Place by the 
) » /CMC thenlelvet, and ftop 
KrftkGbmte, audit a Mdket 
»*i To«a| lo that the whole 
htvanaa the Siege lice between 
>rfCmiiiHwlliiiiMi and ContravaU 

4VIVE Itmtrmtanr, F. of 
^>UJ M tet ceutmy Id as Agree** 
tetoieMC an Agi^cenieiit or 

AVEwrriOK, m Cwtraveniflg ; 
5^* e Agfeonftoty 6^^ • JF . 
^ATIOK, a 

TART) that payt Coatn- 

: IcantriAuer^ F. of m- 
» give (aoMthiag with olhen ; 
it the daiag of a thiagi to 

a joint fiviag of Mo. 
Or Inpoctaiice* F» 

ON [ia MmtMfy Affkih\ 
^ FieaiUr OMatriet- to fiifc 
B^— a heJBf pha i d e w d. 

■JtUnO'NE fimnifi^ a Writ for 
^aofictathaBBtdeiof aThiag 

[^iMfr jibrr, L.} to 

MtBtA'nOII, aoMMngftd. t. 

■ntm [aaifr/,F. of «««>«*, U,! 
^Mhdi anftcMuaooly afcd for for. 
^r^Hw ^«M attdTiVni^. 
ikDieJaitMu • 

'y a traoi fiaccft Sonwa 
fam Love to God nian 
(C F.ofX.. 
Dtvace, lagraaity ia 

^^^ ; [MOreacMf^ .F.] to -i»- 


c o 

mioe JB Accotuit^ to or'erlook, to difprorc^ 
cenfure, or find faolt with. 

CONTROL', Check, Cenfare, Contra- 
dlftion $ alfe aBook or Regifter, in which a 
Roll is kept of other Regifters. 

.GOVTROL/LER iControlifMr, P.] ati Oter- 
foer, an Offieerwho lerei^ a Roll of-the Ac* 
couatt of other inferior Officers. 
' CONTROLLER [rf the fGnf'i HwfiM] 
an Officer of the Coort that has Power tli 
allDW 'thfe Charge of Parfnitaiits, MefleA. 
gers. Purveyors, &c, sMb the ControUmg 
of ail Defaaftt and Mifcarriaget of inferior 

CONTROfiLER Gitierg!, aa Oflker be- 
kmgtng to the Artillery. 

CONTROLLER [of the Ham^] an Of. 
fiter hi the Chancery, who attends daily hi 
Term Time on the Lord Chancellor, tod 
takes alfo Things Sealed, indofed in a Lea« 
ther Bag, firam the Clerk of the Hanaper. 

CONTROLLER [ of the hCnt ] an Of. 
ficer whofe Botf neft is to ice that the Money 
be made to the jaft Affisej to overlook and 
eootroi the Oflkert, in cafe of ddaalt, QTr. 

CONTROLLER (lo the Ntfvy^ an Of. 
ficer whofe Bofinefs is to control all Vtf* 
meat of Wa|es | to exambe and audit the 
Accooau of Store-keepers, Treafoicrt. Vie* 
tttailara, ^c. 

CONTROLLER [of the Pen] an Officer 
of the Eacheqocr, wlio keepe a Contralme&C 
of the Poll of Receipts and Goin«-out« 

CONTROLLER [of the ?#><•] an Oflker 
of the Exehefier, who writes out Summons's 
twice every Year to the SberHis^ to levy tha 
Farms and Deba of the Pipe. 

To O0NTRO^£» to contrive. 0. 

CONTROVER, a Foiger of faU^ Newt 

CONTROVER'SIAL, of or belboging la 
Cootrovei fy • 

trmfeffta, L.1 Dobato, Difaute^ Variance* 

To CONTROVERT [ rt ar fOV*/dr», L.] 
ta aigue m and iva, to difpure. 

XXINTROVERT'ED [/wtfracrrr//,^.] afl. 
detarmined, not agreed upon^ that may he 
difpnted artf and em, L« 

OMfTirMA'ClOUS r<tnraaunr,L, of Miiw 
fra and raaK», L. to fwell] felf-willed^ ftab* 
bora, oUKaate, rebelliotis. 

CONTUMA'CIOUSLY, ftiibbomiy. 

CONTUMACY [Cmtumaeti F. ikaia- 
HuNftfy L.] Stabboranet^ WilfhliMlby Rebel-» 
lioB. ' 

CONTUME^LIOlfS [eciOmmiUemeft. itn» 
fwmHrfut, L.] fepnnehiali aflfronrive^ aba^' 

CONTOMTLIOUSLY, repraoehfillly« 

CONTU'MELV [ ConfumHit^ T. tilt Cm. 
tameiia^ L. of t^muwtd] Abofei Afifrent, Re- 

c o 

ToCOMTUNZy IcMHmtJtn, U] to bett 
iDail, or poun3« 
. ToCONTUNE, tocmitrtfe. Cbmc, 

COti-VV'^lOV, a beatiBf or bruiiiiis. F. 

CONTUSION [in Cbfmifiry} a 
i»(i> P«w4cr by beatuag in aMMUr« 

CONTUSION [with Suttt»»*^ « Breifa 
dividiag tbe Continuity of Vwa in Bonet or 
Fkfr* or a firuaia cither by .a Fall or Ifiow^ 
i» that tboa^ tJia Skin appears wlioie» yet 
the Fltih if broken. 

A CONTUSION [of tka $kuil\ la wfatn 
the Skall'bone is To hurt, that thooBb no 
Fvaf^wtQ sppaars outwardly, yac it is fafanted 
liom tbe whola on th« Infidc* 

Tn CONVAIL [of cfmwkfurt^ L»] to 
pcoavar. CAtfitf. 

CONVALES^CBNCE } [of cmmkfeen, 


tX Health } alio tha Space fAm the Depar. 

turr of a Oiieafe» and the Recovery ol the 

^mcagtb which was loft by it. F. 

CONVAi/ Liii^^ May J»iUy, or iiUy of 
the Vslky. 

CQNYE'NARLE [law term] agneahle, 
convenient, fitting. K 

ToCONVE'Nfi [rM««>W»Ul tomcetor 

«pase tags ther> to aflembk* to eali together. 

CONVE'NIENCE 7 [ConwBaiue, F. of 

CONVB'NJENCY S Cinvementia, L. ] 

jAdvantage, Agreeablenefs^ Fitneisy Snitabln^ 


- CONVE'NIPNCE pa -*• Af *ff«rr] is the 
diipofing the iieveKal Parts of a BuUding, 
lb that they may not obftmik or Aock one 

CQNV^NXEN'DVM. aa AOamhlyt ^ 
P^trd. of ^umfttr, 

CONVE'NIENT Tconvatant, F. of 

c o 

CQNVER'GING {whkJh «» H 

Points in thn Obje^ and incUM tm, 

aMthat, Hill at iaft llMy meet an^^ 

fo become d imngh m , 

CONVER'SANT fautwerjam, 

ing compaiiy sHdi| alils vrell rtHai 



Perfim^ Intevcomfe, Behavimiry 

OON'VSRSE, ftxBiligr 
mfppodence, QT^* 

CONVERS'E lOmvtffut, UJ 

me9h t*] it, fenibnal»le» (iiitahle. 

CON'VENT [CNrc;rif/,F.j a Monaflaryor 
JUligic^ HottfiK 

ToCQHVENT [CofMWitazf^t.] to fcm- 
mpn. to«ita* 0. 

CONVENT'ICLE fCMviMnVi/^, R af Cms- 
iVMirfVaihfft, U] a little private Aflembly for 
Religious Evercifes. 

CONVENTIO [in Ltfw] an Agreement 
ar Covenant. 

QGNYEN'TION, an Aflembly of the States 
of the Realm. L. 

COKVEN'TIONAL [eomMMtiMo/h, L.] 
•helnqgiag to an Aflefnbfy' or Convention; 
^[fo doan by Agreement^ or nnder certain 

CONVENTIONE, a Wtit Whkh Ilea for 
any Covenant in Writing nnpeitfbmed. F. 
nf X», 

CONTEN'TIONER« altfember of a Con- 

CONVERSE [in M^fbmmttrel^ 

after a Conclufioo ia drawn from' 
fiippofed in the firft Rropoficioo | ; 
feoend Pmpoiition, the Ooodnfimi 
ia made the Suppofition ; and 
pnlbd in the firft, is the 
called the CumerU of it. 

CONVERSE Dirtaum [a] 
f9r%\ ia whan a Sigmfieatm^ 
the Place of the ^ptmatvrs^ 
of tfe faJghcASphaia, aalM Fi 
contrary to the Succeffion of t 
To CON VER^SE [tomrtrft 
L.] to ditcoorfe or talk Ihmii 
keep Company and be fimsilinp^ 

CONVER'SION, a Turning, 
Ghansa^ a^peci^ of Mateers^ ^ 
good. F. ti L, 

€dNV»SiaN l^mQng 
toniog to Ood, or Change, vr] 
in every cwa Pcni«Bnt#' 

is a paediar Manner oiTalteriiig 
when either the C^aniity longf^ori 
ber of it is a FraAion. 

CONVERSION of Pr^fofitkm 
Sftthe changmg die Sntfeft ima ll 
the Predicate, and* iHll-tetninIng;;) 
of tbaPrapofitkm* 

CONVERSION rffht Muffma 
[in JHthmttick^ is the consparing 
cedent with the Difeence of the 
and Confe^henti in twooqonl 


r^ir, L.] to turn or 
one*s Ptoifit or Ufa. 


'Go CON'VERT r in DMmfy^l 
a Perfon to the f Wi U i o n of thell 

CONVENTOJAL, belonging to a Coin 
vent, or .Company of ReJigioas 'Ferfons. 

CONVENT'UAI^> Friars or Nuns who 
pre in a Convent. 

A CONHTBRT [wrGrnvrrfr, 
Ton who is tamed to the tnie RcH 
. CQN VERT'JBLl [cn^ftrMk 
able, that may be turned. F. 

Chriftian Filth, SM<|^. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


XmVX [emme, F. cfctn^est^t, L.] 

plbOiA^^tk (^te. or aoy sthcr 
nuA Uf, or (U aterwl rooBd Pw c of 
■f lil^* » *f HoUolr, «a4 in ^• 

comraiTY f&mwfr, f. of c^ 

«UK, Lj iktca^c or fapwiof of any 

taCOililY' [iamgrcr, f.vim M« 
«K l) ■ am«r kad ipto aoetiMff P1k0 i 

CUVfiriNCE, can7ing. 

tUMfnJJiCl [m Uw) a Dw) or 
kliB*; Af vladi Laodi, ^c, arc qdo- 
fBrt V Mnaw la loflthffi 
i • CDITir ANCER^ Perfeo vh» aiak^t 

OQeiTirr[u>va»ifa, F. Cfmriam, L*] 
l»aWa tiai<| iii i) of >a 0«fa«x. 

M«ttATiCT» «K vrlio bat bcBB 
^MvioMiiaidivrefiilioKCo oova coil 

^^tiOr^TlON (is JUi^imt^} b t^C firft. 

^^ ' 'qmaaot, I. «. wbeiia Pcwcant 

■f dk evil Naoire of Sia, and 

JMcnoV fni £^] tU inanaiva 

.ibpiif tf aOlna by tho Veiriiaof a 
IHf vte a Mao 19^ if oot'kw'd ap- 

Km* " 

Wn[mvfi,|Bftdtos'cocQMia, l. 

iJjWC Tiy&tY, io inch a inaooer at 

JiCHVWCt r<»ivW«, L.] to 
Mm* Mbja if tbe Tsoct^of tha 
PMMi Mi» aa4 Atgnaoffits. 
'WltTAL ( a oa<i mtf i» U] pcitaioiog 

, ITIOH.acaUuf tafrtJbcr^aii 
IH'itMful Syood. moft CQOiinoo- 

c o 

along with Merchants Ships, to defend tbem 
from Enemies ^ aifo Men, Ammniiition^ &c« 
conveyed into a Town. 

To CONVOY' [cmmyer, F. cMwbtrti, 
L.] to cooiroy, to goard, to conduA fafely. 

CONUSANT, knowing, ondcrftanding, 
or being privy to. F. L. T. 

CONVULSION, an involontary Con- 
tvaAion or Motion, wbereby the Nerves, 
Miifcicf, and Members, are oontradod aad 
diava Cogecber agamft or wUhoot the Willy 
a« in the Cramp, &e. F, of L. 

CONVULSIVE [cwvuyi'vut, L.] be- 
longing CO a Coovnlfioo. F, 

CON yUL'SlVELY, after the Manner of 
a CoovoKtoot 

To COO, to make a Noifis like Tortka 
or Pidfo^M. 

COOK [Coc, Sax, CoCt C. Br. JKoefc» - 
Dan. Cd^«i»t L.] a Maa^br Wooma iKhQ' 
drcfles Meat, &c, - • ' 

. COOKiSeMe^ia % Ship] it where tbe 
Copic and the Mate drefletii and detivers out 
ihe Meat, &e, 

COaK.*ERV, tlw Trade of a Cook, the 
Arc of dtefiinf; Meat, &€ 

COOL [Cole, Sam. KuJJe, ^«W.] cool- 
ing or coM. 

COOL'ER, a Veflel oAd by Bfiwers. 
COOLLY, ID a tmA er itdate manner. 
COQL'M£SS, the being cool or fcdare. 
COOM, Soot wliic^. gathers oiFor che 
Moadi of an Otan. 

COOM67f6f Cumtitu, L. an «^] « 
~ CO MS 5 Meafure of Corn, concatoiog 
four BiAek. C. 

A' COOP [Cop, iStfdr.] a Place wheif 
Fowls are kept and nade fa^, 

A Fijh COOP, a Veffol-of Twigs, witk 
which they ottch Fifli in the Hi»mb$r^ C, 

OOOPEE' {Cotf^, F.] a fort of Step In 


^ A COO^Eft [iHltper, I« 5. a Tub] one 

',ta«ifakabMftQI»iKhAf- who makes Tubs, Csiks, BafreU,^^. 
ibeht^ot lb«Mt^tr«heffate| To Ce-OP'ERATE [tcofer^, F.] to 
F,oi L. work together ; to ad or work with another 

rriON ik^, the Place in the prododng feme EffeA. 
y Met Ibr that Porpoie. 1 CO-OPER A'TION, a working together 
TION r of Ufpn Hmfk ] 'with. F. of L. 

tf«.fitk-| CO-OPE* A'TOR, a Fellow-workef. i. 
COOPER'TiOi the Head or Branehet of 
a Tree cut down. 0, L. 

COOPER T-URA, a Thicket or CofcrC 
of Wood. L. T. 

To CO OP'TATE, toeleaorcboofc. X* 
CO*OP TA'TION, an Eleftion or Choice. 
CO-OR'DINATE, of equal Order, De- 
gree, or Rank. -X. 
COOT [C^oet, Ifffg'l a Water Fowl, caW 
er Tiaafcs of lisase Plants, at itcd alfo a Moor Hen. 
•dthe Chl^af Vinaa, &e. COP [Cop. Sax. IRopff. *hc Head, Ttut.J 

'0Y(Cw«9,F.]aOuide orCoa- Uhe Top of any thlogi aifo a Tuft on ths 
I lifci Use or Mas of War, that go j Head of Birds* 

ATKMI [efljetitr 0Nr>] 
.»|^ii«r ef ^ tnfoior Clergy fir. 
2»XmOK'l [Mnufmr, F. of «««0- 


^LOTION, a vnpinng, roUing, 

W [aiiengaMai^«]a 
, which it pecoUar 





c o 

COPAL, a bard fort of Rofin, of a white 
or yellowiih Colour, brought horn AmtrUa» 

COPARCENERS, fuch as have equal 
Sharct in the loheriunce ol their Anceftors. 

COPARCENY } fuch an cqval Share or 

COPAR'SENY 5 Ditifion. 

COPARTNER, one who is joined in 
PartnerOiip with another. 

A COPE [Caeppe, Smx.] a Prieft'a Veft 
menc, ^fteocd with a Clafp before, and hang- 
ing down from the Shoulderi to the Heck \ 
alfo a Cloak. Cbsuc, 

COPE [in DoomjUay-Book] an Hill. 

COPE [Cop, Sax, the Head J a Tribate 
paid to the King, &c, out of the Lead -Mines 
at fTtckfwertb in Dtrhyjbire. 

To COPE a WmU, to covet it. C. 

To COPE [in ArcbiuSlwt\ to joe ootas 

To COPE [in Faltonry\ to pan the Beak 
or Talons of a Hawk* 

To COPE, to barter or truck. M C 

To COPE togethtr [of tMtpUr^ F. of c^« 
lartf L.] to match with. 

To COPE wtb MM, to ftrifc with, or 
aiake Head againft. 

A COPE, an Arch* 

The COPE cfllea-vai^ the Arch or Con 
cavity of' Heaven. 

COPER'NICAN Sy/hm [io Aftrmmy] an 
old Syftem revived hf Ct^nitiu, in which 
the Sun is fuppoie^ to be placed in the Centre ; 
Bext to him Mercury, then Kmhi, then our 
£Mrtb •with its Sdtiiiiti the Moon^ then 
JMart, and nest to him Jupittr, and iaft of 
all SaturH ; and the Planets, with the Earth, 
are fwppo(ed to move aboot the Suo. 

COPES- Ai«»9 a Partner \n Merchandl- 
stng, a Companion, />««* 

COPE Sdle and Ptm, are Irons that fsften 
the Chaina with other Oxen to the End of 
the Cope of a Waggon. 

CO'PHOSIS [Km^Ttt, Gr. j Dcafneii in 
the Ears. L, 

• CO'PIA LiMli dtUkeranda, a Writ that 
lies in a Cafe where a Mao cannot get the 
Copjr of a Libel at the Hands of the Jadge 

CO' PING [in Archiuamrt^ the Top of a 
Bailding, or tbe Brow of a Wall made floping. 

• COPING Iron [Falconry] an Inft^ument 
for paring the Beak or Talons of a Hawk. 

• CO PIOUS [cofiieux, F. of cfiojus, L.] 
abounding, plentful. 

CO'PiOUSLY, abundintlr, plentifoliy. 

CO'PIOUSNESS, Abuodaoce^ Plentiful- 

A CO'PIST, a Traafcriber. 

COPLAND, a Piece of Ground into 
which the reft of tbe Laodt in a Furlong do 
ihoot. S, 0, R. 

COP'PA, a C'^ck of Corn, Hay, or Grafs, 
divided into Portioni fit to be tithed. 

COP PE, tbe End of a Thing. Chaue, 

COP PED, Oiarp at Toj^. 

c o 

C0P'PEL7i Pot in which L_ 

CUP PEL I melt and fine their | 
alfo a fort of Crucible ofied by < 
purifying Gold or S'lrer. 

filubbeCy O^n. of Cu^um, L.] a I 

Ro/e-COPPER, Copper leveralj 
melted, and lefined from its grofler F 

COP'PERAS, a £>rt of Mil 
wife called Vitriol. 

COP' PET, fancy, malapert | 
jo!ly. C. 

COPPldEHof Mifer, F. to| 

COPS E' 5 fmall Wood confifl 
derwood, which may be cot at tbe| 
of twelve or fifteen Years. 

COPRO PHORY [lCorpo^,t 
gation or Purging. 

ftiveneft or binding in the Belly. 

COP ULA [in Ltgick] is the Vd 
joins together any two Terms in an| 
tive or Negative Propo6tion j as /" 
Htmsl ; where {is) is the Copula. 

COPULATION, a coupling 
carnal coupling between Male an 
F. of L. 

COP ULATIVE [mGramm,]t 
fenres to ooople or join j as a C« ' 
putathft, F. 

COPULATIVE Pr9f>9fin$n [il{ 
thofe which iriclode feveral Subjer 
veral Attributes joined together by i 
mative or Negative Conjandioa, vf4 
or neither, 

COPY [G>pieJ,] z Pattern to i 
the Original of a Book ; alio a f 

COPY [in a Law Senfi] is the | 
or Tranfcripc of an original Writio] 

COPY- HOLD, a Tenure fori 
Tenant has nothing to Aew bat tb 
the Rolls made \iy the Lord's C 

To COP* Y •«/ [w/wr, F.] to wri 

COQji^/ Mf J. eanfum^t, an AU 
Phyfick, fignifying, Baal it till bai 
wafted. L. 

COQ^^rn 5 ^ Aq. that is to i 
in a faficieot Quantify of Water. 

CO(^ ^. A, that is, Boil it i 
Art. L, 

COQUET, an atnoroos Courtkr J 
by afTeaed Carriaps and Tattle end J 
gain the Love of Women j alio a \ 
(he like QuAlities, &c, L, 

CO(^ET TE, an amorous, wai 
riing GirJ. F* 

COQUETRY [Cop««en>,F.]| 
rd Carriage to win the Love of lAv 
men; a Skill io carrying oo afl 
crtgues; Wantoonefs, Effemtoacy. 

COR [among Betanifls] the inil 
pithy Part of any Plant or Tree. 

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c o 

, CO&M [bailed ioHbooor of Ktng| CORDS 7 [Xop^, Gr.] in Mufick, pTO< 
%0kt\ I Sor ia tbe Nonben Henbi-I CHORDS { perljr ligniiies the Str'mga of 
|hK, mihnttM Che Ctma Baemai an Harp, Lute, Violio, or other Mofical ln< 

CMI^f, i>fisd Star of the firft 
mn^adieCoaiellKMUi called £/y- 

CMiS&ACEHA'US [in A»dt$my} a 
lU rf*iAn [io eaJJed from K^*^, 
Ob « Cm, Imb ill JtefemUanoe to a 
0«'ifcu]«tkk movct icopwards, and 
^a)^iCb£,ii«iof fmafl Boat afed by 

iUUOQinrOIDiE'US [in y«MiM7] a 

mmkninm tbe spper End of the 
|pi>a»ik Neck, and it in&ited into 
l(k4M«.«M itMiJiaoUiqaelT down- 

iflftACOIDES [fai AmM^tmy^ is a Pro- 
Mai Shidfcr.bJade, 

'flUGf, the Herb Boglofi. 

WlL[Cm»Bnm, L.] a fort of marine 
■Vfe«rf« 1 Scaae, a certato Siioot from 

WlUKE, aiHt of Alois ftiekiog to 

IBU;V0RT, sn Herb. 

•fciCm^isbfoogbt imo a Court oot 


"^iTEiOfacone. O, * 

[fvAr, F.] croAed* SptM, 
^ [pnp aj a Gift or Offer- 
c tke AJtv, properly the Treafote 
^t far the Ufe of the Temple or 

KLS [b Fortification] are little 
fa< itah Eanh, and placed upon 
fc^^f. icjtiog Porc-boies to fire 
J^«9«) tbe Eocmy. 

2^ 1 [• Jtrthiteamrt] H a Shoul- 
5JJ[t >toiaf- piece or Jotting- out 
nniT I ie Walls, to tear op a Poft, 

Kfia 7aNicchinthcWallof a 
■»KTa'JCh«rth or other Edi6ce, 

BtlELliiMt, fmoDtfa poliih*d Stones 
*^ f mat md Ovt-fide of the Corbels 

ERT [C»As». F. a Cttle Crow] a 
KTTIS, ttoBM wherein Images 
■J^* frvkeUy the iane as 
"*S* Off lasref, in Architeaore. Sfiw. 
*^^'iKliS, CorpttJcncy orGroff- 

' l«dt. 0, 

\Cfdt, TA a Rope or Line. 
^ r«miHig Jjrrsirt] is a ftteight Si 
■Ar Fore^ti of a Hcrie, which comes 
S^^SbiOU Vm 10 the Griftk of his 

ftmmeot j boc more ofoaliy the Sound which 
proceeds'from hlofical laftrumenu^ eren tfaofe 
that have no Sf in^s. 

CORD ^f Woody a Parcel of Fire- wood, 
four Foot broad^ four Foot high, and eight 
Foot long. 

CORD' AGE, all the Ropes belonging to 
the Rigging or Tackling of a Ship ; alfo all 
forts of StiHF for making Rop^. F. 

CORDELIER [of Chords, L. a Rope] 
a Grey Friar of the Franeijcan Order, who 
spears a Cord foil of Knots aboot his Mid* 
die. F. 

COR'DIAL [of Cor, L. the Heart] good 
for the Heart, comforubie, .hearty, fincere* 
COR'DIAL, a Phyfical Drink to comfort 
m Form of a I the Heart. F. 

CORDIALLY, heartily, fmccrely. 
CORDIAL'ITY 7 [Cordw/iteJ .] Hear- 
COR'DIALNESS^ tinels, finceicorhear- 
ty Love. 

CORDIT, agreed. Ctauc, 
COR'DON, the Twift of a Rope. F, 
CORDON [in ArchittBure] the Edge of 
Stone on the Out fide of a Building. 

CORDON [in Fortifieatiofi] is a Stone jut- 
ting out between the Rampart and tbe Bafia 
of the Parapet ; it goes quite round the For« 
tification. F, 

CORDOVAN liatber, a fort of Leather 

made out of Goat-lkini* at Cbri^vA in Spain^ 

CORD WAINER 7 ( JRo^TXttoatn, Belg. 

CORDINEE'R J Un Cordonmer, F. of 

Cardovan Leather, £».] a Shnemaker. 

CORE [Core, Itat of Cor, L. the Heart] 
the Core in Fruit, fo called, bfcaufe, like the 
Heart, it is in thi midft of Froic* 

CaRIAN'DER [Coriandre^ F. Coriart" 
drum, L. of K^ofiatlfov, Gr.] an Herbfome- 
what like Parfley. 

(^ORIGED.correaed. 0. 
CO'RINTH, a once famous, hot now ra« 
ined, City of Pthpoiivefui, in the Mcrea, 

CORINTH'IAN Brafs, Gold, Silver, and 
Copper, cafuaiiy mixed together at tbe Born* 
ing of the City of Corinth, thers being a great 
many Sutoes and Veffels melted <iowo, and 
fo innbodied. 

CORINTH'IAN Ordor [in ArebiteaMtel 
one of the five Orders, fo called from Co^ 
rimtbf tbe Place of its Invention : It is the 
mpft noble, trueft, delicate, and rich of aH 

CORITA NI, the People which antlent- 
ly inhabited Nttrtbamptonjbirt, Lacofttrfloire^ 
Rtitiar.djhirt, LincoInfi>ir§, NoWnghampiru 
and DmbyjhirOy were lb ca!Ied by the Romun%n 

COR'ITON [of Copwn, Coriander, 5«r. 
and «on a Town] a Village in Dewmflnre^ 
probably fo called from the great ^cnme 

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c o 

Aef hint bf Coriander } «r eUe from ooe 
Coriwt, who founded it. 

COilK, the Bark oftbe Cork-tree, which 
iotnewhat refenbles an Oak, and grofri pleo- 
tifuUjr in fame Pant of Sfaiu, 

CORK Tra [ttiofCftt i^- S. ^Temt, of C^- 
ftM, L. the Bark ^ of which there are (everal 
Sorts, one of whub is to be fieen in the Pby> 
fick Oirdcn at Cbelfta. 

COR'MORANT, a Watei^Fowl rcfem- 
blinr a Ravfh F. 

CORN f C Tin, 6ax. Ro^nt Temt, jRo^n, 
£>M.] the Grain of Whear^ Barlcj, Rice, 
Oat«, &f^. 

CORK fof Csfiw, a Horn, £. fi(^n, 
C. 5r. J a Diretf-* in the Tw, fo called from 
theif-I^rdnefs or H'>rniAefs of them. 

CORN FUi, a Plant Ac for Borders in 

CORNACHr-NE P«»Ar,a Purging Pow 
4er, is coip roofed of -lo Parts of Diagryiimm^ 
6 Parts ot b;aphoretick Antimony ^ and 16 
^ts of Cream of Tartar. 

CORN-F/aeoir, the Biue-boltle. 

CORN .SW/f/, an Herb. 

CORN AGE [of Cmm, L. a Horn] a 
kijfd of Orand Sergeantry, the Service of 
%vhich Tenure was to blow a Horn when ^ny 
Invafion of a Northern Enemy Was peiceiyed) 
and by this many held their Land Northward 
•boot the Piai Wail. 

CORNA'NII, People who in old Times 
inhabited the Counties of ff^arwickjhirty 
W^rflitrpirty Sifnpfiur§y St^fford/birt^ and 
fbtjbirt, were b called. 

CORN' ED [Cecofine'^y 9«r.] feafoocd 
with Salt. 

CORNEL, a Corner. 0. 

COR' N EL- Berry, the Fruit of the Comel- 

CORNFLIAN [CcruiUne, F. Ofrmlino, 
Ital. Carmofuif of Can, Flcfli, L. f ^. of a 
fMh Colour 9 or of Comus. L. the Hawthorn, 
becaufe it is red like the Fruit] a fort of pre- 
cioos Stone of which Rings are made. 

CORNELIUS [Kepr^X(0',flfKf^^Gr. 
or '^'^p H. a Horn, and KXi^ the Sun, Gr, 
I. €, Hit Horn of the Sun] a pxoper Name 
^f Men. 

CORN'EOUS [Oir«irf,L 1 homy. 

CORNER [CtnMTS, F. tf o^nCt, C. ITr.] 
an Angle. 

COR'NILT rCwsMffo, Ital. of Com, L. a 
Horn] a fort or Mulical loftrament made of 
Horn, or fomething like a Haotbayy now out 
of V(ti a FHh refembling a Horn. 

CORNET [from 0>ro«<r, becaoie in old 
TioAM they wofe Gat knds on their Heads, 
or Ccmettt, P.] an EnQgn of a Company 
of Horfe, who carries the Standard or Co- 

CORNET, a Linen or lac'd Head-drefs of 
Women ^ alfo a Sctrf of Mack Taffity which 
PoAors of Law or Pfayfick ofe<} to ^ear on 
the Cellar of their Robei. 

c o 1 

CORNET, a Fatrkr*a Idfirainei^ 
ting Horfai Blood. 

CORNETTI'NO, a fmall or K« 
net ; alfe an Oaave Trompet. //»/. i 

COR'NiCE 7 [Ctrmitbe, F.l la d 

COR'NISH 5 and higheft Part off 
tablature, and commonly fignifici tbC^ 
moft Ornament of any Walnfcot, &€i 

CORNICE JVii^ [«/« p<«vr ^dM 
ta that wiifch Il«s neat the Tr«nnieri 
or next from the Moasle Ring hack« 

CORNICtJLA'RiS Pr^t [aji 
natmifii] the Proeefs or Knob of tM 
dkr-flona, refemUlng the Fisttrc of 4 
Beak. L. - 

CORNIC'ULATE Pf^irft [tnioi 
mfis] are l«di aa, after each Flower, 
many diftant and homed Seed-P4 

CORNI'OEROUS [Ctrmiger, l^ 

ing Horns. * 

CORNhtUSE [Ctmtmtfi, F.] a 

COR NU Orvi, Harta-hom ; I 
Herb Bucks>horn. L. ' 

CORNU Ccrw [ emoog Cbjm^ 
Mouth of an Alembic k. 

CORNU O^ftr, the Horn of 
taken figorativofy for greit Plenty, 
dance of n > l> t hinf(s. L, 

COR'NUA Uteri (in Anafmm^] 
Parts of the Matrix in fome Beafts \ \ 
Harts, Sheep, Cotrs, &9, 

CORNU'TE [Cormtny L.] 
Cuckold { >\io a StIU or kited Mi 
4 crocked Neck. 

to CORNUTE m, to make- 

CORNt; TUM Argumratum [in 
1 (ubtil or IbphiBical Argameot, aa 
horned. L, 

CORN WALL [Cojinpeakh, 
the Laiim^ Cmm a Horn, and pel 
caufe in that Pnt, Bwglamd is eztea 
a Horn, 

CORNWALXIS [f. d. Come ( 
noatt] a ^irvame. 

CORNY Ah, Ihofig sappy Ale. 

CORO'IHO hahefuh, a Writ for 
a Corody of an Abbey or a Religfoa 
L.r. . 

COR'ODV, a Sum of Money, 
lowance of Meat, Drink, and Cloatl 
lowed by an Abbot out of the Mon 
the Kinf, fttt the Maintenance of ai 
his Servants. L, V, 

COROLLARY {Ginthrie, F. < 
Imritan, L.] ji Cof>(eqoence drawn froi 
thing already proved or demonfhate^ 

CO'RON (^nD ».] t Jewi^ 
Meafbre, containing about 75 GaJloQ 

CORO'NA, B Crown I a Cirtfe 
tag about the Svnor IftoOB, caOed 

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L«i*Hiftrtatf tWConiA, ciUM tlie 


CMVAL,tGarl4i4. Sfmt. 
b COftVA LE (far jHsnmy} the Oomnl 
pi^ tftee it tHe Forebead. 
ni)IOXAL&ti»« [uMMif Amtmipil 
Mi«MAian tbc FnMa BMse lo tbc 

' I m igeam whick Ikrroooa the 

liMriik; arthe two Brsocfaes 

bift fk pntjAfftoy fpicadi over the 

Ibr ht Supply with 

it pknetthe 


DBUSaTION, the Crowidiig of a 

ttUWATO'RE ct^wufr, a Writ d^feA- 
^IkSkriff, to call toeetkcr the Free- 
i^CmuKjf m order tochoofe a 


'mrntriui^ L. j by way 

C(HOIl,ta ante 1^ace6 of the lower 
)i^vfhr«raeralaJc. Gr. 
ODK'arU (of C9/«M, L. becaoieiotbe 
l|^Kar k makeih In^tdfittoo into the 

■I waatitsl Di»th of a Perfen] aa 

i^ vitfc the Affiflaoce ef a Jftiry 
« Iha, o^irei, en the Behalf of the 
l^^vtdlavtnnrhr Deathl. 
nttntU S*vertJim, the Lord Chief 


nVEft [^fje fVix'] ao Officer who 
kjalului vkhia the Vent or Oompa6 

WOfftT ( Crnmnm^ Itai. 1 a little 

22^IT (ef a flirj^.] See Cwnei. 
WwH, cwieoi. Chame* 
^ PMA O&mtm [amonf ifv^rm j|9t] 
^f^nhiacriy one oa each Side tht 
^h^mHf*, L. 

|MfO&A PjrmadJis {utumg Awa 
*]**tv»PrMniaeocet in the CenhtUum, 
jMAneaalDch. h. 

' aaiaiaB the Crurm Medmi/a ^U^ 

■tt-pOtAL [tmfrtl^ F. of t^rpttm- 
W«fwhckafing «> the Body^ bo 

ICOIFORAL, an tofmr Officer of a 
Nttf Poet Snldarn ; alfo axi Officer on 
[^. (hat hadb the Cbaree of letting 

k^TORAL OerA, io orfkd becanfe 
|m«h» ttlm k ii ohlifcd to lay hit 

^^^k L£.iGeaifnanian Cloth ofed 
'^^ wh of kmf, being a fi|oare Pirc* 
J^« arWi the Chalice and HofI 
^■t Vy the Fiicft who offidatea at 

c o 

CO&P<MtAL'ITY [C«f^«fir#t,L.]Bo- 

diBoe6, Bodily Subftance. 

COR'FOItALl/Y. bodily. 

COR'PORATE [ in a IV/mM/ $wje ] 
■niccd into one Body, aa a Bodf CurporMe^ 

CORPORA'TION, a Polhtcal Body or 
Oomptay efiabli(hed by a Royal Charter, 

CORPORATION Spiritual, mtitf skk 
?erftmt la tbt Law, is'where ic'confiUs of m 
1>Baii and Chapter, a Matter of a College or 

CORPORATION 'Tmporal hy the King, 
U wh«f« there is a Mayer and Commonalty. 

CORPORATION Temporal by tbeCem^ 
ma ton, ia the Parliament, which confiAa. 
of the King, the Head ; with the Lorda Spi- 
ritual and Temporal, and the Comnoni, the 

CORPORATURE {<orporatura, L. ] 
Form, Bolk, or Conftimtion of the Body. 

CORPOREAL [corfmtl, V, of cvrportmu 
L.] that ia of a bodily Subllaoce, or pe/tain- 
eth to the BAdy. 

CORPO REALLY, bodily. 

COR PORE ALN ESS, Jhcconfiffiog of a 
bodily Sobftance. 

CORPORE'ITY, the Philofopbical 
School-Term for the Nature of a Body; a 
Bciag of fbch or foch a Subftance. L, 

11 the giving to a Spirit the (ame or a like ^ 
Body to rhat it had before Sptritoalizatioa. 

CORPS [Cbr/f, F. of &r/«f, L.] a deal 
Body or Carcare, 

COR PS if BattaiU, the main Body of an 
Army drawn op for Battle. F. 

CORPS </< Gard£, are Soldiers entmfted 
with the Goarda of a Poft, under the Com- 
mand of nne or more Officers. 

CORPS Poiitidt^ are Bifhops, IHtna, or 
Parfofls of Churches, and foch like^ who 
have Socorflinn in one Perfon only. 

CORPULENCY {Carpttlemt, F. Cw/a- 
Untiat L.] Bolkinefsor Groflhefs of Body. 

COR-FULENT [Ctrpmlaitiit, Li] big- 
bodied, fat, graft. 

COR'PUS cum Caufa, a Writ iffii'mg oat 
of the Chancery, to remove both the Body 
and the Record into the King*s Bench. L. 

CORPUS CaUofum [ among ^atomipt ] 
is the upper Part or Covering of a Space made 
by the joming together the Right and Left 
Side of the internal Subftance i^ the Brain. 

CORPUS Chrifli [/. e. the Body of CbrWt, 
L.] a College in Oxford, built by Richard Fm, 
Biftop of H^inchffter, 

CORPUS artjii Day, a moveable Fefti- 
vai, appointed by the Church of Rome In Ho- 
noBT of the Sacrament of |he Lofd*B Supper* 

COR'PUSCLES ICvrpufiuUuVXorpufiun, 
L.} thfr fmaileft Parti or Phyfical Atoms of a 
Body, tkihf. 

Digit zed^^^Sy&'gle 

c o 

CORPUS'CULAR, belonging t6 (belt A 
tomf. L, • 

CORPUSCULAR Pbiiofpby, is that 
which explains , natural Fb^mmena by .the 
Motions and Affe^loM of the minute Parti- 
clciof M.rer. 

' CORR [n)D ^.j a certain Hebrew Met 
furCyContainini; two Quarts Englijh, 

To COR R A D£ [corradtre, L. of con and 
tadere] to fcrape f^gcther. 

T^CORRECT' [corrigtr^ F. eerrigere, L.] 
to amend ; to reprove or check j to chaftUe 
or pum(h ; alfo to^illay or tcffiper. 

CORRECT' [correflus, JL. ] without 
Faults. F. 

CORRECTION, Correaing er Mend 
ifig I CbaAcnlng, Punilhmcnt^ Reproof. . F, 
of £. 

CORRECTION [in Pbarmacy] u when 
Sak, or ibmeotl<tr Thing, is addrd to a Me- 
£cine to quicken it ; when i Medicine is 
mended or made better. 

CORRECTIVE, which fervestocorrcA, 
allay, or temper. F. 

CORRECT IVES, Medicinei, which be- 
, iog adminiftrcd with others, correct Some bad 
QMaliiy In them. 

CORRECTLY, cxaflly. 


A CORRECT OR [Correatur, F.] one 
who corre^s or amends. L. 

CORRECTOR [to a Printing- OJpct'] a 
Perfon of Letteis, who takes care that the 
• Faults in every Sheet be correfied before it be 
wrought cff at the Prefs. 

CORRECTOR [of the Stapie] an Officer 
^f the Staple, who rccordech the Bargains of 
Merchants made there. 

CORREL'^ATIVES [ CorreUiiva, L. ] 
that have a mutual Relation one to another j 
they are Things which bear foch a Relation 
to one another, that their Nature coo6fts in 
that Relation, a»>a Father, Son, &c. F. 

CORREP'TION, a fnatching away. L, 
alfo C6rre£lion in Words. 

To CORRESPOND' [correjpcndre, F. of 
€tm and rtfpendere, L.] to aofwer, fit, or a- 
gree ; to hold mutual Cominerce and Famili- 
arity with. 

CORRESPONDENCE [Corrtjpondana, 
F.] holding mutual Intelligence, Ccmmerce, 
and Famiiiarity with } alfo an anfwering, fit- 
ting, agreeing, or Proportion of one thing 
with another. 

CORRESPOND'ENT [correfpcndanty F.] 
agreeable, fuitable. 

A CORRESPONDENT, one that hoMs 
Correfpondence, or with whom it U kept, 
which is either perfenal, or at a Diftance by 
Letters J as in Trade^ when two Pcrfons in- 
tercoarfe by Letters, they are called CorreJ^M- 
dentt, F. 


C0RRE5P0N'SIVE, apt or incHnabie, 
to Correrp^deace. 

c o 

CORRIDOR' [io ForrifiistimJ h 

Qovert way, lying round about the ^ 
Compafs of the Fortificatioo of a Flacil 
tween the Outfide of the Moac and J 
fades. F. 

CORRIGIBLE [corrigibilii,!^'] thm 
be corre^W or amended. F, 

CORRrVAL [CorrfVtfi^f, U] aC^ 
titar either in Love or Bufinefs ; one whac 
the farao Miftrefs, or makes Suit /or the 
Office or Bufineis. 

CORRIVAL'ITY [CorrivaSfat^Ui 

ToCORROB'ORATE [tarroi^rer,^ 
roborarc, L.] to ftrengchea a woik «r | 
Part, to confirm or make good aa £i| 
or Argument. ^ 

or confirming. L, 

or confirminf(. L, 

To CORRODE' Icorroder, F. 
con and redo, L-] to gnaw or fret. 

CORRODEN TlA.Medicines % 
fume or eat away proud Flefli. /«• 

CORRO'DIBLE, that, may far ( 

COR'RODY fof rsrrwira, L.] i 
Provi6oo due to the King from an i 
Religious Hoofe, as he is Foundery i 
Maintenance of one that he appoiftia. . 

CORROSIBLE, which may bei 

Power or Faculty of bdag coiroded I 
corrofive Liquor. 

CORRO SION, a gnawing or I 

CORROSION [in Chymifiryyaii 
lution of mixt Bodies by mrr»/i^ie i 

CORROSIVE [correJivMg,W{ 
a gnawing or fretring Quality* F, 

A CORROSIVE, a corrodiiig 
F. of L. 

CORRO'SIVELY, in Maooerof 

fome Liquors, which are called 
have of diflolviog Bodies. 

CORRU'GANT Mufcla [mJi 
are Mufdes which help to knit the 
when one frowns. 

CORRUGA'TION, a cemr«aili| 
drawing into Wrinkles. L. 

CORRUGATOR5ir^ra//V [m 
niy] a Mufcle ferving to 'wrinkle or 
the Eye-brow. L. i 

COR RUMP ABLE [of «wT»ar/r«, J 
corrumptre, L.] corruptible. Cbetu* \ 

CORRUPT' [torruptui, L.] 
ten, tainted, vicious ; alfo bribed. 

To CORRUPT' [c6rrcmprt,T, 
■L.] to mar or fpoil } to debauch or 
to bttbc or pervcit) to|>i|trify or ' 
lUpt. » J 


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kliAftkcamipted, or the Sute of chat 

(r^tliyriBLE [ctrr^ftihU^YiTntp- 
pbfa, L] h»jc^ to Corrapcioo, or that 

CHACmON f amonf 5sr^ran] is the 
^InftvMia Mictfr of a Sore. 
f^CBtlWnOS [imoog Pbihfrfhert] ts 
AHMn&s rf rbs Form or proper Mode 
mhAttaJi m Danval Body, or, ac leaft^ 
l^Oicn^k iijr a Time. 
CDUPFTION p/BIciJ [in«o] an In- 
IvisfRBftithrlUond, Ettate, and Iflae 
!m» «rc?-< of Ftlonr or Treason. 
OWacmVE, »pt f o corrnpt. ' 
CWtUFTLY, 'a.r'rcly, vicioufly. 
DMSAl^K [Gr/:tr«,F.] a Robber by Sea, 

nx/S^, a Mortuary, an Oftenng 
vhl Boi belimpng to a Perfon de- 
m matof made co the ParUh-Pricft. 


B*IU4T7 Armoar for a Pike-man, 
BOKftir J to cover either the whole 
%^*fTronk of it. Fm 

Ordeal Bread, a Piece of 
—^^ by tli» Prieft for that Ufe, 

1ftfc5«Brr when they would clear 
""■ if « Cmne they were charged 
J*a| if might be their Poifoo, or laft 
" f dify vew guilty. 

KUXfiTwvmwt, xhe Bark of Peru, 
hW. L. 
^VCALPgrt »ftbt Brain [in -^fw/*- 
llnHBi} Ptrt of it is foft ^landulous, 
i*rCJi,r of Afha. 
■•TICWS [C*rtic^mt, L.] full of 

•^TIK ^ [Ce^rttrt, F. of Cortha, 
** TIK > L ] m Fortificatitm, 45 1 he 
TAIH >Wall or Diftance between 
«f (•• BafHont. 

MURIUM ? a Cnnrt or Yard 
WTA-ilUM 5 j jining to a Goun- 
fc 0. L. 

^T [of a Bary.l See Carpet* 

"W h3 if 1 »n £/**r«i; Meafare of 

|*»WC.^f*T [«rr»/r;nTf, L.] glitter- 
kiai,ttr ' ,h»Ding. L. 

^SCA'TION, a Flafli of Lighten- 
l^f'fiH fparkrmtt Fire, which ap- 
•" ty Wight ; a Gltrrriog. 
^OKYBaNTIATE [ rffrjf**ir/itfrf, 
_^ fa fwto oae'i Eyes open, pr be rron 
JJ*^*flm? hat one cannot (le-p. 
nillF EROUSrfc»T«.*f/rr,L Ithat 
'-i^bkel.y. ' 

iirEHOUS PUmts [ among 
IJi «^ tach a« have a compound 
"^^tr. kot the Seeds have no Down 
J'^tirti^M X)^(y^ Camomile, (^c, , 
■^^ fit's, t Buch or Clofter of Ivy 

c o 

CORYM'BUS [with Bofanijts] a 
pdonded difcoas Flower, Whofe Seeds are Mft 
pappotis, and d t not fly away in Down. 

CO'RYZA [Ko'pi^a, Gr.] a Deflusion of 
a ftiarp Humour into the Mcurh, Noftrils, 
and Lungs from the Brain by the Olfa^otj 

COSCIN'OMANCY [Kt^utvfx^yrU, of 
KcVxiWT a Sieve, and /uavrfuc Divination, (?r.j 
Divination by a Sieve or Riddle, 

CO-SE'CANT [in Mathcmatich^ the Se- 
cant of an Arch, which is the ConplemeaC 
of another to 90 Degrees. 

To COS EN, to cheat or defraud. 

COS EN AGE, cheating,' defrauding. 

COS'ENAGE [In Law] is a- Writ for the 
right Heir again ft the Intruder. 

COSH, or Cottere!, a Cottage -^r Hut. 0» 

COSHE'RING [in the Fiudai Latv] a 
Prerogative which fome LorBs of Manora 
antienrly had, to lie and feaft tbemfelvea 
and their Retinue at their Tenant's Honfa. 
L. r. 

COSIER, a Botcher, otherwife called a 
Sowtpr. 0. 

COS IN -i [Confanguinfus, L.]a Coufin, a 

COSEM > Kinfman or Woman by Blood» 

COZEN 1 or Marriage. 

CO SINE [in Geometry] ts the right Stae 
of an Arch, which is the Complement of aa- 
other to 90 Degree?. 

dicines which whiten and fcften the Skin ; or 
in general, any thing which tends to promote 

COS MICAL [Cofmicut, L. of Kotr/xauct 
Gr. belonging to the WorH] a Term ia 
AJIroncmy, exprcfling one of the Poetical Ri- 
fings or Settings of a Star : Thus a Star is faid 
tonfe Cofmicully, when it rifes together with 
the Sun: zmi to f:-e Cnfmicallyf when it fctt 
the farr.e Iii/lant that the Sun rifes t Rut eo 
rife and fet Cofmiealty, according to Kepitr, i« 
to afcend abov; the Horixw, or delceod below 

A COSMOD'ELYTE [of K^V/tc^ th« 
World, and ^t\^, Gr. fearful] one fearful 
of the World, a Worldlv Wretch. 

To COSMOG'RAPHATE, to defrribp 
ihr World 

CQ">MOG'RAPHER [ Ofmograf>b/, T. 
Oifmogrcpbui, L. of Koj-/!xoyp«^^, Gr.] one 
fkilJcd in C- fmotraphy. 

CO^MOGRAPH iCAL [ C^fm^grapbi- 
quty F. Cojimgraphicuty L.] of or peitaining 
to Cofrnt^nfAphy. 

COSMOGRAPHY [ Cofmograph'e, F. 
CojfAogratbiay L. of K»irfJt6'ypa<plai of kSo-ju,^ 
the World, and y^a^oo to dcfcnbe, Gr.] a ^i' ' 
ence dcfcribing the feveral Parrs of the vifible 
World, delineating them according to their 
Number, Pofitioni, Motions, Magnitudi^Sy 
Fipurcs, &c, the Parts of which are Afir9' 
m^my and Geography ^ 

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c o 

COSMatOGY lKo0'fi»X9yU, of K^fc^ 
aod X»>^m Sptcch, GV.J a rpcakUg of Ue 


Gr. Mcafure] tite MenliirauoD of the World 
hf Decrees and Mintttn. 

COSMOP OLITE [of xoV/u<^ the World 
wd moxl-ns, Gr. a QitixaiJ a Cideea of the 

COS'SACiCS, a Militia or B'idy of S<il- 
Sen in PUimd^ fet up br King Stephen Ba- 
tboti ; these are alio Ruffian CojJ'acku 
COS SE [Cb/i, Itaj. J Al«ebra. O. 
COS'S ET, a Lamb, &c, farooght up bj 
Hind. Sptactr. 
OOSS-«r^, eCaufey. 
COSSrS, Worns that lie hetween, the 
Bod^ Md Bark of Trees. 

COS SiCK, beioii9Bg to Algebra ; as Cof- 
§tk. ^anittm. 

COST [K^aen, t.S. ofitmfiwr*, L.] 
Chafge^ Price, Expeace. 

COST [in Heraldry] the fourth Part of a 
BeoA, or half a Garter. 

COSTiE, the Ribs, which are in Noro- 
het twenty- lour« on each Side ^e Fertetra of 
the Back. L. 

COSTiE Ftr^ fifflong jiKOtomifit] the 
ieven oppermoft Ribs* in called, becaafe their, 
•cartilaginoos Ends are received into the Sim* 
of the Sternum. L. 

COSTiE. Fa/fie [among Anatw/t] the 
£ye lowermoft Ribs, fo adkd, bccaufethey, 
«ie ihorter and fofter, and not joined to the 
Extremity of the Sternum. L. 
COS'TARD, a fortof Apple; 
COSTARI5-£fMrf, a Blockhead. 0. 
COSTA RD-M«i^<r [oiCtftard and Mn- 
ger, a Tfaffickar] a Seller of Apples, a Frui- 

COS TI V£ [probably €>Uw/iipe\ F. to be 
hound in Body, one who hath hia Exaemeat 
dsytl within ))im] bound in theBelly. 
COS TIVELY, in a oftWc Manner. 
COS'TIVENESS, the being bound m the 

COBTLEW [ laofiKc^t 7«iif. ] eofWy. 
COST'LINBSS, the being of f neat Price. 
COST'LY, coftinK much, of great Price. 
COST'REL,ayerrel to carry Wine in. 0. 
COT 7 [Co«e, Stx. KaaW, L. iS.] a 
COTE { Cottage. 0. Alfo a Man that bu- 
ice himfelf with the Affairs of a Kikhen. 

COTGtfrr, Rcfufe Wodl fo clotted toge* 
ther, that it cannot be pulled afunder. 

CO-TANOENT (in AUthemathh] is 
the Tangent of any Compleroental Arch, or 
what the Arch wanU of a QuadnuC or 90 

CO TA'RIUS, one who held by a free 
Soccage Tenure. 0. L. 

COTELERE, a Cutler. Cpame. 
COTEM PORARY, ooeof theftmeAse 
or Standing with another. I*. 

c o 

COTXREL'LI, a Soft «r te 
Thieves and PJoodcstit, like tM 

Troopers on the Borden of ^resiWarf, 3 
COTBRELXUSp a iervik TcMNi 

held Lands ionseerVilkoa^. 1 

COTE'RIA, a Cqttage or Hoavfti 
COTES, Shaepfokb. ^/nnr. 4 
COTES' WOLb [of Cot:^, a 9 

and pol>, Sax, a Place that hathnoci^ 

ua Tr^ein it] a Place in detefin^ 

ciikd from cte Ahnndinfr of "' 

COrtAND 7LaodkcU 

COT'OyEAN, a Man vho is 

meddling with Womoot AAira* 
COrTAGE (of Core, AeP.J 

Honfie in the Country^ 
COT'TAGER, who livee in • 
COT TERei- [in 

^•' * 
COT'TISES pn Hermldry] 

divifiooDs from the Betd, at' 

make bot two third Parts, 

mofethaoafeawh or fiJth PSttt 


COT'TON [Cbr/or, F. ^ 

(Ua^m^, L.] a wooUy Staff 

Ffoit of the fanw Naoie. 
ToCOT TON [poihaiMAf 

to agree, to Airoead, to ha. 
COTTRE laTnmmel^a 
COT'TREL 5 a P«t o«cr the 
COT'TUM» Cat or Doi-a»4 

Cotto or coarfe Blankep wens ~ 

CX>Tir'CHAN[tn Doomftty^, 

COTYXE [in.4«ar«vyj the 
Huckle-Bone, which receives ' 
the Thigh. Bone. 

oerum GiMaMttf in Mke 
ed op and down the CAwiM) 
ing Meatiop of the Vdaaio 

To COUCH [asK&r. F.J •> 
coi^piehetad orcomptties co t4 
from off the Eye, at OtJ^ ^| 
Laonce on the Reft. 

Bed to lie down on. ' 

COUCH fin Pa/Wiy] r 
the Gffoood, Bed, or Bafia 01 
lour lies. 

COUCH' ANT [in BmMdiyi] 
Pofture ) at a Liam rC^achmat k 
Arms, is a Lion lying on fekia 
Head oprlght. 

COUCH'ER, a Faaor 
Place for the Oka of Tnfiick | 
fter-Book of a Corpetation or 
Houle. O, L, 


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■tub liBbov Mr Buti* fw% C» 

\f lO COtCt* C wflff » 

IfiCy cQov«oieftty fttjt- 
aUe. O.r.7. 
[UwoiMr, F. of GHrooi- 
•ipBBMiit or Borf»iB9 the mu- 
'tmormoietDoiieThioCt to 

{ifl Dkfimty} is 4 ptrtjcu. 
wbo^y Cfod deals with 

K^vCttiQay and that of iJraet 

P [ilXitfw] it that which the 
hiibcmadc, tboogh in Words 

r [it fa0\ is thsc which is ex- 
ait tfiuui dbe Partiet. 

, a Mtticolar Agree- 
\ uiEaginulf made in the 
witth calkd^ Tbt Sckmn 

HAHT [nven a m t rt F. ] to 
t w A{|PBQncnt* 

» Qoe who took the Pre/- 
I ibe Time of 'i:be Civil 


[Ctmewtf F. of C^Hventus, 

_ L.] a UooaAery or Religi- 

\ hUm^ the Sodety or Members 

T [e i tb ei fi a m GwwHf, a Mo- 

D attiaitly there s or Cwne^ 

Mmt\ aO^aBd Bkbepridt in 

\ T C rn v t ixl tfj F. r . r. a 

Etf fr i w trci^, F.J a Cover or 

tXCtrnvrtUay F. /. e, a Covcr- 
'&aBed. ' 

ySm [in GMiNrinr] the re. 
fcft meter of a arck> after 
"^ 9t, FJ' an Umbrige or 

XMwritfvTww] the State of 
lb«dtr the Power and Piot^- 

^^Bs. oca GvwB^Mnr« 

^•'■■aCiiiiii, r. f, a nairi^d 

iby, or ooder the Foqver of a9 

V^ fia /srt^/lMriiM] a Saace 

Ml«idi tba Field, on the Edge 

\ Aiae or fow Fathoms broad, 

kMndtha lfilf.Moo« and other 


t pivatrly, fecrttly* 

■ [CtmHrtvre, F. ] any 

• pi Xtfsal ia tlfe Sate and 


Cavtn Bai^, «nd, by Law/ is ^r&bled (ran 
majking any Bargains, wittiout her Hvfbaad'i 
Coofent and Privity. 

To COVET Icomnittr, F. perhafttAf^v^ 
pert, L J to dcfire eagerly, to Kift aftet. 

COV?ETABLE, that which is to be, of 
may be coveted or defired. 

COVi£T2S£ [CwnwVijrr, F.] Covetoufnef*. 

COVETOUS {cvuvw/mr, F. r^iM,L.) 
very defiroos} alio griping, eiole.fifted, nig- 
gardly, ftingy^ arvaritioos. 

OOV'ETOUSfcy, avaritipifiy. 

CCTETOUSNESS [Omwitije^ F.J Ava* 
riee, an eager Defire of Money, Qfr. 

COVIN 7 is a deceitful AlTent or Agree. 

CO VINE S ment between two or more, ti 
the Prejudice of another. 

COVING ComiA [in jlrcbiteffitre'i is t 
Cornioe which hath a great Cafcmatc or Hoi* 
low in it. 

To COU»G^ [BotCteitf to make a Kaife 
in 0Ne*9 breathinp^ Teiti. i^chtn, ^> -S*] <^ 
nukefuch a Noife as is occahoned by the Ob^ 
ftrudion of the Longs. 

A OOUOH, a certain Noiie made by Pcr« 
fena tfoublod with an ObftruiUoB ,of tJ» 

COUL, a Tub or Veflel with two Ears. 0. 

COUL-^ftff, a Piece of Wood or Pole on 
which a Oml is carried. 

To COUL [in Archery} to cut the Feather ' 
of a Shaft high or low. 

COUL*D [of C»uier, F« to Sreafla] di&eiu 
fed. Sfinc, ■* 

COULDRAV, aCroveof Hacel-trtes. 0. 

A COUNTER iCmiter, L.] a fort of cot^ 
ting Inftmment to a Plough. 

A COUN'CIL [C0nn7e, F. of ConcHiim, 
L. ] a general AiTembly of the Clergy of the 
Nation, or of a particular Province } alfo aa 
Aflembly of the chief Perlons of a Nation met 
together to confer about Affairs of State $ -alfo 
an Aflembly of the Members of the Society «f 

Omaoif.COUNCIL, an Aflembly of a fa. 
le£b Nuoite of priiKip4 Citiaeac, chofeo out 
of every Ward, to maiiage the Pwbliok Affair^ 
of the City, within^their ^evenl i>recia^ and 
to aft M Concert with the Lord-MayOr and 
Court «f Aldermen. 

CamMff-COUNCILJIftfii, a Mente of that 

GOU'NSIL7an Advoeate or Couflfellor 

COU'NS£L5 who pleads for his Oient at 
the Bar of a Cotirt o( Juftice. 

COV^SEL {C«if/>i7, Fi fACtnfikum, L.] 

ToCOU'NSEL [nnfc:l/€r,T, t^ tonftJirr^ 
L.] to give Advice or Cooniel. 

COUN'SELLOR [OmJeiBer, F. cXC*nfi!iM* 
Tint, L.] iso Advifer ) efpadally a Perfbn well 
ven'd in the Law, who isaonfulted upon Ma&» 
trrs of Weight, 

Pi Dgitzedby'GcjO^le 

C G 

Ph^t^r.COIWSEIXOR, t Member of tht 
KiOf's Privy-Council. 

COVNT, Account or Valye. Spe»c. 

COUNT [ComfU, or Conte, F. pcrhapf of 
Corns, L;] a foreign Earl. 

COUNT [in Law] is the Onginal I>acUra. 
tion in a Real A^ion. 

To COUNT [confer^ F, perbaj^) of cpwipu- 
Ure, L.] to reckon, or caft up au Account $ 
ilfotQJMwmnt, value, or efttcm. 

COUNT-^f^r/, is t Wheel m the Arikrtg 
Part of t Clockj which moves round in twelve 
or fourteen Hourt, by fome caU'd the Z,ociiir^- 

CQtJNTEE', « Count or Earl. 0. Xr. T. 
CQUN'TBNANCE [C«i/*»uw«,F,] Lpoks, 
Face, Vifage, alfo Encouragement. 
COUNTENANCE [m X^^wu] Creditor El- 

ttma^on. ^ ^ . 

ToCOUN'TEN ANCE [fsp^wwc^r^F.] to 
encourage, to favour, to abet. 

COUN'TER {C^tpir, F.J a Counnng- 
Board iaa Shopi a Piece of Brafs, or other 
Metal, with a Stamp on it, formerly ufed m 
counting, but now in playing at Cards. 
. COUNTER, the Name of two Pnfctn^in 
tiie City (^LwdpM, i. c the P*uhrj aQ4 f^oo^' 

firtet. _,,. 

COUN'TERS, ire aKo Parts of a Ship, 
called the i^r and lv»€r dututrt, 

COUN'TERS? Scrjeaiitt. at Law, which 

COUN'TORS J were retained m Advocates 
to defend their Client's Caufe, w^ho were an- 
tkntly called ^^jraft/-C0«ff/(Ti* 

COUN'TER [oicMttra, L. againft] is* 
Particle figniiying Opposition, and often ufed in 
c6mpoui«Uiig Sfig^Jb Words, andfometimes 
hy ilfclf, «, To run ccunter, 

COUN'TER -^/^'•otf^^w [in FortifoapcnJ 
nie Works made by the Bcfiegcd, whci> they 
come out, to binder the Approach of the 
Enemy, and when they defigp to attack them 
in Form. 

To COUNTER •^/<<'»«^ to weigh one 
Thing againft another, to make an equal A- 
-mends for. ^ 

COUNTER Battery, is a Battery rals'd to 
play upon another. 

COUNTER Bond, a Bond to iavc a Petfon 
karmlefs, who bas given Bond for another. 

COimr'&K Sreajl-mrk, is the fame with 


COUNTER Chayige^ is a xnutual Exchange 
hetwoen two Parties, by Agreeoieot pr Com- 

COUNTER Changed [in Heraldrfi " *ha» 
there is mntttal Chsuging of iheColoors of the 
Field and Charge in an Efcutcheon, by one or 
fHore Lines of Pjiftition.' 

COUNTER Charged, is a Charge brought 
tgaiAft an Aocufer. 

COUNTER Gbarpt, a Cham to hinder the 
Force of another. 

COUNTER Cheeky is a CeiOure ii»dc upoo 
a Reproytr. 

c o 

COUN'n^ Cmpuind [in iEftr«fM 

Bordure, or any Ordinary wbieb jx^thoM 
Rowa ofChecfuaa^ of twp difiSvpit Q^ 
fct contrarv-wife. > * m 

COUNTER CiASMiy:, Sul^tiits «(^l 
adverfe Party. , n^tH 

COUNTER Dtfiinetifm^ C" 
refpe£i to the oppofite 2&de. 


'counterfeit [cuur^Mt^f. 
9nd/aSus, Lj lml(aM» ^^9^4 

Perfon. , 

imiube, di0emhk^ ^org^, fcifgt, -'\\ 

COUNTERFnTS ^n^ Zr^^kthi 
gen and Saucers. Chfjb. 

COUI^TERFmV 7 that Paif i 

COUNTER^ttf* J ftiiK^, ift'i 
quel, which is kf^t bf- nj^. 0jjr 
Court, theother beins»deJiiW9^ I 
that has lent the Kii^ Mmi^ % 
count, and is called the Stock. 

COUNTER Fans [ia Fm ''' 
Pillars and Pasts of Uie ' 
bout fifteen of. twoOty.Fooi 9m4 
which are idvaooed aa sbu^ H 
the Grouxid, and joined to the 1 
Cordon Wv Vauks. 

COUNTER >*iif« fin J 
Fuges proceed contrary to one a 

COUNTER Gu^ds t** *^i 
]ar«, Heapa of Sa^h in fprfi^ 
railed above the Mo«(a be^uv th 
Points of (h^ BailioQ^ to^ffti^i 
Corfrr/e or Emftiop, 

(pqUN'TERMAN^ -C** 
F.^ isthece«oking,€i|lii|iig4| 
mand, , . . 

to (JOUN'ffiaM/VKTlC 
toibrbid, to copttadi^ipMncFJf 

Thing Hbrm^rly executed if. I 
terwards n)ade void by tljeParty^ 

COUNTER March [ACfiffj^ 
drawing up the Soldiers^ fo as I 
Face or WinBftof a ^atti^ii^w. . 

CQUNT^iitriir, i««| ' 
of a Mine, made by.^eX . 
the Enemy *s Mine, in ocmft 
to take away the Powdei;^ oi.^i^ 
hinder the Eft'ei^ of it. , • < 

To COUNTER Mim UjUtlfl^ 
to fink fuch Mio93» to hiaMr,e< f| , , 
otber^s De^gi^ frqip taking ^ft^rft 

COUNTER Afar* (Cbi^ ' 
Wall fnsde in Defence at*M ^ 
iite to the Town -Wall. . Atr 

pOUlSITER >«* irOf?«r^ 

COUNTER Font £ Covefl«t4..., 
COUNTER FwA\>k ^i^j«^ 

d«aotiii|i mJim w Y«»Acw* 

Digitized by VjOOQ li 




Ik » fa tU Cmam P^t of tlie 

yCmmrmt [m Lmt] the I>ipUcate 
\mtf4mf iadoMare or Devd, £o that one 
^ fy^k bftbfmmlfmtf, aad another 

MRBJ^te [h fffm^l tw« 
flMi hwiifciiiH two Way*, att faid to 

CBVni /Iw {■ £«v] • CToTt or c^»> 
"^ffajBAawcT to an Accufatioo, a 

[f^OOmUMPlXTE, to Gonttadid;, to 

iCOOmit Bbr, a Plot contrin^ to 

i Nm ^JkMwficX] the old Me. 

' iftm^ by ietctng Pritks or 

Vf to denote the fe- 

flitraiSE lc0minpepr, f,y to 

kPOISB £<««firv^ir,-F.1 an 
■; » vhca one Thing is weighed 

ifiifiit, m Aocidott to hinder 

I M f £«w Tcr«] a Coanter 
Jf If Ihr Relb vehting to Appeals, 

iMtni [Ms/ttaty r«m] a 
* ' ( to vifit the Rounds 

> pn ]9^«£^] leaping 
I vaea two BealvB are borne n a 
I tt a ftiAnre of leaping froni 
^ ttuBif the ODntrarf Way. 
ntSCAJLpria F^nrf cation] is 
^<if fbe IXtcfi wlrieh it nest the 
i«ii ttope of tifc Moat, which 
Nf ii^yef Kht Pbce : but when an 
^y^StUh^i^pd tbmfehes 4m the 
'^ \kn gpieiaJly to be onderflood 
t-HTrf, with its Glacis and 

'Ji 9iimiijy Socwrity given to a 
* h§ catered into Bonds or other 

^-/f"* to fffft an Order of a 
iiy flf a SccpstJry . 
--^S^ftr, a" tXfputant who 
■^l^iimjii y tnft anotber Sophifter. 
jWH SvSkW'TtH [ in Tortifica^ 
!*«iha'«orfe in the Form of a fingle 
^•jfcrjt the Gorge than at the Head. 
iiTirfJr, one of the vnt TaJlies 

tToHT [in Mufctt] one of the 
. ^ ft caBel beaofe ic ia as it were 

*•»* ^*^/pMr t * fUrMry ] is 
? fcA sfc borne tn a Coat of 
^ I. r. in a walkmg Pnfhire, 
i flf tht we to the T%:1 of the 

c o 

To COUNTERVAIL/^ to b^ of eqnal Va. 
lue to another thing) to be a fufficientRe* 
compence for. ■ ' 

To COUNTERWAIT', to watch againft. 

To COUNTERWORK [Militsry Tirm) 
toraife Worksin order to oppofe and ruin thoie 
of the Enemy. 

COUNT'ESS [Conteji, F. ig Camttfa^h.} 
the Wife of a Coont or Earl. 

COUNT'lNG'ifw/e fof the King's Ihuf. 
h9U] the Coupt of tie Crun CMk, a Coott 
where the Lord Steward, Treafurer, Comp- 
tfoller, and other Officers of the Kiog*a Houf- 
hold fit,' to take the Account of all the Ex« 
pences ojf the Houfbold^ ^e. 

COUNTREFRETE, tocoontalfeit. Cha, 

COUNmiY [Cw»rri4», F. <j. di Conterratt, 
L. /'. r. one Land joining to another! an Em- 
pire, Kingdom, or Province; it is ufually ua- 
derftood in Oppofition to City. 

COUN'TY [ Cimf>te, F. ofCemitatvt, L. ] 
one of the Circuits or Parts into which the 
whole Kingdom is dirlded^ for die better Go^ 
vemment of it, and the mote eafy Admbi- 
Oration of Ju^ } a Shire. 

COUNnrtr [in a Ltvt ^en/e] it taken for 

COUNTY Ceurt, a Court held erery Month 
by the SherifFor his Deputy j tlfo that called 
• Ttm, held' t wice erery Year. 

COUNTIES Coiforate, are Cities or an- 
tittt Boroughs, upon which the Kings of 
England have beftowed gruit Liberties aA 

COUNTIES Palatii» are in Number foor^ 
WW. CMIety IharbMty Ltneafter^ and Ehf^ 
the Joriidi^^ion of which was fbnxierly \ery 
great, but their Po#er now is very much 

To COUP, to exchange or fwap, C. 

COUPE, a Piece cut oflTor out. 

CQU'PED? cut off [ in Heraldry ] is any 

COU'PEE3 thing in an ETcutcheon which 
is cut clear and even!/ off. 

COU'i'ERGORGE, a Cutthroat. Cba. 

C0\JPLE ^Couple, F. of Copula, L. ] two 
Things of the fame Kino fet together j a Pair j 
alfo a Band to tve Dogs wiih, 

ToCOU'PLE [coupkr, F. ofcepuiare, L.| 
to join together, to copulate, as in the A&. of 

COUP'LE Chfi [in ftraAfrj] the fourth 
Part of a Chevron, 

TocouR [fcauecen, Twff.] to ftoop 

down. C, 

COURTAGE [Courage^ F.} Mettle, Bold- 
nefs, StOtttncfs. Valour. 

COURA'GEOUS [Couraiettx, F.] StoutV 
full of Courage, Bold. 

COURA'GEOUSLY, ftoutlv, brareJy, 


COUR ANT, a Dance, F, alfo the Title of 
a Nevrs-Fapsr, 

Dd % 

Digitized b 


c o 

eoURA'P, wAdKmrltchi tDITcafelikc 
1 1 ctter or RJAg-womu 

COURD, covered. ^ Sftn, 

C0URF1NE> fine Heart. 0, F. 

COURr£R» a Mefleng^ who riUes Poft 
«D bring Etpreflet. F. 

COUU<.ACIER« a Horrccoorier. 0. F. 

COURSt 7 [of Xh^^» ^'- <» *»^ ^^'Z"*' 
COARSE S I.] thick, rough, dowoilb, 

ACOURSa [Guf/M, L.] a Race, Rdn- 

ping} Origt, T«m ; alfo a Servke of Meat, 

. COURSE [in N^gatimi] it a Ship*a 
Way, or that Point of the Com^ it is to 

COURSE [in Hnjl^mby] ia a Fleece or 
Tttrn of Haj, fife. Jaid on a Cart, &e. 

A COURS^ER, a Dtfputant in Schoob^ 
tUb n Hatft for Scrt ice. 

COURSES [with Fi&X/EdtfMj the monthly 
Termi or Flowers in Women. 

COURSES [with H^ilori] the Main-SaU 
snd Fote-Sail of a Ship, 

COURT \Corst, Ital. Car*, L. Cour, F. of 
Xi^Qh, Gr.J a Yard belonging to aHoufe, or 
Hoofesj alfo the King*i Palace. 

COURT [Curia, L.] a HaH, or Hace 
where Joflice is admmifter^d. F. 

COURT lof AJmiraii^] lirft eftabUAed 
by King EAtanl III. for the deciding of 
Caufei rebting to Sea Affairs. 
' COURT iftf/M, i< a Court which every 
Ibrd of a Manowr (who aotiently were called 
Barons) hath within his own Precin£b, in 
^hlch Adnri^tanoes and Gmntrof Land,&r. 
nre made to tlv CopyholdcM, Sunendcrs are 
«cccpted, &e, 

COURT [of aiVa/fyl the MatftaPs 
Court, which is the Fountain of the Martial 
Law, whciein the Lord High-Conftahle of 
England and the Marihal fit as Judges. 

COURT Chriftun^ the Spiritual Court, 
.whepe Mattesa relating to Chriilianity are 
fluore efpccially managed. 

COU{(.T Leet, a Court belonging to a Lord 
tif a Manour, in which all Oflfcnoes under 
HKh-Treafon are enquired into. 

COURT fof the Ugate] a Omrt «eaed 
by Cardinal n^o/fy, to prove Wills, ahd dif. 
penfe with Oficnces i^inft the Spiritual .Uws. 
C O U R T [of F^tuifan] a Spiritual Court 
jcept in Pariflics tree from the Jurifdi^Uoa of 
fht Biftop% ttvi peculiarly belonging to the 
Archbiftop of CanUrldrym 
^ COURT \<^ Rffuffii a Court of E^ity 
appointed for the Help of fuch Fetitioncfs 
y/h; in conCuoitabW Cdiia, ftoold dci| with 
«^ King by Supplication ; buv this Court it- 
^w'^1t« iuf prfifled. 

To COURT [(vurrifff, F.l to ipalcc Love 
to, pr ¥'oo{ to dcfitt earneftl]^(to impoi- 
tune ; to (ue or ftand for. 

> COURT JSmiV/m (in CMkny\ a particular 
Way of boiiiof! Fi(b m Wine, tft* with va« 
^|iDiwSprji.of Spice, F, ' .. ^ 


C0I7RT ly^ Ssyt nAmt Ae€ii 
Judicature are open, and Plett held. 

COURT UmU, fiich at cImt Lea*! 
Manour keeps in hia owo Raadi^ |i 
Vk of his Family, and Holf ttniky- 

COURT Xoi/, a RoU < ' 

count of the Number^&tf. of 
depend tn the Jurifdiaion oi the Imi 
Manour, with the Nature of the VI 
&c. that am ndimtiii g» aay M 
Land, fifr. 

COURTEOUS [iwrrrari, F.].iAMi 
fcntle. «: 

COURTE'OUSLV, cmlly»aiUr«^ 
COURTE'OUSNESS, Civili^,4a| 
COUR'TESANl [CiMr(eBtfe,|| 


belonging 'to the Court { a ptpftflil^ 
pet or Whore. F. . »*''^ 

Kiodneft, n good Turn ^ a kind tA 
Behaviour and Management } aCurtf^ 
verence done by a Woman. ^ 

COUR'TESY rf&^l0md [Umi 
Tennr» whereby a Man mairaigid 
poOeOed of LHidt JaFce-StM, «ri 
if be have a Child bv her» 
alive into* the World, altliDagii 
the Chili die fecthwith, yet if M^ 
PoOeffion, he fliall hold the ' *" 

COURTLY, airy, yUant* {} 

COURT'iyf AN, a Courtier. 

COURT'SHIP, CoortBfy, 
riage or Speech* 

COUS'IN [CMfai^nmt^U] 
or Kinfwoman by Blood or Mann 

COUTH [CuB, Smx,^ kxmnm 

in^y chariftes, emcicniae, or hMtf 4 
iaw*d Pexibo. O.L.T. 

OCyVY •/Fartru^ {Cm9A,H 
of thofe Fowls. i 

COW rCu, SoM, 1iQ,Li S.4a41ll| 
7e»r.3 i Beaft well known. 

This Proverb ja'foftafl^paily 
Pevfooa, who^ though they hife^i 
in their Hea^, ^f» FesMfllP; 
Hands^ diiabling them horn 

AU/iu on thcPe^PDt;itorliarBl 

Alio, under thiaxidiculons EsdUmM 

Cmw, inveterate. Eaenks are cavsh^ 

barbaroua Dciigna are often £nitoM 

Intervention of an over-mting P'^'*'^ 

CQRline to the Xr^rai,. £kt' 

eurtM IwL ,,j 

' To COW w,. tp.p«l0BBlrti*i 

keep one in Awe. 

COW Biahn^ CtfT'Angdfy^i 

COW Whutt, e Woed p* 

Com. Mtkmtyrum hhttictmM 

A CQW'ABO [Z^miJf'} 

Ic'of C0IDV 

Digitized by* 




^ « of dbe Krtat «l fr CoW] ' 

ffAftO [ia lUra^] a Lieo, faorae 
iSgiikBi^mK Ms TttI doubled or 
I m Leg% is oiled a Lua 

tbe Waat of Con- 

I.Y» ttc aCowud. 

ihApferCowf] aPlacoUi&rr^, 
'ri^t^«<dUt wMcb the Bri~ 
f ipoQ (lie adverie Sbore -tfpi^ft 
KAvt*'S^aW< tfacT^KMr in 

ilGApeift^^Sax,^ one who 

•fc * ■ . 

ifirtof Hood^ (iMii ai Monks 
biȣJfai Word for a Tub. 
'^^ IB iscb'd Patn of n SlMp't 

I (oilE^atf doivoy tt kneeU 
~r [ia Fjikntry^ tbe ^uivaruig 
' » wbkh ikake their Wing* 

r tw^iiiwy] tbe Hip^boBe. 

0^ a conceited Fool. 
Klfbiap «f ^aQr, F. wby] one pre. 

' \ Modcftv, fl>y. . 

^' a 

VEN, so qnkt or flatter. tf« 
KAGE, cncBing ot cbeatng. 

l{qiMa,.&«. itraU»e» i?i»«.] a 

^tviU Appfei an fofine with 
1 1» tlie iauQchiftg of Ships, or 
infCnkU md OmiM, F. 
TAT I jtobably of oneOd^Atfr, a 
VibiiA ii9iie it] a ibit of. Neck. 
-S haoikmt^ comely* 0. 
'"^ [of:Ccak » foto' Apple] 
I ai Frait j roiigb, fnrly > 
tYj^katl^ iiirlily, 

S^ Mmefs, Surlineff. 
^^ihF^itovy] wfacD Hawka 
rgtU d|bt one with another^ 
'HHbtatlSai^rar/.] a 
ftnKtE|^ff<%. &if^F.] a 

'i P'J to aaiio a NoU^ atfo co 
4dMi <br Dnneifc 

KID^ difotdcsed hi Itb 

• &>SipBbr « -1^^M>A ^ ^>rC9 

.tbefrercb. C. / 
CK'LE, to make a cia^klinf 

R^IUW, Hcdf<». a 

^'NiU [CrsfMfiiBt, f.] a Sart 


C R 

<jfC^ Baked' hard, fo as to crtdclc nitder 
the Teeth. 

ACRAIXDANTLY LmI^ a 0>ward. 

CRA'DLE [CptifU Smx, Crull, C 
fir.] a {on of a Bed tor a yovnf Child ;' at(k 
the Place where the Bullet lies in a CroG- 

CRA'DLV [k Hufifsmby} » woodta Frame 
fix'd to Scythes. ^ * - 

GRADiiE [among Ski^rfmtrtjt Tim- 
bee Frame raifed along tbe Outfide of a Shrp 
by tbe Bi^e, for tbe greater £afe and Safety 
in launching ber. 

CRADLE [among St/xtms} a Machine of 
Wood, to lay a broken Leg tit, that is newljf 
let, to hmder .it being prefled by tbe Bedu 

CRAFT [CjWFt, Stfx. QCretft, C Bi*. 
EraSiDy TVtf/. fjgnificf. Strength, Power.} 
Craftindb, OunnuBg, SubcUty, Wik, ov 

CRAFT [ aaaong Marimrs ] all man. 
ner of- Lines, Hook% Nets» ^r. for FiA^ 

Smaii CRAFT, are Vrifele nM bt the 
Fiihing Trade, as Hoyt, Ketoher, Lighten, 
Smacks, &c. 

HANDy.CRAFT, any Mechanical Alt or 

CRAFTS MttjUr, one IkUful in a Handy<. 
craft, or Trade. 

CRAFT'lLY, eenningly. 

CRAFPINBSS, Cunoingncfs, Sobtiky. 

CRAF'Ty, cunning, fubtle, fly. 

CRAG [UtatSbC, Be^, «WBfJt,^?«rf. 
the Thsoat,! the Keck^ or Nape of th«^ 

CRAG tCWffc C. 2u} the Top of a 

CRAG'GEar , . 

CR AG'GV J ""^f^'^"* ,^"fi"*- "°*P' 

CKAKE^Nfed/f, Shcpherd'^s Needle, a 

To CR AJCE^ to crack or bof ft. Spmc. 

CRALUT, engrawn. Chauc. 

To CRAM [Cpamman, Sax.] toflttfi^ti^ 
thruft dofe. 

CRAM'BE [KpaVCa, Or.] a Repeti- 
tionof. Woidi, or (ayiog the fame thing orer 

CRAM'fiO, a Play in Rhyming, in which 
he that repeats a W».d that was laid befot^ 
forff its imntthing. 

CRAMP [ Bcampc* o^ ^^ i-- ^ 

fttSmfPfiC^ Teui.] a Difeafe caufcU by a vio- 
lent Ditfortion of the Nerves, MaiQ\et,&c, • 

CRAMP Fifi, a Ft0i«wbish benumiM the 
Handnf tboi^f tbattonebit. . 

CRAM'PERNi m Iron which fafteni 

.CRAMP- j&-tf» S StoBesmBnildiafsjaJfo 
a Gripptinf Iron to grapple or by hold of an 
Kncmy*s Ship. 

CRAMP Jhnt (among Pruiten] Irene 
nairdto the Cariiagc of the Picli, to runic , [>gitzedbvQ^§glg 


CR^MnSIOTH, pmnOk. Chme. 

CRAMPOONS tCrampcns, F.] Piecei of 
Ifon hooked at tlit cods, for ch» dnwuig or 
MiJUog ap of Tupher, Stones, &e, 

CIU'NAGi, Money Mid fttr the Ufe of 
a Crane in Lining and Shipping Warns at a 

CRAN'BOURN (r. r. the Boarn or River 
«f Craim} a Town in D§r/eifiirt, 78 Miles 
S. W. by W. from London, 

A CRAN£ (Cjuen, Sax. WMUt, C. 
Mt^.G* BmII» Tm/.J a Machine lor draw- 
ing ^p a Weight $ aifo a -crooked Pipe Ar 
dra¥ring Li^on out of a Ve&l. 

CRANE, a Fowl in America^ of a hedloiur 
Form, having a Bag under the Neck, which 
wiU contain two OJions of Water.. 

CRANE Lintt [in a Ship! Lioea going 
Inm the upper £ndof the Sprit-Sail Top- 
Mail to the middle of the Fore-Suys. 

CRA'N£*S BiU, an Herb; alfo a Sur-^ 
feob*i loflroment, a Sort of Pinccn. 

CRA'NIUM {Crawy P.] the Skull, or 
the whole Compagea of die Bones of the Head, 
whkh, like an Helmet, defends the Brain 
fitai external Jnjaries. 

CRANK, hriik, hiily, nerry, jocund, C. 

A CRANK, the Draw-beun of a WeU. 

CRANK [$M Ttm] a Ship is (aid to he 
crank J when flie cannot bear her Sail, or can 
hcnr but a finall Part, for fear of overlttting j 
a Ship is alio (aid to he crank hj the Gromid^ 
when her Floor is fo namw, thatihe can* 
not be btought on Onnnd without Danger. 

CRANKS, OflBces. Sitaktf. 

ToCRAN'KLE [of Hreiifltfeit. 7W.] 
to go in and out, to-go winding about. 

S^NoS^l" ^" Weafure of Com, 

CRAN'NY U>en, F. of Crena, L.] a 
Chink, or little Crack, or Cttvice. 

A CRAN'NY Lad, a jovial, fariik, hifty 
Lad. Chejh, 

CRAP, Osnel or Buck^wheat. C. 

CRAP, Moocy, Cane, 

CRAPAODINB [in a Mtrfil an Ulcer on 
the Coronet, called alfo ^ ^ead nfm the 

GRAPl, a Sort of Stuff oiach u6d ia 

CRaPOJLA, a Surfeit byover.eatiog and 
4finking \ Ciop-fickoefi, Dnmkenneft. 

CRAPULENT [ CrafnUnta, L. ] op* 
pfiefii*d, Iwfcited, crop-fide. 

CRAP'UUX/S ICrapu/ofus, L.] givcft to 
Glunony, over-eatiog, c^e, 

CRAISBO, cracked. C. 

To CRASH [efcrafir, F.l to make a 
KoTfe. ' 

CRASH'INO Oftiri, the Teeth* Cam. 

CRA^^S [K^if, Cr.l.aMixtwt,Z. 

CRA'SIS [m Grammar^ • Contraaioft of 
two SyUahlei late one, as Vtk*meM for ^^. 

CRA'SIS [in Vh^'\ a ptoper Co8ftit»- 

King of ^ 

tiOD, Murtuic, 6r loBperatttre or 9d^ 
in an animal Body^ fceh as oonflitiiteii 
ofHeakh. \ 

CRASS [traffk^ F. ef crigfSn, %\ 

A CRAS'SANTLY hai^ a Oi 

CRAS'STTUDE \Cr4kndi^ 

CRASTINAaiOll, « pvtting 
iay^. h. . 

CRATCH [Crtf^ F. Owfa, UH 
for Hay or Straw. n 

CRATCH<£D [of Bcttm. | 
fcratched with the FuUer'aTeafil. M 

CRATCH'ES 7 a ftinking Soi«i 


CRATER [in Fa&amj] any 
which Htwks are laftened when redi 

To CRAVE' [Cpapn^p Sasi.} % 
eameftiy, to bcierch* 

CRA'VEN [of Craif • C. Br, \ 
and J^m a Head] aPtaceinrw^l 

CRA'VEN 7 a Cow. O. AJ 

CRAVENT'5 entlya Terra of 
when the Party that waa ovcrcc' 
iingle Combat yielded, and ay'd 

cRAW{itrot»'>«'« Knseib ^ 

Crop of a Bird. 

To CRAWL', to creep along 

CRAWLY Mawly, 

CRAY, a Difeafe in Hawks, m 
ders their muting, ^much like theP^ 

CViAY Fifi\V|^tffyfi, Teat. , 

CREVaCE 5 P.] a fort of Riwr ! 

CRAYER, a fort of finiUSca 

CRAY'ON, a Pencil of any M 
louring Stuff, made into P^«^ 
ior drawing in dry Colours on '^ ^ 

A CRAZE Mill, a MiU ofed by 
to grind their Tin. 

CRA'ZILY, fickjy, weakly. __ 

CRA'ZINESS, SicklmeTs, WeaBI 

CRA'ZY [of aidrsr, Gr.] "^ 
fickly, weak. 

CREAM [OAw, F. of Crtmft 
thicker and more fubftantial P«t er: 
and prime a|»d beft Part of a Tb^* 

To CREAM [fp^en of Drhk}^ 
or mantle. C 

CREAM «/ Tartar, a Pitpsntion 
Lees of Wine. 

CREAM Heater, that has a M 
upon it, Fat or Scum, which bda|J 
turiii td iitveiw M ee w a H i f wst 

CREAN'CE, a fine fiasU M; 
faftened to a Hawk*f Udt, iM m 

CREASE [Sihmer «»eri«t KjH 
Chalk, f. d. a Line dnwe to»C 
Imprtffi^B of a F^ a» a.GM««t. 


tlB (aSr, f» nt tn^fi, U] to 
itf BHbiogi to fMtm, ftmn, or 

ii a lomuBf teiethiflf out 
r of no prv-diiling MatenaU, 
fftoCodooly, ICdiflhn^romall 
f F wimtioni ; wKtrcss tkcy«U 
gtovorkapOD, but this ibp- 
^tilL /-. of £, 
\[CnMtar, F. of OmMt, L.] 

[Grmtart^ L.] a created 
t ffo own bis Fortune and Rife 
ntdimt great Mao. F. 
}jXiklKUlt, to make one His 

i[Cnaa€ej F.] Faith, Crtdit, 

[iMfxiutf, L.J Fre^vtncy. 

cr«kr, L.] Ireifieiit. 

[fixne call ic GrtelMi, 

whkfa the Grc<i Philofophert 

Ci which was afterwafda re- 

; othen call it Crt€ttglaie^ 

Ssx, a Brook, sod la'biao, 

baesfaoBts fonie Brooks dif- 

into the Tbmim\ a 

rjhv^ 65 Miki W. framJLM- 

: [Cndatid, U] Befid^ Oe- 

^ Iiolton or Cfodit nnd 
I dpectaUy thoTe given to an 
I nwp^entiary, &e, L. 
"^7 [&a£M^; F.l Cndihle- 

^ [m)£if7», P.I thit which js 

iVWbycrCrolft) thatwhith, 

iffsont m itfelfy nor certaitaly 

I dlhsr antecedently froai its 

' by its BfliBa, yet has the 

I of Troth. 

LT, in a Hinner deferring Be- 

the being worthy of 

t^ttw, t ] Belief, Bfteem, 
Jfraft} Atftnority, Imcveil, 

[eftim^ L.] to pre Credit 

which is of lair Credit, 


LY, k good Ctedit, hand* 

one who ^vca Credit; 
^ « tmls anoihtr^ith Money 

U OmW lp Smfc. 4. d. 
jibe Csn^Towiv « /mp> 

. tk Af««e> CM, bemfe, 
MUi Town the firft Biihop*s.Sec 
P*9H tht &iM*r} 4t|id iwm 
r^CMwIllirh yrapagattd thro' 


from-ihe Kiver CnSkkt^ that torn Vy St} n 
Town in Dnfwjbirt, famonsfor the lirlh of 
St. Bhrnfaetor fyinifrtd^ i^j Miles W. by 

'cREDU'UlV {CnduUt/, F. CrtduStm, 
L.) Eafinefs or RmdineA to beUeve. 
. GREiyULOUS [eriduU, F. rrc^UWf^ Lj 
eafy, light, or talk of Belief. 
CREiyULOUSLV, believing too eifily. 
CREiyULOUSNESS, the being too eafy 
To CR££ [XP^otr or iUriSry] to bo^l il 

MR* C* 

The CREED, a flkoit or fooMMry Ac- 
count of the ctucf Articles of the Chriftiaii 
Faith, called the Creed, from the firft Word 
of it in Lsutn, Crtdt, i, t, I beliete. 

CREBK [CjMcca, Sax. GrifM, F.] a little 
Bay. a Nook in a Harbour, where any ThiAf 

A CREEK in th* Ntek, a finaHMnnal 
StiAfaefs there. 

To CREEK Itrifneier, F.] to make a NoMb 
at a l>oordocs, 

CREEM ii inn m^ Sand^ pot it in flUy oO 
fccTctly. a>*Jb. 

To CREEP [CrtMUmC. JTr. tittti* 

pe, BeJg, cpeo^, W. Rrfeeten, ^«»« 

Oraftr, F« Rfftre, L.] Co crawl «^ all 
Fovrs; aKbtocooMpriVitdy. 

A CRBEP'Efty a creeping Creatore $ ill 
Aadifon ; alio an Apple growing on a k>w 
Tree, whofe Branehes trail 00 the Croundv 

CREBPaNG, crawltag tiodg flowly 9i 
privately. ' * 

CREEPONGLY, flowfy, pHvately. 

CRBBIVK18, a Ibrt of Calodiei for Wo4 
men, 'betw eoi Clo ggs. and Puteof . ' 

CkEMAShTER [Kftputsif, cf nftftui^, 
to hold ttp, GrA a Mufcie 'm theTefticles of 
a Man, which lenret to draw thea up, ind 
ralfe them in Coitu, 

CREMA'TION, bnmhig. L. 

CRE'NA, tf Notch, Slit, orDe&f. L. 

CRE'NATED Leaw [S4Mi^} Lettes oT 
Plana that are jagged or notched. 

CREN^CLED, crinkled. Chamc. 

CREN^Kl«ES7rin a ShiA fmall Ropes 

CREN'GLESStpliced ktothe Bolt ropes 
of the Sails of the Mam-meft and Fflret. 
moft, and falkned to the BowUo|;-ft4dlrtf, 
to hold by when the Bonnet-Sntt is Aakea 

CREKEI/LB [in Beral^l the fame as 
Emkatkd. • . 

CREP AT^C'B Ptt a H^fl vt Uker iw the 
Fore-part of the P^,-obo«t -ail Inch above 
theC^MKT. . 

CRE'PATURE [in Phjfok] is when any. 
Thing ij boiled tm it tracks. U 

CREPl^ilBS [in (M«ry] a fort of Fdreo 
wrapt .up. ina Teal CauL i*. 

CREPiTArriCK.. % Cracking jor Rat« 

" V '"' ' ^ BrgitizedV CR£pu^,^ 


rOliroS'CLE Crtpufculty F. tff Crt^f- 
-iuium, L.1 ih^rwiliehty or the dubioii& faa]f 
^tghtf wli^ we petcieve in (he Moraioi^ 
^»orc the Sun's ri6Dg, icd atNig|^«fttv the 

CREPUS^ULOUS/ Wonging to th« 

* CRES'CENTr[m SfSUry] the Figure 
.uCR£V^NTi..ol r f]alf.Mooh» wttb 
ti>e HocDS turoM upw^i, tw^ida t j the dif- 
tingoiflaing jMaik |6f ikic ftcond BiAthcTy or 

' CRES/CENTT n:i4fr«»r, L.] Incieaiing, 
. CRES'SENT S [With Fflrt^itfr^ a HArte 
il faid ro b^t^'CreJcnitt^ when tb^ IPomt of 
t)icCof&>*B(tftCy irvhicb if moil adviioctdy ftlli 
4own and pn^esthe Sokoucwajnb, &€, 
, <CR£S'SAK, a Pear, cajlcd me SirgJmai 

S^ySES t^tefli, T«/.^ Uie.Kime<^ 
••/Mrb^vaOJid-M^r/iriN, 4. 

CRES'SET X.ijr^> a large "Lanthora^xld 
^11 « Pokf or A burning Beacon. 

CRE^SIVE [of crefcere, L.] of a growiag 
future or QMlity. Shah/P. 

CREST llCreM F. of Cr/)?ii. U] th^ Tuft 
, CRIS'P^^ OB the Head of a Bin); Che Mane 
#f a H'grfe > ,0V the Top of an ^ielmeu 
. QJIE$'I1 laAKMg Cflfwcn] an' Imagery or 
canrcd Work to a^orn tbe Head or Top of 
i|9y ibiob li^ our oaodern Gomtiu . 
. CR£ST {m fftraUiy] if a OcTice refre- 
leqtiflg a iiring CreaCuK> Plant, or o( 
ti(icuit T^Mi f(K over a Coat of ^r0|s. * . 

CREST Faaen [of a Htrfe] is wheo^ 
upper Part of the N«cic; oa v/ihiKk.itis Mtne 
CR«V^^pesoot ilimdM|^jgh.t> b«t Jiangi ei- 
ther on one Side •orejliber. 
. *CRESTF4»ftw [t^teen.^jf Men] fignifics 
dirpu-itedy. out «£ Heart, raft down, &c, 

ClUST 7<V<r, a Tile qb the KkSge of « 

CRESTS, baring a Cref(. » 

CRE§«WSW., the broad Edge, ©r Verge 
i|beS^)j09,-5)Qie,iound about. . 

CRETE, M lAand in tbc MitHurrancen 
Seav now called Oin^, 
» CRE'TISM la Forgirg of Lies, Fal- 

CRE'T1CISM||>ood, ;Peifidioufr^f(, fo 
rattled from •.<tba rinhabiiaiits -of Cntt^ who 
«e9 m>ted for ^ofc ill Q«al|t%$, 

CRE'VETl{(>»./;/,T1r,]i Meltjeg Pot 

CRU'SET S ufed by Goldimiths. 

CREVICE [C/MH^e, F.j. a Chink or 
Cleft J . al<b a Oay^ Alb. 
-. CREW f*4i«irrr iJeri«€B*k of AtOCftetl, 
/)«« to drinV ^r. tope \ b^i ;if/jy£rr« of O^, 
tor tft-^^a, F. inorearrd] a Com|ian^ <4r Oang. 

CRE\^/jEL, tviiO-ttireadodWorfted.. 

CREW'ETi? [Crpck$, F. a^ ear«hen Potl 

CREV^T S« ("bffl or namwmotttb*4 
Ciafs to liold Oil or Vin«»fjar. « , ■ , * 

CREY'FORD [C;n<^cc«op«fi^, .^d*. of the 
River Crtj and For^/j a 'JovMLin KqUy fdmous 
for the Ovenhrow given to the* 'JDr.voAi by 



CRXAK^E ) the (auae^a d 
(SUANT'S $le«; "^^ 
CRIANDE, «l^ifig. Ckn€. - • 

CRIB [C)ttbba> frf». Hjirfhfifc' 

gerifoF^'attle. *• - v- • * ♦ 
CRIB'BAGE, aQaincatCanIs* 

^-€RIB«1* [Cr/tfArr; ^ 
a Com Sieve. 

flfting o/l^fiwder tj^mu^ a fine Si 
. CRICK, a fort of Orftiip^ 

■ CRICKET JoftireW, of 

to chirp] aii^^^ ^JmtEL , b 
Chlm^evs, £fr» 
- CRfCK'ET, a low Stool, 
dren oCe to fit upon. 

CRICK/£t, a fort of My i 
aJBall. *» 

a Rin^^^fCt^, to drink, or «^»Tf 
Cup to drink obc df, And «^&v j 
Mordes anfin^ from the * 

the Cartilagieof the Wind piDC. 

CRlCOTfirROI1»$\f bl 
Ring, 3^^1/pi^, an Helmet, and clS 
Gr^] B Pair of MnfiJes arifiag i 
Mit of tbe.CW<a«la^ «iid cnlng j*4 
Scutifirwiiu . ' * ,' 

CRttlE.[&MMr, L.} 4f^«k^4 
an Offence, a fiki,.9i«a4b, ori^ 
of the Law* * * . • . * 


O&IM'INQUS 5 Wii; ^ 
Criflic» of or belonging^o r r 

A CR2MaN*l» *aj>. Of 
fiOor. tn • ^^ 

CRIMPi an Agent ftT 
and Perfon? concerned iqlSJiip4 

CRlM^^NAia* V$ a ^Atim 

CRIMINALLY, in a crimia^J 

cffiM'soN [o*r<»>i;' r.u 

iv6.0Dlour. • ; • ^t- 

CRI'NATED nocti [with ft 
ftiob' if^gor i«to* tjfae Oaoatf ii 
Fihrerlikc H«r. ' ^ • • '^ 

CRl'NELS •! [in FafcnrAk 
. CRHfSTS VKeatbcn ioV^M 
CRINITES J Hair abmrt fl» 


to makoIow.BowsorCM£Mf 

To cRiN'iaE riii^ncMm I 

ifl vaA out»j<» ru« i^oMf orWfci* 

ry^ OMKOtNES (vtantem Woltt^ 
CRIP'PLBjJBtmi^C* " 
of fch()tir, tjjli^reep] p |iBe 
k)AtiieUictttkti4ii&^ •< 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



aOMeoTteCitf of 




Gf.1 • Mpfleat, Sob- 

ib^^^lbr tlB%etttr 

^i Riui fai , or Dctth. * 

the Piii^itL Ibt knn 

rotrSB, h thif whkh frees 
t fMf md mMj from dtt 
; at h oAa hittuy or deadl]^ 

ifflT X^A^, Or. an Ua- 
ttctt wfcidi vat ofed in 
t] tt ]i&&C dying before 

»&r. ull*ukfnsxS«d,or 

htn, Ul i» Inak orcwrl. 

Tf I«Kr, a Awl fe ntmed 
k Ac^MU Paoapof tlie Sho^- 

'fta ikMiddk of the Of tth- 

I Samt nade of the Truth 
fi lV o y d ki on; afib a Mark 
lip of the Tnidi of a Thui|, 


.T6«Br^ Tm Critituty I^ of 


JaJ^mf nt | alfocefi- 

^ay [anonc Phyfaatn] are 
aibctii uCTe oapueni a nidd^n 
\ftt Difafty ar oo wokh it comes 

9tpi [ ^cfc g P*^^]^M] are 
a Crifii, cither Cowards a 

tbe Art of jodgte^or ceft- 
AifioH, Words, or WKtiogi } 
critieil Daieottrfe or Re- 

jOmOZt a^ [ci 

^^^4k, lan^ an2 ccnfure a Man's 


niuie a Man*i 

'nsioia 1 to tsamioe nke- 

iMiM^ F. of Crifkat, 

Or.^MtikUM inOricicifei, 

^ \ a ake Cenforcr, 
[Cfin'far, F.l Jbe Ait^TcrU 
CMfi0tii|ii aflicCMi^ 

• > l# iHii t of MbHIr fai yVirtttr, 

4 tSi| wilt^tbeCtnuitfy of 


CltOt!ARI>S; « fort of Money, iuat Tu&e < 
conent in EegUitJL 

CROa, a ShepbtnTs Crook ot Staff; 0« 
CR(/CflES [ anions ^^:^i\ the iittlc 
ifc abo«t the 1 op of a Ocrr^s Hems. 
CROCI [among jr«/-».«i] the J^ctt or 
laU Knobs on the Tops of Flowen. 
CROCI'A, a Biilbp's or Abbot's Crofier, 
or Paftorat StaiTj allb tbe Collation of Bi- 
iRfrkka aad Abbej^ by giving a O^r. 

CROCIAIUtTSy tin Bearer of a CroGer-' 
Staff before a BiAop. 

To CROCK, tq. black one with Soot C, 

CROCK* a coarCc earthen Pot. 

CROCK'BTS, Locks of HaiK 0. 

CROCKfHERN [C|\uco«;ui» Sm». of 
Cpuoe, a Fountain fo called, md jM/in a 
Cottage! a T««ni ifl XogUrftt/Urt, i lo Milet 
W. S. W. from LendoH, 

CR€X:'ODIL£ iCrtfcMus, U of K^sSif*. 
*Xor» Gr.] a very large Bead in the Shape of 
aLinrd, Inrbg both on the Land and in tho 
Water. L,. 

CROCOMAG^M A [In Pbarma<fl a Fhy- 
ficai Cdmnofition^ th^ chief li^ntdient ^f 
whidi is Saf&'oQ. t.'otCr, 

CRO^CITS, SafRroh. L, 

CRCCUS [amoaK Cfymftt} a Fowder of 
'a Saffron Colour. 

' CRCCUS Ma, thy Saff't^d of Sted, fi> calle4, 
xroQi its rcddiih Qolonr^ L. 

CRbCUS Mafth opirignty the Ruff ofTroa, 
Elates, waibcd and expofed Tome time to the 
DeW: L. 

CROCUS ManSi afringtniy Filings of Iron 
klepriTed of their more faline Parts, L* 

Crocus MtiilUrum, a kind of impor* 
iopaqoe Clais of Antimony. L» 
, 'CRO^E I lErnm, rmt. and U S. 

CRO'ME 5 crooked] an Iron Bar or . 
Leaver) alfoa Notch in the 3ide*boarda or* 
fitites of a Caiky where the Head-piecea 
come io. 

CROfT [ C)iopr, $ax^ a little Clofe ad- , 
Joviing to* a Houia for Pafture or TiUage. 
nriA. . 
\ CkOlSA'UEXlCr^ifade, of Croix, F. of 

CRUSA'DO 5 OuK L. a Crofs] the Ex- 
pedition of thC [princes oiCh^mdm for the' 
•Conqoeff of t^e Holy Laod» in which ever/ 
Soldfrr bore a Crucifix on his Breaff, as an 
Emblem of Spiritual Warhre i For their £n-^ 
coaragement in this Enterprite, all that died 
'in tbe War wer# pcDmifed by the Piope an im* 
mediate Entrance into Heat eil. 

CROIS'ERV, thofe for vrltOm ChrUI faf. 
fexed on the Crofs. Cbaut, 

CR0PSE8 [Ocifat, F.] Pilgrims ftir the' 
SAA of Rilli(iiony who wore a Crofs on their 
OtrmeftCI; alfa the Knights of the Order of 
\Sr,Jobn •fj^u^viy created for tlie Defence 
of PUg^s. 
CROK, t£e turniog of tbi^HsIr iota. 

COfll Q\ Digitized by VjOOQLC 

S e Xt 



,ayen| or .at 


to make a NdiA: iTk^e ft^ 

the GtrtI 3o wi^'Wind, 
CROKfeS, ttooki. 0, , , 4 

CROKETOIKS, l6cli ^f «•*«/ "Aatu:, / 
CR0M?M1D, crammed^ C^jw..,,.. V 

. Feraak Sheep. Okiuc: AUO aii old^ Woma^. ; 

CRO'Ifrt^;thc^JffifPVhi£li^irpwT «ycrJ 

the Top'crfji'H6r^*«fteaF: ilrdThe'Von .atij 

theEndofatiffirtgSpVdbr . ' 'V ' ^ 

•tRCNIQUE^ a Chronicle. C^fwl 

CKQ'NON , • dn Trj/i^ Son. ' ^ ' . j 

CRO'NY [RC«h3^s^ of jgjfvc^ pr. ^- V' 

rnendj or of Ccn^«ro;i«, J^.Lan. 

a good old 1 

£i& oTwllcn &otT6rthlj^^ 


CkOSS^ Fieury 

aCrofs, th^,End^, 





latimate Companion, ' Or ^ontemp^^rj( \f^(' 
ciplc.'* ' ""' ' """ .• ...,.' , . 

'H) CROO' ^ " 7to make* a NoiTinte 
' To CROCyiCEUi J a Dove ot V l%e»iv 

A CROOK. rCrei, F. W ifookl a^beo- 
hcrd-8 Staff. 'J' .'a'..'- 

CROOk'Bb rfctdWt, ^'^n.t noXf^xti^U 

CROOKED [is nrid tb bk ^derived df Cr^l^^,] 
the turnioe up of t^e,Hair%iotfl^CiMrkjj}pwe^j 
hent, curtiiog in ail oiit. -''♦'■ 

•CROOK'EOLY, In a'crobkpd Wanjw.. ,' 

CjROOK'EDNtSSJ ' '^'ci^g upwM or 

CfcOORlt^, WooK; d. ' / 

To CRgpL, to,|ro\4; sf^n^yMt my^Bf- 

^^« '^- " ' ' '...'./., .'.T. 

C&pO'T^Sj.^a^dbdaive &>M>9pu^^4e 
Ore In'Lead.'Ntihol.". u *♦• tt>^ 

CKO^'fCjioppap; ^flx:Tf EArs'orCorn, tjjq 
gathering cf Hay or Com^ ofth^ wbwcS|(o<^ 
which the Oioiiod a]5brd4.*^ ' . ". ... 

CROP r^iropv'" ^i" C<:0|Jttii*<?;ir.. 

mroptf, •^•/'^3 S ftiVJ's Craw 5 alfo 0»^ Hait. 
die or' a Cdachmln*8 Whip, ' ' ' 

TOCROH l^tit}fTfU^(i'l(tA^f9^fa^^^Q 
g^the^. .| ,. .* 

CROP'PA Lja'CropofCirn, or the'Pro- 

CROJ^TOsf dua in Hwveft- a' l. . 

CRO^QU^'S'tfit GNa^^] a ccrtam Coqi. 
pound made of a delicioi^ jr ^rce.- F. 

cro'sieA [orchcp; f,j' a Biil^opV 

Staff,, made in thi^' Shape- of a fhopho4*a 
Crook,, incimathig, tiiat they are Spirintal 
Stohetds. . ' 

CR^y^lSRS [fn-^f^cwy] are four Staj^f' 
in the Form of a cl-ofs, by the Help of wl^b» 
thofe wha fail in the Southern Hcmiiphere 
^d the Antardtick .Pole. 
•-CRO^LET, a Rootlet or Head.-^oth. 

CROSLETT fin/i^rflVrv] a latle pjain 

CRpSSET^'Orois, vkhoT^ Ends alfo have 
the Form of a plain Crofs ; f od tbefe areo/tea 
borne £r£>rej /. ^. pointed at Bottom. 

• CROSS [Croix,. L. of Crux, U] a &h- 
he^ on which tbe Antienta ufe4.tQ hapg. 
their Malefaftors j aflo AiHidtion,, Miafcr 
^ tune. Trouble. 

CROSS [in HerafM one of therfionpar." 
itbte OrfiifiarteSyof which there is a great 

turned agam like a J 

eftbs? rlA/^ f ih. if^«ii 

LJae is.drspiirn 4?j^raU^l .toth 
Cnb, and thea ^e ttiMj/t^, 
peat. through.^ , ' \ / « 1 1 

round ^t,. hawking 4 '^f ^^ 
vut;h it, aft if i^ >;crc Jet, ^gf^t 
middte^ ' 
CROSS' ^^ii») TmArciii(i 
CRQ^SS :Puuf, laid «rSW « 
tKOSS Bram ^m d.Sitp} a | 
'fhsAet which gi^ 9*»crpili 1 ' 
called Bjtn, and tQ. Whif^ ti 
c|kcd when the ^hw rides a; J 


CROSS Biu, a DiraBpoiati^Jn^)! 

A CROSS d/H^, iixsfiy^M 
Up. ' , ■ 

CRO^S^^grairfdf that ( 
Grain^ peevid^, fiitbboxn^ h 

CROSS Jar*' tin ^l^lpj 
flimg ^t the vpya. ACMi^«| 
under the Top. ,'.'>^. , 

with two Perfoi^ y^b6 .^vf >*^" ' 



vice&j alfo a kind ofSpott. 

WbSS &tf/; aT*athc«atk 
m^t to q*.^ thftAit^»ade;.iif^t 

StiV . . ,,,.-.• 

CROSS Trfes [in a Shipj afi 
Timber b^ed and let^a,poe 
at'theHadj>ftheM|rfl. ,. ' 

the Legs are croiied within out 
' CR,QS5 l#V/, aH,^crb> ^ J 
{Flowers of ,whi^ i|>otf,.|y;H)fr' 

.a.,.Hacnc]^(ii|c« corqic^ 
' the forked .P|W 4 

Hookjf a Nou 

'Digitized by LjOOQ^< 




7i Fcftual ol^ea: 
»*^t?r^ the R6«j« Ca- 

It «O0?, ' is wTico, a j^i^'j 

pfcWrpdns op his hind Us$, as if 

1m fh^aififif^'] ?. be vice 
^ an Hbrfclo Icecp |Jic 

pf Corona t L.J a Cap of S^te wora oiijhc 

Head of Sovereign Princes .j iljib a]t>i^i9^M|i 

|^^J\^« .WW^. ^^'^M t^':^i^:Xh^ 

.CR0WW''trn:t^>;»:S6l'V a. Rt^li 

t^dCJ*.^^ * ^'^rtti'fi9uje\ one 

IfiiiGfN^a picuflaiA^jipl 
jLoinpf Matton. .F*/' 

^|V(fe an" If ^n 
zftnty Thills. 

'i HhJ to pra^ ^ ui vapour. 

J*Jfi i Sdr|fcoftS IhtHiintnt tor' 
r fcwiccn Boots, STc., o«»t pf 


«iiaa»»li^^, intofix^ tcn^Ti 

!*f « flie WUtMy ;ftf J we ' 
*Witt, ^lof ehrec or/mir Inclici^ 

Wf of^^corouartf X.J j5D..J<t a Gwwv on the 
Httdj to reward-i" to.jnali: Dcrfea 5 to.finilb 
honourably. .. 

CROWJT GVtf/j. thc^ncft 3Qrt of Wiq4ow 
GJafs. ' / 

CJtOjVfJ ih^jFrf/, 'the rooft.lKiKtiful and 
Isltfeefk Kind ofVaflfodU Flo\<rcr. ' " 

CROWN J'cJl^X^n Arfhlttaurei a'Poff^ 
wfhich jn fame,^uitdipg^tlandB uprij})t yi tb« 

CRpWK.^-rjf, a mealy vwhito ,$(^f gj^j^r- 
ing ftVl'lh^Lcgs oTHor/es". ' ' ' 

!lVt«n«f^t\thc a:IJin<?e';;tl)atdi;*yfs it b^il^ 
iMjotlon. / '. ' . / 

ulwaiJcs 9^ai)C<d towar'4 tbe>ijfl<^^|aia ' 
jfome nil) or riGhg Crouii^'ft ^log cpqni>ofc4 
lof 'a 'hrge (7or^^ and tvvo Wmgs, vrhich Call 
;oQ the Counterfcarp. ocax thf j[afu.i^,\hc 
Baftion. . , ^ . '. .. .. ': 
. t^ltOWWEt) "ffsrW* * war*; 1s' a Hbri-;york 
'with a Crown-worl» bcfjjrc iC , m. . - / 

JHead of a I>eer,| tbe Ctotchc^ qt gud* ^OAft 
-ra^tfed lA Form of ^ Crown, 

' 'CRDv;rsE,wi&,nvdv,ioib-. -C. . * 

; ^OY TiQ ^c<tff5 X^ttj a Sati&^aioji that 
^ J»l<J|*i Wbo.dTcfcl^'no^ adrtWw^ jufticc asM 
ought, Wto pay to iteq flcaK/J olKiij to,thft 
Man,that is killed. ' 7 « • > 

[FaJknv Deer do at^uttiog jTin^. , 

i CRC'CJ^I^ oftbcForiiof^CtJiCl,.,..^ 

• To ^rVcXATE * I Q^uJof^ U I 10^ to,, 

■ CRUCIA>TU$', A to^rnent.' t. '' . . 
I .CRlrCU'TtJS fin 4wj/rm;J.aMuiae.of 
Itl^^ Thigh wing under tji ^^- .. . < 
j • CktS^'ClBfcE, a Meftlng-Pot piadegf E^jhj 

, «G»»;^ <j Town io Linc^l^ifiiri, 

, J and for FoiiJiiij|j,. ^ji 
MC i^ ^*^ and fretting of 


iMrcd i^ as to-cndurc^^^e iWooM^ ITifV^ J^r 

' Cl(ft7m£ROV5 fCwfi/lr, U] wl^4 
IbcarstfeCrofs. ^ . . . • 


Tie wroc as ' truffle^ 

; CRWlFlXrj/d^rVr/ir/rtjf Ai, i.e. hung 
bn th'e Crofs. X.,f a figure rcjfrcrcoting our . 
feavfdar 'vt\ the Crpfs. 
CRUCinX'iON, a diChz to 4 Ciofs, » 

L:J to fiilen dV nairio a^^Crofii j alfo toicill <y. 

CRItOB [rrtrJ, F. pf CI W.I, L.] raw, 

Undieefted. Digitized b; 

E e a CRr'D.JE- 

CRtTOELY, tiadigeftedly, 
CKUDE'NESS^ Undigeftedi^^ 
' CRUDITY [Crudite^ F. p( CruJitas, L.] 

CRU'DITY [among Fhyjuima^ k whea 
the BlooB xs not doly fennentedy «od brought' 
to a right Confiftence. 

' CRU'DITY [in the Stmaeh'S ii an ill 
Digeftion, when the A^entof Meat is not 
duly fermented, ^nd tegvlarly turned pto 
Chyle ; and is of three Sorti, Apepfa^ Bridj- 
fepjia, and Dyfpefjia $ which fee m their pro- 
per Places. 

CRU/EL [cruel, F. mr*;?y,'L.] hard. 
£earted. fiercci grjeTOtts> painful. F* 

CRU'ELLY^ in a cruel Manner, grier* 

CRU'ELTY.[Cr»ii////, F. CrLMtai, U] 
^arbarotKnrfsy Fiereenefs Hard-hcartedneis, 
inflexible 7 cmpcr ; alfo ill Ufage. 

CRUEN'TOUS [Crutntui, L. ] Woo4y, 
flained with Blood. ' 

To CRUI'SE [tolft, Btlg. aCrofs, *. <. to 
crofs to and fro] to £iii up and down for Cu9rd 
«f the Seas. 

CRUFSER, a Ship appoint^ tocruifc. 

CRUK [Cpocca, Smx. CtOClian, C. Br.] 
^ Crock, an earthen Pot. Chauc, 

CRULL, curled, Onooth. 0, 

CRUM 6f Bread \Cjvmzt Sax. JOUttRtt 
Bel^, |lttune> Ttyt,\ a iinaU Particle, or t^e 
/bft Part of Bread. 

To CRUM 7 [ Accitnman, 5fx. 

ToCRUM'BLE J JtfttjpmsU, ^cJg, 
Itmmmelm ^^f.] tokeak fmall by rub- 

CRUME'NUL? [oiCrm^na, L.TAf ujfe. 


CRUM'MINKSS, the being foil gf 

CRUM'MY, full of Crum, Plumpnefs, ** 

CRuKfp [Cj\ttm, Sax. CrtDmm> C.'lBr.] 

crooked. crook*d-back*d. 

To CRU'MPLE [of Qionipeht, Ssx. 

ef krtmpr. ©r knim^e, Btig, ] lo put 

out of the Folds or Pleats \ XXi -ruffle or 

CRUNK, to cry like a Crane. 

CRU'OR^ Blood dropping outof a Wound, 
Core. L, 

' CRUP'PER \Croupiere, F,] the Buttocks 
•f a Horfe, the Rumg \ ajfo a KoU of Leather 
under a Horft's Tail, 

V CRUP'PER Bucklii, large fquare Buckles 
^xM to the Saddle»tree behind^ to faften the 
Crupper^ * 

CRUR^ Medulla ehkngat^t [among Ana- 
tmijh] the two Heads or Beginnings on the 
^Darrowy Subilance of the Brain. 

CRU'RAL, [Crurafis, L.] belonging to the 

CRU'RALy^rrrry [in j4huirm'\ the Artery 
of the Thigh, vKlch fpreads itUlf among the 

CRU'RAL rfia [with Anatmip} a Vein 


'of the Thigh*; ]g^ag ly ta t&e Cn&fc^ 
ending in the 7/iiic«# *' " " ^ 

I^RU'REUS^'^a M^clldf dlM^, \^ 
to extend th^ ilhia $ fo calM ftota ito}~ 
tioA onr.thc Booc^of ^a^Tkigbji^ 


CRUSE [i>uebe, T?^x^^^IzB'. 
Tcut. Cjiocca, Sax^l .i^ lbr«OU; 

CRUS, orMmiri'P)f« [ainOBffjfiaM 
is all that Part of the Body that^Wcfacs^ 
the Buttocks to the Toes, and is divideJJ 
Thigh, Leg, aAd FWh. t, • < ^ 

To CRU3H [ef(»ttfer, F. probad»ly «f J 
eiartj L.] to brelik f>r f(^aeez< to ?iect»^ 
oppxefs or ruin. -^ 

' CRUSSEL, a Grilllc. O. , j 

CRUST ICro^e, F. Ou^, tAjL 
outwaitl Part of Bread, or l&elly Pa/t ii 
thii^. ' i 

CRX7STA<CE0U$ [orC^ii,'L.] ciJ 
covered with, or hard like a Cruft. • 'i 

CRUStA^EOUSy^^, are She!l.» 
inch «i Crabs, Lohfters, ^c. ' ' ! 

CRf»T,i:Jb^, tn Hard AUkilig toiiil 

■ " -1 

of the Earth, ia that nothing will grovl 
caUed'alfo^s//«^0VA<£.' ' 

dtlTS'TA /a^etf, X amonc Pi 
kind of^cnrf or ci^y ^cal^^on 
an Inlast jrt thcTinbe of iu fict 

L. ' • -tz-O TF 

CftUS^ A: ^^^*4clUW[^9mmi 
rnijk] the VdV^ CoveHng «r |»ftSkttk^ 
Oats. ' •• .• -' '"• '^' 

CRUS'TULA r among ^6i£Ui^ 
in die £y<^- MnglsfEitlCftg cT Wbbd 
Aftentt into ihfiVM6<a C&0jnnl" 
fioncd by a Wound. Sirok«^ f^e. 

Fiiifiligne4lwith'at2niiA'rPi9cl' _ 
<^Lwdo0,'nt^\MM^,tkJM IbiMAi 
vm of them near Chat PUA; . >H . ' 
CR ITT C »JIS TCfirete. ^dtui 

Pcrfons. , t '^t *-'. ^ a 

"' CRUZATE lkle^5«« d»lil%«:>«i 

To CRY {crier, F. fctWg^H, re 
weefr; to tnSkt Prt^cbMoliMnV' - > ' 

CRYPrriCV>QKeqravei:of dra> 
where the Primitive CbrK^^iftsink to 
Dhrine Wrfce ; lie^c|»afK(¥'W ClMrd 
Ofoond is called Ctyft^l altbafcf St: 
formerly under SttP^tPiH L. :- 
• CRYPn*ICAl3'^E«Stfitir|, L. of 
Gr,l hidden, fecret. 

^ Gr.. Writing] th^Aalof S^oret'Vi 
of Writing' in Cypher. 

CRYPTOI/OGY [of **i^« and 
Gr.1 a difcoovfiag'tr Tpeakiog in ' 
whiipering privately. 

CKYyfXL fC^NfciAr, £..of .. 
Gf.] a Tcry -h?^ and tran^arent 
which looks like 1(^> or the ckireH 


Vin^wk^fBJ lleBiaiMiiipai that re- 

Uitmim ^xf the Moi- 
ernl fef: &«i«}V4ie wi of 

tdMM. iyar4»f^ and . rcduc^ui 

iUiirf Itova [^poo^ 49rf •; 
lH%ltc«i,i^iiffQrcd by. tile AlUo-j 
^ di; Vjr oat «f wbidl cbey oi-; 
tk fiov Motion ol the i%ti^$uu,\ 
ifaa ckf wdei tbem to Qi^.we Vne' 
^l«»i m 70 Yun: ^ If ^^^^ 

I •rfttatf TicpMlatloa and Li^tiop* ^y 
"^^miiatdxhMtfhitrttoimf from 

SITAiXI'NE Ummr ^tb Oc^/ft?^] 

' ...fiBlUJZA'ftON hn'CWi/r*] 


"^AWiwU^s^MRftr, F. ) to 
■•tec Lqiior, Md ftt in a cooIIUmji 

mmiSicMfi^, whiter axvUf'HiP 


. •.' t^ • - ' '.. Ja»* 

, feSTYaidj, 4rr. . . 
. KAi«|kt^)»frthe 
hitf ttf7«^«4ifc Bvi dMi Halt- 

FMic A 

fit iMwj i* die faM^ Po««rr 

, J*«f •< II ionped b/jnultipij- 

I"* W(«»«Btlhr intK itiUf twice, «| 

«tf<be;$f«it, «ad ««>itiie 

^^ ■** UOtkRauion of My 2^i»7 
^. fcy ««f. and thco if the .JProdiiA ; 

( ^. ii tIieSi4t «r • CobfxMiim.. 


-^*W, AfntBitidc ^Fniiti brought 


jajs the Bcaia, %od dmwbg Pblegm ffom tht 

. QUfUCALl\ciiH€ux, U cfMuCtxh, Or.} 
CU'BICK 5 belonging to, or faavisg the 
ffigurcof a^Ae. c; 

(;U'3ICAL^r«r^ [ia/^ir^MM;] iaa Brtoch 

in the Axillary Artery. 

, CU'BIC At F4»t, a Meafure of folid Bodies* 
wl^u^h ar^ a Foot «v^{y way. 

,CU'£ICAUY, in Form 9f a Cube. 
. . g^'BJCK' ^fumims [in ^le^n] ai« fnch 
where the hifpeSt X'OYfV oT the Doknowo 
Quzntity is a. Cube. 

CUBJC'ULAK [cuh'cuUrtt, L.] beloo^ii^ 
to a Bed chamber. X. 

. CU'iUFORM [cuJiifirmth U} » tbe Shape 
of a Cube. L, 

I .jCU'J^I r [Cu^tft/;, L.] the Length of the 
Asm'fuj^ the.Blbow to the middk Finger | 
or, accoidiog to fome, the middle Part betwectt 
^e .Shoulder and Wcifl. 

CU'BIT, a SCTipture Meafure^ about c 
Englijb )Jftet, ^. Inc^ei> and 38S Decimal 
'?a"s, .. .^ ., 

The CU'BIT [in ^atMty'] is a long 
hard fi^sf,, whichr ite»^ in tJM Infide of the 
Aim^- le^c^g- fx^ the £U)ow to the 

CUBITi^OJS Sttitmus [^JQiOOf .^tfw/o- 

ir^i} arMufcle Terming ^q extend the Wrifb L^ 

\ CU^ITi^'US ifitiwui [with Jji0omifiil 

a Mufclc ferving to bend the^Wri^, i». '• 

3^^U'B]lTUft^' [a^//«w, 1-,] a lying 

.gU'Bd.6uB;£t!>[mKili^0rf«ls] istbe 

CU'BED.CUBEJ hzth Powerof any Niun- 
.h(f ..Of fijga^tity ) io ^4 B f Cij^ed Cube, raiied 
from the Root ^, &\t Xfait%jtD^^xi^f^ into 
%W^ , . ' • . * 

CUBOI'DES [in Anatomy} is the fcTOitk 
Bone, of the Tarfii of t^.Fqut; * , 
, .'CUClVMiQ-*/^ 2 [f.^.a Choakinf- 

DUCK'ING-5:5.7 J S»)of, bccaufe§coJda 
being thus poQifiitd, are al^<}ft choaked with 
Water ; but Dr. T- H*^ dvivcs it from Cofiutte^ 
F.'a Begg^ToWOfnan^ bocaufe fturdy Beggar- 
women were waflicd in it. The Saxotu caU 
led it Scealjan^.Svola ] a Machine former* 
ly u^ for the I'uni/hment of Scotils and. 
Brawling Women ; aifo a Puniihflnent an- 
t^ntly iofiiaed qp Brewers and Bakers, who 
tranfgreO'ed the Lawj» an$l were, in fuoh e . 
Chair or Stool, to be dHcked and immcrg- 
cd jn St<rcorc, r. c» Cowc muddy or HinJdflg . 

CUCK'OLD [Cccu, F. probably from 
Cvdviv, and i/c/i, f . i. a poor M^^ in 
yhoie Neil fome Cucfcow has laid his Eggs, 
for him to keep and bring op the yotujg- 
ooe^ one whofe Wife*t adulterous and kwd 
Pranks are (aid to have grafted Houa 00 hie 

CUCKOtDLV, like a Cuckold. 

CUCK'OO 7 [ Caec, Sax. Couecu, F. 

CUCK'OW I lfHuKurtl,r«;W.anHr...y, 



- c 

CdICi' C* Bt. VilttMa0f^9 J^tt. C^eulusi U of 
^fixjcz/f, Gr.] a Bird weUikflowiu 

CUOKQUEAIf^ aWencborWkuM: * > 

CyCVIAiArr& .#^/«i(;w [ among Bata-^ 

r//?j J as. fuoJ» as refemhle a MookU Hood of- 

CU'CUMBER [Ctfc«w«',L.] a well knowa 

' CUCU^PHA [att»ng PhyfaiduaX a Co* 
ver for the Head, made of CephaUck Spket 
powdorWj ^ed vitfiin it'0|s kRd-'wotn 
agajoil Catanhs amd' Pt&alb bf the Hoadi 

CUCUKfi'lTE [OvMT^^, E. lKKtft(9i 
Teut, a Gourd] a Cbymical VefltJi of Glafs, 
Xar^, or Mefal> oudfr iu tbe %hMl^^ of a 
Courd. vfed in PiftillatiOfU and Redificatioo*; 

CUCURBtriNI Liattbrid,\>xo^ Wowhi rfc- 
Ambling Gourd Seeds in Sbape^ that brood is 
the Entrails df Men, &£, L, 

CUCUABIT'ULA, aOupiiiflg'^kfs.' 

cue U YDS, an American Fly, irhack 
itivtuff in i^f;.^ighf fo brifkly^ thkt P^ibfts 
may fee to travel^ rtatf, and wuA by tfae-Light 
ofit. .. . 

CUD [ Ol*tv Sax, 1 eke inner Pmt of die 
Thrmt<in BeftOAi . • < 

To Chpm ^ Cro [Gteopan^ 5^^.] to^ 
chew again ka »G»r daei ^ aiio to mufe upon/ 
^othinlfe or rcfleft. 

.CVPfDY J/SHyFellavir. 

.CUD'DV, in a firft Rate Mantif War, la a. 
Place lying between the Capuin^s and the 
Lfc9|)a|Mif sCaWim^ underthePooi)^ ;aiii idU. 
vided into Partitions^ ftQjr tj^e Mafter^s and Se- 
orctary** Offices. 

CUD£ JCIpth, ft F^»cl«th for a yoiiiig 
C^ttdy^Mrliicb afltfeoitjr wai ufediat BaptiaingB^ 
and waa d>e Pri«^*5 F^ -. > 

CtrbOTEL [lllmifia^'9<»^ a. knotted 
Stkk ) a Stiek fo £g*fc.with. 

^ToCU]^Si> to Wt 'wHka Ctid^el.or 

<3UD X9I, aafdimik^ in CowvX>xe0y 
andSbeepi -fifr., ': . J S- , •. 

CUE, an //«», giren to Stage-Players, what 
erwkenttillpeak; ilUi^ftMoodo^HoIhoti^,^ 
t*f i/t wieTf C tt P t ' ' ■ ■ > 

CUERfPO, > Body. Spom, To. walk -nr 
Cuerpfi, 7. e, to go withoot a Cloak, f,iL to 
Ihew one*s Shapn.' ' ^i- . ■ M*. " 

OJETH, polleth, fc^rcetfc,'. ^. •. . K" • 

C:UI^"^JWMlf/^«w [f, e.- tofvWmm be^^ 
Df^orte] a Writ fmp^\tri4g «k.dyr'Ort:fld Wfi; 
man to recover her Lands from him to whom 
he^ Huilnnd..di(i alifeftare thchn durli^l:he' 
MabdagCa bKnofe fliecoirid not gaiofiy iL; f^r , 

CUI invito f /. r, to whom in tbe i*ife' 
of, fiil. her Hitfl^andl a Writ, of Entry fdt 
f WM«Mw upon ^^r" Lands -Jicnatci} by hV 

Pigs, ^f. for-GlBrii^ge; i.-t ^■<t^Tov--; "Llii 

Iron Jfliifeftke^ tMi, wiidklaytW^k^ 
from Neck to Waii>. as well bebiod as bd 

F. ••••.* '< ' ''V . r» ?^'i 1?? 

Caiiafl*. • . JTa I ^ . . . -.r , ., t 1 
; . CtIiyS£SrCb>»r,'7y]Ta9'AifSMMtfiM 

;ThiiJlS..< ' -T > '»■*.-' .'^1 

! GlfLAGB^ )tbe kyin? ^ «<Ship %M 
i CUiai£y'S,'bfirt\]^)Kl%toaa 
laorly flt Stone ia Sadandi fo ca0ed» 
ij^M, /rem wodfuapttK-oid^ ; { 

CVihWAJSLY^Culuarms, L.j 
jtoaKkcben." •• *•"'"; * *^t- • 

Tocuu. fcMi/ary F. of <oA;^ 

Ipkk and chdoie, to pick oot/ 

{ CULL-Fr7&, akindofFifc. . > 

CUL'LEi^ thb wHb ftrt «r>Sb 
jthofij wbti^ aie hiftirf B nookryakk^ 
hre picked out. C. 
, CUIHJOHS, th^^tdritf 0^ T< 
(beNaiseof anUerbi F^ 

CUI^UONS [anoHgiCAard^crt} 
Rooti of Hetbs^ whe^ fiosl^ {^^ 

CVUMCm Bud, m Scodce 
the/aiDeasaBafti««: ' ' ^ . ^ 

CUIi'US [Coaift, F^ ofOidmd^ U 
ing] (ic/ CbeJb^) « fttaiofet) l^KfL^^iaa 
Meat boiled, ^r. and pounded in a il 
and 4>affod tkrQpgh.a 8»«e fb ^ ^dtt^^ 
to FJefb» or FiA> or f^. bd w et l tf r bgb$ 
^TaWel . • . ',- •; \\'/aV\ 

CUL'LY [of &;A'«», ftal/ b/^EeMi 
tanfe Fools are: geoerallf^d to beiintfni 
a Fodl, a feft-lieaded Fellow, one #ljft^ 
be eafi^ led .'by 'An Nofj^; o>''^t!M 
tetcber iitliQin:o^Court)c(as or *ut Mil 
Cully. 1 ^..7g 

; Tt»CUl/i.YH9Jp/^niakea^^)fl^ 
50(0 i>p«% oriik biiti * f ; •*' f 

CUlLMv'iarSmokwnr($oWir^ '(J} - 64 

; CUL'MEN Cetli [aminkg" c/^Mfa^bn 

higheft Foiat.jikf Heavaa.t^tbiaa^^tAi'l 

ih any latitnds; > '' •» !: :-> -..^ 

I CULMPFER6US [of Ca/«ar», and/««L 

gtalk-bearioft. . » - ■ \ M ^ t ^^5v^ 

]cULMt'mc^S J>Jb^J>B«iig^4 

ii/?f] are foch as kd0e'«a taDoch-^-lJfll 

sUtalk*. ^d aftially boHow', >nd at^ebtuj 

. ^pped aboDt : xnih fin|^ * nartow^^ 

4»;p-R0tntedl«e>ses, and. (beilr^dttiiflnM 

tiinedonch^HBfts,. iu^Bario'iXOatifir^ 

Wheatpdfc.,1 V. •< .' •-•- -ml 

•To CUL^MTNATE [of Cuksee, W 

io^yS^e.l torjfift to ehrfTd^'^'''^'y^. M 

» To CUl/MOIATB' [Imod^UfMafll 

U to come to^tL-Moridia6.|^tftetv Xta M 

•&\sT is faid tauiwUULikte^ -when. it3it11i 

hjgheO: Point in the H^Avln 'that it'2^ ^jM 

for It to bcj that ij, when it jsu^n tbe|| 

'»«*««• Digitized by. GoOgL: 



k S«ib» JM«|M» teOl Parts/ 

riTRlT, a Won! of Form ufed by 

" iMHBJiad for a Criminal Mattcv^ 
Kli«te«.diff Ft^fntf't Pin, 
Tk Wori feems Co be com- 
iflv Woidijti, «w CahmMi Prh, 
iU^t£t^.mii9mi9jiih 0^ a pro* 
^ iMitft/ AKioe> affiMliag 
» ftit futtr, i^et Ar lutk pleaded 

k*liiiri«iiii^te«dli.ii to %, 

lamij to yrove tke Ptatf gtfU^« 

•famit Ifoai Oc^ la a Fatdr, 

' I akc% L. /•-r. m Criminal or 

/tfeJIeibArfe.fiMit« . 

kik bttaB «f dtt Sea where 

llAl'iON^ m 'ttttfaHAg of 
liMaicoiy BSfwr.wnri ; ibK i% 
ttivlMbfhe H fuck Hdglkti «r 
}!«(% aoisdcaQ»r«MOpen. 

ItatUior faaib«ndtiieGiOBiidj 

VATDHy tbt Act «r tilting ,or 

[CUm, UJ HaftHBdrjr, 
toHB^ yaea EihicatiMi* F, 
C£, Faint -hcartedneiif or 
[Gki||i»^ ifaBt. 3 « ]>of« or 

trMllnHimNcrmamLaw] the 
. iiHiiMflf«iKVaatf#U]idffto 

] 1 titu ti CM&ance abpat five 
iilKarnr thanater l»tht &>»» 

; tbe Ship's CttrlisBi iMofW 
. KTASL ImooL CMrpaaersl a 

kifcw»«rUiDiigS<M&; ky'U' 

I totio«bie» iDAepv<iowd» 
* *"**^i !♦ r, the Country of 
r^ , ., — «lio lemajnod tfarra a 

^ * ..• ' 

klOUlEYrMMW, L.] Wbeap 
A'TOK, a bcaVmg up. L, 


To GUN ISu Tir*JM ttMUIa tiie 
at Helm liow to ftter* ' ' t ->• * 

C\niC'fAmm, Delay/ p'roft)DtIiit of 
Time. L, ^' ., 

CUMfilVTE I'm F^rtifcMtM^^^^^ 
Treafib^ about three or Yo^']lrtethom vti^t,, 
rank aling ch^" middle of a dry Meat, 'ta 
make the Paflage more difficult to the Enemy. 

CUNEIFOR'MIA Offit [amonf^Atatnttfiif 
are three Bonea of tJw T^yfus, \rhitK ii Pare 
^ofti^Foot, i/ 

I . CUNBIFORME Ot [amoflg Anat^Jft} «: 
Booeidf the Heid» ib <alted from ju Kefdm* 
.blaace to a Wedge. L, 
! a^ifCULOUS, ftiUofCbaey-lmrrougSs* 

CUK'NER, afortofFilb> 

CVN^INO rconinjs, Sase,} eipcrt, flciU 
foV or hattai^ Skill io. ' 
I CUN'NING, Craftincfs, Ingenuity. 
\ CUm9mc -Mm, aa Aftiologer> a Fo^. - 
taoe.Tel]er. • 

CUN'NINGLY, cra«ry. ' ' 
. CUN'NINGNESS, the being crafVy, or 
. CUNT {Con, F. runaurs, I,. %attZ, Bdt^. 

. CUNTE^-Ctffff^, a Trial in Law anfwer- 
hbUtorourOrdioaryJury. / .a« £«!r^ 

CUN'TOR, a Bird in Ameriri, wifli a 
Beak (6 ftrong and fiarp, ili^ it wiit pierce anL 
Ox>-hide$ fo that two of 4hem>wiU let apon^ 
kill, and devour a Bull. 

• CV^,lQuf^$MX.f^ff^Bil£.1tfXiP9in^ 
C.Br. Cui,a, L. of K»7Ji, Org aVeUeito 
dunk out of; 

dPotib £itto T^tttDTtsi tie €n& airs m 


fPhft i» a cautibn^ty^Pravetb) applicable to . 
Ibcbi ianpiiae Peribas, tvlio^^Boa ceafidedtiy . 
4cDend UBon futmre Expe^kitidns/'bocbottght-* 
£ul of ttie fr»o^euml.Odnx\j\ztnei^i (hat^ 
itiay intervene ; it it oitfjr » VnfioA of tbe 
iaboy AfifJ)^ ciiiaiir inur cAlitut fifrema^ue 
Jtffl>rM J as that of the Greek, IttKKd /w7«^J^ 
mt^MS' itCa^iu^ ^ x*^]Vft «p«'l a« aifb tb^ 
fruich, De la Main a U bwsh* ji ^d pMtait 

CUPS [artong Sbfani/fi] are tftofe AteT 
Ruiks wherein Flowers grow 5 - foaie - of* • 
i^tm am pointed ift^} 3, 3, 4^ 5« -<ir 4.. 
i^eaves.- » . • . . r^ 

; To CUP, to apply CUpping-Clafles, 
, CUP Hhct 1 who it iik' his Cups ovcfc-^ - 
I COf' Sboten y loaded wkfa^Drink, drank. 
' : CUPID tX:yfid$,L.} Hiv'fabQldiisOod Of ' 
liov^.^ , . ^. . » 

CUPpyCTY [Cyt:dit/,r. QfCupiditatyt.y 
C ?ncupifr()nce, inoitiiiate Skfire^ CDVttouU*' 
-ai rfs, SEnfaaHly, Luft. 

. CU'PCILA [Cxi^,Ital.lanaitfbea Tower • 
x>\ a fiuiMingft io Fgrmaf a Soui tttrn'd tipfiife 

^•^f^ . D git zed by G^^^^ 

- 1(? 

CtTTBL ^ f amotig ClyrnfJIsJ, a Fuitwce 
te'PEL V made of Afiies aii<rturnt Bbnrt 
CVP'PBL J to tty sttufptirify Gold a<id SU-. 

CUFPIlW3-^Ar/J, a fort of Glafs Vial, ap- 
|4{ed to the flefliy Part of the Body, to draw 
<ttt corrupt Blood and wi^dy Matter. 

CD^ ABLE £ curabHiSi L. ] * Chat may be 

ClT'RACy 7 [of Ckr^, L. Care] the 

CXJKATZ'Jhifr J Office of a Curate. 

CtV<.ATE [Cu-utor, L.] a Parfon or Vlcar 
oft Pariili, «*o has the Charge ot ihePariA- 
ioners Soalt. 

CURA'TION [In Phyjl:'] is a right Me. 
thod-of flndlog out, by Syn. proms, proper Re- 
aiedies for any Difenf^?. L, 

CUR' ATrV E JndcAtioH [among Pbyficians] 
a Sign which has relition to the Difeafe to be 

CU'RATURE [Curatvra, L.] Care in or- 
bing or managing any thing, 

A CURB, a Part o\ a Bridle \ aifo a Swel- 
ling beneath the Elb^w of a HorfeV Hoof: 
^ To CURB [cowber, F.] to reft^un or givt 
a Check, to keep under. 

CUR'CUMAy an Indian RooC, comiiiO&ly 
called Tttrmen'ck» 

To CUR^DLE, to turn into Curds. 

CURE [Cura, LJ the heaHog of a Diflem- 

Er or Wound ; alio a Benefice or Spiritual 
ting with the Charge of Soult. 
To CUI^ [cnrare, L.] to heal. 

wn^t C2m*t U cnt'D tmOtbt nmfn. 

This is a confolatory Saying, applicable to 
Perfons under the Preflbre of fooifc inevitable 
Calamity ; and advifes to make a Virtue of 
Neceflity, and not iggravate-bot aiieviace the 
Burthen by patient bearing, according to the 
JLatio, Lewutjit Patiauid fuiefMi'd cerrigere ^ 

CURE'BULLY, Tann'd Leather. Chauc. 

CUR'FEW [Cowre.feu^V. /.^.Oovertbe 
Fir^] a Law n^ade by H^lUam the Qmptenr, 
tbat all Peifons ihoold put ont their Fire and 
JLighti at the ringing of the Eight o*CIock BeU, 
and go to Bed. 

CUR'FE W Seff, elgbt o^aock Bdf. 

CU'RIA, a Court of Judicatait ; alfo the 
Company of Tenants who did thdr Service at 
the Lord*8 Court. L, 

CU'RIA advffare Wf [Lgvf 7'crm'] a De- 
liberation intended td be taken by the Court 
tipoo a Matter, be£prc they proceed 16 pafs 

CURIA claudenda, a Writ ^vkich lies aglfaift 
a-Man, who being under Obligation Oa fenct 
his Ground, refufes, ordrfayslt* 

;CURIOS'ITy [Curiafite, F. Cunojtds, L.] 
Iiiquilitiyenefs, a bclire of kntiwi^g j over- 
inoch Care, Nicenefs ^ alfo a Rarity or Cvrioui 

. CU'RIOUS [Ctirieux, F. of atricfusy L.] 
defiroDs or inquifitive to fee of know every 
Tbiog} aeat, nice, excellent^ rare. 


q. d. lyruiafe, L. ot perhapi of ^iipm 
cyplail, SaxV] to twhrl or turn m. 

A CURL [ Rraiie, l. s. proUUf 

GyrulKS, L. ] a Twirl or %ui^ of H 


CURLINGS taffiong JhfUm] dx Ol 
fpotted Carls with which the Boxr oTaDl 
Head is powdered. 

CURMUiyGBON, a covetoQs Hdofe^ 
.pitiful, niggardly, dofe-fifled Fellow. 

CUR'NOCK, a Me^ifaieof Com, andi 
ing 4 Btfihels. 

A CORR If^oitt, Bel^. or of HM 
,7«rf. t'ft grin Ja Mongrel D5g, ^ 

, CUR'RANT Mofity [of Gmrant, F. n 
ning] good Money that in ConuncKegi 
from one to another. , 

, CURRA'NTOl a runniiif Freneb t^ 

CURRA'NT S^fo a inafical ASti 
Tiffing of trippte Time^ called bifeifiitm 
''More* * 

CUR'RAWrS [q.d. Conwfii, fromCWii 
the Place whence tbey come] a fionrt of Ml 
the Grape-kind, 

CURREI0EN, coarted, ciuricd 9M 

tUR'RENCY [of Currtns, L.] Ctttd 
neft, Courfe. 

CUR'RENT [currtm, L.] that SOig 
Is eftabliihed or received, at Catroisi 
ney. "^ 

A CUR'RENT {^Cams, U 1 a-rnd 
Stream. ] 

ant'RnK)W, aCttity-faytmrorFlilli 

CUR'RICR [Ctunfef, F. eon\ffiin, IjM 
who drefles, lienors, and coloon taflb^M 
tther, to make it gentle, &c, f 

IbCUR'RY iQUJorbm, L»] todiciFi 
ther, _^ ' 

ToCim^Ri^ sHdrft TCtrtryf.CknrtjH 
to rub down, comb and drcfs him. ^ 

TeCUailY F4mmr [proMSr oF i 
F. of ^tutrere, L.] to make Spit mm 
get iftfo or hifinuate one^s (elf tnen F* 

€%JMY-Comb, anXranTobiforai 

ToCURte [ccniftli^ fltt.] to ^ 
to. ^ 

A CURSE [Cujtf*, Sax,] aaiHlN 
alio a PuniAitanent, ^ 

CUR'SER iCgrfiri L.1 a Otmatr, ad 
prefs, a Meflenger of Hane. } 

CUR'SITfiR 1 an Officer bdoM ■ 

C^R'StTORS Chancery, •'•" 
original Writs for that Chanty qr V 
allotted him. 

CUR'SCXRILY. IBghdy, baftily. 


CURS'ORY; a littlel&er oflbA^a 
fenting the floriaon. ^ 

CnJR'SORY [Cfirfirittf L.^ ffigh^ M 
tuAUDiT^cr &fen|cimy, 



rFieittfir&r ^ crabbed^ d«£- 
ir^ Rif9ur«Eifii€ft. 

jTAii (ttmcten, Du. mcui 

™^ • iai>y SJut or Drab. 

'ffAIf pifarfj/fitfifoff J is ihe Frcni 
' i Pl*te, bcf wccn two Ei- 

t&lVA7Kift| E^hoard the Coo,^ 
*1 V*?ii J Tciof *i Sword wnlioyc j 
llffr!:'i'.tri uf Merqr) which i5 car- 
Ill^ K^l> lad QuccD* af jE^f iaii^| 

p ibarrakinf . L* 
t^m Pismet [amori ^i 
infiMtCi it a link Pan or' a. 

B ici Dtftaoce irom the Sujii, 
^Y tf E^Iaxd^ S« CcMrtejly^ 
J&im [GttmetrjfJ m Cone wtiofe 
tlJki a PuBe pifiliti to it^ -Bj/u 
^HUCE [/,*«» Ttnw J 19 I Piece ol 
MUt, Of Cudcn-Fiitt bcluiigiag io, 

i 7trrm (amoog the Fttdijii] 
t Of Lin^ propcrlj beJo^n^inig to 
l^afkuk oj 1 Lord ol a M&Di>r. 
JATION, ibendicg. X. 

>,[Ciw^tf/Krrf, LJ BcimI 
I ChN>kediie(i« 

i^r«», i«.]« curved Of 

lUm f in C*omftty ] crooked 
llMF^Urr of a Click, £% 

jm [itt G-dMirtr;] fuch 

I o^ed «od bent a tier 
rfhcd Maimer* 
{to Gttfmnpy'^ fuiJil i& 

UoMiB Of PfAAPHS *>f > 

H-ALFr/itrta {in Grc^n«'/rj^] 
i rry ci«t>kc4 jSm» i Ji liic 
■ Sfkbetinl TtAQfJe* £yf. 
tEAt 7«fw**'l and ti 
^lUKyJitor, L.J«ooktd. 

atr« Sedan 

"I "W« Wffi«3i 


CU'RY F.rM/ [perhapi f. ^ fu^trtfif 
xfo'tm^ L ] Flattery. 

CUSH1N£T iQutfintt^ F.] i lUtfc Cu- 

CLTSH ION [iRuffen, swr/. & l, s. 

Ciujtn, F.} a ibrt of PiIJow to fit or kan on« 

CUSK'IN, an Ifory Cop. 

CUSP [Cufpii, L.] the Point of a Spear, 
^£* It it purticohrly u(ed in Afirtm^my^ to. 
fxprefs the Points or Horns of the Moon. 

CUSP (in Afir^Ugy^ the firft Point of tha 
twrl?e Hoofes in a Figure or Scheme of the 

CUiP'ATED [in Botany^ it when tb« 
Leaves of a Flower end in a Point. 

To CUSPIDATE [cujfidart, L.] toihar* 
ptn ac the Point, to bring to a Point. 

CUSPIDATED Icuffidstus, L.] pointed 
like m Spear. 

A CUJi'TARD [Prob. q. Gyjfard, of^- 
Jianih, L. Taftinp, or of eTtOfiatH, C. Br. 
forma cajeari^l a Di/h of /ood made of Milk, 

CUSTO'DE admitttwdo, a Writ for admit- 
ting a Guardian. L, 

CUSTODE amownda^ a Writ for remoT- 
in^ of a Guardian. L. 

CUS'TUDY \Cuftcdia,'L,'\ Ward, or keep- 
\n^\r\ (a'e Hold, or Prifon. 

CUSTOM [Co«/»air,F.lFalhio]i, Habits 
W-»jr, Uligc, or Uie. 

CUSTOM [in law] \% a Law or Right 
not written, which being eftabliflied by long 
Ukt and the Coofentof our Ai^ceAers that 
were UUra Trifavum, i. r. beyond the third 
Crncn^ion, commonly accoontrd abcut ico 
Vrirs, is deemed as a Right in Law. 

CUSTOM [in Traffick] it a Duty paid by 
the SubjeA to the King, upon the Impartati* 
on Qr Exportation ofCommo^ciei ^ (a called, 
beciufe Tonnage and Poundage were only 
fr^ fired by Parliament for certain Yeari till 
the Tiq^ of Henry VL but then cooftantJf 
;)nti perpetually, thence called Cuf{oms> pt 
Cu'^^oinary Payments. 

Cl'STOM-HOUSE, is a Warchoufo or 
Bu:Jdiog in Sea- Port JowQs where the Kiog*t 
Cullnins are received. 

CUS'TOMABLE, which is according to 
Coiiotn,' or liable to pay Cuftom. 

CUS'TOlVlABLY, according to Cuflom or 
common Ut. 

CUS'TOMARIUY, commonly ufed. 

CUSTOMARy, accufiomed, common, 

CUSTOMARY Tttunti [in Law] ibch 
M hoy^y the Cnfbom of the Manor. 

CU^IPMAUKCE, Cuftom. aaue, 

CUSTOMER, one who buys any thlag 
ot another y a Cuftom^bonle Officer. 

CUSt^S and Services, the Name of a 
Writ of SghjCt See ConfuetudtnUfUi & Str» 


CUS'TOS, a Keeper, a Guardian. L. 
CUSTOS Brevium, the principal. Clerk 
F S belonging 


hAo0n% t^ tht Conn of the Commmi^PkM. 
L. / 

CUS'TQS JtmbruMy hjt that hath the 
keeping of the Records of the Seflions of 
Beace : He it always Joftice of the Peace, and 
of the ^gmntm in the Connty where hU Office 
h, &c. L. 

GUSTOS [ofthe%>//M/i//Vi] he that ex- 

CKiiea JurifdidiioD during a Vacancy of a See. 

GUSTOS Occu/i [among Surgetttt] an lo- 

ftrament /or pteferving the Eye irom being 

hurt in feme Opecadons. 

CUS'TREL, a Servant to a Man of Arms, 
cor a E!ciooe*s Ltfe>goard. 0. 

To CUT [of Ceuttau, a Knife, or Coufiir, 
to cut> F.J to part or fp divide with a Knife, 

To CUT a FtatherXSts Term] U when a 
well'bow'd Ship fo fwiftly preiTes the, Water, 
that it foams befbie her, and in a dark Kight 
icems to fp^rkle like Fire. 

To CUT tht Sail, u to aafurl it, and let 
it fall down. 
CUT'TIKG, dividing with a Knife, &c. 
CUT'TINGLY, fliarply, farcaflically, 
CUTXETS in Cookery [of Cotelette, F. a 
fmall Rib] /hort Ribs of a Neck of Mtitton 

CVT'PTater, the Sharpnefs of a Ship, 
irhich is under the Beak-head, which di- 
▼ides and cuts the Watenc*er tt comes to the 

CUT-7Jra*r, a Murderer, a ViHain 
A CUT-7%rM« Placo, where People are 
fxaded upon, as an Inn or Tavern. 

CUTA'NEOUS [<utMeus, L.] behmging 
to the Skin. 

CUTBERT [of Cut), knovm, and Be- 
OfiiiT, f*mous, Seui,] an Archbiibop of Can- 
Urbury, in the Beginning of ihe ^axon Mo< 

CUTB, new Wine unworked. 
CU'TICLE [Cuticula, L.] theoutrooft 
thin Skin which covers the whole Body. F, 
CUTLEa [Couteber, F.] a Maker or Sel- 
ler of Knives, Swords, £Sf r. 

CUT'TED, Brawling, ScoUing, Qaasd- 

CUrTER [of the ralUet] an Officer 
of the Exchequer, who provides Wood for 
the Tallies, and cots the Sum paid upon 

CUTTERS, the Hule Stnaks io the 
Beam of a Deer. 

CUTTING tbe Neck [aroon^ Reaftn] a 
totting the hA Handful of ftanding Corn, 
which when it is done, they give a Shoot, 
and go to Merry-making, it being the fimflx- 
iog of fttcb a Man*s Harveft. 

CUT'TINGS [with GardeMer^l Bianchet 

«r Sprigs of Trees or Pknts cut to tet again. 

CVT'TLZ-Fifi, a Sea-Ft%. S^. L. 

CUTTS. a fort of flat- bottom Boats 

formerly ofed lathe Chaonel for traniporting 


C Y 

CU'VA, a Keever, a Vcfiel hr B^ 
ing. O. 

PUVET'TE [in Fortificaiion] a Tnj 
funk in the Middle of a great drv Diccfa 
CUY'NAGE, the making np of T& 
the better Carriage of k. 

CUZ [among Friiaors] one admittad| 
a jocular Geremonj, to the Prhilegos * 
Primin^-houfe. , 

CY^CLE [CyeUit, L. of ki^^, G«^ 
a cootinoal Revolotion of Numbers, wH 
go on without any Igterniption fnm ihi^ 
CO the iaft, and then letom again tff 
erft. F. 

CYCLE [of the Sum] fs a Revolutijj 
twttiity'eigkt Yean, for finding out ckfi 
minlcal Letters, which rhen return all hj 
fame Oriier as hefofc ; the Solar Cyclci ^ 
CYCLE [of the Moom] oc Goklen tMJ 
is a Period or Revolution of ninetem t* 
invented to make the Lunar Year a 
the Solar, after the Expiration of t 
the Lunations retora to the former 1 
the Calendar, that is, the New Mo 
pen in the fame Months, and Dayti 
M»nth ; the Lunar Cycle. J 

CYCLE [of Indiaitm] a Revolotli 
fifteen Years, cftaUtflied by Coi^Umii 
Greot^ A. C. 31a. 

CYCLIS CUS [of Ki^^, Or.} 4 
ilsttmeat in Form of a Half- Moon, i4 
Surgeons to fcrapc away Rottenneft. \ 
CYGLOI'D [in Getmetry] a Fignid 
by the upper End of the Diameter c^ a fl 
turned about a right Line. J 

C YCLOI'DAL Sface^ the Space ceM 
betweea the curve or crooked Line aQ| 
Subtenfe of the Figure. 

CYCLO'METRY [of k£»X^, \ 
rpey, Gr. Meaforel the Art of 1 

CYCLOPE'AN, of. 6^. the< 
CYCLOPiEDY [Cyc/o^u, F. 
P^edia, L. of KvkKoirtuiU, of i 
Circk, and wai$/s, Difciplioe, <yK] 
Circle of Arts and Sciences;, 

CYCLOPHORrA SMgmimis, 1 
lation of the Blood. £. 

CYCLOPS, a gtgaotick Pw>pk. 
but one Eye and that in the mkUle i 
Forehead ; faid antieotly to have [ 
Ihe Ifland of Skiiyt. 

CYG'NET [of Cy^mu^ M *l| 

Siirsn. /*. •* i 

CYG'NUS, a Swan | alio a K^ 

ConfteUati^Mi. &. J 

CYL'INDBR [CylinJro, F. cM 

L. o^ KuXnif^^, Gr.} a RoHer, i)ri| 

Stone. ( 

CiYLFNOER [ill Oiametry\h «1 

formed by the Revolntioa of. a tffi 

IWatlelogram about one of lit SUet^ 

it it extended hi Length aqnaHj rooM 

itt Ends or Ei^iwiitkt ut e^ual Ch^fl 

Digitized byXjOOg I ■ CYL'UK 


tb^^ [fa ^imrfl it 
r of a Gfcat Oon, or tiiat Part 

I Cmnfn [in Gmrnury] U aU 
ibg|tb of a Piece of Oxdnaoce. 

1 Vmmt [in Ck9Mtry'\ H that 

afidbv tliat femains empty after 

Mch*^, or that Part between the 


J. [Cylindrattmt^ L. of 
^Gr.] MoDgiiig to, in Form 

taiD [tn Gevmttry^ h a fend 
( att DHycietl Bifes, paiaUel and a- 

lil(iV, Gt.l n thfe Top of any 
»hi Araay. 

If [ia Anbiteffmrtl a Mem 
f tb« eoe half U ConTet, and 

}'DES [among the Gakmft$\ an 


L[Cp*a&0»L. Ku/uCaXo? , Or.] 

^{CjmUEptt, L. of Kv/u- 
|^]flftthit pi<ya on a Cymbal. 

lASTHRO'PY {oimv^ a Dog, and 

"^iMiB, Gr.] Madneft canfed by 

iDof, wbcreio the Patient aToids 

|*t Water \ or a particolar kind of 

^^i *hm Men fcncy themfelves 

ihtt Dop, and imhaffe their Ac- 

\ [CfwgttieMt L. of Kv- 
l^.]Bbolmrhkh treat of Hooting. 
Wit lOr^fM, F. Cynicnt, L. of 
trl'Wd, chorlift. 

"''Y, dc^iy, chnilHhly. 

l[Cyflict, L« ofKvPtnot, Gr.] 
Vnttfittn, fif# inlKtoted by Ah' 
ry*"ICyiBcicj, frimi Kwc « Dog, 
P" t^ owTift and chorKdi Eeha- 

jhtnidClog. Diofctrfdts, 
WOITES [uf jtM.f , Or. a Dog, 
^^^^iS[tmon% Altar •mifit'] the 

^<1b tbe Ihtlc Skin of the Yard 

' Gr, 

■{^i P.] a OtaflT^ Sprig, or Soe- 

XTf [mmotfUt of KMfv, <7p«. 

(• »* »r<ia. Appetite; 6r. J a 
J^^pemtf like a Dog. 
WA fymfkrt, F. «o»^iff*,C7r.] 
,Haa of the Leffer Bear, or the 
S!^*eTaarfii. L. 

Tfuohg Angt^Mt] t%c 
S^iMfag of the Vertebras 
•J«*i the bark PJifti. 
»|eif^, U] »T»ei 

r) A 

CYlP'Rl AN [C|f/rraff»i,L.] a proper Name 
of Men. 

CY'PRirS, a Roft. 0. £. 

CYR'TOMA [«^pr«/tca, Gr.]aTafflOoir 
in any Part of the Body. 

CY'RlCkSCEAT, a Tribote or Duty an^ 
tientiy paid to the Chorch. Sux, 

CYS'TEPATICK Duff [in Anatomy'] h . 
that Da^ whkh is implanted in the Hepatick 
D«a and the Gall Bladder. Gr, 

CYS'TICiC Cemdli [in Anatomy] tw& 
very Cnall B^anchei of the C«Hack Ariery 
difprrfed throogb the Gall-BJaddcr. 

CYS TICK V^n [in Anatomy] a Branch 
of the K<ft« Pdff^r, which grows up to the 
Neek of the Gall- Bladder. 

CYS'TICKS [of «i5oc. Or. the Bb*- 
der] Medicines agunft Diftempers !n fhe 

CYSTOt'OMV [oMn? and ro/ua, Gr.] 
the cutting of the Bladder for the Stone. 

CY'TEZINS, Citieens. Cfctfaf. 

CZAR ft), d. Ofar] theTith of the ttdr 
peror of BAuJktvy and Ruffia^ 

D A 

DIs a Nuimrieal Letter, and in the 
J Titles of Books, Infcriptions, &r. 
denotes 500. 

D, is alfo freqoently fet after an Aothor's 
Name, to denote DoAor $ as D. T. B^iior 
Tbeolagi^, i. e, DoAor of Divinity, M. £^. 
MdJietn^ Dcffor, i. e, Do^r of Phyiicic. 

D. D. D. fometlmes Bgnifies tbefe thrdb 
Words, Dat, Dicat, Dtditat. L. 

DA [m Mnfiek Booh] ftgntfies^r or^y. 

D. C. an Abbreriatton of DA CAPO 
[in Blupck Booki] are Words commonly 
met with at the End of Rfondeaus, or ^ch 
Airs or Tones as end with the firft Pa^, 
and fignifies at the Hfad, or at the Begin- 
n^'opt 'i^^j 'nd intimates, that the Son^ 
or Air moft be begun again; and ended with 
the firft Part. 

DAB, a Sea-fiA, of the flat Kind. 

DAB, a Slap on the Face, Box on thb 
Ear, &<* al^ a dirty Clout. 

To DAB [Jm^, F.] to flap or ftxike. 

DABCft/r*, a Water FrWi. 

To DABBLE [Ha^helf, Beljr.] tofplaft^ 
to ftir about in the Water and Dirt. 

DABU^ZE, a Weapon m the Nature of a 
Mace, cafrieij before the Grand Seignior. 

DACE, a fmall River Fiih. 

To DACK'ER [HCClere, Be/i^,} towif 
ver, to fl agger or totter. L/irr. 

DACRYOI'DES [of Aiicfifc, Gr. a Tear] 
a kind of weeping Ufcer. 

DACRYOPOE'OS [of Aixfoa Tear, aa« 
«v/iaf, Or. to make] Things which excite 
TcaN by rbefr Aerittoay, at Onions, Horle* 
Radiib, or the like. 

DAC'TYLE [Daffyhi, t. of A^'7vX#', 
Gr.l a DadyL a Foot or Meaiare in a Latm 

•* Ff» Verfe, 


V«f«, coofiAtng of one Jong SjlfaUe, and 
two fliort, at domjinus. Gr, 

DACTYL'OGY [of li^vX^^, » Finger, 
«nd hiy^. Speech, /?r.J a diicourfing by 
Signs made with the Fingers. 
^ DACTYJLON'OMy [of t&*%\<^, and 
Vc(xU^ cf Ne,uO', Law, C?r.J the Art oi 
HJuniberiof: on the Fingers* 

DAD l^ati, C. Br. Dadda, Ital.] a 
Name whereby young Ghildren call thdr Fa- 

DAD'DOCK {q,d. dead Oak] the Heart 
or Body of a Tree thoroughly roiten. C. 

Di^PO [in ^nhittaurt] is ufed by fome 
Writers for the Dyt, which is the Part in 
the Middle of the Pedeflal of the Colomn, 
betwixt its Ba(e and Cornice, 

D^'MON [Aaifxmf, Gr.] a Spirit either 
good or bad, 

DiE'MOl^iES [amon^ imwPiyJicalfrri- 
iert) fuch Diftempcrs as cannot be aflVgn'd to 
a natural Caufp, and forpofed to prrcfed from 
the influence or PoflV iTion of the Devil. 

DAFF, a Dafiard or Coward. 0. 

To DAFF, to daunt. C. To baffle, to 
^nror, to cheat. O. 

DAFFISHLY, daflardly, cx>ward1y. 

A DAF'FOCK, a Dawlcin; C, 

PAF'FODIL [yf/fihdehs, L. of Gr.] a 
f\owrr commonly called D.iffy-downdilly. 

DAFT, Aupid, blockifli, d«unttd. C, 

DAG, a Uather Latchct | alfo a Hand- 
jDun. 0, Alfo Dew upon the Grafs. 

To DAG Sbeeff [probably of 'dij^ Sax,'] 
to rut off the Skirts of the Fleece. 

DAG-Lof*j, the Wool fo cut off". 

DAGCEB. (Dagcer f. Daw, nacce, 

'^'t'] a Weapon well known. 

DAGGER-Ft?', a fort of Sea-Fifli. 

PAG'G ES, Utcheu or Slips of Leather ; 
|he Skins of a Fleere cut oflf. Cbaae, 

To DAG/GLE [^ajan, Sw ] to dawb 
the Skirts of one's Cloaths with Dirt. 

DA GON [JUT// i.c, the God of Corn] 
pn Idol of the Pbi/iflneu 

DA^GON [of UaCfle, 0. or llogn, C. Br.] 
|i Piece, a Rrmnant. Cbaug, 

DAG-Stoaitt, a rough coarfc Mantle. 
^DAIL [vVm Term] a Trough in which the 
Water uios from the Pump Dver the Decks. 

DAILY (Saa!«^, 7«/.J every Day, 
^ch Djy. 

To DAIN [diigMfr, F.] to Touchfafe, to 

DAIN'TIES, Delicadea, NJcttiei,' Tid- 

DAIN'TILY, delicately, niajy. 

PAIN TINESS, Delttatereff, Nieetv. 

DAIN TY [Dain, O. F.J curious, deli- 
|»te. fin«, njce, 

pAPRV [pf Dtrriirf^ F. y. d. a Houfe 
^ckwards] a PJa<^ wheie Milk and Milk- 
pleats are made and kept. 

PAIR [Dai^t, F.] a Canopy. 

pAlSr, iFioypr. M/i/L. 


DA'KLIR, • Nnmber of ten HUsj 
Laji i% of twenty. 

DA'KER He», a Fowl. 

DAL [in Mu/ick Book$] fignifiat^i 

DALE [in Halt Dam and t. S. ^ 
Teue.] a little Valiey } a Bottoin betwec 

V>AU'Pran [of Dal. L. S. and Pt 
L. J narrow Slip$ of Paft ure- Ground. C, 

DAL LIANCE, Toying, Waoioniri 

in Frattte] a Suroanoe. 

DALXOPS, Patches or.Comera of 
or Weed among Corn. C* - i 

To DAL'LY [probably af lloITfll«J 
to play the Fool] to toy with ; to be i 
wanton Tiicksj to delay or trifle. ; 


DALMA'TICK, a certain VeAmiii 
By Deacons in the Church of Rmti 1 

DAM [probably of Dame, F. MUM 
Ferasle Beai^ which briogs forth Yom 

To DAM[*^emman, Sajt, HamulS 
Hainnit 7>«/.] to fl^op ©r /but ap^^cJI 

DAM [Ham.^ajf. DammtTeitf.] aJ 
gate or Stoppage in a River. i 

DA'MAG^D<mmagi, F.of D^wJ 
Hurt. Lofs, Prrjodice. ; 

DAM'ASCUS[t:^30Tiy.J the cbkl 
of Syria, from whence come the Pha^ 
calt Oamajk. Prumn, 

DAMASK [Damsffwim, F. foe^ 
Damafiui in Syria] fine Silk, Lined 
wroug ht into Flowers and Fi^om. 3 

PAM ASK Roft [4l.fadamakiw^i 
a Rofeof a pale Colour. I 

To DAM'ASK f^-w/yarwr, F.l i 
gnre Silk, Linen, &e, with Fiowesd 
draw rode Draughts on waffre Paper. 1 

To DAM'ASK fTint, to warm ic»| 

in order to take oflF the £dge of thai 

and to make it mantle. \ 

DAMBER, aRafcaJ. C. t 

DaKiE [Dame. F. ] a L*!y; « 
Country People, M iftreft, Good v. •! 

DAME Simcne [in Cooktry] ^ jhq^ 
War »>f farcing Cabbage-Utticc F^ I 

D A M ES f^oktt, a Plant. 

PAMISEL'LA [DamJjeiU, F 1 al 
Damfel, a Lady of Pleafure, a Mila. { 

DAM'MAGE CArr, a Duty paidM 
to Prothonotarfes and their Clerks, j^ 
DA M'AGE Feafatft [in Ca9<m Lavji 
a StraJHter*s Beafts feed aod fpoil 'm\ 
Mens Gronods without Leave. L. 9> 
To PAMN [Jamner, F.of dWafaora^j 
condjemn or judge to Hell j to cuk, % 

DAMNABLE [damaaiMiis, L.] dd 
tuj^pickeB F, 

WAM'NABLY, deani£Hvdy, wkU 
DAMNA TA 7(rr«[amoagGfryi^ 
Mafs remaining in the Retort, afeer tllj 
mUatiflp i the Caput Mattwm. i 

' pamu 


MTIDN, tbc Pttttmat of the 

bMTKIFY [JgtmJUtrt, L.] to do 
■ft^ M baft, to pre}ddke. 

bVodij alibi Vapmr which i- 

K tonv or iDcnft* 

r 7 [fo cdM of the River 

RT) />«r, or J>a9*n, and 

— l(i)«m/tf/«, F.] a yoong M«- 

r7[Z)m«>.r, F. q. d. J»ro- 
Hj»na Dmmmfetnmrn^ of Da- 
|iii^]aib(t of Fbmib like a Da- 

^iDtoarllafter. ^/ck. 
|(p A, I. r. JodgoMDc] one of Jtf* 

ejtjen, 9«f^ Jj»/«r, F.] 
according to oompofied 

rpspr. lulmigerlmnce/ 

*m a MtJUfHm uptm the Mr- 

i mpttt^i ytmftn of too many 

Itrf a illo a food Memento of Pf»- 

■iM% tliat i/bsfirtme will have 

ir*F:iBrii; for mrgrstejw/ tLn6 mer* 

^^thf^MJ^ tbef hove had twenty 

k ^tt tbrm fermrrly, will ^ance 

rioi vb9e the Ma/f^A of this Pro. 

ilktB fcr ther l^a j nor badge 

I tfccy have Money to pay 

r eoPtiaved Services ; Dtrmfrr 

Jww rn'otUf fiy the Latins j and 

n nioip.Kfyn-i no ncD 

% Stfiatt. C 

rTEMia Heraldry^ is when 
5 ^« Oat-fine of any Bor- 

_^ OIJ (DofT ^ I.W*, F. i. r. 
*J»*J IB Herb. 

f fitP^AT fpffhapa of iMTnten, to 
**^.»< llttftt Dw. » Trifle j or of 
■^iFwI^of ^M^wr, F. to play the 
Nvtii fcoe w^H have it, from daagie, 
^f^t fir, F. y. ^. ooe fit to be 
■U<aBiby]a Dwarf or liltie FeJIow 4 
>*!< Cria flad.' liy Knc Hmry VII. 

Ntt fcoiie cr make much of. 
JWIFF 7 [ of 'ban • Scab, and 
*WWFF S 'bnop, 5oir. dJrtyla Seorf 
ra,aPeppkaf iDmawf^^ 
2*Gitf7 a Tax of 1 1. and afterwardi 
■••^Jrfii. for every Hide of 
\^ Ma, ioipDitd opon our Sawn 

D A 

th«o 34,000 /. then 44»ooo /. and afte^ardi 
48,000 /. 

DANE Logt, the Laws which were in 
force in England duriilt; the Time of the Da* 
nip Government. 

D/lNE-ITtfrr, the Plant Dwarf- EJdeHi 
Ebulus, L. 

DAN'GER {Danger, F.] Hazard^ Jeo« 

This Proverb intimate*, that ImkShki^ 
are ^fe under the Contempt of the Worlds for 
that their Jnfignijlcanty lecsrei them againil 
all jfpprebenjion. Danger, and VioUnct^ fat 
whattoever it defpieahU, uJeJefi, and good for 
nothtflg, is fafe onder t^ Security of this old 
SayiAjt, to all Intcnta and Pnrpoles j for Ret9 
nan lenditnr mi/vie, fay (he Latins. But the 
Adage n commonly apply^d by the common 
People opon afny Providential DeHveraocey 
making a Banter of Cod't Mercy, and laof h* 
iog at their own and others Prcfervation or 
Security udder the Prote^on of Heaven, and 
frequently with this .profane Addition, J/^ 
had Seen good for any things te bad broke bit 
Neck, hem drenvned, See, at if Impiety were 
the only Prcfrrvarion a^ainft Cafuafties, 

DAN'GER [Forefl Law] a Duty paid to 
the Ix>rd, for Liberty to ploi^r and tew in 
the Time of Maft- feeding. 

DAN'GEROUS [dangereux,F.'\ Hatai^ 
does, foil of Daneer. 

DAN'GEROUSLY, hazardouHy. 

DAN'GEROUSNESS, Haaardoofneft. 

To DAN'CLE [q. d. Hangie] to hang of 
fwing to and fro* 

DANGWAL'l.£T,abondaptly,excafflte- , 
ly, pierti?ol!y. O. 

DAK'UEL {Vn If' ». «. the Jodg^of 
God] tKe Name rf a Prophet. 

D:^.NK (the Traf. tuncleitt figolfiea to 
dip] fomewhat moift or wet, damp. 0, Raw« 

DANK'ISH, fomewhat dank or moift* 

DAN'KA^CHT [/. e. do naught, or- 
noogbtl a good-for-nothing or idle Perfon* 
Tori/b. y *> 

DANTOKED, tamed. 

DANU'BE [if taken from tbe Latin D/t' 
nuhinty at Ovid calls it ; Ceirre Danuhius p 
tihi, NtU^ negat, which the Romanaviight 
take from the Tent, Dannm. Fir- Tree*, 
which aie planted along its Banks] a Amoui 
River. ronnuig near I'joo Miles from the* 
Euxine Sea throORh Germany. • 

DAPATJCAL [ dap^ftice, L. ] fomp* 


DAP'IFER, a Steward at a Feaft \ alio 
the Head PailiQ* of a Manor. 0, 

DAP'IFER Regis, the Steward of th« 
Ktog*a Hooihold. O.L. 

DAPING, a Way ef angling opon the 
Top of the Water. 

DAP'PER [Oapper» l. s, ^apflfert 

7tut, fi if« • Man ef a fmz)\ Sta«sie, yet 


D A 

Afaalfe MdcBongiMi] Jov ^StHun, deter, 
neat, Tprace, light. 

' DAPPLB rApfle» f. 4I. Mi of «9eri 
Sp6tt> like a Pippin] 1 C»loar peosliar f 
Horfer, at 1 dapple Crtf if a light Giey 
Aaaed with a dteper ; a ^pptc Baj, a light 
B«f fpottcd with a deeper. 

DAR 7 a FUh ftnmd comiMiily io the 

DART i River Severa, 

DARAPTTI, an artiSdal WoN, eiprefling 
Cbe lirft Moodaf the third Figuicla Logkk, 
whcK the two PtfopofitiMt aic vaiverfiil Af- 
flrmativet, and the laft a partfoalar Aftriba- 

DAR^Y fDeofihr, Sax, c|. d. D^r^fnit- 
4y, frapt the Rittr Demem j it it alfii cal- 
M Hop;8pofis7» f. d, Nonh-Farm) the 
Caojity-Totm of D^iyjbirt, 9! Milei K.W. 
airoB LtiuuMa 

To DARE [>9eapjun, 5*jp. 1lifrfto» 
f2%Mr] to haiard or venture I affo to chal- 
ieofe or provoke. 

DARE, Harm or Pain, aa, It dm mi H0 
Dan, i, e, mo Harmi C. It dans wm, ic ptiai 
aic. BffiM, 

DA' KICK, an ancient Coin, In Valtit %t, 

DA'RING, bold, adventoroot. 

DA'RINGLY, boldly, adventaroaflV. 
. DA^RIKGNESS, BoldneTs. 

DARlNGG/c/i, a Device for catching 

DARK ["teoric, Sate, of *Al^ailr, Or. 
Ci/1 withoQt Light, obfcuro, myfiericu*. 

0ARK 7m, a Boa wirh Opcick-Oiaflet, 
i» nkea Profpcd of a Bulking, f^t. 

To DARK' EN, to make dark ar oblcoK. 


DARK'N£>S, Obicuritf. 

DARK'MaNS, N.ght. CMt. 

DARK'SOM, dark. 

DAR'LING [^beDjifms, Sax. f, d, Dtar- 
img} a Moved Child, a Favourite. 

DARNEL, the Weed Cockle. 

DAR'NIX, afortof StoflF. 

DAR'RAIGN 7 to attempt, tochallcnge, 

DAR'REIGN 5 Cbaae. To prepare to 
fight. Sfwk. 

DAR' REIGN, an Attempt. 0. 

DAR'JlEIGNrof2>«w«',F.]lalt. L.T. 
. DAR'REION i»nHmtatiet, is when, after 
fbc Continuance of the Plea, the Defendant 
pleada a new Matter. 

DAR'REIN Pnfintmtnt, a Writagaioft a 
Stranftr, who prderreth to a Church, the 
Advowfoo whcpeof b^loagt to anotiier. 

DAR'SIS l^AfTtc, Gr.] an EnikeratMn 
of the Skin. 

To DART [dardir, P.] to iboot or throar. 

A DART [Dsrd, F. tMt C. Br.] an 

DAR'TEY, a fcabby DircaTein Sheep. 

DART'FORD [f. d. the Ford of tfaeRi- 
^cr Darta] a Town in JCmr, 14 MilBiB«S«£. 
from LtMoaiu 
^ DART'INOi ftoaclag or throwloii 

D A 

DART'lKOLYi fikd • DM. 

DAR'TON>[Aitp7ir, Or. 1 ^1^ 

DAR'TUS Iwfaicji kmnedMil^ 
the Teftidet. 

To DA6H [fnMiy of Z)tt0ft» 1 
Blow or Stroke, or of ttfn '• Bi 
threibcd j to cue or ftrike. 

To DASH rperhJpt fioA> Gmfcht^^ 
befpaiter with Dirt ; or of Oailr* a«i 
at before] ta wet by daihing. 

To DA6H [of DoMstk, wUd 
S>tlB&ICnt Do. ID he gitatlf aftalt-] 
>pe|:, Omm. ablo to finr aothfeg far M 
to put out of Countenance, to serrilir* 

DAS'TARD l9fmp, Sax, AMM 
9erB, Da. Nac«e, f. d, tiiaomM I 
tun] a Coward orlamc^hcartad FcliM 

DA'TA [hi Mathematieh } ^ 
Things or Quntitiet at an f«p|»»Mt 
given or known, in order tbcrahgr t# 4 
Things or Qoantitiei which are a*! 
and Ibught for. * 

DA^TARY, the chkf Oficor | 
Chancery of Rome, through wlmfii] 
moft vacant Baodicea pafi. J 

/ DATE [fl^f J^itfaai, L.] ibeWrftfMj 
eipreflb the Day of the Mamli mS 
when anf Wtitiog, Goui, Vc. wmm an 

To DATB [daur, F. dgtam, UJ 
fuch a Dato to. 

DATES [Bmaylmt, L] the Ftwfc 4 

DATIVE [Dtffrtat, 1^1 diat m 
f hrea or dtfpoied of at PIcaiiMv. Om 4j 

DA'TIVB G^ fin Ohn—iarl cM 
of the fix Calet ufed m AaioDa uT gi«i 

DAUBB' [in CM«fry1 a partfeufar t 
dreAng a Leg of Veal, &f. F. 

DAUGH'TER[^ob«o|i,$««. ^M 
T«r. arid L. S. Btatft, ^*a. J a JR 
Child. i 

DA' VID [T'n ^. '. '. BrIowHS, 
Trur.] a King of Ifr^l, &t, 

St DAVID*! Day^ the Firll of Jl 
kept id Honour of St Da^fid BUhop 4 
ntvy in IKa/ra , ac which TitDe tft* i 
Men wear Leeks in their Hats, Ia CM 
moration of a finguiar ViAory ebcM 
them, under the CondoA of St />«wtd{ 
the5«jv»af; they, fay hitDiredMHi, • 
ing Leeks, as a Mark of DiftibAiaQ m 

DAVrD*«-5f<;^ an InBramcot jgm 
of m NavigatioQ. 

D AVIDr- ^asdrsMt, Is the cdmtBMI 
.Quadrant u fed at Sea, to take the Sub^ 
ridian Altitude. 

DA' VIT [Sta Tim] a Ihort Piece ^ 
ber mHaS on board a Ship, to JuOe « 
Fkiokof an Anchor, and laBvi k to A 
of the SMp. 

DAUN'GERE, a Tra^p. O. 

DAUN'G£ROI/S, coy, ffiariafb 4 

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^Xmt [iM», F. cidrntrt, U to 
i|niirisiut9, to pot ooc of Heart. 

rUS^ ■odiiiiitc4. 

I j* jlib the Titk of the Frmcb 
ISO. F. 

IM riratehh^ 01 ItttDCllv 7<«f 

^«,» jrvrr i£rtv«tf If «/}er, i.e. 
ttt| difdlcdity or eojoy*d. 

{ti tbife, as l««B/^ daa mtr 

n, L c bo ntitber die* 

^ ai'i wMr dhv* u c. be will oe- 

l£ AUitoawakca. C 

Ml [dakr, F.] to be^Dcar, to 


HVCQ57a dirtr, (Utternly Wo- 

( [FobaUf ^terstUt ^tf'>] to 

> ijbi, at tbe D^y docs. 

I^ te. la6». Do. 1M, 

Kif Tbne vbich ia vaiioofly 

liifttf DAT, k the Space of 
*i4i Soa^i nfing to SuQ-fettiog, 
■•ilHU Ntght, which is the 
K Su is ander the Horizon, and 
(Wfal but joft nj^er 'the £ 

DAY, b the Sptoe of 
I Vmttf whkh the Sun takes op 
r^aitke Earth, or the Earth 
h^ Aadthe XatttrMJ Day , bc- 
V^ ar ICddsQt, is eqoal j bot 
itt a iccpBOtrd from San xifiag or 
bMi|aiL The Natursi Day b 

k 6»' DAY diflRen Irom the Natu- 
\k'n lepBoing, which is Tarioos, 
» tbe Cotom of Naooni : The 
> bspa to account their Day 
B^i tbc 7'*^' >^ Atbemant 
[ftb^daf, ai do the Itmlitai to chit 

' frlcv&v/i] b ofcd fi>metiipet 
Ar «f Appearance in Court, and 
ivtbe Rttom of Writa. 
• imk^ ait Dayt let down bj 
Onkt of Court, when Writs fhall 
^ «r vfaea iLc Puty ihalk ap^ar 

. ^niitfTcd. 

wr, Jean^ [in ScriftMri\ it 33 

[*^ 171 Ptai, tod 4 Feet. 

"M DAY'i Jtartty [in Seriftmn] 

^ ^ I Fbwcr which Ufls but one 

ti Mm, an Arbitrator, Judge, or 
*{ 1 Me6itv* 
fff, • Net for taking Larkt, Mar 

^•luad«rglbtsrfa«$foiiei fotud 

^i>MD9*gh baked. 

D A 

DA'ZED Aftff, paikd in the RoaiUngVf 

a flack Fire. 

A Da zed Ltfk, loch as Peribna h^vt 

when iPihttd. 

l*s r.^ ZED, I zm Tciy cold C. 

To DAZZLE [lUizftlr, 5«/j?0 to hwt 
the Sfghr with too much Ufhc. 

DAZ ZUNG, hurting the Sight by ira 

DAZ'ZLINCLY, in a daisting man* 

DEA'CON TDidtre, F. Distmus, U 
of AiMMV^, of ^kwovsor, to nuAM^er to, 
or ferve, Crr.] 1. r. a Mmiftcr or Servar.t* 
one whofe Office it is. in the Church, to 
affift the Prirft in Divine ScrTice, to help 
him in the Diftribution of ihe H.^iy Sa* 
crameot, re inftroft the Youih iu ihe Ca* 
techifm, &c. 

DEACONESSES [in the Pn»iiivt 
Cbmrcb] Women of Probity, who were cho- 
fen to afiift thofis of their own Scz in Reii* 
gioos Concerns. 

DEAD ['oea'b, Sax, HooUt ^* S, and 
Belg. Don I Dtfff.J without llife. 

DE AD-Af<ni.JE>r [ma £^i>] littfe Blockt 
or Pulleys with many Holes, but no SbiTcrt^ 
wherein run the Lannieis. 

DEAD-A'r*T/> [S*a Term] a low Tide. 

DEAD-iViefrilr, the Herb ArcbangeL LiH 
hinm alhmm, L. * 

DEAD-P&4e^, a Mortgage, a pawotqi 
Things tor ever, if the Money be not paid 
at the Time agroed on. 

DZADRtcksnif^ [in NavigMticu] tha^ 
Eftimation, Judgment, or Conje^ure, which 
the Seamen make of the Place when the' 
Ship it, by keeping an Account of her Way, 
and by knowing the CourJe they hate fteaKd 
by the Compafs. 

DEAD-i2/,% [5m 7«r»] ii that Part oC 
the Ship that lies aft, between her Keel andf 
her Fioir- Timber*. 

D £ AD- Ropes Uxxz Shif] Ropes which d^ 
not run in any t lock or Pulley. 

DEAD-7o/»r. a Dilcafe in Trees. 

DZAD'fTater, [Sea Term] the Eddy W*^ 
ter juft behind the Stern of a Ship. 

DEA DLY, occafioning Death. 

DEADLY Feud [L«w Term] an unap- 
pealable Hatred, that proceeds fo hr u to 
feek Revenge even by the D<ath of the Ad- 

DEADS fin Tin-Mines] are fuch Parceig 
of common Earth, lying above the Shelfs, u 
ufually contain the Sho«J- 

DEAF [•^eap, Sax. t?00f, Befg. tmi^ 
Twr.] not having the Scute uf Hcariogft 

To DEAF EN, to make dcai. 

DEAFISH, fomewhat deaf. 

DEAF LY. like a deaf Perfiin. 

DEAF'NESS, the bang Dcat 

DEAFOR'ESTED, made free from thf 
Foreft-Law, or discharged from being a 

D E 

BEAFELY, lonely, folitary^ far from 
Kdgbbours. C. 

DEAL [of SDoK» C. Br. a Dale or Plain 
lying next the Sea J a Town m Kent ovtr a- 
gainft the Duvont, roemorable for the firfb 
Arrival of Juliut Coffar, and a Fight there. 
To DEAL I'&aeUii, to divide, Sax. DeCUlI, 
L. S.J to trade ; tu divide or proportion out* 

A DEAL [of t>ael, Sax, Ijetl, L. S.] a 
Portion, a Part, as a ^rcat Deal. 
A DEAL-^wri [^iele, ^Ttftfr.] 
To DEAL'S ATE [dtal^are^ L.} to whi- 

DEALBA'TION, the whitening any 
thing. L. 

DEAMSULA'TION, a walking abroad 
or about ; according to Hipjxtcratet, Inquie- 
tude of Mind. L. 

DEAN IDdjen, F. D^ranvf, L.] a digni- 
fied Clergyman; who has Power Ovcc ten or 
ttore Canons. 

DEAN and Ctj^ter, a Spiritual Body 
Corporate, conlifliog of many able Pcrfons, 
as the Dean and his Prebendaries. 

itirra/ DEAN, a Curate appointed by the 
Blihop apd Archdeacon tu have Jurifdidion 
over other Miniders and Parishes adjoining to 
Ilk own. 

DEAN'RV, the Jurifdiaion of a Dean. 
DEAN'SHIP, the Office or Dignity of 

DEANS J^ffle, a Ftuit much efieemed in 

DEAN Pear, the Michael Pear, 
DEAR [of •oeop'Dyiwn, Sax. Xmtty L. S. 
t^XXly ^^* to account dear to hioifc.f J va- 
loabie, predous, coAiog a great deal. 
DEARLY, precioufly, very much. 
DEARNESS, Prccioufnefs, CoftMnefi. 
DEAR LING, a Djrlini. Spenc. 
DEARTH' [of t)eoji, 5«f. dear] great 
Scarcity, or Want of Provifions, or VifluaU. 
DEARY, little. C. 

DEATH ['©ea«,^*.^|)CUrUIlC,^'"«'0 
Ihe Separation of Soul and Uody, a toul Scop- 
tt^ of the Circulation of the blood. 

DEATH /Tarfjb [2;)ooTl, L. S. and Btlg. 
4^0tlt> 'reut.'\ a liuie lnfe<lt which makes a 
Woife like a Watch. ' 

DEAURA'TION, a gilding or laying 
erer with Gold. L, 

To DEBA'R [probably of deharrer, F.] 
to fliut out, to keep from, to hinder. 

To DEBA'KK [dehar^utr, F.] to dlfem- 

To DEBA'SE [iebaifer^T, dibajjare, ItaL] 
to bring down, 'to humble^ to diiparage> to 
teunterfeit Coin. 

To DEBA'TE [dehatre^ F.] to difpute. 
DEBA TE [dtbat^Y* dibatto, ltal.j Dif- 
nate, Qaarrel, Strife. 

To DEBAUCH' Idebaueber, F.] <o cor 
nipt one's Manners^ to marr or fpoil ; alfo to 
iedoce and vitiate a Woman. 

A DEBAUCH' [Debauch/, F.] a riotoui 
Baii^ugtCtog and AcTcUiog* . 

i) E 

DEBAUCH'ERY [D«^4i«fc, F.] 
der, Incontinency, Revelling, Licentioi 

To DEBELXATE [ dtbtUart, U 
vanqjtfh, to bring under by War. 

DEBELLA TION, an overcoming 
bringing under by War. L. 

D£ bene ejfe [Law Phra/e] u ti» 
thing de betu (Jfe, i. e. *iu allow or accr| 
fur the prefenc, till the Matter fliaU g 
be more fully debated. L, 

DEB ENHAM [of the River Oak 
Ham a Town] a Town in S^jgolk, 6t 
N. E. by N. from London, 
DEB'ENTUR 7 a BUI drawn na 
DEBEN'TUReJ Publick, <cr xh 
mcnt of any Seaman's or LandSuldJa 
rear* to the Creditor. 

DEBEN'TUKE [inTrtf^**] ii 
lowaocc pf Cuftom paid Inwtfd, 
Merchant draws back upun the Expc 
of thofe Goods which were befuie ima 
debentures/ are Bills uiad 
Exchequer, and alfo at Court, and ^ 
the King's Houihold Servaau, for " 
ment of their Salaries, &c, 

DE'BET, [he owetb, X.] a Ten 
to that which remains unpaid, a/tc 
count is ftated. 

DE BET &f»let, a Writ of Ri^hti 
Mao fue (or any thing, which is now 
and h4th been enjoyed by himlclf i 
Ancefiors before him. L, 

To.DEBlL'ITATE [debiliter^Y, 

tare, L.1 to weaken, to make feeb~ 

DEBILITA TION, a Weakenii 

DEBIL'ITY [Dcbilit/,¥. ufOabtk 

FcebleneG, infirmity, Weakneis. 

DEIUL'ITIES [^rt^ftn^-^ ai 
Affections of the Planets, by which 
weakened, and their lafiuences 

DEBITO, a W/it where a Man 
other a Sum of Money for Oooda 
DEBOIST' [of dtbaucbe\ f .] 
lewd, riotous. 

DECONNAIR', courteoos, afFab 
briflc, or a fprit:htiy Air. f\ 

DEE0NNA1R4TY iDeb^anaiwi 
being Dcbxiinair. 

DEB ORaH [n-lUT H. I. €. 
DEBOYST 7 debauched, lewd. 
DEBOSHEE[j<a Debaucbe, F.} a 
ed diiTclute Fellow. 

DEBRUl'SED [inH<r«/i/rjf ]is wb 
is boine upon any Beaft in an Elcotcb 
then they fay, The Baafi it dtbruij 

DEBT [Debte, F. of Vebhum^ U' 
is due from one Man to another. 

DEBT [in Ltfw] la a Writ w 
upon Default of Pajiuent of a Sam o 

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DE ' 

ITGI [D»htgr, F. of Debitor^ L.J 
ilR's^iebvd to another. 
iDECACl\MlNAT£^ to take off the 

\kli [iuaJi. Gr.] the Number of 
1^ « tk Qnddn if Livy. 

ADESCY [Dftadaice^ F. Deciden- 

jifaliifsdovn, Decay y Rain. 
"0N'(Of«^c«, F. Aix<t/«T9c. of 

i»ii<}k>ui a Corner » Cr.J in G«»- 
^iif^Uiat hath tcii Angles, and 

CUE [Dtcalof'ut, L, AfixoXo- 
^in ts9, iiri xiym a Word, Gr.J 

ITE&ON [Arxa/btepoy^ of ^xa, 
rHt,Gr,]^ Volome of Fabks di- 
^p n Books, written by Boccaciiy^ 

HP' [iKtffli^r, F.] to go frmn, 
ik^tbsCiffip, to march off. 
"tSIPMENT [Decaxpmetit, F.] a 


iHATE7[amoog jiftrologeri] it 
Plf 5 ten Degrees attribated to 
As, nliidi being in, it it £ud to 

IP [dtctia^n, Im] to poor off 

^ATION [CbymicalTitin] is a 
dtickarPart of any Liqoor by 
fc that it may b»^ without any 

mm [tfCentbanfi^ L.] a Flint 
UdWioe, Beer, &c. to be poured 

TATE [decapiter, F.] to 

^TICK, an Bpigram or Staozai 

«CAY' [dk^ir, F. </*»«, Ital. of 
"i I-] to fail, to fall off, to grow 
I to wither, 
iASE [Umtt F, Dtcrjfus, L.] a 

lA'SI fiffftfer, F. dutdtre, L.] 

WEDE [diceiitt, L.] to depart. 
1^' [Of«^f/#, L. ] a Cheat, a fubtle 

^tJt, snfiscere. 
21T FULLV. not finccrely. 
^ »rr FULNESS, theWantofSince- 
*1V'ABI.E [dteepiiii/it, L.] eafy to 
"^. CT that may be deceived. 

CErVE [diC€voir, F. of dieipert, 
J«|»3e, fo cheat or cosen. 

■^'A8LY, deceitfully. 
r *^^R [oidutm, L. ten] fo cal- 
1*"^ It « the tenth Month from 
jj tttch wii antiently the Beginning 

IM'PEOAL [dKtmpeda/is, L, of ifr- 
■^»l tea Foot ioDg. 


DECEM TaUs [Law Term] a Supply of 
ten Men, impanneiled upon a Jury, in the 
Room of others who did not appear, or were 
challenged. L» 

DECEM'VIRATE, the Office of the 
Deeemvirit ten Noblemen among the /?«- 
avdfir, chofen to govern the Common- Wealth, 
inftead of two Confuls. 

DECENCY [Decence, F. of Decentia, L.] 
Comelinefs, Scemlinefs. 

DB'CENT [decern, L.] becoming, befcem- 
ing. F. 

DE'CENTLY, becomingly. 
DE'CENTNESS, Becominjtnefs. 
DECEN'NfAL [decennalis, L. ai decern ^r\ii 
annus\ of ten Years continuance, ten Yeats 

DECEP'TION [Deeeptio, L.] beguiling, ^ 
deceiting. Deceit, Fraud. F. 

DECEPTIO'NE, a Writ which lieth a- 
galnft him who deceitfully did any thing in 
the Name of another. 

DECERPT [dscerptiu, L. of de and carp" 
tus, L.] cropped off. 

DECERF TION, a pkbking or cropping 
off. U • 

DECERTA'TION [of de and rfrr*] a 
contending or ftriving for. 

To DECFDE [decider, F. deeidere, L. of 
de ud ceedo] lo'condude or bring an Affair to 
an Iff«e) to agree or make up a Difference. 
DE'CIDENCE [oi Decidentia, L.] a fal- 
ling down* 

DE'CIDENCE [in Fbyjick\ a Decay ot 
Tendency to any Diftemper. 

DECIDUOUS [decidum, L.] that which 
it apt or ready to f4ll ; frequently uled of 
• Flowers and Seeds of Plants. 

DE'CIES tantum,u e'. ten Times as much ; 
a Writ which lies ag^inft a Juror (who had 
been bribed to give his Verdirt) for the Re- 
covery of tea Times as much as he took. 

DE'cI'LE fin Ajir:noiry] a new Afprd in- 
vented by Kipler^ viz. when two Pijiacts are 
diftant 36 Decrees. 

DECIMAL [of DfcrV?^, L.Tcntlis, of 
decern^ L. T<:n] of or bcinnvvng to Ten-. 

DE'CIMAL, is an Arr which 
treats of Fradlions, whole Deiiomin.itors aic 
in a Decuple continued Gcom;trical Progrcf- 
fion ; as 10, 100, 1000, &c. 

DE'CIMAL Fraclion, is thnt which has 
for its Denominator 1, wi;h a Cypher or Cy- 
phers annexed, as J WII* ^^* 

DE CIM AL Cbjin^ a Chui^i f.^r meafnring 
of Lands divided r'ccimaily, or into an hun- 
dred equal I'arts, Marks b^ing placed at every 

DE CIMAL Scalet, fi\X, Rules or Sc\l?s di- 
vided d:firnally. 

To DE CI MATE [decimer, F. decimare, 
L.] amoni; the Romans , was to takeout every 
tenth F.«ld=t:r by Lf s, and punilh or put him 
to Death for an Example to the refl ; alfo to 
tike Tythcs. C^ /txRc^\^ 

Gg • Digitized by Vj0^©^rC 

. t) E 

DECIMA'TION, apuni(hing every tenth 
Soldier by Lot j alfo a gaihenng '1 yihcs. F, 
of L. 

DE'CIMIS folvendh, &c. a Writ aRsind 
thofe who had Urmed the Priors Aliens Lalld» 
of the King, for the Re^ot of the Pariih to 
recover his Tythe by thrm. 

DE'CINERS -, Juch who had the Ju- 

DECEN NIERS > rifdiaion over ten Fri 

D0'!>1NEKS 3 burgs, for keeping the 
K'Dtr's Peace. ' 

To DECI'PHER[i/flc/»i^«f^F.]tofind out 
tht Meaning of a Letter, &c. writ (en in 
Cyphers j ajfo ro penetrate into the Buituoi 
of a difficult AflTiir. 

To DECIR CiNATE [decininare, L.] to 
b^ing into a Compafs or Roondneis ; to draw 
a Circle with a Par of Compares. 

DEC IS ION, a determining, or deciding 
any thing in Dtbate. F. of Z». 

DECI SIVE 7 [dtcifif, F.J deciding, de 

DECl'SORySterraming, fit or able to 
^ctcriniue a Conirovcrty, oi any thing in Dc-' 

DECISIVELY, inihanncrofaiinalDe- 

To DECK [HecSen,^ L. 5. and r<'ar. to 
cover] to advrn or Jet off. 

DECK [of a Ship, of -^gcSe, L» S. to 
cover J a piankcd Floor on which the Guns 
lie, and the Men walk to and fro. 

A Cainhering DECK, a Deck fifing higher 
Sn the Middle than at each End. 

A Flu/h DECK, Furc and /Ifu a Deck 
wnich liei upon a right Line without any 

To DECLAIM^ [dulamtr.Y ,Qi dcdamart, 
L.J CO make public Speeches, as an Orator j 
toinvciph a<;airift. 

DECLAMA'TiCtN. an Oration made 
upon fomc feigned Subjeft, for the Exeicitc 
^i fome young Scholar or Student. F. ol 

DECLA'MATORILY, in manner of a 
■ Deciamahon. 

DECLA'MATORY [dcclamatoin^ K of 
dtc^amatorius, I^] belonging to a Dcclima- 

DECLARA'TION, a declaring, fetiin? 
forth or ibewing \ alfo a Publick Order oi 
Proclamuion. F. of L, 

DECLARA'TION [in Lak) Is a (hew 
ing inVr'riting, the Cftmplaint or Gnefof the 
P.'dintifFa.ainft the Defendant. 

DECLARATIVE 7 wiiich ferves tode 

DECLARATORY 5 clare. L. 

DECLARA TIVELY, in manner of a 

To DECLA'RE [dfc/arer, F. ofjechrart, 
L.] to m^ke known, to manifeft, publiib 
6t ihcw ; to op^n one's Mind or Thoughts. 

DECLENSION [ffecUr.alJ^n, F. Dcdi- 
*ari:, L.J the varying of Nouns according to 
the r jilverfe CaftS. 

The DECLENSION [of a U/r^^/rJ Is 

D E 

when the Didetnpcr beln^comc to tH 

fenfibly abatr^. 
DECLENSION [in Mamna^t} 

growing loofer in them; a Coiroj 

DECLINATION [Dec:ina:fi9, F 

inp down -^ a declining, a d«'Ci«ying. 

DECLINA'TION [in ^firm^wy 
Diftance c.fany Star or Pare of Hctfji 
the Eq'jator. *' 

DECLINA'TION apparent, is j 
ftance of the apparent Place of a Pli^ 
the Equjt-r, 

DECLINA TION [of the 5«]ii; 
ilance of the Para'lcl to the Ecjoa'^c^J 
the Su^ runs any Diy from the £M 
felf. ^ 

DECLINA'TION [hf tht-MaH$4 
pafs] is )t« Variation from the uuefj 
of any Place. \ 

fir Dials] is an A rch of the Hi 
prehended either between the- Pi 
Prime Verticle Circle, if you a 
Eaftor Weft j or clfc between ti 
of the PUne, if you a« count it ffuia 
or South. 

DECLINATOR, a Mathcmaii< 
rocnt to take the Declination of 

• DECLINATORY, a Box fitl 
Compafs and Needle to take the tH 
oi WalU for Dia'l ng. 

To DEL:LrNE.[r/«/i«er, F. of 
L.] to bow down, or diirimft, 
alfo to avoid, to iban, to refufe. 

DECLI'NING DJals, are D*^ 
upon declin-ng Planes. 

DECLIV ITY IDecii'vieai, U] 
nefs downwards. 

' DECOCTION, a bnling or \ 
a Medicinal Liquor, or Dtct-dnnki 
Roots, Hcib*. ^c. bjilti. F,tX: 

DECOLLA'TION, a Beheadinfi 

DECOMPOSITE [dtcopiptfiii 
mong Gramtnaridr.iy is a Word G«( 
of more than two Words, as In-dif 
of iff, cVi, and p-.fithn. 

DECOMPOSITE [among -^ 
is when a Phyfical Compohtion is* 

DECO'PED, copped, peaked. 

To DECORATE [Afow,F.«fj 
L.] to adorn, £ff. 

DECORATION, an Ad..miB|ft 
menr, or Emhellifliment. F, of L»» 

DECORtlCATlOK [ofi* 
L.] the pulling cfFthe outward Baf 
the pollli-g Of unhuflwing RootSj &^* 

DECO'RUM. ihatCimelimH^ 
cency, or good Grace,whichit bco* 
Man toob'c've )n ail his Anions. 

DECO RUM {in jfrthtuff^'tyn 
all the Parts of a Btul bg» fa at CI 
bcft become ^Le Saujilon. 

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D E 

ICDT* i3fl?, L S, and Be/^. ao en- 
I A<r;«T. A^"' CabMnin a Ship] a Place 
I ua ta*jc^ ol «:k F«>»] ^ a Whctdlc, 

jT»DtCOY, to bUdit, entice, or draw 

[OEOTIKCLy, enticingly, wbcedling- 

^ptCjjr Oacf , a D-ck which files abroad 
t^dfirkn mco the Place where thej 

DECREASE [Dtcre^ffcment, F.] 
■w4 idij aiib the Wane of the 

hDi3LLA'SE[decroiJlre, F. dfcrefcere, 
tkkj to decay. 
IL&S-INGLY, in a decreafing 

ECftET [Deertr, F. Decretum, L.] 
e;. ar itziQic ; a Purpofe or Refolu- 

DITSIE* l^creffT, F. decretmn of 
^ to appoint or ordain ^ to de- 

L S 7 * Volaiiie of the Canon 

ITALS5 Law, fo called, .c^lUa- 

», a Monk c^ the Order of St 

«T [Dw 

■, L.] Dc- 

X£M£NTS [io the Ufti-otrfitia] 
» iM£ ftf th€ Scholar! for damaging 
jcy thiA^ made ufe of by 

:.£MtKTTJM, an Alatement in 
r m^T' I>Tj— . O. L. /?. 
ifJrlT [Derrtpituiy L.] worn cot 

lEMTATED^[aniong Chymifls] 
a Pfew.der, making a crackling 

XFITA'TION [in Cbymlflry] h 

_ Jfoife wbkh ariles from Salt 

i«rs fBCo an an^tazed earthen Potj 

V tbe Fire. L. 
X^TLY, feebly. 
EPHTNESS, FeeWenefj. . 

ZKHTl\dtcrtJcmt, W\ the 
r*CENT 5 Moon decreaiiogi in 

f'TAL, of cr belong^ to a De- 

IITAL^ [Dt€reta/ia, L.] the Se- 
tka Lmrte VoisiBei of the Canon 
( atti the KaflKi given to the Letters of 

JlE'TORy, a dt£ahirt Sentence. 
UTOHV fA-rtww^x, L.] which 
|» Acre, or *^.jJotcly to decide. 
^aiCSTA'TlON, an unciofting or 
r the sppomoft Cruft or Rind of 

iT [dKiur, F.] to cry down, 

D E 

To DtCULCATE [decuLare, L.] to 
tread ondcr foot. 

DECUM'DITURE [in -AfiroJ^^y] it a 
Scheme of the Heavens, ercfted for the Mo- 
ment the Difeafe invades, or confines one to 
his Et^d, his Chamber, &c. by which Fi- 
gore the Arlift pretends to find rur 'he Na- 
ture of the Dricafe, the Parts afFcfted, the . 
ProttnoHicks of Death or Recovery. 

DECUM'BITUREfamong Pbyfic)ans\\» 
when a Difrire fcizes a Ma.n fo violently, that 
he is obliged to take to his Bed. 

DECUPELA'TJION, the fame as Decan- 
tat ion* 

DECU'PLE [decuphx, L.] ten fold. 
ToDECU'RiATE [decuriare, L. of de 
and curia'j to divide into Bsndi. 

A DECU'RION, a Captain over ten 
Horfe. L. 

DECUR'SION, a running down, a hafty 
funning' L. 

to DECUR'TATE [decurtare, L. of de 
^od f»rf«i] to ibortrn. 
• A DECURTA'TION, a /hortening. L, 
DE'CURY [dicune, F. Xif decuria, L.] a 
Band of ten Soldiers. ' 

DECUSSA'TION [in Of>fidi] is the 
crofling of any two Rays, &c, when they 
meet in a Point, *|d then go on parting from 
one anorher. 

DECUS'SION, a (baking down, or beat- 
ing off. L^ 

DECUSSD'RIUM, a Surgeon's Inftru- 
ment for prefling the Dura Mater, in curing 
a Fra^ure in the Skull. 

DECU'T^ENT [dtcutUng, L.] (hakiqg 
•DEDA'LEAN [Dadaleut, L.] intricate 
or perpitrxrd ; alfo expert or cunning. 
DEDBAN'NA, a Man-fiayer. L. T. 
DEUE, Dead. 0. 

To DEDE'CORATE [d^decorare, L. j to 
difhonnur or ( 

DEDECORA TION, a difgracing or dif- 
honouring. F, of L. 

DE'DI [/'. tf. I have given] a Warranty in 
Law to the Feoffee and his HeifS. 

To DED'ICATE {dedier, F. dedicate, L, 
q. d. Dej Dico] to kt apart for facred IJk ; to 
infcribe or addfcfs a Book to'a Perfon of Di- 
f^in£^!on »nd Quality. / 

DEDICA TION, a dedicating; al(bacon- ' 
Iterating. F, of L. 

DEpICA'TION Day, the Fedival at the 
confecrating of a Church. 

DED ICATORY [dedieatoi're, F. </if 
dicatorius, L.J of or belonging to a Dedica- 

DEDIGNA'TION, a dlfdaining or con« 

DED IMUS Pofeflatm, a Writ whereby 
CommiiT;on Is given to a private Man, for 
the fp'eding of fnme Aft app-rtaining to a 
Judge i by the Civilians it is called Del/^^" 

C g a Digitized b;, DSDrTION, 

D E 

DEDI'TIONT. a yielding or furrendering 

DE'DOLENCY [of deJolm, L.] not to 
grieve, a State of Infeafibility of Paioj or 

To DEDUCE [dcducen, L.] to draw one 
Thing from another, to infer, 

DEDU'CIBLE [dcducibilis^ L.] that may 
be dtducfd or inferred. 

To DEDUCT' Ideduiu^ F, deduceri, L.] 
to fub{^ra£t or tjke away from ; to lefien. 

A DEDUCTION, a deducing 5 alfo a 
Conclufion, Confcqoence, or Inference. L, 

DEE, a River in Cbe/bire, called in ffe/Jb 
triffCr Hitjg, '. .«. the Water Divy^ becaufc 
it rifeth outof two Heads, fnrtlitJJ fignifieth 
two : Some call it the Black Water, othetv 
the Sarred Water ; becaufe the antient Bri' 
tons worjiijppcu Rivers. 

To DEE, to die ; as, be netber dees nor 
daws^ i. e. he neither dies nor mends. C, 

DEED [Dae^, Sax. JDacTl, L.S, ^j)at, 
%ut.] an A(ftion or Thing done. 

DEEDS [in Common Lazv^ arc Writing* 
which contain the EfFcft of a Contradl made 
between Man and Man. 

DEED Indented, a Writing cut with Dents 
or No'ohcs on the Top or Side. 

DEED Po/i, a fmgle platf Deed unlndent* 

To DEEM ["wman. Sax.] to judge cr 
think. ** 

DEEMEN, to deem, to fuppofe. Spenc. 
^ DEE MOUTH [^. d. the Mouth of the 
River Dee] a Place in CI:://: ire. 

DEEM STERS 7 a jcim^ of JiyCres in the 
. DEM STERS yjj^co/,c\iokafTor. 
among and by lhem<eivts, vwhti vvithour Hm- 
ccfs. Writing, or Charge, decide Con:rovcr- 
fics there. 

DEEP [*&cop, Sax. TlCCp, L. S. tifff, 
7eut.] that has great D- p'.h, or is a great 
Way from th^; Snrfacc to th-.' Boitv-m. 

DEEP Sea Lead, a Lead, at the Bottom 
of which is a Coat of white Tallcvv, to 
bring up Stones, CravcJ, Sand, Shells, or 
the like, to know the Di/Ierence of their 

DEEP Sea Lirj, a fmall Line ty'd to the 
Sta Line, with which Seamen found in deep 

DEEP'LV, in a deep Manner 5' greitly, 
DEEPNESS, the being deep ; Depth. 
A DEER ftjeoji. Sax, tJiett ^* ^l *«'" 
tain wild Beaft of the Forcft. 

DEER Feld. a Deer Fold or Park. 0. 
DEER Htfyj, Machines for catching Deer. 
DE ejfendo quietum de Tclcr.k, a Writ that 
lieth for thoft who are by PiiviJege freed from 
the Payment of Toll. L, 

DE Exp'enfis Miiitum, a Writ which re- 
quires the Sheiiff to levy fo much per dientf 
Str the Expences of the Knight of the Shira 
ierving in Parliament. 

D£ Expenfit Civium & Bergenfium ^ a 

D E . 

Writ for levying ts, per diem, far cvc^ 
sea and Bargefs. 

To DEFACE [defacer, F.J to HI 
fpoiK to blot out* 

DE Faffo, aftually, ically, in vcfj 
L. ^ 

DEFAI'LANCE, a Failing or 1 

DEFATTED, decayed. • ] 

DEFALCA'TiON, a pruning or k 

of Vines or other Trees ; a DedodMll 

bating in Accounts. L, J 

To DEFALK' [defa/^uer, T.elefak4 

to cut oflF, to abate or dedoA. *] 

DEFAMA'TION \DrfiimatsM,m 

ing away a Pericm*s Cha/aAer and M 

tion 5 a fpeaking flanderous "Words* I 

DEFA'MATORILY, aba£vely, ) 

lonfly. J 


derout, abuGve. £.. 

To DEFAME [diffamer, F, 
L. q. d. de bona jama aiiquid eUtn 
flander^ dilcredit, back- bite, or f^ 

DE?AT'IGABLE [dtfatigabii 
that may be made weary, eafv to 

To DEFAT'IGATE [e!ef&ugtn 
to make weary, to rire 


DEFAULT' [Defaut,T,] Deft^ 
a Flaw, an Iifiperfe^ion. 

DEFAULT fin La^^ It a N< 
ance in Court without fuffi^kot Caaj 

DEFEASANCE? [cf^/f/j;>*4'. 
DEFEISANCE $ a Condirfoo n 
a Deed, whif h being performed^ tU 
made void. L- T. 

DEFEAT' [Defaite, F.] an Ortlj 
Slaughter of Soldiery. 

To DEFEAT [defoirt, F.] 10 
rout, to disappoint. 

To DE F EC ATE f A^«r. F. . 
L.] to purge from Dregs, to refill 
DEFE GATED [defiec^tms, tj. 
from the Dregs. 

DEFECA TION, a porging 
a refining. 

DEFECT' [Dr/*5w, L.] BkiM4^ 
Imperfe^ion, Want. 

DEFEC TIL'LE, that may or \ 

DfeFEC'TION, a Failing; alfe 
ing or falling off either from tbe ^ 
State. L, 

DEFECTIVE {defefhiettx', F. 
Kfus, L.] fiiU of DefeOs; fiialcy, iq| 
F. ^ 

DEFECTIVE Nomn \\n d 
fuch as are indedinablcj or wazit 
bcr or Cafe. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


JJTIVE r^, a Verb which has 
lis l^^*» and Tf nfes. 
r.IVtLV, deficently. 
,XTI^tNEsS, Dcficicnqr. 
t5C£ [Dtfrp, L.] Goara or 
~ii| a Uiiaaibiog, Upholding, Jufti- 

ICr [b ^iir] Oppoiiiion, Re- 

? pB Itfto} a Reply which the 

ai&B ifrerthe Declaration is pro- 
Wai to proceeds cither in his Plea, 

CELISS, vithoat Defence or 

S pfl PertifitaticM^ are al? forts 

i,«bjch cofcr and defend the op- 

iiiasFfaoks. Parapets, Cc. '» 

[DEFtS'I> [Jefettdrt, F. defcrdtte, 

ksifad», i. e. areeo] to protef^, 

^1^} CO alTert, maintain, ' or 

_TO, ta forMd. C^^-'. 
--.lyANT [L«x; Trrm] is one 
lid m an AAion Pcrfcnal, as a 
!iaiflb»is faed in an AAion Real. 

PMUS, is a Word in a Fcoff- 
rbld Usirth the Donor and his Heirs 
ENDiNDO f !.««» 7>rw] Is ufcd 
( kiSs aiMtbcr ts bn own DefeMe, 
atkeFsa. L. 

yERof the Faiths a Title given 
jU X, » King Henry VllI, for 
ilpisil Ijrrier. 

7EJIESE pn DoemfJayBoak] 
llBrtcertxxD Quantity ot Lands. 

^^ 7X. ff pir £orpus fvvm \\n the 

t] a oficr Ccmbat or Duel i as an 
'ir Trill at Law. L. 

»A, s Park or Pla^ fenced in for 

NATIVES, are Tuch Mec^tnnes 
1^ Hamoon fronn a Part affe^- 
^'KlDtftm^ti; LJ Proteaion, 
R. Vtedkation.* f\ 

, tH»t may be defended* 

I'TA, the Lords or Earls of the 
>itk Ddeadeis or Wards of tht 

7 [^frjif. F] that 
nVBj fet^es to defend. 
ISIVELY, done in one*s own 

IVE firoong Surgeent] 

r m Baodafe to keep on the Dref- 

firtkan the Wounds fiom the 

7 are Medicines out- 
S'ATIVESJ wardly applied to 
t a lft^^^ !^!lB^t^fff^, 

D E 

IN DEFEN'SO, that Part of an open 
Fielid, apon which there was no Commoniogy 
was faid to be in 0, L, T, 

DE FEN' SUM, any Inclofure or fenced 
Ground. O. L. ' 

To DEFER' fJeferer, F, of defer re, L.] 
to delay or put off. 

DEFERENCE, Refpea, Submlflion, Re- 
gard. F. 

DEF'ERENT [in u4/!renomj1 an imagi- 
nary Ciicle or Orb in the Ptolemaick Syftem, 
that is fuppofed, as it were, to carry about 
the Body of the Planer, and it is the £une 
with Eccentrick. 
. DEFER VF-S'CENCE {ofdefervefcere^L.} 
a f rowing; coblf an abating. 

DEFELY. finely, nimbly. Sferc, 
DEFl'ANCE [Defiance, F.] a Challenge, • 
an Out-braving. 

DEFICIENCY {o(d</!cere, L ] DefeO, 
Failing, ^Want, coming (hort of. 

DEffciENT Ideficiens, L. ] failing, 

DEFICIENT Nunhers [in j^rithnutick] 
are fuch whofc Parts being added together, 
make lefs than the Integer, whofc Parts 
ihcy are. 

DEFICIENTLY, defcaively. . 
DEFI CIENTNESS, Defeaivenefs. 
To DEFPDE [difdere, L.] to djUtuft. 

DEFPLE 7 [DefiU, F.] a ftrait riar- 
DEFlLEE'Jrow Lane or Paffage, thro' 
which a Company of Soldiers can pafs only 
in File. 

DEFILE [of de^ L. and pul, 5«Jir.] to 

To DSFI'LE [defiUr, F.] to file off, or 
marth File hy File. 

DEFILEMENT, a defiling or pollut- 

To DEFI'NE [dejiner, F. definere, L.] t« 
explain, determine, decide. 

DEF'INITE [defittitus, L] certain, li- 
mittcd, ox bounded. 

DEF'INITELY, limitedly. 
DEFINi'TION, a fhort and plain Decla- 
ration or Defcription of the Meaning of a 
Word, or the eflential Attributes of a Thing. 

DEFINITION [in the Matbematieit] H 
an Explanation of the Terms ofed for explain- 
ing the Thing treated of. 

DEFINITIVE' [dtfinitivus, L.] (erving 
to decide 5 decifive, pofitlve, exprefs. L« 
DEFINITIVELY, decifively. 
DEFLAGRA'TION [in Chymifiry] U 
enkindling and burning off in a Crucible, 
a Mixture of Salt, or Utmt Mineral Body, 
with a fulphureous'one, in order to purify 

DEFLECTION [q. d. de via fiexto] a 
bending down, a turning alide out of tho 
Way. U 

Digitized b'DEFLlC-! 

D E 

DEFLECTION [in Namigdtioifl u die 
totntng of a Ship from her true Courfe, bj 
reafon of the Currents. 

To DEFLOUR' 7 [defitrn, F. of^/j- 

To DF.FLOW ER 3 rart, L. /, e, to rob 
a Virgin of the Flower of her Virginity] to 
ravi(h a Virgin j alfo to take awaj the Grace 
of a Thing. 

DEFLUX'ION [ofde aod/«jr»t •iJlM, 
L.] a flowing downwards. L. 

DEFLUXION [in PbyM^ > t^^^m 
down of Humotfri to aoj Fare of the 

DEFORCEMENT, a withholding 
Lands or Tenemeou bjr Force from the right 
Owner. L. T. 

DEFORCEOR 7 one who cads another 

DEFORCIANTS out o( Poflemon bj 
rbrce. L. r. 

DEFORCI A'TION, a D'ilreis or Seizure 
•fCo d«. O. L. 

To DEFORM' y. former, F. of d^for^ 
man, L.J to di&iigure, to f^oil thc«Forna 

DEFORM A'TION, a defacing, deform- 
iag, a di'.ficiinnfr. L. 

' DEFORM ED [tlffotrr/, F. 'drformis, L] 
ogly, nut of Torm, raifliafcn. 

DKFOKM EDLY, nifliapen^y. 

DtPORM irV. [neflrmit/, of Dff,rmi' 
tat, LjCplineTs, lll-favwircdnefi. 

.DEFOUJ.ED, fliimcd. a 

To DEFRAUD [iitfraudire. L. ofi^^apd 
fraus^ to cheat, cozen, or btguilc, to deprive 
h» a Tr'cl:. 
' DEI RArD'lNGLY, r.hcnmffly. 
' To DLFRA'Y {drfraycr, F.j lo difchargc 

DhFT f'c>;-f,.^jv. tJCfcifl, ^^/^l] neat, 
ha ri''n>^, 'pruc;j, trim. • 

DFFT 7.V, nim'nly, nrat. SpTKC. 

DEFI'NCT' [d^fuKSiut, L. o. d, qui fafo 
ef ftrSiui] d.'«,ilf-l, dvari. 

DKI-LNCTION, a final Performance of 
anv Ollic- i a)!"a)fcar-, l>flth. iihil.fft. 

ToDEFV [./:/.v, F J to chaWtngc-,' to 

DEFY INGI.V, Vr v^^v of Dcfimce. 

DEGEN-EUACY'[r]:-;;'//i/n. L.] a 
hti'^g in a d^prnera'c State and Condition. 

DKCFN ERACY, proving worfe. 

DEGEN'ERATE [digcncic, F. dig(mra- 
t»i, L.] vrnwn wotfe, corrup'cd. 

To DEGENERATE [, F. df^re- 
9fr .re, L.J to faJI from a more noble to a 
bti'cr K.5nd ; to grow cut of Kiiid, 10 fcrl'ak? 
Ihr virtiioui Steps of A>iCillors. 

To DEGENERATE [of P/a«/«] to torn 

DEGEN'tRATELY, corruptedly. 

DEGEN'EROUS [degener, L.J degene- 
rated, baf.*, vile. 

DEGLUTINA TION, an onglewingi 
• X" 

DEGLUTITION, a fwallowJrig cown. 

D E 

DEGOWDY, Moulting. O. 

D EG R A DA T ION, a degrading J 

DEGRADATION [in Fmimimgl 
leflening and rendering confafed 
pearance of diilant ObjeOs in 
' fo at they may appear there as the; 
to an Eye placed at that 

To DEGRA'DB Idfgradtr, F. 
gradus, L. q, d. dep-ait dejieere] \ 
of Office, Eftate, Degree, Dignity. 

DEGRADING, potting ont 
leffening one*i Reputation. * 

DEGRADINGLY, doqc iaa< 

DEGREt' [in MatbemathksT^ is t 
Part of a Circle, on Earth 6o MUm.! 

DEGREE' [in FertificatteaJ h \ 
Part cf an Arch or Circle. 

DEGREE' (in Pby/ick] h the Veil 
or Slack nc(s of the hot or cold Qo^ttj 
mixed Body. 1 

Parodick DEGREE [in A^ekrm\ 
Index or Exponent of any Power. 

DEGUSTA TION, a uftin^, a \ 
with the Lips. L. » 

DtHO RS, the Ootfide of a Thil 

DEHORS [in FortificMtiam'^ is aU| 
fepara^e Outworks, fot the better S 
the main Place. 

ToDEHOR'T [2tbcrtari, L.] 
i to the contrary, to d ffuade. 

DEHORTA'TION, a dehortin 
fu9ding. Lm 

DEHORT'ATIVE, fcrvLig to j 

DEICIDES [V. €, GodkiUcrs] 
given to the Jnvt, for mutdering I 
%iour. L, 

To DEJECT' [dejicfre, L J locaf 
to afBid } to fink the Spirits. 

DEJECTED, caft down, affiiae 

DEjECT'fcDLY, afflifiedly. 

DEJECT EDNE^S, the being cad 
Afi'j't^'oru I 

DEJECTION, acafting aown,' 
nefs ot Sgjrits ; alio an EvacuatioD I 
Excrements, a goitig to StooL F* 

DEJERa'TION, a taking a foh 

DEIFICA'TION, a deifying, or jj 

a God of one. 

To DEIFY one [deifrr, F. of i>ni 

facere. ^r Jt9, L.J to make oni^ a God« 
To DEIGN [deigwr, F.J to vood 

kincly, mcicifuUy, or gradoufly to gia 
DEIGNQUS, difdainful. O.- 
DEI Judicium [t\ e, the Jodgmen 

God J the aotient Ssxta Coftom or' Trial 

DEIPNOSO'PHISTS Tof Airir»w, a ! 

per, and ly*n^r.Cf Or. SophiflerJ a Com] 

of wife Men, who diicouried ofPhikiio 

cal Matters at Suppert 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


D E 

pOkk (Der pj, of t>coji, Sa». t wiM 
■I, k aiei hum the Foreft» and War- 
p^ isr «idi it wn very reiDarkableJ 
SMUPjXof Satbvmh'erUndy lying be- 
jk Rjvcn !hm^r and TtveeJ. Pope 
v&Jekc Wit an Arch- Deacon, ice- 
hikns cf the Pruvince of /><7>tf 
rMimMivci in open Market, and 
bf ^kCaokltaefi of \ht\f Perfons, en- 
it •uiUtfttrT ibcy were of j and be- 
■■cJ. J'^ii, i. e. Enghjb Men, 
Aitf t«L' rnav thev be fo ciUedt /or 
!a e .'4«f <.V, Angels ; and enquir- 
'if tt« Proncce, waa anfwered, /)#- 
It itxii ^ ufvered, Z>< rVa Dei funt 
L e« thry axe to be delivered 
;ke1fta:h ofOod; and enquiring the 
1/ tW fwrnj, wh^ was yf//r, how 
(y k;} may they 6ng Ualletujdhi. 
\hm dat Time ferioa fly endeavoured 
"bvIoq of the Enghjb Nation, which j 
fj^ he efieded by the Diligence of 
IJHtkMoak, the trti Archbl/hop of 

*.! Dairy. -0. 

tit tpper Tahk ia fome Englijh 

[!>c/«r, F. of Veus, L, Cod] 
l-V«fchofe, who, dcn>ingaURc- 
flifsm, »tkaowtedge only the Na» 
vx l^ Exifieoce of one God, hit 
kaac, Tii'ae and V;ce, the Immor- 
'^ ^ Vtu!, and Rewards and Puallh- 

8T[r«/.', F.J one who adheres to 

[Dfl.v; F. ii Dnfji, t] thi 

fc lir Niiurc and EfTVrce of God j 

*^-u Ccd cr Gcjddrfs. 

LAPilON*, a flid'-ng, fl.pping, or faJ- 

«1A? SIOV [-r. rhjjici] a bearing dowlJ 

■ ^•iRi, Fuadanicnt, CS'r. 

*L\TOR, *a Int'ormer or Accofer. 

KU7 [D«j:«, f.] a Pot off J a Stop or 

^AY' f^/jj^r, F.] to defer, to pat 
^'Dct 13 Day, or Time to Time. 

f^-AVlD, tea red, put off 5 alfo mia- 

^ViXGLY hj wav of Delay. 

E^TADU [deltaab't'.it, L.Jdclight- 

1^^. F. 

Ji'lvTABLy, plr^fanfly. 

^^^ATICN, Delight or P!cifufc. 

•ICATE [i)f^£»/, F. of Dthratui^ 
* b »hsm Authority 15 crmmiued 
**^i lo handle and determine Mat- 

•»atCATE frf/Z^wr. F. dilrgare, 
■ ,^***'' W *o eitruordinary Commif- 
i^^' to hear and detcribioe a piriica* 

D B 

DELEGATION, an Appo'n^ment of 
Deltgaics. F. of h, 

DELEG.VTION [in the C/W/ I^w] ?» 
when a Debtor appoints one who is a Dtbrar 
to him, to anfwer a Creditor in his Pbcc. 

DELENIF'ICAL {dder.^Jicui, L.J muiga- 
tinp, pacifying. 

DELETED lAelttut, L.] defaced, dcftroy- 

DELETE'RIOUS Medicines, are fcch 
wbofe Particles are of a pojfonous Nature. 

DELE TERY [deletenus, L.J deadly, dc- 

DELE'TION, blotting out, a dcftroying. 

DELF 7 a Mine. 0, [in Heraldry] t 

DELFE 5 Square borne in the Middic of 
an Efcutcbeon. 

DELF cf Co*/, Coa! lying in Veins, be« 
fore it it digged a p. 

To DELl'BATE [deUbare, L] to tadc, to 

DELIBA'TION, a Tafting ; alfo a Sa- 

DELIBERATE {deliberatus, L.Jadvtfed, 
prudent, wary. 

To DELIB ERA.tE [^W;^.-r^r, F. of^ 
liberare, L.J to weigh in Mind, to* ponder 
upon ; to confult or debate. 

DELIBERATELY, advifedly, warlr- 

DELIB EKATENESS, Advifcdnefs, Wa- 

DELIBERATION, a deliberating, a con- 
folting or debiting. F. of /.. 

DELIBERATIVE [delibcrativm, L.] 
apt to delibsrace. F, 

DELIB ERATIVELY, in a dcliberitWe 

To.DELI'DRATE, to peel or puIUff the 
Bark of Trees, L. 

DELICACY [Delicif^fje, F. Drlia\f, L ] * 
De!ic.uenei'«, Djintinr('», Nitencls, Tci.'dcrnels. 

DEL' IC AT E.[delicat, F. of dc/uuius, L.J 
dainty, near, nice, tender. 

DELICATELY, dainti.'v. nitclr. 

DEL'ICATENESS, D.i ^tinef?. Nicfner,. 

DELrCiOUS [dtijieux, F. delu:ofus, L.J 
pIciTant to the Tjfte, fwec% charming. 

Di- LI ClOUSLY, vcfv picvf.nrly. 
. DRLICIOUsNEsS, grc-it Pie) uiTn.if/;. 

DELICT [fhftflum, L.]in OtVmce. 

DELIGA'TiON, Swathinp; that P.irt 
of Surgery which concerns the bi'ifliag up of 
Wounds, Ulccri*, broken Bon"?, 67i-. L. 

DELIGHT [ /)€lice, F. De/eito, Span. i>^* 
Icilatio^ L.J Plralure, Jcv. 

To DELIGHT \dih^iare, L.J to aiToid 
DtlVht ; to tak*! Plcafvjte. 


DKLIGflT FULLY, pleaf^nrlv. 

DELIGHT hULNi-SS, Pleabn-.n?;. 

To DELINEATE ['dthratrc, L.j to draw 
the {it^ Draught nt a Thin^. 

DELI NEAT ION, ihc mak:r^ of a rude 
Draught. F. of L, oigit^ed by GQpsle 

D E 

DELIN'QITKNCY [of DeUfffimth, L.] 
'faUing ixi one's DiKy, an ofTendingi 

DELlN'QyENTfDf//zr^«^rr, F. ofD*-. 
linquffiSf L.J a CrijniiuJ, an Offender. 

b^MQUA'TlON [in Cbymipy^ h the 
preparing of Things melted upon the Fire. L. 
D^LI OyJUM, a draining or pounng; 
out } alio Otk% Lofs, Want, a Swooning 
'away. L. , 

DELIQUiUM [in Cbymiftry] is either 
a Diftiilation by Force of Fire, or the melt- 
ing of the Caix which is fufpended in moift 
Cellars, and a Rcfolation of it into lixlvious 

DELIRA'TION, a doting, or being bc- 
fide one*s felf. 

DELIRIOUS [ddirta, L.] fight-btaded 
raving, doling. 

DELIR lUM [Delirt, F.J Light-headed- 
talis, doting^ raving. L. 

DELIR'IUM [in JPibje/ffAj the franUckor 
idle Talk of P^ple in a Fever, being a De- 
pravacion of the Imagination and Judgment, 
•occafioned by adifordaly Motion ol the Ani- 
mal Spirits. 

DELIVER, aftive, nimble. 0. 
To DELIVER [M'vrer, F.] to pat into 
one*s Hand ; to free or fet at Liberty. 
DELI Y*ERANCE [Delivrattce, F.]a fet- 
. ting free j aReleafe, the delivering up or fur- 
rendering of a Thing. 

To ff^agt DELrVERANCE [in Lanv] 
IS to give Security that a Thing fball be de- 
livered up. 

DELI V'ERY[Dtf//vr/rff«,F.]adeltverlng ; 
alio uttering or fpiaking out in a Difcourfe. 

'aerk of the DELIVERIES, an Officer 
who draws up Orders for' the delivering S:or<s 
or Pro vi lions. 

• DELL 7 a Pit. Spenc, Alfo « Trull or 
DELVE J Doxy. Cant. 
DELTOI'DES (in Jnatomy] isa Triangu- 
lar Mufcle in the Form of the Creek Letter A, 
fattened to the Os Hnmert. 

To DELU DE [dekuiere^L,} to beguile, to 
deceive, or cheat. 

i A DELVE, a« a ^ehe of Coals, i. e. a 
Qoantity ofCoais digged in the Min; or Fit. 
To DELVE [^cljran, Sax.:} to dig. 
DEtU GE [of Dilwvium, L.] an Inunda- 
tion or Overflowing of the Earth, either in 
' Part,, or in Whole, by Water. Fm 
PEL'UGED, drowned, O. 
IDELU^SION, Chut, Deceit, Impofturt. 

DELU'SIV^E 7.«vh!ch is apt to delude, 

DELU'SORY 5 beguile or deceive, 

DELUSIVELY, deceivingly. 

DELUSIVENESS, Deceitfulnefs. 

DELY, iHtle, fmall. 0, ' 

DEM'AGOGUE [Dmtf^i^^aj, L. ofAi- 
^a>^A;>'0C, Gr. r. e, a Leader of the People] 
cheileadof a Fadlion, a Ring-leader of the 
Rabble^ a popular ai^d fa^ious Orator* 

D E 

EiEMAIM' ^ [an InherJfanctlJ 

.DEME'AN ( to diftinguifii tb^ 

DEMESNE J which a Lord of a| 

hath in his own Hands, or in db| 

of. his LeHee, from fuch other Lao6i 

r.iid Manour, which belong Co Freed 

hold. ^ 

AntUnt DEMAI'N, a Tenure if 

Crown-Lands were held in the TiamA 

Itatn the Conqueror, 

DEMAND' [Dmtf>»<Af, F.] h ^ 
any thing of another with a fort ofAad 
a Claim. ^ 

To DEMAND' [iiemandtr, T^m 
require, to lay Claim Co. . 

cutor in a real Action. 

To DEMEAN e«'i fifflfi A 
carry or behave himfelf, to a^ 
DEMEAN, Behaviour. Spn^, 
To DEMEAN, to debate. Sfu 
DEMEANOUR, Behaviour, < 
DEMENT'ATED [</-e»c«/flr«, 
mad, bewitched. 

DEMENTATION, ainakmc^ 
To DEMER'Gt [^r««^er*, L.}^ 
plunge, cr fink down. 

DEMERIT [demerite, F.] t|l 

makes one worthy of Blame, orPoi 

To DEMERIT [iicmertter, F. 

Thing worthy of Blame, Pumihai^ 

To DEMER'IT Idenuriur, F.J 


DEMER'SION, a plunging 
down. L. 

DEA^I [demi, F. oidimidine^ L 
which, u(ed in Coanpofitioo, 
as a Demi-God,' ^r, 

DEMI 7aHaIf-Fel]nwat 
DEMY 3 lege in 0«/««/. 
^ DEMf Air, Sec Demi Voh. 
DEMI Ctamm^ a fort -of great4 
DEMI Chafe. Bacts, a fort of " 
fcr Summer. 

DEMI Culverhity a Piece of Ol)i 
DEMI Croft f an Inftnsment to 
Altitude of the Sun or Stars. 

DEMI Diftar.c€ ofPfdjgBnt (ui, 
iion} is the Diftance between the 
Polygons and the Flank. 

DEMI GarttUt [in Sur^erf\ a 1 
in fettine disjointed Fingers. 

DEMI Godi^ are thufe Cods 

Heafberti, who partook of human] 

HercuieSj ^c. ' 

DEMI Gorge [in Fort rfiesficm{- 

Gorge or Entrance into the Baftifl^ 

To DEMI'GRATE ytmigrd 

ibift, fly, or remove from Place 1 

DEMIGRA'TION, a removii;|,' 

ing of Quarters or DwelGn^s. L% 

DEMIQUAVER, a Note in 
ing half a Semi- quaver, 

'D'EMl'Seni'fuavtr^ h the IcM 


BI(Jcf , tint is of the HalT.Blcoa,- 

bS kajb [in J^rai^ ] an AfyeCi 
t to Fhoeu are diftaot thirty Dcgreea 

pOE [Itfw /fV(/] a Irtting or malc- 
btifLads, Tetcmeots, ^<. by Leafe 
w^Deai^, vhen apply *d to the 

ipBCSE, or let a Farm. 
BtfSllNy a Ictttog or caftiog down, 
ftesL F.ofi:. 

pOTQLT [in HarfanM^tfiib] one of the 
Unieiil Motions of a Horw ; when tiit 
■raiKBOie ntied than in the Terra i 
kktbe&iotion of his Legs is not ib 
b»k (be TdTff ^ Tirrra. 
pfiCKSiCAL [dtmiurgiatt, L. of ^ 
Mflf^^pnhlick, and Ifyor, Work, 
||Uhd tt|ing to a Creator. . * 

BKCKACY fdenocratiet F. dtnutra^ 
^^^itt^ci*, of 2»>u»( the People, 
■■b to cnrcife Power over, Gr. ] a 
ptilKnaient where the Supreme or 
Hihvcr is lodged in the common 
feyfe feni chofen out from them. 
WCIATICAL [democratifue, F. de- 
KjbLi dhfjoM^xrMf, Gr.] belong. 

piOCRIT'lCK, belonging to Demo-' 
IlIUG&plKiwbo h'jgheJ at all the 

EOCOLISH Idemeitr, F. d^a-'-W, i..] 

Psftfeow down any thii% built; to ruin 


HQUTIQN, t rasing or thro^vln^ 

PKW [Anw, L. •( ^ftm, Gr.1 an 

^ the Devil. 

pwOHlACIC [demamapte, F. il^emo- 

ftmiihifmiMMlt, Gr.] a Man or Wo- 

ftyrfcf the Devil. 

PWiOCRACY [of Itifjurt a Devil, 

pfc ^«T, Or. J the GoTcrnment of 

Pwtti'OCY [of iai/juff and \ej4« 
P"i Gr.] t Treaciic of DcTils or evil 

Pj*'nTUHLE [dmonJtrahiUi, L..] 
BfttefananflrateA or proved. 
^pSTR ABLSr, in Inch t Way as to 
^e«Thin£. • 

BfBtftoTRATB {ioMitrer, F. de. 
Mkj*] to Aew plainly, to prove cvl- 

ByWTRATIOy, a ftewing or mak- 
■Mtbf Proof. F.ofL. 
^"KSnUmON [in the Maihtma- 
BtpQgf founded on fdf. evident Prin- 

pteTRATIONS [in Afgehra] arc i 
KtidnVtQd Prteifi, to manifeft the 
BMKk Theoiens oc Canoos w ace 


D E 

DKMON'STRATIVE [£/«»:w>tff/Wj, L.] 
which ferves to demonftrate, convincir.g, evi- 
dent. F, 

DEMON'STRATIVELy, convincingly. 

To DEMUL'CE [JmiJca-e, L. of dc and 
malceo] to aflTwagc. 

DEMU'RE [perhaps of Jfs M<evrs, F. 
over- mannerly, or of Demutj, Humility, 
TVk/.] afFcftcdly grave, rcfcrvcd, pr baih- 

DEMURE'LY, with affefted Gravity. 

PEMURE'NESS, Aft^cd Gravity. 

To DEMUR' [demura-y F. of demorari, L.J 
to put in Objections and Doqbts : to put oSt'k 
Suft. L.T. 

DEMUR'RAGE, an Allowance to a Maf- 
ter of a Ship for flaying in a Port longer than 
the Time firft appointed, ' 

. DEMUR'RER [ dim'-urer, F. ] fignifies 
a Paufe upon a Point of Difficulty in an/ 

DEN [1>en, Sax,"] a Cave or larking Plact 
under Ground. 

DEN and Strord, Liberty for a Ship to run 
a-ground, or come a-(hore. 0. L, 

DEN A [in Doom/day- BooiJ a hollow Place 
between two HiUr. 

DENARIA'TA Trfrrjf [0/d Records] the 
fourth Part of an Acre of Land. 

DENAR'II, a generil Term for Caik or 
ready Money. 0. JL. 

DENA'RIUS, i Roman Silver Coin, in 
Value yd, 3 y, Eturlijh Money. 

DENARIUS Drt, Eameft Money. 0. L. ' 

DENARY [denarius f L.] of or belonging 
to Ten. 

DENBE'RA, a Place for the Running of 
Hogs. 0.7,. 

DEN'BEIGH {probably of *»eo a Dale. 
and Bij^an, Sax. to inhabit 1 the County 
Town or Denbighjhire in H^atcs, 160 Mileft 
N. W. by N. from torJcn. 

DENDROL'OGV [o^li'^ftf, aTree, and 
\o\oc, a Speech, Gr.] a Trcatife or Difcourlt 
of Trees. 

DENE, a fmall Vplley. (7. 

To DENEGATE [de^tcrare, L.l to deny, 

DENKGA'TIO:^, a Denial. L, 
DE'NELAGE, fhe Lawi which the Danet 
made here in England. 

DENI'AL \deni, F.] a denying or refu- 

D E N y B R, a Trench Brafs Coin, worth 
3- loths of a Farthing EngUJh, 

ToDENI'GRATE Idenigrart^X.,] to'makf 

DEN'ISON 7 [ DavU derives it of J>f- 
DENl'ZEN J liafiur or OinefttiD, C. Br. 
a Citizen j but Minjhe^ of D$naifont F. Do- 
nation] aFoTCijsner' enfranchifed by the King's 
Oharter, and made capable of bearing any Of- 
nce, purchafing and enjoying alfPrivUegeSj ex- 
cept inheriting Lands by Defcent. 

DEN'NIS [a CoiUraaioAof DionjfiuM] a 
proper Nume of Me|i« 

. ^^ Digit zed by GOO^ 


To DE5JOM'INATE [dtnmnur, T. V#- 
n»mnarg, of Jt aod nouuH, L.'} to fjirc Name 

DENOMiNA'TION, a naming or giving a 
Kaine unto ; alfo the Njme itfelf. L, 

DENOMMNATiVES [in Logickl are 
Terqns which taj^ U^cir Qrigijul and Nktne 
fn>m others. 

• DESOfAlYJA'rpK'cf aFrafihn{ln 
jSritvmfick] is that Part of the FraAion 
%irh1ch ttsnJs below the Line of Scparatipo', 
which always tdls yoa into ho^ Inany 
parts the Integer it fuppofed to be ditldad^ as 


DENOM'INATOR [of any Pnfmieti] U 
the Quotieot ariiihg from the Divinon of the 
Antecedent of foph » Kicio by tU Coofe> 
■ P^OTATJOK, a maiklng pr aotiog. 

To DENCTE [demter, F. denocare, L.] 
p ftew by a Mork, lo A%nify, * ' 

To DENOUN'CE [deMater, F. dgaunttMrt^ 
|«.1 to pubtiih or proclaim; *- 

DEK6E [d^fm, L.] thick ; aphilofophical 
Term oppofed to tbh. f , • 

To DEN'SHtRE Land [/. e. to Dnnnfiin 
if] to C|it oif the Turf of Land, and Whcn'it 
u dry, to lay it oo Heaps and born it to AAcs', 
•t is done in JDevf v^^rr. 

DEN'SITY [Dtnfit€\ F. ^fJ>tftfias, L.] 

Dent [ofVMtfL. a Tooth] a Notch a*- 
boot the Edges. F, 

DENT [in Hm^aldry} a Bcrdart Dent u 
whea the Oauline of it is notched in and 

DENTA'GRA [of Z)m,L. a Tooth, and 
«>^ QXt % Capture] ch6 Tooth-ach^ tlfo 
laftrmsents^to dciw Teeth. 

gEN'TAL, a fmaJl ShclUfifli. • 
ENTA'RIUS, a Tooth-drawer, t, 
DENTED Ferge fin i^artf^ry]. Leaves of 
plants notched about the Edges. 

DENTES Saf^witia^ [ /. r . Teeth of Wif- 
doffij fo calledv bccanfe Per fons ate at*, the 

gioK of- their Growth coroc* to Vears of 
ifcretion] two double Topth behind the rt^, 
which rpringup aboot the twtncietli Vear, 
i>r upwards, having till ^en Jain in their 
pockets. . • . 

DEN'TRIFICE [Dentrtficium, L.] a Medi. 
pine, for the whitenu>g> icOut ing; «M dsio^ng 
of Teeth, fifr. P. ' 

; DENT'ILQQUBNT [dcmtilbfmf L.] one 
' that fpeaks tlirougli his Teeth. 
•. PEN'TyCLESl[la<*rW/tf^r]isaMcm- 

DEN'TILS 5 ber Of the Wf Coiwlce, 
ilquare, and cut (ftit at convenient Diftanc^ 
which give's it the Form of a Set of Teeth^ 

D|SNTISCALP7UM« •« Idftniment ttf 
fjcanihe Teeth with, i. * 
' DEl^TiaiON, the Time whc» Childwn 
Iireed their Teeth, which l» about the ferciSth 
MorJi. I, ,.......'.. 


DENUDATION [ofd^andaAi 
bare or naked. L. ' ' ^ 

pay down. 

Denouncing or i^'wi ^Uli»t1Cl 
»ng. L. 

DEN'WERE, Doubt. ' 

ToDENY' rjW«r^ F. of 
not to admit or or grant j to 
own. ^ 

CIRCS which openOUkudMM. 

DEOD AND' I Dry daadtan, J. 
devQttd to'God* farExpfatknoTli 
or to atone fur the violent fiieath of 

DEONERANOX) fr9r00ftrm 
jvhieh liis forooe th^t is dlftraioefl 
that ongbc to be pai^ by othtts^ 
with him. 

To DEfONER ATE [inw^wrr, % 
load» to take oaf^rBurddi. ' 

To DECyPILATE [drftf^'Ar^ F, 
•ppilart, L.] to opien Obftrv^iou. ' 

DEOPPlLATiyE lllD^ffik 

fuch Medicines as ferve to r^jnof^ 
cions or 3Koppafes, 

DEOSCULATiON, akifiiii^Trf 
nefs. L, , " 

To DEPAINT' [dtpefwd^if, 
L.l to make the ReprcleotatioB of 
PaOage, orThmg; vviUi a Peai j6 
to rspftfent the noble A^tioBS or y% 
Rerfon in Words. 

To DEPART' [dtfmrtir, FJ J 
from a Place :alfo to ceafe tf«L 

A DEPART' Tin C^miM ill 
tion, wberebf the Partidesjpl SiNcr 
to dipai^ from 09M, wheiffbey^ 
melt^ together in the fane )u0k^ 
be fep^Taied no other Wby, • 

DEPAKTyrMv the PM {{BMK 

DEPAR'TURE ^ 5 wba 
pleads in Barof A£llon, and RJrjd^V 
to made, he fliew's another fifstftrw 

DEPARTED <vft<, tjai^l 
mingledr O.P. -" " ^ 

DEPART'ERS [of CM 91 Siht 
who purify aod -pm thofi ftM 
coarfer Sort. 

A D1^ART«1]R^ f in . 
Eaftiilg or Wefting df « ii^/ 
the Meriiiian it departed hrfe 

Of PAfiTiniE -fit mtt* ^ 

tt when tHe'Defendahra|^|lfiit6li 
brou^tigaiiiftliilDJ tadttattcsf 

DEPATIFCRATfek, V mafcii^ 
To DEPE ACH, to acwit.'^'K'- 
; 0£PSC0LA'tiONV « MHA 
PHnce W^tcmMMnMi f tfltfi 
ihe^^iiWkltTtwfci* - "' •" 

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; to relj on ; to proceed frem, 
B f tfc^nif , ftayinb or re- 

ifo. *F. 

J QfM^who depend! on, 
^^e, ^ anpther. F* 

' l^fendens, L.J depending. 
If, patted. S^e. 
"JTE Jf.C^rW Trw ] 
^fiiwred ttctn Phlegm 

a Septratioa. of 
Water. 1^ 
palling off tHe Hair. 

it? [defi/atplre^ P. of i^/k- 
iflU the Hair cori* off. 
ATORY, a Medicine for that 

TATIOK, a taking «p of Planti. 

I. F. ■ 

"S, the being worthy 

ff, i deploring, laHidriting 

Iter b^ad onaS AChfortuoe. 
(f , ft phicking oir Fca- 

S4Tft>I^ ]jn -^iTf^rrrirl a Swcliing 
' idle H^niaU off fioffi 

MKtbefeatfaen, tonofeather. 
"*"^ [ Defpnau^ L. ] one who 
) apon Oath before a Magi* 

[IttCfammar] a Verb 
\ aftve Signification, but a paf- 

i^UlATB {dtfttplef, F. >e. 
^J ti %eopl^ to fpoil or lay wafte 

% a dif(toopl}og, fpoil. 
oyiiig a Country. L. 
AfOftiS j§trcnm, great Of. 
L bacaA tttey unpeopled and 

\[Jif$ntre^ L.] to carry a. 
Ida or behave oiic*t felf. 
¥ffTiOSf a conveying or carry- 

AT [DtpmOkM, F.] Be- 

• [^<rtir, F. 4ef9iMrit L. ] 

^1 aboot ai^ Matter $ al- 

ta dethrone a Sorarcign 


DtPOVlTAllY [Drpcfiaire, F. T-^- 
\JhariuSf L, ] the Truftee or Keeper of a 
Thing: one in whofe Hands a Pledge H 
lodged. • 

To DEPOSlTE [</«^o/fr, F. d^^ere^ L.J 
to lay down or tiuft a Thing with any one^ to 
lay in a Plaae. 

DEPOSPTIOMf what it lifid down ; d 
Teftimony gifcit hi a Cooft o^ Jod:^ of whig 
a Mao haa rceh or heard ; tlfo demoting or d»> 
priving of fome Dignity. F* of L, 

DEPOS'f TUM, ft Pledge left in the 
Hands of « aftoiher; or in a Place } alfo a 
Wager. L. 

DEPRAVa'TIOI^, a compting, a fpoil« 
ing, or making bad. F.ofL, 

To DEPR A' VE [ iepravtr^ F. of deprt^ 
^artg L. 1 to corrupt, marr, or fpoil. 

DEPRAnrEDLV, ctrniptlyj 

DEPRATEDKESS, i looted Habit of 
Naoghtinefs. - * , 

To DE'PRECATE [defreetn, L.] to pray 
agaihft any C|Iamity. 

DEPRECA'TION, a praying againft, &c, 
or for pardon, &c. L, 

DEPRECATIVE, ferriag to (le|)Kcate. 

To DEPRE'aATE [defn'edarr, L.] to cry 
down the Pvic^, to undA^f al6e a Thio£. 

DEPREDA'TION [Defradath, U] a 
robbings a teakiog a Prey of, a fpoiling. F. 

DEPREHEt^SIfiLE, that may be caught> 
conceived or undrrflood. L. 

DEPREHEN'SiON, a catchl/ig or taking 
at ooawarea. L, 

To DEPRESS [defrejpiin, L.] to f«rcfs or 
weigh down ; to bring-down or humble. 

To DEPREi^S th* Fote [in AJinnamy] fo 
many Degreei as any one fails or travels from 
th? Pole towards the E^uinb^llal,. he is faid to 
deprefa the Pole. 

DEPRES'SION, prying or forcing down, 
humblingi ^t. 

DEPRES'SION •fan Equation [in AIg;e- 
Ira ] is a bringing into lower and inore fimple 
Terms by DivUion. 

DEWREiSIO>I of a Thnet \\n Afirohgy\ 
is when the Planet is in a Sign which is oppo* 
fite to that of its Exaltation. 

DEPRESSION tfa Star hlono theHenieon 
[in Ajlrowfuy^ if the Diftancc of a Star from 
the Horixen below, and ts mcaforcd by' an 
Arch of thft Vtnical Circle or Animtb, pafling 
through the Star, intercepted between the SUr 

, DEPRES'SOR. one who keeps or prefTes 
down. L. 

DEPRESSOR AuritvJantm [in j1natemyi\ 
a Mtticle of the Ear in Beafts, which fcrvea 
to let the Ear fall. 

OEPR ESSOR Ldfhii iafericrit [in AKtrcmf] 
a Mofde ihferted iato the oecher Lip, pnflinf 
it down. L. 


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DliPRESSOR Lahi<frum [rn Anatomy ^ a 
MuTcle arifing from live inferior Jaw-bone, 
and afcending directly to tbQ Corner ot* the 
Lips. L, 

* DEPRESSO'RES Nafi [io Anaf^mv^ a Pair 
of Mufvles arifing from xhtOi maxi/lare, and 
are inferted into the Extremities of the Ala, 
%vhich they pnll downwards. 

. DEPRES'SOR Oat/i [in Anatomy] a Muf- 
cfe of the Eye, inferted at the oppofite Part cf 
thc^allof theEyc. L. 
. To DEPRE'TIATE [d^aiart, L. J to 
leHcn the Price of, 9tt undervalue any thmg ; 
to vilify. 
. DE'PRIMENT [in Attatmy'] is one of the 
ftraight 'Mufdes which moves the Ball of the 
^ve. L. 

DEPRIVA'TION, a bereaving or taking 
away ; as when a Perfon Is deprived of any 
thing, or depofed from his Prefermeat. L. 

ToDEPRI'VE [deprhfore, L.] to bereave 
or rob one of a thing. 

To DEPRO'ME [depromtrt, L.J t© draw 
f^rth or out of a VeOel. 

DEPROMP'TION, a drawing out. L, 

DEPT'f ORD [y. d. deep Town] a Village 
in Kent upon the River Thames, two Miles 
E. by S. from London, 

DEPTH [ of l>cop. Sax, deep, tMZ^ttf 
L. S. J Profundity, the Meafure from the Sur- 
face of a Place or VeflTel to the Bottom. 

DEPTH [of a Squciiron or Biittalhn'\ is 
the Number of Men that are in a File ; which 
o^ a Squadron is thre^, and of a Battalion ge- 
nerally fix. 

DEPCJL'SION [of dc zn^pdlo] a driving 
away, a thrufting or putting off or from. L. 

DEI'URA'TION, is'the cleanfing of any 
Body from its excrementitious Dregs, i more 
grol"sT*arts, or Filth. L, , • 

DEPURA'TION [in Surgery^ the clean- 
fing of a Wound from its Mater and Filth. 

DEPUTA'TION, a deputing or fending 
With a fpccial Commiflion, F. of Z. - 

ToDEPU'TE [dtputcry F. of dcputare, L.] 
to appoint any one to reprcfenc the Perlon, and 
a€l in the room of anotliei-., 

A DE'PUTY [«« Dcpu'J, F. of Dcputatui, 
L.} a Perfon appointed lo reprefent and ad in 
the Place of another. 

To DEQUACE, to dafhi 0. » 

To DEKA'CINATE ld:racintr, F. ] to 
pluck Up by the Root^, to root out. Sbahfp, 

ToDER'AIGNE \d.'rationare,U barb.] 
to prove or juOifv. 0. L, 

DER AIGN'MENT, a Proof, &ff. 0. L, 

To DiiRE, to hurt. 0. 

DERE'IGNE? [X-^aw Term] the Proof of 

DEREINE 5 a Thing which one denies 
to be done by hlm(elf. 

DERELICTS [dcrdl^a, L. ] arc fiich ss 
are wilfully thrown away, or abandoned by the 

'DERELICT' [direlJfJui, L.] utterly for- 

DERELICTION, an nttcr IbitM 
leaving ; alfo a being left or foclakea «(| 

DER 'HAM [ofDeofl.aDkef, «dj 
Lodge, Sajf.] a Town in Norfolk, eigjbljp 
Miles N.N. E. from London, 

DER'ICK [a Cooir^^Uon of 7^ 
iDieDM^ Ijf Tr«/.J a Man^s Name* 

To DERIfDE [dtrida; F. oi dettM 
to mock, or laugh one to Scorti. 

DERPDINGl^y, raockiDgly. 

DERI'SION, a deridln|g, 
laughing to Scorn. F. of i^. * 

tracing a Word from its Original. . 

DERIVATION [in Rbeiarick] 
Figure as Parcgmenon, 

DERIVATION [in Phyfick'\ h. 
ing of a Humour from ooe Part of 
to another. 

DERIVATIVE [dcrhfattvus, L.J 
or t2iktio fcom aopth^. F, 

To DERPVE [</fr/iw, F. of 
to draw or fetch from another, or 

DER'MA [ Ai^rt, Gr. J the SU| 
Bcaft, or of a Man's Body. 
' DERN, fad, folitary^ alfo 
cruel. 0, 

To DE'ROG ATE [deroger, P. «f 4i 
L.] to lem^Q Of tike from cbe Wortbl 
Perfon or Thing j to difparage^i t» 1 

DEROGA'TION, a difjiaragiBg j 
trading from the Worth.of a Perfob « 
alfo a fwcrving from. F. of /*» 

DEROG'ATORV [derogdt9ipe,T.i 
gatoriui, UA which tends to derog^lCk^ 

DERRING, daring. Sptnc. 
. DERRING DO, bold Dfeeds, 
Chivalry. Sparc. 

DERT'MORE [ of the Ritef i 
Moor J a barren Placp in Dcvonpirt, 

DERT'MOUTH [of D^rfthcRlW 
Mourb] a famous Port in Dtv^ufbki, ^$^ 
S. W. fr<»rn London, 

DER'VISES, a ftrift Order of religiW 
fons among the Turh, A ho und«siotei)U 

DERUNCINA'TION, a cutting offl 
Trees, or any Thing encumb^jug tUfO 

To DSSAR'CINATE [dff^r^^sart^ 
take away the E;iggage, to unload. 

DESCANT' [Dfftant^?,] aC 
any Suhjt*^, a continued Difcoirfe. 

DBSCANT [iTiMufck] the Aft «e 
poGng in fcveral Parts. • ! 

Plain DESCANT', is the Gitjand 
a Mufical Compofitionj'Jwbfch m£H 
the orderly pbcinj! oT msnv Cincords* 

figuraiivf DESCANT' 7 is rbat 

ccrned as \vell as Qcncords, 
I, thfuMi DESX; ANT. is v:\mi ike 

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tout, tkat the TrAU may be made 
, oo the contrary, the Bajs the 

f, b to ran a Diviiion or 

I r<d (ke Voice, ttpoa a Mufical 

la VK Meafore, an4 metaphorically 

BpRfhrafe iageaiouily tipon any 

' [JffcrnJrt, F. of J^fccnderf, 
b (CK, go, ftep, or be canieU down j 
f% aderifc ooe^a Original fruoS, or 

HIXCLV, by way of Defcent. 
~>ABLE,, which can delcerid, or 
t tended or gone down. 
N'DlNTSj Offspring, Pofterity, 

S, a defcending or golof 

cfa SigB [in jfflrencmy'^ 
k c^the £4)oator, which Tets wirh 
I «r part <tf the Zodiack, or any 

PXSION Right K>f a Sign [in 
laa Arch of the Eijuator, which 
k the Si^n below the Horizon of 
e } or the Time the Sign is fct- 

"OK ehiifof [in jfffrencmy'^ is 
:£qutor which defcends with 
V the Horizon of an oblique 

' fn Oymijlryl ii the fa!l- 
I eftbc efTential Juivc, difTolvcd 
5JW Matter. 
XRIUM [acnorig Chyntifls'\ is 
r diftiiiing, by cai^fing the Va- 
il dwmwsrds. 

V [dtjcentt, F. cf dcfcertus, L. ] 
\ <" V^'^% do\vn \ alfo the Hctrp 
"^Bj life a Bitih or £xtra£lion. 

•JT [of betrvy Bo/f'ts'^ is their 
!>^Kd» the Ccnite of the Earth. 

[sKto a Mont cr Dir^'h^ is a 
, into the Earth cf the Cover'd 

» « DESCENT tf^ a Couniryy is 
■" t, and to enter into it with a 
» ondiBg Frtce. 

(in F^rtificathn ] are the 
M)d holiow Places, made by 
; 6e Ground. 

I^RFBE [decrirf, F. drjcriberr. L.] 
■* an AAjui or Thing in Writing 

RI'BE [in Gecmetry] is to draw 

'^t'ElNT [in G<w)r^i'r|?] cxpref- 
*»wSorfKf, which by its Mo- 

" plain Fjpjtc or Solid. 

TW, a fettiag foith the Na> 
* f"»p»ttiw of any Thing, eiihcr by 

Ei to dcfuribc. %tf. 

D E 

To DBSCRY' [ of difcemere, t. ] to dX. 
cover far off, to difccrn. 

To DESECRATE ycficrart^L,'} to.defife 
or unhaliow. 

DESER'T [ofJefer^ir, F. ] Meritor 

To DESERT [ dsfirfer, F. dtfertum, L. ] 
to tor fake } to run away from one's Co- 

A DES'ERT [Dcfcrrum, L.] a WiWcrncfik 
a large wild Part of a Country , alfo a folitaiy 
Flacc. F. 

A. DESERT' [i)#r/,F.] the laft CowA 
of a Feaft; Fn*it, Sweatmeats, ^c, 

DESERTER iDcjcruur, F.] a Soldier 
that goes ov(r to the Enemy, or runs away 
from his Colours • alio one that forsakes iu% 
Religion, Prince, (J^» L. 

DERER'TION, a deforting, forfaJcing, run. 
ning from Colours, iuc, F, ot L. 

To DESERVE [defcr^ire, L.'\ to be wori 
thy of cither Reward or Puni/hmcflt, 

To DEblC'CAiE [drjhcar^,U] to dry 

DESICCA'TION, a dtying v^, 

DESILCA'TIOX [ in a Phjical SiJifc] a 
a diliblving of fupcrfiuous Moifture into Va- 
pours by Fire. 

DtblC'CATIVE, apt to dry ; ofadiyiog 
Qiialitv. L. ' . 

DEblDERA^TA, Things wanting, re- 
quired or I'ought for, L. 

DhSlDERY [oi DtJuimum,L.] Defirc, ^ 
Luft. Chjuc. 

DESIGN' [D''f':inatiot L. ] Contrivance, 
Enicrprize, lnvfntu.:i, rurpole j alfo the 
firft Draught cf a l^idure, C'f. 

To DESIGN' y^M'^cr, F. of defignare^ 
L.] to contrive, to piupofc cr refolvc^ alfo 
to draw a Figure or Skecc h of any Thing. 

DESIG'NATION, Appointmcnt,^f. L. 

DESIGN'MEN T, a iJcCgning, Intend- 
ment, or Intt-ntic n. 

DESIPIENCE f ./-/;>:r;?.';tf, L. ] FooliA^ 
nefs, Indifcrclicn, Doating.. 

D E S 1' R E [ d.fir, F. of d^fiderium, L, J, wi(h;ni: j al!o Entrcary, RetjMcft. 

ioDESlRE [Jcjircr, F. %i difid(rar€, 
L.] to cove!, lung, or wifli for j to entreat 
or prav. * 

DESIR'ABLE [d^fidcrabUh, L.] that is to 
be dciired cr wirticd for. i-. 

DESIRA'BLENESS, the being worthy to 
be dcftied. 

DESIROUS [t/'/rrwr, F.] greatly or paf- 
fionatcly dcfirirg or wifhirg tor. 

DESl'RCUSLY, wifhinyly. 

To DESIST' [Jc J//iA'cr, F. of ^j^^ L.J 
toceafe, give over, Icivc off. 

DESSAVy, Ic.ichcrous, beaftly. Char:. 

DES'OLATE [ dfjolatuiy L. j left d^e, 
forlorn ; uninhabited, laid wafle, ruintJ. 

DESOLA'TIOK, a laying walle, a maicirj 
defniate. F. of L. 
; DE >» Krt dt mtfr.c [Lav Pkraj-^ are: 

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V-Way of Reply to sU Plea of tlie D«iiMi' 
mat^ M when the DefendaaC pleais he did 
wbH he » charged -with by his MaAer*t Or* 
ier» and the Plaintift*. replica be did .k of iiii 
own proper Motion. . 

DJ^SPAIR ldffiff0fr, F. c£iUJjperdre,t.-] 
a Pafikm of Sou), which toakti it caft off ail 
Hopeii f txaoreua Cootfcnatioii of an ab)e£t 

Jo DESPAIR' [defefpettt'^Y, ofAfpersre, 
L.] to be out of ^1 Hopes of obciiiuag our. 
SftdSy WiAes» Defires^ &t. 

Db^AIR'iNOLy, in adap^i^Blia. 

Th l»^ZQTt.;['4€fpie^f, L.] to look 

DESPE&TION, a looking dowMndf*. 
*w* . . » ' 

DESPERA'DO, a def^rate, mad, hair- 
IfawMFcl^. iu/. 

DES'PEgATE [differatust L.} who it in 
]>!fpair» at dafpauvd otj aifo dangeruus, 

The DESPERATE, Defpair, or Defpera- 
tion. Skakeff, . 

D£$'PERATELV> daoceroufly. ■ 

DESPSRA'TION, a deipainng, or falling 
ImoDeMr; . 

DESPICABLE [iLffi^hilis, I..] liable to 
W defp>f«d or CQiKeaNMfd, bafej . mean. 

DES'PICABLV, in a (frfpicable Manner. 

DES'PlCABtENESS, being deTpicablc, or 
worthy of Concempc. 

DESPIT'E {dtjfit, F.} Envy, MaUce, 
Sf Ite; 

To DESPVSC IdefpUire, L.] to look upon 
wkh Comciftpc or Diidain, hu Uight. ' 

DBSPIS'lNGLY^t oMtemptnouflv'. 

To DESPOIl/ [ defpwilhr, F. of drff>9^ 
Hmm, L.] to r<)b or Mrip one d' his Goods, 
Eftatib,^#.. , 

DESPOUA'TION^ a robbing or fpoiling. 

*To DESPON'D {diffotdere^ U] to lofe 
CMrage, to defpnir d^ be ^uite diAeartraed 



SPONiyENOE 1 > a^Uifig i/OeurHe. 

DESPOND'ENCY 5 a being ^Itt dif. 
Lcartened, a giving over all flopes. 

DESPONO'ENT [dtffonJtts, L.] delpair^ 
Wf9 giving up Hope.. 

DB!SPON9A' i ION, a betiothing or girmg 
in Marriage. L* 

DE'SPOTE [ U^wvTH, Cr, ] a l^ord or 
Ruler of a Country ; a- Gorernor of a Pro- 
vince among the Crukt. 

DESPOXaOAL { [Def^tTftui F. of Ai. 

DESPOT'iCK 5 wyriiinttr Cr.} arbi. 
trary, abfolute, fnpreme. 

DESPUMATION [ of is priTative. and 
S^ttmay h» Ftoth] a foaming or frothing. 

DESPUIIA'TION [in P^^rm^jl h the 
.cieiiring and deanfing any Liquor, by letting 
II boil to take 06*110 Scum. 


(caling ol tool Booea. L. 

To DBSQUA'MM (y ^irf 
privative, aad S^asaut, L. cbtf 
fiflij to take off Scales. '--' 

Dl^SS, a Seat. ^ftnr.. ^ ' 

PESSABLY, conaaatly^ d 

To DESSE, to lay dofe^togetki 

ToDESTlN I [d^ig&. 

To DES'TINATE f /kimrc, U 
points defign, or order. 

DESTINA^TION, an ordcriogi 
or oefigning. F, of L, 

DES'TIKY [D^/ir, F.] Fata f 
fal or Enchainment of fecond Cade 
ed by ProviJence, vhich carrica vi 
Neceflity of the Event j alfo Death. 

The DESTINIES, tfir^PalStid 
Ootbo, who holds the Diftafi'; 
draws out, and jtfrn^i^' that cuts 
at' M^n*! Life. 

DEVTJNY R.adrrt^ GypQei oi 

DtsrfTUTE ldfJlirM/,F.'i^ 
left, ittifkiccn. 

DESTITUTION, aleaviogetf 
f, of L. . 

ToDESTRO'V f^//rK/>r,F. o 
L;] to throw down, to fUin or by 
delace, to kill. 

DKSTRUCTION^ a deftioyi 
Overthrow. /'". of L, 

DCSTRUC'TlVBy apt to 
pernicious. L, 


flrn^ve or pemidooi. 

DBS rRlER, a War-Horfe. 0, 

DHSUDA^ nONi a prdufir or : 
S\\ eacingi Lt 

DESUETUDE [ D^yttadc, L. J 
ot tor fa king any Cuftom ur H»it-> l 

DESULTORY [ dtfuittrim, U} 
fron one thing to another^ iacuofiaij 
mutable, waveriogi 
: D ESU MF HON l a choofing, i 

D^SUM'TION i from or out' 
- :DET [or De*r] a Writ whklil 

To DETACH {detsAer, F.}lo:i 
a Party of Soldiers upon a psticafai 

DETACniA'RE, to «« * 
Cut^ody 3 Man's Goods or PeHeO'* ^ 

DE:rACH'M£i;rT [Dttuheiiita^ 
Party of Sol«{ters drawn, out of s pw 
to ftrengtlidi a \icSitii or gcTod £o» 

DETAU.' (ilrf*//, F.] the Pirtw 
partifubr Orcomfiances of an ASUiu 
. To DETAIN' [d^^tidt, F. ofi*/i 
to keep or with*hold| to hiadc^ 

■ To DETECT' [iatgtrt, L. J to 
difcuTir, or 1m optii. 

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ISSmtATI, t» dirpd ot drive 

^^' L . • '. 

, a acn^pjftf or Jceeping } 

\, bfriiioastest. • jF; of JL 

?Slia».€%4J jae.thoftTStopc, 

i^ki|idud^, or M h\l (lowB, do 

ktibe Qptk in ftrikin^ 

' »W, is ^fo called the Jbo^ 

id\aA Hoop aJino(t round it, 

piiVKiK}^ at wbkh the Qoek 

f [&/i7ni0«.i4.] torfrigbtCQOr 
* Ifi [dettr^ere] L.J Co wipe flf 

TION, a nakioc wor%^ 

5ABL£, wludi may be de- 

iNATELV, ia a decifivc man- 

N*ATE [ determnmtiwts, L. 1 
■Bco or ditfignrd I poficive. 
W^fW, a final Refohiiioii 
^« fioc doii% any A^^ioo ; an Ap- 
^iDedfioa. /i*.ofI^ 

A'MIKE [datrmincr, F. of ^. 
i%U K»4«cide or give a fiital Jadg. 
^i:qaQc parpofe. 

^ CWED PnUeml'mGtmeny] a 
Ipidb it|i filler one, or' but one 
' fofSohitions. 
ATELrVy finally, unchaoge- 

^'riONFof ^ wdTfrra^U^ 
I cf Sand, Euxhj &c, horn 
lb to lower by iUiiia. 
SfiON, a ckaofiog, wiping, or nb- 

* [^fl^ F.] of » clean(n| 

MViVE M^ana, art focb as 
Melt^ fnm fitif^Ub and vifoooi 


|AIU {dM«^/'>> Ul fo be ab- 
IJjittgieL F. ' • 
2[AI(.r , in a' dcteftahlf Mtooer. 
^ABU|i;S$S, xk9 bcni decdl* 


"^Ki II a writ which lies againft 




DSroNAnnON^^thondertM. X. 

DETONA'TION [in ajM^f^^] ia ^ 
theaMnf Noiie line ii often made hy % 
Mixture 'being enkindled in the coouilui^ 
Ycdcl; far. the volatile: Parts fly out with 
^eat VehetiMnce ai»4 Impetaofity. 

DETOKSaON, a pmax^ or bendiig a« 
way or elide. L^ . 

To DETRACT' {^d^^fAir, F. oT drtrue^ 
tsre, L,] to tike from, lo abate or kflos lb 
fpeak ill of. or dander. 

OfiTRACr INCtr, by way of Dctnc 
tioo. ' 

PBTRACTIQN, a^wingfronii alfi» 
back-bt(ing, Aaoderiog* f, of L, 

DETRACriVJ^,a|it't9 4eciiQ. X, 

DETRACTA'TION, a dmwing b^fc^ • 
PeMai^orRefu^. In >»' 

DETRIMENT r^fn'mmfawX.] 0aiiiaee« 
Hurt,Lo&. F.;. . ''^ 

X>E^TRIM£NT fin ^rsA^} ia tht' 
grrateft of tbe cflential bc^jHtiet oTa Planet, 
vrs. the Sign .diff^iy oppodie fttjit whicli' 
is its Houfe $ as tbe Detrin^ot of tbe $«■ |a 
Afttani$s, becaafe it is oppo&te to £^* 

DE'TRIMEKT [at i^/AM/a*! iknl i| # 
Doty of I X. 64i pali by eadi^ -Membel' «f 
the Society, to the Hpofc, every Tetin, 
for defoiyiog ic« Cbaig/e, and repiiring its 

DETRIMEN'TAt, bwtfoi j wUeh faikigil- 
Hurt, or Damage* Z.. 


DETRITE [dttriemt,L.] womoot. 

DETRirriON, a weatiqi or rubbing off 
Particles from aov thing. L« 

DETRUNCA'TIOK^ • eiittfa«ofra 
BiaochqriimbofaTrerttfr. .£, 

To DETRITDS [^^airgditSfL.] to thrall 
down or from. 

PETRU'SiON, a thr oftii« down. • 

DETRU'SOR Urin^t [amopg jtMtm^t^- 
a Mufcle whol^ cameoiat Fibfca embrace the 
whole Bladder like a Hand, and compreft ic 
io the Evacoatkm of t^ Urine; 1#. 

DEYAPIA'TUS ( In OmMa^^mk ] ia 
one who has no Sureties or Pledges, 

DSYARiCA'TlONf tw^Xhiogs croflbf 
pine another* ■ ^ 

DBYASTATION, abybgwafte. U 
I D^YASTAYE'RyHT iMl» r^htorit^ ia 
% Writ lying again ft Execomiafor faying Le- 
gaciet end Debts, without. Specialty^ balose 
the Deb( upon |he faid $peci8ltiea be liee, t^ 
the Prejudice of the Credjuat. U, 

DEUCAUDCyNlANS^ a People who b 
ancient Times ia|iabified the Weton Pent ol 

PEYECnOH^.g CBfy}^nny»or dovA. 

I 'dIYEI/OPED [imHkp^» F.] oiiwrapp;^ 

fnfolde4 pyened, undone. • 
> DEVIhE'RUVT, si Wdi to dw King't 
%U)¥Mm9 wken anyone ofr^thcfCiing^aTe- 
, 4aatt koidini if C^iu dli%:.oo)Mftaodjj5. 

Digitized by VjOC^IC 

D E 

liiBi to i»)brre what Lands or Teacmestt 
came to him. 

DEVE'REUX [^. dl of Evereux, a Town 
IB FrfitKe] a SitnaniCir 

DEVER.RILL [perhaps of*&u)th, Smc. 
through] a little Rivuict in Wikjbire^ which,- 
Jike the Mole in Surrtyi. runs under- gruajid, 
and about a MjIc further breaketh out a^ain^ 
and then rurmcth abovc-grouod. 

To DEVEST/ [H€K^,ihr, F. of ihveftin, L.] 
to ftrip, or unc!o3:!i ; lo deprive of. 

To DEVI^T I ia Law J to tom o«t of 

DEVEX'ITY [ //«vrWMx, L, ] Bcndiag- 
ncfs, the HcUowncfs of a VaJley. 

To DE^VJ A TE [dtvtare, L. q. d. <ie wa 
ir/J to go from, to fwerve. 

UEVlA'TION, a going out of th« way, 
t fvvervin{. L. 

DEVTCE [DnycyT.] a Contrivance, In- 
vcRtion, or feigned Siory ; alfo a Motto or 
Conceit in a Coat of Arms> &c, 

DEV/IL [Deopi, iiax. £)uf(Ul, (?. Br. 
PiahUy F. D;jn.o^ Span. Di.sifoioy I:aJ. 


DEVIL «« tb4 Neck, » fort of Rack or 
torturing Machine, antientjy ufed by the 
Papiftt to wroft a Confeflion fropi the IVo- 

DEVIL'S jgrff m Ptai, a great uniathom- 
able Hole in Dcrbyjbire^ having a great many 
Corners iike fo 'ni«\ny Apartments, of which 
there are feveral ftrange Accounts given. 

DEVIL*s-eir, an Kerb. Huccifa, L. 

SEA-DEVIL, a ftrange Moaiier on th« 
C'>afts of /imerna* 

DEVIL's-DROP, the Remaint of an old 
Beacon on a high HHt at D9ver. 

DEVILISH [iireufehfrij,r«i/.] of or 

belonging to, Uke,^ or of the Nature of the 
t)evil, wicked. 

DEVILISHLY, wy wickedly. 

DEV'ILISHNESS, very great Wicked- 

DEVILV Milk, a fort of Spurge, an Herb. 
Efula minor, L. 

DE'VIOUfi [Deviuty of Je from, and via 
way, L.J going out of the Way, fwerving 

To DEVIR'GINATE [ dcvir^ifure, L.] 
to deflower a Virgin. 

DEVl'SE {Law Term] whatever is devUed 
or bequeathed by Will ; alfo the Adt of Be- 

^ To DEVl'SE [probaWy of rf«.///r, F, ] to 
imagine, invent, ^"tncy, or feign j alfo to 
contrive or forge. 

• To DEVISE [in tawXU to beqxieath, 
give, or make over Lands, &c, by a laft Wiil 
and Tcftament in Writing, 

DEVISEE', the Pufon to whom any 
thing is bequeathed or devifed. 

DEVl'SOR, he who has bei^ucithed his' 
CoQds or Lands to another. 

D E ^ 

' DKVITA'TIO, an Jlfcape,H 
efchewing, or avoiding. \ 

DEVOCATJO'NE ParSamenti, i 
for recalling a Parliatneat. i 

DEVOl'R, Duty, that which c^ 
ought to do, according to the I4 
Rules of Civihty and Reafon. F. 

DEVOIR'S [of Calais] the Cat^ 
to the King for Merchandiae bn>a9b| 
carried out from C«i^/r, when curS|| 

ToDEVOK'B [iewKtfrr, L^Tj 
down. "^ 

ToDEVOL'VE [iievoh'€rr,L.']4 
tumble down ; or come from one lel 
as an Eibte does. ] 

DEVOLU'TAR Y, [ Dnnlmtcire, ] 
who claims a Benefice becomisis vqmI^ 
DEVOLU'TION, a roUing or | 
down; aUb a paflinAfxoin one to 1 
F. of L. 

ing it by fpreading on it the A&es i 
lurfs. I 

■ DEV0TEE'7[Drtatf, F.] a Big^ 
DEVOTO' 5 pcrftitkHis Hypodl 
To DEVO'lx- [deK^otier, F. Jem 
to vow or confecrate to God, to fa| 
holy Ufe. 

DEVOTION, Piety, religious Zl 
vowed Service, at the Command, £hi 
&c, F. ofL. , 

DEVOTIONIST, one much \ 

Piety and Dcvotior. ( 

To DEVOl^'R [dlavourcr, F. d.-s4 

to eat up, or fwailow down gied 

coafume, to«.ift^. 

DEVOUtVING [in BereUr^ 
Fifbes are home in an Efcuccheon iai 

DEVOUR'JNGLY, very g reedU|i 
P E V O U' T [^)«*r, F. J full of 

DEUSEAVILLE, the CountiT. 

DEUSWIN, two Pence. Ca$f. 

DEUTEROG'AMY [i>«/^e^ 

Aturtfvytfxisi, of Ztvrip^ the l«d 

)^^M-Marriage, Gr.] fecund Manial 

Au^Ttfays/uhi, of if^ntoe and so/ 
Gr. /. f, the fecood Law j fo is the 
of Mofts called hv the Crttks, hM 
Law is therain repeated. 

Gr,] isaDifieafewhich^toccedsii^ 

DEW [Dcape, A'i,ar. C^aufc, \ 
Meteor hred at a thin txM VapooTi; 
tompofed of the Suams and Vapo«tt 
Eatth, which being eiduiled by thtt 
the Sun, and kept fofproded dtttia^ 
fence, ^do uoon his Absence, cflti 
Diopf^'and fail down to the £aith i|| 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

D J 

fdrarnl [an»( C6^>1 is a 
l«W«tKr 4rawa fran that MiaenJ 

^ a fort of Fruit, 

'\ a DiAoBber in CbCtie. 
F.OAWS [among HMmen] the 
' • "• b behind a Deer's Foot. 
[W-J«»e, ^-».] Of a 
I firt «htch haiigjB down' under 

^ [of JMtD, CBr. God, 

f*] • Town ia T^rkjbire, 
[DmM, F. 9iA^t, Or. two] the 
^•0 St Cuds or Dice. 

\J^ [in 49r»As7] is an Af. 
k'atsatnry U the Mtoiai Order and 


igMmck Vdm [in Amattmy] (he 

i& of the Saleen Vein that pal&s 

tfvEppioon. *^ 

"l ^w-r [in HersUrjl is the r%ht 

[Dtxstrit/, F. of Dexttri' 
'•mht-handedaefsi Aptoefs, Oe- 
'^BUciieis, Readineft, SkUl« 
»00S?[Oe«r*r, L.] handy, 
ODS Iconoins, ikil/ul. 
WXrSLY, dereriy, flcJMuIty. 
I1U0USN£SS, deveraeft, Skilf«J. 

, alightflorie, orHorfe 

* 4b Tide of the Supreme Goyemor 

K Gr J 1 Gritk Pkepolitioa, Cg- 
*^f^^ or Uivfeem, and is often 
m2^ ^^"^ rf Phjfjcal Compoiitions, 
J2|[J^ PMKipal Ingredient i as ZJr- 

5*2? f^f4«f «f 8<-Caii«i., to 
l^jy»^.] a Diiiuie when one cannot 

JttaiCAt [X)i[«W^«, F. DiMian, 

S^ [3ilCsuc, or >i.t«X3).» to 

PW^[WC^if,Gr.] a Solution 
JS!; •» ^^*n>Sou of the Parts. 
"^ntM/ICON, an oaigrcrfal Medi. 

JJOS, the liortcft Oiameter of 

Smm, Oatt'. DIACOTOUM [of ^ with; and |mI^ 
Be^, VtCStPCn* ^hc Top of a Planr, Cr.] a Syrup made ot the 
or wet with Tops of Poppies. 

DIAC'ONAL, of or belopgiqg to a Dea. 

DlACOUS(TiCKS [ of M and c^»r4«<>, 
Gr.] a Sciejwe which explains the F^opcrtics 
of re/ra^ed Sounds. 

DJA'CKISIS [ZtUfiwit, Gr.] a jadpng o( 
and diftingui(hing Difcafes, with their refpeo- 
tive Symptoms. 

D1'AD£M [ DiadiM$, F. DdiuUma, L. of 
^ajiufUL, Gr. J an Imperial or Royal Crowa» 
properly a Linen Wreath, which iCings ao^ 
tieatiy wore inftead of a Crown. 

DIADCXCHB l^iAxHrOt.} SucceC- 

NADG'OHB [in Fbxfidi the PiogreA of 
a Difeafe. 

DIAIHOSIS [iicdorif, Gr.] »-Tr«<li* 

DIADOSfS [in PfyJSck] » Diftrthution of 
Noorilhrnent through all the Parts of thp 

DIADkOME' [dw3fo^^, Gr.] the Vlbra^ 
tion or Swing of a Pendulum. 
Dli^'RESIS [ZtAifi€ts, Gr.] a dividing. 
DliS'RESIS [in Grkmmar] a Poetical Fi. 
gpire, where one Syllable is divided into two^ 
as Ev/aifi for EvMfi. 

DLCRESIS [in Surgtry] is a Method d 
Separation. of thofe Parts, which, by their 
Union, hinder the Cure of Difeafes. 

DliCRBTaCfCS, Medicines which coirodr 
and eat. Gr, 
DliC'TA [^kir«,Gr.] Dftt^Food. Zjr,. 
DIi£T£'TICA [3mt«t«»4i, Gr.l is » 
Part of Phyfick, which prefcribes the Ufr an4 
knowledge of tlr Riiie« of Diet, or of the fix 
1 DIAGLY'PHICE [^/«>^<;#|Ki, Gr.] the 
J art of cutting or making hoUow, or coocav« 
Figures in Metals. 

DIAGNOST'ICK [of )M>iy<;^M»,Gr. to 
know] that knows or difcerns thoroughly. 

DIAGNOST'ICK^/iw [inPj&y/a] thoft 
Signs of a Dtfeafe which are apparent. 

DIAGNOSTICK Siznt [among Botawftq 
are particular Signs, by which one Plant may 
be known from one another. 

DIAGONAL [DiagonaUy V.^D^gonalk, 
L. of )ftt)^i«, Gr.] is a Line drawn froil^ 
Aogle to Angle in any Figure. Gem, 

DFAGRAM [Diagramma* L. of 2^% 
yfXfutfAXf .Gr. ] m Geomttry^ is a Schen^ 
drawn for the dcmonftrating or proving of any 

DFAGR AM [ ia Mtijukl is a Proper^ 
,tion of Mcafi^rcs, ' difttngnined by cenaifli 

DlAGRAPmCAL, beUmgiog to the Art 
of Painting or Graving. 

DIAjGRAPHI'CK Art \ZtAyfA^^ Gt.} 
the Art of Painting or Craving.' 
DIAGRID'IUM. a Pfepiiatioivrf Seam* 

1 i r- »««fs 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

D I 

mony, '%y baking or roaming It indofei ta the 
Fruit of Quince, 

DIAHEXAP'LA? [amofig Fawrrm] 

■ -^DlAHEJCAP'tE 5 t Drink for Horfes j 
fo called, from its fix^Jngredienta. 
t. 'jDI'AL [Diaiis, L. of or belonging to a 
'•1()by].any^'Pkife ttpoa which ara drawn feve- 
ral Lines and Figures, and a Gnomon or Styk 
4x«d, to tksM the Hours of the Day, .as a 
SdB^ah'. t. 

*noDIAiJS ^Jtrdltiy are fuch as lie -parallel 
frith the Horizon, called Norizonul Dialsv 
^ff!SMALSr^rr|»>r7<if^r,^are (t^ch fs 0aj)d 
perpendicalar or ere£t to the Horison. ^ 

. 'DIALS Erta, Dirta, Baft, fVefi, North, 
tar Sitnb^ are Planes or Walls which face aay 
one of the four Cardinal Points. 

DIALS rnclipingf are fueh whoAi Planes 
incline or bow forward toward the Horizon. 
' DlAbS r^/mVnfr are fu^h a* bei«d. back- 
ward toward the Horizon. * 
' DMLECT [0iale0tfue, F. DiakaUa, L. 
M^h^wT*^^9 ^'l <s a Manner of Speech 
peculiar to fonie P^uc of a Country, and dif- 
fWing from the Manner ufed in other Parts, 
yet all u(ing the fame Radical Language as to 
the Sub(^ance of it. 

' DIALEC'TICA 7 [Dialtaiaue, T. Ji«. 
' DIALECTICE J Xj*Ti»i, Gr.] Dit. 
ledlicks, or the Art of Logick, which teaches 
tO'di'courre and reafon in Mood and Figure. 

DIALECTICAL? U'altaut, L. of 

DIALEC'TICK J Jw\iiiT/«or, Gr.J 
«f or belonging to I/^ick. 

DIALECTICAL .Arguments, Arguments 
which are barely probable, but do not con- 
vince, or determine the Mind to either fide 
of the Qticflfon. •' 

DIACEFSIS [9ifl^t4ic, Gr.] a 3|mcc be- 
twccrf, a Prevention. L. 
' DIALEPSIS {in Surgery). IS the Middle 
Bpacie in 'Wo^inds and Uloect, which ia iefc 
open for their Core. 

' DIAL'LAOB [^i*\X*>J», Gr.] a Rheto- 
rical Figure, when 'many Arguments are 
brought to no £ffe£^. L, ^ 

VlAULtL' Li fits [in GcomftryJ are fuch 
as riin a^rofs or cut one ahother. 
" DI'ALLING, the Art of making Dials. 

DIALLING Glo^f an laftrument con- 
trf^ed for drdwing all forts of Dials, and to 
K^ve a dear DtmonOration of the Art. ' 

DIALLING SpbfTf, an InOrumtrnt con- 
trived to demonftrate the Do£trine of fphe- 
ftcal Triangles, and to give %true Idea of the 
db'awing of Dials on all manner of Planes. 
. DfALOGIS'MUS p/«Ao>/T^6f, Gr.J a 
Rhetorical Figure, when .a Man /eafoos -and 
^i^ourfes. with hipifelf, a* though it were 
with another. L, , ^ 

« OIALO^CSaf in Affi^i B^itJ fignifics a 

Eicceof Mufick foj two or lisorc Vojccs or 
ifl"F«ineR|€,^ which anfwer one to another. 
DIALOGUE \DiaIo^vs, L. of oiefX&j^, 
p»tj'* pwiiejtncy or Di(courfe between f)vo 

D I 

4)r Jtififtt Pati^p ; jDT a yvritijpn Dij 
two or more Pytjes are talking t 

DIA'LYTON [luikurvf^Qr^ 
in Rhetorick, when feveral Words 
-gether without a Conjun^ion Copul; 
. DlAMARGARrfON [of Xwti 
^A/tivar, Gr.] a Reftorative Powder, 
main Jngedient is Pearl. 

DIAIVIER'DIS [of Dia and Mtrdg^A 
Ordqre] a Confe£Uon of FilgrijQS Salve | j 
a Hiittgi Fcliow* 

DIAM'£T£R [Diametn, F. Dumatr^ 
oi.Zii/A%tfi^y Cr.l {joi C^metry) jn aM 
whkli pafles tbrottgii the Middle of aoyjli 
gu re . frofn one Apgle to aootbcr. 

DI AM'ETER [of a Circit] h a U 
whVh pa^es thro}igh the Centre of a.q 
(^e, and i; hounded by the Circumfcftntai 
«\cU $ji4e; (liv idling t^ie Cirdf; i^to tvoti 
Parts". ; 

DIAMETER [of a Conich SiBim) $ 
Right I«ine dra^n through the Middle of jj 
Figure, and diflTe^ng a|i th« Qr^MOtft M 
tyro eq^al Parts. ^ 

DIAMETER [ of Gravity ] i» that I 
Line in which the Centre of Gravis 

DIAMETER [of an Hyl>erhla\ is j 
Right Line, which pafTes through the f 
die of the Traverie Axis, which is the C 
of the Figure. 

Pf AMKTEll [of the ParaMayitt, \ 
drawn parallel (o the Aais, and which j 
be fjippofed to mV? at any infinite V" 
or ifi the Centre of the Figure. 

DIAME'TRAL 7 belonging to, 9ti 

J>}AM£TR|CAL I is in the Fonn i 
Diameter. F. 

DIA^ETRJCAL^-Y tfjfcfite [L 
merit, F.j /'. «. dire£lly over-aga^; ^ i 
two Thmgs are oppofed to ppe archer I 
a-crofs, or direiJly contrary. 

DPAMP^P' (piamaiit, F. Adamaifl 

of 'A&tyurtf, Gr. S)etn4nt» T«/.l tfce m. 

valuable and hardeft of alfthe precious St«fl| 

DIAMOND [ in Heraldfy ] is the wl 
Colour in the Arms of Noblemen« d 

DIAMOND [ among Pritaen ] a bk\ 
fmall Printing Letter. . i 

' DIA'NA, the Poetical Goddefi of H*! 
ing. l. ' , 

DIANA'r Tree, a Chymical Ofoim 
by which a Coqipoft^ion of Silver, T " 
and ^pirjt qf Nit^jT, ftiay be ceytti 
the Form of a Trie, called the Phil( 
Tree. * . 

DIANOE'A 1 5/*»<*, Gr. ] a Figuni 
Rbe^rick, importing; a ibious Con£deni| 
of the Matter in Hand. t 

DIAPASM*- [ Sii^«r^a, Or. ] t iNl 
fume or Pojpandcr | ajfo'a fiifejiicine aadaj 
of dry Powd^ to ^ fprmkled upon (atai 
thing. ' j 

PIAPA'SOJi [ linta^, Cu ] » TaS 

- Digitized by CO6g0 ' I>l4 

15 t 

f sfnoqg Pli/ficiffnt ] w a 
r affive Iflgrcjicnls ; a!fo a 
Its PisckI), becaufc itudt of fltre 

«f Diap^^ F. to totcmfreare 
LiocQ Cloth wrought wiih 

I all over *rt}!i fucfi TLingj at Bor- . 
1 t» be ctuxfcdy a^|>eariiig bet^veen 

[ in 1 Piffitri ] i! wh«o a 
QUite nolhedj, it cure r- run 
I or otli<rr Worki. 
iiNE'ITY [ D-a/hamet/, T. of 
Cr* TraofpirMcy] the Pxgp«rty 

7S [ dispta-.f, F* of Jlet- 
[ trskafjarentlik* Gliff, cr which 

r^i«f«i^, Ct-] Diffcrdnce, 

• riftjre la Rtmorick, whcrt 

ts t^tcen in a Sigaificatioil 

whax it Wis al firft» L, 

TRESIS [ ?#*ffipffif, Gr. ] a 

I ill Hi«T.oyrs by the Pores onhc 

lET'lCKS [ Bisphcrrti^ur, F. 
6, L- of ^ixt4fiTJKJ, Cr.] Mc- 
cr. tauf* Sweat. 

I^ACM [Di^phrd^e. F. D/'tf- 

I L. f W#«>.ju^, Gr.j the Mid- 

' t Mufcle cuinp'jftd of iwtt iithers, 

chc cniddie from the lower 

t^TTONTES [among Anattf- 

be M^nbranes, cctrmonly called 

i^iCh cover the Ia6c3e of the 

[h'i'!t\Am, Or^J the fet- 

fkat IS out i*f J.?int. £, 

MtA [ Zt^r\ifffjteLt Or. ] tn 

_ FatoentatiuD. £. 

ASTlCfC-N [In Pharmatj] Medi- 

*^ »ie rood Kir a Limb osit of Joint. 

IE pi«7>i^f Gr-] the fjme as 

LXStS f S^et-rSittfJc, Or, ] a 

flgare in Rbetorick, Mfh^n the 

„• Inndled ^ing r)f equi] Worth, 

fiecBM to be in Ooubt tihich he 


ALM\ Pj<f4«X/*4, Cr*] aPaufe 
-f Nr-e in Sintiof, L. 
~yK\ (Sj*»^ajyi^Cr,] iiaCor- 
of anj Part of the Body* i^. 

LDiatritif, F. of ^iij;. 
lik ot Loofcneij in the 

f<>ET1CK» that hii a Uik or 

D I 

LooAneTs in the BelJy without an Imflalnaui^ 

DIARTHRCSIS [Jiai^^w, Cr.J a 
kind of ioofe jointing of fionts^ nThich mie 
for fenliblc Motiofts. L. 

A DIARY [Dimriym^ L. ] aa AccoMl ' 
of whi«-pa(!trs cr^ 0ty j a Joatthd cr Day. 

DfAR Y, of or belonging to a Pit. 

DIASCOR'DIUM, aa Ele^itf^, of 
which the chief ingrodient ia Um Herb Stwrm ; 

DIASTOLE [^^nXik, Or.] a Dtftifiai« 
00, dividing, or fepanfing^ • ■ 

DIASTOLE [wiih Anatemj/ts] the Mo«. 
tion of the Puhn, wbtcfa dilate thi Heart aad 
Arteriei, when the Bload fiowt into it ftoo- 
the Lanpf 

DIAS<T0LE finGrammtr'i a Figmo 
whereby a Syllabk ihort by Naturie "SedSt^ 
long. .. 

DIASTY'LE [in jirebittBtrt] a^ foit of . 
Edifice, where the Pillars iland at the- DU. 
ftance of three of their DiametiErl fr^M one 
another. - ' 

DIASYR'MUS [HuLvvffAU, Gr. ] a Fi- 
gure in Rhetorick^- by which a l^ftin or 
Thing W cotntnended by way of Doriiion«\ 

DIATE'RETiqCS [o( ^lAtitfU&tf^ Gr.] 
the Art of prefenrtiig Health. 

DLATES'SAROI>r [of'JJc? \f^ md ric- 
^etfdL four, Gr.] any Compofition'confiftiog. 
of four Ingredients. "» ^ 

DIATES'SARON [SiATKr^ufi^, Gr.] a 
^yord ufed in Muiick to denats an-Idttnral 
compofed of a greater and' a le^er Tfine,*tht 
Ratio whereof if that of Four to Three. ' 

DIATET'ICK, that Part of Phyficfc. 
which cooOdcra the Way of Living, as to 
Food or Diet, fuitable to particolar Cafotb 

DIATHESIS [iiiUtrit, Or. ] the -m- 
tural or pretdrnatural Difpofitioo of the 

DIATHY'RUM [ 8isl9»^r, Or. ] (in 
AftbftiSure) lignifies a Skreen or Fdlce of 
Boards, &c, a Pale or Rail before a Door. L, 

DIA'TONI [Bidttw, Gr.] Coi-ncrftones* 
Band {fortes, or Perpend. ilones. 

DlATO'tifUyK [ Diatonffttc, F. of Ji«- 
riitoe, Gr. ] a Term " lignifyin* the ordi- 
narieft fort of Mnfurk, pff^ceeding by" difrei> 
eflt Tones cither in a&endiag or ee(^i;nd'* 
mgi . ' ' 

UiATOfSlCK M:'/^ck, one of the threfc . 
antient Mettiods of Singing. 

DIA'TONUS ifypa:9n, the muncal Not* 
called D-fol-re. 

DIA'TONUS Mefen, the Note called 

DIATO'NUM 7 a fort of Sonn pro* 

DiATO'NICUXf S <tt<)inf by difierent 
Toaes tnd Semi- wnta ; a plain Soi^ 

11% cu- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

DIA^^RA'QACANTH, a Compmna 
* nude of Guin-1rraga6uith« 

JDIA'TRIBA? [iuLT^tQ, Gr.J a Difpii. 
; DiATRlBB) tation or contioual Dif- 
ourfc ; alfo a Plade where Orations or Dif- 
pfttsoon^ are^hcld^ 

-PlATRVBUSoi diiiwith, Mid trihs^ of 
tres, L. ehree ] a Compofition confifting of 
three Ingredients* . ... 

DIATRVOS SanfaUm^ . H'. Medicinal CbiD- 
Mfition o^Uine ibrta of SmnHers', 

DIATRlf it^'ERON, a Medicine of three 
liHts of Peeper. ■ - ,-: , -^ ., . 
DIATUR'BITH, an Ekauaiy of Tur^. 

. i DIATV'POSIS [aiftVt/v«^iff, Or.3 a De- 
f^ftkm ; a Figure in Rhetorkk, whereby 
Things are fo livelily reprefented, that they. 
Amn at it were bcforfe our Eyes. 
> DiAZEU/JICK Trnf, is the aatient Gnek 
Mufici^ was that which disjoined two Fourths 
etch OD o«e Side of li, ai|d which being Joined 
t» either made a Fifth« 

• DIA'ZOMA ih^i»0UL, Qc] aCiidk. 
Dl AZOM A I myotomy ] the Dm^ 

• DlB'BCE^ a Tool wherewith Herbe ate 
fst in a Garden J alfo a Hat-brnfli. C. 

DI'CA, a Procefs or Adion at Law. t. 
:D1CA itn 0idRec$rJs] aTilty fu M- 
counts* • 

DfCA'ClTV [DicacitaSf L.] Talkatitc- 
ik6, Drollery, B^iiFooneiy. 

DICiEOL'OGY [ 3i*«sX^, Gr* ] a 
pleading of "^ne^s Caul'e ; tn advocating rol-; 
alfo an AceofatioB. . 

DICAn*ION« a Dedication. L, 

To DICHOT'OMIZE [^tx^fnftuf, Gr.] 
tb tut or divide into two Parts. 

DKHOT'OMY [8««oto/*iis, Of.} a cut- 
ting or ditiding into two Parts* .. 

DICK'ENS [f,J. DcTilkina, i.e. little 
Detils] albrt of Oath, asOA/^iriem. 

DICK'ER of Leather, is a Quantity Wo- 
Ifting of ten Hides. 

piCRA Ferri [in D«omfiiay' Bo^k] a Quao- 
fit'y of Iron confifting of ten Bari.. 

DI'CROTUS [ tiufvtot, Gr. ] is a Pulfe 
that beats twice. • ! 

DICPAMfiN, a Thing written by ano- 
therms Infirudion. 

To DICTA^ra l^aer, P. of Jiffare, L.] 
to tell another what to writc» &es 

DICTA'TOR [ among the Rmara ] was 
a Ruler from whom no Appeal was granted ; 
who was never chofen, buc when the Com- 
•nonwealth was in fome imminent Danger or 
Trouble; he had the Power of a King for 
half a Year, but at the End.of it tfrasoblifed 
|o yield up his Office under Pain of Treafon. ' 

DICTA'TURE [DiSatura, L.J a Dida- 
rodhip ^ the OiHcrand Dignity of a DiOatDr. 

^D IC'T 10 N A R Y \'Di9i.nnjirf^ F. of 
ihffurari'um, L. ] a Cwllcftion* of lali the 


Words of f Laagim^ en>tai— d h Jti^ 

' tical Order. j 

to DIChriTATE [Maitare^ U} tol 

often. L, 1 

DIDACTICAL X ^DidaBique^ 1 
DiDAC'TICK I ttZajtriMiU^O^ 

ftrudive, ferring to teach or explain W 

tureiDfS'lufigs. . 

piDASCAL'ICiC r^/^rE«Xia2«p4 

pertaining to a Matter or Teacher. J 

pfffAFPER [. ©mfcHttiwerJ 

'ft. d,^ Divcdapperl the Name of^a Binl 

.Tp DIDfDER fperhaps of )|ttmS#l 

to ihiver oi?*^ake with Cold. C. : 

DX'DYMOI liii^t**^^ Gr*J Twiaii 
Thing double., % 

blDYMOl [among Anatpmifiq d| 
ticjes. ... : 

DIE [^ in Arebheffure ] the iriddill 
P6de((al, v7«. the Part lying betvQ 
Bails and the Cornice. 

DE me ni diem, from Day to Dq 
continuei) Succeflion. L, 

DIEM r/tfi^ txtrewuim, a Writ 
when the Heur of one who holds 
King dies, for the Efcheator to 
what Eftate he was pofleiTed. 

DIEN'NIAL rDvfira/r, LJ of or 
to two Years, t, 

DI£a> Pf^eed, an Herb. LttetJIt, 
another called GeidfelU ThBoria, 1. 

DIES fin DcamJdof^BfM » ' 
nify the Charge of, one I^y^ *•' 
for the King. 

DIES^nvi [Lapi Term] a MfH 
by the Court to the Defendant. 

DIES y^idici,[ tegil J>Mjt 3 
given to. the Parties mConrt daring tU' 

DI^S non Juridieip Days 
Pleas are held in any Court of Juilict. 

DIES AUrcbU, the Day of Mr ^ 
merly held every Year, on the ' 
Boider% between the i&wM and 

DI'E^IS' p/i^ir, Gr.T a Tenn 
dtooting a Tone below a Semi- tone or4 

DIESIS Famong PrieiersJ the iT^ 
called alfo a double Dagger. - .; 

DIESIS [EnbarmoMicai lmMBfi6 
Difference between the gyvater aM 
Semi- tone. 

Di'ET [Diett, F. niDieOt^Udl 
Gr.] Food, Nourlihment, limited F<« 

DrET, a Convention of the States «( 
ces of a Kingdom or Empire ^ the bolt, 
in Germany and Poknd as a Pailiaiq 
Englmid, ' 

To DIHBT cae, to piofide «BI 
or Food. t 

To DIET [ in a MJSeM &*A [ 
keep aperfopi to a ^«K»liary RC«H " 

DTWA, a Day's* Work or Joartief. 
.DI'ETAI^Y, iwaH^tAf.' '"^ 
. prcfcribcd or lii)uted^irt« 

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, bdoB^ toft moknte 

m MON DROIT, the Motto of 
tflh^sJ, tad fignifieSy God and 

fCTM ACTy a Maxim ia our 
iljv, ThgttbgjiSef Godjhsll hurt 
^•(fttktCit' a Houfe be beat down by 
\ tf)t Lcflcc fhall nut oply be free 
Ijk iSa» of Wallr, but alio has a 
bob Timber to rebolld the Houfe. 

KON [5/«^«i;>>ui»af, Gr. ] 
I ia Rbctorkk, io which fcverai 
^tf I SfstOKe l^ve RcWion to one 

WON f granite [in ilf<r/-f A] 
iATION, a Qikiag away ooe*8 

ATORY {diffkwutoire, F.] flan- 

JFAWE [iiljBBCT', F. of </i^. 
\ to nadbce oruaiider. 

ATION, the parting of a 
iSiliiBai^ ofed among the Romant, 
t of Mhn and Wife. 
> [Sfftrtr^ F. of ^crre, L.] 
j^bbeaolike^ to vary. 
'^NCE [Di^fr«T//tf,L.] a pi- 
l^ki Cootrovttfy, Difpute^ or Quar. 

: [mXcpcil is the Attri- 
IhofBtj wlkKh dTcntiaiJy diftinguiibes 
froiB another. 
ICE [ u Usthmaticki ] is «he 
rf oae Qoanuty abo^e another ^ or 
' ' ', when one Qiuntity is uken 

itmk\ is an Arch of ^^e Equator, 
B between the Meridians of thofe 

SNCE ^ tongitudd {^/^ 
i] is an Arch of me 

J^unfcna! fo/' the Sun or 
|i tbe DiSotflce between the Right 
t A£uafioo of the Sun or Planet. 

\ in m Ctu a/ Aims, are 
1 M diftiogoifli one FamiJy from 
I fir Pkrfou of tiic fame Fao^iJy 
k idler. 
[^ttHRIVCE [difirmiir, F. ] . to 

[dtftrens, L.] which dif- 
,»irioM. F, 

Vt, in a different Manner. 
ld{fmHt,U] h»xd, diffir 

T.T firyci'ii, F. oidiffifiUh L.] 
Bto perform or midcctodj 

ttlY, harlly. 
^ICiri.TN£SS, TiMhUfommfs, 

. , -iTY [DiJIkM, F.. DiJ^cuU 
V%\ Tiwiblffaaqieft hi performing or 

undoilanding ■ any Things ^fai^neTst 6^ 
I'curity in the "Writing or aq Author. 

DIF'FIDRNCE [DiJ^d^nna, L.]. Doubt- 
fulnefs, Miftruft, Sufpicton. 

DlF'FIDtNT [diffident, L.] • donbtfbl, 
miftrudful, fufpicious. . 

DIFTIDEN TLV, miftrnftfulJyw 
UIFFLA'TION^ a blowing or pufEng^ a. 
way. F, 

DIFFLA'TIOrl [in Cfymiftry] Ja whe» < 
Spirits, which are raifed b^ Heat, am hiowK 
into the oppofite Arch of thfe Ftmace witi^ 
a Sort of Bellows. -• , • •»' 

DIF'FLUENCE [ Diffiucnth, L, \ a; 
fbwing; forth, abr ad, or fcferril Ways. . 

DIFFLU'VJUM, afaUingoiF, ainir. 

ing down. £, • , . *, 

DIFFJLU'VIUM [among Botanifts] a 

Diilemper in Trees, whereby ihey lofc thenr 


DIF'FORM, is a Word uf^d inOppofuiaKi 
X.0 Uniform f and fignifies, there is no manni;^ 
of Regularity in the Form or Appearanco of 
a Thing. . * , , 

DlFf ORM [with Btanifii] a Word nCB4 
to diftinguiih the Flowers of foaie Hants. . 

To DIFFU'.SE yiffumUrt, L.] to-fpit^ 
here and there. ... 

DIFFU'SE, tf/ff. Idiffufut, L.] amfle, 
large, extended, f, 

UtFFU'SION, a fcattcring abroad, ex- 
tending, Gfc. F. of L, 

DIFFU'SION [in PbUcfff^by] fignifiet 
the -difperling the (ubtlc Ejfiuv:a of 3o^ 
dies into a kind of Atmorphere all rofnd 

DIFFU'SIVE, Idifufi'vus, L.]wbich 
fpreiids itfclf far, or is of a great Extent. 
DIFFUSIVliLV [difufcnuitt, F.] * 
ly, cjittndedly. /,. . . 

DIP F U S I V£ N E S S, Vaftncfs of rWJj, 

To D JC [ perhaps of *bician. Sax. or 
DUged I^<^a* t<> n^^lce a '1 icucK about] to 
break, or open Ground with a Spade, &c, 

A DIG, 2i Mattock, C. 
. To tXlQ a hadger [ HiMmg Ttrm J to 
raife or diflod^e him. j • 

DI'GAMMA [Ziya/xfML, Gr.] the Let- 
terF, fo called by Grammarians, becaufe i( 
fecms to rcprefent a double F, 

DI'GAMy [Zi-ya/muL, Gr.] a being maiv 
ned to two Wives at the fame Time*. 

DIGASTRICK. [8i>ao/a.f, of ^tt 
twice, and ytg^f jhe Beiiji^ Cr.J that .hip 
a double Beliy. t, ^ 

DIGASTRICUS [hyivfudh Gt. ] n 
Mufcle of the lewer Jaw^ Co called from. lt» 
dDHblaBelly. t, 

DI'GERENTS [ with*P^>/a>p4] Mcdj» 
cioee which digeft or ripen. * In 

To DIGEST' [digerer^ t. oY digerere^ LJ 
to dIflbWe in the Stomach \ alio io difpofe (* 
puciaordcr, . , . .. 

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* il*© DXCteST* [ in Cbymiflryl ii b ^ a 
IbakiQKovur a gentle Fire. 

To pI<3£$T [in SuP^ay^ is to ripen, to 
deaafe a Sore. 

'« A DIG ESTHER, a VeiTel for diflblfing, 
! Btties into a Jelly, &c, 

mOZSl^hLt X Dipfiibitii, li. ] that 
WMf be dtgefted. 

PIGEST'ION Mmait it the PecOOion of 
' (be Aliment in the St<>ihacb, or the t>iflb- 
Kition df it, by Which it is turned into 

DIGESTION [ in CbmM ] js a Diflb- 
lotion of Things by an artincial Heat, or by 
Fire. f.ofL. 

, DIOES'TIVE [Digi/livus, L.] helping to 
fipen, digeft, or concodl. 

DIGESTIVES, are Mfidiciaes which caufe 

Mxtfmal DIGESTIVES, are fuch as dif- 
Jblve a Swcllifli, or breed Goo^ Matter in a 
Wound. ' _ 

PIOESTIVELY, by way of Digeftioo. 

DIGESTS^ [Dige^, L.] the firft Volome 
or ToBfie of the Chil Law it called ^*^*fih 
'^ecauTethe Author hathdigefted all things, 
CTcry Book and Title, in its proper and na- 
tnral Place and Order. 

DI'GHT, drdTed. 6. 

To DIGHT' r^Dihtaii, 5«r.] to deck, iet 
of!^ or adorn* Sptnc 

To DIGHT, to fouJ or dirty. Chefi. 
" DI'GIT [Digitw, L.] the Quantity of 
^ree Qjurters ot ao Inch in Meafure. 

DIGIT I'm Aritbmttick\ is a Chara£ler 
wbicbk denotes a Figure, as 1. for One, V. for 
I^Te, X. for Ten. 

DI'GIT [in AjhoHonrf] is the twelfth Part 
. of a Diaoeter or tho Sun or Moon, and is 
nfed to denote the Quantity of an Edipfe. 

DrOITAii [SiitaUty L.] perUining to a 

DIGITATION, a pointing with the Fin- 
ger ; alfo the Fotm of the Finger of both 
Hands joined together, or the Manner of their 
fo joining. 

DIGITAnrUM Fo^MR Jamong Boeanifisl 
ii a Term for the Leaf of a Plant, which 
dther is compofed of many fingle Leaves fet 
together upon one Foot-Stalk, as In Cinque- 
roil, 6tc, or elfe, where there are many deep 
Ca&es or Cuts in the Leaf, as in thofe of 
Strawberries, ^r, 

DroiTS, fijnify ray Integer or whole 
Number under Ten. 

DIGLADlA'TlOt^r, a fighting with 
Sword, a Sword. playing. L, 
• DIONA'TION, a vouchfafing. L. * 

DIGNE Idigma, L.] rorthy, neat, gm- 
teel. ChMc, 

To DIO'NIFV [ of <%a», L. and Jio or 
fieipt L.] to advance to a Dignity, efpedally 

OlO'NiTARY iD/gmt^htti t\ BitV] 

an ^lefiailical Miniiter, who has J 
Cure of Souls ;' as a Dean, Prebend, ^ 

DIGf^Jlf ir IDignit/, F, of Di^ 
Honour, Reputation; Advancesaen^d 
considerable Preferment or EmployAia 

DIGNfry, $ccLJiafiuIt^ h jM 
Canonist, to be an Adminiibadonjod 
foroe Power and Jurifdi^icMi, , j 

DI6'NITIES [among ^^i^f)' 
Advantages whicn a Hanet has no* 
of its being in a particular Place Jt. d 
ack, or in, ftsch a Sution with otiiir! 
&c. "^^ 

DI'GIUVE f[q.d. D/Ver 

BIKE-GRAVE i Grmft ] i^ 
who takei Care of Banks apd Diu' 

To DIGRES'S [ di^t^^ L. ] 
the Subjefl in hand. 

DIGRES'SION, a wandering oH 
w>y» ^ goiog from the Matter in hao 
Part of a Uifcourfe or Treatife m\ 
not relate to its main Defigiil T. of 

DIGRES'SIVELY, by way of H" 

DIHE'LIUS [in Afir^wmy'] is 1 
nate in ^he BUiffa, which paiTea 
Foaa^ in which the Sun is iuppd 
placed. Gr, . 

DIJAM'BUS [of ^te zoA'UfiJl 
a Foot in Verfe, conCftiog of four 
the firft and third ihort, the (ecoii 

To DlJinyiCATE [ dijuiicarf^\ 
judge between two Parties; to 

DIJU'DlCAtlON, a deciding a 
between two. L. 

DIKE [*olce, S(ut. bflU, ^. 
L. S. Dfrar, F.l a. Ditch or FUnovL' 

DIKE.REEVE, an Officer A 
Care of the Dikes aM Drains Is 

ToDILA'CERATE [ diUccrtfi: 
tear afunder. 

DILACERA'TION, a tearing afli 

To DILA'NIATE {diUmsre, U\ 
or rend in Pieces. 

DILANIA'TION, a tearing or 
Pieces. L. 

To DILAP'IDATB [ SlafOtrh 
rid a Place of Stones; to Javift " 

DILAPIDA'TION, a decaying er 
fpending. Z. 

DILAPIDATION [In l-iwl»t, 
ting a Building run to ruin for waar^ 

DILATABLE, that nay be 

DILATATION^' a malung tdde 

J^rfciflS. ^- of J^» 

DILATATION [ among ^i<M 
when any PaiTages or Vtffdf in the 9 
Wretched tod much. 

Digit zeJby Google 


eVrm I in PM;^) U when 
ttktt u aoxr Spice than it did 

mfiCmn Jkr^m NmJS [in ^CmMm^] 
"^tf lU^ of the Noiie, which pull up 
A aai^bCB (he Noftiib. L. 
^WUn I dUai€r, f, aUiort, L,] to 
« pm wide I CD riTify or grow 
■ ikilir does; alio to cnUrgc vpoo 

7 [Di^rfSTyL.] a Sttrgeon*s 

RV^ lofliuiseot to dilate or 

liiHesthj alio to poll barbed Irooa 

rATOlULY, by way of Dday. 
I/ATOUHESS, a Jaculty of delayios, 
|«U to delay. 

''TOftr [dile^rtj F. dtlatmut, L.] 
i » 9ale Mays. 

DO [teotra^lcd from the Itaftatt 

^ f /. a Woaun's Delight j or of our 

iA^tf.d, a ThJni Co pby withal] 

ihm^m, calkd m LenUwdy, ?«/- 

— V, .AffisftioDy L4)ire« £»• 

ITMA [likiftftti. Or.] an Argo- 

ittni oif two or more Propofitiona, 

.^ii tbat noihcr of them can be weU 

|pBC vkicfa yoa will of them« the 

■■ Ittll involve you into Difficulties 

^^Kl[I>ilipntJa,U] great q^n, 

' [dili^em, I*. ] careful, labo- 
^nfeltni. F, 

teENTLY, indnftrioufly, carefully. 
^ILOHuTaaA an Herb like Fen- 

SROVT, a ibrt of Pottage ferved 
k%ai*t Tifak OB the Coronation-Day, 
"WG Ig, d. JXalfjimg] a Child bom 

K Fareao are old. 
WCr [Iti^fl^, Gr.] a Rhetorical 
k«ki a donbtiul Wofd figaifies two 

wWE 7 a Town in Utrthumber* 
B>&nrONEj:iSaa^ called by Btdi De^ 
^ Beaoonble for the Overthrew of 
M^ A knan Sritcn j pcrhapa f. d, 
i^Jm^f hecaufe' Cedwmlla, for his bar- 
vOadtT, was called a Devil. 
BPCm [iUdWs, U] dear» lights ma- 

itaUi-CIDATE Idtlmcidare, L. ] to 

KCODATIOH, a naltiJM dear or 
\L ' ' 

UraOLY, desrW, evidently. 
inriNC fia drrmig^ Tin 0mA ihaking 
%tmnh SeveinaTob oTWater, fo 

^ liith 1^ over tke lUm of the 


[DthfMim^ L.] Medicine 

li|«>tiuaih(fitoGd. P. r. ' 


To PILUTB [rf»AKrr,L.],to.thiqaFJwd 
by'ihe Addition of a thixmer thereunto j to 
allay, temper, or mingle with Water $ at to 
dilute Wide, i* to nliii|le it with Water, 

To DILUTE, [in Clymijhyl it to diOblve 
the Parts of a *drf Body in a moift or ii^ua 

DILUTION, tempetiog, kW\ng» &e, 

DILU'VIAN, beWngingtoaJlood/X. 

DIM [*^imi 9ax,] obfcure, dark. 

To make DIM [a ^imoHan, S^,J to rq)* 
dcr obfcure or dark. 

DIM%Y. darkly, obfcurely. 

DIM'NESS, Imperfeaioo/or Weakflcfi «r 
Sight, Qbfcurity. 

DIMEN'SIQN, the jnft Meafure of Com* 
pafs of any Thing. l^» 

DIMENSION [in jflgehrsj is applied t9 
the Powers of any Root in the Equatioq. 
which are ealicd the Dimcnfiona of thac 

DIMENSION [in Geemetty] SpuiRa either 
Leagtb and Brtadtb j or Ltngtb, Bnadtb, f nd 

DiMETiS, the antient Latin Name of 
the People who inhabited the Counties now 
called Caermartbenjbirel Fembr^kejbire, and 

DIME'TIENT [dimetiats, C] ^t fyfot 
with Diameter. . 

DIMfcA'TION, a righting or Skirmi^. 
iog. L, 

DIMIDIA'TION, a' halving, or dividing 
into' two Halves. L. 

PIMIDI'ETAS, the Moiety or one half 
of a Thing. 0. L. 

Tv DIMIN'ISH Idimitiuer, F. dimumen^ 
L.] to make or grow lefs, to abate, to decaf 
or dccreafe. 

DIMINUnriON [in Arcbiuffun] is the 
leflcning of a Pillar by little and little. 

DIMINU'TION l\n kera/dfy} is a de« 
facing of ibme particular Pomt in the Elcut- 

DIMINU'TION [In MuSck] is the aba- 
ting fomewhat of the foU Qs^antity of c 

DIMIN'UTIVE [ dimimakmt t. ] little, 
fmall j which diminifties or nukes leis. 

A DIMIN'UTIVE [in Grmmar'] a Word 
which leiTens the Original Word from whence 
it is derived 5 as of OUter a Knife, Cuhelhti a 
little Knife. 

DIMIN'UTIVELY, by Way of Diminu- 


DIMIS'SORY [Dimijhire, F. Dimifirfus^ 
L.] feat 5 Dimijfory Letters, i. e. Letters fcnt 
from ope fiiihop to another : in Favour of one 
who /Yands Candidate for Holy Orders in an- 
ther DIocefc, 

DIM'ITV, a fine Sort pf Fui^ian. 
, DIMPLE [ %- d, Dhuh ot Dcnth, from 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


D I 

/Wyf or Dent] t little Dcfit 2fi the Bottom of 
the. Chin or Cheeks. 

DlM'PLED, which has a tKmpJe, 

A D I N [ 'tyn, Sax, Noifc, probably of 
4inriire, L. to luikle] a Noife. 

Td maJii a DIN I'Dynan, Sax. to fdund 1 
to make a great Noife or Buftle. 

Dr N AH iTftr^T //./.<. Judgment] a 
Daughter of y^iTo^. 

Dl'NARCHV l^u%!tfXik^ «^-i a Gov«m- 
inrtit by. two. 

To DINE {dincr^ F.] "to eat at Noon. 
To D I N G, 10 throw or daih agaiiift j to 

DIN'GLE, a narrow Valley between two 
Aeep Hills. 

DIN'NICKS, Lm Pharmacy J UtAvimt^ 
againft the VcrtJto, or Dizzinefs inr 'the 
Head. . 1> • . 

DIN'I^ER [Mner, F.] 4 Meal ^''Nbon. 

DINT [biBt, .bfljf. a Blow] ^^a Jroprcf- 
^on or Mark j the Force or Bent of a Dif- 

To DINU'MERATE {diaumerare, L.] to 
' iccount or number. 

DINUMERA'TION, an accounting or 
flumberijig. L, 

DiCKIL'SAN [Diocefain, F.] a Bi/hop who 
has Che Care of a Diocefe committed unto 
him j aUb an Inhabitant wichin the Bounds 
of a Diocefe. 

DIOCE'SAN Synod, an Aflembly of the 
Clergy of the Diocefe meeting together. 
- DIOCESE [ DJoceJe^ F. ] the Circuit or 
Bounds of. a Bi (hop's Jurffdidlion. 

DlONYSauS [LivtwKK, Gr. BActhus, 
the fabulous God of Wine] a Name of 

DIOP'TRA [of Aiw*»>, Gr.] the Index 
or Ruler of an Aftrolabe, or fuch like Inftru- 

DIOPTKA [of ?io*To//Ai, Gr. ] a Sur- 
geon's Inftrument to enlarge' or open the 
Womb for the Extraction of the Ftetus. 

DIOPTRICAL [Dioptricut, L. of 
^ioa-T^.'*®-, 'Gr. ] belonging to the Diop- 

DIOP'TRICKS 7 r Dioptrique, F. of 

DIOP'TICKS 5 itOTTlofMi, Or.] is a 
JPart of Opticks which treats of re/iaded 
Kays, and their Union with one another, 
according as they are received by Glafles of 
this or that Figure. 

DIOR'THOSJS [^iipB(»94t, Gr.] an Ope- 
ration where crooked and diAoited Membeis 
are made ftraight, and reftoied to then: doe 

DIO'TA [among C^yfif7)?s] a circulating or 
double Vcfl'cl. 

To D I P [ '&Xppan, Sax. £^0Ope> *«^4;. 
^HPPtf, Dan. ] to put into Water j altb 
to look caTually and at adventure into a 

DiPH'THOXG [Viplth9ngtte,V. J>ipb^ 

tbongut, L, «f 8<^o>>o<, Gr.] tad 
founded together in one Syllable. 

is a Reduplication of Difeafetj^* 
Mufcles of the Arm which fcrve ti 
about. ^ 

DFPLB, a Mark in the MM 
Book, to Aew where the Fault hS 
reded. ■ 

DIPLOE' \ltx\h. Or.] is the , 
Plate or SheU of the Skull : aUb 
Veflel ufcd by Chymifts. 

DIPLO'MA [ti9\tLfjiA^ Gut 
Charter, or t Prince's Letters F 
the Licence of a ClergyaoaB to 
Minifterial Fupdion ; or of a 
Surgeon to pradife thetf Art -, 
as Diploe. 

DJP'PINO-JVfl«ft, a Devici 
a particular Property of the 

DIP'TERON. £ Xi>Ti/w, Gr. ] 
which has a double Wing or Me. 
DIP'TOTES lin GrmKmar 
Words as have but two Cafes. 

DIP'TYCHS [ JiW/;t«» Gr.J 
which the Greek Church iorolled I 
of Perfons baptized j and alfo of. 
nent Perfons both dead and alivi^ 
the Honour to be recited by the M 
ring the Time of the Liturgy. 

To DIRAODIATE [Jirgdimi 
fpread forth Beams of Light. 

DIRADIA'TXON, -a (preadingfbl 
of Light. 

InVigoration of the Mufcles by 

DrRi£ [^. d. Deorwm Jr^] i 
of Hell 2 the Tonneotors of gnil^ 
ejsces. L. 

DI'RE (^*r«,L.] cruel, 

DIRE'FUL [of AV< aad/»ff] 

DIRETULLY, corfedly, dreidfcl 
DIRE'FULNESS, CurfiWncrs, 

DIRECT {direami, L. J ibai|)8 

DIRECT [in ^onew^'] is »bcii 
by its proper Motion, goes foniraiil 
2U>diack according to the natural 
Sueceffion of the Signs. 

DIRECT Ray £in OptUh'[ a Rl!| 
is carried from a Point of the vifibie 
dire^lly to the £)e through one aad 

DIRECT Sph<rtf is the fiune as 

To DfRECT' Idi'n'ier, F, di^i^ 
guide, gpvfro, managie, or nsk ; m% 
or aiiQ sit. ' 

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H, Dotdtogy* IdftniAioii, 
r; Aim or Mark* F. of L, 
109 [with Afinbgers} is a 
^i^ vkxh «flj Scar, or part of Hea- 
"6 a hffokd to effeO amy thing 
\ I Mm, it carded to another 
Rtf the Heaven, which alfo fig- 
!fciB{Rfcfnng thereto. 
fDlKECTION [in MecbMich} 
I «f Modofl, which any natural 
, Koordiag to the Force im- 

ir^OIUCTION [in Ortmclcgj] 
' '35» which contains the Teim 
roB tlie higheft and loweft fail- 

OVWORD lin PriMtfMg} is 
M viidi begins the next Page, KC a^ 
■ ffcfCTj Pa|e prcoe^ng. 
TLT, in a freight Line j aJfo 
j, fitibtJy, without Delay ; al- 
I^Rpaft or Matter in Hand. 

DR. [Dinffeur, F.J a Gnkfer^ 
liaOnrieer. L. 
ORYfWhich fervef to &ed,Qrr. 
ECrOAY, a Form of poUick 
: fct forth by the AflemUy of 
' liri in the Times of Anarchy 
'e Book of Cmwion Prsyer, 
TIONy a iepantiDg. L, 
lOH, a robbing, fpoih'ngy cnr 
lofPiaoi and Pertons Ibr Riches } 
Jv taking away by Force. F. 

i[I>r 7ho. Henfibavf derites 
it of the Ffalm that b^ns 
' thmm \ bot Cajaubon takes It 
rCr«i'ohfp«, a LamenutionJ 
l^tbcDead, beginning with /)/- 
^ % the /(0WS Catholicks ; alfe a 
"* ) Seng, .or Lamenution at a 

TORY [Dintitorium, L,] the 

[[iMlaiiii and paying Soldiers. 

"NT [in Gtemetry'J is the Line' 

Diesgvbich the defcribent Line 

> iiorried ta the Gene6s of any 


fY^P^r/Ui, L,] Terriblene(8« 
t«, or to darken. Spac» 

*ION, a barftiog afwider. L. 

'Rf, Gf.] b a Prepofition infepa- 

J^C»pofiiion with Engfi/b Words} 

!*T *M"tti sS Ncgadon or Privation 

» ar Yerb, fiin^y oken, as disjoin, 

pWliTrY [pi Jit 9dA Ha^ilitat] is 

JHia h fe dUaUed, as to be rendered 

^toishmtor to enjoy a Benefice, 

t be might have done ) which 

afcw ways, Wau by tlie A6t of 

» w bii Ancegon : by the Aa of 

(•'ITY f|r tbt Ptrfm's a«w ^«, 
• Uslibinfelf, thacvpon Snrrcn- 
*^ W viil g^aat a otfw Eftice 


to the Lefieei and afterwards grants over hh 
Reverfion to another, though afterwards he 
parchafes the Reverfion, yet has he forfeited 
his Obligation, becaufe he was once difabled 
to perform it. 

DISABILITY ^ Jfa 0/ the Atif^fi^r, 
by if a Man be attainted of Treafon or Fe- 
lony ; by this Attainder his Blood is cormpt^ 
and both him&lf and Children difabled t» 

DISABILITY by the Aa of tbe Lav^ 
is moft properly when a Man by the fole 
A€t of the Law is difabled, as an Alim 
born is, who is difabled to take any Benefit 

DISABILITY by tbe A& of God, !s whea 
a Man b not of whole Memory, which dif« 
able* him fo, that in all Cafes, when he 
paflTes an Eftate from him> it may after hit 
Death be annulled. 

To DIS'ABLE \pi dit jind abU\ to maka 
onable or nncapable of. 

To DISABIT'SE [defabufer^ F. of £s and 
abvfttm, L.] to undeceive. 

To DISACCORD' [difaeeordtr, F.J to i 

DISADVAN'TAGE [of des and Avam^ 
tagt, F.] Damage, Lofs, Prejudice. 

giuM, F.] which turns to diiadvantage,hurC'« 
fill, prejudicial. 



DISAFFECTED [of ^//land affeEia$, L.) 
bearing no good Will to, difiatisfied with^ 
DISAFFEC'TEDLY, difomtentedly. 

To DISAGREE' [dcfagreer, F.] not to 

agree, fall out, to be at Variance or Strife* 

DISAGREE'ABLE [dejagr/abit, F.J 

that which does not pleafe } offenfive, ua« 

pleafant, nnfoitable. 

DISAGREE' ABLY, unpleafantly. 

DISAGREE'MENT [defagr/mnt, F.J 
a Difference, a not agreeing with. 

To DISALLOW, not to allow of, ta 
difooantenance or difiike. 

To DISALT, to difaWe. 0. t. T. 
To DISAN'CHOR [of dis and aMdfOf,'^ 
to wdgh Anchor, and put to Sea. 

To DISAKNUL' [of dis and oMnul/tr, F.J 
to repeal, aboli(h, or make Toidr 

To DISAPPEAR' [of dis and affanrtg 
L.] to go oot of Sight, to Tani(h. 

To DISAPPOINT' [oidit and apfointtr, 
F.l to deceive, to fail, to break one's Word* 
DISAPPOINTMENT, a djfappoialtog, 
a being di&ppoi&Ced, a croft Acddcnt* 

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D I 

ToDlSAPPRO'VE [dtfappr^inter^ r.] 
to difjllow of, not to approve, to difllke, to 
Uame^ condemn^ or find Fault with. 

DrSARD [ciiher of 'Diii, Sax. vertigi- 
nous, aniixed j or Dijard, F. a Pratler ; or 
OtsaeiB aerDt ^**£' ^ l^oi] an idiot or 
iUIy Feilow. 

To biSARM' yefarmgr, ¥.] to uke a- 
Wiy one's Arms. 

DISARMED [o^a Peer] faid when the 
Horns are fallen. 

DISARRAY ED [of </ci and «rr«y«r, F.] 
put inro Confufion or Diforder. 

DISAS'TER [Defaftre, F. f . </. a malig- 
nant Star] ill Luck, preat Misfortune. 

DISAS'TROUSLY, unfortunately. 

DISAS'TROUS, unfortunate, unlucky, 
. prejudicial. 
• DISA'VAUNCE, to withdraw. Sfenc. 

To DISAVOW [dif'a'vouer, F.] to dif- 
ewn, to deny. 

To DISBAND' [dejhander, F,] to put out 
of the Company, to turn out of the Service. 

To DISBELIEVE [of <//i Negative, and 
Eeleop, Sax,] not to believe, to millruft or 
donbt of. 

DISBOSCA'TIO, a turning woodyGround 
to Failure or ploughed Land. 0, L, 

To D1SB:<ANCH [of Jet and bramter, 
F.] to cut off the Branches. 

To DISBUR'SE [difiwrftr, F. q. d, to 
nnpurie] to expend or lay out Money. 

DISBURSE'MENT, a dilbutfing or lay- 
ing out. 

To DISBUR'THEN [of die and Byyi- 
^Sen, Sax,] to take off a Burthen, to cafe 
or unload. 

DISCAL'CEATED [difiaJccatus, L.] on- 
fliod, bare-footed. 

DISCAL'ENDRED [of dii and Calais 
darium, L.] to put out of the Calender. 

DISCARCA TIO, the unloading of a 
Ship. 0. L. 

To DISCARD' [defearter, F.] to lay 
oot at Cardf j to turn away or difchargc from 

DISCENT' [q. d. Defctnt] Or4er or 
iMeans whrreby Lands, &c. are derived to 
any Perfon from his Anc-.fto^s. L, T, 

Lineal DISCENT', is a Dcrceni conveyed 
downwand tn a right Line ficm the Grand- 
father, anti from the Father to the Son . &e, 

L. r. 

Collateral DISCENT', is that Dcfcent 
which fprings out of the Side of the whole 
Blood; as Grandfather's Brother, Father's 
Brother, &c. L. T. 

DISCEPTA'TION, a Difputation, Dc- 
bating, or Arguing. Xr. 

To DISCERN' [d'tjcerner, F. of dijcernert, 
I"! to perceive or know one Thing froir. 
. another. 

DISCERNIBLE, that may W difccmed 
or perceived. L, 



DISCERN'MENT [Dtfcentmem^, 
Faculty of Difoeroing, Difcretioa, lad 

DiSCERl'IBLE [of diJcerfere*U 
may be pulled in Pieces. 

DISCERPTION, a rending 01 HI 
Pieces. I». 

DiSCES SION, a departing ar| 
way. £. j 

To DISCEV'ER, to fpeod, ted 

* A DISCHARGE' [^//^Atfiy*, F.U 
quittance for Moopy paid, a Kelcafl 
milTmg or (ending away j a purgii^a 
out of Humours. 

To DISCHARGE' [of det ani 
or decbarger, F.] to eafe, free, Orii 
difmifs from Office or Sei vke ; alijp 
off a Gun, &c. 

To DISCIND' Idifiindere, L.] 
or in Pieces. 

DISCIPLE [Difcifulut, L.] 
or Scholar. 

capable of DifclpUne, teachable. 

DISCIPH'NANTS, a rcligi 
Men who fcourge themlclves. 

pretend to a itricUr Discipline tbaft 
bliflied Church. 

' DIS CIPLINE Idifcifliaa, L.] 
InflruAion, Management, ftfidi 
Corre^ion or Sccurgiag, fuch »,> 
Way of Penance. F. ij 

I To DIS CIPLINE Idifdfirnert 
pUnarit L.] to teach or inftruA, V 
rule J to corred, fcourge, or wb^ 

To DISCLAIM' [of ^« and ' 
to quit Claim to, utterli to Tt.fak^ 
or dlfown having a Concern or Ifl^ 

exnrcCs Denial or Refufal. X» 7. 

To DISCLO SE [of dU and 
to dific 

difcluderi^ L-] to discover or 

To DISCLOSE [with fV//2iJ 
bud, or put forth Leaves. 

DISCLOSED [in FJanry] a 
ply'd to young Hawks newly ha* 
as it were put forth from the SheU 

To DISCOL'OUR [d»Jc9krMM^ 
alter or fpoii the CMoar of a Thim 

To DISCOM'FIT [ii^LXpt, 
feat or overthrow in Battle. 

DISCOMFITURE' (Df/ter/ttj 
Defeat, Overthrow, Root, SlaiȤkl 

ToDISCOM'FORT [of ^/randU 
F.J to afford no Comfori, to a£Si^ 

"to' DISCOMMEND- [^ dit\ 
mendartf L-1 to dlfpraifeor blame. 
dunmendatio^ L«} BiaOtf^ Difpr^ei I 

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llOISOQIfMO'DE [ofdii ana 


UUODI^Y [of Jv ind mnm* 


lL<OMPaS£ [of irs and eomp^fer^ 
W^mm, L.] CO <ii£>rder, fiiquiet, 
^ pe ott of homoar, or raffle. 
COMPOSURE [of di% and rM>/0- 

K SOLATE [of (hi and confilatut, 
I o( Cenloiadony Comfortkfs, 

TENr 7 [of <//! and 

TENrMENTi Coftntmm, 
■tka{C3Qtented ; Sorrow, Trouble. 
""•TENT'ED [of i£ri and ^jtfMf, 

», Ljdfpkaled, nmibled. 

TENTEDLY, aneafiJy. 

TEKTEDNESS, Uneaiiners. 
DVTIN'UANCE? [of dis and 
arriKUITY 5 Cmhait/, F. 
k L ] an Interruption or break- 

KTIVUANCE 'fa Pits or Pr9 
*]ti wheo the OpportQQity of 
lalpft, and not jreooTetable but 

TDOJATiON [of PnffH/ioif] 
pMta my not enter upon his own 
IToanent, alienated, wl^atibeiwr 
jlk, bt muft bring his Writ, and 
TPofl'eflioo bf Law. 
OXTIN'UE [difconHnutr, F,] 
Vkcikoflrfora Time. 
jrWSCONTIN'UED (in i«»] it 
tcr-ttHfrd the Court. 

) [Di;c9riU, F. of DjfcorJiay L.] 
Mf Sri lie, Variance. 
1H> [Jifcordart, L.] lo dif- 

[ia AfaififkJ are certain In- 
■imdsi »bich bong beard at the 
^ ^ tfkod lbs Ear ; yet when 

i with Concordt, make the 

^ANT [difcTdoMt, L.] dif. 

«^ mmDeab!c. F. 
►^DaNTLY, jarringly. 
tt)y'ER [if/^«rpnV, F. of rfii 
■ttjutercaJ, to make ma&ileft, 

^ERy[of/>frww«rt*, F.ladif- 

tfirfmaif, ^f. -• 

»mfir [of dis and Cmi/#, F.] A- 
Kaa Som or AooMBpC. 
^" Q^Py r [either of Mi and co«- 
••rtafaw, L.] to abate from an 

)UK'TENANCE [dtamtman^ 
||>?tto«tofCoQnt«niiice, to^a 

-^-A'AGE [dtiearMitTf F.] to 
^wptteotof Heait« 
^'AGEMENT [ Deemrag^ 

D I 

OTMf,] F. a difcouitging, dilhearttoliig 

ToDISCOURS'E [difcourcir, F.Jtotalk, 
to reafon, to argue* 

DISCOURSE IDifcoun, F. Dijcurjusl 
L.] Reafoniog, Speech, Talk. 

DISCOURSE [in Loguk] ti that rational 
A^ of the Mind by which we deduce or in- 
fer one Thing from another. 

DISCOUR'TEOUS [difcourtois, F.] no- 
courtecius, unkind, uncivil. 

DISCOURTESY [of dii and Gmrteifie^ 
F.] Difpleafure, an iU Turn. 

DISCO I DAL F/owcrr 7 [among So/^- 
■ DISCOUS 5 mijit] arefuch 

whofe Utde Leaves are fet together (o dole 
and even, that they siake the Surface of the 
Flower plain and flat like a DiOi. 

DISCRED IT [of dis and tt/dit, F.J * 
Difgraee, Reproach, Difrepnte. 

To DISCREDTr, to make one lofe hit 
Credit, to difagree. 

DISCREET' [difcnto, ItaK] wife, coa- 
fiderate, fober. F. 

DI'SCREPANCE [Difirepuntia, L.] Dif- 

DIS'CREPANT [difcnptm, L.] differ- 
ing from, difazreein^. 

DISCRETE [difcntus, L.] fevered, 6- 
parate, or diftinguilhed one from anotb^i*. 

DISCRETE Proportion [in Arithmetick'\ 
is when the Proportion disjoiru in the Mid- 
dle, or when the Ratio of the Firft Term 
to the Second, or of the Third to the. 
Fourth, is not the fame with that of the 
Second Term to the Third. 

DISCRETE S^^antity, is fuch a one at 
ii continued and joined toftcther. 

DISCRETION, a difcreet Management, 
Prudence^ Wifdom i alfo Will or Pleafore. 
F, of L. 

To live at DISCRETION [MiVtarj 
TtrmJl to have free Quarters, 

To furrender at DISCRETION, to yidd 
without Articles or Terms. 

DISCRE TIVE, that ferves to (eparate. 

DISCRETIVE Propofitions [in JC^U] 
are fuch where various Judgments are made 
and denoted by the Particle, But^ Hotwit^ 
ftaadhg, tec 

DISCRE'TO [in MMfitk Booh] figntfiet 
to play or fiogivith C^e, Moderation, Jodg* 
ment^ and Difoetion. hoi. 

DISCRETORIUM [with Anaiomtai 
fFritirt] the Diaphragm, or Midriff. 

DISCRl'MEN, Difference, L, Alfo a 
fort of Bandage u^ in bleeding in the Fort* 
head and Temples. 

ToDISCRIM<INATE [difirimi»an,L.l 
to put a Difiereoce between, to dUUngoim 
ts to Preference or Favour. 

one Thixig from another* 

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DiSCUR'SION, a nummg to and fro. 

DISCUR'SIVE, ronhiog to and fr^. 

/ DIS'CUS [a Platter, £.] amoog the Ro- 
ikant, was a tound Quoit^ uied in their £z- 

DISCUS [among Betanifls] ii the middle, 
plain, and flat Part of Ibme Flowers, foch as 
the Marigold, &e, 

DISCUS 7 [in Aftronomjl the roond 

DISK 5 Phafes in the Son or Moon, 
which at a gfeat Difbnce apptiur plain or 

DIS'CUS 7 a Deik or Reading-Shelf in 

DES'CUSS a Church. 0. L. 

To DISCUS'S [i///«r*r«, L.] to examine, 
to fcan, to fift i to ftrike off thofi: Difficol- 
ties wherewith a Matter is perplexed* 

DISCUSSED, flialcen ofF. Sfiinc^ 

DISCUS'SION, an Examination of a 
Qoeftion,' Affair, or any difficult Matter, to 
difcover the Truth 5 the elcar treatiiq; or 
handling of any particular Problem or 
Point. L, 

DJSCUS'SION [in Su^g^-] a d!lperf(og 
^of the Matter of anj Swelling, r. r. a Dif- 
charge of foine thin Matter, lg»tbered toge- 
ther in any Part, by infenfible Evaporation. 

DISCUS SIVE, that can dliTolre or dif- 
perfe Humours. 

DISCUTIENT AieJicim, foch at dif- 
folve iinpaded Humottrs. 

DISDAIN, Scorn proceeding from A^er- 
fion or PriJc. F» 

: To DISDAIN' [of ^« and daigner, F. or 
dcdignarey L.] to difpife or fcorn. 

DISDAINTULLY, fcornfully. 

DISDAIN FULNESS,, fcomfblnefs. 

DISDIAPA'SON [in Mufiek] a double 
£ighth or Fifteenth. 

DISEA'SE [of des aif/, F.] a DiAetnper 
or Sickaefs.; alfo Une^iinefs, Spate, 

DISEASED, troubled with a Dileafe. 
.To DISEMBARK' [ir/em^or^wr, F.] 
to go off from on board a Ship, to land 
Cfoods oiht of a Ship. 

ToDISEMBO GUE[dSf/m^ac£ir,Obfo]. 
F« of det and htnubt^ a Month] to roil Or 
difcharge itfelf ioto the Sea, as a great Ri- 
ver does ) alfo a Ship is faid to difembogm, 
when ic pafleth out of fome Strcight's 
Mouth, or Gulf,' into the Sea. 

To IMSENGA'OE [of d^ag^r, F.] 
to free fcorn an Engagement j to fetch, to 
Bet» or take oif. 

To DISESTEEM' [of Ax mAJflimer, F. 
tf aflimare, L.} to have do Efteem for. 

DISFA'VOUR [of disMdfivor^ t.Ja 
tieiiig oot of Favour^ a Disfiggremcnt, an 111 

ToDISFIG'URE [deifgurtr, F.] to fpoil 
the Figure or Shape of^ to make ogiy. 


D I 

^ DlSnOURE that FtmuA fa T< 
Carving'^ t. *. cut it ap« 


To DiSFOR'EST [of dis and 
dU^laot or cat down the Trees of a 

F.I to exclude oat of the Nodte 
Denixens or Cttisens. 


To DJSGARN'ISH [of dis aBl' 
F.] to take away the Garnifi. 

Tirm] to- take away a great Part 
rifon and Ammonioon. 

To DISGORGE' [degorger, F, 
up by Vomiting; to empty kk 
3ea as a Rivtr does. 

DISGRA'CE IDi^aet, ¥.] 

To DISGRA'CE [dijgrsder, f / 
to S^^ame, to turn out of Favoof. 



DISGRADING7 [Law Ttm] { 

from Holy Orders; aKb a Lord, 
&c, ft-om hit Titles of Hooonr. 

To DISGRE'GATE, toicaciir, 
or difperie. L, 

DISGUISE [of ^t znAguift, 
milt, F.] a counterfeit Hab;t, a I 
Colour, or Cloak. 

To DISGUISE' [degmfir, F.Jtl 
another Guife or Faf^on ; to 

DISGUrSEDLY, by way of 

To DISGUST' [dtigomfier, F. 
Jul- 1 to diilafte or iiiflike, to 
aver^ to. 

l^ISGUSr [of dit and ^J^T 
Diilafte or Diflike. 

DISGUST FUL, dtf^»ftdul, 

DISGUST-FULLY, diftatefnllytl 

DJSHABIL'LE? {Dr/ba^lk/ 

DISHABILXY5 Undreft or 

A DISH [*oirc or Vyxaj-, Ssm, 
L.] a Platter, &c. 

DISHAR'MONY [of^iaud 
L.] Dilcotd, jarring. 

To DISHEART'EN [of irraad 
£ng.l ro pat not of Heart, to difaeall 


DISHER ISON, dilinheritiar. & 

DISHER'ITOR, 0Dewh» poll 
oot of his Inheritance. 

dishevelled Hair, r. r. having thl: 
haaging loofr, «r daag^ d^wa 

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^^. [Bipomftt, 6. 1?. Srof 

imtBttfmj U] void of Hooefty, kt» 

MorESTy[£>>ftMnft«fr; a. F. or 
iiaiMM, L.] KMTery, nnftlt 
■|;i&Miicber7, Levdrieit. 
MN-XXmABLE, d!fgrac«fb!. 
KffiPOWt [DiJ^tnar, F.] InAmy, 

MM^MTRABLT;^ ^riMefafly. 
kfiBHON'OCrR [dR;^»0MrA^, F,] to 
IiUmu, tftdifprnge, ordiTgrace. 
I&DIKCRANT( [of Jis and mri^ifv. 
I tf v«ftrr, U] to Ibt free from m 

nSEKGA'GE [iffj^dcw'; F.] to 

it^npmt, L] want of Ingeoooiif- 
tettnjy, DiMjnohtion. 

^lll??*^* on&ir, 
KRHABtTiD [of aSri and inUUiotus^ 
*«fWifcitw««, defolate. 
WSWfERlT [^^^;><r, F.] to de- 
>^i\k Itthcritanoe. 

itoTAN'OLE, to mxranl, to 
^^•lij oot of. 

JTOISTED^ Whtireffi, F.] 
WnRESSH) I void of Self-Iflte- 
gwnl, onbiafled, 

WTOKTEDLY, Impartially, 
*oBWTeR'R [of det and enterrtr, 
^tt tike »p a dead Body out of the 

gjnfTm,rof Aj and Awrr/r, F. 
gKL] tbfeql in InTiration, to for- 
["^ t» eomc^ who wai before in- 

^'ffXK'ldi^iitJn, F. tfdiaangert, 

• Wi pirt, <* looftn. 

'"ttjOlKT [of in and >V, F.] 

^•t*r Joint. 

^TIOV, a dajoinios, Bejara- 

■iitkkh tlie <&iaaarve Pirtidc or 

WWYIllo, ooMcaBng or hidisf . 

^I«/)CATE [ii%wr, F. of dif- 
JJ-j to m oot of Joint. 
BWATED [of i^i and ketmt, L'.] 
N«jf III lobt or Place. 
J^ION, tlie pottfiiK oat i>f 


DfStOlWD, remote. Spetu, 
. DISLOY'AL {d^hyai, F.] unfaithfol & 
a SovereigB Prince or Hofband ; tnutemoi, 

DISLOY'ALLY, perfidioufly. 

DISLOY ALTY iDihyauti, F.] Un- 
faitlifolite6» Perfidteinners | commonly ofid 
witli regard to onc*8 Piijioe. 

DTS'MAL [q. d. Dia Malus^ L. an on- 
locky Day ; or, Dapff'ineal, Beig, ^ d. 
Oimtml, of ^im/ 5dx* dark ; fpoken, in 
Gompariibn %tth Hell, w&jcb is called' Dirrcr 
Darknefs] dreadfol, hideous, terrible* * 

DiyMALLT, dreadfully. 

DIS'MALNESS, DreadfulneTt. 

To DISMAN'TLE [dgmantehr, F. to 
takeoff a Mantle or Cloak] to beat or poa 
down the Walls or Fortifications of a City. 

To DISMAY' [dtfmayer, Sp. or ft ef» 
msyer, F.l to aftoni/b, terrify, &c, 

DISMAYINGLY, di/hearteningly. 

To DISMEMBER lofdit and MtmSrum; 
L.] to cot off Members or Limbs ; to dif- 
joiiT, divide* or cantle ot^t. , 

DIS'MpS [Decima, U] Tithes oi^ 
IVftths, of all Fruits doe to God, and paid 
to Perfoos in Holy Orders. F. Z.. T, ' 

To DISMIS'S [dimifum, L.] to difchaise;, 
fend or prat away. 

DISMISSION [DiwdJUio, L.] t feiidii« 

To DISMOUNT' [dtfrnmir, F.] to take 
away or lemoye ; to unhorfe, to all^c from' 
00 Horfe-back. 

To DISMOtJNT' a Piice of Ordnance, ia 
to throw or take h down from the Carriage { 
to break or render !t onfit for Servloe. 

DIS'NATURED, iU-natured, illcoBdil 
tioaed. Slahfp, 

DISOBE'DIENCE {DtfiheTfantt^ F. of 
dit and Obtdimtia, L.] Undotifulnels, FrfH-' 
wardnefs. j 

DISOBE'DIENT [defihiTfant, F. of dit 
and tUdtent, L.] undatifoi, ftabborn, fro- 

DISOBE'DIENTLY, undoriftiWy. 

To DISOBEY' [difi6eir, F, of </« and 
oiedire, L.] to withdraw ooe*s Obedienoei to' 
aft contrary to Order. 

DISOBLIGA'TION lofdhM6 0t/tgatio, 
L.1 a dlfoUiging, difpleafing ; DifplcaAiie«. 

To DISOBLIO'E [diJMiger^ F. or of 
^ and Migare, L.] to difpleafe, to do aa- 
iU Office to. 

DISOBLVGIKGLY^ difpleafingly. Of*, 

DISOBLFGINCNESS, Oflrenfivenefs. 

DISOCCIDEN TATED, fwervcd or de- 
cHned from the Weft, fpoken of a Sua- 

DISOR'DER [Defirdre, F.] Confiiiioo» 
Riot> pifcompoAirc of Bdind^ Trouble^ 

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To DISOR'DER, to pat out «f Order, 
to confound, to dircompofe, to vex. 
DISORDERLY, unrulily. 

To DISOWN' [of dii and etgnen^ to 

own, Ttut.] not to acknowledge for one's 
'own, to deny. 

To DISPAND' [difiandere, L.] to fttetch 
•uC» to iprad abroad. 

DISPAN'SION, a fpreading abroid. L. 

To DISPAR'AGE [diffaragtr, F.] to 
^cry or fpeak ill of. 

DISPARAG'INGLY, \j way of Dif- 

D13PAR'AGEMENT, a difparaglar, or 
nndcrvaloing, a Icitening in Efleem. K 

DISPARAGEMENT [in Latv] is the 
aifpofuig of an Heir or Heire(s in Marriage 
under his or her Degree, or againft Decency. 

DISPARATES [Dt/jfuarata^ L.] Oppo- 
$tt% in Logick, which are together Bnlike 
©ne another. 

DISPAR!L'TTY7r^y>^r/V/, F. of D//- 

DISPAR'ITY Sh'rifas, L.j Diffe- 
fence» Inequality, Unlikenefs. 
. ToDISPARK.' [of£//5andP^*]totake 
•way the Pales or Inclorurcs of a Park. 

DI!>PARP'LED7[in'aTtfA/Fy] fcattcred 
• DISPERPLKDjloofdy, or "{booting it- 
|blf into iVveral Parts. 

To DISPART', to part afunder. 

DISPART [in Gunntry] u the Thick- 
nefs of the Metal on the Mooth and Breech 
of the Piece. 

, To DISPART M Cunmn, is to fet a Mark 
tl't or near the Muxzel Ring of a Piece, that 
a Sight-Line taken upon the Top of the Bafc 
Ring, ajainft the Touch-hole, may tb*cby 
be parrallel to the Axis of the Concave Cy« 
lin^ler of the Piece, for rhe Gunner to take 
aim by at the Mark be is to flioot. 

To DISPAR'TION, to divide, diftribute. 

DISPATCH' [Dfpecbt, F.] the quick 
doing of a Thing, Riddance, 

To DISPATCH [drpecber, F.] tqhaften, 
to fpced, or rid off, to fend away in hafle 5 
a1f() to kill with fpeed, or quickly. 

DISPATCH'ES, Lcttctt fcnt abroad a- 
boot publick Affairs. 

DISPAU'PPRED [of dis and pauftera- 
rt», L.] put out of Capacity of fuine in For' 
ma Paupirit^ u e. without paying Fees, 

To DISPEL' [dijpeliere, L.] to drive a- 

^ To DISPEND' [dijpendir; L.] to fpcnd, 
•r to lay out Money. 

DISPEND' ABLE, that may be difpenfed 
#ith. /.. 

j DISPENS'AR Y {Difpenfaire, F.] a Trea- 
ti'fe of Medicines | alfo a Place where they 
are made or kept. 

DISPENSA'TION, a diftrlbuting or 
ic^flgj alfo a fuffering or permlctlog t 

D I 

Man to do a Thing contrary to1j| 
Indulgence from the Pope* F. of L 

when the Simples of a CompofitioQI 
in order, left aioj of tbe IngredicH» 
be forgotten. 

DISPENSA'TION [in DivtWf^]. 
giving the Levitical Law to the jM 
the Gofpel to the Gentiles. j 

DISPENSATORY [Difpenfkht,\ 
Book which diieAa the Apothecacisj 
ordering evety Ingredient, aa to thefl 
and Manner of makios np cvof | 

To DISPEN'SE [difpcM^, F. 
L.] to diftribute or difpofe o^ tt> 
beftow, or manage. 

To DISPENSE toith, to ciesp^ 
cufe-, to free from the ObUg^tioa i(\ 

DISPEN'SES, Expences or 

To DISPEO'PLE [depeupkr, F. 
people,, or deftroy the PeopIeofaQ 

To DISPER'SE [difptrfa, F. A 
L.1 to fpread abroad, to icattcr. 

DISl^ERS'EDLY, heit and then 

DISPER'SION, a icatteiiog orf 
abroad. F. of L» 

To DISPmiT [ofdit and Spirk 
down one*s Spirit. j 

DISPrTOUS [of dis and5/tf#| 
Spite, angry. 

To DISPLACE IdefpUur, F.J. 
out of Place, to remove. .■ 

ToDISPLANT' Idepianter, F.d^ 
L.] to pluck op that which is piaattJ 

A DISPLAY', a particular Eifl 
an unfolding, an opening wide* 

To DISPLAY' Idepl^tr, F.] m 
wide, unfold, declare, orexpliiaatft 

DISPLAYEP [in Eeratdrj] a 
apply *d t» an BagJe, whn RfA 
in an Efcatdbeon with the V^ 

To DISPLE, to difa'pline. Spmt, 

To DISPLEASE [drphirt, F.J I 
pleafe» to ofieod, to be difagreeahk «l 
ceptable to. 

DISPLBAS'INGLY, offenfi«lT. 

DISPLEASURE [diplaifir, f,]U 
fbrewd Tigrn, Difconteni, Angff« 


DISPLO'SION, a breaking or M 
afunder with great Noife or Sana) ■> 
letting off a Gun. ' 

piSPOLIA'TION, a robbing, n« 
fpoiling. If. 

To DISPOT^E [ij^oKW, I-]»| 
to pat in Order. 0. 

DISPORT [OiJ^, lol.] ft^ 
ment, Paftimi. 

To DISPORT 9»eUJdf, to *«* i 
fclf, to take hit Pleafore. ^ 

DISPOSAL? the Power 0/ «fi 

DISPO SE J Comoiad, M»"l" 

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kWWa[^/ite>r, F. di^<Hm$, L.] 

C brier, to fit, to make ready. 

b DISPOSE tf, to do what one pleaies 

IfQUtlON, a dirpofing or placing 
■p; Sbadoa, State ; IncGnat'ion, or 
(ffi&ti^Attoril locfiQation of the 
IkCcalitaiMa of the Body. 
leOSITlON [b £/irVis] it aa im- 
|Uc, mhett the Perlon operates but 
itt DificDfry, as in Leavners. 
RfiiriON [in Anbittawft] is the 
% ail the iereraJ Parts of a BoUdlng, 
hftotbctf proper Order* 
lOTiTOft, a DUpofar or Setter in 

KSTTOa [in j^hgyl the Planet 
lUiiif the Siga where another Pla- 

DISPOSSESS' [of Ss and >»#/^r, 
iff F.J to deprnre> pot or turn out 

K)^£, Difpofing, Difpolbl. 
*41SE [pf ill and\Pw/>J BJaroe, 

P^£N [aiwteitfn, T«/.] 

BOPIT [of ^1 amf Prrtf/] Da- 

^. t fifptOTlOg. 

W»OP ERTY, to deprive of. or 
j^thePnperty from a Pcribn, ^t, 
WOfOH'TION [of Mi and ^- 
Ljso: bearing Praportion, an In- 

JMm'TIONABLE? [of ^/land 
roifORTlONATE J /«^i«. 
iij «^ bears no Proportion to, 

DBPaOPOR'TION [difprepartio- 


aS^a V£ [of ir, and ^-ww. P.] 
"WVEY'ANCB, want of Provi- 

'PTABLE [S^tahiUi, L.] which 

WTAST[Df>ir/«r, F. Difputaet, 
^^t one who hold a Diipuie ox 

[STATION, a dehaibg,difpnting, 

^'TATIVE, apt to difpote, con- 

M«amlfoB»e. L. 

«^TE[d,Ji^,, F.J Debate, Contcft, 

J «J»t», ai^ilc^ or treat ot 5 to 
■ • *^«|le, • 

J^^'TjON, a taking off the 
I^PETlo,^,^^^ r. Of 

D I 

To DISQUIET [oUii and qautan^ L.! 
to difturb one's Quicc or Kcft, lo make uai 
cafy, to trouble. 

DISQIJI tTLY, uncafily. 

UlSQUISI'TION, a diJigcnt Search or 
Enquiry ioto ; or Examination of a Thine. L. 

DISRATIONAKE? to juttify or ftani 

DIRATIONA RE 5 by the Denial of a 
Faft 5 tb clear one*s felt of a Crime. O. L» 

ToDlSREGA'RDlofdexindregarJtr, F.l 
to have no Regard to, not to mind, to flight 

DISREGARDFUL, negJigent. * 

DISREGARD'FULLY, ncsllgcnt- 
ly, flightingly.' " ^' 

To DISAEL'ISH [of dis and re/etbtr, F. 
to Jick auain] not to rclifh weli, to diaikc 
DISREPUTATION? [of irr and r^ 

Name or Pame, Djicredit. 
, DISRESPECT [of di, and rejh^, F.l 
Incifility, Slight. -* 

DISRESPECT FUL, not ihewing Re- 

DiSXESPECT FUtLY, flightingly. wi* 



To DISRESPECT' [of dU and nJ/Ja^^ 
F. rejpeaare^ L.J to ihew no lUfpea, to \m 
pnctvll to. 

To DISRO'BE [of ^/iandil«A#, or ii- 
robtr, F.] to poU off one's Robe, to ftrip on« 
of his CJoaths. 

DISRUXY, dill,rderly. aaae. 

DISSATISFACTION {cidis indfatiti- 
fiato, L. dijatitfa^hon, F.l Dlfcoatant. 
Difgoft. Difpleafu«. ^ ' ^ 


FJ which £ives no SatiifaOion, diiplealing, 
onen/ivc. ; 

To DISSAT'ISFY [of dii zn^ fathfaire, 
F. oiJati»/actrt, L.] to dii^u^, difplcale, 
offend. X 

ToDISSBCT'[^^jr«/r, F. dipaum, L.l 
to cut open d^dead Budy, to anatomize. 

. DISSEC 'lV)N, a cutting afunder or in 
pieces j it mufl commonly ficnifics the cut* . 
ting up or anatomizing the Bodies of Ani- 
mals. F, of L. 

To DISSEI SE, to difpoffcfs, to turn out 
of Poifeiiion. F. L, T, 

DISSEISEE', a Pcrfon who is put out of v 
his Land«, (iic. 

DISSEI'SIN, an unlawful difpoiTefftng t 
Man of his Land, Tenement, or aihcr im- 
move^bfe or inccrpareal Ripbt. 

DISSEISIN ulxin DiJJiifm, ii where the 
Djffeifor is put out of his Poffcffion by an- . 

DISSEISOR, he who pots another out 
oi hi« PofTpirinn, 

DlSSEISORES'^.a Woman who pott 
«o;bcrPc:,nout of ^-^^fed^jQQ^9gle 

D I 

DISSBM'BLABLE) milikcv hMog no 
Bdcfobbnce. F. 

To DISSEM3LE [dtffimiihr, F. of dtf- 
Jiwiulart, L.] CO protend or fcigQ^ to conceal 
«r doak* 

DISSEM'BLINGLY, bf traj of Diffitta- 



To DISSEM'INATE [difminUrt^ L.] 
CO ibw, (carter, or fpread abroad. 

PiSSEMINA'TIOK^ a fbwiog or fcatter- 
\»g here and there } a fpreading all about. !*• 

DISSEN'SION, DiOigieenent^ Strife, 
Q^rreting. L» 

I)ISSENT', Contrariety of Ophkion. 
, .PISSENTA'NEOUS l^ffimmuut, L.] 
Pi(agreeinf» Cootrariery. 

DISSENTA'NEOUS Things [in Lo^/Vit] 
Mf fttch Thingf which are equally roanifeft 
iMDoog theniieives, yet appear more clearly, 
when 'taken fcparately. 

DISSENTER [of di/futin, L.] one of 
> i. different or contrary Opinion { 'tis chiefly 
aied to fignify a Noo-conforBQift« who com- 
plies not with the Difdpline Of the Chorch 
^EngUnd, a ofany EftabUflied Chnrch. 

DISSEN'TORY, a kind of Still. 0. 

DISSERTATIOtr, a Debate, Reafooiog, 
pr-Diibourie open any Point or Sabjefl. L, 

To piSSER' V£ oat [diffirvir, F. of de 
and fervirg^ L.l to do one a Prejodice. 

DISSER'VICE {of dii negative, and Sir- 
wicif F. of firvire, L.] an ill Office or 
Torn, an Injury or Prejudice. 

DISSEVERED [of dit Mifi^arstus, L.] 
Aparated, divided, parted in twain. 

ToDISSEVlN, to deceive. Chaue. 

DISSEYVABILL, deceitful. Ckauc. 

DIS'SIDENCE [Diffidmtis^ L.] a difa- 
greeing or falling obt ; Difafsreetneot, DIfeord. 

Jicativus^ L.] that 'liBrvctli to -Agoify fome- 
thing different from. 

DIS'SLIENCE [dij/thrt, L.] a leaping 
ik>wn ftom off a Place, or ftoo one Place 
to another ; a leaping afonder. 

DISSIMILAR [diffimiUire^ P.] unlike, 
that ia of a different Kind or Nature. 

DILSIMILAR Parti [x^Anmtomy] are 
thofe Parti which oonfift of other Parta dif- 
iferipg from one another as to their Nature, 
as the Hand confifts of Arttrut, Vtins, Muf- 
fitly &c sU which differ from one another. 

DISSIMILAR Leawt [with Botamfts] 
Wft -the two iiffft Leaves of a Plant, when 
it firft fhooteth out of the Ground, fo called 
j^ecaoie they are ufoailly of a different Form 
irom the oommoa Leaves of the grown 

DISSIMILITUDE [DiffimUfudo, L.l 

DISSIMULA'TION, Counterfeiting, 
4i%twfii^, diflfeashliag, a pretending to one 
Thing, and defigaiog fottc the ^ntrary ; 

jHy|K«Sif. Xrs 

DIS'ttPABLE [digipMBt, L.}tkiir« 
be fbttered or Afperfed. . ^'^ 

To DI&'SIPATE [Sffipir, F. J^g^ 
L«] to dMperfe or fcatter \ to ^flblvtf) 
coofngie; fp^pd, or wafte. ^ 

DISSIPA'TION, adf%erfing« coaAi^ 
wafting, feattering . F. vf L^ 

DISSOCIA'TION, « SeparstioB oTO 
pany.- L. 

DJSSOL'UBLB [diffihhiUs, L.] \ 
may be dtJiblved. ^ 

ToDlS80L'V£[<^^&/o«r», L.] to M 
to unbiod-; to melt. 

To DISSOLVE' [;miJjym^'\t9'0i 
lome hard SoManceinto a liquid ForiMbi 
DiffohtMi, L.] a Medidae fitted to M 
oolleAod Humours.' -* 

ADISSOL'VENT |> Ciymi0ry^A 
Liquor pro^ §ot diilbivlog a mlxc '% 
oommoniy oiled a Msufirmwrn^ "^ 

DIS'SOLUTE [dijhlu^ F. -^ 
looie, wanton, given to' Pieafure. 
DISSOLUTELY, wantonly, «c 
ners, Debaachery.'Lewdoeft, &€. 
DISSOLUTION, a Separation 
a dii&Iving $ rifo Death* F. of X.. 

DISSOLU'TION [inCiymsftfy 
A£Hon by which Fluids loofen the' 
of immerfed Bodies, and reduce 
very fmall Fartieles; as W^tr 
Ssk, Sufor, Scci Afua Forth 
Brajs, Sfjbif , &c. 

DISSOLUTION [in Pbarm^M^] 
mingling of mixt Eleduaries or Pi 
Waters. ^ 

DiS'SONANCB [Dfffimum^^ ft, 
fonantia, L.] a diTagreeible Intervnl 
two Sounds, wh'nch being con< ~ 
tber, of!end the Ear j alfo a 
Diffcrenee io Opinion. 

DIS'SONANT [dijcnsnt, F. 
L.] untonaVl«> jarring, diiafrceins^ . 
DISSONANTE [in Afujck JBodbl 
fies all dtfagreeing Tmervale. 

DISSONID, diiTonant^ dif^rean^ \ 
To DISSPRED. to fpread. ^^ 
To DISSUA'DE 7 [^;ffirmdtryi 
ToDlSSWA'DE5 diffhadtrt^ 1 
divert, to pot off from a Defign^ 19^ 
to the contrary. 

DISSUA'SION, a perfnadio^ c« 
trary to a Rrfoiution taken. JL. 

DISSWAS'IVE [dtfr^f, pj , 
proper to difluadinf*. 

A DISSWASIVE^ an Ai^tameiit ^ 
ooorle difluadtng. 1 

DIS'TAFF *[DirtaeF, 
ment ofed in Spinning. 

To DISTAIN' [d^aimh*, 
defile, or pollute. * i 

DISTANCE [Difiantia, 1.. 
fiaii\ ia the RemotcDtls of dte 

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I, jlkri■|^mt•f Titter 9boe» or 

jiTAVCE [» Naviiatt9K] U the 
'latl^pa or Lmpait» that • Siiif 

jifoBiMf tiveaPoiiic. 
iSCt iJT ^^/00i J^in Fortf/Ua- 

|i tk tt of ciie csicr joc or ottHHaud 

tf ftJypn [ m Frntifiea- 
liUeiiaitfnim a Flank, and the 
' I cf it to the cjueriof Polygoo. 
KCEO, ict ac a «9a*cokat Di- 

I McAripped. 
^T fdt/tff, L. J Utog Ux aftto- 

TE [of du and Tafitl D^ike. 

TASTE', tn th« Diiafte, to 

>^ (•^pkafe, to diflika. 

T£f UL» dUpkadng, di^gra- 

ETUay, dilpleafinftly. 
TE FULNESS. DUasneableneri. 
fk'Ea [of ^« and temfthtt^ L.l 
f iMo^, Iadili«&ti«a of Body j 
'r ia a Kiofdom or Stair. 
"PEA [in ^mmivigl a Pkce it 
a ii Diftmprr, when theCc- 
^Waocdwith Oil or Water, bac 
^Wkitci of Egp, or foch hke 

TEMTERED, to he diieaiad i 
i*P£AATiJR£« a being ogt of 

iPERAUNCE, Intemperaace, 

INO [^Ai^e, L.] toftretcfa, 

UOK, a ftfetchingg a ftnffing 
->f. f. of L. 

ON fin aMc^/riM/^ra^Jji 
m at cha Bod/ arc ^u/Eni up, 

TERMINATE [iiftermnare, 
— iY)aat £roai Place, or to iepa- 

HRONE, codetbrooe. 
^ [i>9f'f». F. Difiub^n, L. of 
*c "ricB, and r*x^ » Vcffc, 
b of VcHn in a Pocn» making 

HhA [AiciYM, Gr.] t doobk 
Safen ihe Ete-Udi, 
llL'[£fiigir, f,4tfiittart,W] 
pMtmadowB Drop by Drop. 
» ttSTiLL [amoog C*y*»ifi] ia to 
i« kai of the Fiiadplc* of a mixed 
■"■ew of File, 

ttTia, /or ASoMptm, U vben the 
•• »« AfcUed M ovef the Fire, the 
^ ' r the Veflel containing the' 

*tf*'!>tfsapm, ia whca the 

D I 

Matter to be diftiiled is below the Flre^. the 
Fire being above the containing Veffrl. 

DISTIL'LABLE, that which may be 

DISTILLATION, a diftllling of drop- 
pinK downi alfo a fAliing dawn or flawing 
of Humours from the Bfajd. Z,. 

DISTILLA'TION £am(ng Ctym'-fts^lt 
an Extradion of the homid Part oi Thinga 
by Virtue of Heat, which homid Part ia 
firft rcfohred into a Vapour, and then con*- 
den/td again by Cold. 

DISTILLATIONS [in Natural Phihh. 
fif^ty'} are watcrllh Vapours driwn by the 
Sun into the Air, which fall down to the 
Earth aiiain when the Sun is fer. 

DISTINCT [Jijlirfffks, L,l d^flfcrenf, 
fepaiace one from another j alfo dear, pbin, 

DISTINCT Saje [in Optich] is that pre- 
cis Diftance from the Pole of a Convex- 
Gia6, in which Qbje^s beheTd throogb ft 
appear diftinB, and well defined, and is the 
iame as Focut, 

DISTINCTION, is an affigning or pot- 
ting a DiflFerence between one Thing and ano« 
thcr ; al(o the Difference iilelf. F, of L. 

DISTINCT IVE, making a Diftinefioa. 

'distinctly, feparately, ctetrly. 

DISTINCTNESS, the being dlftioa^ o^ 

DISTlN'GtJED, diftingn-flied. Cbauc. 

To DISTINGUISH [dfftinguer, 'F. of 
Mfiitigturtf L] to difcern between ; to pot 
a Difference between. 

To DISTINGUISH bimftff, to raife 
himfelf above the aommon Level, by Pru- 
dence, Valbor^ Wit, &r. 

DISTIN GUISHABLE, which may be 

DISTING'UISHABLY, hi fach a man. 
oar as to be diAingu(hed from others. 

on. Difference. 

To DISTORT [dttorpur, F. diftorqverf^ 
L.] to wreft afide, to pull awry, to make 

DISTORT'EDLY, aookedly. 

DISTORT EDNESS, Crookedneft. 

DISTOR'TION,? a wrefting or wring- 

DISTOR'SION, 5 ing aw^. £.. 

DISTORSION [in Sur^tery] is when the 
Parts of an animal Body are ill pbced, or tU 

To DISTOURBIN, to diftnrb. G^r. 

To DISTRACT' [dipairt, F. diftrabert, 
L.] properly to draw or puU afonder ; to per- 
pieXy interrupt, or trouble; alfo to niiUM 
one diftra£lcd or mad. 



DISTRACTION, Diftinftedneft, Fieo- 
sy, Madnefs^ Perplexity. IV of X>» 

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' To DISTRAIN' [difiraiftJn, F. of 4r'- 
firingtrt, L.] to feize upon a Pcrlbn'« Goodi 
tor Rent, Parift-Duet, ^r. &u 

DISTRAUGHT', .il"i«>«i* diftorttd ; 
" dIftraAed or confufcd. Sf€nc. 

To DlSTRfiin, to conflrain. O.' 

DISTRESS' [Diflrctatea, I»I. of </", 
twice,, and fringire, L. to bind, f . d". a 
twins ^oujbiy bound] the A&. of D.ftrain- 
2Bg J alfi a fireat Strait, Adverfity, or pref- 
£xig Calamity. 

DISTRESS [in Lami] u a Compolfioo to 
^pear in Coot c, or to pay a D^C or Duty 

DISTRES'SED, brought ifit* VfArA, 
leduted to Extremicy or Mifery. 
' DISTRES'SEDLV, mifcraWy-* 
' DISTRES'SEDFXESS, Miferablciw6. 

DiSTREYTE, Diftreft. CbMUC, 

To DISTRIBTUTE [dcfiribuer, F. difiri^ 
itkre, L.] 10 divide or (hare, to difpoie or 
iec hi Order. 

0ISTRIBU'TION, a diTidmg or ihaxing 
.ampngft many. F« of L* 
. DISTRIBU'TIOW [in LogUk] is a re- 
viving the Whole into Parti. 

t>lSTRIBUTION [in RbeefrUk] is an ap- 
plying to every thing its peculiar Property. 

DISTRIBUTION [of the ClyU] it when 
after a doe Fennematkn in iKe VeotricJe 
and the Guts, it foalu into the little Teats 
in the Inteftinei, and palfiog through the 
Ldahal Veins, and its proper Chaoael along 
tb« 3lde of th^ ThoTM, at Jaft it foils into 
the Subclavian Vein, that it may tircdate 
with the Blood, and veoeive its Colour. 

DISTRIBUTIVE, which ferves ta di- 
ftribote. F. 

. DISTRIBUTIVE JufiUe^ that Joftfce 
which is adminiftered by a Judge, Arbitrator, 
or Umpire, who, in executing his Office, 
tnay be faid to give every Man his own. 

DISTRIBUTIVE Nmn [in C?«*war] Is 
a Noun which betokens reducing into feveral 
Orders or Diftinfitons. 

DIS'TRICT [in £«»] the Circoit with- 
in which a Man mty be forced to make his 

DISTRICT [diJiriSiu, L.] a particular 
Territory, the Bounds or Extent of a Ja- 

DISTRICTION'ES, Piftrefles or Good« 
ieiaed and kept till Payment and full Satif- 
faAion be made. 0. I*. 

DISTRIN'GAS, ka Writ direfted to the 
S)ieri6F>. or any other Officer, commanding 
him. to diftrain one for a Debt to the King, 
or for his Appearance at a Day. 

61STROUB LETH, difturbeth. Cbaue. 

DISTRUST' [of ^;j Negative, and Trtf/J 
Jeaioufy, Sobfpicion. 

. To DISTRUST' [miihauen, 7dit.} to 

^{pt&f to be jealous of. 
,.DiSTRt;STTUL, fofpidoai. 



To DISTURB' [JtJfmUm, L.J ttM 
rufK, to hiBder or lett 5 to crofs, ttoobM 

DISTURB'ANCli^ Diibrder, Tid 

DlSTUAB'EDLY, ioterivpudiy. 1 

DISTURB'EDNESS, Diibidainiei| 

To DiSTURNE', to turn away. '< 

DISU'NION [of dh Negat.vf, aail 
L»J Divifion, Difagreement. H 

To DISUNl'TB [of dis Ncgad 
vwVe, L. J to divide or kg at Va ' 
dbjtniror lepaiaie. 

DISU SAGE, 7 [of irr afid CTAm^I 

DISUSE', 5 Ufm,L.]MlSag't 
Ufe. ^^ 

To DISUSE, Co forbear the Ufe 
break one's ielf of a Ufe oi"Caftaai« 

Di'SWARE. Dot awmrr, Cham. 

OiSYL'LABLE [d^Uahiu, L.Ja 
coofifting of two Syllables. 

A DITCH [Dice, S^x. , 
Diifty L. S.] a Trendi abont a Fi 

To DITCH [*MciaB, &i#. )iaci^ 
to dig a TrcDch about a Fkl^ ^c« i| 
deanfe a Ditch, &c. 

an Hymn aotienrly fang m Hoaoor m 

Ditiyratiihus, ' 

Dl TION [Ditio, L.] DmbibIhwi^ 

DITO'NE [ii^o»^, Or.l adoofel 
in Mufick, or the greater Thvd. 

DIT'TANDER, as Herh^ < 
called Pepper-«vort> Ltfidiam^ L« 

DirTO, the afoiefeid* or the iaM 

DITTOL'OGY [ /k;rr«Xey2a, 
double Reading, as ia fevcr^l 

DIT TT (of Biamm, L. a S^ 
Song that hai the Words fee to Matti 

DIVAG A'TION, a going afitafi 

DIVAN', a great Coandl or C 
Joftite among the Ttritt and Ferfima,* 

Di VAPORA TION , [ia ^" ' 
driving out of Vapmrs by Fire. 

DIVAR'ICATED [ inrarrctffai^ 
fpread wide from another, ftraddliM* ' 

DIVARICA'TION, a flridiag 
ii^ttiDg afonder I winding and t« 

To DIVB [*»2ppan, Sm*. 
Tent,1 to duck or go under Water | 
enquire narrowly into a Matter. 

DI VER, one who dives { aHb 
callrd a Didapper. 

to ftrike or btat through. 

ing throogh. 

DIVER'GENT [dhergew^ L.| 
f^iriher and farther afunder } thaa« 
Lines forming an Ai>gle, if they be 

Digitized by VjOOQIC ^ 

, i.c 9iU go Itftker uA 
R^ [Opdcki] arefocb a- 


I aalike in CfroDmllintti. 
R'StFY [a^J^, F. «f JF- 
» tgJmUp L. J to aake dhren. 
It my* 

^, a Rcoeuioo, a P^^bme { 

B«i Affair. F. 
TH, «fci<fiecli. C/>«r. 

f 4Aiar, Uftlikcaeft. 
IT, winiflv. 

Hr [iwepfir, F. MS'wtm^ 

\ « pn afi4e, to caJce off { to 

iaheuki alio to ^alight or 

LY, idcafcatly. 
NGNESS. P]ca6ntBe6» 
mrUE, » affjra Qmrtife- 

CiS£M£NT I Divertjffimeat, 
^^ RccRatioo, Sporty Paftimc. 

'* <. Rkk] a Title uiballv ap* 


r [af ii and «g^>f, L.] to 


[iitirjb^, P. Jiwden L.] 
t aMcff, CD iec at Variance^ 

iDmJmde, F. HivwVte- 
IrAnMul^ m NaaUr gi«eo to 

pa rrad^Jhaaaqaa] Share 
[ia«a</afw^] iaaSlian 
i Sdiiy. qoflUy divided aaioDg 

• »iir fli MAtheoMCiad 

^ S (in .i l i fil i w a iiq Nofliben 
.^JjDhiJm, haiBg Pteta of tlM 
^;^<iMkjrP«iiit», &r. 
'ON, Cfioiif, prefrgteKf or 
PtDCOflK. F. oft. 

J'Mmi, L.] bdoi^inf to 
ltJk[Divbutar, L.] a Coo- 

^^ t VMm 9t Oodw of 


DTVlM'fTy [Divimt/^ F. of Dif>inkas^ 
|«.] the Divine Nature, the Godheadj alfia- 
that Science «rb«!h hat fbr lis Objeft God 
and bh Kefelidon. 

DlVrSA, aDevire of Ooodi by one's left 
Will J alfo the %V»ll itfdf. 0. A. 

Bl^I'Si [in MufieA Boohy^uBiidMM 
into two Pant. ftaL 

.I>IVISIBIl.'ITy lJ>ivifihiJk/, F.] ate- 
«ng dirMble, or capable of being divided into- 
icverai Partt* 

DIVIS'IBLC rdiwjmiii, L.1 tlut may 
be^ivided. F. 

DI VISIBIL'ITY, 7 the betng capable of 

DIVIS'IBLENESS, S being divided. 

A DIVrsiON, a fevering 6f any thing 
into ict E^tt; alfo Varianee, Difcord, L\ 

DIVISION [in jPithmetkk^ it a Rale to 
know how often oae Number it conutned ia- 
aoother, or to divide a Number into what 
ParttyoQ pleale, 

DIVISION [in A/rdra'] U the redocihg 
the Dividend or Divitor to the Form of a 
Frtaion, vlrbich FraAioa it the Quotient.' 

DIVISION [in- Gnmetry] it the change* 
ing the Speciet of a Quantity ; at a Surfaca 
divided by a Line gives a Line, &t» 

DIVISION llnMtiM] ^ ^ dividing a 
Tone into many fnull Nota i as ^avcn^ 
Stmi'ftui9trs, Ice. 

DIVISION {Ltgicaq St an Oratioii ax- 
plaining a Thing Part by Part. 

DIVISION [F^M/J U a Separatioa of 
the Parte of Qototity when one oootinue^ 
Body M 4epBiated into many Parts. 

DIVISION [in MHitsry Difirflim] b » 
Body of Men, led op by a particular Officer. 

DIVJS10N[in Printing] taa fmall Line be- 
twiit, and joining two Words, as Man-hood. 

DIVI'SORTin Aritbmetiek] the Number. 
elXridendis to be~dl< 

by which the DUidend is to be~ divided. L, 

DIVORCE' [Divmitm, of Smtrto, L.J 
a DiilbJotioo of Marriaie, or a Separatioii 
oCa Man and Wife. I*. 

jiBiU •/ DIVORCE, a Writins which 
a Woaao, divofved under the Le^ocal Lawj 
was to reeeiTO of her Ho/band. 

DIVORCB'MEKT, the Ad of Divor- 
ciag, or State of a Perfim divorced. 

DIVO'TO [la M»/kk Books] Hgnifiet a 
gnve, fbriotft Manner or Way of Playing or 
Sioging, proper to ioiptre Devotion. Itai, 

DIURESIS [of Ai^ and 'OkfucrWt of 
SfM, Or. Urine] a Separadoo of the Urino 
wf the Reins, or a vc^bg it throagh tha 
Bladder, &t; 

DIVKETICAL7 [Diurtticmt, L. Am- 

DIURET'ICK SrnM^u Or.] whidi 
pcovoket Urine. 

DIURETICKS [DinreiifMeg, F. Diurt^ 
tka, L. of AuMeTuu^, Or.] Medicinet which 
by parting, diifolving, and fbfing the Bloody 
do precipitate the Serum by theReioi int4 
the Bladder. 

If 1 % DIURCNAU , 

♦ Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

D cr 

lia^ng to the D^y, <JMly. 

DIURNAL [in ^fftt/^cy] thoSt Pbnets 
ire To called, which contain man AAivc 
than Pafltwe QiiiUtics. 

DIURNAL Anb, i« the Ardi or Num- 
l*r of DfgrcM defcnbed by th« Son, Wioan, 
ar Srars. bstween Rifing and S«ttmg. 

DIURNAL Af<x<«i ^ A .PZ^mf, is So 
manjr DesMes^ Mioutcs, &«. .a« toy Pla-* 
sec moves in the Space of Twencylbiir 

DIURNAL MotHm of ibt JSarth, is the 
Moti9ii «rb«r4l»y it luros about its own Axit, 
which 4a4ifoi the infercbangeabk'Sttcieifion 
of Day And Night. 

A DiURKAL [J>iarnum^ W] a Book 
for writinc down Thing* done vmfj Dh^ \ 
a Jouroal, a Day book. F, 

DIUTUR NITY [Diuturnius, L.J Uft- 
Iflgnefs, or LoDft Gontiooance. 

To DIVULGE' [difw/guir, F, ^tdgare^ 
L>1 topubliOi or fproed abroad. 

DIVUL'SION, a polling e«4y or ^artln. 
Act, L, 

To DIZE, ^o put Tow on a DiAafF. C. 

piZ END, drefcM, . C. - 

A Dl£ ZAR.D [of ^ist» &i#. a <FddI] 
a filly or fottifli Fellow. 

DIZ'ZINESS, Gyidioeisj or Swifflmhig 
•f Che Head. 
•^ DIZZY, giddy. 

.DLAbOL-R^ the fifth Note in cath 
«f the three S^temries ot i he Gamuts 

D L S ( among ConfiSiwsn ] fignifiea 
Double rrftoM Laafi Sugar. « 

DOBU'NI, the Name of an ancient Peo- 
pie of England^ who inhabitrd the Coun- 
ties now called Oxfirdjbir* and Giwcefiir^ 

D&Cim^Zl[docilt, F. dtcibilii and ^ 

DO'CJU 5 ciUi, Ir.] teiicbabk> apt to 

DO'CIBLENESS^ tU bda% apt tn 

DOClt ITV [DoctW, f. of Dmiliui, 
L.] Teachabirncrs, Traaablene^. 

To DQ 01LIZ6, to make tradable. 

DOCK, [^occa. Sax,] a PUnt. La^m- 
$hm, L. Alfo a Tail of an Horfe. 

DOCK. [a(n9ng Hunttrtj the fieAy/Part 
of a Boar'a Chine, between the Middle and 
the Putcock. 
^ DOCK [ibme derive it from ^)(juI^ from 
^XPf^^^t ^i^* ^^ receive, f. d. aKeoeptioo 
for Ships, pthffs ofCu^^tUf Beig, to lie hid} 
a Place for Sbippiogt either dr> or wet. 

A Dry DQCK. is a Pit, g'cat Ptood, or 
Creek, by the Side of an Haibour, wheie 
the Water it kept oot by great FloiKl- Gates, 
till the Ship is built or rehired; btjt.are 
opened to let in the Water to float or hutnch 

4 fy$t DOCK, \t a pUce in the Ow^e, 



o«t of t1i« Way of the Tide, mUett 
may be hated in, and fo dock bericifj 
hetfelf a Place to lie io» 

To DOCK «r Horfe, to cot offlA T4 

To DOCK /wr/U/; a SMp is faid ttf^ 
when 'being brouxht on oway GroMl^'l 
makes a Place to lie in. ' -^ 

DOCK-C?^<^r, an Herb. Lanffk9^ 

DOCK<ED, ^Jhong acck€d, L «. fffl 
hst^Yrong Reina and Sinews. V 

DOCK'ET, a BHl wkh DiiaeHoB 
Good9, and diredled to the Peribn 
they.aaeto be fent to. 

DOCKET [^«w 9«w] a fmali 
Paper or l^rehmeot, cnnuinmg ^e 
-of a large Wriitog j a»fo" a S ' 
the Foot of Letceia Patent^ by the 
tte Dockets. 

DOCTOR [^Jaffeer, F.J a Tali 
one who has tsken the- higheft Degnail 
Art or Science ar an ITittvcrfity. L* ^* 

DOCTORAL, of or 
Doftor. X. 


DOCTORS [aman^ Gamf/lenJ 
loadrd Dice. 

DOCTORS CeMNVf, a GoHega Ik 
dow, for the Profcflbrs of the ChS 
HeA founded ^ Dr Harvrf^ Kkim 

DOCTRESS, a She-Doftor« 

DOC TRINAL [Affr/irW/s, L,] t 
to a P^ntofDoarioe, ioflradHve. 

DOCTRINE [Doarinm, UfJU 
Knowledge, Maaims, Teneta. d^. 

DOCUMENT (D«MaNiitirsa,a..| 
fon of Jn<^rti£tion, Adoiooiticiny 

teach ) «Hb to adnioDlftt« 

DODDED^ unhorncd; alfi> l< 
Tree. O, , 

DOD-DER, a Weed wIMi 
about other Herbs. Cmjiata^ 4^ 

tomifts] the firft of the fma)! Ovts, 

DUDBCAEIMIOM [fyo^mai^'i 
a Geometrical SaMd, bionded I " 
S^l and E(|QiIateral Petifagmt. 
of the Platonick or regular Bodies. 

DODE'CAOON (of hihx»' vA 
Qr.] a Rtgolar Poiygoo, confifllDg 
equal Sides, and tweWe Aoglet. 

>D0D£'CAG0N [tn Feriificatuml 
-with twelve fiaftiens. 

Twelve, an^ ^f^uuutev an li 
a Compofition cuofiHiog of 

/bcoTjpa, Gr, a Dirifioo] the Twelve i 
the Zodirick. 

To DODGE [perhaps of a Dtg^ 
he rnna tlus Way and that in H 

^ Digitized by \jOOQIC 


tfl^j I© rail fiwwi 
ID prr^AricaCTy to fby 

Vifpattlmif B^ig' of fiin H- 

tn^y ■ <«)«li Clio] a 
t rf Cm abjoc the V«lw of a 

U^Y, t Slic!t>Soail. C, 

I. tk M «k S««n of A r Mmtria^s 
||tlTitevinj( a g'cat Hra4, cotMtd 

U"* fsirfitUiafi a M u»lc'i Co«i4. 

~ \ Whui, IU4 ^VtK«c wUliVDt 
||Vi £tf.] a Feaak Datr, Rab- 

e(:nA '.« Ciraftt]] tfaeduef 

^,«)a^ narfey or to flnke. ^|^. 
~^ md Dm •mt't Ckathi, coo- 
i^^ jiU ^ M ) to fuc eir and 

|i(|^dnBpcde well Jcoowo i aUb an 

^171, ttitain Daja in Jttiy and 

oiy ffom cbc o^th of tht 

i^t)tkof the Im^p io railed 

liar Cnii or Dog-ftar, wMch 

bfllte oitk AtSttOj oAd greadj 


ibtf i sdaH to Beat a Daa^ 

1^ ^ eat of Prejodke cr ill Dc- 
HAOn6oa of BUnie md Setodal 
pflb Ptoiba^ and aTgxondise the 
loinBttiee into 'flagrant 
Jilt (mm to be faorfowed of che 
\^ ^ tmim €tama, fsciii 

I^G Mr, i. ff. to^f»Ib«r one ctofe 
\tt wte to know where be 

h6« Cbkf Magifinite of either 

^/^jv [I«w r^rit ]ie when a Man 
M«i^ ifler a Deer by tb* Somtof 
l<«)Mdihekadeio hit Hand. 

^BD, ftrfJcB. fu'K, mbbed. 

""•KY. iaUenly. 
'WESS, SoUeooeft. 

GISH, laariMf, crabbed. 

CiSHHBSS, Cmbbedoefs. 
wCER, aSbipef abput eipbty Torn 
"% vfrba Wchin tbeMiddie to faring 


C£a.f^, rub brragbt io fach 

r air^ar, pitifol PMtiy, pal- 
k • kind of Meier fittclk lor Bos- 

** [»«•, P. of r^y/i*.. Or.] 
Tcaci, a r«ou«i4 Opi- 


DOGMAT'IC AL 7 f Oo/rwfffrywf,* V, 

tOC;*ilATlLK S /J-^^wj^'Viri, L. of 
e»7fcdviMef, Gr.] pnfittve, wrd^crl to, or in). 
poiii)^ his own Opinion ^ all.) prudent. 

D0GMATK:K PhtLfi^hy, n a Phllo^ 
fophy, wMch bein^ grtionticd upon fourf* 
Prindplef, aflerti a TWnjf pcfitivd/, acdis 
opfofcd \o ,$etf>eitkt 

IXJGMA'J'ICAJ.LY, pofitlvely. 

DOGMAT'ICALNESS, Pofiuvcn;f». 

DOG'MATiST [«iy/*«T,^f, Or.J one 
. whoii opinionativr, or ^i^otted to. his cwn 
Opioions*j ai& ore who ii (be Aurhgr iof 
ao^ new Sc6l or Ofinioo. 

To D0C'MAT1Z£ {Jogmgtifir, P. p£ 
^•}fMTi(^y, Cr.J to fpeak peremptoril/^ 
or pp6tivc]y ; to give Inftrodtioni ifx Pre-' 
cepts ; to teach new Op-oions. 

federal ibrrs ^ Herbe. 

DOG'S-^reof^ a Plant, a kind €^ Satjr*. 
rioD. Cjmo^rt^n, L. ' * 

DOI [ih Mufitk-B-kq (ignifiea Two« as 
Dot Canrif two Son; s. //a/. 

DOir I [Uurt. and Wn, Du] a 

DOlT'KINSfmail Coin in hof/and, m 
Valne lefs than one Farthing. 

DOKE, a deep Oiteh or Forrnw. C 

DOLCE [Hi MM^It-MMh} £goi£es foft 
.and fw^et. Jtsl. 

€»n DOL'CE Manitra, fign'/es to plaj or ' 
ifog io a ioh, fweet^ pieaiaat, and agree- 
able Manner* hai» 

DOLCEMEN'TE, the fiimeas Ddce. \vA. 

DOLE, [oidaUrt, L.] Sorrow, Moan. S^, 

DOLE f&a', vV«jr.] a Part or Pittantf, 
a DiftfibtttioDy a Girt of a NobJeman to ttc 

To DOW or ^EAL [^siin, 5tfx». 
Htfleitt ^. 5.J to diftrtb'itc. 

DOLES 7 Slips of Pal^ore left between 

DOOLS \ Furrows of ploughed Lnnds. 

"OOLE'FtJb, Filh which the Fifherm-n 
in the North Seas ufually receive for tb«4r 

X>OLt'Mediow, one wherein diTertPer- 
fons have a Share. 

DOLE'FUL \d9kr»Jnt, L.] fad^ snoorn* 
fol, woeful. 

DOLE FULLT, moatnfullr. 

DOLE'FULNESS, Moumfulneft. 

DOLO'BOTE f*^aJsbet, Sttx.] a Rfr. 
compence for ji wotind or Scar. 

DOL'LAR, f^^aler, Torr.] a Dutch. 
Coin, worth about 41. hd, the Zeland 
DolUr 3 r. the Specie Dollar 5 j. the Rig* 
Dollar 41. 8 </. 

DOL'LING, Warning. 0. 

DOLOROUS [of dokrofui, L.] grievoaiy 
paioftti, iad. 

DOLOUR [Dohr, L.] Pain, Grief, Sor- 
row, Aniotfh. 

' DOL'PHIN [Daupkin, F., U 
tkiK^cu Ot.'\ a Sea-Fi(h 3 aho a Nor- 
thern ConfieUatioo* ^ " . 

Digitized by LRMgle 

IX>L'PH1N 7 B Tide ^f dw Wmmb 

i;>AU'PH1N 5 King's Eldeft Son, wbofe 

Coat of Arflu it fee Mt with DoI^IiIm and 

DOLPHINS (m Gmaury] Haadlet m^de 
is that Form Co Piecet of Ordnanoe. 

DOLPHINS [with G*^d»»er$\ iaaU 
Ibclc Inf«ai that mfeft Beaaa, &f. 

A DOLT [luU, J'c^. ftnpidl « meer 
^v Sot or Blockbead. 

DOLT JSHLY, flvoiaiT. 

POLT ISHNESS, Stiyifity. 

DOLTISH, doll, lbttUh» ftvpSI. 

JDOLVIN, dug, tericiL 0. 

DOLY or DOO'LY, nKmrniog. lad. 0. 

D0'MA3LE [domaaik, 1.,] tamcahk, 
9iw may be tamed« 

DOMA'TION > - .^ , 

DO M BOC[*&omboc.^««.]aStat«te-Book 
ielooginf to the Snglijb Sax^as, in which the 
XaWi of their preceding Kinga were cor^taioM. 

X>OME [Damiu, LJ a Vai»Ieta Roof, 
• Tower of a Church, a Cupola. F. 

DOME, jodgmenr. Chaue, 

DOME [among Ciymijlt'l m arched Co* 
vc» for a Rnrerberatory Furoace. 

DOMES- MAN 7 a Judge appointed to 

DOOMS- MAN 3 hear and determine 
Iaw Saitt { alfe a Prieft or Coofeilor who 
hean Confefl^ps. 

DOMESTICITY lOomfiidt/, F.J the 
being a Servant. 

DOMES'TICK {DomflifW, F. of Dp- 
mipiaa^ L.] beioogiog to a Hoofliold, or 
onc*i own Couotrf in Oppo6tion to Foreign. 

DO'MICIL IDomidlt, f.DomiciliuM, L.J 
a Dwelling-hoofe, Habitation, or Abode. 

DOMIGE'RIUM [OAf ttftf] Damage, 

DOMiNA'TION» Pomlnioi^ Empire, 
SoTeietgoty, F: of L, 

DOMINA'TIONS, one of the nuo Or- 
ders of Angels. L, 

DOM'INATIVE, bdongfng to Role or 

To DOMINEE'R Tdomimr, F. of JU/- 
mtrj, L.J to bear RuJc or Authority { alfo 
to vapour over othets. ' 

DOM'INI fi. i. of the LoidJ aa Anno 
Pomirii. in the Year of our tord. 
^DOMINICA £i. *. D/ttJ. the Lord'i D-y 
or Sunday. 

DOMIN'ICAL Litttr, one of the firft 
<Bven Letters of the Alphabet, wherewith 
the Sundayi are mark*d throoghoot the 
Year io the Almanack : It cbaneea every 
Year ; and after the Term of zS Yean the 
the Letters are ufed ag^^n. 

DOMIN'ICANS, an Order of Frian, 
fbubded iao6, Iw Domimck a Spaniard, 

DOMIN'ICUM, the Sacrament of th^ 
Lord *i Supper. O, R» 
- DOMIN'ICUM Dtmain or Dtmefne^ are 

D a 

hmJk iwt mtod to Tcsaalit bat 
Demefoe, or in the Lord't owo Ufe «ii 
copation. L, T. 

DOMraiCUM ^<ift>Mi titpt^ 
King's antieot Oem^ne \ or Royal Ma 
not difpofed ofto BaroM or Knightt, I 
hrld by any Feudatory or Military Sci 
but reierved to the Crowft. L« 

neKt Atthority* Rule, JorifittaiBO, 
Extent of a Kingdom or Suve^ 

DOMINO, a fort of Hood won 
Canons of i Cathedral Church} 
Moomii^ Veil for Wonea* 

DOMITEL'LUS, aTitkaacSeflliy 
to the F*0uh K.iag» Natural Sosaa. 

DOM MEROR, a Madman., 

DO'MO Mfara